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Aka Orio Presbyterian
Wabash County, IL

Transcription .. : Geraldine Satterthwaite
Datafile Input . : Mount Carmel Library / Shannon Swain In Jan-2000
Submitted to Genealogy Trails By Paul M. Kankula

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

The history behind the Orio Cemetery and the Presbyterian Church started in 1816 when the Thomas Gould family from Cincinnati, Ohio settled. In summer of 1818 come Cyrus Danforth from New York, the same year in October Stephen Bliss and George May, both teachers and New Englanders settled at Decker Prairie (Lynn) buying some land with log cabin. On April 11, 1819 twenty pioneers met at the log cabin of Stephen Bliss and this being first Sabbath school in the state of Illinois.

Rev. David Choate Procter, an ordained home missionary of 1821 stopped in Mt. Carmel and learned of two Presbyterian families and visited them on Friday. On the Sabbath,March 3, 1822 a large congregation convened at the school house to hear Rev. Procter preach.

Writing east for minister the Wabash congregation was informed the ideal man to be their pastor was one of their own members. Mr. Bliss was trained in his native New England, and was ordained by Salem Presbytery.

In 1820, he ventured back to New Hampshire, where he married the daughter of Rev. Dr. Noah Worchester, the couple then moved to Orio, Wabash County to make their new home.

On July 6, 1833 Adam Shephard of New Hampshire settled on land joining the Bliss farm. A few years later Shephard and his wife gave two acres, one road, 39 rod and three years of land to be used for building sight and cemetery.

On May 21, 1837 Mrs. Bliss wife of Rev. Bliss died and was buried on the ground given by Adam Shephard. This then determined the site for the future church and cemetery.

Adam Corrie from Scotland offered $125.00 toward the building and so a neat plain building was erected among the trees in fall of 1838. Rev Bliss was pastor from 1822 till his death on December6, 1847. He was buried by his wife in Orio Cemetery. This cemetery also became the burial place for Adam Shepard and his wife Eliza Shepard.

The Wabash Cemetery Association was founded in 1920 by a group of ladies in community who saw a need for an organization to provide funds, where by the cemetery could be maintained. After much discussion, they decided to hold a chowder each year. The proceeds from the Community Orio Chowder have constantly been used for the beautification of the cemetery.

The Orio Church and Cemetery is one of the oldest in the county and is one of the beautiful sights in the community.

Addis, Jacob D.
B. 10-Aug-1872, D. 22-Apr-1901

Addis, Sarah M.
B. 25-Aug-1881

Andrews, Alice
D. 1-Oct-1895, A. 10y 11m 26d, P. G. & M.E. Andrews

Andrews, Anson E.
B. 1894, D. 1967

Andrews, Bonnie B.
B. 1892, D. 1928

Andrews, C. Edgar
B. 2-May-1878, D. 30-Oct-1967, Father

Andrews, Charles
B. 15-May-1842, D. 21-Jan-1907

Andrews, Charles
D. 4-Nov-1872, P. C. & E. Andrews

Andrews, Clarence Marlin

Andrews, Dale
B. 12-Jan-1896, D. 30-Apr-1909, P. J.M. & J.H. Andrews

Andrews, Edward
D. 7-May-1908, A. 73y 11m 21d

Andrews, Eliza J.
B. 19-Dec-1874, D. 28-Apr-1955, Mother

Andrews, Eliza L.
D. 7-Mar-1902, A. 76y 10m 22d, H. Edward Andrews, Formerly Wife Of Charles Greenhood

Andrews, Evaline
B. 7-June-1839, D. 2-Mar-1892, A. 8m 5d

Andrews, George F.
B. 1870, D. 1941

Andrews, George
B. 12-June-1860, D. 23-Dec-1937

Andrews, Heber
B. 4-Jan-1885, D. 3-Sep-1965

Andrews, Helen I.
B. 19-Feb-1899, D. 17-Nov-1964, H. Noel O. Andrews

Andrews, Henry
B. 1857, D. 1932

Andrews, Hester E.
B. 13-June-1900, D. 18-June-1941

Andrews, Jerry Richard
B. 23-June-1935, D. 28-Aug-1953

Andrews, Jessie
B. 1871, D. 1936

Andrews, Job
D. 1-Oct-1868, A. 2y 11m 9d, P. E. & S. Andrews

Andrews, John M.
B. 1863, D. 1935

Andrews, John
B. 9-Apr-1889, D, 28-Jan-1952

Andrews, Josie E.
B. 17-June-1890, D. 24-Apr-1953, Mother

Andrews, William Randall (Lt)
B. 2-May-1916, D. 21-Nov-1944, 584 Bomb Sqt. U.S.
Eighth Air Force Killed In Action.

Andrews, Lynn B.
B. 23-Sep-1920, D. 16-Mar-1940

Andrews, Marguerite
B. 4-Jan-1892, Married In 4-Jan-1910

Andrews, Mary E.
B. 4-Sep-1861, D. 15-Jan-1944

Andrews, Mary Marjorie
B. 12-Feb-1920, D. 16-May-1920

Andrews, Noel O.
B. 1-Aug-1896, D. 19??

Andrews, Phoebe Lavina
B. 1871, D. 1949

Andrews, Sarah E.
B. 5-Nov-1862, D. 3-Nov-1941, Mother, Founder Of Wabash
Cemetery Association 1920

Andrews, Sarah
D. 19-Mar-1900, A. 63y 1m 16d, H. Edward Andrews

Andrews, Walter W.
B. 5-Aug-1890, D. 4-May-1954, Father

Andrews, William A.
B. 6-Oct-1864, D. 27-Nov-1956, Father

Andrus, Lyle
D. 29-Dec-1903, A. 31y 4m 23d, H. J.W. Andrus

Armstrong, Infant Son
P. L. & A. Armstrong

Armstrong, Lewis J.
B. 27-Nov-1872, D. 3-Sep-1953

Armstrong, Sarah Alice
B. 6-Dec-1880, D. 8-Apr-1955

Auberry, Louise
B. 22-Aug-1931, D, 19-Aug-1950, H. Robert Brooks

Balbridge, Harriett Ann
B. 9-May-1868, D. 26-Feb-1869, P. Rev. S. & J.C. Balbridge

Balbridge, Jane G.
B. 1-June-1827, D. 28-Feb-1908, H. Rev. S.C. Balbridge

Balbridge, Margaret
B. 10-Feb-1856, D. 10-Feb-1854, H. Rev. Balbridge

Balbridge, Herbert Coulter (Rev)
B. 4-Dec-1856, D. 18-Mar-1894

Balbridge, S.C. (Rev)
B. Eugene Indiana, D. 15-Apr-1893, In Hanover Indiana

Balbridge, Samuel Heber
B. 1-May-1862, D. 26-Apr-1874, P. Rev. S. & J.C. Balbridge

Balbridge, Samuel Herbert
B. 2-Aug-1882, D. 15-Oct-1890

Balbridge, Sarah Jane
B. 13-Mar-1859, D. 24-Aug-1874, P. Rev. S. & J.C. Balbridge

Bates, Della R.
B. 16-June-1879, D. 7-June-1896

Bates, Flora B.
B. 3-July-1889

Bates, Harold Kenneth
B. 22-Feb-1917, D. 4-Jan-1956

Bates, Infant Son
D. 6-Oct-1910, P. I.W. & F.B. Bates

Bates, Isaac W.
B. 5-Jan-1885, D. 26-Sep-1960

Bates, Lena

Bates, Leroy And Lester
B. 1919, D. 1920, P. I.W. & F.B. Bates, Twins(?)

