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aka Nye Chapel Methodist Cemetery, Nisbet Chapel & United Brethren Church
Wabash County, IL

Transcription .. : Works Progress Administration In 1935+
Datafile Input . : Mount Carmel Library / Shannon Swain In Oct-1999
History Write-Up : Sheldon Sharp/Daily Republication Register In Mar-1973
Submitted to Genealogy Trails By Paul M. Kankula

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

Gard's Point Cemetery in Wabash County, Illinois is located some eight miles northwest of Mt. Carmel, along the former Maysville Road. It is about three miles southwest of Friendsville, and about three fourths of a mile north of the Cabbage Corner Crossroad. The latter is also the northwest corner of Sherrill's (now Goodson's) Orchard and is the site of the former Nisbet Chapel Methodist Church which was removed during the year 1972. This cemetery is adjacent to Nye Chapel (formerly United Brethren), United Methodist Church.

The name, Gard's Point, was evidently assigned to the vicinity because Seth Gard, one of the pioneer settlers of the area, was granted a tract of 74 acres (just across the road south of the cemetery) by the United States Government May 14, 1814 and described as the Southeast half of the Southeast quarter of Section 28, Township 1 North, Range 13 West, less six acres off the Southeast quarter. Everett Wheatley has checked the records and reports that Seth Gard owned the quarter section where the cemetery is. There were some graves there before the deed by Mr. Wilkinson which is referred to later.

It is understood that Seth Gard has been involved in the establishment and government of the town of Palmyra, the seat of government of an extensive area subsequently comprising chiefly Edwards County, before Illinois became a state. It is further understood that clay from the farm was used to make bricks and build a large house. Also a large frame barn was built on the farm.

In 1845 the property was transferred to Resin Gard, who had no children. From his estate it was sold on the 13th of December, 1862 to John M. Risley and wife, Malinda for $275. About a year later, 4th of December, 1863, it was sold to Susan Miller. Then in 1876, Francis M. Norris acquired the property. By deed dated 12th February, 1884, it was transferred to Franklin Stoltz. In 1918 Joseph Franklin Mortz bought the 74 acres for a consideration of $5,000. Incidentally, Mr. Mortz, now aged 92years, lives at West Salem, Illinois. Since 1948, Irvin Deisher has been the owner of the former Gard land at Gard's Point.

A letter written by the late Mrs. Joe (Fanny Shearer) Majors dated June 13, 1969 gives some recollections about Seth Gard, and cemeteries in the vicinity. She also supplied a clipping referred to in her letter which had been submitted by one of his granddaughters.

Mrs. Majors' letter and the clipping referred to follow. They were supplied by Mr. And Mrs. Loren Litherland.

"I been asked by several if I could tell them anything about Seth Gard, nothing only what older folks have said. He came here in 1814. At that time, people were burying their loved ones on the home place, they were 3 Staupt and Baker, and Penson and Dennis Wilcox within 2 miles from Centerville, Centerville was our little village before it was moved into Mt. Carmel.

"My father and family came from Mass. Said everyone told them Mr. Gard was a wonderful person, always helping those that needed help. He owned 80 acres beginning at the school house running N.W. on the Maysville Road to the corner of the Gard's Cemetery. He gave an acre for the cemetery that was badly needed and greatly appreciated. They said his home was always open for church services.

"I am enclosing clippings from the paper sent in by his granddaughter that I had saved several years ago. Yes many since he left us many loved ones, relatives, and friends have been left in the little cemetery from Wabash Co. Loved from all states come to visit the graves back home."

Mrs. Litherland says: "His grave is marked with a marble in accordance with his time, and any one wishing to visit his grave may find it in the cemetery at Gard's Point, but he carved for himself a monument far better than marble or stone - the respect and love of his co-workers. Even the beautiful cemetery that bears his name is a gift to the people from him, and it is always kept beautiful. I have often heard my father, Justus Gard, tell about grandfather's last bear. He said in the early winter of 1828 he was awakened in the night by some three or four men, and on going to the door he found them very much excited over the fact that they had treed a bear and could not shoot it. They asked him to go with them and shoot the bear for them, which he did, to the great satisfaction of the men. Father said: 'We boys went along, of course, as we were now 21 years of age, and had our first pair of shoes, a kind of moccasin made from deer skin, of which we were very proud.''

"The drawing knife used by Seth Gard is now among the relics of the old settlers at Olney, Richland County, Illinois, presented by Orlando Gard, a grandson."

The obituary is as follows: "Died: At his residence near Centerville, in this (Wabash) county, on the 25th ult, Seth Gard, aged 70 years, an old resident and early pioneer of the west. He emigrated to this county from Hamilton County, Ohio, as early as 1814, and 1818 was chosen as a delegate and was one of the leading members in the convention that framed our constitution."

The grounds for the Guard's Point Cemetery, as evidenced by records in the office of William Higgins, County Clerk of Wabash County at Mt. Carmel Illinois Book E, Page 157, were part of the Southeast corner of the North half of the Southeast quarter of Section 28, Township 1 North, Range 13 West. These records show that William R. Wilkinson and Sarah, his wife, "give grant, and donate" to certain County Officers and their successors in office forever, to be held in trust for the inhabitants of the surrounding county of February 1861. The Wilkinsons also donated another piece of land from the same tract to be held in trust by said grantees and their denomination who may first build thereon a house of public worship or a school house for general education purposes or both as the parties interested may determine. The grantees reserved for themselves the said fence situated thereon, also the growing timber. The area of this cemetery plot is about 278 square rods or about 1.7 acres and that of the church is about 48 square rods or 0.3 acre.

