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Mount Carmel, Wabash County, IL

TRANSCRIPTION .. : Bernard J. Walter while working for Works Progress Administration in 1935+
HISTORY WRITE-UP : Mt Carmel Daily Republican-Register in 11-Mar-1919
DATAFILE INPUT . : Mount Carmel Library / Shannon Swain in Dec-1999
Submitted to Genealogy Trails By Paul M. Kankula

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

J. Ralph Roberts and Roy D. Short appeared before the city council and presented a proposition for the merging of the Rose Hill cemetery and the Odd Fellows' cemetery, or the city's Odd Fellows' sections of the Rose Hill cemetery, for the purpose of forming a cemetery association and thereby adding numerous improvements to the cemetery, such as putting in walks and drives. Many have offered liberal donations to further this work, as was shown at the meeting.

To push plans in this direction, a committee was named to have charge of the work. The committee consists of Rev. J. Ralph Roberts, S.A. Mayne, Roy D. Short, Louis Walter, George Cleveland, and Ben Townsend.

On motion it was voted by the council that the city attorney shall draft an ordinance providing for the building of concrete walks, by the property owners, along the west side of Main street from Fifth to Ninth, where concrete walks have not been constructed.

?, Ada May
D. 8-Oct-1890, A. 8m

?, Joseph
D. 16-May-1927, A. 1m

?, Rosey May
B. 1889, D. 1895

Adamson, George S.

Addis, Stanley J.
B. 1902, D. 1930

Alexander, Joseph H.
B. 1844, D. 1898

Alexander, Laura E.
B. 1857, D. 1922

Alka, Alice
B. 1865, D. 1925

Alka, George
B. 1859, D. 1924

Alka, Lonie C.
D. 27-Feb-1922

Allen, Patsy Jean
D. 2-July-1933, A. 1y 1m 3d

Ammerman, Sadie E.
B. 1875, D. 1926

Ammerman, William W.
B. 1872

Anderson, Mary Jane
B. 1854, D. 1925

Andrews, Laura Virginia
B. 1857, D. 1923

Andrews, Mary Belle
B. 1892, D. 1919

Andrus, Clara M.
D. 14-Sep-1931, A. 63y 11m 23d

Andrus, Nellie S.
D. 1-Mar-1897, A. 1y 10m 14d, P. C.S. & C.M. Andrus

Ankenbrandt, John G.
B. 27-Nov-1862, D. 23-Aug-1890

Anthis, Albert
B. 24-July-1853, D. 18-Mar-1914

Anthis, Franklin F.
B. 16-Apr-1917, D. 7-July-1922, P. W.F. & J.L. Anthis

Anthis, Marshall Lee
D. 18-Dec-?

