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Wabash County, IL

DATAFILE INPUT . : Mount Carmel Library / Shannon Swain in Oct-1999
Submitted to Genealogy Trails By Paul M. Kankula
TRANSCRIPTION .. : Geraldine Satterthwaite

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

???, Louisa
Daughter Of James ???, Probably Smith

???, Hannah
B. 23-Sep-????, D. 6-June-1931

Adamson, Jackie M.
B. 10-May-1931, D. 11-July-1932

Alcorn, Infant Son
D. 8-Jan-1917, P. E.E. & E.F. Alcorn

Ale, Sarah W.
B. 12-Dec-187?, H. B.F. Ale, P. J.P. & P. Williams

Anderson, Catherine
D. 15-Sep-1892, A. 60y 9m 26d, H. Jacob Anderson

Anderson, Jacob
B. 11-Apr-1830, D. 12-Nov-1887, A. 57y 7m 1d

Anderson, Samuel H.
B. 28-Oct-1872, D. 3-Oct-1898, Co. G. 9th Ill Inf.

Andrus, 4 Infants
2 Sons, 2 Daughters, D. ??-May-1876, P. S. & E. Andrus

Andrus, Edwin S.
B. 16-May-1859, D. 27-Mar-1892, A. 32y 9m 11d

Andrus, Elizabeth
B. 1837, D. 1915

Andrus, Emma E.
D. 5-June-1896, A. 29y 8m 17d, H. M.C. Andurs

Andrus, Franklin
B. 12-Sep-1820, D. 22-Dec-1882

Andrus, James I.
B. 26-Dec-1862, D. 3-Sep-1878, P. S. & E. Andrus

Andrus, Lizzie L.
B. 31-Aug-1869, D. 14-Sep-1870, P. S. & E. Andrus

Andrus, Louis
B. 9-Mar-1856, D. 28-Mar-1885, A. 28y 19d

Andrus, Mary L.
D. 20-May-1891, A. 29y 8m 27d, H. M.C. Andrus

Andrus, Rebecca
B. 8-Dec-1827, D. 18-May-1858

Andrus, Rosa Ethel
B. ??-May-1878, D. ??-July-1878

Andrus, Silas C.
B. 30-Dec-1865, D. 23-Feb-1866, P. S. & E. Andrus

Andrus, Silas
D. 21-Aug-1891, A. 54y 2m 18d

Anthoney, Elizabeth
B. 26-July-1788, D. 28-Feb-1872

Armer, Christopher A.
D. 23-July-1876, A. 13y 7m, P. A. & N.J. Armer

Armer, Mary J.
D. 12-Feb-1874, A. 1y 4m 10d, P. A. & N.J. Armer

Armer, Thomas
D. 7-May-1875, A. 1y 3m 15d, P. A. & N.J. Armer

Atherton, Benson F.
18th Ill Inf.

Atherton, Elwood
D. 3-Apr-1858, A. 3d, P. G.M. & S. Atherton

Ballard, Clarisa
D. 14-Oct-1857, A. 56y 2m 16d, H. Henry Ballard

Ballard, D.A.
B. 15-Mar-1832, D. 1-Oct-1898, A. 66y 6m 10d

Ballard, Henry C.
D. 21-Oct-1862, A. 28y 3m 17d, 46th Ill Inf.

Ballard, James
D. 22-Dec-1875, A. 79y 1m 2d

Ballard, Melissa
D. 6-June-1927, A. 84y 10m 11d

Banks, George W.
D. 7-Jan-1877, A. 16y 8m 24d, P. J.A. & ?.C. Banks

Banks, James A.
Co. G. 48th Ill Inf.

Barney, Mary A.
D. 4-July-1858, A. 30y 7m 28d, P. M.A. & G. Barney

Beadle, Osborn
D. 9-Jan-1879, A. 54y 1m 3d, W. Sarah B.

D. 12-Dec-1882, A. 3y 28d, P. E.F. & M.J. Beall

Benedict, Sidney M.
B. 10-June-1846, D. 17-May-1862, A. 15y 11m 7d

Benjamin, Bethia
D. 5-June-1855, A. 75y 4d

Berry, Sarah
B. 10-Aug-1833, D. 2-Mar-1915, H. Samuel Berry

Besley, James P.
B. 5-Oct-1869, D. 17-Apr-1885, P. S.C. & M. Besley

Besley, James
B. 17-Dec-1804, D. 17-Dec-1888

Besley, Martha Lewis
B. 11-Feb-1841, D. 26-Feb-1902

Besley, Samuel C.
B. 10-Apr-1824, D. 19-Jan-1923

Besley, Vinnie
B. 8-Feb-1874, D. 21-Apr-1889, P. S.C. & M. Besley

Birkett, Augusta
D. 16-Sep-1862, A. 4d?, P. W.& J.A. Birkett

Birkett, Jeremiah
Sgt. Co. E. 63rd Ill Inf.

Birkett, Matthew
B. 18-May-1850, D. 16-Dec-1887, A. 37y 6m 28d

Birkett, Nancy
D. 8-Feb-1866, A. 57y, H. John Birkett

Blakney, Clara E.
D. 29-May-1885, A. 2y 7m, P. F. & S.E. Blakney

Blakney, Ethel B.
D. 3-Mar-1892, A. 4m 18d, P. F. & S.E. Blakney

Blood, Caroline
B. 31-May-1838, D. 13-Mar-1915, H. H.S. Blood

Blood, H.S.
B. 6-July-1837, D. 1-Feb-1914

Blood, Harvey E.
B. 6-June-1881, D. 1-Oct-1906

Blood, Hester Opal
D. 15-May-1906, P. H.L. & ? Blood

Blood, Margarette
B. 13-Nov-1861, D. 15-Dec-1861, P. H.C. & C. Blood

Blood, Nancy E.
B. 11-Aug-1886, H. Harvey E. Blood

Briner, Catharine E.
D. 11-June-1874, A. 24y 8m 3d, H. J.D. Briner

Briner, Harvey
D. 25-Sep-1874, A. 4y 1m 13d, P. J.D. & C.E. Briner

Briner, Margaret
B. 1848, D. 1928, H. J.D. Briner

Briner, Mary E.
B. 7-Nov-1846, D. 22-Jan-1908, H. J.D. Briner

Briner, Orbit
B. 1839, D. 1874

Briner, Rolla
D. 6-June-1894, A. 6y 6m, P. J.D. & M.E. Briner

Briner, Willie
D. 24-June-1873, A. 11m, P. J.D. & C.E. Briner

Brown, Clarinda
B. 2-July-1857, 8y 8m 6d, P. N.B. & S. Brown

Brown, Cleas E.
B. 13-June-1891, D. 4-Sep-1908

Brown, Cleroy O.
B. 18-Oct-1893, D. 9-Sep-1908

Brown, Eunice
D. 14-Apr-1868, A. 76y 1m 27d, H. William Brown

Brown, Nathaniel B.
D. 18-Mar-1890, A. 59y 5m 20d

Brown, Ora J.