It may be of some interest in this connection to note that about nine years later, i.e. 11th day of June 1870, James Wright and Sarah E. Wright, his wife convey the Henry Gardner 21 acres from the above described parcel, North half of the South east quarter of Section 28, Township 1 North, Range 13 West, commencing at the east end of half quarter section and running west far enough to embrace 21 acres including the following described piece or parcel of land which is expected and being 2 acres and described as follows: Commencing at the South East Corner of said half quarter Section, running thence west 20 rods, thence north 16 rods, thence east 20 rods, thence south 16 rods to the place of beginning, known as Gard's graveyard or burying ground leaving actual number of acres 19.

Mr. Everett Wheatley has mentioned that there was a lane or driveway along the north edge of the cemetery. Loren Litherland, Trustee, has supplied from the records: "On April 10, 1897, 2 rods of land on N side of cemetery was purchased from Eliza Litherland for $8.00, after first refusing to sell the land for $5.00." Then "February 7, 1900 Trustees took up subscriptions for purpose of buying and erecting an iron fence around cemetery." Incidentally, in recent years this fence has been removed.

The following veterans were buried in Gard's Point Cemetery:
War of 1812 -Joseph Shearer;
Black Hawk War - Seth Gard;
Mexican War - Dr. James Mahon;
Civil War - Chauncey C. Case, David Fletcher, Charles Gard, Ebenezer Gardner, Thomas Hare, Martin V. Ing, Philander Ketchum, Abner Litherland, John Dorcus Rose, Boston Royer, Barber A. Shearer, George C. Shearer, John W. Smith, John Wilcox, Lyman Wilcox;
World War (One) - Charles Alka, William L. Hallock.

There is not much suitable space remaining available for burials in the east part of this cemetery now except a low portion which tends to remain wet, and a few spaces between other graves. There is space to the north of the church which has not yet been used for burials. Also there is some two acres of space immediately to the west in which burial space is available.

Alka, Bertha May
B. 28-Oct-1893, D. 9-Feb-1915, A. 21y 6m 13d, H. Charles Alka

Alka, Charles E.
B. 29-Sep-1889, D. 10-Oct-1918, A. 29y 11d, Co. H 38th Inf.

Armstrong, Lucinda J.
B. 7-Mar-1832, D. 28-Sep-1895, A. 63y 6m 21d, H. T.A. Armstrong

Atkinson, Esther R.
B. 19-Jan-?, D. 7-Feb-1876, P. J.H. & E.F. Atkinson

Babcock, Joseph

Baker, Anna Laura
B. 23-Feb-1902, D. 12-Oct-1922, P. E.A. & M.A. Baker

Baker, Irene
B. 1904, D. 1926, H. Glenn D. Baker

Baker, John Y.
B. 23-Mar-1825, D. 6-Oct-1896, A. 71y 6m 13d

Baker, Nancy
B. 25-Sep-1829, D. 7-Oct-1894, A. 65y 12d

Barker, Frank F.
D. 10-Aug-1923?, A. 77y 5m 7d

Barker, Hattie R.
B. 27-Sep-1836, D. 16-Oct-1916, H. William H. Barber

Barker, Lizzie M.
B. 29-Oct-1857, D. 7-Mar-1878, P. W.H. & H.R. Barber

Barker, William H.
B. 1-Apr-1827, D. 10-Feb-1875

Beckner, Martha A.
B. 25-Aug-1841, D. 13-Oct-1909, H. John Beckner

Beckner, Mattie
D. 11-July-1905, A. 18y 2m 2d, P. J.& M. Beckner

Best, Rhea May
B. 4-Oct-1880, D. 13-Feb-1881, P. G.W. & E.E. Best

Blythe, Clifton C.
B. 3-Sep-1913, D. 23-Mar-1915, A. 1y 11m 20d, P. J. & E. Blythe

Blythe, William R.
D. 5-Sep-1883, A. 1y 9m 20d, P. J.H. & M.A. Blythe

Brees, Belendena L.
D. 15-Nov-1863, A. 5y 7m 9d, P. I.H. & H.E. Brees

Brees, H. Elizabeth
D. 10-Apr-1868, A. 43y 7m 4d, H. I.N. Brees

Brees, Infant Son
D. 10-Dec-1854, A. 3d, P. I.H. & H.E. Brees

Brees, Isaac H.
D. 11-Dec-1891, A. 67y 9m 8d

Breese, Frances C.
B. 1841, D. 1925, H. J.H. Breese

Brines, Lydia O.
D. 28-Aug-1873, A. 1y 2d, P. H. & A.M. Brines

Byerly, Peter H.
B. 1890, D. 1908

Campbell, James
1-Mar-1879, A. 72y

Campbell, James
B. 31-May-1839, D. 11-Aug-1913

Campbell, Juda
D. 20-Jan-1897, A. 61y 3m 7d, H. J. Campbell

Campbell, Laura J.
B. 20-Mar-1857, D. ?-Aug-1917, H. J. Campbell

Campbell, Martha A.
D. 22-Sep-1879, A. 37y 3m 7d, H. James Campbell

Campbell, Mary C.
D. 16-Mar-1876, A. 68y, H. J.Campbell

Case, Chauncey C.
B. 23-Feb-1833, D. 29-Jan-1899, A. 65y 11m 5d

Case, Elly C.
D. 2-Oct-1875, A. 6m 2d, P. C. & M. Case

Case, Jonathan W.
B. 21-Aug-1897?, D. 19-July-????