Antrim, Mrs. Thomas
D. 22-Aug-1930, A. 83y 3m 4d

Appel, Bertha M.
B. 1879, D. 1919, H. Fred P. Appel

Appel, Fred P.
B. 1880, D. 1916

Arbuthnot, Bernard
B. 1900, D. 1902

Arbuthnot, Bonnie
B. 1902, D. 1908

Arbuthnot, Doreen
B. 1908, D. 1909

Arbuthnot, Felix
B. 1848, D. 1916

Arbuthnot, Infant
D. 1899

Arbuthnot, Sarah
B. 1851, D. 1932

Arbuthnot, Shannon
B. 1901, D. 1903

Arnold, Jacob
B. 1842, D. 1925

Arnold, John W.
D. 12-Apr-1889, A. 15y 10m 9d, P. J. & M. Arnold

Arnold, Julia
B. 1849, D. 1926

Arnold, Margaret
D. 1-Apr-1887, A. 39y 5m 13d, H. Jacob Arnold

Arnold, Will
B. 30-June-1880, D. 19-Apr-1903, P. J. & M. Arnold

Axton, Ada Elizabeth
D. 17-Dec-1929, A. 38y 5m 7d

Ayers, Dave

Ayers, Fannie
D. 3-Oct-1900, A. 59y 5m 23d

Ayers, J.W.
D. 19-Aug-1893, A. 71y 5m 5d

Ayers, Ora
D. 10-Aug-1886, A. 17y 2m 15d, P. J.W. & F. Ayers

Ayers, William H.
B. 18-July-1868, D. ?-Dec-1881, P. W.M. & R.J. Ayers

Ayers, William
D. 9-Dec-1881, A. 47y 11m 21d

Babrick, Martha P.
B. 1857, D. 1925

Baird, Infant Son
B. & D. 23-July-1923, P. R. & E.I. Baird

Baird, Ivy C.
B. 17-Sep-1880, D. 5-Aug-1905

Baird, James William
B. 11-June-1909, D. 28-Nov-1911, P. R. & E.I. Baird

Baird, Puline
B. 12-June-12-1838, D. 6-Aug-1904

Baird, Richard
B. 5-Nov-1912, D. 6-Mar-1913, P. R. & E.I. Baird

Baker, August
B. 1866, D. 1920

Baker, Marie
D. 10-Dec-1927, A. 43y 2m 12d

Balcom, Mary
B. 1884, D. 1891

Baldwin, H.W.
B. 1863, D. 30-Jan-1923, A. 59y 2m 29d

Baldwin, Margaret
B. 1864, H. H.W. Baldwin

Banks, Bertie May
B. 1868, D. 23-July-1929, A. 61y 4m 2d, H. Ulysses Banks

Banks, Ulysses
B. 1868, D. 3-Nov-1894, A. 26y 3d

Barco, John W.
D. 19-June-1890, A. 29y

Barker, C.A.
B. 17-Mar-1889

Barker, Fannie E.
B. 3-July-1891, D. 31-May-1918, H. C.A. Barker

Barker, Flora R.
B. 1869, H. W.H. Barker

Barker, William H.
B. 1868, D. 1931

Barrett, Eliza L.
D. 7-Jan-1887, A. 44y 2m 2d

Barton, Alex
Company L. 9th Illinois Infantry

Barton, Elizabeth
B. 15-Nov-1844

Barton, Frank T.
D. 20-Nov-1887

Barton, Samuel Malcolm
B. 17-Aug-1900, D. 24-Oct-1912, P. A.C. & M.B. Barton

Bautz, Balthaser
B. 1821, D. 1902

Bautz, Carharine
B. 1829, D. 1914

Beall, Arthur Wilson
A. 8m 23d, P. Edward F. & Mary Beall

Beall, Ethel
D. 9-Sep-1886, A. 11y 9m 3d, P. E.F. & M.J. Beall

Beanblossom, Benjamin H.
B. 26-Sep-1866

Beanblossom, Carrie
D. 23-Dec-1903, A. 18y 7d, P. W.H. & N.E. Beanblossom

Beanblossom, Cora A.
B. 10-June

Beanblossom, Elizabeth J.
D. 7-Dec-1830, A. 27y 1m 7d, H. J.N. Beanblossom

Beanblossom, Elizabeth
B. 16-Oct-1838, D. 29-Sep-1900, H. William Beanblossom

Beanblossom, Eunice
B. 1899, D. 1920

Beanblossom, H.H.
B. 1863, D. 1904

Beanblossom, Infant Son
D. 10-May-1895, P. J.E. & E.A. Beanblossom

Beanblossom, Infant Son
D. 4-Mar-1897 Or 1892, P. B.F. & J. Beanblossom

Beanblossom, James
D. 18-July-1930, A. 59y 7m 29d

Beanblossom, Julia L.
B. 19-Jan-1873, D. 6-Jan-1911, H. Benjamin H. Beanblossom

Beanblossom, Lawrence Jack
D. 25-Apr-1898, A. 27y 10m 25d

Beanblossom, Nancy E.
B. 1846, D. 1888

Beanblossom, Noble
D. 23-Oct-1893, A. 5m 21d, P. B.F. & J. Beanblossom

Beanblossom, William H.
B. 1842, D. 1927

Beanblossom, William
B. 12-Aug-1831, D. 5-July-1921, Co. 713 Ind. Cav.

Beck, America
B. 15-Nov-1819, D. 23-Jan-1883

Beck, Samuel
B. 4-June-1859, D. 31-July-1887

Bedell, Brittie
B. 1842, D. 1903, H. N.K. Bedell

Bedell, Caroline
B. 13-Feb-1826, D. 24-Feb-1884, A. 58y 11d, H. H. Bedell

Bedell, Flora M.
B. 1874m D. 1909, H. J.H. Bedell

Bedell, George R.
B. 1877, D. 1927, H. W.B. Bedell

Bedell, George T.
B. 4-Aug-1850, D. 25-Jan-1916

Bedell, George
B. 25-May-1813, D. 13-July-1902

Bedell, Hiram
B. 1-Sep-1827, D. 17-Oct-1872, A. 45y 1m 7d

Bedell, James Howard
D. 11-Apr-1933, A. 2y 4m 13d

Bedell, John Sr.
B. 1835, D. 1896

Bedell, Leonora
B. 13-Jan-1814, D. 15-Sep-1885, A. 71y 8m 2d, H. George Bedell

Bedell, Martha
B. 1842, D. 1902

Bedell, Nellie
B. 1862, D. 1899

Bedell, Orla
B. 1881, D. 1902, H. N.K. Bedell

Bedell, Vivian M.
B. 1898, D. 1914, P. J.H. & F.M. Bedell

Beemer, Rosetta
B. 9-May-1873, D. 24-Jan-1918, H. W.M. Beemer

Beemer, William M.
D. 16-Mar-1867

Bell, Fannie N.
B. 1859, H. Thomas W. Bell

Bell, Helen
B. 1897, D. 1898, P. T.W. & F.N. Bell

Bell, Thomas W.
B. 1850, D. 1908

Benham, Craig
B. 1871

Benham, E.
B. 1869, H. Luther Benham

Benham, Luther
B. 1869, D. 1919

Benham, Maud B.
B. 1883, D. 1920, H. Craig Benham

Beri, Katharine
B. 1961, D. 1917

Berninger, Katherine A.
B. 1845, D. June-1926, D. 81y 3m ?D, H. William Berninger

Berninger, Matilda
D. 13-May-1884, A. 65y 7m 6d, H. William Berninger

Berninger, Nelson
B. 1875, D. 1907, P. W. & K.A. Berninger

Berninger, Pearl
B. & D. 1882, P. W. & K.A. Berninger

Berninger, William
B. 1844, D. 19-Apr-1931, A. 87y 1m 16d

Berry, Emma L.
B. 1871, D. 1912

Berry, John M.
B. 1820, D. 1891

Berry, Roxanna C.
B. 1838, D. 1927

Berry, Willie
B. 1865, D. 1866

Berryman, Mary E.
B. 9-Dec-1825, D. 3-Dec-1895, A. 69y 11m 25d, H. George Berryman

Bertelsman, Barbara A.
B. 15-Feb-1842, D. 20-Oct-1917, H. J.B. Bertelsman

Bertelsman, J.B.
B. 21-Nov-1844, D. 12-July-1888

Bertlesman, Pearl Lenora
D. 22-May-1925, A. 42y 9m 18d

Bertlesman, Thomas J.
D. 21-Sep-????, A. 6y 7m 29d

Besley, Alice Wilkinson
B. 1842, D. 1919

Besley, Esther Smith
B. 11-Feb-1811, D. 6-Nov-1880, H. William Besley

Besley, Infant Daughter
D. 11-Oct-1875, P. Wm.H. & Alice Besley

Besley, William Henry
B. 1832 Or 7, D. 1918

Besley, William Wilkinson
B. 21-Jan-1880, D. 24-Jan-1880, P. Wm. H. & Alice Besley

Birkett, Jerry T.
B. 1871, D. 1901

Birkett, Mary E.
B. 23-Oct-1870, D. 12-Apr-1899, H. W.M. Birkett Jr.