Bates, Margaret
B. 11-Nov-1841, D. 22-Feb-1917, H. W.W. Bates

Bates, Mary T.
B. 3-May-1871, D. 17-Nov-1894

Bates, Nancy J.
B. 26-Aug-1951, Married 12-June-1971

Bates, Nevada A.
B. 24-Nov-1881, D. 27-Sep-1894

Bates, Richard R.
B. 27-Aug-1951, D. 30-Sep-1971

Bates, Sarah Evalena
B. 12-July-1885, D. 26-Mar-1911

Bates, T.B.
B. 19-Oct-1874

Bates, W.W.
B. 2-Oct-1833, D. 26-June-1913

Beesley, Aligia
B. 25-Feb-1862, D. 26-Dec-1917

Beesley, Aligia
D. 21-Nov-1865, A. 67y 3m 8d, H. T. Beesley

Beesley, Charles
B. 16-May-1868, D. 10-Oct-1958

Beesley, Clara
B. 16-Mar-1878, D. 18-Jan-1908, H. J.C.F. Beesley

Beesley, Clarice J.
B. 12-Jan-1915, Mother

Beesley, Emma
B. 20-Jan-1867, D. 12-Aug-959

Beesley, Infant

Beesley, John D.
B. 2-Dec-1865, D. 29-June-1962

Beesley, Mary E.
B. 18-July-1838, D. 24-Oct-1917

Beesley, Thomas

Beesley, William Penn
B. 27-Dec-1836, D. 7-June-1920

Beesley, William Penn
B. 2-Dec-1907, D. 18-Dec-1969, Father

Bell, Raleigh E.
2-Dec-1936, Il Sgt. 64th Inf 7th Div.

Benham, George W.
B. 14-Sep-1858, D. 10-Jan-1897

Benham, Logan A.
B. 8-Sep-1884, D. 18-Oct-1959

Benham, Vida Louise
B. 24-Dec-1895, D. 12-Oct-1951

Benham, William
B. 8-Apr-1863, D. 15-May-1938

Blessing, Alice
B. 3-Apr-1871, D. 9-Sep-1871, P. J.C. & S. Blessing

Blessing, George W.
D. 16-Dec-1861, A. 18y 1m 7d

Blessing, John
B. 3-Feb-1879, D. 18-Feb-1881, P. J. & S. Blessing

Blessing, Mary E.
B. 31-Oct-1870, D. 9-May-1872, P. J. & S. Blessing

Blessing, Michael
D. 12-Apr-1845, A. 40y

Bliss, Agnas P.
B. 22-July-1859, D. 12-Aug-1906

Bliss, Della M.
B. 6-Apr-1849, D. 30-Jan-1852

Bliss, Elizabeth W.
B. 5-May-1845, D. 22-Mar-1846

Bliss, Elizabeth
B. 27-Feb-1789 In Thornton, N.H., D. 21-May-1837, H. Rev.
Bliss, Married 7-Apr-1820 In Boschin Nh

Bliss, Fannie J.
B. 1861, D. 1928

Bliss, Margaret F.
B. 6-Apr-1847, D. 7-Apr-1848

Bliss, Penelope D.
D. 27-Oct-1896, A. 70y 5m 20d, H. Samuel Bliss

Bliss, John K. (Rev)
B. 1863, D. 1936

Bliss, Stephen (Rev)
B. 27-Mar-1787, D. 6-Aug-1847, Born In Lohorn Nh And Graduated From Middlebury
College In 1812, Licensed By The Hopkinson Association 1822, Ordained By The
Presbytary Of Salem 4-Aug-1825, Pastor Of Wabash Church From 1823-1847, Monument
Erected By Grateful People 1873

Bliss, Samuel
B. 15-May-1855, D. 17-Jan-1874

Bliss, Smauel W.
B. 25-Jan-1822, D. 13-Dec-1868

Bliss, Stephen
B. 27-July-1851, D. 27-Sep-1851

Booker, Abraham M.
B. 11-Dec-1853, D. 19-June-1904

Booker, Laura J.
B. 1-Apr-1857, D. 31-July-1905

Brooks, Baby
D. 20-Oct-1949

Brust, Lennert
B. 5-May-1902, D. 2-May-1961

Carey, Albert William
B. 21-Dec-1892, D. 21-May-1958

Conrad, Jane
B. 1846, D. 1922

Cooper, Andrew J.
B. 4-Mar-1829, D. 11-Jan-1899, Member Of 30th Ill Inf.

Cooper, D.P.

Cooper, Effie B.
B. 1891, D. 1967

Cooper, Martha L.
B. 20-Oct-1844, D. 15-Oct-1819

Cooper, Ora C.
B. 1878, D. 1920

Corrie, Clara A.
B. 1864, D. 1929

Corrie, Cynthia

Corrie, Cynthia
B. 25-Dec-1836, D. 5-Apr-1915

Corrie, Edwin H.
D. 21-Nov-1906, A. 8m 17d, P. W.F. & C.A. Corrie

Corrie, Edwin
B. 1857, D. 1930

Corrie, Elizabeth
D. 12-Apr-1852, A. 29y 10m 25d, H. John R. Corrie

Corrie, Finley
B. 1866, D. 1938

Corrie, Florence
B. 1865, D. 1943

Corrie, Gertrude
B. 25-Aug-1908, D. 12-Feb-1966

Corrie, Harlan B.
B. 1871, D. 1961

Corrie, Harry C.
B. 1859, D. 1932

Corrie, Herbert
B. 2-Apr-1890

Corrie, Hester
D. 15-July-1895, A. 39y 7m 14d, H. Edwin Corrie

Corrie, J.
D. 11-Apr-1874, A. 24y 3m 26d

Corrie, James R.
B. 9-Nov-1883, D. 23-Mar-1909

Corrie, John F.
D. 20-Apr-1904, A. 2y 1m 26d, P. W.F. & C.A. Corrie

Corrie, John R.
B. 1-Aug-1816, D. 23-Mar-1897

Corrie, John S.
D. 23-Oct-1868, A. 42y 2m 17d

Corrie, John
B. 16-May-1823, A. 51y

Corrie, John
D. 29-May-1870, A. 8m 7d, P. J.R. & C. Corrie

Corrie, Maria M.
B. 1866, D. 1936

Corrie, Mary Biss
B. 18-Jan-1921, D. 1-Apr-1921

Corrie, Mary C.
B. 1857, D. 1943

Corrie, Mary J.
D. 3-Apr-1876, A. 2y 8m 16d, P. J.R. & C. Corrie

Corrie, Pauline
B. 1-Nov-1891, D. 13-July-1963

Corrie, Robert
B. 9-June-1759 In Scotland, D. 4-Sep-1863, Civil War Soldier

Corrie, Samuel Earl
B. 2-Feb-1895, D. 16-June-1969, Pfc Co M 41st Ill Inf. World War I

Corrie, Samuel S. B.
D. 13-Sep-1865, A. 1y 1m 24d, P. J.R. & C. Corrie

Corrie, Sarah
D. 10-July-1894, A. 1y 9m 23d, P. E. & H. Corrie

Corrie, Vera E.
B. 16-Feb-1894, D. 19??, H. S.E. Corrie

Corrie, Wendell B.
B. 8-Feb-1893, D. Dec-1977

Courter, Brinton J.
D. 17-Nov-1886, A. 2y 7m 23d, P. S.H. & L.B. Courter

Courter, Daniel B.
B. 21-July-1869, D. 20-Feb-1869

Courter, Elenor
D. 21-Mar-1902, A. 75y 11m, H. S.J. Courter

Courter, Hester A.
B. 20-July-1853, D. 20-July-1858

Courter, Margaret A.
B. 7-Apr-1857

Courter, Mary
D. 18-July-1901, A. 85y 8m 26d, P. J. & R. Courter, H. Henry Thompson