Brown, Patience M.
D. 25-July-1855, A. 40y 4m 16d, P. W. & S. Brown

Brown, Pauline
B. 7-July-1867, D. 4-Mar-1895, H. William Brown

Brown, Serena
D. 25-Nov-1900, A. 73y 4m 13d, H. N.B. Brown

Brown, Sophia
D. 18-Sep-1818, A. 24y 1m 19d, H. William Brown

Brown, Susan
B. 1864, D. 1933

Brown, William C.

Brown, William Jr.
D. 20-Oct-1849, A. 25y 5m 13d

Brown, William
D. 1-July-1868, A. 81y 11m 29d

Buchanan, Bertha
D. 8-June-1875, A. 4y 7m 7d, P. L.J. & M.E. Buchanan

Buchanan, Hellen
D. 18-Apr-1930, A. 13y 20d

Buchanan, James
B. 14-Mar-1873, D. 18-May-1909, A. 27y 2m 4d

Buchanan, John W.
B. 25-Jan-1802, D. 7-June-1872

Buchanan, John
B. 11-Oct-1837, D. 21-Jan-1892, A. 53y 3m 10d

Buchanan, L.J.
D. 29-Nov-1872, A. 28y 4m 11d

Buchanan, Louis J.
D. 21-Feb-1889, A. 24y 11m, P. J. & M. Buchanan

Buchanan, Mary Alice
B. 4-May-1880, D. 8-July-1909, P. M.E. & Mary J. Buchanan

Buchanan, Mary Alice
D. 2-Feb-1905, A. 1y 7m 10d, P. J. & E. Buchanan

Buchanan, Mary J.
B. 1852, D.1925, H. M.E. Buchanan

Buchanan, Mary L.
B. 23-Jan-1845, D. 27-May-1908, H. Joshua Buchanan

Buchanan, Mary
B. 1-Sep-1824, D. 31-Aug-1867

Buchanan, Moses E.
B. 1849, D. 1922

Buchanan, Nole W.
B. 20-Sep-1875, D. 15-Aug-1891, A. 15y 10m 25d

Buchanan, Paul
D. 24-Mar-1873, A. 4y 7m 22d, P. L.J. & M.E. Buchanan

Buchanan, Viola F.
B. 25-Dec-1911, D. 21-Jan-1919, P. A.N. & C.E. Buchanan

Busich, Bertie Z.
D. 27-June-1865, A. 4m 25d, P. M.K. & M.E. Busich

Busich, Charlie
D. 27-May-1865, A. 1y 11m 28d, P. S.H. & E. Busich

Cahoon, Joel
B. 25-Mar-1834, D. 21-Aug-1915

Cahoon, Mirnerva
B. 25-Aug-1837, D. 1-Mar-1908, H. Joel Cahoon

Campbell, Virginia Pearl
D. 3-Mar-1926, A. 5m 27d

Canedy, Aden
B. 2-Aug-1807, D. 24-Oct-1874, A. 67y 2m 22d

Canedy, Catharine
B. 22-Jan-1842, D. 25-Feb-1919, H. Lewis Canedy

Canedy, Charles
D. 20-Jan-1872, A. 11m 1d, P. L.A. & M.E. Canedy

Canedy, Elizabeth
B. 8-Mar-1820, D. 29-Feb-1892, A. 70y 10m 21d

Canedy, Infant Son
D. 14-Nov-1869, A. 5d, P. L.A. & M.E. Canedy

Canedy, Johnny W.
D. 6-Nov-1871, A. 1y 9m, P. W. & S.C. Canedy

Canedy, Lewis S.
B. 3-Apr-1837, D. 19-May-1911

Canedy, Lillie May
D. 26-May-1861, A. 1m 2d, P. Lewis & Kate Canedy

Canedy, Olive C.
D. 4-Apr-1891, A. 23y 3m 5d, H. C.A. Canedy

Canedy, Orah L.
D. 16-Oct-1874, A. 3y 20d, P. L.S. & K.V. Canedy

Canedy, Raymond B.
D. 9-Feb-1902, A. 3y 17m 26d

Canedy, Sarah C.
D. 19-Nov-1875, A. 24y 2m 17d, H. J.M. Canedy

Canedy, Wilber
D. 9-Nov-1869, A. 2m 14d, P. L.A. & M.E. Canedy

Canedy, Willie
D. 31-Oct-1873, A. 1y 2m 2d, P. L.A. & M.E. Canedy

Chaffee, Franklin
D. 18-Mar-1881, P. J. & Z.C. Chaffee

Chaffee, George B.
6-Aug-1862, A. ?M 27d, P. M. & M.E. Chaffee

Chaffee, Harriet
D. 10-Apr-1878, A. 42y 9m ?D

Chaffee, J.B.
B. 18-Feb-1802, D. 8-Dec-1841

Chaffee, Jane
B. 7-Aug-1835, D. 26-Jan-1888

Chaffee, Marion
D. 6-Feb-1871, A. 37y 13d

Chaffee, Rebecca
D. 23-Nov-1875, A. 67y 25d, H. J.B. Chaffee

Chaffee, Sandel
D. 28-Apr-1875, A. 11y 6m 3d, P. M.E. & H.E. Chaffee

Cherry, Romena
B. 27-Aug-1801, D. 23-Aug-1879

Cleveland, Audra
D. 3-Apr-1883, A. 56y 2m 15d, H. Wm. H. Cleveland

Cleveland, Julia A.
D. 8-Dec-1892, A. 25y 1m 7d, H. S.W. Cleveland

Cleveland, William H.
D. 25-Dec-1900, A. 72y 8m 12d

Cline, Edie T.L.
D. 18-July-1862, A. 11m 18d, P. W. & A.A. Cline

Cline, J.W.
B. 13-Nov-1847, D. 25-Mar-1877

Cline, Sarah E.
D. 17-June-1860, A. 2y 9m 19d, P. W. & A.A. Cine

Clodfelter, Mary A.
B. 7-Feb-1846, D. 28-Sep-1909, A. 63y 7m 2d, H. S.D. Clodfelter

Clodfelter, Nicholas L.
D. 10-Mar-1877, A. 9y 6m 2d, P. S.D. & M.A. Clodfelter

Cohlman, John
D. 18-Apr-1879, A. 37y 6m

Couch, Charles B.
D. 5-Oct-1878, A. 9m 14d, P. B.S. & M.E. Couch

Couch, David C.
B. 1850, D. 1928

Couch, David Russell
D. 13-Nov-1921

Couch, Ebenezer
B. 28-Apr-1845, D. 10-Apr-1922

Couch, Ebenezer
D. 18-Dec-1883, A. 77y 11m 25d

Couch, Elder Walter R.
B. 14-Sep-1839, D. 22-Nov-1917

Couch, Emily
D. 22-Mar-1887, A. 44y 5m 10d, H. Hiram Couch

Couch, Emmett F.
B. 1868, D. 30-July-1890, A. 22y 6m 9d, P. W.R. & Exima Couch

Couch, Exima
B. 4-Aug-1843, D. 7-Jan-1884, H. Walter Couch

Couch, Harvey J.
B. 18-Oct-1881, D. 6-Aug-1932

Couch, Hiram R.
D. 26-Oct-1874, A. 65y 2m 5d

Couch, Joel B.
B. 1830, D. 1901

Couch, Julia A.
D. 11-Nov-1874, A. 24y 8m 17d, H. E.J. Couch

Couch, Julia A.
D. 11-Nov-1874, A. 24y 8m 17d, H. E.J. Couch Jr.