Birkett, William M.
B. 1868, D. 1915

Birkett, William
B. 1830, D. 1905

Birkley, Claud R.
B. 14-Oct-1918, P. C. & L. Birkley

Bixby, Edward
B. 1857, D. 1923

Bixby, Rosa E.
B. 1892, D. 1917

Black, Paul
D. 26-May-1929

Blair, Robbin N.
B. 1847, D. 1909

Blood, Charles A.
D. 19-Feb-1894, A. 23y 4m 10d, P. C.G. & R.W. Blood

Boes, Harvey

Boggis, Alma
B. 1859, D. 1928

Boggis, Arthur
B. 1881, D. 1932

Boggis, Edmond F.
B. 1853, D. 1923

Boher, Louis
B. 13-July-1885, D. 19-Aug-1897, P. L. & E. Boher

Booth, Walter S.
D. 12-Aug-1933, A. 67y 8m 9d

Boswell, Synthia
D. 5-Dec-1901, H. William M. Boswell

Boswell, William M.
B. 21-June-1842

Bradbury, Elizabeth
D. 31-Mar-1931, A. 72y 1m 4d

Bradshaw, C.L.
D. 17-Feb-1929, A. 75y 7m 2d

Bratton, Nancy E.
B. 1857, D. 1916, H. A.M. Bratton

Breivogle, (Father)
B. 1837, D. 1913

Breivogle, (Mother)
B. 1838, D. 1909

Breivogle, Charles
B. 1861, D. 1885

Breivogle, Edward
B. 1872, D. 1887

Breivogle, Gertrude
B. 1875, D. 1886

Breivogle, Jessie
B. 1884, D. 1894

Breivogle, Rose
B. 1866, D. 1888

Brenan, Robert S.
B. 1881, D. 1919

Brennan, Charles F.
B. 17-Aug-1868, D. 21-Mar-1907

Brennan, Lucy J.
B. 1846, D. 1906

Brines, Infant
D. 1926

Brines, Marion S.
B. 19-Dec-1907, D. 22-July-1908, P. H.J. & E.J. Brines

Brines, Ora May
B. 1897, D. 1926

Brodbeck, Emma James
B. Aug-1867, D. Sep-1907

Brodburry, Sarah F.
B. 1879, D. 1931

Brown, Albert
Company E., 81st Indiana Cav.

Brown, Anna
B. 1856, D. 1927

Brown, Etta
B. 1862, D. 1917

Brown, J.E.
B. 1871, D. 15-July-1913

Brown, James
B. 1846

Brown, John F.
D. 18-Apr-1929, A. 54y 2m 7d

Brown, Maudell
B. 1848, D. 1921

Brown, Mentaria
B. 1828, D. 1899, H. William H. Brown

Brown, Percy
D. 16-Feb-1933, A. 73y 11m 23d

Brown, Rollin
B. 1851, D. 1871

Brown, Samuel
B. 1853, D. 1921

Brown, Sarah
B. 7-Mar-1846, D. 26-June-1877, A. 31y 3m 19d, H. W.H. Brown

Brown, William F.
D. 31-Oct-1920

Brown, William H.
B. 1809, D. 1880

Brown, William N.
B. 1852, D. 1914

Brown, William
B. 1862

Bruce, Eleanor Orr
B. 17-Mar-1892, D. 15-Jan-1922

Brunner, J.C. Sr.
B. 1851, D. 1922

Brust, Henry
B. 18-July-1842, D. 4-Sep-1921, Company F 151st Illinois Infantry

Brust, Margaret B.
B. 6-June-1856, D. 4-July-1924, H. Henry Brust

Buchanan, C.T.
D. 25-Aug-1871, A. 35y

Buchanan, Elmer M.
D. 28-July-1871, A. 5y 2m 18d, P. C.T. & N.E. Buchanan

Burkett, Bertie L.
D. 18-Mar-1875, A. 1y 1m 2d, P. J.T. & M.G. Burkett

Burkett, John T.

Burleigh, Ella
B. 1857, D. 1928

Burleigh, George

Burleigh, George M.
B. 1853, D. 1931

Burleigh, Letitia
B. 1830, D. 1903

Byerly, Henry L.
D. 21-Aug-1927, A. 43y 2m 28d

Byerly, John B.
B. 1861

Byerly, Susie E.
B. 1863, D. 1924, H. J.B. Byerly

Calverley, Alanzo T.
B. 1866, D. 1884

Calverley, Barbara
B. 1842, D. 1933

Calverley, Charles
B. 28-Apr-1839, D. 8-July-1918

Calverley, Harry
B. 22-Aug-1890, D. 14-Mar-1895, P. W.H. & A.M. Calverley

Calverley, James
B. 1841, D. 1922

Calverley, Mary J. Keneipp
B. 11-Mar-1849, H. Charles Calverley

Calverley, Maud Rachel
B. 1875, D. 1877

Calverley, W.H.
B. 24-Feb-1849, D. 23-Nov-1921

Campbell, Bettie
B. 1862

Campbell, Charles T.
B. 1854, D. 1931

Campbell, H.
B. 6-Sep-1840, D. 21-Sep-1919, Company E. 63rd Illinois Infantry

Campbell, Margaret A.
B. 27-Dec-1843, D. 16-Apr-1906, H. H. Campbell

Canedy, Helen G.
B. 11-Apr-1902, D. 5-Aug-1902, P. C.L. & A.E. Canedy

Cantwell, Albert N.
D. 29-Apr-1926, A. 40y 9m 22d

Carder, Isaac F.
B. 1842, D. 1925

Carter, Neva A.
B. 1883, D. 1930

Case, David M.
D. 26-Sep-1887, A. 56y 4m 23d

Case, Mary A.
D. 8-Jan-1885, A. 47 Or 49y

Case, Stephen L.
B. 28-Feb-1842, D. 5-Sep-1884, A. 42y 6m 5d

Case,Stephen L.
B. 28-Feb-1842, D. 5-Sep-1884, A. 42y 6m 5d

Cash, Mary C.
B. 1863, D. 1928

Catron, John T.
D. 6-Sep-1888, A. 11m 1d, P. L.E. & C.E. Catron

Chambers, Agnes J.
B. 13-Jan-1847, H. Thomas J. Chambers

Chambers, Thomas J.
B. 11-Oct-1832, D. 18-Feb-1900, Company E. 65th Indiana Infantry

