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Mount Carmel, Wabash County, IL

TRANSCRIPTION .. : Bernard J. Walter while working for Works Progress Administration in 1935+
HISTORY WRITE-UP : Mt Carmel Daily Republican-Register in 11-Mar-1919
DATAFILE INPUT . : Mount Carmel Library / Shannon Swain in Dec-1999
Submitted to Genealogy Trails By Paul M. Kankula

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

J. Ralph Roberts and Roy D. Short appeared before the city council and presented a proposition for the merging of the Rose Hill cemetery and the Odd Fellows' cemetery, or the city's Odd Fellows' sections of the Rose Hill cemetery, for the purpose of forming a cemetery association and thereby adding numerous improvements to the cemetery, such as putting in walks and drives. Many have offered liberal donations to further this work, as was shown at the meeting.

To push plans in this direction, a committee was named to have charge of the work. The committee consists of Rev. J. Ralph Roberts, S.A. Mayne, Roy D. Short, Louis Walter, George Cleveland, and Ben Townsend.

On motion it was voted by the council that the city attorney shall draft an ordinance providing for the building of concrete walks, by the property owners, along the west side of Main street from Fifth to Ninth, where concrete walks have not been constructed.

?, Ada L.
B. 17-Aug-1832, D. 10-July-1908

?, Eva May
D. 15-Jan-1866, A. 1y 2m 13d

?, George Jr.

?, Margaret S.
B. 11-Dec-1887, D. 22-Oct-1901

Small Marker On Johnston Lot


Acord, Harry
B. 1874, D. 1923

Adams, Arthur E.
B. 18-May-1908, D. 10-June-1908, P. E.& O. Adams

Adams, Belle
D. 8-Dec-1865, A. 11m 24d, P. E. & L.A. Adams, P. E. & L.A. Adams

Adams, Edward
B. 16-Oct-1829, D. 14-Dec-1893, Major 48th Illinois Volunteer In The Rebellion

Adams, Elijah
B. 4-Dec-1832, D. 11-Jan-1916

Adams, Freddie P.
B. 9-Jan-1900, D. 10-Feb-1900, P. E. & O. Adams

Adams, George B.
D. 12-Aug-1864, A. 10y 11m 14d, P. Richard & R.L. Adams

Adams, Grace
D. 18-Sep-1869, A. 24d, P. E. & L.A. Adams

Adams, Ida
D. 6-Aug-1861, A. 1y, P. E. & L.A. Adams

Adams, Infant Daughter
P. E. & L.A. Adams

Adams, Joseph A.
D. 22-Sep-1856, A. 10m 10d, P. Ruband & Rebecca Adams

Adams, Lucy A.
B. 2-Dec-1836, D. 29-Dec-1877, H. Elijah Adams

Adams, Maria L.
B. 20-Oct-1841, D. 9-June-1924, H. Edward Adams

Adams, Maud
D. 25-Oct-1868, A. 1y 6m 4d, P. E. & L.A. Adams

Adams, Reah Pauline
D. 26-July-1899, A. 2y 1m 17d, P. D. & N.J. Adams

Adams, Sophia
B. 10-Oct-1806, D. 25-Aug-1897, H. Joseph Adams

Aldrick, Charles C.
B. 1888, D. 1910

Andrews, George V.
Company D. 48th Illinois Infantry

Andrews, Joseph
D. 18-Dec-1887, A. 70y 5m 22d

Andrews, Mary
D. 9-July-1903, A. 82y 5m 6d

Andrews, Samuel
B. 3-Apr-1847, D. 19-July-1900

Andrews, Willie S.
D. 4-Feb-1888, A. 37y 4m 2d

Andrus, Gertrude Pearl
D. 4-Dec-1921, A. 26y 3m 28d

Andrus, Leah
B. 1854, D. 1916, H. James Andrus

Andrus, Lyell
B. 21-Oct-1878, D. 11-Mar-1900

Andurs, James

Anthis, Effa Pearl
D. 5-Dec-1897, A. 1y 3m 19d, P. J. & J. Anthis

Anthis, Raymond
D. 20-July-1903, A. 9y 11m 23d, P. J. & J. Anthis

Arbuthnot, Belle
D. 20-Feb-1884, A. 3y 11m 28d, P. F.G. & S.A. Arbuthnot

Arbuthnot, Blake
D. 27-Feb-1878, A. 3y 4m 14d, P. F.G. & S.A. Arbuthnot

Arbuthnot, Everett
D. 31-July-1883, A. 1y 10m 13d, P. F.G. & S.A. Arbuthnot

Arbuthnot, Sarah E.
D. 27-Jan-1888, A. 68y 8m, H. Wm. Arbuthnot

Arbuthnot, William
D. 19-Sep-1864, A. 53y 1m 2d

Armstrong, Jose
B. 1874

Armstrong, Sadie M.
B. 1873, D. 1921, H. Jose Armstrong

Arnold, Albert
B. 1877, D. 1909

Arnold, Barbara
B. 1844, D. 1910

Arnold, Elizabeth B.
D. 3-Dec-1875, A. 67y 10m 15d, H. George Arnold

Arnold, Fred
B. 1879, D. 1900

Arnold, George
B. 1846, D. 1912

Arnold, George
D. 24-Jan-1850, D. 46y 5m 6d

Arnold, L.V.
B. 1846, D. 1921

Arnold, Eddie
B. 29-May-?, A. 3m 1d

Arnold, Minnie G.
D. 28-Dec-1897, A. 18y 3m 15d, P. T.E. & L.V. Arnold

Arnold, T.E.
B. 1848, D. 1922

Avery, John E.
B. 1860, D. 1920

Baird John W.
D. 18-Jan-1883, A. 79y 2m 6d

Baird, Candace A.
B. 19-June-1855, D 27-Feb-1909, H. Francis M. Baird

Baird, Francis M.
B. 11-Feb-1848, D. 16-Jan-1922

Baird, Frank L.
B. 1877, D. 1932

Baird, Infant
F.(?) Frank Baird, D. 3-June-1910

Baird, Millicent
B. 1886

Baird, Rebecca
D. 10-Apr-1895, A. 86y 11m 28d, H. John W. Baird

Baird, Susan R.
D. 9-Jan-1933, A. 84y 12d

Baird, William J.
B. 19-Dec-1847, D. 8-Feb-1911

Baker, Frank
D. 14-Aug-1874, A. 6m 23d, P. O.D. & L.I. Baker

Baker, Infant Son
D. 14-Nov-1872, P. O.D. & L.I. Baker

Baldwin, Hattie Hughey
D. 24-Oct-1906, A. 38y 18d, H. Forest Baldwin

Bankes, Caroline H.
D. 30-Oct-1871, A. 27y 8m 29d, H. J.A. Bankes

Bankes, Levi J.
D. 18-Aug-1869, A. 22y 11m 17d, P. P. & M. Bankes

Bankes, Margaret
D. 5-Apr-1870, A. 46y 10m 21d, H. P. Bankes

Barbell, Bell
D. 25-July-1861, A. 8m

Barber, Avilla
D. 12-Nov-1884, A. 81y

Barber, Elizabeth
D. 27-Apr-1860, A. 31y, H. J.W. Barber

Barber, Francis M.
D. 8-Jan-1844, A. 4y, P. Robert & Sevillar Barber, Buried In Ohio

Barber, John T.
D. 28-May-1829, A. 2y, P. Robert & Sevillar Barber, Buried In Ohio

Barber, Louisa J.
D. 12-Mar-1851, A. 2y, P. Robert & Sevillar Barber, Buried In Ohio

Barber, Robert
D. 29-Jan-1880, A. 80y

Barlow, Robert B.
B. 1899, D. 1903

Baumgartner, Catharine
B. 18-Sep-1828, D. 5-June-1877

Baumgartner, Charles J.
B. 23-Sep-1856, D. 11-May-1904

Baumgartner, George J.
B. 25-Dec-1851, D. 2-Dec-1891

Baumgartner, Infant Son
P. John & Mary Baumgartner

Baumgartner, John M.
B. 6-June-1819, D. 21-June-1863

Baumgartner, John
B. 1880, D. 1927

Baumgartner, Johnney

Beall, Arthur W.
B. 1870, D. 1870

Beall, Edward F.
B. 1840, D. 1918

Beall, Ethel
B. 1875, D. 1886

Beall, Mary J.
B. 1850, D. 1908

Beall, Mary W.
B. 1879, D. 1882

Beanblossom, Herbert L.
B. 20-Feb-1880, D. 8-Feb-1917

Beck, Florence
B. 3-June-1886, D. 11-Nov-1889, P. W. & I. Beck

Beckerman, Joseph E.
B. 1888, D. 1926

Bedell, Eunice L.
B. 1833, D. 1913

Bedell, George T.
B. 1832, D. 1902

Bedell, Jay Guy
B. 30-Dec-1881, D. 12-Nov-1900, P. C.D. & C.M. Bedell

Bedell, Little Cook
D. 23-Mar-1881, A. 10y, P. C.D. & C.M. Bedell

Bell, James

Bell, Martin
48th Illinois Infantry

Bell, Mattie R.
D. 29-?-1867, A. 7y 7m, P. Robert & Sara S. Bell

Bell, Maud Marion
B. 6-Aug-1865, D. 3-May-1880, P. Robert & Sara S. Bell

Bell, Virgiline
B. 27-Feb-1877, D. 13-Apr-1878, P. Robert & Sara S. Bell

Berger, John M.
D. 24-Feb-1868, A. 2m 27d, P. J.& S. Berger

Berninger, C.M.
B. 23-Sep-1855, D. 4-Aug-1918

Berninger, Louella E.
B. 15-Mar-1861, D. 7-Dec-1906, H. C.M. Berninger

Besore, George W.
D. 4-Jan-1863, A. 25y 2m 13d

Besore, Julia A.
D. 4-Feb-1864, A. 24y 1m 9d, A. 24y 1m 9d, P. C. & R. Cuqua, H. G.W. Besore

Biddle, Crawford S.
B. 26-Aug-1854

Biddle, Dr. E.D.
B. 1857, D. 1012

Biddle, Mary Louise
D. 30-Sep-1885, Infant

Biddle, Laura Hughes
B. 20-Jan-1861, D. 9-Oct-1926

Biddle, Thomas Shannon
D. 16-June-1880, D. 4m 23d

Blizzard, Or Gizzard, Or Clizzard, Armelia
D. 18-Feb-1867, A. 60y

Blood, Henry Edson
B. 1842, D. 1911

Blood, Louise Adams
B. 1846, D. 1920

Bockhouse, Susan
B. 21-Apr-1838, D. 13-Nov-1905, H. William Bockhouse

Bockhouse, William
B. 19-Apr-1836, D. 3-Jan-1875,Company G 2nd Illinois Cavalry

Bolerjack, Earl
D. 23-Aug-1928, A. 38y 10m 6d

Bolerjack, Mattie
D. 20-Nov?, A. 42y 11m

Boyer, Mary J.
D. 10-Dec-1864, H. Augustus Boyer

Brewer, Anna
B. 1-Sep-1874, D. 29-Dec-1908, H. L.J. Brewer

Brewer, C. Or G.L.
B. 19-Sep-1853, D. 30-Sep-1878

Brewer, Malinda
B. 1844, D. 1918

Brines, Carrie
B. 30-Apr-1867, D. 12-Jan-1905, P. J.R. & A.E. Brines

Brines, Eliza A.
B. 1840, D. 1928

Brines, Emobetta
B. 26-Aug-1859, D. 25-Apr-18??, P. C.G. & E.F. Brines

Brines, J.R. Sr.
B. 1844, D. 1925

Brines, Mary E.
B. 22-Jan-1843, D. 27-Sep-1914

Brown, Edith
D. 8-June-1887, A. 1y 1m 5d?, P. J.H. & A.M. Brown

Brown, Ethel F.
D. 15-Apr-1902, A. 11m 8d, P. J.H. & A.M. Brown

Brown, Noble Vern
D. 12-Sep-1899, A. 1y 7m 22d, P. J.H. & A.M. Brown

Burns, Belle S.
B. 20-Oct-1862, D. 1-Aug-1889, H. G.C. Burns

Burns, Hannah U.
B. 1829, D. 1911

Burns, Neil C.
B. 1820, D. 1895

Burrucker, Charles
B. 28-June-1868, D. 12-Dec-1868

Burrucker, Henry
B. 3-Sep-1843, D. 1-May-1927

Burrucker, Mary E.
B. 25-Sep-1844, D. 29-Mar-1879

Buyer, Paul F.
D. 3-Nov-1898, A. 10d, P. Rev. J.L. & C.L. Buyer


Capin, Nellie
B. 25-Dec-1867, D. 3-Feb-1925

Carder, Clara F.
B. 9-June-1854, D. 21-Mar-1883, H. I.T. Carder

Carrell, Robert Wilson
D. 19-Feb-1928, A. 4y 4m 9d

Carson, Ermine
B. 23-Sep-1964, D. 24-Feb-1868, H. J.S. Carson

Carson, James S.
B. 1856, D. 1927

Chaney, E.J.
B. 18-Dec-1819, D. 8-Apr-1873

Chipman, Alice M.
D. 20-Aug-1868, A. 17y 7m 12d, H. W.F. Chipman

Chipman, Draper
D. 22-Sep-1871, A. 57y 4m 11d

Chipman, Elean
D. 2-Aug-1887, A. 1y 8m, P. W.F. & H.S. Chipman

Chipman, Helen S.
D. 1-June-1888, A. 35y 1m 8d, H. W.F. Chipman

Chipman, Sarah T.
D. 8-Feb-1877, A. 24y 9m 2d

Chipman, William
B. 1844, D. 1928

Clark, Emily Caroline
D. 1-Nov-1856, A. 21y, H. Jas. H. Clark

Clarke, A.A.B.
B. 1843, D. 1906

Clarke, Annie H.
B. 1843, D. 1916

Clarke, George S.
B. 1867, D. 1926

Cline, Sallie J.
D. 26-Oct-1883, A. 33y 5m 5d, H. William Cline

Clizzard Or Blizzard, Or Gizzard, Armelia
D. 18-Feb-1867, A. 60y

Coleman, George H.
B. 17-May-1885, D. 21-July-1915

Coleman, Mary
B. 15-Oct-1848, D. 21-Jan-1923?