Couch, Lewis
B. 1863, D. 1865

Couch, Louella
D. 22-Sep-1887, A. 16y 6m 4d, P. H. & E. Couch

Couch, Louisa J.
B. 1850, D. 1889

Couch, Martha
B. 1842, D. 1882, H. Joel Couch

Couch, Mary Elsie
D. 5-Sep-1878, A. 10m 9d, P. G. & E. Couch

Couch, Mary L.
D. 17-Feb-1901, A. 82y 2m 20d

Couch, Mary
B. 1880, D. 1881

Couch, Mary
D. 6-Dec-1880, A. 69y, H. H.R. Couch

Couch, Nellie K.
B. 1870, D. 23-Nov-1888, A. 18y 7m 6d, P. W.R. & Exima Couch

Couch, Percy E.
B. 10-Oct-1892, D. 28-Oct-1897, A. 5y 18d, P. G.C. & E.C. Couch

Couch, Rachel
B. 20-Sep-1857, D. 25-Feb-1900

Couch, Roda
B. 1869, D. 1880

Couch, Sharon E.
D. 26-Nov-1928, A. 6d, P. P.S. & M.W. Couch

Couch, Therese
D. 17-Oct-1876, A. 1y 8m, P. B.S. & M.E. Couch

Courter, Edward H.
B. 11-Feb-1827, D. 29-Nov-1884, A. 57y 9m 18d

Courter, Harriet A.
D. 30-July-1876, A. 48y 4m 28d, H. E.H. Courter

Crawell, Elizabeth
D. 29-Aug-1930, A. 50y 21d

Crites, Charlotte
B. 17-Jan-1851, D. 11-Nov-1891, H. Elias Crites

Crites, Josie H.
B. 26-Feb-1878, D. 19-June-1895, P. Elias & Charlotte Crites

Crites, Mary E.
D. 24-Aug-1882, A. 47y 10m 14d

Crooks, Elizabeth
D. 25-Feb-1870, A. 80y 3m 14d, Consort Robert Crooks

Crooks, Robert
D. 12-Apr-1862, A. 76y 3m 11d

Crossen, Barnard D.
B. 17-Sep-1836, D. 4-July-1857, A 20y 9m 17d

Crossen, Charlotte R.
B. 27-Nov-1856, D. 27-Aug-1868, A. 11y 9m

Crossen, Columbia
B. 16-Feb-1814, D. 18-July-1857, A. 43y 5m 2d

Crossen, Eliza A.
B. 18-Jan-1847, D. 20-Aug-1854, A. 7y 7m 7d

Crossen, Elizabeth
B. 19-Aug-1813, D. 29-Sep-1874, A. 61y 1m 10d

Crossen, Maria L.
B. 17-Apr-1850, D. 1-Oct-1871, A. 21y 5m 15d

Crowell, Charles

Crowell, George

Crowell, Mrs. George

Crum, Ep???
D. ?-Jan-1866, A. 29y 10m 25d

Crum, J.M. Madison
B. 3-Oct-1845, D. 23-Aug-1848, A. 2y 8m 20d, P. James & Lois Crum

Crum, Jas M.
B. 16-Feb-1810, D. 31-Dec-1847, A. 37y 10m 16d

Crum, John J.
B. 7-July-1834, D. 21-Aug-1850, A. 22y 1m 14d, P. Jas.M. & D.S. Crum

Crum, Lois
D. 4-June-1879, A. 68y 27d

Curry, Daniel
D. 6-Jan-1867, A. 61y 11m 5d

Daly, Almarine
D. 20-Feb-1877, A. 76y, H. David Daly

Daly, David
D. 14-May-1852, A. 54y 11m

Danforth, Catharine
B. 4-Aug-1827, D. 31-Jan-1854, A. 26y 4d, H. F. Danforth

Danforth, Cyrus
D. 10-July-1852, A. 74y 10m 14d

Danforth, Francis
D. 17-Aug-1837, A. 4y 9m 27d

Danforth, Frank S.
D. 25-Aug-1900, A. 24y 6m 11d

Danforth, Franklin
B. 17-Aug-1817, D. 25-Aug-1904, Buried In New York

Danforth, Hallie
D. 30-Sep-1900, A. 6m 7d, P. F.S. & D. Danforth

Danforth, Lillie R.
D. 20-Oct-1882, A. 4y 8m 24d, P. F. & N. Danforth

Danforth, Lizzie M.
D. 20-Oct-1882, A. 4y 8m 24d, P. F. & N. Danforth

Danforth, Mary
B. 7-June-1834, D. 10-June-1878, H. F. Danforth

Danforth, Polly
D. 29-Mar-1861, A. 82y 7m 12d

Deckard, Clifford
D. 28-Oct-1928, A. 7y 8m 28d

Dewitt, Cecil C.
B. 1881

Dewitt, Edwin F.
B. 1879, D. 1930

Duty, Edilda
B. 4-Feb-1832, D. 31-Oct-1885, H. Moses Duty

Duty, John W.
D. 16-Mar-1874, A. 18y 1m 1d, P. M. & E. Duty


Edgin, James P.
B. 19-Sep-1877, D. 27-Mar-1890

Epperson, Alice E. Smith
B. 26-July-1852, D. 9-Apr-1888, A. 35y 8m 14d

Ervin, Amos
D. 10-Apr-1875, A. 35y, 80 Ill Inf

Ervin, Jane
D. 10-Jan-1877, A. 32y

Foster, Estelle
D. 28-Aug-1881, A. 1y 2m 12d, P. M.J. & L. Foster

Foster, Gertie
D. 12-Oct-1877, A. 7m 9d, P. M.J. & L. Foster

Foster, James
B. Cambridgeshire, England D. 25-May-1873, A. 50y P. Michel Joseph & Ann Foster