Chapman, Amos W.
B. 27-May-1852, D. 11-Jan-1883

Chapman, Beatrice
B. 1908, D. 1927

Chapman, Pearl E.
B. 1882, D. 1923, H. Chester A. Chapman

Chapman, Ralph W.
B. 25-July-1882, D. 29-Aug-1882

Christian, Priscilla
B. 26-Apr-1867, D. 27-Nov-1911, H. W.C. Christian

Clark, Dutch H.
B. 26-July-1856, D. 27-Dec-1932

Clark, Dutch
B. 26-July-1856, D. 27-Dec-1932, A. 75y

Clark, Dutch
D. 27-Dec-1932, A. 75y

Clark, E. Creighton
B. 1853, D. 1929

Clark, Edgar
B. 1860, D. 1929

Clark, Emma M.
B. 1862, D. 1914, H. A.E. Clark

Clark, Harry A.
B. 1-Sep-1890, D. 1-Jan-1891

Clark, Harry A.
B. 1-Sep-1890, D. 1-Jan-1891, P. D.H. & E. Clark

Clark, Infant
D. 20-Jan-1887, A. 9d, P. D.H. & E. Clark

Clark, Infant
D. 20-June-1887, A. 9d, P. D.H. & E. Clark

Clark, Mabel Edith
B. 1885, D. 1904, P. A.E. & E.M. Clark

Clark, Robert Wayne
B. 1923, D. 1928

Clinton, Hugh
B. 1841, D. 1918

Coarer, Roy M.
B. 16-June-1898, D. 12-July-1895

Cochran, Allen
B. 1886, D. 1916

Coffee, Edna Walher
B. 1906, D. 1929

Coffin, John Leon
B. 1894, D. 1923

Conners, Mary Helena
B. 2-Dec-1899, D. 14-July-1902, P. J.H. & M.M. Conners

Conners, William C.
B. 1892, D. 1908, P. J.H. & M.M. Conners

Conrad, Clyde E.
B. 1906, D. 1925

Cooper, Alvah E.
B. 1864, D. 1923

Cooper, Idella
B. 1873, H. A.E. Cooper

Copp, Clarence W.
D. 6-Jan-1929

Cosby, James R.
B. 22-Mar-1852, D. 1-July-1929

Cosby, Lilly Stroh
B. 30-Sep-1864, H. James R. Cosby

Couch, Harriet
B. 18-Nov-1832, D. 26-Mar-1912, H. L.D. Couch

Couch, Leni D.
B. 17-Aug-1834, D. 25-Sep-1912

Coursey, Faith Stokes
B. 1849, D. 1923

Coursey, Martha A.
B. 1838, D. 1911

Cowling, Francies M.
D. 5-Nov-1890, A. 46y 3m 5d

Cowling, Willie N.
D. 22-Jan-1888, A. 6y 11m 22d, P. F.M. & E.F. Cowling

Cox, Ida Helen
B. 1885, D. 1929

Cox, J.B.
B. 1877

Crandall, Frank
B. 31-July-1881, D. 21-Oct-1906

Crandall, Infant Daughter
D. 5-Dec-1904, P. T. & N.M. Crandall

Crandall, Joel Ira
B. 4-Mar-1844, D. 8-Feb-1917, Company G. 17th Il Inf.

Crandall, Lena
B. 7-Aug-1847, D. 15-Feb-1929, H. Joel Crandall

Crandall, Marshall
B. 1828, D. 1883

Crandall, Nancy
B. 1827, D. 1879

Crandall, Nora May
B. 20-Aug-1887, D. 30-Mar-1916, H. Thomas Cradall

Crandall, Thomas
D. 24-Jan-1879

Crawley, Flora B.
B. 17-June-1887, D. 21-Oct-1909

Crawley, Frank E.
B. 29-Apr-1881, D. 17-Oct-1895

Crawley, James E.
B. 20-Sep-1845, D. 2-Oct-1909

Crawley, James T.

Crawley, Merrill
B. 22-Nov-1899, D. 22-Aug-1900

Crawley, Taylora
B. 10-June-1895, D. 10-Sep-1896

Crawley, Willie
B. 22-Nov-1897, D. 2-Apr-1898

Creek, Elizabeth A.
D. 8-Aug-1931, A. 71y 6m 3d

Critchfield, John
B. 26-Oct-1832, D. 3-Mar-1903

Critchfield, John
B. 26-Oct-1832, D. 3-Mar-1903, Company H. 93rd Indiana Inf.