Case, Julia
B. 18-Sep-1876, D. 18-Dec-1876, P. C.H. & Hannah Case

Case, Mary E.
D. 1-Feb-1876, A. 3y 7m 5d, P. C. & M. Case

Case, Nancy M.
D. 31-Oct-1892, A. 41y 11m 2d, H. C.C. Case

Case, Philinea
B. 22-Nov-1826, D. 14-Sep-1848, A. 21y 9m 21d

Case, Tresse J.
D. 29-July-1888, A. 80y 2m 23d, H. J.W. Case

Cox, Earl M.
B. 10-Dec-1908, D. 18-Nov-1915, P. M. & P. Cox

Crawford, Claudia
D. 21-Nov-1886, A. 20y 2m 16d, H. N.J. Crawford

Crawford, Infant Son
D. 15-May-1885, A. 22d, P. N.J. & C.C. Crawford

Cunningham, John W.
D. 2-May-1924, A. 58y

Curran, Charles A.
D. 26-Apr-1907, A. 24y 8m 17d

Curran, James
B. 7-Mar-1869, D. 3-Feb-1917

Curran, John
B. 15-Feb-1865, D. 15-Feb-1898

Curran, Mary M.
B. 2-June-1863, D. 24-Dec-1891, A. 28y 6m 22d, P. J. & J. Curran

Deischer, D?
D. 6-May-1889, A. 72y 1m 24d

Deisher, Cora E.
B. 1876, D. 1931

Deisher, Everett W.

Deisher, Lizzie A.
D. 12-Nov-1904, A. 27y 5m 25d, H. J.S. Deisher

Deisher, Sarah
B. 20-Apr-1849, D. 28-Jan-1910, P. W. & S. Deisher

Deisher, William
B. 1866

Dewitt, Juliet
D. 4-Sep-1890, A. 82y 11m 12d

Dewitt, Lydia J.
D. 28-Jan-1865, A. 24y 8m 8d, H. Jacob Dewitt

Diesher, William

Dixon, David
D. 3-Oct-1884, A. 59y 15d

Dixon, Lydia A.
D. 3-Mar-1875, A. 16y 3d, P. D. & M.J. Dixon

Dixon, Mary J.
D. 17-Dec-1891, A. 64y 9m 7d, H. David Dixon

Draggoo, Edith
B. 1867, D. 1910

Draggoo, Mareda
D. 31-Dec-1924, A. 74y 9m 24d

Initials Only

Filhey, Mary
B. 8-July-1799, D. 13-July-1851, Consort Samuel Fulhey

Filkey, Samuel
D. 15-Oct-1865, A. 80y

Fletcher, David
D. 8-Jan-1890, A. 58y 10m 26d

Fletcher, Irvin R.
B. 27-Aug-1900, D. 14-Oct-1900, P. L.A. & J.A. Fletcher

Fletcher, Julia A.
B. 3-July-1867, D. 23-Dec-1902, H. Lee A. Fletcher

Fletcher, Sarah A.
D. 28-Apr-1904, A. 65y, H. David Fletcher

Frenary, Wyett
B. 10-May-1863, D. 16-May-1899, A. 36y 6d

Fuller, Henry T.
B. 28-Aug-1858, D. 15-Sep-1877

Fuller, Julia M.
B. 18-Sep-1835, D. 9-Feb-1923

Fuller, Rosetta J.
B. 26-July-1863, D. 17-May-1864

Gard, Anna
D. 17-Feb-1855, A. 46y 11m 9d, H. J. Gard

Gard, Charles A.
B. 7-Aug-1867, D. 6-Dec-1870, P. R.M. & M.J. Gard

Gard, Charles
Co 115 Inf.

Gard, Elizabeth
D. 5-Aug-1896, A. 70y 5m 3d, H. Justus Gard

George L., B. 31-Dec-1833, D. 19-Aug-1863, A. 29y 7m 19d

Gilbert E., D. 19-Feb-1855, A. 17y 4m 3d, P. J. & A. Gard

Gard, James
B. & D. 10-Mar-1830, P. B.F. Gard

Gard, Jane M.
B. 16-Mar-1844, D. 17-July-1845, P. J. & A. Gard

Gard, Joseph
B. 7-Dec-1863

Gard, Justus
D. 25-Feb-1870, A. 62y 3m 11d

Gard, Seth
D. 25-July-1845, A. 70y

Gard, Seth
D. 5-Sep-1861, A. 1y 10d, P. G.L. & S.J. Gard

Gard, Susan
B. 11-Dec-1826, D. 12-?-18(2)Or 79

Gard, Susan
D. 29-Oct-1861, A. 19y 8m 26d, P. J. & A. Gard

Gard, William H.
B. 13-Dec-1869, D. 14-Mar-1870, P. F.M. & M.R. Gard

Gardner, Alice
B. 5-June-1850, D. 11-July-185?, P. Henry & Sarah Gardner

Gardner, Alson
B. 16-Aug-1833, D. 19-Aug-1870

Gardner, Ebenezer
B. 1-June-1833, D. 16-June-1901, A. 68y 15d, Co. E. 63 Ill. Inf