Freeman, Clyde S.
B. 9-Sep-1880, D. 6-Aug-1909

Frick Carl F.
B. 24-Aug-1839, D. 31-July-1885

Frick, Caroline S.
B. 28-Feb-1841, D. 9-Mar-1910, H. C.F. Frick

Frick, Christian W.
B. 1868, D. 1926

Frick, Matilda C.
B. 1868

Fry, Lou E.
B. 21-May-1872, D. 26-Oct01895, A. 21y 4m 5d, H. A.W.Fry

Gains, Beulah E.
B. 5-Nov-1910, D. 2-June-1911, P. Henry & M. Gains

Gard, Henry
B. 26-Aug-1862, D. 26-Jan-1868, P. Henry & Sarah E. Gard

Gerlach, Mary
B. 13-Aug-1878, H. W. Gerlach

Gerlach, William
B. 1-Apr-1871, D. 13-Jan-1922

Gilkison, Charles E.
D. 6-Apr-1885, A. 21y 4m 9d, P. J.C. & A.C. Gilkison

Gilkison, Clayton H.
D. 20-Feb-1857, A. 11m 21d, P. J.C. & C.A. Gilkison

Gilkison, Delilah
D. 8-May-1881, A. 78y 4m 14d, H. Jonathan Gilkison

Gilkison, George W.
D. 14-Mar-1870, A. 9y 6m 26d, P. J.C. & A.C. Gilkison

Gilkison, J.C.
B. 29-Feb-1826, D. 28-July-1887, A. 61y 5m

Gilsison, A.C.
B. 4-Dec-1838, D. 24-July-1914

Goodart, Blanche

Goodart, Emily
28-May-1856, H. George Goodart

Goodart, Emma F.
D. 5-Dec-1875, A. 23y 5m 15d, H. Ira E. Goodart

Goodart, George V.
B. 30-Jan-1853, D. 5-Aug-1911

Goodart, Ing

Goodart, Ira
D. 20-Feb-1878, A. 31y 11m 11d

Goodart, John W.
B. 1862, D. 1924

Goodart, Sinai
D. 16-Sep-1872, A. 2y 1m 22d, P. I.E. & E.F. Goodart

Goss, Jonathan

Gould, Eliza B.
D. 12-July-1888, A. 81y 14d, H. A.A. Gould

Gould, Infant Son
B. 18-Mar-1849, D. 24-Mar-1849, P. Abner & Eliza Gould

Gould, Katie
B. 1837, D. 1903

Gould, Mary L.
B. 24-Aug-1815, D. 25-Aug-1841

Gould, William
D. 24-Jan-1894, A. 52y 10m 20d, Co 115th Ill Inf.

Greathouse, Jarius
B. 1822, D. 1875

Greathouse, Mary Jane
B. 1832, D. 1908

Green, Charles W.
B. 6-Apr-1868, D. 18-Jan-1911

Green, Lizzie
B. 4-July-1862, D. 2-May-1931, A. 62y 9m 28d, H. C.W. Green

Green, Mary C.
B. 6-Dec-1896, D. 29-Oct-1905, P. C.W. & L.Green

Griffith, Dewy O.
D. 1-Feb-1855, A. 43y 2m 3d

Initials Only

Hampton, Elizabeth
B. 13-Mar-1839, D. 14-May-1909

Haw, Sheldon R.
B. 1897, D. 1916

Higgins, Child
1st Burial Cemetery

Hillis, Anna
D. 5-Mar-1872, A. 66y 11m 18d, H. William Hillis

Hillis, Howard H.
B. 1862

Hillis, Mattie L.
B. 1872, D. 1932

Hillis, William
D. 23-Nov-1867, A. 69y

How, Henry
B. 26-Sep-1846, D. 11-May-1900, A. 53y 7m 15d

Howard, Mary
B. 28-May-1788, D. 20-Dec-1854

Jackson, Emily G.
5-Nov-1877, H. W.E. Jackson

Jackson, W.E.
B. 6-Feb-1856, D. 17-Jan-1917

Kavanaugh, Isaac M.
D. 18-Oct-1872, A. 8y 6m 23d, P. J.D. & E.A. Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh, John D.
D. 28-Oct-1920, A. 82y 7m 10d

Kavanaugh, Lizzie
B. 17-Oct-1861, D, 23-Mar-1908, H. George Wilkinson

Keen, Albert B.
B. 1830, D. 1928

Keen, Alice Anna
B. 1806, D. 1873, H. Ira Keen

Keen, Alice Anna
B. 18-Aug-1806, D. 30-Jun-1883, A. 76y 10m 15d, H. Ira Keen

Keen, Bobbie E.
D. 22-???-1869, P. A.D. & M.E. Keen

Keen, Elenor
B. 1801, D. 1859, H. Ira Keen

Keen, Elenor
B. 16-Mar-1801, D. 27-Dec-1859, H. Ira Keen

Keen, Herschel F.
P. A.D. & M.E. Keen

Keen, Ira
B. 1800, D. 1887

Keen, Martha E.
B. 1837, D. 1881

Keen, Mary C.
B. 6-Jan-1849, D. 8-Aug-1883, A. 34y 7m 7d, H. W.C. Keen

Keen, Peter

Keen, Will C.
D. 25-Jan-1893, A. 29y 5m

Keen, William C.
B. 11-Dec-1838, D. 29-Aug-1912, Co E. 63rd Ill Inf.

Kelley, Albert
B. 26-Jan-1879, D. 6-Apr-1905, Co 9th Ill Inf.

Kelley, Alice
9-Feb-1866, H. E. Kelley

Kelley, Belda
B. 15-Oct-1880, D. 17-Apr-1902, H. F. Kelley

Kelley, Bessie
D. 20-Oct-1879, A. 1y 18d, P. M. & A. Kelley

Kelley, Clarence

Kelley, Doc Day
B. 18-July-1903, D. 17?-Aug-1911, P. G. Kelley

Kelley, Edgar

Kelley, Emanuel
B. 8-May-1858, D. 16-Nov-1923

Kelley, Francis
B. 29-Apr-1881, D. 13-Aug-1905

Kepley, Joseph
D. 23-Sep-1888, A. 61y 9m 13d

Kingsbury, Harley
D. 11-Nov-1870, A. 65y

Laird, Hazel

Laird, Mattie B.
B. 1891, D. 1896

Laird, Morris
B. 20-Aug-1877, D. 1-Sep-1878, P. M.J. & M. Laird

Laird, Nancy A.
B. 1859, D. 1898

Laird, Paul

Laird, W.J.
D. 7-Mar-1886, A. 36y 12d

Langley, Carrie
B. 1867, D. 9-June-1933, A. 66y, H. L. Langley

Langley, Henry C.
B. 27-Sep-1869, D. 22-Sep-1922

Langley, Leonard
B. 1866, D. 1923

Laughlin, Elmira
D. 3-Sep-1859, A. 6y 7d, P. W. & E. Laughlin

Leeds, Annis
B. 18-Jan-1830, D. 27-Oct-1879

Leeds, Charles H.
D. 10-Nov-1862, A. 18d, P. J. & A. Leeds

Leeds, Della
B. 23-July-1859, D. 19-Feb-1907, H. J.A. Leeds

Leeds, Henry C.
D. 19-Nov-1862, A. 2m 17d, P. J.& A. Leeds

Leeds, James A.
B. 6-Sep-1858

Leeds, James, M.D.
B. 18-Aug-1826, D. 2-Mar-1883

Leeds, Simon
D. 30-Sep-1894, A. 21y 5m 26d, P. Dr.J. & A. Leeds

Leitz, Nola A.
B. 1867, D. 1930

Leitz, William
B. 1868

Lemaster, John H.
B. 5-July-1849, D. 20-Feb-1880, A. 30y 7m 15d

Lester, Earl
B. 1915, D. 1925

Lester, Emma J. Price
B. 8-Sep-1884, D. 13-Aug-1822, H. J.C. Lester

Lester, Forest
29-Jan-1911, P. J.C. & E.J. Lester

Lester, Herschel C.
B. 4-June-1906, D. 23-July-1908, P. J.C. & E.J. Lester

Lester, J.C.
B. 8-Aug-1885

Lester, Leslie D.
9-Oct-1912, P. J.C. & E.J. Lester

Liddle, Allie W.
B. 12-July-1864, D. 26-Jan-1908, H. George Liddle

Liddle, Barbara Jean
B. 1925, D. 1925, P. R.W. & Elsie Liddle

Liddle, Cleo Nellie
B. 1920, D. 1927, P. R.W. & Elsie Liddle

Liddle, David R.
B. 1863

Liddle, Eliza M.
6-Oct-1836, H. S. Liddle

Liddle, Elsie C.
B. 1892, D. 1929

Liddle, Emma M.
B. 1-Nov-1831, D. 24-Jan-1915

Liddle, George E.
B. 28-Aug-1861, D. 9-Sep-1927

Liddle, Lora L.
B. 1863, D. 1913, H. D.R. Liddle

Liddle, Margie Vaughen
B. 1927, D. 1929

Liddle, Mary Monroe
B. 20-Feb-1882, D. 9-Mar-1884, A. 2y 17d, P. F.W. & A.F.