Crossley, Mariah
B. 1855, D. 1913

Crossley, Nancy
B. 1844, D. 1873

Crow, Alfred Taylor

Crow, Bertha A.
B. 1-July-1894, D. 14-July-1915, H. Curtis Crow

Crow, Curtis
D. 12-Mar-1892

Crow, Margaret Ann
D. 3-Dec-1920, A. 3d, P. Everett & Bessie M. Crow

Crow, Roy Alfred
D. 26-Aug-1923, A. 27y 9m 6d

Davis, Mont C.
B. 1861, D. 1910

Davis, Sarah J.
D. 6-Feb-1903, A. 46y 9m 5d, H. W.H. Davis

Davis, William Harrison
D. 21-May-1931, A. 76y 11m 3d

Dean, Doloris K.
D. 14-Aug-1930, A. 3m 25d

Dean, Laura Ellen
D. 31-Dec-1931, A. 53y 3m 14d

Dean, Linda E.
B. 13-Dec-1907, D. 7-Jan-1916

Dean, Samuel
B. 2-May-1873, D. 24-Aug-1912

Deischer, Caroline
B. 12-July-1852, D. 15-Feb-1914

Deischer, Urban M.
B. 8-Sep-1896, D. 26-Nov-1916, P. C. & C. Deischer

Delay, Richard
B. 2-Feb-1927, D. 7-Jan-1929

Deputy, Charles S.
D. 5-Sep-1921, A. 65y

Deputy, John
B. 1884, D. 1930

Deputy, Robert M.
D. 29-Sep-1926, A. 6y 2m 24d

Dick, Margaret
D. 17-Feb-1897

Dillard, Sarah E.
D. 17-Nov-1932, A. 60y 10m 23d

Dillon, Etta May
B. 23-July-1969, D. 16-Aug-1912, H. G.W. Dillon

Dillon, George W.
B. 3-Mar-1869

Dixon, Archibald H.
B. 22-June-1867, D. 10-Nov-1886, P. Wynn & Julia Dixon

Dollahan, Charles Henry
B. 26-Oct-1914, D. 27-Oct-1914, P. ?.D. & O.M. Dollahan

Doolittle, Henry B.
B. 24-Aug-1834, D. 1-Nov-1899, Corp. Company H. 81st Ind. Infantry

Dorney, Amos E.
D. 13-Dec-1889, A. 30y 8m 28d

Dorney, Catharine
B. 1-Jan-1834, D. 5-Feb-1908, H. Francis Dorney

Dorney, Clyde E.
P. J.F. & M.E. Dorney

Dorney, Francis J.
D. 23-Dec-1879, A. 50y 9m 8d

Dorney, Laura A.
D. 2-Nov-1881, A. 19y 2m 21d, P. F.J. & C.M. Dorney

Dorney, Lizzie M.
D. 1-Feb-2887, A. 29y 5m, P. F.J. & C.M. Dorney

Dorney, Mary E.
B. 1864, D. 1946, H. Victor T. Dorney

Dorney, Victor T.
B. 1863, D. 1917

Doughty, Henry S.
B. 17-Feb-1836, D. 6-July-1923

Doughty, Olive
B. 22-Aug-1840, D. 20-Aug-1916, H. Henry S. Doughty

Douglas, Alida K.
D. 3-May-1864, A. 2y 4m, P. G.W. & M.H. Douglas

Douglas, Edwin M.
D. 21-Aug-1864, A. 11m, P. G.W. & M.H. Douglas

Douglas, George W.
D. 10-Oct-1864, A. 28y, P. G.W. & M.H. Douglas

Douglas, Infant Daughter
D. 2-Apr-1889, P. J.H. & M.A. Douglas

Douglas, Ralph W.
B. 28-Dec-1907, D. 10-Dec-1909, P. O.N. & M.B. Douglas

Dragoo, Watler W.
B. 1888, D. 1892, P. John & Frances Dragoo

Drake, Edward H.
B. 1895, D. 1910

Dreher, (Mother)

Dreher, Maggie E.

Dreher, Sarah

Dreibelbis, Frank
D. 18-Feb-1933, A. 65y 5m 12d

Dreibelbis, Lydia
D. 28-May-1922, A. 81y 4m 5d

Drummond, Leota Janes
A. 21y

Duerr, Emmaline C.
B. 16-Aug-1857, D. 14-Mar-1896, H. William Duehh

Duerr, William F.
B. 1858, D. 1928

Duncan, Charles Walter
P. J.S. & Mary Duncan

Dunning, Lucy
D. 4-June-1873, A. 67y 8m 7d

Durr, Fern
B. 27-Aug-1895, D. 30-Dec-1897

Durr, Fred
B. 16-Sep-1887, D. 17-Apr-1889

Earl, William
B. 1869, D. 1926

Edgar, Agnes
D. 4-Aug-1852, A. 20m, P. A.G. & S.E. Edgar

Edgar, J. Alfred
D. 4-June-1877, A. 18y, P. A.G. & S.E. Edgar

Edgar, Willie
D. 6-June-1861, A. 4y 2m 21d, P. A.G. & S.E. Edgar

Eichem, Joseph H.
D. 5-Feb-1932, A. 61y 4m 15d

Emmons, Clyde E.
B. 18-Oct-1922, D. 5-Apr-1923, P. C.E. & J.O. Emmons

Epler, Carry
D. 1-Nov-1881, A. 3y 5d, P. J. & D. Epler

Epler, Elizabeth
D. 30-Mar-1875, A. 66y 8m 18d, H. Daniel Epler

Epler, Jane
D. 12-Feb-1881, A. 44y 2m 26d, H. Daniel Epler

Epler, Roy D.
D. 1-Dec-1886, A. 3y 10d, P. S.E. & A.S. Epler

Evans, Mary Ellen
D. 27-Jan-1894, A. 26y 16d, H. E.E. Evans

Fansworth, Isaac N.
B. 1854, D. 1917

Farnsworth, Lucinda
B. 1832?, D. 1913

Fearheiley, Amanda S.
B. 1870, D. 1927

Fearheiley, Elizabeth
B. 3-Feb-1858, D. 26-May-1891, A. 33y 3m 23d, H. Charles H. Fearheiley

Fearheiley, Herbert G.
D. 12-July-1889, A. 4m 19d, P. C.H. & E.E. Fearheiley

Fearheiley, Michael
B. 25-June-1825, D. 12-Apr-1908, A. 82y 9m 17d

Fesler, Mary
D. ?-Jan-1929

Finnell, Katie M.
B. 14-Feb-1879, D. 13-July-1917

Fischer, Adam R.
D. 5-Jan-1891, A. 5m 14d, P. Rhinehult & Catharine Fischer

Fischer, Anna Mary
D. 5-Mar-1896, A. 5m 5d, P. Rhinehult & Catharine Fischer

Fischer, Anna Mary
B. 16-Dec-1824, D. 18-Feb-1883, A. 58y 2m 2d, P. John F. & Margaret Groff

