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Wabash County, IL

DATAFILE INPUT . : Geraldine Satterthwaite of Bridgeport IL in 1984
Submitted to Genealogy Trails By Paul M. Kankula
TRANSCRIPTION .. : Bernard Walter while working for Works Progress Administration in 1935+ and Gwen Coleman in 2000

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

Deputy, Franklin
B. 5-Jun-1830, D. 11-Feb-1853, P. William & Nancy Deputy

Deputy, Grant J.
B. 18-Nov-1868, D. 15-Oct-1888, 19y 10m 27d, P. W.C. & S.E. Deputy

Deputy, Maria B.
B. 30-Jul-1828, D. 10-Oct-1848, P. William & Nancy Deputy

Deputy, Sarah Elizabeth
D. 6-Sep-1876, H. William Deputy

Deputy, Sherman T.
B. 20-Jul-1865, D. 4-Dec-1879, P. W.C. & S.E. Deputy

Deputy, Soloman W.
B. 9-Mar-1835, D. 26-Mar-1848, P. William & Nancy Deputy

Deputy, Theodore
B. 6-Jun-1854, D. 18-Dec-1863, P. W.C. & S.E. Deputy

Deputy, William
D. 7-Apr-1858, A. 61y 2m 7d, W. Nancy Deputy

Deputy, William A.
B. 14-Aug-1859, D. 15-Sep-1863, A. 4y 1m 1d, P. W.C. & S.E. Deputy

Deputy, William C.
B. 10-Apr-1826, D. 17-Feb-1881, A. 54y 10m 7d, W. Sarah Deputy


The Following Tombstone Recordings Were Submitted By Gwen Coleman At Coleman9@Airmail.Net In January-2000.

The Original Tombstone Inscription Readings Were Done By Berniece Beckerman Mcgill, Who Is Now Deceased.

Abner, Susan Alice
Daughter Of Abner And Eliza Gould
Born July 28 1852 Died Nov 8 1854 Aged 2yrs 3 Mo 10 Das

Deputy, Franklin
Son Of Wm And Nancy Deputy Born June 25 1830
Died Feb 11 1853 Aged 22 Years

Deputy, Grant J.
Son Of W C And S E Deputy Died Oct 15 1888 19 Yrs
10 Mo 27 Das "We Are Separated In The Bloom Of Life"

Deputy, Joseph
Son Of Thos And Mary M Deputy
Born Feb 9 1845 Died Feb 25 1848

Deputy, Maria B.
Dautr Of Wm & Nancy Deputy Born July 30 1828
Died Oct 10 1848

Deputy, Mary E.
Daughter Of ?C And F A Deputy Died ? 22 ?
(This Is Mary Elizabeth, Daughter Of Ezra C And Fannie Rigg
Deputy. She Was Born 8 10 1874 And Died 10 22 1874)

Deputy, Nancy A.
Wife Of Wm Deputy Died July 31 1872 Age 74 Yrs 2 Mo
2 Days (Nancy Was The Daughter Of Richard Taverner)

Deputy, Sarah E.
Wife Of W C Deputy; Born Died Sept 6 1878
48 Yrs 8 Mo 25 Days ( Sarah Was The Daughter Of Capt. John
Arnold And Elizabeth Jordan)

Deputy, Sherman T.
Son Of W C And S E Deputy Died 1870 Or 79; Aged
(Illegible, Covered By Soil) (My Records Show That Sherman
Was Born 7-20-1865 And Died 12-4-1879)

Deputy, Solomon W.
Son Of Wm And Nancy Deputy
Born March 1835 Died May 26 (1848) (Difficult To Read)

Deputy, Theodore M.
Son Of W C And S E Deputy Born Dec 13 1863; Aged
9 Yrs 6mo 2 Das; (Was This Born Or Died. Could Be A Mistake)

Deputy, William
Husband Of Nancy Deputy Died April 17 1858 Aged
61 Yrs 2 Mo 7 Das (There Is A Long Inscription On This Stone
That Berniece Did Not Copy And Which I Cannot Make Out On The

Deputy, William A.
Son Of W C And S E Deputy Died Sept 15 1863 Aged
1 Yr 1mo ?

Deputy, William C.
Born April 10 1826; Died Feb 17 1881
54 Yrs 10 Mo 7 Days; Erected By Sarah Deputy
"How Desolate Our Home Bereft Of Thee"

Grundon, Charlie
Son Of C M And C A Grundon
Died Oct 20 1876 Aged 2 Mo

Simonds, Eliza J.
Wife Of David Simonds
Died Feb 13 1888 Aged 64 Yrs 11 Mo 15 Das
(Daughter Of Wm And Nancy Deputy And Formerly Married To Abner Gould)

Scott, Joseph
Son Of George And Elizabeth Scott
Born July 22 1850 Died Sept 22 1850
(I Have Not Been Able To Determine If The Scotts Were Connected To The Deputys. If Anyone Has Information I Would Welcome Their Input)

Scott, Sophia
Born Aug 21 1832 Died March 8 1848

There were small markers or footstones as follows:

F D (Franklin Deputy)
N A D (Nancy A Deputy
S E D ( Sarah E Deputy)
S T D (Sherman T Deputy)
J S (Joseph Scott)
A G (Abner Gould?)
Wm D (Wm Deputy)
Wm C D (Wm C Deputy)
G J D ( Grant J Deputy)
J D (Joseph Deputy)
E J S (Eliza Simonds)

All of these smaller stones are by larger stones with the exception of A G which is beside E J S so we can assume Abner Gould is buried here.

I have pictures of all these stones with the exception of Solomon W and I probably have one of it since I have two that are completely illegible. My brothers made these pictures in July one summer and the cemetery was so overgrown that you could barely get in plus the mosquitos and chiggers were about to eat them up. Under those conditions we did not attempt to determine in what order the photos were made but I have been able to match them up with the list. It is sad that this cemetery is in such bad shape. There were possibly more graves there that we will never know about.

Gwen Coleman


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