Liddle, Roscoe W.
B. 1890, D. 1975

Liddle, Stephen L.
B. 14-Feb-1834, D. 3-Feb-1906

Liddle, Virgil S.
B. 1897, D. 1929

Liddle, William W.
B. 6-Nov-1828, D. 5-May-1899

Litherland, Abner
B. 1853, D. 1929

Litherland, Diantha
B. 7-May-1812, D. 12-Mar-1855, Consort To M. Litherland

Litherland, Dora
B. 18-Dec-1881, D. 1-Aug-1908, H. Lonzo Litherland

Litherland, George W.
P. M. & D. Litherland

Litherland, John A.
D. 29-Nov-1884, A. 33y 2m 2d

Litherland, Larinda
D. 5-Aug-1861, A. 4y 11m 8d, P. W. & S.A. Litherland

Litherland, M.
Sgt. 23rd Mtd. Inf. B. War

Litherland, Rachel A.
B. 1854, D. 1918, H. Abner Litherland

Litherland, Thomas
D. 24-Aug-1859, A. 42y 1m 3d

Litherland, William H.
D. 16-Dec-1861, A. 19y 3m 2d, P. G. W. & N. Litherland

Marvel, Francis R.
D. 25-Jan-1902, A. 53y 6m 24d

Mayhall, Ida Pearl
B. 1921, D. 1922, P. E.J. & L. Mayhall

Mccoslin, Lissie
B. 1870, D. 1917

Mccoslin, William
B. 1868, D. 1924

Mccray, ???
B. 17-Nov-1823, D. 31-Mar-1880, A. 56y 4m 13d

Mcnair, Alfred
B. 24-July-1835, D. 28-Nov-1905

Mcnair, Amelia F.
D. 1-Jan-1867, A. 64y 6m 14d, H. G.W. Mcnair

Mcnair, Charles D.
D. 9-Aug-1864, A. 20y 7d, P. C.W. & A.F. Mcnair, 136th Ill Inf.

Mcnair, Charles W.
D. 13-Aug-1854, A. 59y 1m 13d

Mcnair, Charlotte
D. 12-Feb-1820, A. 22y 6m 25d, H. John C. Mcnair

Mcnair, Clarinda
B. 14-Oct-1834, D. 29-Dec-1860, H. A. Mcnair

Mcnair, Dora
B. 22-Nov-1869, D. 3-Aug-1891

Mcnair, George M.
D. 8-Mar-1866, A. 15y 9m 28d, P. J.P. & M.A. Mcnair

Mcnair, George
D. 18-Dec-1878, A. 3y 3m 20d, P. A.& S. Mcnair

Mcnair, Henrietta
D. 30-July-1854, A. 21y 11m 4d, P. G.W. & A.F. Mcnair

Mcnair, James P.
B. 21-Jan-1824, D. 15-May-1897

Mcnair, Margaret A.
B. 18-May-1828, D. 5-Aug-1900

Mcnair, Margaret
B. 17-Feb-1847?, D. 13-Feb-1901

Mcnair, Mary L.
D. 5-Dec-1879, A. 16y 11m 23d, P. J.P. & M.A. Mcnair

Mcnair, Nettie
D. 7-Nov-1873, A. 2y 2m 16d, P. Alfred & Hattie Mcnair

Mcnair, Serorita
D. 16-Nov-1880, A. 26y 9m 26d, H. C. Mcnair

Mcnair, Susan
B. 4-Sep-1839, D. 31-July-1886, A. 46y 10m 27d

Milburn, Bertha M.
B. 1884, D. 1927

Milburn, Bertie B.
B. 12-Apr-1868, D. 19-Nov-1869, P. H.& E. Milburn

Milburn, Emily
B. 29-Dec-1829, D. 11-Jan-1923, H. H. Milburn

Milburn, Florence R.
B. 1-Oct-1861, D. 24-June-1863, P. H.& E. Milburn

Milburn, Harrison
B. 18-Mar-1825, D. 14-Feb-1911

Milburn, Mattie E.
B. 11-Nov-1854, D. 16-July-1891, P. H.& E. Milburn

Miller, Eliza J.
B. 17-Apr-1848, D. 28-Jan-1886, A. 37y 9m 11d, H. Samuel H. Miller

Miller, Emma Jane
B. 29-Mar-1833, D. 13-May-1909, H. John H. Miller

Miller, J.H.
D. 13?-Nov-1916, A. 90y 8m 19d

Miller, Jacob Marshall
D. 5-Sep-1851, A. 1y 2m, P. C.J. & E. Miller

Miller, James P.
B. 11-Mar-1879, D. 7-Mar-1881, P. S.M. & E.J. Miller

Miller, Samuel M.
B. 13-Aug-1842 In Perry Co, Ind., D. 22-Dec-1891, A. 49y 9m 4d, P. A.J. & M.A. Miller

