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History Write-Up : Anna Rae Anderson In May-1976 Daily Republican Register In 1976

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The following article was taken from the Daily Republican Resister of Mount Carmel, IL on 19-May-1976. It was written by Anna Rae Anderson of Lancaster, IL. This excellent written article will help preserve the history of this old cemetery and its internments. It will also give credit to Anna Rae and her husband Brice, who did so much to help preserve the history of their small community...

The Old Lancaster Cemetery is best observed from a distance, as one approaches the village from the west via the West Salem-Lancaster road. Topping the hill affords a sweeping view eastward across "Round Prairie," as the early settlers called the pleasant little valley where Lancaster is situated. One sees the cluster of houses, a church belfry above the trees, the town's one blinking traffic light -- and a peaceful little cemetery at the foot of the hill.

This old cemetery, located just west of Lancaster on a small knoll above a curve of Jordan Creek, was set aside as a burial ground in the town's early days. About one hundred sixty years ago the first settlers came to this area, a few as early as 1814. Then in 1816 a little colony came from New York State by flatboat down the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers and up the Wabash by keel boat, to old Palmyra, dispersing soon afterwards to Lancaster and Friendsville. These were the ancestors of the Higgins, Smith, Moss, Brines, Harrison, Utter and Couch families.

In 1821 Ransler Smith, whose parents had come West in 1816, brought his wife Mary and their four young children to Illinois. It is not known whether the rigors of frontier life or pestilence and disease took their toll. But Mary did not survive the first year. She died Nov. 3,1821, at the age of 25 years, 9 months and one day. She was the first to be buried in the Lancaster Cemetery. Her son, Rozander Smith, lived to be almost ninety-nine years of age and is the ancestor of many Smith decedents in Wabash and Edwards Counties. Rozander and his sister Lucetta (Mrs. Barney Higgins) who lived to be almost ninety-eight years of age, are both buried in Old Lancaster Cemetery.

America's Bicentennial years are spanned by the lifetimes of those who comprise the "community" of an old cemetery. Here in Old Lancaster Cemetery repose at least eleven persons who were born before 1800; there probably are others in unmarked graves. The earliest-born in Lancaster Cemetery are Betsey Higgins and her husband John Higgins. She was born Apr. 23, 1777 and he on Oct. 23, 1778, during the time of the Revolutionary War. If Betsey Higgins could tell her story, she might relate it thus:

"John was a ship carpenter back East, and we were doing well. But after his brother Willis (Higgins) went out West to Illinois Territory in 1812, we had wonderful reports from him of this new country with plentiful game and good timberland. They said Illinois was going to become a state soon. So in 1816 we made the long trip by boat, with John's parents (George W. and Prentice Higgins) and his brothers William and Ransom, and his sisters. Seven or eight other families, friends of ours, came to Illinois too. John and I and our six children: William, George, John, Delia, Betsey, and our own family boat was in the lead. What a journey that was, and one which I'll never forget! We settled at Mier (Lancaster's early name), and John built the first log house here in 1817. He and John Keracher were the early proprietors of our town. John's parents and brothers settled in Friendsville where there was a fort for protection from the Indians. Life wasn't easy and we lost our little daughter Betsey that first year. Sometimes I got so homesick. But all in all, it was a good life, and our children liked it here. They're grown now and have families of their own."

Betsey Higgins died Sept. 25, 1847 at the age of 70 years, 4 months, and 27 days. Her husband died in 1852. Their tombstones, two thin white limestone slabs, are characteristic of the simple dignity which was the hallmark of their day. The many descendants of the Higgins family in this area today include the allied lines of Berninger, McJilton, Crum, Hershey, Biehl, Seibert, Smith, Leighty, Staninger, Greathouse and many others.

Early in Lancaster's history Elias Bailey and his wife Drusilla arrived from Maryland, where he had been a ship carpenter. He became the first cabinet-maker in Lancaster Precinct, and held the office of Justice of the Peace. Mrs. Bailey died in 1845, and Elias' death date was 1854. In 1855 one of their daughters, Evelena Bailey, married William Friend, a young doctor, born in Kentucky, who had taught school and clerked in a drug store in Fairfield, Illinois, prior to locating in Lancaster in 1854. Dr Friend was one of the prominent physicians in the county and practiced his profession many years. Dr. Friend's home and office was located in what was known as the Bailey Addition of Lancaster, at the west edge of town. (The house later became the property of Oscar Beal and is now the Brice Anderson residence.)

Of the Friends' eight children, only two lived to adulthood. Four sons and two daughters died in infancy or in very early childhood. Two children died within three weeks in June of 1860, not an unusual occurrence in those days before the advent of miracle drugs and vaccines. William and Evelena Friend's monument is a large red granite stone, with six small tombstones nearby marking the graves of their children. Elias and Drusilla Bailey's tombstones are in the same row.

It should be mentioned here that during the latter half of the 1800's Lancaster was quite a thriving town, with a large flour mill and many other business establishments. There were three doctors in Lancaster during that time: Dr. William Friend, Dr. Edward McJilton and Dr. Fay Wallar. Dr. McJilton's monument is located in the Old Lancaster Cemetery.

Lancaster's German emigration in the 1830's through 1850's is represented by the numerous German surnames recorded on tombstones here. One old stone, that of Andreas Reiber, bears an inscription in the German language: Andreas Reiber geboren (born) 8 Mai (May), 1783; gestorben (died) 8 Nov. 1865. Andrew Reiber came to the U.S. in 1846 and settled in Pennsylvania. In 1857 he and members of his family emigrated to Wabash County, Illinois and settled in Lancaster, where his son Henry conducted a blacksmith shop. Among his descendants are included the following family names; Biehl, Seibert, Courter, Stillwell and many other allied lines.

It is of interest to note that occasionally a tombstone records with pride the place of birth of the deceased, as that of "Mary Hinderliter, born in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, Mar. 5, 1821." Mary Wise, daughter of Adam and Polly Wise, married William Hinderliter, son of Henry and Elizabeth (Fisher) Hinderliter -- the early ancestors from whom descendents trace their lineage.

Numerous German pioneers joined the migration from the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area and gave their newly adopted community its name and character. Members of their families repose in Old Lancaster Cemetery: Berninger, Biehl, Daiber, Deischer, Dorney, Dreibelbis, Echiss, Fessel, Fisher, Fornoff, Gehrett, Geisler, Ginther, Griesemer, Kercher, Keneipp, Leighty, Marx, Reiber, Richard, Scherer, Schlenker, Schrader, Schucker, Schwartz, Seibert, Seybold, Slichenmeyer, Staninger, Stoltz, Storckman, Wetzef, Wise, etc.

Other family names well represented in the cemetery are Smith, Higgins, Burton, Bailey, Hershey, Greathouse, Friend, McMillen, Courter, Tarpley, Fite, Woodward, Knight, Mayne, Foster, Brines, Harrison, Brown, Nading, Gunn, Raybuck, Ridgely, Sandlin, Tompson, McJilton and Williams. (This, however, is not a complete list.)

Ten families with the greatest number of burials are, in order: Smith, Higgins, Burton, Hinderliter, Seibert, Staninger, Bailey, Griesemer, Marx, and Hershey. In all, there are over one hundred family names, and almost four hundred burials, with about one-third of them being children. Very little, if any, suitable space remains available for additional burials. The cemetery is, as one could say, complete -- a capsule of time, recorded and closed.