Coleman, Maud G.
B. 1881, D. 1924

Coleman, T.E.

Collard, Daniel M.
B. 17-July-1833, D. 20-Nov-1887

Collard, Margaret E.
B. 22-Dec-1846, D. 22-Dec-1914, H. D.M. Collard

Compton, Levi
D. 28-Jan-1879, A. 11y

Compton, V.G.
B. 29-Jan-1839, D. 13-Apr-1912, Company G. 48th Illinois Infantry

Conway, Marie J.
D. 2-Jan-1858, P. S.B. & J.F. Conway

Copeland, Jane E.
B. 1847, D. 1922

Copeland, Phoebe
B. 1819, D. 1904

Copeland, Samuel
B. 1806, D. 1891

Copeland, Sarah
B. 1840, D. 1915

Copp, ?
D. 4-Aug-1857, A. 8d

Copp, George William
D. 17-Mar-1859, A. 5y 8m 19d

Copp, John
B. 1820, D. 1892

Copp, Sarah E.
B. 1826, D. 1864

Corrie, Albert
B. 1848, D. 1928

Costallo, Francis H.
B. 26-Aug-1861, D. 5-May-1862, P. J.T. & A.M. Costallo

Couch, John
B. 6-Jan-1906, D. 12-May-1907, P. J.F. & D.C. Couch

Couch, Lothia C.

Craig, E.F.
B. 1839

Craig, J.D.
B. 1837, D. 1903, Company M. 4th Illinois Cavalry

Craig, Lewis F.
B. 1870

Craig, Nora D.
B. 1875, D. 1903

Crandoll, Gladys V.
D. 7-Jan-1912, A. 23y 7m 12d

Crandoll, James
D. 7-Nov-1923, A. 52y 11m 20d

Crandoll, John R.
B. 11-Mar-1851, D. 17-Mar-1880

Crandoll, John William
D. 25-Apr-1928, A. 2m 9d

Cravath, Austin
P. R. & R.J. Cravath

Cravath, Ella Bell
D. 17-Sep-1863 Or 8, P. R. & R.J. Cravath

Cravoth, Robert Charles
B. 24-Nov-1865, D. 21-Mar-1870, P. Robert & R.J. Cravoth

Crow, Charles
B. 1870

Crow, Ettie
B. 1872, H. Charles Crow

Crow, Maud
B. 1896, D. 1912, P. C. & E. Crow

Cummins, George C.
B. 30-Aug-1874, D. 18-May-1908, P. C.F. & M.F. Cummins

Cummins, Shirley P.
B. 15-Feb-1881, D. 29-Aug-1905

Cuqua, Charles B.
B. 17-Nov-1863, D. 5-Aug-1907

Cuqua, Frank G.
B. 16-Feb-1837, D. 8-July-1878

Cuqua, Harry R.
B. 29-Apr-1872, D. 6-Jan-1893

Cuqua, Mary Jane
D. 21-June-1912, A. 73y

Cuqua, Rebecca
D. 4-Jan-1881, A. 69y

Curtis, Virgil G.
B. 7-July-1859, D. 10-Jan-1902


Davenport, E. Blake
B. 21-Dec-1877, D. 6-Aug-1927

Davis, Elmer E.
B. 1861, D. 1900

Davis, Mary
D. 18-July-1859, A. 8d, P. J.P. & Sarah M. David

Deischer, Infant
D. 19-Apr-1924, A. 10d

Deputy, Abner G.
B. 1851, D. 1932

Deputy, George W.
D. 18-Oct-1865, A. 22y 8m 11d, P. T.T. & M.M. Deputy, 62nd Illinois Infantry

Deputy, Mary M.
B. 15-Feb-1823, D. 27-Apr-1892, A. 69y 2m 8d

Deputy, Sarah J.
D. 20-Nov-?, A. ?Y 10m 29d

Deputy, Thomas T.
D. 14-Apr-1887, A. 68y 2m 23d

Dollahan, Harry H.
D. 22-Mar-1885, A. 13d, P. J.F. & M.L. Dollahan

Dorney, Grace L.
B. 1858, D. 1927

Douglass, Ansel P.
B. 12-Feb-1892, D. 13-June-1913, P. J.F. & M.M. Douglass

Douglass, J.P.
D. 15-Mar-1868

Douglass, Minttie M.
B. 7-May-1870, H. J.P. Douglassdyar, Andrew F., D. 9-Oct-
1855, A. 80y 8m 11d

Dyar, Edward F.
B. 19-Nov-1862, D. 4-Feb-1889, A. 26y 2m 15d

Dyar, Elizabeth B.
D. 15-Dec-1874, A. 83y 8m 26d, H. A.F. Dyar

Dyar, Elizabeth
B. 24-July-1822, D. 18-Aug-1900, H. J.D. Dyar

Note: Karentyler@Aol.Com Has Photograph Of Grave Marker Showing D. 18-Aug-1906

Dyar, John A.
D. 1-Feb-1855, A. 3m 15d, P. John D. & E. Dyar

Note: Karentyler@Aol.Com Has Undocumented D. 4-Oct-1855

Dyar, Louisa L.
D. 20-Sep-1857, A. 6m 15d, P. John D. & Elizabeth Dyar

Dyar, William H.
B. 25-Mar-1870, D. 27-Jan-1862

Note: Reported In History And Families, Wabash County, Il 1824-1993.
William H. Dyar B. 25-Mar-1820 & D. 27-Jan-1882. Karentyler@Aol.Com

Dye, Patricia Ann
B. 20-Dec-1923, D. 24-Dec-1923

Dyer, Joel H.
Company F. 1st Colored Cavalry





Small Marker On Johnston Lot

Eichhorn, Pauline S. Landes
B. 24-May-1868, D. 19-Apr-1925, H. E.F. Eichhorn

Elliott, Albert W.
B. 1844, D. 1927

Elliott, Bertha Rose
B. 1886, D. 1913, H. C.D. Elliott

Epperson, Anna
B. 4-May-1853, D. 15-Apr-1875, H. J.W. Epperson

Epperson, James W.
B. 2-Nov-1854, D. 21-Feb-1875

Eublman, Carrie
B. 25-Apr-1878, D. 30-Nov-1904

Finnell, Rhoda E.
B. 1875, D. 1911

Fisher, Caroline
B. 15-Nov-1828, D. 3-Jan-1873, P. D. & C. Fisher

Fisher, Daniel
B. 9-May-1818, D. 13-Mar-1880, P. D. & C. Fisher

Fisher, George I.
B. 30-Oct-1846, D. 29-Nov-1876, P. D. & C. Fisher

Fisher, Jennie
D. 21-Aug-1885, A. 27y 5m 17d, H. A.L. Fisher

Fisher, Loretta E.M.
D. 15-Apr-1888, A. 4m 6d, P. J.J. & M.M. Fisher

Fisher, Louis F.
B. 20-Oct-1854, D. 5-Aug-1855, P. D. & C. Fisher

Fisher, Pollie A.G.
B. 31-Mar-1861, D. 31-Aug-1865, P. D. & C. Fisher

Fisher, Sarah A.M.
B. 20-Jan-1853, D. 9-Sep-1855, P. D. & C. Fisher

Ford, Ada Belle
B. 2-Dec-1874, D. 31-Dec-1874, P. H.D. & M.I. Ford

Ford, Harvey H.
B. 11-May-1831, D. 28-Aug-1882

Foster, M.J.
B. 1850, D. 1918

Fox, Elijah B.
B. 1869, D. 1929

Fox, Elijah
D. 5-Jan-1870, A. 39y 24d

Fox, Enola C.
B. 1879, D. 1919

Fox, Francis E.
B. 16-Sep-1843, D. 2-Mar-1926

Fox, Jessie Jane
B. 1863, D. 1927

Freeman, Edward Franklin
B. 15-Oct-1917, D. 29-Jan-1919

Freeman, Maud H.
B. 1886, D. 1932, H. A.M. Freeman

Froman, Arthur S.
B. 15-Sep-1886, D. 29-Sep-1905, P. T.J. & M.A. Froman

Froman, Hazel B.
B. 1896, D. 1922

Froman, Infant Daughter
D. 4-Apr-1903, P. Z. & 3.M. Froman

Froman, Infant
D. 9-Jan-1932, P. Z. & E.M. Froman

Froman, Mary A.
B. 23-Nov-1854, D. 1-Sep-1910, H. Thomas J. Froman

Froman, Oath
B. 1879, D. 1914

Froman, Ruth
B. 7-Nov-1904, D. 19-May-1906, P. A.A. & K. Froman

Froman, Thomas J.
B. 28-Sep-1855, D. 7-Jan-1922

Froman, Zenor
B. 13-May-1891, D. 29-Apr-1832

Frost, Emily
D. 11-Feb-1891, A. 65y 7m 17d, H. Henry Frost

Geiger, Anna
B. 14-Oct-1878, D. 13-May-1907, H. J.F. Geiger

Gibson, Alexander
D. 21-July-1850, A. 67y 5m 7d

Gibson, J.J.
Sur. R.S.N., B. 30-Apr-1836, D. 19-Feb-1870, A. 33y 9m 19d

Gibson, James
Company G. 87th Illinois Infantry

Gibson, M.
Consort, A. Gibson

Gizzard, Or Blizzard Or Clizzard, Armelia
D. 18-Feb-1867, A. 60y

Glick, Alice H. Wood
B. 20-Apr-1859, D. 11-July-1880, H. L.J. Glick

Glick, George Andrew
D. 7-Feb-1926, A. 80y 6m 9d

Glick, George
D. 6-Sep-1882, A. 82y 5m 6d

Glick, Lewis
B. 20-July-1823, D. 16-July-1895, A. 71y 11m 26d

Glick, Mary
B. 12-Sep-1822, D. 7-July-1898, A. 75y 9m 25d

Glick, Minnie J.
D. 6-May-1880, A. 5y 3m 11d, P. W.F. & M.S. Glick

Glick, Rachael
D. 25-Jan-1879, A. 1m 11d, P. J.E. & L. Glick

Glick, Rachel
D. 9-Jan-1891, A. 91y 2m 22d, H. George Glick

Glick, Victor L.
B. 30-June-1880

Goforth, C.O.B.
A. 56y 2d

Goforth, James Lutes
D. 25-Mar-1859, A. 1y 11m 8d, P. C.O.B. & F.E. Goforth

Goforth, Mary L.
B. 16-Aug-1853, D. 21-Mar-1926

Goforth, Thomas Ephraim
D. 1-Jan-1848, A. 1y 1m 22d, P. C.O.B. & F.E. Goforth

Goforth, William A.
B. 12-May-1848, D. 22-July-1908

Goodart, John Allen
B. 1883, D. 1920

Goodart, Willa
B. 1895, D. 1925

Goodyear, Eliza
B. 9-June-1821, D. 12-Dec-1901, H. George H. Goodyear

Goodyear, George H.
B. 17-June-1819, D. 14-Dec-1901

Gordon, Infant Daughter
D. 8-June-1878, P. R.S. & M.L. Gordon

Gordon, Libbe
D. 19-Apr-1876, A. 2y 2m 17d, P. R.S. & M.L. Gordon

Gordon, Mary L.
B. 1840, D. 1907

Gordon, Robert S.
B. 1838, D. 1907

Gordon, Wilcom
D. 9-Feb-1876, A. 12d, P. R.S. & M.L. Gordon

Gott, Hazen
B. 18-Aug-1841, D. 31-Dec-1870

Gott, William E.
B. 25-Apr-1856, D. 27-July-1870, P. L. & M. Gott

Gould, Bradley B.
B. 27-June-1817 In Bridgeport Conn., D. 28-Sep-1885, A. 68y 3m 1d

Gould, Jerome
B. 15-May-1847, D. 17-Mar-1926, A. 79y 2d

Gould, Leroy Kavanough
B. 7-July-1891?, D. 1-Sep-1903, P. J. & L. Gould

Gould, Lydia
B. 27-Mar-1842, D. 15-Dec-1909, H. Jerome Gould

Gould, Mary E.
B. 28-July-1837, D. 3-Oct-1904, H. B.B. Gould

Gould, Mary F.
D. 8-July-1862, A. 40y 3m 5d, H. B.B. Gould

Gould, Murlin C.
B. 1909, D. 1924

Graham, Sarah S.
D. 16-June-1869, A. 28y 9m 6d, H. William Graham

Graham, William
D. 9-Oct-1871, A. 41y 6m 22d, Surgeon 40th Ill Inf.