Courter, Melinda
D. 20-Oct-1866, A. 45y 8m 29d, H. Rev. Wm. Courter

Courter, Rebecca
B. 12-Feb-1831, D. 1-July-1873

Courter, Samuel
D. 4-Nov-1883, A. 61y 7m 8d

Courter, Sarah J.
B. 23-Feb-1855, D. 15-Nov-1880

Courter, William F.
B. 13-Jan-1865, D. 15-Mar-1891

Courter, William
B. 24-May-1820, D. 20-Oct-1885

Crewell, Mary B.
B. 30-Oct-1891, D. 13-Mar-1968

Crewell, Mary I.
B. 1914, D. 1921, P. O.H. & M.B. Crewell

Crewell, Oscar H.
B. 7-July-1889, D. 27-Oct-1870

Crewell, John E. (P.F.C.)
B. 1918, D. 1944

Crouch, Emory
B. 3-July-1898, D. 3-Oct-1898

Crouch, Grace A.
B. 18-Mar-1878, D. 19-Dec-1944

Crouch, Nobel E.
B. 7-Oct-1876, D. 29-July-1951

Cusick, Emily J.
D. 3-Dec-1874, A. 20y 23d, P. R.G. & M.J. Cusick

Cusick, Hiram B.
D. 28-Aug-1873, A. 2y 11m 14d, P. W. & M.A. Cusick

Cusick, Hiram
B. 18-Jan-1802, D. 14-Aug-1877, A. 73y 6m 28d

Cusick, Irma B.
B. 1899, D. 19??, P. Ora C. Cooper

Cusick, Isaac H.
Consort Of L.D. Cusick

Cusick, Mary
B. 21-May-1809, D. 4-Apr-1882

Cusick, Robert G.
D. 22-Apr-1866, A. 33y 3m 6d

Cusick, Robert
B. 16-Jan-1823, D. 22-Apr-1866

Cusick, Sarah
B. 21-Nov-1801, D. 15-Aug-1818, H. H. Cusick

From: Kee Rodgers
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2009 10:35 Pm

Sarah Harness Cusick Was Born 1804 And Died 1848. You Have 1801-1818. She Was
The Wife Of Hiram Cusick Who Died 1875 Not 1877. On The Sarah Cusick Stone
The 4's Are Worn And Look To The Novice As One's. You Have Her As Death At
Age 17. She Had 8 Children.

Hiram Cusick Was Born Jan 18, 1802 And Died Aug 14, 1875 At 73 Yrs Plus.

When You Visit The Cemetery You Will See The Error. Sarah Harness Cusick Was
Born Nov 24, 1804 And Died Oct 15, 1848. The Stone Is Correct. Sarah's First
Child Was Isaac H Cusick Who Was Born Jan 14, 1825.

Cusick, Sarah
B. 21-Nov-1801, D. 15-Aug-1818, H. H. Cusick

Everett Dale
B. 1917, D. 1950, (No Last Name)

Finley, Mark
1-Aug-1956, P. Wm. & A. Corrie

Fisher, Allice
D. 2-July-1853, A. 3y 8m, P. A. & E. Fisher

Ford, Heather Renee

Foss, Emma Belle
B. 18-Jan-1891, D. 1-Apr-1973

Foss, G. Warren
B. 31-May-1882, D. 26-May-1961

Fox, Esther Litherland
B. 1915, D. 1943

French, Aaron D. (M.D.)
B. 7-May-1876, D. 17-Oct-1918

French, Kate E.
B. 27-Sep-1878, D. 12-Mar-1967

Frick, Charles
B. 10-Dec-1866, D. 28-Aug-1895, A. 28y 8m 18d

Fry, Eliza E.
B. 1876, D. 1942

Fry, Russell T.
B. 1917, D. 1934

Fry, Thaddeus O.
B. 1873, D. 1948


Gardner, Rachel P.
D. 25-May-1867, A. 78y 9m 5d, H. Thomas Gardner

Gattin, Magdalina
D. 12-July-1883, A. 33y, P. Martin Pfeil

Gerkin, Betty V.
B. 1924, D. 1941, Granddaughter Of Ora C. Cooper

Gher, J. Ray
B. 21-Mar-1911, D. 19-Mar-1967

Gher, M. Doris
B. 15-Mar-1913, D. 26-June-1992

Gilliett, James Ray
B. & D. 14-May-1953

Green, Ella
B. 1878, D. 19??

Green, Harvey Jr.
B. 1915, D. 1948

Green, Harvey
B. 1876, D. 1955

Greenhood, Caroline
D. 30-Sep-1878, A. 53y 8m 21d, H. Wm. Greenhood

Greenhood, Charles
D. 18-Aug-1899, A. 71y

Greenhood, George T.
D. 2-Feb-1865, A. 3m 20d, P. M. & C. Greenhood

Greenhood, George
B. 2-Aug-1822, D. 23-Feb-1892, A. 69y 6m 21d

Greenhood, Sarah A.
D. Aug-1859, A. 22y, H. Charles Greenhood

Greenhood, Susannah
D. 25-Nov-1874, A. 45y 2m 23d, H. George Greenhood

Greenhood, William
D. 6-Dec-1872, A. 12y 8m 10d, P. Charles Greenhood

Greenhood, William
D. 27-Apr-1888, A. 71y 28d

Griggs, Edith Stoltz
B. 12-Feb-1913, D. 28-Sep-1972

Guisewite, George
B. 28-Apr-1877, D. 12-June-1951, Father

Guisewite, Nola C.
B. 3-July-1870, D. 7-July-1947, Mother

Hamler, Nellie Mundy
B. 14-Feb-1882, D. 28-Nov-1956

Hanks, Palmer
B. 1875, D. 1916

Hanks, S.H.
B. 22-Mar-1840, D. 3-Apr-1912

Hanks, Sarah E.
B. 1845, D. 1925, H. Samuel Hanks, Mother

Hanks, Sarah E.
B. 7-Feb-1845, H. S.H. Hanks

Hanks, W.H.
B. 1868, D. 19??

Harbert, Sarah
B. 12-Oct-1785 In England, D. 24-Mar-1864, H. Robert Corrie

Hardestry, Hezekial
B. 1765, D. 1846

Harding, Della Corrie
B. 16-Mar-1887

Harding, Karl W.
B. 8-Mar-1886, D. 6-Mar-1968

Harlow, Lucy I.
B. 21-Nov-1904, D. 20-Jan-1907, P. J. & L. Harlow

Harness, Aby
B. 13-Feb-1852, H. John A. Harness

Harness, Charles E.
B. 22-June-1893, D. 17-May-1897, P. John A. & Aby Harness

Harness, Everett
B. 1896

Harness, Henry R.
B. 1876

Harness, John A.
B. 27-Nov-1850, D. 8-Apr-1937

Harness, Laura E.
B. 1877, D. 1934

Harness, Mary A.
B. 9-Dec-1877, D. 21-Oct-1878, P. John A & Aby Harness

Harness, Mary
B. 4-Jan-1812, D. 23-Jan-1889, H. Isaac Harness

Hazelton, Lora S.
D. 14-Oct-1877, A. 63y 4m 29d, H. Samuel Hazelton

Hazelton, Samuel
D. 16-May-1881, A. 8y 3m 25d

Henry, Lorenzo D.
B. 1858, D. 1930

Henry, Sarah
B. 1859, D. 1931

Hensley, Emma E.
B. 5-Feb-1876, D. 2-July-1911, H. Joseph Hensley

Hensley, Joseph
B. 1870, D. 1930

Hershey, A.W.
B. 11-Sep-1826, D. 9-May-1900, A. 73y 7m 28d

Hershey, Albert
D. 17-Dec-1874, A. 24y 7m 3d, P. A.W. & E. Hershey

Hershey, Andrew
B. 1859, D. 1937

Hershey, Carlton
B. 14-Sep-1864, D. 19??