In the 1850's terrible cholera epidemic swept through southern and central Illinois. In some instances many members of one family died within only a few days. One wonders if cholera caused the death of a young couple, Alexander and Martha Knight, whose gravestones are to be found on the cemetery's north edge and under a maple tree. Side by side, with weathered inscriptions only faintly legible, the stones relate their sad story. Alexander Knight, 25 years of age, died Aug. 28, 1854. Martha, his wife, 23 years of age, "departed this life" Sept. 10 1854. Each marker bears a sadly sentimental verse, Martha's is as follows: "She was lovely, she was fair, And for a while was given, An angle came and claimed his own, And took her home to Heaven."

Epitaphs were much the style of a century ago, and many of the older monuments carry an appropriate scripture verse or gentle admonition. One such stone in Old Lancaster Cemetery bears this solemn reminder of man's mortal state: "Oh look at this as you pass by, As you are now, so once was I, As I am now, so you must be; Prepare yourself to follow me." However, the tenor of messages and symbolism found on tombstones expresses not only the sadness of parting, but also a belief in immortality and a hope for glad reunion with loved ones in eternity.

Old Lancaster Cemetery is maintained by a committee of three: Mrs. Mildred Kvet, pres.; Mrs. Ethel Beal, secy.; Mrs. Gladys Stoltz, treas. Voluntary contributions received from interested persons are used to pay for mowing and upkeep. At the present time Mr. Robert Hare and the Lancaster Boy Scouts are hired to do the mowing.

This spring Mr. Sheldon Sharp was employed to supervise and aid in a restoration project at the cemetery, which with concentrated effort was completed in two weeks. Leaning monuments were straightened, foundations were stabilized; loose parts were re-cemented, and toppled or broken stones were repaired. In some instances, stones which had been down flat on the ground for many years, with broken or missing parts, were restored to fairly good condition. Labor for this work was contributed by: Mildred Kvet, Ethel Beal, Gladys Stoltz, Anna Rae Anderson, Kenneth Burton, Sharon Seibert, Raymond Seibert, Oscar Beal, Duane Smith, and Cecil Majors. Erma Tarpley furnished a truck to haul gravel for the concrete.

A job such as this requires considerable funds to meet the costs of materials and services. The committee is hopeful that the many people whose families are represented by some relative or ancestor buried in Old Lancaster Cemetery will appreciate the improved condition and appearance of the cemetery. Contributions are needed to help pay for the project and to continue with the seasonal maintenance from year to year. Many have responded generously in the past. Sufficient cash contributions could eliminate the expense of annual solicitation in the future. Old Lancaster Cemetery treasure is: Mrs. Gladys K. Stoltz, RR 3, Mt. Carmel, Illinois, 62863.

In this Bicentennial Year, a walk through Old Lancaster Cemetery would enhance one's appreciation of local and area history and heritage. Notice the old field stone, or sandstone markers -- crudely chipped, some with no data, a few bearing inscriptions barely readable. Then there are many old thin white limestone markers, with their aged eroded lettering and numbers recording the years, months, and days of these pioneers. Two very beautiful markers of French sandstone will catch your eye. (French sandstone is so hard and fine-grained that it resists the growth to fungus and lichens.) These are the tombstones of Turissa Woodward, a year old child who died in 1844, and of Lydia McMillen, born 1774 and died 1845. Her husband James McMillen, served in the Black Hawk War. And there are graves of several who served their country in the Civil War. One tombstone with the caption: "A Soldier's Grave," records the name of a nineteen-year-old who gave his life in the Civil War on Mar. 29, 1864. Look about at the too numerous graves of children and young mothers -- and contemplate on our good life today. If for no other reason, visit an old cemetery simply to catch a mood of tranquility, and pause long enough to see and remember.

Note: In this brief sketch there has been no intent to ascribe greater significance to any one family than another. If every family's story could be written, each account would be of interest. The stories here should be considered typical of events and experiences in the lives of many of our pioneer ancestors, and representative of all.

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

Albin, Dorotha E.
27-Jan-1864, A. 20-4-0, D. Russel & Rachel Albin.

Anderson, Martha
B. 23-Mar-1810, D. 20-Oct-1858, Consort (Mate) Of Henry Anderson.

Anderson, Martha Ann
D. 18-Jun-1859, A. 0-2-23, D. Of S. & P. Anderson.

Bache, James C.
D.5-Dec-1883, A. 1-6-?, S. Of E.M. & Olive Bache.

Bachman, Cora V.
D. 14-Mar-1883, A. 2-2-0.

Bailey, Bowdin
D. 30-Nov-1872, A. 43-3-8.

Bailey, Drusilla
B. 18-Aug-1802, D. 15-Apr-1845, A. 42-7-28, W. Of Elias Bailey, Small H.C. Stone
Mary B. Stone Nearby Marked 28-Sep-1841.

Bailey, Elenora
D. 18-May-1871, A. 3-5-16, D. Of B. & M. Bailey.

Bailey, Elias
B. 15-Apr-1802, D. 6-Jan-1854.

Bailey, Emma
B. 6-Aug-1870, D. 8-Sep-1871, D. B. & M. Bailey.

Bailey, Fanny J.
B. 20-Jan-1861, D. 6-Apr-186?, D. Of J.J. & M.E. Bailey, Small Unmarked Stone

Bailey, Florence M.
B. 26-Dec-1872, D. 17-Oct-1900, D. Of B. & M. Bailey.

Bailey, Laura
D. 19-Nov-1861, A. 0-11-2, D. Of B. & M. Bailey.

Bailey, Mable Z.
D. 5-Oct-1880, A. 0-4-18, D. Of N?.M. & I.M. Bailey.

Bailey, Martha Ellen
D. 23-Sep-1922, A. 83-9-12, (2) Small Unmarked Stones Nearby.

Bailey, Mary C.
D. 1-May-1912, A. 75-11-19, W. Of Bowdin Bailey.

Bailey, William E.
D. 27-Oct, A. 14-2-28, S. Of L.C. & R.A. Bailey, Small Unmarked Stone Nearby,
M.J. Mcm?
Stone Nearby.

Bailey, William H.
D. 31-Jul-1857, A. 1-9-16, S. Of B. & M. Bailey.

Berger, Mary
B. 19-May-1891, D. 13-Oct-1895, A. 1-1-27, D. Of G. & E. Berger.

Berninger, Azariah
B. 6-Apr-1837, D. 7-Feb-1896, A. 58-10-1.

Berninger, George
D. 9-???-1865, A. ?0-?-20, S. Of I. & S.A. Berninger.
Died In Jan, Jun Or Jul? D. 7-Oct-1920?

Berninger, Hannah E.
D. 22-Jul-1861, A. 0-6-27, D. Of I. & S.A. Berninger.

Berninger, Isiah
21-Dec-1834, D. 27-Apr-1905, H. Of Sarah A. Berninger.

Berninger, Issac L.
D. 2-Jul-1865, A. 3-0-6, S. Of I. & S.A. Berninger.

Berninger, Maryann P.
D. 18-Jan-1875, A. 40-2-27, W. Of C. Berninger.

Berninger, Morris W.
D. 7-Apr-1876, A. 0-1-0, S. Of I. & S.A. Berninger.