Fischer, Emma
B. Dec-1871, D. 10-Sep-1873, P. John & Mary Fischer

Fischer, John
D. 31-?-1814, A. 88y 10m 6d

Fischer, Katharine
B. 11-Jan-1858

Fischer, Mary E.
D. 12-May-1887, A. 4y 8m, P. Rhinehult & Catharine Fischer

Fischer, Rhinehult
B. 20-May-1851

Fischer, Willie H.
D. 19-Dec-1878, P. Rhinehult & Catharine Fischer

Fisher, Charles O.
D. 17-Dec-1898, A. 26y 9m 8d, P. J.W. & M.A. Fisher

Fisher, Irl Hugo
B. 1892, D. 1919, P. C.S. & A.M. Fisher

Fisher, John J.
B. 1-Oct-1849, D. 8-Apr-1918

Fisher, John W.
B. 14-Mar-1844, D. 28-July-1920

Fisher, Maggie M.
B. 16-Aug-1851, D. 9-Mar-1912, H. John J. Fisher

Fisher, Mary Frances
B. 1903, D. 1914, P. C.S. & A.M. Fisher

Fisher, Meander A.
B. 6-Oct-1846, D. 25-Dec-1913, H. John W. Fisher

Fisher, Monzell Leora
B. 1888, D. 1889, P. C.S. & A.M. Fisher

Fisher, Morris R.
B. 1910, D. 1928

Fisher, Virgil Jr.
D. 1924

Fisher, Virgil
B. 1894, D. 8-Mar-1931, A. 36y 7m

Flickenger, Benjamin

Flickenger, Benjamin
Company S 48th Illinois Inf.

Floyd, Elizabethann
B. 1902, D. 1905

Floyd, Infant
D. 1907

Fogerty, Charles J.

Fogerty, William

Followell, Ira F.
D. 18-Jan-1929, A. 49y 8m 29d

Followell, Mary Kelly
B. 9-Apr-1858, D. 28-Aug-1919

Ford, Clara B.
B. 1964

Ford, Thomas W.
B. 1850, D. 1929

Fordyce, Oliver P.
B. 16-Aug-1870, D. 20-Apr-1929

Foster, Dick
B. 1921, D. 1922, P. Rev. O.E. & F.B. Foster

Froman, G.D.
B. 15-June-1833?, D. 8-Oct?-1913

Froman, Harrison
B. 1889, D. 1925

Froman, William P.
B. 10-Dec-1878, D. 22-July-1899

Frosh, Mary
B. 1836, D. 1906

Gardner, John David
D. 5-Feb-1926

Gardner, John E.
B. 1881, D. 1922

Garrett, Mary J.
B. 23-Aug-1854, D. 20-Oct-1913

Gaver, Charles H.
B. 21-Oct-1853, D. 19-Sep-1897

Geddis, Robert
D. 1918

Geddis, William Guy
B. 1888, D. 1931

Gehrett, James E.
B. 6-Sep-1876, D. 22-Mar-1919

Geiger, Arthur E.
D. 25-Jan-1888, A. 1y 6m, P. J.J. & R.J. Geiger

Geiger, Rosa J.
B. 17-Sep-1867, D. 12-Feb-1887, A. 19y 4m 25d, H. John Geiger

George, Catharine
D. 11-Oct-1878, A. 33y 5m 18d, H. Ambrose George

Gibson, Alonzo
B. 9-Mar-1850, D. 31-Jan-1914

Gillam, Marinda
D. 2-Nov-1923, A. 36y 4?M 14d

Gilliam, Edgar L.
B. 18-May-1892, D. 31-July-1892, P. L.V. & E.A. Gilliam

Gilliam, John R.
B. 13-Jan-1895, D. 6-Jan-1896, P. L.V. & E.A. Gilliam

Gilliam, Perry E.
B. 23-July-1901, D. 20-May-1913, P. L.& E.A. Gilliam

Ginther, Martha
B. 1843, D. 1925

Ginther, William
B. 1840, D. 1896

Glem, Merta Hackett
B. 1875, D. 1909

Glenn, Merta Hackett
B. 1875, D. 1909

Glick, Edward F.
B. 6-Oct-1893, D. 6-Jan-1898, A. 4y 3m, P. S.M. & E.I. Glick

Glick, Infant

Glick, Samuel M.
B. 1858, D. 1928

Goans, Louisa
B. 1861, D. 1924

Goedecke, Charles J.
B. 1894, D. 1913

Goedecke, Clara J.
B. 1869, D. 1932

Goedecke, Frank H.
B. 1899, D. 1927

Goff, Josephine
B. 1863, D. 1929

Goldman, Ollie May
D. 13-Apr-1932, A. 54y 23d

Goodrich, Jane
D. 14-July-1895, A. 32y 1m 16d, H. W.H. Goodrich

Goodwin, Cyleta
D. 20-Jan-1923

Gott, Catharine
D. 10-Aug-1901, A. 72y 7m 11d

Gott, Elizabeth
B. 5-May-1860, D. 1-Jan-1904

Gott, George
D. 28-Dec-1891, A. 68y 6m 1d

Gott, Lewis
B. 18-Aug-1850, D. 26-Feb-1920

Gott, Lutitia
B. 1857, H. T.J. Gott

Gott, Mary E.
B. 25-May-1834, D. 22-May-1907

Gott, Mary
D. 17-Nov-1891, A. 1y 1m 19d, P. T.J. & L. Gott

Gott, T.J.
B. 1851, D. 1919

Gott, William L.
B. 1880, D. 1919

Gould, Frank I.
B. 1873

Gould, Lora A.
B. 1868, D. 1928, H. Frank Gould

Gould, Robert C.
B. 1879, D. 1919

Graham, Thomas H.