Miller, Susan
B. 21-July-1820, D. 8-July-1896, H. John H. Miller

Moro, Charles C.
D. 10-Jan-1860, A. 27y?, P. Dr.F. & J.Moro

Moyer, Caleb W.
B. 1884, D. 1920

Moyer, William
D. 18-June-1932, A. 77y 6m 1d

Mundy, Annie J.
D. 8-Nov-1900, A. 23y 5m 23d, P. S.W. & J. Mundy

Mundy, Celinda G.
D. 8-Apr-1860, A. 7y 7m 7d, P. G. & P.A. Mundy

Mundy, Daisy C.
D. 12-May-1880, A. 11m 24d, P. S.W. & M.A. Mundy

Mundy, Elizabeth
D. 21-Sep-1850, A. 39y 1m 4d, H. Griffith Mundy

Mundy, F.C.
B. 4-Sep-1867, D. 4-Apr-1921

Mundy, Flora Jane
D. 20-Dec-1859, A. 2m 27d, P. John S. & Mary A. Mundy

Mundy, George W.
D. 28-Feb-1900, A. 58y 17d

Mundy, Griffith
B. 22-June-1813, D. 5-June-1900, A. 86y

Mundy, James S.
Sgt. Co 115th Ill Inf

Mundy, Mary A.
B. 9-Oct-1838, D. 27-Aug-1886, H. J.S. Mundy

Mundy, Mary E.
B. 11-Feb-1884, D. 10-Mar-1897, A. 13y 29d, P. S. & J. Mundy

Mundy, Polla
B. 6-Mar-1823, D. 6-Mar-1914, A. 91y

Mundy, Reuben F.
D. 15-Feb-1931, A. 69y 9m 9d

Mundy, Rose
B. 1-Aug-1869, D. 11-Oct-1910

Mundy, William G.
D. 7-May-1863, A. 6y 4d, P. S. & P.A. Mundy

Naylor, Hestor A.
B. 5-Aug-1844, D. 3-Aug-1864, H. S.Naylor

Naylor, W.H.
B. 25-July-1864, D. 13-Aug-1864, P. G. & H.A. Naylor

Nelson, Elizabeth
B. 20-Feb-1792, D. 19-Jan-1854

Newkirk, Catharine
1-May-1858, H. Paul Newkirk

Newkirk, Eliza Ann
B. 29-Feb-1824, D. 10-July-1876, A. 52y 4m 11d, H. Zachariah Newkirk

Newkirk, Eliza
B. 8-May-1879, D. 7-Jan-101, P. P. & C.L. Newkirk

Newkirk, Hugh
D. 6-June-1846, A. 33y 12d

Newkirk, James E.
B. 26-May-1863, D. 15-Sep-1923

Newkirk, Lester W.
B. 29-Mar-1903, D. 30-May-1903, P. J.E. & M.J. Newkirk

Newkirk, Mary E.
B. 13-Jan-1845, D. 31-May-1895, A. 50y 4m 18d, H. N.H. Newkirk

Newkirk, Mary E.
B. 19-Sep-1860, D. 25-Oct-1929, H. Z. Newkirk

Newkirk, Mattie J.
22-June-1868, H. J.E. Newkirk

Newkirk, Nathan
D. 27-Sep-1913, A. 91y 3m 30d

Newkirk, Paul Wilkinson
B. 1910, D. 1916

Newkirk, Paul
B. 20-Dec-1851, D. 4-Mar-1932

Newkirk, William H.
B. 22-June-1849, D. 3-Oct-1856, A. 7y 3m 11d, P. Zachariah & Eliza A. Newkirk

Newkirk, William H.
D. 22-Feb-1866, A. 21y 6m 24d, P. H. & F. Newkirk

Newkirk, William
D. 4-June-1877, A. 67y 4m 15d

Newkirk, Zachariah
B 11-Aug-1859, D. 27-Dec-1904

Newkirk, Zachariah
B. 15-June-1816, D. 6-Nov-1863, A. 47y 4m 21d

Newkirk, Daughter
D. 10-Aug-1878, A. 11m 23d, P. R.M. & M. Newkirk

Newman, Clerinda
B. 13-July-1853, D. 9-Sep-1853

Newman, Sarah
B. 13-Nov-1818, D. 3-Dec-1854, A. 36y 21d

Newman, Sarah
D. 20-Feb-1852, A. 1y 8m 20d, P. M.F. & S.Newman

Newman, William R.
B. 25-Sep-1854, D. 3-Oct-1854

Newsum, Roy
B. 1854, D. 1919

Newsum, Sarah J.
B. 29-Sep-1856, H. W. Newsum

Newsum, Sharon Lee
B. 1905, D. 1927

Newsum, William
B. 7-Dec-1841, D. 18-Mar-1918

Oman, Anna
D. 17-Aug-1874, A. 55y 8m 16d, H. Jacob Oman

Oman, Jacob
D. 5-Apr-1884, A. 72y 3m 11d

Parrish, Nonie Andrus
B. 1890, D. 1913

Phar, Dr. William J.
B. 23-Dec-1856, D. 17-Nov-1896, A. 39y 10m 25d

Pixley, Bertha A.
B. 26-Aug-1891, D. 6-Aug-1896, A. 1y 11m 10d, P. F. & M.E. Pixley

Pixley, Edward
B. 22-Mar-1837, D. 30-Aug-1905, C 115th Ill Inf

Pixley, Elizabeth
B. 21-Dec-1838, D. 29-Aug-1877, H. Edward Pixley

Pixley, Job

Pixley, Laura
D. 1-Aug-1895, A. 94y 8m 2d, H. William Pixley

Pixley, Little Job
D. 11-Sep-1874, A. 1y 20d, P. E. & E. Pixley

Pixley, Margaret
B. 19-Apr-1834, D. 1-Aug-1910, H. Edward Pixley

Pixley, Mary Belle
D. 7-Oct-1870, A. 1y 2m 24d, P. E. & E. Pixley

Pixley, William
D. 7-Dec-1876, A. 83y

Pool, Angelina
B. 29-Dec-1791, D. 30-Aug-1857

Pool, Elder James
B. 12-June-1791, D. 31-Mar-1855, A. 63y 9m 19d

Pool, Horace
Co I. 32nd Ill Inf.

Pool, James
B. 1851, D. 1919

Pool, John F.
D. 27-Feb-1927, A. 72y 6m

Pool, Lemon
B. 1815, D. 1895

Pool, Mary A.
B. 1823, D. 1892

Pool, Mary
D. 5-May-1865, A. 31y 5m 16d, H. N.P. Pool

Preston, Timmy D.
B. 1820, D. 1890, Lt. 98th Ill Inf.

Price, Flora B.
B. 2-June-1877, D. 24-Sep-1870, P. B.F. & O.A. Price

Price, Melissa
B. 1836, D. 1904, H. William Price

Price, Newton J.
B. 1859, D. 3-Aug-1933, A. 74y 6m 8d

Price, Sarah
B. 1858, D. 1928, H. Newton Price

Price, William
B. 1824, D. 1900

Pugh, Carrie
D. 16-May-1907, A. 1y 12d, P. C. & N. Pugh

Pugh, Iva
D. 1-Apr-1902, A. 6d, P. C. & N. Pugh

Pugh, William W.
Co I 66th Ill Inf

Putnam, John A.
D. 28-Aug-1896, A. 27y 9d

Putnam, Mariam W.
D. 28-Apr-1896, A. 46y 7m 27d, H. W. Putnam

Putnam, Sgt. William
B. 23-Mar-1877, D. 4-Feb-1917, Served In Marne Corps On U.S.S. Iowa, 1889-1904

Putnam, William
D. 8-Feb-1890, A. 48y 5m 20d, Co 48th Ill Inf.