Hershey, Charlotte
B. 1904, D. 1934

Hershey, Elizabeth
D. 23-Oct-1856, A. 44y 9m 23d, H. John Hershey, P. J. & M. Smith

Hershey, Elizabeth
D. 5-July-1853, A. 42y 6m, Consort Of A.F. Fisher, P. A. & E. Hershey

Hershey, Ella E.
B. 1869, D. 19??

Hershey, Emily
B. 6-Apr-1827, D. 30-Aug-1902, A. 75y 4m 24d, H. A.W. Hershey

Hershey, Eva
B. 9-May-1879, D. 19-Sep-1880, P. D. & H. Hershey

Hershey, Eva
D. 11-Nov-1897, A. 8y, P. A. & E. Hershey

Hershey, Florence A.
B. 2-Nov-1879, D. 13-Oct-1919, H. Carlton Hershey

Hershey, Harriett
B. 1858, D. 1880

Hershey, Henry
D. 27-Apr-1860, A. 3y 7m 4d, P. A.W. & E. Hershey

Hershey, John
D. 26-Apr-1858, P. J. & M. Hershey

Hershey, Joseph H.
B. 1870, D. 1939

Hershey, Joseph
B. 1796, D. 1858

Hershey, Mary A.
B. 1872, D. 1949

Hershey, Mary M.
B. 1905, D. 1971

Hershey, Mary
B. 1797, D. 1865, H. Joseph Hershey

Hershey, Mary
D. 21-Aug-1881, A. 36y 8m, H. M. Hershey

Hershey, Reubin
D. 12-Feb-1855, A. 1y 7m 12d, P. A.W. & E. Hershey

Hershey, Samuel
B. 1838, D. 1911

Hershey, Sarah Bessie
B. 1894, D. 19??, P. Joseph & Mary Hershey

Hosmer, Ambrose E.
B. 1879, D. 19??

Hosmer, Barney L.
D. 5-Oct-1904, A. 6m 10d, P. C.L. & F.L. Hosmer

Hosmer, Chancey L.
B. 26-Sep-1881, D. 24-Feb-1969

Hosmer, Claude A.
B. 19-Nov-1905, D. 12-Dec-1952

Hosmer, Flora L.
B. 20-May-1884, D. 4-Aug-1946

Hosmer, Infant
D. 24-Aug-1910, P. C.L. & F.L. Hosmer

Hosmer, Luella
B. 1879, D. 1927

Hosmer, Susanna
B. 4-June-1851, D. 22-Nov-1943

Hosmer, William E.
B. 28-Mar-1850, D. 13-Apr-1938

Hosmer, Willis
D. 18-Nov-1896, A. 9y 2m 14d, P. W.E. & S. Hosmer

Howe, Florence A.
B. 9-Nov-1886, D. 10-May-1956

Howe, George Robert (P.F.C.)
B. 4-Jan-1917, D. 3-Oct-1944, Buried At Lorraine France

Howe, Robert J.
B. 18-Aug-1884, D. 19-July-1947

Hughey, Flossie M.
B. 21-Sep-1905, D. 12-Jan-1908, P. L.G. & M.E. Hughey

Hughey, Grace E.
B. 1884, D. 1929, (Mother)

Hughey, Lewis G.
B. 8-Aug-1876

Hughey, Mercy E. Andrews
B. 11-Jan-1875, D. 29-Oct-1909, H. Lewis G. Hughey

Hughey, Oscar E.
B. 31-May-1897, D. 7-July-1897

Hussey, Ozro J.
B. 18-Sep-1902, D. 19-Feb-1936, (Father)

Hussey, Randall (Staff Sgt)
B. 9-Oct-1923, D. 10-Apr-1945, U.S. Army Air Corp, Killed In Action, Foggia Italy

Infant Daughter
D. 21-Feb-1865, A. 1m 5d, (Ramsey?)

D. Mar-1947, P. D.M. & M.E. Stewart

Jackman, A.R.
D. 12-Sep-1877, A. 77y 10m 25d

Jackman, Bert B.
B. 23-Mar-1886, D. 23-Nov-1956, (Father)

Jackman, Bonnie
B. 4-Jul-1919, D. 31-Aug-1919

Jackman, Carrie Ann
B. 1920, D. 1921, P. B.B. & M.E. Jackman

Jackman, Etha R.
B. 8-Nov-1874, D. 30-Mar-1878, P. A.R. & M.E. Jackman

Jackman, Everett O.
B. 2-Apr-1889, D. 5-Feb-1963, Father

Jackman, Fern
B. 1-Feb-1894, D. 28-July-1960, Mother

Jackman, George E.
B. 25-Nov-1915, D. 21-Sep-1964

Jackman, Herb
B. 1895, D. 1973

Jackman, Herbert L.
B. 11-Jan-1895

Jackman, Isabelle D.
B. 3-Dec-1893, D. 6-Apr-1920

Jackman, Luella
B. 1963, D. 1900

Jackman, Martha E.
B. 19-Jan-1893, D. 3-Jan-1936, Mother

Jackman, Martha
D. 3-Oct-1844, A. 3y 9m 29d

Jackman, Marvin Eugene
B. 18-Oct-1952, D. 17-Nov-1952

Jackman, Mary E.
B. 24-July-1842, D. 7-Dec-1926, Wife

Jackman, Mary
D. 12-Sep-1851, A. 15y 1m

Jackman, Merle B.
B. 1913, D. 1926, P. M.E. & B.B. Jackman

Jackman, Myrtle A.
B. 2-Sep-1902, D. 5-Oct-1902

Jackman, Nancy C.
B. 1882, D. 1913

Jackman, Richard B.

Jackman, Sarah Ella
B. 10-July-1915, D. 27-Nov-1918, Daugher

Jackman, Sarah
D. 6-Feb-1872, A. 69y 6m 24d, H. A.R. Jackman

Jackman, Virgil E.
B. 11-Jan-1892, D. 29-Aug-1962, Ill Pvt. Btry D 138th F.L.D. Arty

Jackman, William Allen
B. 1860, D. 1923

James, ?
D. 11-Sep-1860, A. 27y 6m, Consort Of Martha Henry

John A.
B. 8-Mar-1810, D. 30-Aug-?, Consort Of M.M. Doobs

Johnson, Vera
B. 1879, D. 1966

Johnson, Wickliff
B. 1876, D. 1949

Jones, Bertha
B. 1861, D. 1946

Jones, Henry
B. 1861, D. 1957

Jones, Kirby E.
B. 1894, D. 19??