Green, Eddie
D. 12-Sep-1869, A. 11m 9d, P. E.B. & Emily L. Green

Green, Emily Lutes
B. 1837, D. 1926

Green, Judge E.B.
B. 1837, D. 1923

Green, Pearl E.
B. 1875, A. 1916

Greer, Eliza M.
B. 8-Jan-1892, D. 20-Feb-1858, H. William Greer

Greer, Elizabeth
B. 5-Mar-1854, D. 9-June-1906, H. W.C. Greer

Greer, James M.
B. 25-Jan-1833, D. 12-Mar-1857, P. W. & E.M. Greer

Greer, Mary E.
D. 28-Jan-1870, A. 19y 4m 26d, P. S.D. & W.A. Greer

Greer, S.D.
D. 15-Oct-1912, A. 88y 7m 20d

Greer, William C.
Company G. 129th Indiana Infantry

Greer, William C.
D. 16-Sep-1860, A. 38y 7m 7d

Greer, William
D. 4-May-1835, A. 39y

Greer, Winna A.
D. 23-Mar-1905, A. 75y 4m 9d, H. S.D. Greer

Gregg, Mary W.
D. June-1930

Grey, George B.
D. 5-Oct-1914

Grundon, Clara A.
B. 1856, D. 1901, H. Cyrus M. Grundon

Grundon, Cyrus M.
B. 1849, D. 1914

Grundon, Edgar L.
B. 28-Mar-1907, D. 19-Apr-1907, P. B.F. & S. Grundon

Grundon, Lewis
D. 8-July-1899, A. 7y 9m 24d, P. G.M. & G.A. Grundon

Grundon, Ruth M.
D. 12-May-1900, A. 5m 6d, P. U.G. & E.T. Grundon

Grundon, Ulysses G.
D. 22-Apr-1931, A. 67y 2m 10d


Hall, Edith
B. 1849, D. 1921, H. J.S.G. Hall

Ham, Ab. L.
B. 1860, D. 1906

Ham, Clay
B. 8-May-1835, D. 5-Oct-1841

Ham, E. Jane
B. 1848, D. 1921

Ham, Elizabeth
B. 3-Dec-1839, D. 5-July-1881

Ham, Emma
B. 1856, D. 1898

Ham, George S.
B. 1852, D. 1916

Ham, Hattie
B. 1846, D. 1908

Ham, Henry
B. 1837, D. 1902, Company I 40th Ill Inf.

Ham, John W.
B. 1842, D. 19--, Company C. 115th Ill Inf.

Ham, Margaret
B. 18-Aug-1815, D. 15-May-1897, H. T.J. Ham

Ham, Mary L.
B. 1854, D. 19-

Ham, R. Ellen
B. 1844, D. 1914

Ham, T.J.
B. 30-Mar-1808, D. 10-Oct-1868

Ham, Thomas
B. 15-Sep-1841, D. 21-Sep-1841

Hammacker, Adam
B. 16-Oct-1816, D. 26-June-1898

Hammacker, Hattie S.
D. 2-Sep-1876, A. 1y 6m 12d, P. J.A. & M.E. Hammaker

Hammaker, Alfred S.
B. 29-Aug-1844, D. 15-Nov-1880, A. 36y 2m 15d

Hanson, Robert Stephen
B. 1908, D. 1921

Hargrave, Jennie
B. 25-Oct-1869, D. 20-Nov-1911, H. John H. Hargrave

Hargrave, Richard
Company K. 152nd Indiana Infantry

Harmon, Hannah H.
B. 27-Feb-1843, D. 31-Oct-1921, H. Wm. M. Harmon

Harmon, Mary Eliza
B. 1-Apr-1861, D. 6-May-1867, P. Wm. M. & H.H. Harmon

Harmon, William Jr.
D. 22-Feb-1929, A. 20d

Harmon, William M.
B. 1-Oct-1830, D. 23-Nov-1867

Harnish, Frederick
B. 15-Jan-1826, D. 15-Feb-1867

Harnish, Rosa
B. 20-Jan-1832, D. 17-May-1910, H. Frederick Harnish

Harper, Earl P.
D. 17-Sep-1889?, A. 1y 9m 10d?, P. C.C. & Belle Harper

Harrington, Daniel
B. Lewistown, Pa., 2-Mar-1867, A. 70y

Harrington, E.S.
D. 25-Jan-1868, A. 33y 4m 6d, P. H.H. & E.S. Harrington

Note: Karentyler@Aol.Com Has Elizabeth S. Harrington As The W. Of H.H. Harrington
And The M. Of Listed Children

Harrington, Edgar Sears
D. 21-July-1868, A. 6m 12d, P. H.H. & E.S. Harrington

Harrington, Edna
D. 16-Feb-1867, A. 1y 1m 24d, P. H.H. & E.S. Harrington

Harrington, H.H.
D. 13-Nov-1869, A. 32y 8m 10d, W. E.S. Harrington

Harrington, Henry
D. 2-Mar-1867, A. 3y 11m 24d, P. H.H. & E.S. Harrington

Harrington, Laura R.
D. 11-Aug-1859, A. 5d, P. H.H. & E.S. Harrington

Harrington, Mary A.
D. 1-Aug-1860, A. 3d, P. H.H. & E.S. Harrington

Harris, Carl Admiral
D. 5-July-1882, A. 1y 11m 6d, P. Louis A. & E.J. Harris

Harris, Edwin A.
B. 30-Mar-1889, D. 22-Feb-1894, P. E.J. & V. Harris

Harris, Elijah
D. 8-July-1869, A. 85y 21d

Harris, Elizabeth
D. 3-Sep-1863, A. 74y 8m 1d, H. Elikah Harris

Harris, Francis
D. 16-Oct-1871, A. 39y 8m 8d

Harris, Infant Son
D. 7-Sep-1916, P. J.W. & R. Harris

Harris, John R.
B. 11-Oct-1822, D. 18-May-1907

Harris, Juliet
D. 29-Apr-1876, A. 47y 7m, H. W.E. Harris

Harris, Martha
B. 19-Oct-1814, D. 29-Aug-1886, A. 71y 10m 11d

Harris, Mary E.
B. July-1837, D. 19-Sep-1902, H. J.R. Harris

Harris, Mary
B. 28-July-1828, D. 28-Apr-1888, H. John R. Harris

Harris, Ruth
B. 1886, D. 1929, H. John W. Harris

Harris, William H.
B. 16-Mar-1844, D. 17-Sep-1909

Hartman, Charlie
D. 18-July-1855, A. 1m 20d, P. J. & M. Hartman

Hartman, Ellen B.
D. 7-Aug-1867, A. 6y 2m 27d, P. J. & M. Hartman

Hartman, John
D. 28-Aug-1882 In New Haven Conn., A. 34y 1m 3d

Hartman, Lizzie
D. 13-May-1881 In New Haven, Conn., A. 34y 1m 25d

Hartman, Mary B.
B. 1824, D. 1890

Hartman, Maud M.
B. 24-Sep-1868, D. 13-Oct-1892, P. John & Lizzie Hartman Jr.

Harvey, Annie E.
B. 1899, D. 1900, P. O.R. & A.E. Harvey

Harvey, Beauchamp A.
B. 1850, D. 1927

Harvey, Eleanor
B. 3-Nov-1830?, D. 22-Oct-1898, H. Dr. James Harvey

Harvey, James, M.D.
B. 6-Apr-1821, D. 12-Dec-1896

Havill, Elizabeth C.
B. 2-Dec-1847, D. 3-Feb-1878, P. Philip & Mary Havill

Havill, Frank
B. 15-Sep-1842, D. 5-June-1907, A. 64y 8m 20d

Havill, Frank
B. 18-Mar-1878, D. 26-Mar-1878, P. Frank W. & Lizzie Havill

Havill, Guy
B. 6-Sep-1876, D. 15-Sep-1876, P. F.W. & L. Havill

Havill, Joseph Warren
B. 21-Mar-1837, D. 8-July-1885

Havill, Lizzie
B. 3-Oct-1846, D. 30-July-1906, A. 59y 9m 27d

Havill, Mary Tilton
B. 22-Apr-1814, D. 8-Apr-1884

Havill, Philip
B. 15-Aug-1809, D. 1-Mar-1878

Havill, St. Clair
B. 19-Nov-1874, D. 26-Nov-1895, A. 21y 7d, P. Frank W. & Lizzie Havill

Hazelton, Oliver
B. 1884, D. 1916

Hendricks, Blanche
D. 20-Sep-?, A. 1y 4m 10d

Higbee, Anna C.
D. 22-June-1902, A. 65y 8m

Hires, Mary
B. 1840, D. 1889

Hodges, C. Or. G.W.
B. 17-July-1863, D. 20-Nov-190?

Hodges, Infant Daughter
D. 29-Nov-1901, P. C.Or G.W. & M. Hodges

Hoffman, W.S.
B. 17-Feb-1850, D. 3-Feb-1913

Hoke, Elizabeth
B. 28-Mar-1793, D. 21-July-1852, A. 59y 3m 24d, Consort Jacob Hoke Sr.

Hoke, Jacob F.
D. 28-July-1816, A. 13y 11d, P. P. & C.M. Hoke

Hoke, Jacob S.
B. 1-Nov-1790, D. 21-July-1852

Hoke, John Ii.
D. 14-Mar-1876, A. 25y 1m 3d

Hoke, Philip
D. 7-Nov-1856, A. 33y 1m 22d

Hoover, Clemintine
B. Oct-1872, D. 9-Nov-1896, P. S.B. & F.F. Reinhard

Hoskinson, Clara F.
B. 1858, D. 1932

Hoskinson, Eddie G.
D. 21-Sep-1861, A. 6m 11d, P. I. & J.M. Hoskinson

Hoskinson, F.A.
D. 10-June-1888, A. 61y 9m 3d

Hughes, Esther Louisa
B. 1882, D. 16-Sep-1883, A. 11m 7d, P. William H. & Mary F. Hughes

Hughes, James Neville
B. 8-Mar-1856, D. 9-Nov-1892

Hughes, Mary Frances
B. 1846, D. 1906, H. William H. Hughes

Hughes, William H.
B. 1846, D. 1917

Hughes, Wilma
B. 1892, D. 1904, P. C.E. & M.L. Hughes

Hughey, Martha D.
D. 4-Jan-1900, A. 66y 10m 15d, H. Lewis Hughey

Hunt, Alice Gibbs
B. 26-Apr-1849, D. 29-Mar-1902

Hunt, Elmae
B. 1895, D. 1899, P. N.D. & E.S. Hunt

Hunt, Herbert Waldo
B. 20-Feb-1877, D. 19-Oct-1878

Hunt, Horace Gibbs
B. 9-Dec-1882, D. 11-May-1894

Hunt, Oliver Goldsmith
B. 24-Sep-D. 21-Mar-1902

Hurd, Fannie C.
D. 15-Feb-1882, A. 28y 8m 27d, H. J.U. Hurd

Hurd, Leila
D. 8-Aug-1876, A. 5y 11m 16d, P. J.U. & F.C. Hurd

Hutchinson, H.H.
D. 19-Feb-1927, A. 72y 10m 10d

Hutchinson, Laura A.
D. 8-Dec-1896, A. 5y 5m 26d, P. H.C. & S.A. Hutchinson

Hutchinson, Willie G.
D. 12-Apr-1897, A. 2m 12d, P. H.C. & S.A. Hutchinson

I & L


Ingersoll, Benjamin P.
B. 20-Oct-1806, D. 28-May-1874

Ingersoll, Charles H.
B. 13-Oct-1842, D. 8-Sep-1896

Ingersoll, Emma Ridgway
B. 1852, D. 1925

Ingersoll, James E.
D. 13-Jan-1900, A. 58y 3m

Ingersoll, Laura
B. 3-June-1848, D. 21-Apr-1928, H. J.E. Ingersoll

Ingersoll, Lt. Col. John W.
B. 1842, D. 1916, 48th Illinois Infantry

Ingersoll, Margaret
B. 10-Oct-1843, D. 18-Nov-1927

Ingersoll, Mary A.
B. 9-Aug-1813, D. 12-Jan-1904, H. Benjamin P. Ingersoll

Isaac, Lucinda Jane
D. 10-Mar-1927, A. 63y 3m 9d



Jackey, Bertha
B. 1871, D. 1924, H. Victor F. Jackey

Jackey, Victor F.
B. 1863, A. 1931

James, Laura E.
B. 1854, D. 1922

James, Robert J.
B. 1840, D. 1921

Jaquess, Isaac W.
B. 5-Mar-1848, D. 23-June-1906

Jaquess, Mary E.
B. 28-Mar-1851, D. 19-Jan-1925, H. Isaac W. Jaquess

Jaquess, Sussie
B. 6-Nov-1874, D. 12-Jan-1875

Johnson, Bernard G.
B. 1890, D. 1931

Johnson, Eliza
D. 19-Oct-1901, A. 73y 7m, H. J.S. Johnson

Johnson, Eliza
D. 23-Feb-1921

Johnson, Fanny Gibbs
B. 1855, D. 1884

Johnson, Infant
B. 1869, D. 1869

Johnson, J.S.
D. 22-Feb-1890, A. 67y 11m 4d

Johnson, Jacob F.
B. 1845, D. 1928

Johnson, William E.
B. 1865, D. 1927

Johnston, Ephraim
B. 6-Aug-1850, D. 20-Aug-1850, P. J.S. & C. Johnston

Johnston, Mary E.
B. 13-Mar-1852, D. 24-July-1852, P. J.S. & C. Johnston

Jones, Charlie
D. 31-Mar-1874, A. 2y 2m 21d, P. S.B. & S.J. Jones

Jones, Fidelia
A. 6y

Jones, Infant Daughter

Jones, Joseph H.
B. 1828, D. 1905, Company H. 17 Indiana Infantry

Jones, Martha A.
B. 1833, D. 1904, H. Joseph H. Jones

Jones, Ralph
A. 5m

Jordan, Edwin R.
B. 1873, D. 1928

Jordan, Frances R.
B. 6-Aug-1849, D. 9-July-1919, A. 63y 11m 3d

Jordan, Levi
B. 19-Oct-1844, D. 15-Jan-1910, Company E 42nd Indiana Infantry

Jordan, Martha
D. 9-Dec-1878, A. 3y 2m 6d, P. L. & F.R. Jordan


Kavanaugh, T.W.
D. 24-Feb-1874, A. 53y 4m 14d

Keen, Daniel E.
B. 1864, D. 1924

Keneipp, Andrew

Keneipp, Edward B.
B. 1839, D. 1926, Company G. 48th Illinois Infantry

Keneipp, Elizabeth T.
B. 16-Jan-1829, D. 26-July-1872, H. Solom Keneipp

Keneipp, Isabella

Keneipp, Jerius O.
D. ?-Dec-1919

Keneipp, Mary J.
B. 1846, H. Edward B. Keneipp

Keneipp, Ollie E.
B. 2-Sep-1866, D. 25-July-1901, A. 34y 10m 23d

Keneipp, Solom
B. 6-Aug-1822, D. 24-July-1897

Keneipp, William Andrew
D. 1-Dec-1913, A. 72y 8m 5d

Kenner, Infant Son
D. 27-Nov-1881, A. 2m, P. G.L. & L.D. Kenner

Kern, Catharine E.
B. 1834, D. 1889

Kern, Clara C.
B. 1867, D. 1868

Kern, Elmina L.
B. 1856, D. 1857

Kern, John Fred
D. 18-July-1930, A. 82y 9m 7d

Kern, John M.
B. 1832, D. 1878

Kern, Louis W.
B. 1864, D. 1880?