Rech, Francis Henry
B. 11-June-1844, D. 19-Aug-1858, A. 14y 2m 8d, P. William H. & E. Rech

Rech, William

Risley, Josephine
D. 20-Apr-1876, A. 26y 5d, H. James Risley

Runyon, Elanor
D. 11-Feb-1882, A. 23y 2m 17d, H. C.E. Runyon

Sa???, Infant
D. ?-Feb-192?,

Sapp, Fairy Christina
B. 1910, D. 1915, P. G.A. & A. Sapp

Sapp, Marion
B. 1850, D. 1919

Sapp, Patricia May
D. 29-Nov-1927, A. 2m 25d

Sapp, Sarah Ann
D. 19-Dec-1927, A. 78y 11m 19d

Schwander, Gladys Marie
B. 22-Dec-1910, D. 25-Jan-1917, P. J.J. & M.M. Schwander

Schwander, Mary R.
B. 30-Sep-1924, D. 4-Sep-1925, P. J.J. & M.M. Schwander

Seibert, Charles A.
B. 1858

Seibert, Ella L.
B. 1860, D. 1924, H. C.A. Seibert

Seybold, Rettie M.
B. 18-May-1865, D. 2-Nov-1912, H. E.R. Seybold

Shadle, Alfred
B. 9-July-1845, D. 19-Apr-1875

Shadle, Barbary
B. 24-July-1818, D. 27-Dec-1865, A. 47y 5m 3d, H. Samuel Shadle

Shadle, Cassander
D. 3-Sep-1873, A. 27y 11m 7d, H. William Shadle

Shadle, Noble
D. 3-Sep-1873, A. 25d, P. W. & C. Shadle

Shadle, Orville
D. 31-Aug-1872, A. 1y 6m 21d, H. W. & C. Shadle

Shadle, Samuel
D. 6-Nov-1866, A. 55y 7m 12d

Shaoff, John
B. 1821, D. 1908, C. 115 Ill Inf

Shoaff, Carl J.
D. 25-Sep-1875, A. 4y 21d, P. G.W. & L. Shoaff

Shoaff, Crion W.
D. 7-Sep-1853, A. 3y 7m 29d, P. R. & D.A. Shoaff

Shoaff, Darthula A.
D. 7-Feb-1870, A. 31y 1m 2?D, H. Rosa Shoaff

Shoaff, Elizabeth
D. 26-July-1895, A. 62y 4m 14d, H. J. Shoaff

Shoaff, Elsie May
D. 12-June-1880, A. 1m 11d, P. R. & M.E. Shoaff

Shoaff, George W.
B. 30-May-1849, D. 5-Oct-1892, A. 43y 4m 5d, Co. I. 66th Ill Inf.

Shoaff, Ira J.
D. 3-Oct-1876, A. 1m 8d, P. G.W. & L. Shoaff

Shoaff, Jacob
B. 4-June-1794, D. 28-Jan-1856

Shoaff, Joseph R.
D. 13-Aug-1876, A. 19y 5m 22d

Shoaff, Martha W.
B. 11-Sep-1800, D. 17-Apr-1893, H. Jacob Shoaff

Shoaff, Mary E.
B. 7-Feb-1844, D. 25-Dec-1921, H. R. Shoaff

Shoaff, Mary J.
B. 20-Apr-1854, D. 8-Dec-1854

Shoaff, Mary J.
D. 10-Oct-1876, A. 1m 14d, P. R. & M.E. Shoaff

Shoaff, Rosa T.
D. 13-Oct-1875, A. 2y 10m 26d, P. G.W. & L. Shoaff

Shoaff, Rosa
B. 3-Oct-1834, D. 28-June-1917

Simonds, Bertha
D. 6-Apr-1901, A. 30y 10m 10d

Smith, Albert
B. 3-Aug-1884, D. 6-June-1931

Smith, Albert
D. 11-Sep-1857, A. 1m 23d, P. J. & C. Smith

Smith, Almira
B. 8-Sep-1822, D. 25-June-1847, A. 24y 9m 17d, Consort To James Smith

Smith, Almira
D. 2-Sep-1851, A. 5m 2d, P. J. & C. Smith

Smith, Amos
D. 24-July-1854, A. 2m 19d, P. J.& C. Smith

Smith, Catharine
B. 16-Aug-1825, D. 6-May-1893, A. 72y 8m 21d, H. James Smith

Smith, James
D. 14-Aug-1876, A. 60y 1m 15d

Smith, Jerome B.
B. 13-Sep-1869, D. 19-Apr-1887, A. 17y 7m 6d

Smith, John
B. 16-Aug-1845, D. 20-Jan-1916

Smith, Mary
D. 18-Sep-1855, A. 3m 18d, P. J. & C. Smith

Smith, Morris
D. 21-Nov-1872, A. 1?Y 3m, P. J. & C. Smith

Smith, Sherman
Infant Son Of James & Catharine Smith

Smith,Infant Son
B. 19-Nov-1896, D. 28-Nov-1896, P. J. & E.M. Smith

Stone, Sarah J.
B. 16-May-1840, D. 6-June-1920, H. W.R. Stone

Stone, William R.
B. 24-Apr-1832, D. 14-Nov-1912, Co I 40th Ill Inf

Taylor, Ann
B. 1815, D. 1899, H. B. Taylor

Taylor, Bell
B. 1855, D. 1932

Taylor, Harry
D. 13-Oct-1833, A. 63y 10m 26d

Taylor, Henry
D. 24-Apr-1849, A. 55y 11m 3d, W. A.S. Taylor

Taylor, Mae G.
B. 16-Mar-1893, D. 22-Mar-1925

Taylor, Reuben
B. 30-June-1825, D. 25-Apr-1906

Taylor, William Frank
B. 30-Jan-1855, D. 27-Apr-1932

Tresner, Stella M.
B. 1895, D. 1923, H. Harry Tresner

Utter, Mary Jane
D. 9-Mar-1863, A. 27y 2m 7d, H. G.L.Utter

Walter, Amos
D. 3-Jan-1866, A. 50y 6m 28d, Consort Susanna Walter

Walter, Ana Bell
B. 12-Aug-1875, D. 18-Apr-1903, A. 27y 8m 6d

Walter, Susanna
D. 30-Apr-1876, A. 64y 4d, H. Amos Walter

Warner, Elijah
B. 24-July-1814, D. 11-Feb-1853

Warner, Infant Daughter
B. 21-Oct-1883, D. 28-Oct-1883, P. Dr. M.E. & K. Warner

White Vivian
B. 16-Dec-1912, D. 17-Sep-1913, P. S.C. & C.B. White

White, Calvin

Wilkinson, A.J.
B. 12-July-1837, D. 21-Feb-1908

Wilkinson, Alice
D. 4-Oct-1859, A. 1y 7m 23d, P. F. & R. Wilkinson

Wilkinson, Efa
D. 22-Aug-1879, A. 6m 17d, P. W.H. & J.A. Wilkinson

Wilkinson, Emily J.
B. 23-Dec-1895, D. 12-Oct-1910

Wilkinson, Emma R. Sanford
B. 1873, D. 1900, H. T.L. Wilkinson

Wilkinson, Frank
B. 7-Dec-1897, D. 13-Nov-1923

Wilkinson, Herbert
B. 6-Sep-1905, D. 3-Jan-1910, P. J.E. & M.M. Wilkinson

Wilkinson, Ira A.
D. 11-July-1861, A. 1y 3m 26d, P. F. & R. Wilkinson

Wilkinson, Jane Sedgwick
D. 17-Apr-1879, A. 8m 10d, P. S.I. Wilkinson

Wilkinson, Jennie
B. 15-Dec-1855, D. 19-Dec-1882

Wilkinson, Julia A.
D. 19-Mar-1930, A. 81y 7m 7d

Wilkinson, Mary E.
D. 24-Oct-1854, A. 1y 7d, P. F. & R. Wilkinson

Wilkinson, Mary H.
B. 18-May-1875, D. 28-Apr-1875

Wilkinson, Robert A.
B. 6-Nov-1868, D. 22-Jan-1925

Wilkinson, Samuel Baldridge Ellsworth
D. 13-July-1876, A. 13y 9m 8d, P. Thomas & R. Wilkinson