Jones, Victoria M.
B. 1898, D. 1966

Kelsey, Ella B.
B. 1886, D. 1958, Married James G. Kelsey 22-May-1907

Kelsey, Harold Irwin
B. 10-Mar-1912, D. 8-Aug-1913

Kelsey, James G.
B. 1881, D. 1962

Keneipp, Evalina
B. 5-May-1873, D. 1-Aug-1891

Keneipp, George O.
D. 24-Aug-1870, P. S.E. & L.J. Keneipp

Keneipp, Infant
D. 13-Dec-1880

Keneipp, James F.
D. 25-Aug-1870, A. 5y 28d, P. S.E. & L.J. Keneipp

Keneipp, Mary
P. S.E. & L.J. Keneipp

Keneipp, S.E.
B. 10-July-1840, D. 10-Nov-1915, Father

Keneipp, W.F.
B. 16-Sep-1882, D. 20-Apr-1898, Brother

Kenison, Emma C.
B. 5-Apr-1875, D. 27-Apr-1948, Mother

Kenison, Lee S.
B. 17-Nov-1873, D. 17-Mar-1946, Father

King, Ann
B. 29-Sep-1825, D. 19-Aug-1886, A. 60y 10m 20d

King, Henry
B. 27-Aug-1817, D. 2-Apr-1882, A. 64y 7m 5d

King, Henry
D. 23-Sep-1879, A. 26y 8m, P. Henry & Susannah King

King, Joel B.
D. 4-Jan-1888

King, Mary B.
D. 1-Dec-1885, A. 24y 7m 17d

King, Sarah
D. 3-Mar-1869, A. 1y 3m 25d, P. Henry & Ann King

Konen, Maggie A.
D. 10-Sep-1877, A. 21y 6m 6d, P. B.G. & M.J. Cusick

Lamper, Hazel G.
B. 5-Jan-1890, D. 10-Apr-1945

Lamper, Orvill R. (Rev)
B. 23-Feb-1888, D. 18-Dec-1948

Lancaster, Rosaline
B. 7-June-1839, D. 16-Oct-1877

Land, Etta M.
B. 1866, D. 1946

Leighty, Allie
B. 5-Jan-1884, D. 13-Sep-1884

Leighty, Charlotte
B. 1855, D. 1947

Leighty, Eva
B. 15-Apr-1882, D. 16-Oct-1894, P. H.H. & S.E. Leighty

Leighty, Infant Daughter
B. 24-Nov-1893, D. 24-Nov-1893, P. M.L. & G.E. Leighty

Leighty, Millard L.
B. 1858, D. 1947

Leighty, Oliver
B. 15-Sep-1885, D. 20-Nov-1964, (Father)

Leighty, Oscea M.
B. 30-Apr-1892, D. 28-Apr-1968, H. W.H. Leighty, Married 29-Oct-1911

Leighty, Raymond A.
B. 4-Jan-1906, D. 12-Jan-1912, Son

Leighty, William H.
B. 2-Sep-1891, D. 4-Apr-1931

Lewis, Charles
B. 16-Aug-1864, D. 3-Aug-1947, Father

Lewis, Clemma
B. 22-Apr-1892, D. 11-Dec-1957

Lewis, Earnest
B. 21-Dec-1896, D. 11-Dec-1946

Lewis, Rebecca Moore
B. 16-Feb-1865, D. 8-Dec-1958, Mother

Litherland, Catherine
B. 1840, D. 1919

Litherland, Chas (C.F.O.)
B. 3-Nov-1866, D. 27-Sep-1925

Litherland, Elizabeth
D. 21-July-1862, A. 44y 5m 14d, H. John Litherland

Litherland, Elizabeth
D. 6-Dec-1896, A. 77y 2m 2d, H. Wm. Litherland

Litherland, Emma
B. 1887, D. 1965

Litherland, Francis
B. 1889, D. 1946

Litherland, Jane
D. 12-Oct-1847, A. 9y 5m 9d, Daughter

Litherland, John A.
D. 11-Jan-1891, A. 14y 10m 20d, P. J.P. & M.A. Litherland

Litherland, John B.
B. 23-May-1841, D. 21-June-1923, A. 82y 29d

Litherland, Joseph
B. 1841, D. 1910

Litherland, Katherine
B. 15-Aug-1899

Litherland, Leah Belle
B. 7-Oct-1870, D. 11-Oct-1872, P. Joseph & Catherine Litherland

Litherland, Lydia C.
B. 20-Jan-1866, D. 6-Feb-1960

Litherland, Mark A.
B. 1886, D. 1954

Litherland, Mary
B. 1890, D. 1955

Litherland, Robert D.
B. 26-Sep-1917, D. 27-July-1956, Sgt. Co. B. Il Inf. Wwii

Litherland, S. Waldo
B. 15-Feb-1898, D. 2-Aug-1960

Litherland, William
B. 20-Apr-1836, D. 14-June-1856, P. Wm. & E. Litherland

Litherland, William
D. 1-May-1843, A. 35y 1m 1d

Loeffler, Christina
B. 23-Apr-1838, D. 1-Jan-1890, H. Jacob Loeffler

Loeffler, Infant Son
P. L.G. & M.E. Loeffler

Loeffler, Jacob C.
B. 16-Oct-1832, D. 29-Oct-1908

Loeffler, John M.
B. 23-Mar-1874, D. 24-Apr-1939

Loeffler, Lewis G.
B. 1859, D. 1924

Loeffler, Nora
B. 29-Dec-1878, D. 26-Nov-1960

Loeffler, Robert Dale
B. 1935, D. 1936, Baby

Mcmillan, Enola Mae
B. 1875, D. 1875, P. Joel & Mary E. Mcmillan

Mcmurray, Wendell H.
D. 12-Aug-1891, A. 4y 10m 26d, P. R.J. & J. Mcmurray

Milburn, Charles E.
7-Apr-1876, A. 7d, P. J. & M. Milburn

Milburn, Mary B.
D. 18-Oct-1871, A. 66y 9m 19d, H. Rev. W.E. Milburn

Milburn, Thomas E.
D. 3-Mar-1869, A. 66y 5m 27d

Mills, Eva May
D. 23-May-1898

Mills, Harley M.
B. 1904, D. 1935, Father

Mills, Helen I.
B. 1901, D. 1946

Mills, Verie
B. 31-Mar-1923, D. 1-Apr-1923, P. H.M. & S.H. Mills

Mills, Walter H.
B. 11-Jna-1900, D. 5-Jan-1957

Monroe, Forest E.
B. 23-Mar-1898

Monroe, Norma I.
B. 11-Mar-1905

Moyer, Florence B.
B. 19-Sep-1875, D. 10-Feb-1952

Moyer, James E. (Rev)
B. 3-Mar-1874, D. 24-Aug-1965

Mullinix, Elizabeth J.
B. 17-June-1845, D. 22-Mar-1914

Mullinix, Florice Earl
D. 11-Feb-1906, A. 9y 27d, P. F.M. & H.E. Mullinix

Mullinix, Francis M.
B. 16-Dec-1872, D. 5-May-1961

Mullinix, Harriett Elsie
B. 13-Dec-1878, D. 10-June-1926

Mullinix, Henry
B. 3-Apr-1843, D. 23-Jan-1917

Mullinix, J. Minard
B. 1-June-1867, D. 18-Dec-1955, Father

Mullinix, Joan
B. 3-Sep-1871, D. 8-July-1956, (Mother)

Mullinix, Nevada
B. 4-July-1895, D. 22-Mar-1926

Mullinix, Olin C.
B. 23-Oct-1892, D. 13-Dec-1969

Mullinix, Raymond M.
D. 19-Mar-1905, A. 3y 16d, P. J.M. & Joan Mullinix

Parker, Henrietta
B. 2-Mar-1833, D. 16-Sep-1910, H. John B. Parker

Parker, John B.
B. 24-Sep-1845, D. 25-Mar-1909

Payne, Flora E.
B. 20-June-1868, D. 23-July-1948, Mother

Payne, John
B. 18-Dec-1866, D. 25-July-1948, Father

Payne, M. Elnora
B. 24-Nov-1910

Payne, Owen W.
B. 25-Apr-1893, D. 28-Mar-1973

Pfeil, John
D. 5-Aug-1883, A. 3m, P. Martin Pfeil

Pfeil, Magdline
B. 12-Jule-1850, D. 12-July-1883

Pfeil, Martin
B. 31-Aug-1844, D. 9-Jan-1918

Pfeil, Wilhelmina
B. 5-May-1841, D. 24-Dec-1905

Pfeil, William
B. 24-Oct-1875, D. 22-Nov-1946

Pierson, Brittie I.
B. 26-Oct-1904

Pierson, Darlene

Pierson, Stanley
B. 9-June-1905

Potts, Elizabeth
B. 1-Dec-1791, D. 29-Dec-1865, A. 71y 28d, H. Jonathan Potts

Potts, Wesley
D. 22-Mar-1818, A. 18y 4m 22d

Preston, David
Co. F. 55th Ill Inf.