Berninger, Sarah A.
B. 9-Mar-1842, D. 30-Dec-1907, W. Of Isiah Berninger, B. 21-Dec-1834?, D. 27-

Biehl, John F.
D. 30-Oct-1932, A. 62-11-13.

Biehl, Martha J.
D. 20-Sep-1870, A. 2-3-7, D. Of D. & S.E. Biehl.

Biehl, Sarah E.
D. 11-Apr-1873, A. 24-5-26, W. Of D. Biehl.

Blood, Asenath
B. 1-Dec-1804, D. 25-Jan-1880, W. Of Horace Blood.

Blood, Horace
B. 28-Jul-1805, D. 11-Nov-1884, H. Of Asenath Blood.

Bowman, Sabrina E.
D. 6-Oct-1860/66. A. 0-4?-?, D. Of S. & M.A. Bowman.

Bowman, William
D. 10-Feb-1862, A. 1-0-25, S. Of S. & M.A. Bowman.

Boyd, George H.
B. 9-Jul-1853, D. 18-Apr-1857, S. Of J.F. & A. Boyd.

Brines, Alta May
B. 7-May-1847, D. 18-Dec-1897.

Brines, Angeline
B. 4-Dec-1856, D. 11-Aug-1903, W. Of George W. Brines.

Brines, George W.
B. 20-Jan-1852, D. 10-Jun-1929, H. Of Angeline Brines.

Brown, Eliza Knight
B. 5-Apr-1833, D. 24-Nov-1858, H. Of John M. Brown.

Brown, John C.
D. 23-Aug-1864, A. 0-4-15, S. Of J.M. & E. Brown.

Brown, John M.
B. 23-Sep-1828, D. 31-Mar-1864, H. Of Eliza Knight Brown.

Brown, William M.
D. 31-Aug-1858, A. 1-3-12, S. Of J. & E. Brown.

Burton, Albert
B. 2-Feb-1883, D. 14-Jun-1926.

Burton, Arenia E.
B. 17-Mar-1901, D. 4-Jul-1901, P. J. & M.A. Burton.

Burton, Charles
B. 19-Apr-1886, D. 20-Apr-1886.

Burton, Clara F.
D. 13-Apr-1932, A. 48-2-9.

Burton, Dora A.
D. 3-Sep-1871, A. 0-0-6, D. Of S.M. & S.J. Burton.

Burton, Elsie R.
B. 22-Jun-1884, D. 31-May-1925, (1) Unmarked, He? Infant D. 20-Apr???? & Mary D.
25-Feb-???? Stones Nearby.

Burton, George W.
D. 21-Jun-1910, A. 17-8-28, S. Of J. & M. Burton.

Burton, George W.
D. 25-Dec-1878, A. 3-9-18, S. Of G.N. & I.J. Burton.

Burton, George W.
B. 25-Dec-1846, D. 4-Nov-1910.

Burton, Ida Ann
B. 14-Dec-1907, D. 8-Jan-1908, D. Of J. & M.A. Burton.

Burton, Infant
B. 16-Sep-1903, D. 17-Sep-1903, P. J. & M.A. Burton.

Burton, James
B. 1-Jan-1828, D. 28-Aug-1894, H. Of Martha Jane Burton.

Burton, Joseph A.
B. 10-Mar-1894, D. 15-Apr-1895, S. Of J. & M.A. Burton.

Burton, Lizzie
B. 11-Jan-1880, D. 19-Apr-1895.

Burton, Loretta, D. 9-Aug-1878, A. 0-2-15, D. Of S.N. & I.J.

Burton, Martha J.
D. 23-Feb-1869, A. 18-1-23, D. Of J. & M.J. Burton.

Burton, Martha Jane
B. 15-Mar-1825, D. 11-Dec-1891, A. 66-6-26, W. Of James Burton.

Burton, Rebecca E.
B. 18-Jun-1855, D. 25-Jul-1858, D. Of J. & M. Burton.

Burton, Reva M.
B. 20-May-1902, D. 1-Oct-1902, P. J. & M.A. Burton

Burton, Sarah
B. 8-Jun-1848, D. 24-Apr-1886, W. Of George M. Burton.

Catte, Rachel Dorney
B. 2-Sep-1879, D. 7-Jul-1920, W. Of Jesse Catte.

Courter, A. E.
18-May-1833, D. 3-Oct-1898, W. Of N.F. Courter.

Courter, Amanda Q.
D. 29-May-1868, A. 2-10-7, D. Of N.F. & A.E. Courter.

Courter, Eben W.
B. 16-Jan-1868, D. 8-May-1895.

Courter, Ester C.
D. 17-Aug-1864, A. 0-9-16, D. Of N.F. & A.E. Courter, D. 28-Oct-1854?

Courter, Newton J.
D. 2-Nov-1874, A. 18-6-10, S. Of N.F. & A.E. Courter.

Courter, Robert M.
D. 17-Aug-1864, A. 1-7-24, S. Of N.F. & A.E. Courter.

Courter, W. F.
B. 27-Jul-1832, D. 26-Dec-1905, A. 73-4-29.

Cunningham, Edith
B. 9-Sep-1865, D. 25-Sep-1890.

Cunningham, Mary A.
B. 18-Feb-1832, D. 18-Nov-1879, A. 27-9-0.

Daiber, Charles
D. 21-Jan-1884, A. 0-0-22, S. Of T. & A.E. Daiber.

Daiber, Infant Daughter
D. 2-Dec-1879, A. 0-0-12, D. Of T. & A.E. Daiber.

Darney, William
B. 28-Jan-1879, A. 9-?-?, S. Of F. & G. Darney.

Deischer, Albert S.
B. 1859, D. 1913.

Deischer, Elizabeth
D. 20-May-1928, A. 75-3-3.

Deischer, Jacob W.
B. 1868, D. 1917.

Deischer, James B. E.
B. 1831, D. 1917.

Deischer, Mary A.
B. 1833, D. 1917.

Dorney, Charlotte
B. 9-Mar-1831, D. 16-Feb-1916, W. Of John.

Dorney, John
B. 14-Jan-1822, D. 21-Jan-1905, H. Of Charlotte.

Dorney, William I.
D. 28-Jan-1879, A. 9-?-?, S. Of F. & G. Dorney.

Dreibelbis, Emanuel Oliver
B. 2-Feb-1880, D. 18-May-1881, S. Of F.J. & E.M. Dreibelbis

Dreibelbis, Joseph J.
D. 9-Jul-1879, A. 1-6-23, S. Of F.J. & E.M. Dreibelbis.

Echiss, Emmanuel
B. 9-Jul-1832, D. 25-Feb-1880, Co-E 63 Ill Inf, Small W.D., B.S., M.S. & (1)
Unmarked Stones Nearby.

Fessel, Anna M.
B. 1835, D. 1923.

Fessel, John G.
D. 14-Dec-1868, A. 33-10-14.

Fessel, Lewis C.
B. 7-Jun-1857, D. 27-Aug-1927.

Fessel, Susan
B. 25-Sep-1861.

Fisher, Flora E.
B. 22-Apr-1907, D. 5-Nov-1909, D. Of P.B. & B.J. Fisher.

Fite, Elizabeth A.
B. 1849, W. Of Hiram F. Fite 1843-1922.

Fite, Hiram F.
D. 31-Jul-1890, A. 19-4-25, S. Of H.F. & Anne Fite.