Kern, Sarah Moyer
D. 4-July-1931, A. 84y 29d

Key, Sarah E.
D. 7-Oct-1929, A. 61y 6m 7d

Keyber, J.H.
D. 18-Feb-1873, A. 70y 3m 10d

Killen, Raymond L.
B. 1881, D. 1930

Killian, Ruth Joyce
B. 9-Jan-1921, D. 25-Feb-1921, P. B.I. & M.E. Killian

Killian, Wilma G.
B. 9-Dec-1914, D 13-Feb-1916, P. B.I. & M.E. Killian

King, Roscoe Jr.
D. 28-Oct-1925, A. 24d

Kmp, Louis
B. 1875, D. 1926

Knoblock, Louis
B. 1857, D. 1897

Knoblock, Louis
B. 26-May-1824, D. 5-Sep-1865

Knoblock, Margaret
B. 3-Oct-1817, D. 24-Jan-1888

Knowles, Cynthia
B. 21-Apr-1868, D. 19-May-1927

Knowles, James
D. 17-Jan-1913, A. 81y 3m 20d, Company K. 64th Illinois Infantry

Knowles, Mary P.
D. 19-Feb-1898?, A. 63y 6m 27d, H. James Knowles

Koser, Agnes
B. 2-May-1860, D. 29-Sep-1868, A. 8y 4m 7d, P. William & S.M. Koser

Koser, Sarah M.
B. 20-Oct-1814, In Marietta, Lancaster Co. Pa., D. 29-Jan-1875,
A. 60y 3m 3d, H. William Koser

Koser, W.H.
B. 1843, D. 1921

Koser, William
B. 3-Aug-1810 In Franklin Co. Pa., D. 8-June-1877, A. 66y 10m 5d

Kronmiller, Appolonia
D. 14-Feb-1882, A. 65y 2m 5d, H. Rev. J.M. Kronmiller

Kuhn, Frank J.
B. 8-May-1850, D. 4-Mar-1919

Kuhn, Wihelmina
B. 15-Mar-1852, D. 26-Nov-1921, H. Frank J. Kuhn


Lambert, Edith R.
D. 19-Mar-1926, A. 1y 5m 10d

Landes, ?
B. 16-Sep-1887, D. 10-Oct-1887, P. George & M.L. Landes

Landes, Beulah Sears
D. 17-Aug-1880, A. 7y 10m 26d, P. S.Z. & C.A. Landes

Landes, Clarissa Adele Sears
B. 14-Sep-1845, D. 7-Nov-1905, H. S.Z. Landes

Landes, Eliza Sears
D. 15-Jan-1873, A. 1m 24d, P. S.Z. & C.A. Landes

Landes, George T.
B. 1847, D. 1899

Landes, Grace Sears
D. 28-July-28-1881, A. 8m 6d, P. S.Z. & C.A. Landes

Landes, Herbert Sears
B. 5-Sep-1870, D. 1-Sep-1886, P. S.Z. & C.A. Landes

Landes, Infant Daughter
D. 24-Jan-1874, A. 1d, P. S.Z. & C.A. Landes

Landes, Infant Daughter
D. 7-Apr-1884, A. 2m 5d, P. S.Z. & C.A. Landes

Landes, Infant Son
B. 8-Jan-1886, D. 15-Mar-1886, P. S.Z. & C.A. Landes

Landes, Infant Son
D. 26-Jan-1867, A. 6d, P. S.Z. & C.A. Landes

Landes, Irene Bradshaw
B. 29-Oct-1885, D. 3-Dec-1915, H. Bernard S. Landes

Landes, John
B. 6-Mar-1819, D. 1-Dec-1889

Landes, Martha
H. George T. Landes

Landes, S.Z.
B. 15-May-1842, D. 23-May-1910

Larimer, William F.
D. 27-Apr-1929, A. 68y 3m 14d

Latimore, Gordon A.
B. 1896, D. 1921

Latimore, Ruth

Laubender, Fred

Laubender, Geo. F.

Launer, Christina
B. 1861, D. 1928

Launer, Eugene Von
D. 26-June-1932, A. 41y 9m 19d

Launer, Sarah M.
D. 16-Apr-1832, A. 18y 2m 24d

Lechner, Bernard A.
D. 11-Oct-1927, A. 17y 2m 19d

Leeds, Charles R.
D. 23-Nov-1898, A. 6y 10m 15d, P. N. & L. Leeds

Leeds, Leland
B. 1893, D. 1917

Leeds, Will H.
D. 13-Dec-1874, A. 26y 9m 13d

Lemaster, Arthur A.
B. 1873, D. 1927

Lemaster, Julia A.
B. 1872, H. Arthur A. Lemaster

Lescher, Dr. J.J.
D. 20-Feb-1878, A. 56y 11m 8d

Lescher, Dr. Jacob
D. 31-Aug-1854, A. 71y 8d

Lescher, Dr. Lyell J.
B. 28-Feb-1857, D. 21-July-1919

Lescher, Dr. S.B.
B. 15-Jan-1816, D. 16-Jan-1872

Lescher, George, M.D.
B. 21-Feb-1825, D. 29-Jan-1861

Lescher, Ida
D. 22-Mar-1856, A. 11m, P. J.J. & E.E. Lescher

Lescher, Lola
D. 2-Mar-1860, A. 3y 3d, P. J.J. & E.E. Lescher

Lescher, Lola
D. 2-Mar-1860, A. 3y 3d, P. J.J. & E.E. Lescher

Lescher, Mary
D. 21-Dec-1856, A. 65y 7m 5d, H. Dr. Jacob Lescher

Lescher, Samuel B.
Company E. 7th Illinois Cav.

Lescher, William
D. 29-Oct-????

Lesher, Mary Bell
D. 15-Feb-1863, A. 3m 8d, P. J.G. & S.A. Lesher

Lesher, R.H. Morris
D. 25-July-1862, A. 3y 10m 21d, P. J.G. & S.A. Lesher

Leuhring, Alice M.
D. 28-May-1880, A. 1y 1m 10d, P. Rev. W.L. & M. Leuhring

Lindsay, Hiram
B. 1836, D. 1904

Lingenfelter, Charles C.
B. 1841, D. 1919

Lingenfelter, Eliza J.
B. 1844, D. 1921, H. Charles Lingenfelter

Lingenfelter, Lillie
B. 1865, D. 1875, P. C.C. & E.J. Lingenfelter

Lingenfelter, Pearl
B. 1874, D. 1879, P. C.C. & E.J. Lingenfelter

Litherland, Leah Ethel
B. 28-Oct-1878, D. 3-Dec-1913, H. Logan Litherland

Little, Isaac W.
B. 4-Mar-1851, D. 12-Jan-1916

Little, Roslae
B. 30-Sep-1875, D. 22-Oct-1909, H. I.W. Little

Lopp, Arletta
B. 28-Apr-1870, D. 26-Apr-1919, H. John A. Lopp

Lopp, John A.
B. 18-Aug-1863, D. 5-Feb-1912

Lukens, Elizabeth
B. 1842, D. 1917

Lukens, Mary B.
B. 1818, D. 1897

Lukens, Samuel S.
B. 2-July-1812, D. 12-Feb-1851

Lukens, Samuel T.
B. 20-June-1850, D. 13-June-1861, P. Samuel & Mary B. Lukens

Lutz, Henry
B. 4-June-1822 In Berks Co. Pa., D. 23-July-1899

Lynch, Alice
D. 1-July-1929, A. 72y 5m 4d




Small Marker On Johnston Lot

Maier, Lydia R.
D. 18-May-1873, A. 11m 3d, P. Rev. J.A. & C. Maier

Mains, Hazel
D. 7-Mar-1905, A. 1y 4m 11d

Manley, Frank C.
B. 29-July-1844, D. 16-Jan-1918

Manley, James
D. 8-Aug-1926, A. 58y 8m 2d

Manley, Louisa M.
B. 26-June-1843, D. 11-Feb-1917

Markman, Infant Son
D. 25-Nov-1903, P. Rev. O.L. & H.H. Markman

Marsh, Adelia
B. 8-Dec-1858, D. 18-Oct-1860, A. 1y 10m 10d

Marsh, Henry
B. 2-Oct-1863, D. 11-July-1864, A. 9m 9d, P. N. & M. Marsh

Marsh, J. Henry
B. 30-May-1848, D. 14-Mar-1863, A. 14y 9m 14d, P. W. & L.K. Marsh

Marsh, Louisa Key
B. 1-Sep-1818, D. 14-June-1884, A. 65y 9m 13d

Marsh, M. Howe
B. 6-Sep-1830, D. 26-Feb-1893, A. 62y 5m 20d, H. Nathaniel Marsh

Marsh, Nathaniel
B. 5-Mar-1833, D. 1-Dec-1864, A. 31y 26d

Marsh, William H.
B. 1-Sep-1861, D. 13-Oct-1862, A. 1y 1m 12d

Marsh, William
B. 9-Dec-1814, D. 20-Dec-1857, A. 42y 10m 11d

Martin, Alfred
B. 1861, D. 1887

Martin, Fabina M.
B. 18-Sep-1875, D. 18-Mar-1898

Martin, Harry C.

Martin, James L.
92nd Infantry

Martin, James
B. 9-Feb-1834, D. 12-?-1897

Martin, Laura
B. 1863, D. 1889

Martin, Louise
B. 1837, D. 9-July-1891, H. James Martin

Martin, Olive M.
B. 9-Nov-1861, D. 7-Apr-1863, A. 1y 5m 29d, P. Francis M. & Mary A. Martin

Martin, Samuel
B. 1857, D. 1858

Marx, Adrian
D. 15-Aug-1891, A. 2m 6d, P. G.H. & G.E. Marx

Marx, Catherine
B. 1833, D. 1891, H. Henry Marx

Marx, Henry
B. 1831, D. 1911

Marx, James J.
D. 6-Nov-1871, A. 3d

Marx, May Ellen
B. 1865, D. 1881

Marx, Minne May
B. 1874, D. 1899

Marx, Rudolph A.
D. 3-Oct-1876, A. 9m 28d, P. H. & C. Marx

Maser, Edna

Maser, J. Henry
D. ?-Mar-186?