Wilkinson, Sarah A.
B. 20-Dec-1834, D. 19-Mar-1920, H. A.J. Wilkinson

Wilkinson, Sarah
B. 12-Dec-1816, D. 26-Aug-1885

Wilkinson, Thomas Lincoln
B. 1865, D. 1926

Wilkinson, William F.
D. 26-Sep-1867, A. 9m 6d, P. F. & R. Wilkinson

Wilkinson, William R.
B. 19-Jan-1816, D. 28-June-1886

Williams, Amanda
B. 13-Oct-1871, D. 7-Nov-1897, A. 26y 24d

Williams, Ambirs F.
B. 7-Aug-1890, D. 18-Oct-1891, P. F.D. & N.J. Williams

Williams, Blanche I.
B. 11-Nov-1897, D. 10-Sep-1898, P. F.D. & H.J. Williams

Williams, Charles L.
B. 14-Jan-1890, D. 28-Apr-1897, P. R.G. & M.Williams

Williams, Edward B.
D. 5-June-1875, A. 18y 9m 26d, P. J.P. & P.H. Williams

Williams, Emma
D. 11-Feb-1860, A. 5m 2d, P. D. & H. Williams

Williams, Eva Bell
B. 20-Nov-1867, D. 25-Sep-1868

Williams, Frances A.
B. 17-Mar-1838, D. 3-July-1875, A. 37y 3m 18d

Williams, Idella
B. 7-Oct-1862, D. 11-Sep-1866

Williams, Infant Daughter
D. 1895, P. H.H.& E. Mundy

Williams, Infant Daughter
P. Henry & Elizabeth Williams

Williams, Infant Daughter
D. 8-Oct-1890, P. H. & E. Williams

Williams, James P.
D. 18-Oct-1877, A. 60y

Williams, James
B. 3-Dec-1808, D. 4-Dec-1862, A. 54y 8d, Consort Lucinda Williams

Williams, Jane
D. 7-Dec-1900, A. 33y 3m 19d

Williams, Laura A.
D. 8-Sep-1885, A. 27y 6d, H. F.D. Williams

Williams, Lucinda
D. 20-Jan-1867, A. 54y 25d, H. James Williams

Williams, Luella
B. 7-Aug-1877, D. 18-Sep-1878, P. H. & E. Williams

Williams, Martha Marrel
B. 12-Mar-1901, D. 21-July-1901, P. R.G. & M.H. Williams

Williams, Mary J.
D. 14-Jan-1933, A. 61y 6m 9d

Williams, Norle J.
D. 20-Oct-1875, A. 10m 8d, P. S.A. & M.J. Williams

Williams, Ollie O.
B. 19-Mar-1859, D. 21-Apr-1882, H. F.D. Williams

Williams, Robert G.
B. 1-Sep-1824, D. 21-Nov-1876

Williams, Robert G.
B. 8-Apr-1865, D. 21-Oct-1904

Williams, Robert G.
D. 21-Nov-1876, A. 52y 3m 21d

Williams, Susan A.
B. 7-Apr-1828, D. 21-Feb-1914, H. Robert G. Williams

Williams, Susan J.
D. 8-Feb-1870, A. 3y 3m 20d, P. J.P. & P. Williams

Williams, Susanna
B. 18-Oct-1836, D. 22-Apr-1905

Williams, Thomas Monroe
D. 6-Apr-1931, A. 78y 4m 26d

Wood, Abner L.
D. 11-Jan-1887, A. 8m 1d, P. A. & S. Wood

Wood, Charlotte J.
B. 5-May-1823, D. 8-Apr-1884, A. 60y 11m 3d

Wood, Clark
B. 9-July-1837, D. 25-Aug-1908

Wood, Clarnida
D. 16-Jan-1865, A. 11y 9m 27d, P. I. & R. Wood

Wood, Edith J.
D. 5-Sep-1933, A. 61y 8m 28d

Wood, Edna
B. 29-Dec-1888, D. 12-Dec-1913

Wood, Hannah
D. 8-Apr-1867, A. 51y 5m 4d

Wood, Harry
B. 13-Apr-1884, D. 24-Sep-1910, A. 26y 5m 11d, P. ?.T. & M.E. Wood

Wood, Horace B.
28-Mar-1879, A. 27y 8m

Wood, Infant Son
D. 1899, P. W.K. & M.S. Wood

Wood, John R.
B. 15-Feb-1839, D. 6-Dec-1917

Wood, Joseph
B. 15-June-1819, D. 27-Apr-1859, A. 39y 10m 12d

Wood, Lelia C.
B. 1893, D. 1910, P. W.K. & M.S. Wood

Wood, Linder K.
B. 5-Oct-1853, D. 17-Feb-1886, A. 27y 4m 12d

Wood, Lizzie I.
D. 24-Feb-1906, A. 18y 9m 19d, H. M.D. Wood

Wood, Martha M.
B. 1-June-1846, H. Clark Wood

Wood, Nettie Belle
D. 27-Sep-1877, A. 3m 13d, P. A. & S. Wood

Wood, Oliver H.
B. 6-Nov-1845, D. 16-Dec-1930

Wood, Percy Lee
B. 24-June-1888, D. 20-Oct-1923, 335 Inf 84th

Wood, Prissilia
D. 1-June-1876, A. 85y, H. A. Wood

Wood, Sam A.
2-Mar-1906, P. M.D. & L.I. Wood

Wood, Sarah A.
B. 8-Jan-1847, D. 23-July-1917, H. J.R. Wood

Wood, Virgil O.
B. 1893, D. 1895, A. 5y, P. J.O. & E. Wood

Wright, Sarah J.
D. 9-Jan-1867, A. 49y 11m 20d, H. Dr. James Wright

Young, James
B. 13-Dec-1825, D. 20-Aug-1887, A. 61y 8m 7d

Young, Lizzie
B. 4-Jan-1857, D. 27-Sep-1875, P. J.W. & M.A. Young

Young, Martha
B. 10-Dec-1830, D. 18-July-1918

Young, Willie
B. ??-June-1869, D. 25-Jan-1872, P. J.W. & M.A. Young

Younghen, Harriet
D. 31-Aug-1858, A. 56y 8m 12d, H. J.F. Younghen

Younghen, John F.
B. 1-Aug-1815 In New York, D. 28-May-1870 In Mt. Carmel

Younghen, Samuel F.
D. 12-Feb-1853, A. 9?Y, P. J.T. & H.C. Younghen

Youngman, John
D. 21-Apr-1892, A. 65y 4d, Co A. 62nd Ill Inf.

Youngman, Marion
B. 1-Apr-1865, D. 4-Aug-1921, A. 56y 4m 4d


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