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Aka Schafer Farm Or John Trapp Farm
Wabash County, IL

Transcription .. : Bernard J. Walter While Working For Works Progress Administration In 1935+
Datafile Input . : Mount Carmel Library / Shannon Swain In Oct-1999
Submitted to Genealogy Trails By Paul M. Kankula

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

Hazelton, ???
D. 9-Apr-1849, A. 52y 10m 1d, H. Gervase Hazelton
This Marker Is In Fair Condition, Upper Left Hand Corner Broken Off.

Initials Only, A Small Marker, Probably A Foot Marker

Another Marker Is Broken In Many Pieces, Might Be That Of Gervase Hazelton.

It Looks As Though At Least Two More Are Buried Here.


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