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aka Mitchel Farm
Wabash County, IL

TRANSCRIPTION .. : Jerry Brown in Jan-2000
DATAFILE INPUT . : Mount Carmel Library / Shannon Swain in Jan-2000
Submitted to Genealogy Trails By Paul M. Kankula

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

[African-American Cemetery]

MADISON, Fielding
d. 5-Feb-1882

NASH, Alexander
d. ?-May-1882

NASH, Sarah
d. 29-Oct-1885, h. Alex Nash

One stone with top missing.

Several depressions in the ground indicated the presences of unmarked graves.

This cemetery measures app. 100' x 150' with only four stones visible


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