Green, Fleta Lucile
B. 1905, P. George R. & Flora J. Green

Green, George F.
D. 27-June-1869, A. 3y 10m 10d, P. O.B. & P.A. Green

Green, George H.
B. 1912, D. 1913, P. George R. & Flora J. Green

Green, Nancy Jane
D. 11-Jan-1879, A. 31y 4m, P. O.B. & P.A. Green

Grigsby, Wilford
D. 16-May-1862 Or 82, A. 6y 1m 18d, P. B. & K? Grigsby

Groff, Bernice
D. 31-May-1929, A. 23y 11m 26d

Groff, Harriet
B. 14-Mar-1829, D. 1-May-1905

Groff, Jacob A.
B. 2-Dec-1872, D. 24-Apr-1894, A. 21y 4m 22d

Groff, Jacob
B. 25-Dec-1822, D. 8-Dec-1909

Groff, James W.
B. 18-Nov-1857, D. 5-Mar-1928

Groff, John
B. 11-Oct-1826, D. 4-Mar-1905

Groff, Mary
B. 28-Feb-1828, D. 2-June-1898, H. Jacob Groff

Groom, Claten
B. 11-Sep-1868, D. 24-Jan-1920, H. J.W. Groom

Grundon, Anna
D. 21-Apr-1885, A. 55y 6m 16d, H. Thomas Grundon

Grundon, Elizabeth
B. 25-Oct-1873, D. 25-May-1902, H. W.F. Grundon

Grundon, James M.
D. 24-Aug-1878, A. 5y 7m 28d, P. T. & A. Grundon

Grundon, Nora A.
D. 15-Nov-1931, A. 45y 6m 22d

Grundon, Thomas
D. 30-Oct-1892, A. 72y 4m

Gubleman, Charles A.
B. 1865, D. 1917

Gubleman, Eveline
B. 1867, H. Charles A. Gubleman

Gullett, Billy
B. 1868, D. 1932

Gullett, Narcissa
D. 25-Apr-1922

Gullett, Robert
D. 27-Dec-1932, A. 88y 8m 9d

Habberton, Blanche
D. 30-July-1877, A. 3y 5m 20d, P. J.W. & M. Habberton

Habberton, Grace
B. 9-Feb-1878, D. 22-Mar-1894, P. J.W. & M.E. Habberton

Habberton, Kittie Maud
B. 21-Nov-1884, D. 21-June-1887, P. W.R. & H.M. Habberton

Habberton, Milford J.
B. 25-Dec-1811, D. 24-Apr-1892

Habberton, Sarah L.
B. 21-Feb-1829, D. 20-Jan-1906, H. M.J. Habberton

Habberton, Theodosia
D. 2-Feb-1883, A. 57y 9m 13d, H. W.S. Habberton

Habberton, W.P.
B. 1847, D. 1926

Habberton, W.S.
D. 15-Jan-1865, A. 54 Or 34y 6m 3d

Habberton, William Lloyd
B. 5-May-1897, D. 26-June-1897, P. W.P. & H.M. Habberton

Hacher, Hugh
D. 16-Oct-1922

Hahn, Henry
B. 1836, D. 1899

Hahn, John J.
B. 3-July-1881, D. 9-May-1903

Hahn, Mary
B. 1848, D. 1918

Hail, Claud
B. 12-Feb-1881

Hail, Sophia
B. 19-Apr-1884, D. 23-Dec-1913, H. Claud Hail

Hall, Charles E.
B. 25-Apr-1841, D. 25-Dec-1918

Hall, Katie R.
B. 1892, D. 1931, H. L. Hall

Hall, Wallace A.
B. 27-July-1882, D. 10-May-1902, A. 19y 9m 15d

Hanson, Harry A.

Hare, William Clifton
B. 21-Feb-1909, D. 15-Oct-1912, P. R.T. & M.L. Hare

Harnish, George F.
D. 18-May-1829, A. 63y

Harnish, James A.
D. 3-July-1891, A. 20y 5m 16d

Harper, Iris F.

Harper, Rachel Calverley
B. 18-July-1835, D. 25-Apr-1897, H. W.W. Harper

Harper, W.W.
B. 11-Oct-1831, D. 22-Oct-1906

Hartman, Donald Carl
B. 8-Nov-1921, D. 17-Nov-1921, P. H.E. & M.E. Hartman

Hartman, Earl E.
B. 25-Mar-1892, D. 4-Oct-1918, P. Rev. C.H. & M.M. Hartman

Hasbeck, Nadia B.
B. 1898, D. 1924, H. J.N. Hasbeck

Hastings, Mabel L.
B. 1904, D. 1915

Hastings, Urban J.
B. 1901, D. 1920

Hawkins, David
B. 1852, D. 1921

Hawkins, Gladys M.
B. 1906, D. 1920

Hayward, Alida A.
B. 26-Apr-1841, D. 27-Sep-1913, H. George Hayward

Hayward, George A.
B. 18-May-1835, D. 4-July-1902

Hein, Anna Maria
D. 28-Mar-1929, A. 78y 7m 14d

Heiserman, John Albert
B. 1862, D. 1918

Heiserman, Nettie
B. 1869, D. 1911, H. John Albert Heiserman

Heitzman, Charles H.
B. 22-Apr-18??, D. 7-Feb-1880, P. J.A. & S.A. Heitzman

Heitzman, Lillie A.
B. 9-Nov-1868, D. 2-Apr-1870, P. J.A. & S.A. Heitzman

Heniken, Alice
B. 1962, D. 1919

Heniken, John
B. 1861

Heniken, Myrtle
B. 1890, D. 1912

Henley, George
B. 28-Feb-1834, D. 20-Jan-1901, Company G 123rd Ill. Inf.