Fite, Hiram F.
B. 1843, D. 1922, H. Of Elizabeth A. Fite.

Fite, Hiram F.
B. 1877, D. 1890, S. Of Hiram F. & Elizabeth A. Fite.

Fite, Julia
B. 1873, D. Of Hiram F. & Elizabeth A. Fite.

Fornoff, August
D. 26-Dec-1878, A. 29-9-26.

Fornoff, Caroline E.
B. 1?-Feb-1816, D. 24-Sep-1897, A. 81-7-5.

Fornoff, Charles

Fornoff, Eddie L.
D. 15-???-1881, A. 2-0-25, S. Of J. & E.J. Fornoff.

Fornoff, Elizabeth Augusta
B. 1844, D. 1906.

Fornoff, John
B. 18-Oct-1810, D. 3-Dec-1897, A. 87-1-15.

Fornoff, Josephine
B. 17-Sep-1860, D. 29-Jul-1908.

Foster, Cliffie L.
D. 23-Jan-1901, A. 0-0-25, S. Of T.O. & K.S. Foster.

Foster, Infant
D. 1-Dec-1901, P. T.O. & K.S. Foster

Foster, Nora May
B. 7-Mar-1895, D. 15-Jul-1906, D. Of T.O. & K.S. Foster.

Freeman, Lydia
D.8-Sep-1854, A. 19-0-20.

French, Infant Son
30-May-1905, S. Of A.D. & Kate E. French.

Friend, Charlie E.
B. 7-Dec-1856, D. 23-Jun-1860, A. 3-6-16, S. William & Evelena Friend.

Friend, Evelena
B. 22-Apr-1837, D. 22-Feb-1899, A. 61-10-0, W. Of Dr William Friend.

Friend, George
S. Of William & Evelena Friend.

Friend, Marie F.
B. 7-Aug-1861, D. 17-Jul-1862, A. 0-11-10, D. Of William & Evelena Friend.

Friend, Miles E.
B. 7-Aug-1861, D. 20-Aug-1861, A. 0-0-23, S. Of William & Evelena Friend.

Friend, Mollie E.
D. 3-Feb-1867, A. 2-3-24, D. Of William & Evelena Friend.

Friend, Victor E.
B. 7-Mar-1858, D. 2-Jun-1860, A. 2-2-25, S. Of William & Evelena Friend.

Friend, Dr William
B. 2-Dec-1828, D. 4-Dec-1905, A. 77-0-2.

Fry, William E.
B. 12-Jul-1841, D. 9-Feb-1916, Co-A 59 Ill Inf, M.J.B. & H.C.B. Stones Nearby.

Gaddey, Clarissa
B. 4-Mar-1898, D. 28-Nov-1909, S. Of C.E. & M.E. Gaddey.

Gahrett, Sarah E.
D. 23-Sep-1875, A. 1-1-7.

Gaines, Augus R.
D. 10-Apr-1860, A. 54-8-3.

Garbett/Sabrett, Sarah E.
D. 23-Sep-1875, A. 1-1-7.

Gard, James
D. 15-Jun-1862, A. 21-5-26.

Gardner, Stephen
D. 1-Jun-1844, A. 45-0-0.

Gehrett, Catharine
D. 4-Jan-189?4, A. 88-8-9, W. Of Nathan Gehrett, (1) Unmarked, I.S. C.G. Stones

Gehrett, Nathan R.
B. 21-May-1821, D. 20-Sep-1896, A. 75-3-28.

Geisler, Clara
D. 8-Jun-1880, A. 22-3-10, W. Of J.N. Geisler.

Geisler, Fannie
D. 20-Jun-1880, A. 0-1-6, D. Of J.N. & C. Geisler.

Geisler, Jacob
B. 24-Apr-1830, D. 4-Dec-1917.

Geisler, Mary Ann
B. 11-Mar-1835, D. 14-Jan-1898.

Geiszler, Hannah
D. 17-May-1866, A. 62-3-14, W. Of Nicholas Geiszler.

Gimple, Della M.
D. 28-May-1884, A. 0-1-12, D. Of A. & H.M. Gimple.

Ginther, Jacob
B. 27-Jul-1832, D. 2-Mar-1887.

Ginther, Mary E.
B. 8-Jan-1889, D. 7-Apr-1889, D. Of A. & E. Ginther.

Ginther, Ruben
B. 13-Feb-1859, D. 10-Jul-1859, S. Of J. & S. Ginther.

Ginther, Sofia
B. 13-May-1833, D. 24-Oct-1903, W. Of J. Ginther.

Goldburgh, Nancy
B. 1-Jan-1825, 13-Jun-1852, W. Of S.S. Goldburgh.

Greathouse, George
D. 6-Nov-1857, A. 10-10-0, S. Of J.A. & Hester Greathouse.

Greathouse, Gertrude L.
B. 29-Oct-1888, D. 7-Jul-1889, D. Of E. & A.C. Greathouse.

Greathouse, Infant Daughter
D. 6-Sep-1877, D. 6-Sep-1877, D. Of E. & A.S. Greathouse

Greathouse, Infant Son
B. 2-Nov-1878, D. 2-Nov-1878, S. Of E. & A.S. Greathouse.

Greathouse, John A.
B. 5-Jan-1822, D. 5-Nov-1885, A. 63-10-0

Greathouse, John E.
B. 1852, D. 1898, Small Unmarked Stone Nearby.

Greathouse, Marie
B. 1896, D. 1897, D. Of J.E. & E.J. Greathouse.

Greathouse, Mattie L.
B. 8-Oct-1886, D. 20-Dec-1886, D. Of E. & A.C. Greathouse

Griesmer, Abraham
D. 25-May-1889, A. 47-2-7.

Griesmer, B. F.
D. 20-Jan-1883, 56-4-16.

Griesmer, Katie
B. 1-Aug-1879, D. 23-Nov-1879, A. 1-3-17, D. Of B.F. & M.A. Griesmer.

Griesmer, Margaret Schwartz
B. 1845, D. 1919, W. Of Abe Griesmer, (2) Small Unmarked Stones Nearby.

Griesmer, Martha A.
B. 1-Aug-1879, D. 6-Jun-1882, A. 9-10-0, D. Of B.F. & M.A. Griesmer.

Griesmer, Mary A.
B. 28-Nov-1832, D. 1-Jul-1907, W. Of B.F. Griesmer.

Griesmer, Ralph Edgar
D. 3-Oct-1900, A. 4-9-3, S. Of L.J. & L.L. Griesemer, (3) Small Unmarked Stones

Griesmer, Rosa E.
D. 6-Feb-1891, A. 4-2-2, D. Of F.M. & P.J. Griesmer.

Griesmer, Tressie C.
B. 21-May-1889, D. 5-Oct-1891, A. 2-4-15, D. Of A. & M. Griesmer.

Groman, Catherine
D. 19-Mar-1883, A. 70-9-12.

Gunn, Elleanora
D. 31-Oct-1852, A. 1-5-26, D. Of J.J. & L.B. Gunn.

Gunn, Joanna
B. 7-Mar-1849, D. 15-Aug-1849, D. Of S.S. & E. Gunn.

Gunn, Mary Caroline
D. 21-Jul-1850, A. 1-3-3, D. Of J.H. & L.B. Gunn.