Maser, Michael
B. 1837, D. 1925

Maser, Phiana
B. 1838, D. 1924

Mauch, John
D. 13-June-1861, A. 87y

Mauck, Nancy
D. 12-Mar-1861, A. 31y 7m 12d, H. Abraham Mauck

Mauck, William
D. 2-May-1858, A. 7m 21d, P. Abraham & Mary Mauck

May, Ella
B. 18-Aug-1852, D. 13-Aug-1887, H. Eugane May

May, Eugena
B. 10-Apr-1852 In Iowa, D. 3-Mar-1921

Mcatee, Charles A.
B. 1880, D. 1924

Mcclary, John L.
B. 14-Jan-1851, D. 9-July-1911

Mcclintock, Francis P.
D. 13-May-1862, A. 6m 15d, P. S. & R. Mcclintock

Mcclintock, J.M.
B. 1836, D. 1909

Mcclintock, John W.
B. 24-Aug-1846, D. 16-Mar-1862, A. 15y 22d, P. M.T. & A. Mcclintock

Mcclintock, Lelia A.
B. 1881, D. 1926

Mcclintock, M.J.
B. 1840, D. 1898

Mcclintock, Nellie
B. 21-Apr-1880, D. 24-Apr-1880, P. M.D. & ? Mcclintock

Mcclintock, William H.
B. 24-July-1873, D .27-Feb-1875, P. M.D. & ? Mcclintock

Mcclintock, William T.
D. 1-Apr-1878, A. 71y 6m 7d

Mcconnel, Lillie
B. 6-Dec-1865, D. 12-Jan-1904, H. F.G. Mcconnel

Mcdonald, Addie
D. 4-Mar-1889, A. 6m 24d, P. R.J. & M.C. Mcdonald

Mcdonald, Elizabeth
D. 9-Apr-1870, A. 30y 7m 8d, H. I.N. Mcdonald

Mcdonald, Freddy
D. 5-Feb-1887, A. 3m 17d, P. R.J. & M.C. Mcdonald

Mcdonald, Hrnty
D. 28-Sep-1892, A. 19y 2m 8d, P. R.J. & F.A. Mcdonald

Mcdonald, Issac N.
D. 2-Nov-1868, A. 34y 11m 2d

Mcdonald, Robert
B. 9-Apr-1845, D. 12-Oct-1889

Metzgar, Catherine R.
B. 1859

Metzgar, Cora A.
D. 25-May-1880, A. 7m 15d, P. M.S. & E.B. Metzgar

Metzgar, Elenorah
B. 1855, D. 1856

Metzgar, Elizabeth
D. 1909

Metzgar, Geraldine
D. 1909

Metzgar, Jeremiah
B. 1853, D. 1929

Metzgar, John G.
B. 1862, D. 1883

Metzgar, Jonas S.
B. 1820, D. 1864

Metzgar, Joseph J.
B. 1848, D. 1877

Metzgar, Sarah A.
B. 1828, D. 1906

Metzgar, Sarah E.
B. 1858, D. 1920

Middleton, Goldie Irean
B. 5-Apr-1901, D. 12-Mar-1902, P. A. & L. Middleton

Middleton, Mary S.
D. 8-Apr-1899, A. 2m 29d, P. A.T. & L.F. Middleton

Midgett, Joseph A.
D. 12-Sep-1882, A. 9y 1m 27d, P. G.W. & B. Midgett

Midgett, Mary E.
B. 22-Mar-1819, D. 9-Apr-1891, H. Stephen Midgett

Midgett, Stephen C.
B. 12-Oct-1820, D. 11-Oct-1892

Milburn, Lawrence Landes
B. 11-Aug-1899, D. 28-Dec-1909, P. W.A. & Mary L. Milburn

Milburn, Mrs. William A.

Milburn, William A.
B. 1863, D. 1919

Miller, Charles A.
B. 1871, D. 1896

Miller, Charles J. M.D.
B. 25-Jan-1816, D. 9-May-1859

Miller, Charles
B. 1841, D. 1917

Miller, Edna May
B. 15-July-1884, D. 10-Aug-1884, P. C.L. & C.S. Miller

Miller, Matilda
B. 1846, D. 1916

Miller, Samuel Charles
D. 8-July-1887, A. 11y 2m 4d, P. Dr. Charles & Elvina Miller, N. Drowned In The Wabash River

Morgan, Aurelia
B. 13-Apr-1805, D. 23-Aug-1888, A. 83y 4m 10d, H. J.A. Morgan

Morgan, John A.
B. 18-Dec-1798, D. 21-Mar-1869, A. 70y 3m 3d

Moyer, Bobbie
B. 1921, D. 1928

Moyer, Martha E.
D. 29-July-1882, A. 27y 2m 12d, H. William Moyer

Moyer, Mary A.
D. 12-Apr-1891, A. 55y 1m 8d, H. Walter Moyer

Moyer, Mary E.
D. 28-July-1882, A. 2m 8d, P. W. & M.E. Moyer

Moyer, Mary
D. 11-Aug-1873, A. 56y 1m, H. Paul Moyer

Moyer, Paul
D. 20-Nov-1903, A. 89y 7m 12d

Moyer, William
D. 30-July-1929, A. 79y 7m 12d

Mullen, Infant
D. 13-Nov-1872, A. 22d

Muncy, Elizabeth D.
D. 22-Nov-1889, A. 60y 11m 15d, H. G.W. Muncy, Formerly The Wife Of H.W. Sapp

Murray, Bion B.

Murry, Henry
B. 10-Nov-1811, D. 4-Apr-1874

Murry, Lida E.

Murry, Lt. W.H.
B. 1840, D. 1921, Co. G. 48th Ill Inf.

Murry, Lucy Berninger
D. 10-May-1927, A. 77y 4m 27d, H. W.H. Murry

Murry, Maritta
B. 22-Dec-1814, D. 12-Mar-1871, H. Henry Murry

Nelgen, Joda
B. 1-Aug-1888, D. 18-Aug-1912, P. August & Ellen Nelgen

Nelgen, Magdalene F.
B. 1832, D. 25-Oct-1875

Nelgen, William
D. 7-Mar-1891, A. 35y 8m 21d

Nicholas, Daniel F.
D. 18-Feb-1887

Noble, David
D. 20-Nov-1861, A. 63y

Noller, Carl H.
B. 17-Apr-1879, D. 27-Mar-1900, P. C. & S. Noller

Noller, Carl
B. 12-Sep-1829, D. 1-Jan-1906, P. C. & M. Noller

Noller, Emma
B. 20-Sep-1862, D. 12-Feb-1898, P. C. & M. Noller

Noller, Flora L.
B. 12-Dec-1870, D. 18-Feb-1871, P. C. & M. Noller

Noller, Ida L.
B. 23-Mar-1869, D. 2-May-1869, P. C. & M. Noller

Noller, Margaretha
B. 28-Mar-1839, D. 28-Feb-1874, P. C. & M. Noller

Nunley, Mary
D. 28-Aug-1871, A. 34y 7m, H. R.D. Nunley

Nunley, Robert D.
D. 20-Aug-1892, A. 63y 6m 27d


Oberheilman, Mannie Darling
B. 4-Mar-1879, D. 18-Aug-1879, P. Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Oberheilman

Ogden, Joseph D.
Company 48th Illinois Infantry

Oldendorf, Augustus W.
B. 1837, D. 1883

Oldendorf, Fannie
B. 28-Feb-1815, D. 18-Jan-1884, A. 68y 10m 20d, H. Philip Oldendorf

Oldendorf, Maria A.
B. 1844, D. 1845, H. Augustus Oldendorf

Oldendorf, Mary E.
D. 5-May-1862, A. 22y 11m 20d

Oldendorf, Nellie G.
B. 1873, D. 1885

Oldendorf, Philip
B. 9-Dec-1810, D. 15-Feb-1888, A. 77y 2m 6d

Oldendorf, Uriah B.
D. 23-Mar-1881, A. 29y 4m 11d, P. P. & F. Oldendorf

Orland, A.M.
B. 1848, D. 1923

Orland, Frank H.
D. 15-Nov-1925, A. 55y 5m 12d

Orland, W.P.
B. 1843, D. 1915

Orr, A.M.

Orr, Edgar J.
B. 1878, D. 1919

Orr, Eva B.
B. 1872, H. Edgar J. Orr


Parkinson, Robert
B. 1854, D. 1913

Peters, Jennie

Peters, Laura L.
D. 5-July-1853, A. 64y, H. M.T. Peters

Peters, Rosa P.
B. 25-July-1886, D. 6-Apr-1905

Peters, Victor P.

Peters, Wilson

Peterson, Angelo D.
B. 1881, D. 1889

Peterson, John
B. 1844, D. 1892

Peterson, Katie
B. 1866, D. 1894

Peterson, Nell?
D. 17-Aug-1872, A. 1y 1m 6d, P. ? & C. Peterson

Peterson, Peter
Company G. 48th Illinois Infantry

Phillips, Clare
B. 1872, D. 1873

Phillips, F.H.
B. 1857, D. 1928

Phillips, Hattie M.

Phillips, Inez R.
B. 1878, D. 1906, H. J.A. Phillips

Phillips, L.T.

Phillips, Mary E.
D. 21-Jan-1928, A. 68y 3m 1d

Phillips, Mary
B. 1892, D. 1916, P. F.H. & M.E. Phillips

Phillips, Willis
D. 18-Oct-1828, A. 73y 11m 10d

Poole, Anna R.
B. 17-Jan-1807, D. 28-May-1883, H. Daniel Poole

Poole, Catharine
D. 26-Jan-1913, A. 83y 7m 14d, H. F.H. Poole

Poole, Charles A.
D. 8-Apr-1861, A. 1m 24d, P. F.H. & C.M. Poole

Poole, Clara I.
D. 13-Oct-1881, A. 16y 1m, P. E.H. & C.M. Poole

Poole, Daniel
B. 10-June-1797, D. 5-Mar-1864

Poole, Elizabeth
D. 17-Mar-1926, A. 90y 12d

Poole, Emily
B. 27-Mar-1853, D. 8-Aug-1854, P. E.S. & S. Poole

Poole, Emma

Poole, F.H.
D. 11-Dec-1896, A. 65y 8m

Poole, Harmon B.
B. 7-Jan-?, A. 64y

Poole, Luring
D. 24-Nov-1875, A. 6y 2m 10d, P. F.H. & C.M. Poole

Prentiss, Dora A.
D. 7-June-?, A. ?Y 10m ?D

Pretzler, Eliza
B. 2-Mar-1800, D. 4-Apr-1859, H. William Pretzler

Pretzler, Mary E.
B. 7-June-1812, D. 15-Feb-1868, H. William Pretzler

Pretzler, Sarah
D. 2-Aug-1898, A. 80y 1m 16d

Pretzler, William
B. 9-Oct-1806, D. 31-Jan-1887, A. 80y 3m 22d

Price, Emeline
B. 1846, D. 1923

Price, I.F.
B. 1848, D. 1920

Price, Matha T.
D. 3-June-1868, A. 48y 10m 26d, H. William Price

Putnam, Chester F.
B. 23-Sep-1824, D. 25-May-1888

Putnam, Edgar N.
B. 13-Oct-1857, D. 3-Oct-1831

Putnam, Elizabeth
B. 8-Mar-1826, D. 9-July-1897, H. C.F. Putnam

Putnam, Ella G.
B. 2-Sep-1857, D. 8-Jan-1882

Putnam, Gilbert L.
D. 12-Apr-1868, A. 21y 2m 9d, P. C.F. & E. Putnam, 134th Illinois Regiment

Putnam, Noble R.
B. 27-July-1880, Killed Bog 4 R.R., D. 28-Feb-1906

Putnam, Rosie G.
B. 23-Nov-1866, D. 5-Nov-1924, H. Edgar N. Putnam

Putnam, Roy B.
B. 14-Sep-1878, D. 15-Sep-1878, P. E.N. & E.G. Putnam

Putnam, Samuel
B. 1849, D. 1907


Randolph, Anna H.
B. 25-Mar-1821, D. 21-Oct-1901

Randolph, Frank
B. 2-Oct-1850, D. 19-Dec-1876, A. 26y 2m 18d

Randolph, Nelson F.
B. 12-Sep-1828, D. 4-Jan-1904

Randolph, Nelson
D. 27-Nov-1906, P. C. & A. Randolph

Ravenstein, Elevaina M.W.
B. 1-Apr-1840, D. 29-July-1851, P. Reter & Justine Ravenstein

Ravenstein, Justina
D. 28-June-1876, A. 65y 5m 27d, H. P.F. Ravenstein

Ravenstein, P.F.
D. 27-Nov-1876, A. 69y 5m 18d

Ray, Louisa J.
B. 20-Sep-1818, D. 15-Oct-1900, H. Wilson Ray

Reel, Robert E.
B. 1898, D. 1921

Reese, Infant Daughter
D. 10-Oct-1863, A. 1d, P. Lewis & Sarah Reese

Reese, James H.
D. 23-May-1857, A. 2y 5m 9d, P. Lewis & Sarah J. Reese

Reese, Lewis
B. 8-Feb-1833, D. 29-Sep-1910

Reese, Louella
B. 3-Sep-1861, D. 5-Mar-1867, A. 6y 6m 2d, P. Lewis & Sarah J. Reese

Reese, Sarah J.
B. 20-Aug-1833, D. 5-June-1908, H. Lewis Reese

Reese, William L.
D. 27-Feb-1863, A. 3y 10m 11d, P. L. & S.J. Reese

Reeves, Nellie G.
B. 20-Aug-1869, D. 15-Dec-1916, H. A.J. Reeves

Reinhard, Alice L.
D. 30-Nov-1872, A. 14y 11m 6d, P. C. Or G.H. & S.M. Reinhard

Reinhard, David
B. 30-Dec-1806, Lebanon, Pa., D. 5-July-1876, A. 69y 6m 50d, N. Emigrated To Mt.
Carmel July 1836

Reinhard, David
D. 11-Oct-1831, A. 71y 2m 19d

Reinhard, George H.
B. 9-Mar-1828, D. 11-Sep-1907

Reinhard, J.A.
B. 20-Nov-1835, D. 31-Dec-1875

Reinhard, Louisa M., B. 12-Feb-1839, D. 30-Oct-1912, H. J.A. Reinhard

Reinhard, Mary A., B. 8-Mar-1807, D. 12-June-1882, A. 75y 3m 4d, H. David

Reinhard, Mary D.
B. 7-July-1856, D. 31-Jan-1867

Reinhard, Mary E.
B. 12-Oct-1841, D. 2-June-1850, P. D.& M. Reinhard

Reinhard, Olive R.
D. 29-July-1867, A. 3y 4m 21d, P. J.A. & L.M. Reinhard

Reinhard, Pearl M.
B. 3-Mar-1900, D. 9-June-1913

Reinhard, Susan
B. ?-Dec-1831, D. 18-Feb-1917

Reinhard, T.A.
B. 17-May-1872, D. 19-Feb-1905

Reinhard, Theodore S.
D. 11-Oct-1831, A. 67y 8m 25d

Reinhard, W.H.
D. 7-Sep-1905, A. 43y 11m

Reinsmith, Daniel P.
B. 4-Sep-1842, D. 28-Mar-1879

Reinsmith, Henry W.
D. 18-May-1863, A. ?Y 5m 20d

Reinsmith, Hester A.
D. 16-May-1867, A. 4m 25d, P. J.L. & A. Reinsmith

Reinsmith, Sarah
D. 25-Aug-1864, A. 56y 19d, H. William Reinsmith

Rhodes, George W.
B. 23-Apr-1837, D. 10-Jan-1905, A. 67y 8m 17d, Co. C. 115th Ill. Inf.