Price, Alice J.
B. 26-Oct-1854, D. 26-Aug-1855, P. W. & M. Price

Price, Benjamin
D. 11-Sep-1842, A. 50y 2m 15d

Price, Blanch Andrews
B. 1890, D. 1914

Price, Fleta M.

Price, George Hubert
D. 17-Apr-1973, A. 78y 11m 4d

Price, George W.
B. 2-Nov-1891, D. ?-Dec-1964

Price, Grace
B. 1872, D. 1905

Price, James Irwin
B. 1909, D. 1920

Price, John G.
D. 17-Jan-1838, A. 68y 10m 8d

Price, Mary Corrie
B. 31-July-1878, D. 5-Feb-1965

Price, Robert B.
B. 1872, D. 1946

Price, Sarah E.
D. 29-Aug-1818, A. 15y 4m 14d

Price, Sarah
D. 20-Oct-1852, A. 41y 1m 28d, H. Wm. Price

Price, Stephen Albert
B. 5-Nov-1964, D. 20-Dec-1964

Price, Winfield
D. 22-Mar-1864, P. J.C. & L. Price

Prout, Harriet
B. 1854, D. 1923

Prout, Infant Son
D. 28-Dec-1898, P. J.A. & H.L. Prout

Prout, John Bruce
D. 3-July-1879, A. 3y 7m 27d, P. E.N. & H. Prout

Prout, Maria
B. 1835, D. 1919

Prout, Nelsone
B. 1845, D. 1890

Rall, Alice J.
B. 3-Aug-1855, D. 26-Jan-1887, Mother

Ramsey, Allen
B. 12-Jan-1764, D. 15-Aug-1845, P.A. Mil. Rev. War.

Ramsey, James E. (Corp.)
Co. I 5th Ill Inf

Ramsey, Ivan B.
B. 6-July-1895, D. 23-July-1896, (Son)

Ramsey, J.C.
B. 3-Aug-1802, D. 27-June-1872

Ramsey, James E.
D. 24-Mar-1882, A. 53y 4d

Ramsey, Jane E.
B. 17-Mar-1861, D. 18-Nov-1906, (Mother)

Ramsey, Jersey E.
B. 25-June-1881, D. 8-June-1945

Ramsey, John L.
B. 28-Aug-1876, D. 22-Sep-1961, (Father)