Hammacher, Abram C.
D. 26-Dec-186?, A. 3-0-9, S. Of A. & Susan Hammacker.

Hammacher, Elizabeth
B. 8-May-1813, D. 9-Jan-1859, A. 45-8-1, W. Of Abraham Hammacker.

Hammacher, Susan
D. 18-Feb-1868, A. 50-1-27, W. Of A. Hammacker.

Harrison, H.M.
B. 1-Dec-1853, D. 7-Jul-1928

Harrison, Henrietta
B. 6-Jul-1855, D. 3-Oct-1921, W. Of H.M. Harrison.

Harrison, Lena B.
B. 1880, D. 1924, D. Of H.M. & H.L. Harrison.

Harrison, Nora O.
B. 8-Jan-1892, D. 8-Apr-1892, D. Of H.M. & H.C. Harrison.

Hasting, Mary
B. 13-Oct-1873, D. 17-Feb-1897, A. 23-4-4, W. Of F. Hasting.

Heath, Etta
B. 24-Jul-1878, D. 29-Jan-1901, W. Of B. Heath.

Henricks, Helen
B. 4-Nov-1904, D. 27-Nov-1904, D. Of Thomas & Mary Henricks.

Hershey, Cullen A.
D. 10-Jan-1893, A. 0-2-21, P. C.A. & N.E. Hershey.

Hershey, Franklin O.
D. 6-Jan-1881, A. 0-8-27, P. C.A. & N.E. Hershey.

Hershey, Isaac
D. 18-Aug-1899, A. 83-5-11.

Hershey, Isaac
D. ??-Dec-1874, S. Of J.B. & M.E. Hershey.

Hershey, Jamina
D. 4-Mar-1883, A. 73-0-14, W. Of Issac Hershey.

Hershey, John E.
B. 1845, D. 1896.

Hershey, Mabel K.
D. 13-Apr-1841, A. 28-2-10, W. Of Jacob Hershey.

Hershey, Marie E.
B. 1846, D. 1923.

Hershey, Mary E.
D. 9-Nov-1873, A. 30-10-19, D. Of Issac & Jamina Hershey.

Hershey, Mary Maud
D. 19-Dec-1872, A. 0-3-10, D. Of J.B. & M.E. Hershey.

Higgins, Barney
B. 24-Feb-1817, D. 10-Feb-1877, H. Of Lucetta Higgins.

Higgins, Betsey
D. 25-Sep-1847, A. 70-4-27.

Higgins, Betsey
D. 14-???-????, D. Of John & ? E.H. Higgins, B.N., M.K. & (2) Unmarked Small
Stones Nearby.

Higgins, Daniel W.
B. 23-Sep-1839, D. 14-May-1857, S. Of John & Judah Higgins.

Higgins, George W.
D. 12-Aug-1859, A. 0-4-7, S. Of John & Judah Higgins.

Higgins, George W.
B. 19-May-1840, D. 9-Jun-1840, S. Of S.W. & M. Higgins.

Higgins, George W.
D. 25-May-1855, A. 31-0-0, Consort Of Mary Higgins.

Higgins, James P.
D. 9-Oct-1883, S. Of J.F. & S.H. Higgins, Small Unmarked Stone
Located Nearby.

Higgins, Jane
D. 19-Mar-1865, A. 64-7-11, W. Of William Higgins.

Higgins, John
D. 27-Apr-1852, A. 73-6-4.

Higgins, John
B. 14-Jan-1813, D. 18-Jan-1902.

Higgins, Judah
B. 29-Dec-1816, D. 12-May-1891.

Higgins, Lucetta
B. 16-Feb-1819, D. 12-Nov-1916, W. Of Barney Higgins.

Higgins, Naomi
D. 13-Mar-1879, A. 0-2-1, D. Of J.F. & S.R. Higgins.

Higgins, Sophia A.
D. 19-Oct-1843, A. 1-4-9, D. Of G. & P. Higgins.

Higgins, Sophia E.
B. 15-Dec-1853, D. 30-Aug-1854, D. John & Judah Higgins.

Higgins, William
D. 29-Mar-1864, A. 19-8-27, S. Of S. & P. Higgins.

Higgins, William
D. 12-Jan-1864, A. 63-0-13.

Hinderleiter, Armena
B. 10-Dec-1844, D. 14-Nov-1926, W. Of Lewis F. Hinderleiter.

Hinderleiter, Bessie J.
B. 8-Jun-1888, D. 12-Feb-1904, D. Of I.F. & E. Hinderleiter.

Hinderleiter, Caroline
B. 7-May-1834, D. 11-Apr-1910.

Hinderleiter, Daniel
D. 17-Feb-1894, A. 28-3-27, S. Of L.F. & S.A. Hinderleiter.

Hinderleiter, Emma
B. 7-Feb-1858, W. Of William F. Hinderleiter.

Hinderleiter, Estella M.
D. 27-Feb-1884, A. 0-6-12, D. Of L.F. & R. Hinderleiter.

Hinderleiter, Grace E.
D. 19-Jul-1887, A. 2-4-15, D. Of D?.F. & E. Hinderleiter.

Hinderleiter, Lewis F.
B. 23-Jul-1825, D. 20-Oct-1909, H. Of Armena.

Hinderleiter, Mary
B. 5-Mar-1821 In Lehigh Co Pa, D. 15-Oct-1902, A. 81-7-10.

Hinderleiter, Melvin
B. 10-Dec-1907, D. 12-Apr-1915, S. N?.C. & D.M. Hinderleiter.

Hinderleiter, Robert L.
D. 2-Feb-1888, A. 14-0-25, S. Of L.F. & M. Hinderleiter.

Hinderleiter, Samuel F.
D. 4-May-1877, A. 30-1-3.

Hinderleiter, Sarah A.
D. 16-Oct-1877, A. 14-1-16.

Hinderleiter, William
D. 21-May-1882, A. 62-3-21.

Hinderleiter, Willaim F.
B. 1-Nov-1858, D. 4-Dec-1902, H. Of Emma.

Hinderlighter, Mary
B. 5-Mar-1821, D. 15-Oct-1902, A. 81-7-10, W. Of Lehigh Hinderlighter.

Hunt, Lewis Marian
D. 22-Jul-1852, A. 9-9-22, S. Of C/S. & L. Hunt.

Keneipp, Hester Ann
B. 24-Mar-1855, D. 17-Jun-1860, A. 5-2-23, D. Of E.E. & Barbara Keneipp.

Keneipp, Mildred J.
B. 4-Jan-1860, D. 4-Jun-1862, A. 2-0-5, D. Of E.E. & Barbara Keneipp.

Keppie, Verlan R.
D. 6-Nov-1932, 0-0-0, Small Unmarked Stone Nearby.

Kercher, George
B. 19-Nov-1850, D. 2-Oct-1852, S. Of J. & M. Kercher.

Kercher, Jonathan
B. 31-Jan-1822, D. 31-Jan-1854, Karcher?

Knight, Alexander
B. 19-Jul-1929, D. 28-Aug-1854.

Knight, Andrew
B. 10-Mar-1787, D. 27-Oct-1865, A. 78-7-17, H. Of Sally Knight.

Knight, Martha B.
B. 4-Apr-1831, D. 10-Sep-1854.

Knight, Mary
B. 22-Mar-1800, D. 4-Dec-1874, W. Of Andrew Knight.