Rhodes, H.E.
B. 16-Dec-1860, D. 15-Apr-1914

Rhodes, Lillie May
D. 31-Jan-1893, A. 1y 7m 7d, P. R.W. & M.C. Rhodes

Rhodes, Phebe I.
B. 15-Dec-1864, D. 16-Mar-1920, H. H.E. Rhodes

Richey, Harry E.
B. 1888, D. 1889, P. J.M. & M.M. Richey

Richey, Mary M.
B. 1854, D. 1929, H. J.M. Richey

Rigg, Dr. T.J.
B. 17-Apr-1829, D. 3-Feb-1896

Rigg, Gilbert

Rigg, James W.
B. 23-Oct-1829, D. 2-Feb-1900

Rigg, John S.
B. 11-Sep-1866, D. 26-Mar-1926

Rigg, Justina Ravenstein
B. 31-Dec-1831, D. 28-June-1927, H. James W. Rigg

Rigg, Nellie
B. 10-Mar-1867, D. 10-Oct-1867

Rigg, Ruel M.
B. 1891, D. 1918, U.S. Service At Camp Mills N.Y.

Ringrose, George A.
B. 18-Mar-1838, D. 20-Apr-1913

Ringrose, Jane
B. 20-June-1794, D. 23-June-1863, H. Joseph Ringrose

Ringrose, Joseph
D. 26-June-1848, A. 65y

Risley, Charles W.
B. 27-Aug-1856, D. 19-June-1929

Risley, Donald R.
B. 1896, D. 191?

Risley, Emma D.
D. 27-Feb-1885, A. 26y 24d, H. C.M. Risley

Risley, Ezra
B. 9-Jan-1830, D. 6-Nov-1902

Risley, Fred
B. 1893, D. 1895

Risley, John T.
B. 27-June-1865, D. 4-Oct-1865

Risley, John T.
D. 4-Oct-1865, A. 3m 7d, P. E. & M.H. Risley

Risley, Larner B.
B. 1839, D. 1909

Risley, Margaret F.
B. 25-Feb-1861, D. 8-May-1862

Risley, Margaret H.
B. 19-Dec-1831, D. 29-Sep-1913, H. Ezra Risley

Risley, Mary
D. 13-Nov-1873, A. 10m 26d, P. Larner & Mary Risley

Risley, Rosalie Joan
B. 7-Aug-1927, D. 25-June-1928

Risley, Rosanna Grundon
B. 24-June-1861, D. 9-Mar-1925, H. Charles W. Risley

Risley, W.A.
B. 14-Aug-1854, D. 4-Apr-1920

Ritter, Alice
B. 1861, H. John E. Ritter

Ritter, John E.
B. 1855, D. 1912

Ritter, Robert F.
D. 14-Apr-1892, A. 8d, P. J.E. & A. Ritter

Roberts, ?
D. ?-15-?

Roberts, Ada
D. 2-Mar-1864, A. 2m 21d, P. A.R. & H.L. Roberts

Roberts, Anna B.
B. 1858

Roberts, Archebald
D. 15-May-1865, A. 42y 7m 3d

Roberts, Charles R.
D. 16-Apr-1861, A. 6m 25d, P. A.R. & H.L. Roberts

Roberts, Harriet
B. 10-Nov-1828, D. 25-Feb-1855, A. 26y 3, 15d, Consort Of A.R. Roberts

Roberts, Kenneth K.
B. 1892, D. 1923

Roberts, Pearl
D. 16-Feb-1881, A. 9m 1d, P. W.H. & A.B. Roberts

Roberts, Rachel Ann
B. 1825, D. 1862

Roberts, William F.
B. 1818, D. 1860

Roberts, William H.
B. 1849, D. 1918

Robson, E.C.

Rogers, Agnes

Rogers, Sarah
D. 6-Jan-1891, A. 70y 10m 29d, H. William Rogers

Rogers, William
Company K 38th Illinois Infantry

Rohan, Anthony
B. 1832, D. 1923

Rohan, Maria
B. 1842, D. 1913

Rohrbacker, Elizabeth
B. 2-Mar-1842, D. 26-June-1930, H. Frederick Rohrbacker

Rohrbacker, Frederick
B. 22-Dec-1838, D. 14-Mar-1882

Rohrbacker, Infants

Rohrbacker, Lizzie C.
B. 30-Nov-1860, D. 6-May-1868

Rose Hill I.O.O.F. Cemetery

Rosignal, Caroline
B. 29-Feb-1824, D. 29-Apr-1906, H. J.A. Rosignal

Rosignal, Caroline
D. ?-Jan-1890, A. 3m 10d, P. G.C. & G.T. Rosignal

Rosignal, Catharine
D. 28-May-1907, A. 81y 7m 2d, H. P.J. Rosignal

Rosignal, Catherine M.
D. 7-Feb-1868, A. 1y 3m 15d, P. Adam & Caroline Rosignal

Rosignal, George F. Or E.
B. 6-Jan-1854, D. 18-Mar-1905

Rosignal, Grace T.
B. 19-Dec-1869, D. 26-Aug-1906, H. George Rosignal

Rosignal, J.A.
B. 29-July-1824, D. 25-Sep-1886

Rosignal, John A.
D. 20-Oct-1870, A. 9y 8m, P. Adam & Caroline

Rosignal, Katie A.
B. 20-Oct-1882, D. 9-July-1883, P. G.F. & K.A. Rosignal

Rosignal, Katie A.
B. 23-Apr-1853, D. 21-Oct-1882, H. G.E. Or F. Rosignal

Rosignal, Philip E.
D. 13-Sep-1869, A. 6y 10m 4d, P. Adam & Caroline Rosignal

Rosignal, Philip J.
D. 9-July-1873, A. 59y 1m 15d

Ruby, Fanny K.
B. 1819, D. 1907

Ruby, Hiram K.
B. 1846, D. 1919

Russell, Charles R.
B. 17-June-1835, D. 28-Nov-1904

Russell, Daisy Green
B. 16-Feb-1871, D. 30-Mar-1898, H. Stewart L. Russell

Russell, Frances Elizabeth
B. 1911, D. 1920

Russell, Francis B.
B. 4-Oct-1837, D. 1-Mar-1901, H. Charles R. Russell

Russell, Isaac N.
B. 22-Sep-1865, D. 15-Aug-1868

Rygroft, Johnnie
B. 8-Mar-1868, D. 16-Aug-1868, A. 5m 8d

Rygroft, Michael Ord.
B. 3-June-1849, D. 11-June-1876, A. 21y 8m



Sager, Jacob
D. 4-Mar-1858, A. 2y 17d, P. Michael & Elizabeth Sager

Sapp, Charles H.
B. 28-Feb-1856

Sapp, Henry W.
D. 24-Dec-1859, A. 37y 2m, Consort Of Elizabeth D. Sapp

Sapp, Jessie M.
D. 15-Aug-1871, A. 5m 5d

Sapp, Levina H.
B. 7-Mar-1852, D. 9-June-1875

Sapp, Margaret E.
B. 5-Feb-1855, D. 19-Aug-1899, H. Charles H. Sapp

Schafer, Amy
D. 2-Jan-1897, A. 6y 7m 13d, P. C.H. & P.F. Schafer

Schafer, Caroline
D. 7-Jan-1922, A. ?Y 10m 2d

Schafer, Charles Herbert
D. 26-May-1896 Or 1898, A. 5m 22d, P. C.H. & P.F. Schafer

Schafer, Charles L.
D. 18-Aug-1884, A. 3m, P. W. & M. Schafer

Schafer, Elizabeth
B. 9-Feb-1829, D. 16-Apr-1885, H. Lewis Shafer

Schafer, George P.
D. 2-Sep-1864, A. 28y 2m 3d?

Schafer, Julia Ann
D. 10-Ma?-1928, A. 84y 7m 21d

Schafer, Margaret A.
D. 3-Aug-1871, A. 17y 2m 2d, P. L. & E. Schafer

Schafer, Margaret
D. 9-Aug-1864, A. 22y 10m 7d, H. William Schafer

Schafer, Mary E.
B. 1-May-1861, D. 16-Jan?-1863, P. L. & E. Schafer

Schlanker, Peter G.
B. 13-Mar-1869, D. 25-May-1869, P. P. & P. Schlanker

Schlanker, Thomas G.
D. 27-Sep-?, P. P. & P. Schlanker

Schlenker, Adam E.
B. 20-Sep-1870, D. 2-Jan-1871, P. P. & P. Schlenker

Schlenker, Laura O.
B. 5-Aug-1875, D. 1-Jan-1876, P. P. & P. Schlenker

Schlenker, Peter
B. 4-Nov-1826, D. 21-Oct-1891, A. 64y 11m 7d

Schlenker, Polly Ann
D. 3-Sep-19--, A. 88y 11m

Schneck, Dr. Jacob

Schneck, Mary
H. Dr. Jacob Schneck

Schnitz, Ellen A.
B. 3-Jan-1862, D. 6-Dec-1912, H. J.H. Schnitz

Schnitz, Rev. J.H.
B. 11-Sep-1859, D. 5-Jan-1928

Schucker, Amanda
B. 1854, D. 1930

Schucker, Harvey E. Jr.

Schucker, Harvey E.
B. 1881, D. 1919

Schultz, Anna S.
D. 11-Oct-1881, A. 16y 7m 21d, P. C. & P. Shellhorn, H. O. Schultz

Sears, Charles Nathan
B. 22-May-1847, D. 18-Aug-1864, A. 17y 2m 27d, P. Paul & Eliza J. Sears

Sears, Dr. Alfred A.
B. 11-May-1843, D. 13-Dec-1867, A. 24y 7m 2d, P. Paul & Eliza J. Sears

Sears, Eliza J.
B. 4-Mar-1825, D. 9-June-1907, A. 82y 4m 5d

Sears, Grace
B. 28-Jan-1788, D. 24-Nov-1863, A. 75y 9m 26d, Consort Of Nathan Sears

Sears, Nathan H.
D. 20-Nov-1852, A. 18y 10m 2d, P. Nathan & Grace Sears

Sears, Nathan, M.D.
D. 1-Feb-1848, A. 56y 11m 18d

Sears, Paul, M.D.
B. 5-June-1821, D. 3-Dec-1884, A. 63y 5m 28d

Seibert, R.A.
B. 1862, D. 1928

Seibert, Sarah A.
B. 1862, D. 1920, H. R.A. Seibert

Seiler, 2 Infant Daughters
B. 21-Nov-1866, D. 22-Nov-1866, P. S. & D. Seiler

Seiler, Dorcas G.
D. 18-Sep-1910, H. Sebastian Seiler

Seiler, Elizabeth
D. 20-June-1888, A. 34y 3m 9d, H. John G. Seiler

Seiler, Maud
D. 13-May-1931

Seiler, Neva W.
D. 3-May-1878, A. 2y 5m 14d, P. J.G. & L.B. Seiler

Seiler, Rudy J.
B. 12-Feb-1874, D. 9-Aug-1901

Seiler, Sebastian
B. 26-Nov-1819, D. 21-Oct-1892

Seitz, C.W. Jr.

Seitz, Christian
B. 20-Jan-1806, D. 31-May-1896, A. 90y 4m 11d

Seitz, E.W.

Seitz, Elizabeth
B. 28-Feb-1815, D. 23-Dec-1884, A. 91y 9m 23d, H. Christian Seitz

Seitz, Henrietta
D. 13-June-1922, A. 86y 9m 25d

Seitz, Jacob
B. 1855, D. 1922

Seitz, John A.
B. 1862, D. 1928

Seitz, Louis
D. 16-Apr-1873, A. 30y 2m

Seitz, Marie
B. 1-Nov-1887, D. 13-Apr-1899, P. E.W. & M. Seitz

Seitz, Mary Aline
D. 4-Mar-1926, A. 66y 9m 28d

Seitz, Rosellen B.