Gardner, Emma C.
B. 17-June-1853, D. 21-Feb-1854, P. Henry & Sarah Gardner

Gardner, Henry
D. 15-Apr-1875, A. 71y 9m 23d

Gardner, Julia D.
D. 4-May-1864, A. 19y 25d, P. Henry & Sarah Gardner

Gardner, Rachel
B. 27-Dec-1854, D. 15-Sep-1899, A. 44y 8m 18d, H. C. Gardner

Gardner, Sarah M.
B. 30-Oct-1840, D. 3-Sep-1867, D. Henry & Sarah Gardner

Gardner, Sarah
D. 12-Mar-1869, A. 61y 11m 21d, H. H. Gardner

Gardner, Sarah
D. 27-Mar-1924, A. 88y 2m 11d

Garnder, Allen
B. 17-Feb-1890, D. 25-July-1890

Garnder, Owen
B. 12-Feb-1890, D. 17-July-1890

Gay, Amanda E.
D. 1-Feb-1892, A. 26y 7m 25d

Gilmore, Dorris
B. 1916, D. 1923, P. J.C. & Laura Gilmore

Gubleman, Mary A.
D. 12-Sep-1872, A. 1y 2m 2d, P. C.E. & S. Gubleman

Gupton, Harry W.
B. 13-June-1896, D. 31-Dec-1896

Gupton, Mary E.
B. 28-May-1894, D. 29-May-1894

Gupton, Rollie
D. 30-Jan-1885, A. 3y 14d, P. J. & R.C. Gupton

Hallock, Charles O.
B. 1858, D. 9-Sep-1932, A. 74y 1m1d

Hallock, Lillie B.
D. 23-July-1888, A. 1y 1m 17d, P. C.O. & R.E. Hallock

Hallock, Rose E.
B. 1860, D. 23-July-1923, A. 62y 8m 8d, H. Charles Hallock

Hallock, William L.
B. 1888, D. 1922

Hanks, George
B. 30-Dec-1856, D. 5-Nov-1917

Hare, Cassander, B. 21-Jan-1849, D. 14-Feb-1925

Hare, Thomas, B. 16-Mar-1845, D. 2-Apr-1928, Co C 115 Ill, Co A 32 Ill

Horton, Margaret
D. 16-Nov-1924, A. 15y 1m 20d

Hunt, David H.

Hunt, Josephine B.
B. 11-Sep-1858, D. 18-June-1915, H. David Hunt

Huston, Edna I.
D. 10-July-1897, A. 6m 26d, P. A.W. & N.A. Huston

Huston, George W.
B. 14-Dec-1857, D. 18-Sep-1900, A. 42y 9m 4d

Huston, Norman A.
5-Dec-1862, H. G.W. Huston

Ing, Martin V.
Co I 40 Ill Inf.

Initials Only

James, Fannie M.
B. 29-Nov-1853, D. 19-June-1870

James, Neva Hare
B. 24-July-1878, D. 30-Mar-1906

James, Thomas
B. 25-Apr-1848, D. 28-Jan-1921

Johnson, Mary E.
B. 3-Nov-1862, D. 17-Mar-1910, H. J.S. Johnson

Ketchum, Philander
Co I 32 Ill Inf.

Kitchen, Francis E.
D. 3-Nov-1870, A. 1y 10m 14d, P. R.S. & M.J. Kitchen

Kitchen, Infant

Kroh, Jonathan
D. 13-Sep-1872, A. 67y 8m 26d

Lambert, Lewis E., 1871-1927

Leeds, Everett, B. 27-Feb-1920, D. 4-Sep-1922, P. C.E. & R.L. Leeds

Leeds, Marola
B. 12-May-1869, D. 6-July-1896, A. 27y 2m 16d, H. E. Leeds

Leipold, Elizabeth M.
D. 17-Jan-1894, A. 54y 4m 8d, H. John Leipold

Leipold, Eva May
B. 27-July-1891, D. 15-Aug-1891, P. L. & J.A. Leipold

Leipold, Flora
B. 2-Mar-1862, D. 25-July-1886, A. 34y 4m 28d, H. A. Leipold

Leipold, John Sr.
B. 18-June-1834, D. 12-Nov-1904, A. 70y 4m 24d

Leipold, John
D. 24-Mar-1894, A. 22y 6m 27d

Leipold, Lulu
B. 17-July-1888, D. 14-Aug-1888, P. L. J.A. Leipold

Leipold, Rosetta
B. 29-Nov-1889, D. 20-Dec-1889, P. L. & J.A. Leipold

Liddle, Carrie S.
D. 18-Sep-1892, A. 4m 6d, P. R. & A. Liddle

Liddle, Ezra R.
D. 13-Feb-1898, A. 2y 5m 12d, P. R. & A. Liddle

Litherland, Abner
Co. E 63rd Ill Inf.