Knight, Sally
D. 20-Jul-1841. A. 46-0-0, W. Of Andrew Knight.

Knoerr, Julia C.
B. 12-Mar-1868, D. 2-Apr-1909.

Koebler, Henry. H.

Leighty, John
B. 27-May-1814, D. 18-Mar-1905.

Leighty, Lydia
B. 13-Jul-1817, D. 11-Jul-1878, W. Of John Leighty

Luekring, Sarah M. Dorney
B. 31-May-1863, D. 6-Nov-1903, W. Of Rev. S.J. Luekring.

Marx, Alvin C.
B. 25-Sep-1887, D. 13-Nov-1895, A. 8-1-18.

Marx, Annette Isabelle-(2003)
B. 1864 In Lancaster Il, D. 1914 In Chicago Il, W. Of William M Marx-(2497),
Nee Annette Isabelle Seibert.

F. Jacob Seibert-(1996), B. 11-Sep-1836 In Berks County Pa,
D. 28-Nov-1906 In Lancaster Il.

Gf. Jacob Seibert-(2009), B. 30-Nov-1811 In Berks County
Pa, D. 23-Dec-1863 In Lancaster Il.

G Gf. Solomon Seibert-(2018), B. 1778 In Berks County
Pa, D. 27-Jul-1852 In Wabash County Il.

G Gm. Anna Maria Scheirer-(2472). B. 1779 In Berks
County Pa, D. 27-Jul-1835 In Lancaster Il.

M. Mary Jane Williams-(2001), B. 10-Jan-1840 In Wilson
County Tn, D. 27-Feb-1916 In Lancaster Il.

Gf. James T Williams-(2518), B. 3-Dec-1808 In Wilson
County Tn, D. 4-Dec-1862 In Friendship Il.

Gm. Lucinda Campbell-(2519), B. 26-Dec-1812 In Wilson
County Tn, D. 20-Jan-1867 In Friendship Il.

Marx, Elmer L.
D. 23-Jun-1895?, A. 0-4-6, S. Of N.M. & A.I. Marx.

Marx, Henry C.
D. 24-Sep-1886, A. 0-0-10, S. Of I?.C. & J.A. Marx.

Marx, James S.
B. 19-Jul-1892, D. 5-Oct-1896, A. 4-2-16.

Marx, Margaret
B. 1837, D. 1910, W. Of Philip H. Marx.

Marx, Monzell
B. 1913, D. 1913, D. Of H.A. & A.M. Marx.

Marx, Paul E.
B. 11-Apr-1913, D. 16-Nov-1913, S. Of O.E. & L.M. Marx.

Marx, Philip H.
B. 1832, D. 1915, H. Of Margaret.

Marx, Sylvia
B. 1909, D. 1909, D. Of H.A. & A.M. Marx.

Marx, Willie C.
D. 26-Aug-1891, A. 1-11-18, S. Of N..M. & A.I. Marx.

Mayne, Eva A.
D. 23-Jul-1875, A. 12-9-14, D. Of L.S. & E.E. Mayne.

Mayne, Frances
D. 28-Sep-1860, A. 59-1-3, W. Of B.F. Mayne.

Mayne, Infant Daughter
D. 18-Jun-1876, D. Of L.S. & E.E. Mayne.

Mc Jilton, Dr Edward
D. 13-Jan-1888, A. 45-6-11.

Mc Jilton, Infant
No Markings On Stone.

Mc Jilton, Judah
D. 13-Dec-1870, A. 24-8-6, W. Of Edward Mc Jilton.

Mc Millen, Archibald
D. 17-Aug-1853, A. 29-5-28.

Mc Millen, Elias
B. 21-Aug-1852, D. 26-Dec-1853, A. 1-4-5, S. Of James & Margaret J. Mc Millen.

Mc Millen, James
D. 8-Dec-1864, A. 74-8-16, H. Of Margaret.

Mc Millen, Jasper B.
B. 5-Feb-1841, D. 19-Feb-1859, A. 18-0-14, S. Of Luther L. & Margaret Mc Millen,
J.H. Small Stone Nearby

Mc Millen, Luther L.
D. 31-Jul-1855, A. 36-6-14.

Mc Millen, Lydia
B. 8-Jun-1794, D. 29-May-1845, A. 50-0-21.

Mc Millen, Margaret J.
D. 13-Apr-1875, A. 77-7-25, W. Of James Mc Millen.

Mc Millen, Martha J.
D. 21-Jun-1875, A. 44-6-20, W. Of James Mc Millen.

Nading, Ganelle
D. 6-Sep-1911, A. 0-1-6, P. A.A. & S.E. Nading.

Nading, Infant
D. 11-Sep-1910, P. A.A. & S.E. Nading.

Nading, Mary Jane
D. 20-Jul-1872, A. 24-5-14, W. Of R.E. Nading.

Nading, Melvin Lyle
B. 19-May-1922, D. 8-Dec-1922, S. Of A.A. & S.E. Nading, Small Unmarked Stone

Peach, Margarie L.
B. 18-Mar-1897, D. 23-Jul-1847, D. Of B. & S.J. Peach

Pizley, Sarah Orenda
B. 24-Apr-1838, D. 18-Mar-1860, A. 21-10-24, W. Of F. Pizley, D. Of S.S. & L.

Preston, Susan
D. 10-Jul-1845, (4) Unmarked Small Stones Nearby.

Prunty, Naomi E.
D. 4-Aug-1855, A. 16-8-6, W. Of P.C. Prunty.

Raybuch, Adelia
D. 4-Feb-1898, A. 64-0-25, W. Of William Raybuch.

Raybuch, Sophia E.
B. 20-Jul-1863, D. 20-Jul-1865, D. Of W. & D. Raybuch, Small Unmarked Stone

Raybuch, William
H. Of Adelia.

Reed, Newton Roland
B. 31-Mar-1798, D. 17-Oct-1857

Reiber, Andreas
B. 8-Mar-1783, D. 8-Nov-1865, A. 82-6-0.

Reiber, Henry
D. 15-May-1813, A. 69-1-17.

Reiber, Margaret
B. 3-Dec-1814, D. 20-Jul-1893, A. 78-7-17, Small Unmarked Stone Nearby.

Reiber, William
D. 3-Oct-1883, A. 37-10-24.

Reynolds, U. Newton
B. 28-Mar-1896, D. 1-Jan-1899, S. Of W. & R. Reynolds.

Richard, Sophia
D. 7-Sep-1872, A. 63-9-24.

Ridgely, Ellen
D. 13-Oct-1899, A. 46-0-4, W. Of George M. Ridgely

Ridgely, George M.
B. 1860, D. 1928.

Ridgely, Infant Son
D. 19-Jul-1872, S. Of R. & M.M. Ridgely, (1) Small Unmarked & M. Mcm? Stones

Ruley, Infant Son
B. 30-Aug-1859, D. 30-Aug-1859, S. Of H.J. & M. Ruley.

Sandlin, James
B. 2-Jul-1825, D. 6-Apr-1904.

Sandlin, Margaret
W. Of James Sandlin.

Sandlin, Mary
D. 24-Sep-1873, A. 40-8-27, W. Of James Sandlin.

Scherer, Anna Gertrude
D. 28-Mar-1883, A. 0-1-10, D. Of Peter & Mary A. Scherer.