Ramsey, Leah
B. 3-Sep-1831, D. 22-Feb-1905

Ramsey, Martha
D. 2-Apr-1860, A. 4y 11d

Ramsey, Robert P.
B. 17-June-1854, D. 14-Aug-1911

Ramsey, Sarah
B. 21-July-1810, D. 24-Dec-1891

Ramsey, Sarah
B. 5-Oct-1843, D. 24-Oct-1926, H. Thomas N. Ramsey

Ramsey, Sarah
D. 6-Apr-1854, A. 17d

Ramsey, Thomas N.
B. 13-Dec-1848, D. 18-May-1879

Ramsey, William O.
B. 18-Oct-1857, D. 16-Nov-1909, Father

Ramsey, Willis
B. 20-Nov-1902, D. 21-Nov-1902, P. J.L. & L.E. Ramsey

Rayzor, James W.
B. 1878, D. 1962

Rayzor, Maude
B. 1884, D. 1970

Rayzor, Ruby
B. 12-Mar-1911, D. 30-June-1911

Reynolds, John
D. 29-Nov-1911, A. 62y

Reynolds, Mary D.
B. 28-Jan-1818, D. 16-June-1874, H. J. Reynolds

Rice, Cynthia C.
B. 18-Sep-1899

Rice, Robert O.
B. 2-Sep-1896, D. 9-Nov-1959

Ridgley, Emma
B. 23-Apr-1872, D. 3-Apr-1930

Robinson, C. Orvial
B. 11-Aug-1900

Robinson, Harry
D. 5-Mar-1896, P. Wm. & M. Robinson

Robinson, Juanita
B. 26-Oct-1937, D. ?-Feb-1949

Robinson, Maria E.
B. 1-Apr-1879

Robinson, Mary E.
B. 5-Mar-1901

Robinson, William H.
B. 18-Aug-1869, D. 24-Apr-1946

Runyon, David W.
B. 9-Oct-1949?, D. 30-Dec-1949

Runyon, Edith May
B. 20-Oct-1869, D. 17-Feb-1957

Runyon, Emil W.
B. 29-Aug-1877, D. 4-Jan-1939, Father

Runyon, Estol W.
B. 19-Jan-1899, D. 11-July-1959, Father

Runyon, Katie I.
B. 7-June-1880, D. 18-Apr-1939, Mother

Runyon, Lewis L.
B. 1842, D. 1923, Co. C. 115th Il Inf

Runyon, Margarite E.
B. 1847, D. 1923

Runyon, Minnie G.
B. 25-Aug-1898, D. 19??, Mother

Runyon, Richard R.
B. 15-May-1931, D. 13-Aug-1935

Saltsgaver, Frederick W.
B. 20-Feb-1901, D. 13-Nov-1956

Schafer, Harley H.
B. 23-Feb-1872, D. 24-Oct-1914

Schafer, Lydia A.
B. 17-Feb-1885, D. 22-Feb-1943

Schafer, Mary A.
B. 29-Aug-1863, D. 21-Feb-1943

Schafer, John E. (Rev)
B. 11-Sep-1867, D. 12-Oct-1943

Schrader, Alice C.
B. 1861, D. 1932

Schrader, Alice
B. 8-Aug-1886, D. 18-Aug-1886, P. Henry & Rachel Schrader

Schrader, Charles R.
B. 30-Sep-1886, D. 3-Mar-1965, Father

Schrader, Clara
B. 2-Sep-1886, D. 26-Feb-1965

Schrader, Della B.
B. 7-Aug-1824, D. 16-Sep-1898, H. John C. Schrader

Schrader, Elizabeth
B. 21-Jan-1873, D. 23-Mar-1874, P. Henry & Rachel Schrader

Schrader, Emily K.
B. 12-Oct-1853, D. 27-Feb-1927

Schrader, Finley
B. 1897, D. 1936

Schrader, Hannah E.
B. 16-May-1837, D. 27-June-1861

Schrader, Heney
B. 3-Dec-1877, D. 18-June-1931

Schrader, Henry B.
B. 16-Oct-1895, D. 31-Jan-1898, P. J.B. & M.S. Schrader

Schrader, Henry
B. 16-Oct-1836, D. 20-Feb-1913

Schrader, Isaac C.
B. 1860, D. 1939

Schrader, Jacob A.
B. 6-Oct-1888, D. 11-Nov-1888, P. W. & E.K. Schrader

Schrader, Jacoba
B. 8-Nov-1858, D. 28-Dec-1858

Schrader, John B.
B. 12-Dec-1868, D. 5-Feb-1950

Schrader, John C.
B. 2-Dec-1827, D. 25-Dec-1903

Schrader, John Leroy
B. 1890, D. 1956

Schrader, Josephine
B. 6-Sep-1886, D, 11-Aug-1968

Schrader, Laura
B. 25-Sep-1883, D. 29-Nov-1883, D. 29-Nov-1939

Schrader, Lena
B. 22-June-1881, D. 12-Nov-1854

Schrader, Margaret M.
D. 31-July-1885, A. 74y 9m 26d, H. Jacob Schrader

Schrader, Mary A.
B. 19-Feb-1858, D. 14-Sep-1945

Schrader, Mary S.
B. 11-Feb-1868, D. 28-Apr-1945

Schrader, Rachel A.
B. 15-Aug-1843

Schrader, Robert
B. 14-Feb-1896, D. 7-Ag-1897, P. W. & E.K. Schrader

Schrader, Samatha
B. 1846, D. 1864

Schrader, Stewart J.
B. 31-Dec-1881, D. 13-Nov-1915

Schrader, Ursa Lor
B. 1890, D. 1956

Schrader, Viola B.
B. 7-Jan-1888, D. 4-Feb-1953, Mother

Schrader, William S.
B. 29-Nov-1834, D. 3-Sep-1914

Schrader, William T.
D. 17-Aug-1860, A. 8y, P. J.C. & D. Schrader

Schrader, William
B. 15-Oct-1859, D. 30-Dec-1903

Searls, Dale Edward
3-Sep-1943, P. P.A. & Ivalu Searls

Searls, Ivalu
B. 19-Jan-1920, D. 31-Aug-1967

Searls, P.A.
B. 17-Nov-1898, D. 25-July-1968

Seibert, Larry Joe
6-Sep-1934, P. A.B. & C.E. Seibert

Sharp, Abraham H.
B. 1857, D. 1931, (Father)

Sharp, Bennie R.
B. 1896, D. 1897

Sharp, Elizabeth S.
B. 29-Apr-1832, D. 30-Dec-1910, H. W.D.M. Sharp

Sharp, Joseph R.
B. 1864, D. 1929

Sharp, Julia S.
B. 1874, D. 19??

Sharp, Margaret E.
B. 1861, D. 1933, (Mother)

Sharp, William M.
B. 1870, D. 1936

Shepard, Albert A.
B. 1862, D. 1941

Shepard, Claude
B. 20-July-1910, D. 25-Nov-1962

Shepard, Clyde L.
B. 1888, D. 1954

Shepard, E. Page
B. 1864, D. 1938, Father

Shepard, Frank A.
B. 18-Jan-1867, D. 29-Oct-1955

Shepard, Hattie J.
B. 1878, D. 1916

Shepard, Jacob C.
B. 1894, D. 1957

Shepard, Jemima
B. 1863, D. 1945

Shepard, Joseph L.
B. 18-Dec-886, D. 17-Nov-1926

Shepard, Katherine A.
B. 1898, D. 19??

Shepard, Mable L.
B. 23-Apr-1889, D. 24-Mar-1968

Shepard, Noble L.
B. 21-Feb-1914, D. 7-June-1965, Co. A. 772 Mil Police Il World War Ii

Shepard, Pearl
B. 1874, D. 1947, Mother

Shephard, Adam
B. 1826, D. 11-Feb-1862, A. 57y 4m 22d, Graduate Of Middlebury College Va.

Shephard, Albert
B. 12-Sep-1842, D. 3-May-1900, Co C 115th Il Inf

Shephard, Alice
D. 29-Sep-1873, A. 3y 1m 22d, P. A. & J.J. Shephard

Shephard, Calvin
D. 30-Oct-1838, A. 44y

Shephard, Clara
B. 23-Sep-1863, D. 6-July-1864, P. M.A. & M.F. Shephard

Shephard, Dorthy Alberta
B. 31-Jan-1903, D. 25-Feb-1914, P. Albert & Jemima Loeffler Shephard, B. & S. Maud,
Joseph, Clyde, Emma, Jacob, Vernice, Pauline, Mark, Anna

Shephard, Eliza
B. 22-Aug-1807, D. 21-June-1894, H. Adam Shephard

Shephard, Faye
B. 1881, D. 1913, P. A. & J. Shephard

Shephard, Germaine
D. 6-Aug-1893, A. 5y 6m 3d

Shephard, Infant
D. 29-Apr-1873, A. 1d, P. A. & J.J. Shephard

Shephard, John Lee
D. 12-Oct-1894, A. 1y 6m 25d, P. A. & S.J Shephard

Shephard, Sarah J.
B. 1844, D. 1929

Shurtleff, Hyrganus
B. 14-Sep-1875, D. 29-Apr-1919, Corp. L. Co G. Ill Inf

Smalley, Bertha
B. 1872, D. 1920

Smalley, Charles
B. 1870, D. 1958

Smalley, E. Palmer
B. 1857, D. 1928

Smalley, Mary A.
B. 1868, D. 1952

Smalley, E. Palmer (Sgt)
Co. G. 9th Il Inf Sp Am War

Smith, Clara
B. 23-Aug-1886, D. 26-Jan-1957, P. George & Maria Smith

Smith, George D.
B. 25-May-1858, D. 22-Oct-1938

Smith, George L.
B. 12-Jan-1820, D. 31-Aug-1858

Smith, George W.
B. 1-Dec-1854, D. 23-July-1907

Smith, Harriett A.
D. 10-Sep-1890, A. 43y 9m 10d, H. G.W. Smith

Smith, Infant Daughter
B. 4-Feb-1865, D. 4-Feb-1865, P. J. & L. Smith

Smith, J. Samuel
B. 10-Apr-1859, D. 17-Oct-1937

Smith, Jesse L.
B. 26-Nov-1893, D. 30-May-1964

Smith, John O.
B. 3-Nov-1875, D. 24-July-1877

Smith, John
B. 1788, D. 1859

Smith, John
B. 6-Oct-1825, D. 19-Feb-1909

Smith, Louisiana
B. 16-Sep-1834, D. 21-Apr-1928

Smith, Lyman F.
B. 9-July-1892, D. 17-Jan-1893

Smith, Maria
B. 16-May-1858, D. 20-Jan-1920, H. George D. Smith

Smith, Mary Etta
B. 10-June-1864, D. 6-Nov-1922

Smith, Mary M.
B. 11-Jan-1881, D. 21-Jan-1888, P. G.W. & H.A. Smith

Smith, Mary
B. ?-Feb-1822, D. 3-Feb-1902

Smith, Mary
B. 1848, D. 1919

Smith, Newton H.
B. 1867, D. 1955

Smith, Rebecca
B. 1791, D. 1869, H. John Smith

Smith, William J.
B. 2-Oct-1861, D. 22-Sep-1862

Snyder, Florence A.
B. 18-Apr-1902, D. 17-Dec-1963, Mother

Snyder, Fred M.
B. 4-June-1904, Father

Snyder, James
B. 1927, D. 1938

Spidel, Floyd Wayne
B. 1-July-1929, D. 20-May-1969, Son

Spidel, Floyd
B. 6-Jan-1908, D. 5-Oct-1971, Father

Spidel, Nellie Ruth
B. 23-Mar-1905, Mother

Stiner, Riley
D. 10-Sep-1897, A. 22y 1m 22d, P. G.G. & N. Stiner

Stoltz, Alice J.
B. 4-Sep-1878, D. 14-May-1967

Stoltz, Brenda Kay
24-July-1956, P. Earl & Virginia Stoltz

Stoltz, Charles B.
B. 5-May-1872, D. 20-Apr-1947

Stoltz, Infant Son
B. 12-Aug-1944, D. 14-Aug-1944, F. Richard Stoltz

Stoltz, Maude L.
B. 18-May-1891, Mother

Stoltz, Earnest O. (P.F.C.)
B. 1-May-1921, D. 12-Mar-1954

Stoltz, Alvin O. (Pvt)
B. 5-May-1896, D. 1-May-1967, Co K 48th Il Inf, Father

Stoltz, Roxie Fern
B. 6-Feb-1906, D. 16-Apr-1922, P. Charles B. & Alice Stoltz

Stone, William A.
B. 9-May-1896, D. 18-Oct-1918, Co. C. 138th M.G.B.N.