Litherland, Ananios
B. 1848, D. 1923

Litherland, Bernardine L.
29-?-1924, P. W.L. & M.E. Litherland

Litherland, Bertha
B. 1883, D. 1925, P. J. & L. Litherland

Litherland, Bonnie May
D. 5-Feb-1931

Litherland, Clarinda E.
D. 14-July-1881, A. 15d, P. A. & L.E. Litherland

Litherland, Eliza
B. 1834, D. 1901, H. A. Litherland

Litherland, Frances
B. 1889, D. 1895, P. J.& L. Litherland

Litherland, Frances
B. 17-Mar-1889, D. 25-Nov-1895, A. 6y 8m 8d

Litherland, Isaiah S.
D. 24-Oct-1873, A. 19d, P. J. & S.S. Litherland

Litherland, Isaiah
D. 10-Sep-1884, A. 33y 2m 15d

Litherland, Joseph
B. 12-Nov-1845, D. 19-June-1921

Litherland, Joshua T.
D. 19-Feb-1892, A. 7m 4d, P. A. & M.J. Litherland

Litherland, Joshua
B. 1850, D. 1926

Litherland, Lora E.
2-May-1860, H. Rev. A. Litherland

Litherland, Louisa
B. 1848, D. 1921, H. J. Litherland

Litherland, Margaret
D. 9-Nov-1866, A. 35y 10m, H. Abner Litherland

Litherland, Mark
B. 3-Aug-1870, D. 28-July-1894, A. 23y 11m 2?D

Litherland, Mary A.
B. 18-Feb-1859, D. 26-Aug-1920

Litherland, Millie J.
D. 3-Feb-1879, A. 49y 1m 21d, H. J. Litherland

Litherland, Mina S.
B. 21-Feb-1876, D. 7-Apr-1876, P. A. & A.R. Litherland

Litherland, Rev. Alexander
B. 2-Mar-1862, D. 26-June-1913

Litherland, Sarah Ellen
15-Jan-1893, A. 22y 10m 22d, H. D. W. Litherland

Litherland, Stella A.
B. 19-Dec-1891, D. 28-Jan-1919, H. W.L. Litherland

Litherland, Susan S.
D. 8-Oct-1873, A. 23y 9m 20d, H. J. Litherland

Litherland, Susan
D. 10-Sep-1909, A. 82y 2m 3d, H. William Litherland

Litherland, Theresa
B. 1885, D. 1886, P. J. & L. Litherland

Litherland, Theresa
D. 20-Jan-1886, A. 3m 20d, P. J. & L. Litherland

Litherland, William A.
D. 22-Nov-1868, P. J. & S.S. Litherland

Litherland, William E.
D. 2-Mar-1890, A. 16y 3m 11d, P. A. & M.J. Litherland

Litherland, William
D. 8-Oct-1882, A. 60y

Litherland, Wilma Fern
D. 27-Jan-1919

Mahon, Dr. James
D. 22-Feb-1853, A. 45y

Mahon, Elizabeth
D. 1-May-1854, A. 32y 5m 14d, H. William Mahon

Mahon, Margaret
D. 17-Jan-1864, H. Dr. James Mahon

Mahon, Rebecca
D. 16-Mar-1877, A. 60y 2m 4d, H. William Mayhon

Mahon, William
D. 4-Apr-1876, A. 61y 7m 23d

Majors, Verna
D. 15-June-1907, A. 1m 2d, P. J.E. & Fannie Majors

Malone, Infant Son
D. 13-Oct-1906, A. 3d, P. L.L. & Belle Malone

Marx, Effie C.
D. 3-Sep-1892, A. 8y 4m 7d, P. L. & H. Marx

Marx, William Emery
D. 21-Aug-1892, A. 5y 3m 2d, P. S. & H. Marx

Mc Donald, Callida
D. 5-Oct-1867, A. 2m 10d, P. R.J. & F.A. Mcdonald

Mc Donald, Fanny A.
D. 5-Oct-1881, A. 33y 9m 3d, H. R.J. Mcdonald

Mc Donald, Rose May
D. 27-Aug-1872, A. 5m 21d, P. R.J. & F.A. Mcdonald

Mc Donald, Tammy R.
D. 14-Sep-1873, A. 4y 2m 28d, P. R.J. & R.A. Mcdonald

Mc Ferian, Maggie S.
B. 19-Jan-1857, D. 18-Dec-1908, A. 51y 10m 29d

Miller, Allen E.
B. 24-Aug-1876, D. 1-Feb-1897, A. 20y 5m 8d, P. J.P. & E. Miller