Seitz, Sarah E.
B. 11-Sep-1851, D. 13-June-1887, A. 35y 9m 2d, P. Christian &
Elizabeth Seitz

Seitz, William J.
D. 9-Sep-1895, A. 57y 8m 26d

Seitz, Yoonne
D. 29-Aug-1929, A. 8y 11m 6d

Sexton, Margaret
B. 1897, D. 1903

Shafer, Lena A.
H. M. Shafer

Shannon, Alice Trabue
B. 14-Aug-1874, D. 22-Jan-1879, P. T.J. & E.B. Shannon

Shannon, Edmonia Berry
B. 5-Aug-1873, D. 2-Jan-1879, P. T.J. & E.B. Shannon

Shannon, Ephraim Joshua
D. 27-Sep-1851, A. 11m 14d, P. Thomas J. & Laura R. Shannon

Shannon, Infant Son
D. 15-Apr-1854, A. 7d, P. Thomas J. & Laura R. Shannon

Shannon, Laura R.
D. 22-Aug-1853, A. 28y 1m 12d, H. T.J. Shannon

Shannon, Mary B.
D. 12-May-1839, A. 35y 8m 8d, H. T.J. Shannon

Shannon, Samuel
D. 15-Sep-1924, A. 75y 10m 29d

Shannon, Thomas J. Jr.
B. 11-Aug-1858, D. 21-Oct-1886

Shannon, Thomas Jr.
B. 29-Dec-1821, D. 15-Sep-1886, W. Edmonia B. Shannon

Shannon, Thomas
D. 26-Mar-1853, A. 9m 19d, P. Thomas J.& Laura R. Shannon

Shaw, Bell
D. 3-Nov-1867, A. 9y 3m 21d, P. S. & S. Shaw

Shaw, Charles
D. 8-July-1871, A. 1y 2m 11d, P. G.W. & T.G. Shaw

Shaw, Charlie
B. 30-Apr-1861, D. 18-Jan-1862, P. J.I. & M.L. Shaw

Shaw, E.B.
B. 8-Nov-1862, D. 18-Jan-1886

Shaw, George Anna
D. 28-Nov-1875, A. 3y 11m 10d, P. G.W. & T.G. Shaw

Shaw, George W.
D. 29-Oct-1872, A. 32y 4m 6d, W. T.S. Sharp

Shaw, Granville
P. S.& S. Shaw

Shaw, Infant Daughter
B. 15-Sep-1872, D. 20-Sep-1872, P. J.I. & M.L. Shaw

Shaw, Irma
B. 9-Apr-1876, D. 20-July-1876, P. J.I. & M.L. Shaw

Shaw, James I.
B. 1-Dec-1838, D. 28-Sep-1896

Shaw, Lillian M.
B. 1874, D. 1910, H. William J. Shaw

Shaw, Lillie W.
D. 7-Feb-1889, A. 14y 2m 28d, P. S.B. & M.A. Shaw

Shaw, Mariah L.
B. 1840, D. 1921

Shaw, Minna
D. 29-July-1869, A. 1y 11m 1d, P. G.W. & T.G. Shaw

Shaw, Samuel
B. 3-Oct-1818, D. 30-Aug-1883

Shaw, Sarah
B. 3-Oct-1819, D. 10-Aug-1895, H. Samuel Shaw

Shaw, Tabitha G.
B. 15-Jan-1842, D. 20-Dec-1917, H. Geo. W. Shaw

Shellhorn, G.C.
B. 29-Mar-1856, D. 13-June-1904

Shellhorn, J.C.
B. 21-July-1819, D. 5-Oct-1872

Shellhorn, Phillippina
B. 11-May-1820, D. 25-Feb-1890, H. J.C. Shellhorn

Shellhorn, Sarah Jemima Wirth
D. 17-Dec-1932, A. 74y 20d

Shepherd, J.W.
B. 1883, D. 1923

Shirley, Emma
B. 1846, D. 1922

Shirley, John A.
B. 1851, D. 1921

Shurtleff, Frank
B. 4-Dec-1914, D. 22-Feb-1916, P. F. & L.A. Shurtleff

Shurtleff, Laura A. Shurtleff
B. 15-Apr-1885, D. 11-Dec-1914

Simpson, Alex S.
B. 9-July-1865, D. 14-May-1933

Simpson, Bertha M.
B. 10-May-1889, D. 8-Feb-1918

Simpson, Janie
B. 3-Mar-1868, H. Alex S. Simpson

Sisson, Louisa E.
17-Apr-?, P. J.S. & M.L. Sisson

Sisson, Mary L.
D. 13-Jan-1872, A. 18y 9m 23d, H. J.S. Sisson

Slanker, John I.
B. 1878, D. 1927

Slickenmeyer, J.L.
B. 30-Dec-1872, D. 9-Apr-1901

Smith, Annie
B. 1871, D. 1906, H. Dr. Daniel R. Smith

Smith, Clara Hastadt
B. 17-June-1882, D. 30-Mar-1930, H. Robert Smith

Smith, David A.
B. 9-July-1855, D. 29-Feb-1924

Smith, Dr. Daniel R.

Smith, Sarah M.
B. 26-May-1857, D. 19-Apr-1908, H. D.A. Smith

Smith, Valentine
D. 2-Jan-1884, A. 59y 1m 16d

Smith, Vinnie H.
D. 28-Oct-1867, A. 23y 3m 14d, H. Valentine Smith

Smothers, Dr. H.A.
B. 1875, D. 1932

Spaeth, Antone
B. 1854, D. 1920

Spaeth, Conrad
B. 25-Feb-1821, D. 15-Dec-1878, A. 56y 9m 21d

Spaeth, Louis
D. 17-July-1863, A. 3y 1d, P. Conrad & M. Spaeth

Spaeth, Minerva Allevesta
D. 27-Sep-1931, A. 69y 3m 12d

Spencer, Lillie May
D. 19-May-1919, A. 53y 5m

Spencer, Ralph E.
D. 16-Apr-1900, A. 5y 8m 12d, P. S.W. & L.M. Spencer

Staninger, John
B. 1860, D. 1918

Staninger, Sallie
B. 1890, D. 1905

Stansfield, Agnes E.
D. 24-Feb-1895, A. 32y 3m 9d, H. J.G. Stansfield

Stansfield, Carrie
D. 22-Dec-1881, A. 7m 23d, P. J.C. & E.E. Stansfield

Stansfield, Infant

Stansfield, J.G.
D. 13-Aug-1913 At Bad-Nankeim, Germany, A. 63y 1m 3d

Stansfield, James C.
B. 1844, D. 1916

Stansfield, John T. Or F.
B. 1842, D. 1920

Stansfield, Mary J.

Stansfield, Maud
D. 18-Dec-188?

Stansfield, Richard R.
B. 18-Aug-1883, D. 22-Mar-1932

Starts, Everett S.
D. 11-Aug-1879, A. 4m 11d, P. G. & M.A. Starts

Starts, William F.
D. 12-June-1878, A. 4m, P. G. & M.A. Starts

Stees, Henry
D. 18-July-1868, A. 6y 6m 24d

Stees, Mary M.
D. 21-Mar-1879, A. 79y 7m 12d

Stees, Mary
D. 24-Feb-1912, A. 79y 9m 10d

Stees, Rudolph D.
D. 14-Feb-1915, A. 76y 12d

Stees, Susan
D. 30-Sep-1843, A. 35y 6m 15d

Steffey, Melvin B.
D. 18-Jan-1883, A. 10m 22d, P. Rev. M.W. & A. Steffey

Stein, Adam
D, 22-Mar-1895, A. 76y 23d

Stein, George Lewis
D. 27-Feb-1867, A. 2m 27d, P. A. & M.E. Stein

Stein, J. Fred
B. 1852, D. 1923

Stein, Jacob Sr.
B. 23-Jan-1821, D. 30-July-1901

Stein, Julia M.
B. 16-May-1831, D. 15-Apr-1907, H. Jacob Stein

Stein, Lydia
B. 1867, D. 1868

Stein, Mary E.
B. 1854, D. 1867

Stein, Mary E.
D. 3-Jan-1873, A. 49y 1m 15d

Stein, Mary Eliza
D. 22-Aug-1873, A. 9m 25d, P. A.M. & Kittie Stein

Stein, Mary L.
B. 8-Mar-1841, D. 17-Feb-1902, H. Philip Stein

Stein, Philip
B. 2-Apr-1836, D. 4-Sep-1916

Stein, Roy H.
B. 1884, D. 1904

Steizel, Casper H.
B. 2-Nov-1859, D. 24-Nov-1920

Steltzer, Beryl
D. 1-July-1928, A. 1d

Steltzer, John Jacob
D. 24-Dec-1926, A. 5d

Stevenson, Elizabeth
B. 1865, D. 12-Nov-1926

Stevenson, Judity Mary
B. 1866, D. 15-Nov-1900

Stevenson, Rev. Joseph D.D.
B. 15-Oct-1831, D. 27-Nov-1918

Stevenson, Sarah F.
B. 1869, D. 7-Mar-1907

Stevenson, Sarah P. Fulton
D. 27-May-1891, H. Rev.J.J. Stevenson

Stewart, George
B. 1889, D. 1900

Stipher, Elizabeth (Bannon)
B. 27-Sep-1826, D. 18-Dec-1887

Stoltz, George
B. 1851, D. 1925

Stoltz, Henrietta L.
D. 14-Mar-1880, A. 33y 25d, P. L. & M.P. Stoltz

Stoltz, Irene K.
D. 4-Oct-1892, A. 3y 2m 6d, P. S.L. & C.A. Stoltz

Stoltz, Lewis
B. 20-June-1821, D. 10-June-1898, A. 76y 11m 20d

Stoltz, Maria C.
B. 22-Aug-1896, D. 8-June-1897, P. E.L. & F.M. Stoltz

Stoltz, Maria P.
B. 22-Mar-1823, D. 1-Mar-1900, A. 76y 11m 9d, H. Lewis Stoltz

Stoltz, Noble
B. 31-Jan-1893, D. 6-June-1893, P. E.L. & F.M. Stoltz

Stoltz, Roscoe R.
B. 11-July-1889, D. 26-Jan-1890, P. E.L. & F.M. Stoltz

Stoltz, Russel L.
B. 10-Nov-1906, D. 22-Oct-1912, P. L.L. & F.M. Stoltz

Stoltz, Samuel L.
B. 1858, D. 1910

Stoltz, William E.
D. 10-Sep-1931, A. 81y 7m 9d

Storckman, Earl Eugene
B. 1903, D. 1928

Stroh, Adaline
B. 1844, D. 6-Feb-1931, A. 86y 5m 2d

Stroh, Allie
D. 5-Mar-188?, A. 2m 6d, P. I. & E. Stroh

Stroh, Catharine
D. 17-Apr-1870, A. 77y 3m 11d, H. Fredrick Stroh

Stroh, Eliza
D. 28-May-1889, A. 50y 5m 5d, H. I. Stroh

Stroh, Fredrick
D. 14-Dec-1860, A. 56y 2m 22d

Stroh, George E.
D. 28-Sep-1851, A. 9y 1m 17d, P. F. & E. (Or C.) Stroh

Stroh, J.N.
B. 29-Apr-1840, D. 26-May-1896

Stroh, Katy
B. 23-Dec-1860, D. 6-July-1867, A. 6y 6m 10d, P. Eli & Regina Stroh

Stroh, Lizzie
B. 1834, D. 1855, H. Eli Stroh

Stroh, Sarah A.
D. 19-May-1852, A. 17y 3m, P. F. & E. (Or C.) Stroh

Strohmaier, Clarie
D. 30-Oct-1878, A. 3m 20d, P. G. & M. Strohmaier

Strohmaier, George
D. 5-Nov-1880, A. 48y 8m 28d

Strohmaier, Louis G.
D. 21-Feb-1880, A. 9y 9m 17d, P. G. & M. Strohmaier

Styer, Bell Maser

Styer, Frank
B. 1846, D. 1911

Styer, Nellie
B. 26-Nov-1896, D. 4-Aug-1897, P. F. & I.B. Styer

Styer, Philip
D. 31-July-1886, A. 7m 8d, P. F. & I.B. Styer

Suggs, Anna W.
B. 21-Sep-1848, D. 5-May-1867, H. J.Will Suggs

Sutton, Emma M.
B. 20-Nov-1885, D. 25-Nov-1885, P. J.H. & M. Sutton

Swain, Abigail
D. 30-Mar-1880, A. 74y 4m 14d, H. W.H. Swain

Swain, Frankie
D. 3-Dec-27-1870, A. 2y 3m, P. J.A. & M.A. Swain

Swain, Joel W.
D. 12-Dec-1839, A. 1y 7m

Swain, Mary
D. 29-Oct-1841, A. 1y 3m 14d

Swain, Phebe C.
D. 21-Apr-1864, A. 17y 2m 3d, P. W.H. & Abigail Swain

Swain, W.H.
D. 28-Nov-1819, D. 24-Oct-1901

Taylor, Eliza
27-May-1873, A. 36y 1m 11d, H. H.B. Taylor

Taylor, Elizabeth
B. 10-Mar-1850, D. 18-Aug-1921

Taylor, Infant Son
P. H.B. & E. Taylor

Taylor, Leroy L.
B. 22-Jan-1851, D. 9-Nov-1910

Taylor, Myrtle
6-July-1862, A. 8m 24d, P. H.B. & E. Taylor

Teatro, A.C.
B. 1836, D. 1899

Teatro, Charley E.
B. 1880, D. 1931

Teatro, R.
B. 1845, D. 1922

Tebebough, Iseah
B. 1843, D. 1910

Tennyson, C.H.
B. 1867

Tennyson, Rosa
B. 1871, H. C.H. Tennyson

Tetrington, David
B. 1-Jan-1844, D. 4-Mar-1910

Tetrington, Mary E.
B. 12-Mar-1851, D. 15-Feb-1914, H. D. Tetrington

Tevault, Lenna Ethel
B. 1882, D. 1928

Tevebough, Nora H.
B. 1891, D. 1926

Theiss, Louise M.
B. 29-July-1891, D. 16-Aug-1891, P. Rev. F. & S. Theiss

Thomas, Catharine
B. 17-Dec-1897, D. 18-Feb-1860, A. 56y 2m 1d, H. John D. Thomas