Talley, Archabald
B. 29-May-1814, D. 11-Feb-1894

Talley, Charles E.
B. 1940, D. 1941

Talley, Infant Daughter
B. 1-Aug-1855, D. 1-Oct-1855, P. Archibld & Rachel Talley

Talley, Mary S.
D. 22-Aug-1855, A. 1y 4m 10d, P. S.H. & D.S. Talley

Talley, Rachel B.
B. 28-July-1821, D. 21-Feb-1907

Talley, Richard
B. 13-Mar-1905, D. 2-Apr-1953, Father

Tanquary, Joseph Hershell
B. 5-Oct-1859, D. 30-Sep-1890, P. A. & H. Tanquary

Tanquary, Rosella
B. 21-Apr-1866, D. 21-June-1868, P. A. & H. Tanquary

Teter, Elizabeth S.
D. 31-Uly-1904, A. 62y 8m 15d

Thompson, Agnes E.G.
B. 27-Mar-1875, D. 13-Dec-1897, A. 22y 8m 16d, H. W.E. Thompson

Thompson, Anna J.
B. 24-Apr-1883, D. 9-May-1963

Thompson, Bennett
B. 1850, D. 1920

Thompson, Bessie J.
B. 21-May-1890, D. 15-Oct-1907

Thompson, Charles B.
B. 3-Sep-1881, D. 1-Oct-1881, P. H.L. & M.B. Thompson

Thompson, Charles N.
B. 6-Jan-1882, D. 8-June-1909

Thompson, Clarence
B. 10-Sep-1898, D. 15-Jan-1899, P. S.B. & I. Thompson

Thompson, Daniel B.
B. 5-Dec-1905, D. 12-Feb-1908, P. W.H. & E.L. Thompson

Thompson, Elizabeth
D. 15-Oct-1856, A. 65y, H. Joseph Thompson

Thompson, Elsie L.
B. 29-Sep-1888

Thompson, George E.
B. 30-Jan-1885, D. 14-Feb-1885, P. J.D. & M. Thompson

Thompson, H. Finley
B. 3-Aug-1886, D. 4-July-1887, P. J.D. & M. Thompson

Thompson, Harrison H.
B. 28-Sep-1888, D. 24-Oct-1896, P. J.D. & M. Thompson

Thompson, Henry
B. 9-Jan-1815, D. 6-Apr-1896

Thompson, Herman H.
B. 1-Sep-1884, D. 9-Feb-1963

Thompson, Hiram
Died In Action In Civil War, Buried At Chattanooga Tenn.

Thompson, Ida
B. 19-Sep-1878, D. 14-May-1904, A. 33y 5m 25d, H. S.S. Thompson

Thompson, Infant Son
B. 13-Sep-1880, D. 13-Sep-1880, P. H.L. & M.B. Thompson

Thompson, Isabel
B. 1859, D. 1912

Thompson, J. Alford
B. 21-Apr-1914, D. 30-May-1931

Thompson, J. Edwin
B. 13-Jan-1877, D. 5-May-1892, P. J.D. & M. Thompson

Thompson, Jacob H.
B. 5-Sep-1868, D. 31-Dec-1896, P. J.D. & M. Thompson

Thompson, John D.
B. 17-Oct-1846, D. 17-Apr-1921

Thompson, John H.
B. 11-Jan-1884, D. 9-Sep-1963, Il Fiusnr Ww I

Thompson, John
D. 18-Mar-1849, A. 6m 13d, P. D. & N. Osborn

Thompson, Lois E.
B. 1915, D. 1923

Thompson, Lura M.
B. 18-Mar-1923, D. 19-Apr-1924

Thompson, Margaret
B. 11-July-1847, D. 10-Apr-1898, H. John D. Thompson

Thompson, Mary S.
B. 1893, D. 1912

Thompson, Paul E.
B. 19-Sep-1941, D. 19-Feb-1942

Thompson, Samuel L.
B. 27-Feb-1860, D. 12-Feb-1939

Thompson, Sarah I.
D. 25-Oct-1881, A. 21y 11m 1d, H. S.L. Thompson

Thompson, Simanthia
B. 17-May-1812, D. 1-Oct-1858, H. H. Thompson

Thompson, Stephen
B. 23-Mar-1843, D. 24-Jan-1865, Co. A. Reg. Mo, Vol Inf

Thompson, W.E.
B. 11-Jan-1871

Thompson, William H.
B. 29-July-1878, D. 22-June-1963

Thompson, William
D. 6-Oct-1861, A. 21y 10m 9d

Thrapp, Florist N.

Tower, Alvin B.
B. 1862, D. 1948

Tower, Ethel B.
B. 1890, D. 1961

Tower, Olive M.
B. 1868, D. 1952

Turner, Bertha
B. 13-Aug-1891, D. 5-May-1910

Turner, Eliza Jane
B. 1859, D. 1936

Turner, Ellen
B. 3-July-1883, D. 9-July-1908, P. F.A. & J. Turner

Turner, Florence
B. 7-Apr-1895, D. 15-Sep-1909

Turner, Frank
B. 26-July-1859, D. 10-July-1916

Turner, Kelley

Underwood, Edwin
B. Sep-1872, D. 17-Sep-1872, P. J. & E. Underwood

Underwood, John W.
B. 1851, D. 1892

Underwood, Mary E.
B. 1854, D. 1924

Underwood, William
B. 22-Mar-1854, D. 17-Nov-1854, P. J. & E. Underwood

Vanwey, Jacob G.
D. 31-June-1888, A. 8m 21d, P. J.T. & L.T. Vanwey

Vanwey, Sarah

Williams, Ann Maria
B. 1851, D. 1931

Williams, Chester
B. 3-Mar-1890, D. 9-Jan-1891, P. P. & M. Williams

Williams, Clarinda
D. 9-July-1881, A. 1y 4m 5d, P. J.L. & M.L. Williams

Williams, Mabel
B. 1890, D. 1947

Williams, Mary Ellen
B. 1870, D. 1936

Williams, Myrtle
D. 22-Oct-1897, A. 12y 9m 12d, P. W.A. & M.A. Williams

Williams, Pascal F.
B. 1867, D. 1901

Williams, William A.
B. 1850, D. 1928

Wood, Rebecca
D. 8-Jan-1819, A. 27y, H. W. Wood

Wooley, Elbert E.
B. 1902, D. 1945, Father

Wooley, Walter
B. 1922, D. 1968, Father

Wright, C. Eugene
B. 1889, D. 1927

Wright, Charles C.
B. 1859, D. 1930

Wright, Julia A.
B. 1860, D. 1928

Wright, Mildred Fern
B. 1920, D. 1922

Wright, Ramona June
B. 1917, D. 1919


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