Scherer, Fannie Belle
D. 15-Mar-1876, A. 0-0-3, Twin D. Of Peter & Mary A. Scherer.

Scherer, Ivan Marshall
D. 23-Dec-1886, A. 1-4-4, S. Of Peter & Mary A. Scherer

Scherer, Kattie Alice
D. 21-Mar-1876, A. 0-0-10, Twin D. Of Peter & Mary A. Scherer.

Scherer, Laverna Amelia
D. 14-Sep-1881, A. 0-11-26, D. Of Peter & Mary A. Scherer.

Scherer, Mary A.
D. 17-Jun-1893, A. 48-3-5, W. Of Peter Scherer.

Schlenker, Gideon
D. 25-Aug-1873, A. 69-11-6.

Schlenker, Sarah
D. 29-Oct-1884, A. 80-3-29.

Schroder, Amanda L.
B. 15-Sep-1845, D. 10-Nov-1919, W. Of Samuel Schroder.

Schroder, Samuel
B. 11-Mar-1839, D. 3-Nov-1900, H. Of Amanda L. Schroder.

Schucker, Herbert G.
18-Jun-1892, D. 20-Oct-1895, A. 3-4-5, S. Of A. & L. Schucker.

Schucker, Infant Son
D. 16-Jul-1884, A. 0-0-1, S. Of J.S. & S.A. Schucker.

Schucker, William E.
B. 10-Mar-1883, D. 20-Oct-1884, A. 1-7-10, S. Of A. & L. Schucker.

Schwartz, Christian C.
B. 6-Mar-1871, A. 58-6-6.

Schwartz, Latnia
B. 15-Jan-1908, A. 94-4-30, (1) Unmarked & A.R. Stones Nearby.

Seibert, Adam
B. 15-Aug-1901, D. 13-May-1907, D. Of L.L. & E.I?. Seibert.

Seibert, Bertram E.
D. 18-Oct-1874, A. 0-11-16, S. Of D. & J.M. Seibert.

Seibert, Catharine-(2493)
B. 31-Mar-1842 In Lancaster Il, D. 19-Sep-1925 In Lancaster Il, W. Of Solomon

F. John Jacob Seibert-(2019), B. 9-Jul-1805 In Berks County
Pa, D. 15-Apr-1869 In Lancaster Il.

Gf. Solomon Seibert-(2018), B. 1778 In Berks County Pa, D.
27-Jul-1852 In Wabash County Il.

Gm. Anna Maria Scheirer-(2472). B. 1779 In Berks County
Pa, D. 27-Jul-1835 In Lancaster Il.

M. Mary Ann Kercher-(2486), B. 28-Jun-1812 In Berks County
Pa, D. 6-Jun-1862 In Lancaster Il.

Seibert, Fannie E.
D. 8-Nov-1892, A. 9-10-0, D. Of J.N. & M.L. Seibert

Seibert, Infant Daughter
D. 15-Sep-1881, D. Of D.S. & E. Seibert.

Seibert, Infant Son
D. 6-Oct-1880, S. Of S. & S.A. Seibert.

Seibert, Jacob-(1996)
B. 11-Sep-1836 In Lancaster Il, D. 28-Nov-1906 In Lancaster Il, W. Mary Jane

F. Jacob Seibert-(2009), B. 30-Nov-1811 In Berks County Pa, D.
23-Dec-1863 In Lancaster Il.

Gf. Solomon Seibert-(2018), B. 1778 In Berks County Pa, D.
27-Jul-1852 In Wabash County Il.

Gm. Anna Maria Scheirer-(2472). B. 1779 In Berks County
Pa, D. 27-Jul-1835 In Lancaster Il.

M. Catharina Fritz-(2010), B. 17-Sep-1811 In Lehigh County Pa,
D. 11-Nov-1880 In Lancaster Il.

Seibert, Josie E.
D. 8-Jan-1891, A. 4-3-26, D. Of C.J. & C.E. Seibert

Seibert, Maria-(2490)
B. 15-Jun-1833, D. 9-Oct-1898, A. 65-4-4, W. Of William Seibert-(2476),
Small E.V.S. Stone Nearby.

Seibert, Mary I.
B. 25-Mar-1900, D. 15-Sep-1900, D. Of L.L. & E.I?. Seibert

Seibert, Mary Jane-(2001)
B. 10-Jan-1840 In Wilson County Tn, D. 27-Feb-1916 In Lancaster Il, W. Of Jacob

F. James T Williams-(2518), B. 3-Dec-1808 In Wilson County
Tn, D. 4-Dec-1862 In Friendship Il.

M. Lucinda Campbell-(2519), B. 26-Dec-1812 In Wilson County
Tn, D. 20-Jan-1867 In Friendship Il.

Seibert, Solomon-(2012)
B. 15-Aug-1838 In Lancaster Il, D. 4-Aug-1900 In Lancaster Il, H. Of Catherina
Ann Seibert-(2493) His First Cousin.

F. Jacob Seibert-(2009), B. 30-Nov-1811 In Berks County Pa, D.
23-Dec-1863 In Lancaster Il.

Gf. Solomon Seibert-(2018), B. 1778 In Berks County Pa, D.
27-Jul-1852 In Wabash County Il.

Gm. Anna Maria Scheirer-(2472). B. 1779 In Berks County
Pa, D. 27-Jul-1835 In Lancaster Il.

M. Catharina Fritz-(2010), B. 17-Sep-1811 In Lehigh County Pa,
D. 11-Nov-1880 In Lancaster Il.

Seibert, William-(2476)
B. 24-Jul-1830, D. 23-May-1903 In Lancaster Il, A. 72-10-29.

Seisler, Clara
D. 8-Jun-1880, A. 22-3-10, H. J.N. Seisler.

Seisler, Fannie
D. 20-Jun-1880, A. 0-1-6, D. Of J.N. & C. Seisler.

Seiszler, Hannah
D. 17-Mar-1866, A. 62-3-14, W. Of Nicholas Seiszler

Seybald, Charles
B. 8-Mar-1839, D. 29-Sep-1931

Seybald, Elizabeth
B. 25-Oct-1845, D. 13-Dec-1922.

Slickenmyer, Jacob
D. 21-Sep-1893, A. 46-7-18.

Slickenmyer, Marie
D. 17-Jun-1887, A. 37-2-15, W. Of Jacob Slickenmyer.

Slickenmyer, Sady L.
D. 21-Jul-1879, A. 2-0-27, D. Of J. & M. Slickenmyer.

Smith, Charles E.
B. 4-Mar-1859, D. 5-Sep-1859, S. Of Rozander & Rebecca Smith.

Smith, Cynthia A.
B. 13-Jan-1835, D. 9-Apr-1905.

Smith, Elizabeth I?.
B. 26-Aug-1842, D. 28-Jun-1862, A. 19-9-28

Smith, Elvin E.
16-May-1913, D. 26-May-1913, S. Of E.R. & M.M. Smith.

Smith, George W.
B. 9-Jul-1849, D. 6-Sep-1849, S. Of R. & R. Smith.

Smith, Infant Daughter
D. Of J.K. & A. Smith.

Smith, Infant Daughter
D. 7-Feb-1890, D. Of H.B. & T.A. Smith.

Smith, Infant Son
D. 7-Feb-1890, S. Of H.B. & Theresa A. Smith.

Smith, Ira I.
D. 25-Feb-1893, A. 1-0-28, D. Of William & Ida L. Smith.