Thompson, Laura
B. 6-Sep-1891, D. 28-Dec-1906, P. J.B. & J. Thompson

Thurgood, Albert C.
B. 11-Mar-1862, D. 7-July-1863, P. G.R. & M.E. Thurgood

Thurgood, Settina
B. 8-July-1863, D. 28-Sep-1864, P. G.R. & M.E. Thurgood

Tilton, Adaline
D. 11-Feb-1874, A. 14y 11m 9d, H. Risley Tilton

Tilton, Adelpha
B. 24-Dec-1845, D. 4-Mar-1881, A. 35y 2m 10d, H. A.B. Tilton

Tilton, Ally
D. 1-Mar-1905, A. 78y 8m 5d

Tilton, Daniel
D. 19-Jan-1885, A. 71y 3m 15d

Tilton, Ellen
B. 22-Aug-1845, D. 10-Oct-1845, P. R.& A.W. Tilton

Tilton, Emily A.
B. 30-Nov-1839, D. 21-Oct-1841, P. R. & A.W. Tilton

Tilton, George W.
B. 6-Aug-1837, D. 1-Jan-1846?, P. R. & A.W. Tiltion

Tilton, Mary A.
D. 18-Apr-1863, A. 37y 3m

Tilton, Mary W.
B. 1-Aug-1813, D. 30-June-1846, H. Risley Tilton

Tilton, Paul G.
D. 1872, A. 1y 11m?, P. H. & ? Tilton

Tilton, Phebe J.
D. 19-Apr-1858, A. 37y 5m 19d

Tilton, Risley
B. 26-June-1807, D. 2-Feb-1875, A. 67y 7m 5d

Tilton, Ursie
D. 6-June-1892, A. 7m 10m, P. R.W. & E. Tilton

Todd, Edward
D. 1-Oct-1875, A. 78y 6m 24d

Todd, Polly
D. 8-Mar-1873, A. 70y 1m, H. Edward Todd

Toombs, Charles M.
B. 28-Dec-1864, D. 26-May-1912

Toombs, Martha B.
B. 30-Jan-1863, H. Charles M. Toombs

Toombs, Mary E.
B. 9-Sep-1875, H. Thomas L. Toombs

Toombs, Thomas L.
B. 6-May-1872, D. 31-Jan-1916

Toombs, Virginia Lee
D. June-1923, A. 5y 1m 26d

Treat, Hugh Barr
D. 17-Mar-1869, A. 4m, P. Rev. W.B.F. & R.L. Treat

Troutman, Byron B.
D. 18-Feb-1931

Trover, Charles L.
B. 1886, D. 1924

Turner, ?
P. L.M. & M.E. Turner

Turner, Apollo
D. 9-July-1852, A. 66y 9m 3d

Turner, Catharine
13-Sep-1869, H. Apollo Turner

Turner, Esadore
B. 21-June-1866, D. 14-Sep-1870

Turner, Henrietta
D. 13-Sep-1864, A. 5y 4m 15d, P. D.E. & E.H. Turner

Turner, Hugo M.
B. 19-Mar-1872, D. 24-Aug-1873

Turner, Infant

Turner, Maggie
D. 27-Oct-1876, A. 7y 10m, P. D.E. & E.H. Turner

Turner, Mary Ann
B. 3-Nov-1819, D. 24-Jan-1895, H. William Turner

Turner, Ruth
D. 23-Aug-1874, A. 1y 1m 5d

Turner, Samuel
B. 29-Dec-1856, D. 21-Mar-1877

Turner, William
B. 20-Nov-1816, D. 4-July-1884

Utter, Abraham
D. 15-Sep-1872, A. 60y 6m 4d

Utter, Amy
D. 15-Sep-1869, A. 21y 5m, P. A. & E. Utter

Utter, Anna
B. 22-Jan-1850, D. 15-Dec-1917, H. G.L. Utter

Utter, Corp. Henry
Company 25th Illinois Infantry

Utter, Elizabeth
D. 13-Jan-1892, A. 71y 7m 22d, H. Abraham Utter

Utter, Florence N.
D. 11-Mar-1878, A. 9m 18d, P. G.L. & A.H. Utter

Utter, Frances H. Scarborough
B. 1862, D. 1920, H. J.C. Utter

Utter, G.L.
B. 25-Jan-1835, D. 7-Sep-1913, 115th Ill Inf.

Utter, Hattie A.
D. 25-June-1887, A. 38y H. H. Utter

Utter, Mary E.
D. 18-Aug-1873, A. 7y 11m 1d, P. H. & M. Utter

Utter, Nellie A.
D. 11-Mar-1878, A. 11m 16d, P. G.L. & A.H. Utter

Utter, Ralph
D. 22-May-1886, A. 11m, P. Dr.J.C. & F.H. Utter

Veihman, Adam H.
B. 1867, D. 1900, P. G. & A.C. Veihman

Veihman, Catharine
B. 1845, D. 1909

Veihman, Catherine
B. 1839, D. 1892, H. George Veihman

Veihman, Charles W.
B. 24-Mar-1862, D. 6-Sep-1863, P. G. & A.C. Veihman

Veihman, Clara P.
B. 1874, D. 31-July-1875

Veihman, Elena
B. 14-Dec-1874 Or 1844, D. 14-July-1887, H. A.I. Veihman

Veihman, George O.
B. 1869, D. 7-Mar-1870, P. G. & A.C. Veihman

Veihman, George
1836, Reported Buried Elsewhere

Veihman, Ida C.
B. 1872, D. 4-Mar-1870, A. 2y 1m 19d

Veihman, William H.
B. 1863, D. 18-Aug-1864, A. 11m 11d, P. G. & A.C. Veihman

Veith, John Lewis
B. 2-Apr-1848, D. 26-Apr-1864, A. 16y 23d

Voght, Mary
B. 1-Jan-1844, D. 23-Apr-1876, H. Jacob Voght

Small Marker On Johnston Lot


Wallar, William
D. 4-June-1877, A. 17y 9m 9d, P. Rev. J.L. & F.E. Wallar


Walter. Bernard J.
B. 1891

Note: To Help Combat The Devastating Effects Of The
Great Depression, President Roosevelt Established The
Works Progress Administration (Wpa) On 8-Apr-1935. The Wpa
Funded "Small Useful Work Programs" That Were Designed For
Needy Employable Workers. Bernard Walter Was The Work-Crew
Leader Who Was Hired To Document The Cemeteries In Wabash


Walter, Caroline
D. 19-Apr-1876, A. 32y 5m 14d

Walter, Ethel
B. 1884, D. 1914

Walter, Gustave
D. 26-Feb-?, A. 56y 7m

Walter, Leopold
D. 22-Mar-1873, A. 42y 4m 7d

Walterick, Mary Ada
D. 13-Sep-1920, A. 69y 8m, H. Rev. J.H. Walterick

Walterick, Rev. J.H.
B. 5-Feb-1848, D. 30-Jan-1926

Wardell, Almira S.
D. 21-Nov-1854, A. 54y 6m 13d

Watkins, Abey
B. 15-Apr-1834, D. 30-Sep-1861, A. 27y 5m 15d, H. George Watkins

Watkins, Fannie
D. 15-Jan-1881, A. 79y 5m 17d

Watkins, George
D. 4-June-1877, A. 44y 8m 7d

Watkins, James
D. 28-Feb-1866, A. 66y 12m 5d

Watkins, James
D. 8-Feb-1864, A. 3m, P. G. & M. Watkins

Watkins, William
D. 2-June-1866, A. 1y 23d, P. G. & M. Watkins

Watkins, Willie
D. 17-Sep-1868, A. 1y 4m 13d, P. G. & M. Watkins

Weaver, B.
B. 1805, D. 1877

Weaver, Margaret
B. 1847, D. 1926, H. Gottleib Weaver

Weaver, Paul W.
B. 16-Jan-1873, D. 8-Dec-1919, P. G. & M. Weaver

B. 1838, D. 1898

Weedon, Caroline
B. 1855, D. 1920, H. W.W. Weedon

Weedon, W.W.
B. 1846, D. 1923

Weinback, Frederick
B. 1826, D. 1964

Weinback, Mary Emma
B. 1860, D. 1900

Weinback, Mary Schafer
B. 1833, D. 1903

Weinback, Otilie
B. 1816 In Westhoben By Wornes In Hesse Darmstodt, Germany, D. 4-Dec-1879, A. 63y

Wells, C. Or G.
B. 1815, D. 1891

Wells, R.
B. 1815, D. 1881

Wetzel, Harvey B.
B. 14-Dec-1880, D. 27-Feb-1906

Wilcox, James

Wilcox, O.L.
B. 1867, D. 1921

Wilkinson, R.T.
B. 1850, D. 1918

Williams, ?
D. 17-July-1867, A. 4y 5m 7d, P. J.N. & C. Williams

Williamson, James
D. 28-Apr-1868, A. 16y 8m, P. P. & M. Williamson

Williamson, Lilly Belle
D. 30-Dec-1877, A. 8y 11m 13d, P. J. & P. Williamson

Williamson, Mary E.
B. 1809, D. 1872

Williamson, Mattie
B. 13-Apr-1883?, D. 22-Oct-1885?, P. J.J. & A.J.J. Williamson

Williamson, Peter
B. 1812, D. 1888

Williamson, Phebe A.
D. 9-June-1881, A. 34y 2m 10d, H. John J. Williamson

Wilson, Elizabeth J.
D. 1-Apr-1864, A. 32y 2m 3d, H. J.S. Wilson

Wilson, Elsia
B. 1883, D. 1886

Wilson, Emma S.
D. 15-Mar-1864, A. 3y 11m 1d, P. J.S. & E.J. Wilson

Wilson, Fred
B. 1879, D. 1880

Wilson, George H. M.D.
B. 1891, D. 1922, 1st Lt. M.D. Corp. U.S. Army

Wilson, James H.
B. 1857, D. 1928

Wilson, Jos. Harold
B. 1838, D. 1912

Wilson, Lida L.
B. 1858, H. W.S. Wilson

Wilson, Lilbourn J.
D. 12-July-1884, A. 2m 12d, P. J.S. & E.J. Wilson

Wilson, Lillie May
D. 17-Dec-1871, A. 15y 6m 2d, P. J.S. & E.J. Wilson

Wilson, Louise P.
B. 20-Feb-1824, D. 14-Jan-1857, A. 52y 21d, H. Samuel P. Wilson

Wilson, Maud
D. 7-Mar-1858, A. 3d, P. J.S. & E.J. Wilson

Wilson, Susan A.
B. 1869

Wilson, W.S.
B. 1855, D. 1905

Wirth, Almira

Wirth, Anna Maria
D. 9-Nov-1869, A. 76y 1m 23d, H. John Wirth Sr.

Wirth, Benjamin T.
D. 30-Mar-1891, A. 71y 1m 4d

Wirth, Christina
D. 8-Feb-1880, A. 36y 11m 24d, H. J.H. Wirth

Wirth, Cyrus F.
B. 1850, D. 17-Aug-1930, A. 70y 10m 8d

Wirth, Eliza A.
B. 1850, D. 7-Mar-1933, A. 83y 1m 20d

Wirth, Elizabeth L.
B. 1870, D. 1921, H. Joe H. Wirth

Wirth, Elizabeth
D. 4-May-1874, A. 59y 9m 3d, H. Henry Wirth

Wirth, Ellen D.
P. B.T. & M. Wirth

Wirth, George R.

Wirth, George R.
B. 1-June-1822, D. 23-Mar-1901

Wirth, Hattie M.
P. S.C. & L.A. Wirth

Wirth, Henry H.
D. 24-July-1863, A. 1y 9m 15d, P. J.H. & C. Wirth

Wirth, Ida M.

Wirth, Infant Daughter
18-Jan-1885, A. 1d, P. C.F. & E.A. Wirth

Wirth, Infant
P. S.C. & L.A. Wirth

Wirth, Jennie B.
B. 1868, D. 1920, H. Karl Wirth

Wirth, John H.
D. 22-Apr-1887, A. 10y 2m 5d, P. J.H. & C. Wirth

Wirth, Karl
B. 1869, D. 1930

Wirth, Laura M.

Wirth, Mary
B. 5-Aug-1835, D. 2-Dec-1907, H. George R. Wirth

Wirth, Matilda
D. 22-June-1913, A. 88y 2m 20d, H. B.T. Wirth

Wirth, Ollie M.
D. 13-Oct-1878, A. 6y, P. J.H. & H.C. Wirth

Witt, Eva C. Holt
B. 5-Jan-1883, D. 9-Oct-1917, H. Sherman B. Witt

Wolfe, Aseneth F.
B. 11-June-1850, D. 18-Aug-1850, A. 2m 4d, P. M. & M. Wolfe

Wolfe, Martin
B. 18-May-1814, D. 9-Jan-1855, A. 40y 8m 9d

Wyman, John W.
B. 1862, D. 1925

Wyman, Judie E.
B. 1865, D. 1930

Wyman, Walter

Young, Amelia C.
B. 1864, D. 1923, H. J.H. Young

Young, Bradford
D. 28-Nov-1887, A. 1y, P. George & S.A. Young

Young, Clarissa S.
B. 1867, D. 1892

Young, George
B. 12-Feb-1828, D. 26-July-1891

Young, Ida
D. 23-Jan-?

Young, Sarah A.
B. 21-July-1830, D. 23-July-1892

Young, Thomas D.
B. 1863, D. 1890

Young, Woster
D. 28-Apr-1868, A. 7m 4m 8d, P. George & S.A. Young



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