Miller, Bonny S.
D. 15-Jan-1880, A. 2m 29d, P. W. & M. Miller

Miller, Charles E.
D. 19-Sep-1891, A. 5m 11d, P. J.P. & E. Miller

Miller, Elizabeth
B. 3-Jan-1856, D. 4-Oct-1918, A. 62y 9m 1d, H. John Miller

Miller, Henry W.
D. 6-Oct-1864, A. 4y 3m 6d, P. W. & M. Miller

Miller, John P.
B. 10-Sep-1850, D. 22-Mar-1924, A. 73y 6m 12d

Miller, John
D. 19-Sep-1866, A. 71y 9m 2d, Consort, Nancy Miller

Miller, Luke A.
D. 15-Apr-1882, A. 58y 9m

Miller, Marcus C.
D. 28-Feb-1866, A. 11y 5m 10d, P. W. & M. Miller

Miller, Mary E.
B. 1837, D. 1907, H. W. Miller

Miller, Nancy
D. 15-Feb-1867, A. 68y 4m 27d, H.John Miller

Miller, Phebe Jane
B. 1852, D. 6-Mar-1929, A. 76y 6m 11d

Miller, Rachel
B. 1831, D. 1922, H. L.A. Miller

Miller, Sarah E.
B. 22-Feb-1859, D. 22-Dec-1885

Miller, Tommy
D. 4-Sep-1874, A. 1m 28d, P. L.A. & R. Miller

Miller, William
B. 1832, D. 1908

Morgan, Infant
D. 1-Jan-1880, P. J.C. & S.E. Morgan

Morgan, Nancy
B. 27-Sep-1876, D. 1-June-1879, P. J.C. & S.E. Morgan

Moyer, Eliza
D. 25-Dec-1873, A. 1y 6m 19d, P. H.K. & L.Moyer

Moyer, Frank
D. 14-Oct-1865, A. 2y 8m 7d, P. H.K. & L. Moyer

Moyer, H.K.
B. 11-Dec-1824, D. 31-Mar-1908

Moyer, Herrietta
D. 24-Oct-1867, A. 9y 3m 21d, P. H.K. & L. Moyer

Moyer, Isabel
D. 20-July-1854, A. 2y 8m 28d, P. H.K. & L. Moyer

Moyer, Lucinda
D. 19-May-1865, A. 1m 19d, P. H.K. & L. Moyer

Moyer, Lucinda
D. 7-May-1897, A. 63y 9m 24d, H. H.K. Moyer

Moyer, Samuel
D. 2-Apr-1879, A. 1y 4m, P. H.K. & L. Moyer

Moyer, Sarah E.
D. 31-Aug-1876, A. 16y 3m 4d, P. H.K. & L. Moyer

Mull, Emily
B. 29-Apr-1840, D. 13-May-1921

Mundy, Aiva T.
D. 3-Aug-1862, A. 1y 3m 15d, P. S. & F. Mundy

Mundy, Allen
D. 13-Jan-1875, A. 26y 3m 14d

Mundy, Amy
D. 3-Mar-1868, A. 20y 10m 21d, H. Ezra Mundy

Mundy, Carrie
B. 1854, D. 1920, H. William H. Mundy

Mundy, Charles M.
D. 1-Sep-1864, A. 13y 2m 19d, P. W.R. & S. Mundy

Mundy, Clarence E.
D. 28-Apr-1865, A. 11y 7m, P. S. & F. Mundy

Mundy, Ellen
B. 30-Oct-1910, D. 14-Dec-1910, P. F.P. & E.M. Mundy

Mundy, Even
D. 18-Aug-1873, A. 13y, P. E. & L.A. Mundy

Mundy, Ezra
D. 14-Feb-1876, A. 30y 1m 2d

Mundy, Frances M.
B. 17-Aug-1829, D. 10-Feb-1895, A. 65y 5m 23d, H. S. Mundy

Mundy, Henry
B. 26-Feb-1820, D. 7-June-1896, A. 76y 3m 11d

Mundy, Ida
D. 2-Jan-1859, A. 17d, P. S. & F. Mundy

Mundy, Infant Daughters
D. 30-Aug-1871, Twin Daughters Of E.& L.A. Mundy

Mundy, Infant Daughter
D. 20-Sep-1905, P. F. P. & M.L. Mundy

Mundy, Irena
B. 5-Aug-1823, D. 26-Feb-1895, A. 71y 6m 2d, H. J.M. Mundy

Mundy, John I.A.
B. 15-Oct-1827, D. 15-Sep-1881

Mundy, Julia Ann
D. 3-Mar-1854, A. 22y 1m 7d, H. James M. Mundy

Mundy, Julia
D. 13-Mar-1879, A. 22y 11m 13d, P. J.M. & I. Mundy

Mundy, Mary A.
B. 20-May-1835, D. 3-Oct-1912

Mundy, Mary L.
B. 2-Mar-1882, D. 29-Sep-1905, A. 23y 6m 27d, H. F.P. Mundy

Mundy, Mary
B. 13-Mar-1824, D. 11-Nov-1910, A. 86y 8m, H. H. Mundy

Mundy, Maybelle
D. 10-Oct-1878, A. 11m 25y

Mundy, Phebe
B. 4-July-1784?, D. 3-July-1863, A. 79y, H. S. Mundy

Mundy, Samuel M.D.