Smith, James K.
D. 1-Jan-1883, A. 31-2-20.

Smith, John L.
D. 18-Nov-1860, A. 0-2-22, S Of Rozander & Rebecca Smith.

Smith, Lora Ida
B. 10-Jan-1857, D. 24-Apr-1861, D. Of Rozander & Rebecca Smith.

Smith, Marthann E.
D. 8-Jan-1867, A. 13-10-25, D. Of Rozander & Rebecca Smith.

Smith, Mary
D. 3-Nov-1821, A. 25-9-1, Small Unmarked Stone Nearby.

Smith, Minnie
B. 9-May-1870, D. 25-Sep-1875, D. Of R. & C. Smith

Smith, Ralph O.
B. 10-Jun-1895, D. 11-Oct-1898, A. 3-4-1, S. Of B.F. & S.L. Smith.

Smith, Rebecca
D. 26-Aug-1860, A. 32-2-30, W. Of Rozander Smith.

Smith, Rozander
B. 9-Apr-1817, D. 5-Feb-1916.

Smith, Sarah
D. 19-Mar-1906, A. 42-1-27, W. Of B.F. Smith.

Smith, Stephen W.
B. 3-Oct-1850, D. 5-Apr-1856, S. Of R. & R. Smith.

Smith, Theresa A.
B. 10-May-1866, D. 8-Dec-1899, W. Of H.B. Smith.

Smith, Thomas A.
D. 6-Sep-1874, A. 0-9-4, S. Of R. & C.A. Smith.

Smith, William Irl
B. 30-Sep-1905, D. 26-Mar-1913, S. Of William & Ida L. Smith.

Spitler, David
B. 1-Apr-1815, 24-Mar-1883.

Staninger, A.
D. 20-May-1872, A. 28-10-12.

Staninger, Caroline
D. 12-Oct-1858 In Lancaster Il, A. 0-9-0, D. Of Daniel-(2022) &
Catharine-(2500) Staninger.

Staninger, Mary Catharine-(2500)
B. 27-Sep-1821 In Berks County Pa, D. 11-Feb-1888 In Lancaster Il, First W. Of
Daniel Staninger-(2022), Nee M Catharine Biehl.

Staninger, Daniel-(2022)
B. 24-Dec-1820 In Lehigh County Pa, D. 31-May-1897 In Lancaster Il, W. Mary
Catharine Biehl-(2500) & Elizabeth J Ingersoll-(2501).

F. Johan Daniel Staninger-(1489), B. 16-Dec-1784 In Lehigh
County Pa, D. 18-Jul-1852 In Lancaster Il.

Gf. George Daniel Steininger-(2520), B. 12-Apr-1738 In Pa.

G Gf. Johan Lionhart Steininger-(2483), B. 1676, D.
Northampton County Pa.

G Gm. Anna Barbara ?-(2008).

Gm. Anna Barbara ?-(2521).

M. Bertha/Barbara Weaver-(36), B. 8-May-1784 In Lehigh County
Pa, D. 22-Apr-1858 In Lancaster Il.

Staninger, Eliza J.-(2501)
B. 3-May-1831 In Allentown Pa, D. 29-Jul-1914 In Lancaster Il, Second W. Of
Staninger-(2022), Nee Eliza J Ingersoll.

Staninger, Fannie S.
B. 11-Dec-1887, 9-Feb-1888, D. Of A. & C.E. Staninger.

Staninger, Flora E.
B. 26-Aug-1881, D. 25-Sep-1881, D. Of A. & C.E. Staninger.

Staninger, Julius
D. 4-Feb-1885, A. 0-1-15, S. Of H. & P.E. Staninger.

Staninger, Ortho
B. 10-Aug-1840, D. 27-Apr-1898, S. A. & C.E. Staninger.

Steininger, Mary Ann
B. 14-Oct-1850 In Lancaster Il, D. 3-May-1855 In Lancaster Il, D. Of Daniel &
Catharine Steininger.

Stoltz, Caroline
D. 23-Feb-1932, A. 77-2-7.

Stoltz, Katie Estella
B. 1884, D. 1907, W. Of Edgar Stoltz.

Stoltz, Lewis L.
B. 1-Mar-1852, D. 16-Nov-1893, A. 41-8-15.

Storckman, Chloe
B. 23-Mar-1897, D. 28-Aug-1897, D. Of W.E. & C.J. Storckman.

Sullivan, Ada P.
B. 23-Dec-1875, D. 23-Nov-1887.

Tarpley, Charles L.
D. 15-Nov-1915, A. 25-8-8, (2) Small Unmarked Stones Nearby.

Tarpley, J. Dane
B. 1859, D. 1896.

Tarpley, James E.
D. 5-Jul-1894, A. 1-1-0, S. Of G.M. & L. Tarpley.

Tarpley, Lorettia
D. 15-Jun-1898, A. 38-0-14, W. Of George M. Tarpley.

Tarpley, Margaret C.
B. 1865, D. 16-Apr-1930, A. 64-6-5.

Tarpley, Mary E.
D. 6-Oct-1893, A. 4-5-25, D. Of G.M. & L. Tarpley.

Tompson, Frank J.
B. 31-Oct-1882, D. 14-Aug-1889.

Tompson, George O.
B. 15-Dec-1884, D. 31-Aug-1890.

Tompson, Gliden
B. 17-Sep-1894, D. 16-Oct-1894.

Wetzel, Beulah Innes
B. 18-Aug-1892, D. 13-Oct-1842, D. Of Henry Wetzel B. 24-Aug-1856 & Matilda F.
Wetzel B. 25-Nov-1868.

Wetzel, Elma F.
D. 11-Feb-1885, A. 27-3-17, W. Of H. Wetzel.

Wetzel, Henry
B. 24-Aug-1856, D. 21-Aug-1903, (3) Small Unmarked Stones Nearby.

Wetzel, Matilda F.
B. 25-Nov-1868, D. 19-Sep-1842, W. Of Wetzel.

Wetzel, Minnie C/S.
D. 22-Jul-1879, A. 1-3-16, D. Of Henry & Elmie Wetzel.

Wetzel, Willimena C. F.
D. 31-May-1881, A. 58-5-19.

Weyl, Martha E.
D. 3-Feb-1932, A. 41-11-6.

Williams, Ester A.
D. 23-Dec-1874, A. 20-10-8, W. Of F.M. Williams.

Williams, Infant Son
S. Of F.M. & E.A. Williams.

Wise, Daniel
D. 27-Oct-1921, A. 76-10-19, H. Of Elizabeth Wise.

Wise, Elizabeth
D. 31-Jul-1888, A. 36-10-24, W. Of Daniel Wise.

Wise, Laura
D. 15-Dec-1901, A. 27-1-9.

Woodward, Caroline
D. 14-Feb-1857, A. 49-0-0, W. Of S.N. Woodward.

Woodward, Frances N?.
D. 12-Jun-1851, A. 5-7-0, D. Of S.C. Woodward.

Woodward, George D.
D. 22-May-1862, A. 0-11-6.

Woodward, Permetta J.
21-Dec-1847, D. 24-Feb-1849, A. 1-2-3.

Woodward, Turrisan M.
D. 1-May-1844, A. 1-0-10.

Young, Dorothy C.
D. 22-Apr-1929, A. 21-3-17.


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