B. 25-Dec-1825, D. 9-Dec-1907

Mundy, Samuel N.
B. 2-Jan-1871, D. 9-July-1871, A. 6m 7d, P. S. & F. M. Mundy

Mundy, Samuel Sr.
B. 11-May-1787, D. 3-May-1872, A. 84y 11m 24d

Mundy, Sarah
D. 2-July-1859, A. 36y 2m 13d, H. W.R. Mundy

Mundy, William D.
B. 19-Jan-1866, D. 16-Dec-1898, A. 32y 10m 21d

Mundy, William H.
B. 1849, D. 1887

Mundy, William R. Jr.
27-July-1884, A. 10d

Mundy, William R.
B. 26-May-1813, D. 7-Nov-1898, A. 83y 5m 12d

Musselman, Lewis
B. 11-Aug-1850, D. 29-May-1920

Musselman, Sarah A.
B. 27-May-1851, D. 20-June-1931, H. Lewis Musselman

Norris, ?
D. 10-May-1891, P. F.M. & J. Norris

Norris, Amelia
D. 20-Nov-1872, A. 7m 11d, P. F.M. & E. Norris

Norris, Eunis A.
D. 29-Apr-1876, A. 25y 7m 2d, H. F.M. Norris

Norris, Grover C.
B. 2-Oct-1885, D. 11-Aug-1886, P. F.M. & J.A. Norris

Norris, Martha M.
D. 15-Oct-1874, A. 1y 2m 8d, P. F.M. & E. Norris

Norris, William I.
D. 26-Oct-1895, A. 12y 1m 9d, P. F.M. & J.A. Norris

Oldham, ?
B. 21-Mar-1888, D. 21-Mar-1888, P. G.A. & M.C. Oldham

Oldham, Harry
B. 4-May-1892, D. 8-Sep-1892, P. G.A. & M.C. Oldham

Oldham, Infant Son
B. 26-Dec-1889, D. 26-Dec-1889, P. G.A. & M.C. Oldham

Oldham, Nellie P.
B. 26-Dec-1889, D. 26-Dec-1892, P. G.A. & M.C. Oldham

Payne, Celia
D. 26-Dec-1873, A. 43y 1m 18d, H. J. Payne

Payne, Harriet
D. 27-Sep-1888, A. 21y 7m 2d, P. J. & C. Payne

Payne, Lawrence
B. 1889

Payne, Zella M.
B. 1887, D. 1916

Ramsey, Sarah E.
D. 5-Feb-1890, A. 31y 1m 24d, H. J.M. Ramsey

Reynolds, Bessie B.
D. 24-Mar-1905, A. 5m 11d, P. J.A. & L.M Reynolds

Reynolds, Lillie May
D. 4-May-1905, A. 22y 2m 29d, H. J.A. Reynolds

Rigg, F.A.
B. 1859, D. 1912

Rigg, Luella
B. 1864, D. 1922

Rodgers, A.J.
D. 30-Dec-1891, A. 49y 25d

Rodgers, Alanzo W.
B. 21-Jan-1873, D. 24-Aug-1894, A. 21y 7m 3d

Rodgers, Effie
D. 21-June-1880, A. 9m 17y, P. A.J. & J.M. Rodgers

Rodgers, Julia Gard Gray
B. 16-Nov-1845, D. 27-Oct-1911, H. A.J. Rodgers

Rodgers, Lillie
D. 13-Nov-1870, A. 1y 10m 16d, P. A.J. & J.M. Rodgers

Rose, John D.
Co. C 115th Ill Inf.

Royer, Boston
B. 20-Mar-1840, D. 24-Aug-1919,

Royer, Elizabeth
B. 1-May-1848, H. B. Royer

Royer, Mary J.
B. 22-Nov-1875, D. 17-Oct-1892, A. 16y 10m 25d, P. B. & L. Royer

Seibert, Benjamin F., D. 20-May-1933, A. 79y 11m 21d

Seibert, Raymond L.
D. 23-June-1905, A. 4m 10d, P. H. & C.E. Seibert

Seitz, Charles
B. 1861, D. 1877

Seitz, Dorthora
B. 1822, D. 1873

Seitz, Elizabeth
B. 1853, D. 1866

Seitz, George
B. 9-June-1856, D. 17-Nov-1903

Seitz, Herschell
B. 14-Sep-1890, D. 10-Aug-1896

Seitz, Luke
B. 20-July-1884, D. 27-Nov-1888, P. G. & M. Seitz

Seitz, Mary
D. 30-Apr-1852, H. G. Seitz

Seitz, Minnie
B. 5-May-1883, D. 27-Aug-1898, P. G. & M. Seitz

Seitz, Phil
B. 1811, D. 1903

Seitz, William
B. 22-Mar-1844, D. 8-Apr-1902

Shearer, Catharine
B. 9-Jan-1841, D. 21-Mar-1916, H. George Shearer

Shearer, Edna C.
B. 16-Dec-1846, D. 9-Sep-1912

Shearer, Elizabeth
D. 12-Jan-1875, A. 65y 3m 5d, H. Joseph Shearer

Shearer, George C.
B. 3-Oct-1837, D. 8-Jan-1898, Co. C? 115 Ill Inf.

Shearer, Infant Son
D. 24-July-1897, P. F.F. & M.L. Shearer

Shearer, John
B. 4-July-1867, D. 10-Oct-1869, P. S.C. & C. Shearer

Shearer, Joseph
Soldier, Mar 1817, D. 16-Jan-1860, A. 70y 4m 6d

Shearer, Samuel
B. 25-Oct-1872, D. 26-Sep-1873, P. S.C. & C. Shearer

Smith, Charles C.
D. 27-June-1883, A. 3y 9m 12d, P. F.P. & N. Smith

Smith, Frank P.
B. 1857

Smith, John W.
B. 22-Feb-1844, D. 4-Oct-1896, A. 52y 7m 12d

St. John, Mary Seitz
D. 13-May-1922

Stallings, Gladys
D. 1-Feb-1919, A. 6y 7m 6d

Stoltz, Almira
D. 14-Feb-1902, A. 44y 9m 8d, H. J.H. Stoltz

Stoltz, Amy
D. 28-May-1884, A. 4y 3m 19d, P. F. & N. Stoltz

Stoltz, Birtie M.
D. 27-Jan-1888, A. 7d, P. J. & H.A. Stoltz

Stoltz, Essie F.
D. 3-Aug-1897, A. 1y, P. J. & H.A. Stoltz

Stoltz, Franklin
B. 1852, D. 25-June-1924, A. 72y 1m 11d, W. Mary Stoltz

Stoltz, George B.
D. 29-Aug-1886, A. 3y 1m 12d, P. J. & H.A. Stoltz

Stoltz, Henry
B. 1841, D. 1917

Stoltz, Hester
B. 1841, D. 1913, H. Henry Stoltz

Stoltz, Nora E.
D. 15-Dec-1880, A. 3m 28d, P. H. & H. Stoltz

Stoltz, Norman, D. 28-Aug-1933, A. 55y 1m 4d

Thatcher, George W.
B. 22-Jan-1853, D. 16-July-1854, P. William & M. Thatcher

Thatcher, Robert
B. & D. 1-Aug-1854, P. W. Thatcher

Tombaugh, Ruth, B. 18-Sep-1893, D. 4-Dec-1931, H. V. Tombaugh

Walser, Alfred
B. 21-Dec-1824, D. 6-Feb-1892, A. 67y 1m 14d

Walser, Lucinda
D. 29-Mar-1891, A. 52y 6m 16d, H. A. Walser

Walter, Lena
D. 6-Jan-1886, A. 23y 5m 5d

Wheatley, Alice
B. 1862, D. 1916

Wheatley, Isaiah W.
B. 1857, D. 1933

Wheatley, James A.
B. 12-May-1828, D. 6-Jan-1877, A. 48y 7m 24d

Wheatley, Jessie
B. 10-Apr-1883, D. 24-Aug-188?, A. 6y 4m 14d, P. J.W. & A. Wheatley

Wheatley, William E.
B. 1900, D. 1901

Wheatley, William F.
B. 17-Dec-1854, D. 27-Apr-1869, A. 14y 4m 10d, P. J.A. & L.J. Wheatley

Wilcox, Charles A.
B. 16-Feb-1907, D. 2-Oct-1919

Wilcox, Dora
D. 19-Nov-1890, A. 17y 10m 19d, P. John & Margaret Wilcox

Wilcox, Emma B.
B. 1878, D. 1925

Wilcox, Frank
D. 14-Sep-1933, A. 66y 5m 1d

Wilcox, John
B. 1842

Wilcox, John
D. 14-Oct-1914, A. 72y, Co. E 42 Ill

Wilcox, Lyman
Co E 63 Ill Inf., A. 65y

Wilcox, Margaret
B. 1848, D. 1877

Wilcox, Mary A.
D. 27-Feb-1907, A. 19y 9m 15d

Wilcox, Mattie Marie
B, 14-Jan-1885, D. 25-Feb-1915, A. 30y 1m 11d, H. Ora Wilcox

Wilcox, Sarah
B. 15-Mar-1850, D. 16-Aug-1910, A. 60y 6m, H. John Wilcox

Wilcox, Willie
D. 9-Apr-1895, A. 24y 24d, P. John & Margaret Wilcox

Wolfington, Kizzie K.
B. 11-June-1862, D. 1-Jan-1885, H. J.J. Wolfington

Wood, Clarence A.
D. 28-Oct-1902, A. 3m 24d, P. J.H. & C.L. Wood

Wood, Ethel E.
D. 23-July-1900, A. 2m 19d, P. J.H. & C.L. Wood

Wood, Robbie
D. 10-Sep-1897, A. 9m 24d, P. J.H. & C.L. Wood

Woods, Cynthia C.
D. 25-July-1892, A. 39y 9m 15d, H. A. Woods

Woods, Ella S.
B. 1-Oct-1855, D. 10-May-1888, H. J. Woods

Woods, Emma B.
D. 3-July-1883, A. 3y 8m, P. G.W. & M.L. Woods

Woods, Frankie
D. 23-Nov-1877, A. 3y 3m 13d, P. G.W. & M.L. Woods

Woods, G.W.
D. 3-Jan-1876, A. 58y 3m 19d

Woods, Rebecca J.
D. 28-Apr-1876, A. 4m 19d, P. A. & C. Woods

Woods, Rebecca
D. 6-July-1903, A. 87y 11m 9d, H. G.W. Woods

Xander, Irene Gale
B. 14-Dec-1910, D. 7-Apr-1911, P. W. & M.E. Xander


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