Henley, Lyman
B. 1875, D. 1922

Henley, Mary A.
B. 7-Jan-1834, D. 15-May-1906, H. George Henley

Henley, Vivian Lenora
D. 27-July-1896, A. 2y 5m 3d

Hershey, Alice E.
B. 1855, D. 1920, H. W.P. Hershey

Hershey, William P.
B. 1848, D. 1915

Hess, Laura A.
B. 1874, D. 1925

Heverling, Ida Dell
B. 3-Oct-1891, D. 6-Apr-1893, P. Henry & Mary Heverling

Highwood, Infant Daughter
P. David & Aileen Highwood

Highwood, Infant Daughter
P. David & Aileen Highwood

Hil, Ellen
B. 28-Dec-1833, D. 22-Apr-1902, H. Samuel S. Hill

Hilbert, Henry
B. 16-Feb-1841, D. 5-Dec-1907

Hilbert, Mary A.
B. 27-Sep-1855, D. 15-May-1882, A. 20y 5m 7d, H. Henry Hilbert

Hilbert, Nellie A. M.
D. 5-May-1882, A. 2m 28d, P. H. & M.A. Hilbert

Hill, Bertha
D. 14-July-1881, A. 1y 4m 9d, P. V. & E. Hill

Hill, Clarence Clayton
D. 21-Oct-1883, A. 3y 5m 1d, P. J.M.C. & D.L. Hill

Hill, Dempsey W.S.
B. 21-Jan-1855, D. 27-Nov-1889, A. 34y 9m 27d

Hill, Fred W.
B. 10-May-1875, D. 6-Mar-1898

Hill, George W.
B. 8-July-1853

Hill, Glayron E.
B. 1897, D. 1918

Hill, Harris Hugo
D. 23-Mar-1886, A. 3y 7m, P. J.M.C. & D.L. Hill

Hill, Horace H.
B. 27-Apr-1868, D. 28-Nov-1895

Hill, Infant Son
D. 14-May-1894, A. 3m 26d, P. J.M.C. & D.L. Hill

Hill, Isaac H.
B. 17-Aug-1819, D. 20-Jan-1899

Hill, J.M. Clayton
B. 4-Dec-1849, D. 5-Feb-1908

Hill, J.M. Clayton
B. 4-Dec-1849, D. 5-Feb-1908

Hill, Jesse C.
D. 14-Sep-1895, A. 8y 3m 28d, P. V. & E. Hill

Hill, John Ross
B. 26-July-1875, D. 12-Feb-1907

Hill, Joseph F.
D. 7-Feb-1890, A. 2y 7m 3d, P. V. & E. Hill

Hill, Lilllian E.
D. 29-Oct-1885, A. 1y 2m, P. V. & E. Hill

Hill, Lydia
D. 6-Nov-1879, A. 52y 3m 10d, H. I.H. Hill

Hill, Mariah J.
B. 13-Mar-1863, D. 30-Mar-1920, H. G.W. Hill

Hill, Ralph W.
P. A.D. & E.L. Hill

Hill, Samuel S.
B. 7-Oct-1830, D. 4-Feb-1906

Hill, Stella M.
B. 1-Mar-1895, D. 12-Sep-1895, A. 6m 12d, P. M.M. & A. Hill

Hill, Theodoria
B. 18-Aug-1889, D. 4-Sep-1900, P. C. & T. Hill

Hill, Virginia Fay
D. 13-Nov-1929

Hills, Jimmie B. Weaver
B. 17-Mar-1869, D. 20-June-1889, A. 20y 4m 3d, H. Joseph B. Hills

Hills, Joseph B.
B. 12-Oct-1866, D. 30-Dec-1889, A. 23y 3m 18d

Hillyard, Glodith
D. 12-Aug-1929, A. 19y 11m 25d

Hillyard, Loraine
D. 14-June-1933

Hinderleiter, Henry James
D. 3-Aug-1926, A. 82y 3m 2d

Hinderleiter, Sarah A.
D. 1-Apr-1924, A. 74y 1m

Hinkle, Charles C.
B. 1853, D. 1910

Hinkle, Minnie
B. 1857, D. 1932

Hixson, C.H.
B. 1850, D. 1902

Hoffer, Raymond C.
B. 23-Feb-1905, D. 13-Mar-1906, P. E. & G.S. Hoffer

Hoffman, Peter
D. 23-Feb-1893, A. 22y 9m 1d

Hollen, Daniel Lee
B. 1925, D. 1926

Hornbach, Ada L.
B. 1877

Hornbach, Iran O.
B. 12-Oct-1903, D. 12-Feb-1905, P. J.F. & A.L. Hornbach

Hornbach, J. Frank
B. 1875, D. 1930

Hoskinson, Clara Ethel Combs
B. 20-Sep-1894, D. 27-Aug-1922, H. R.S. Hoskinson

Hoskinson, M.F.
B. 19-Aug-1852, D. 23-Dec-1895

House, Anna B. Dressell
B. 16-Nov-1863, D. 11-May-1921, H. G.W. House

House, George W. Sr.
B. 11-June-1886, D. 5-June-1918

House, George W.
B. 15-July-1861, D. 4-Jan-1927

House, Nora E.
D. 1-May-1889, A. 4y 8m, P. G.W. & A.B. House

Howe, Milo
B. 24-Sep-1905, D. 21-Apr-1916, P. J.A. & M.J. Howe

Howell, Cherrel
D. 28-June-1930, A. 2m

Howell, Mary S.
D. 28-July-1892, A. 31y 2m 23d, H. Lewis E. Howell

Howell, Paul J.
D. 17-Feb-1892, P. L.E. & M.S. Howell

Hudson, Perry
B. 1872, D. 1915

Hughey, Grace
B. 1885, D. 1915, H. D.M. Hughey

Hughey, Mary I.
B. 1858, D. 1929

Hunter, Mary Ruby
D. 12-Feb-1923, A. 3m 8d

Hurd, Charles M.
D. 31-Mar-1882, A. 27y 1m 30d, P. J.C. & H.B. Hurd

Hurd, Infant Son
D. 1903, P. C. & S.K. Hurd

Hurd, Jersey M.
B. 17-Sep-1851, D. 17-Aug-1855, P. J.C. & Harriet Hurd

Hurd, Joseph C.
B. 1849, D. 1929

Hurd, Josephine
D. 8-Apr-1873, A. 62y 5d

Hurd, Mary F.
D. 27-Feb-1871, A. 18y 5m 15d, P. J.C. & H.B. Hurd

Hurst, Elizabeth
B. 18-Apr-1861, H. J.I. Hurst

Hurst, John I.
B. 11-Mar-1867, D. 9-Oct-1913

Hutcheson, Halie May
B. 1864, D. 1921

Hutcheson, Luella Wiley
B. 1859, D. 1911

Hutcheson, Marie C.
B. 1894, D. 1899

Hutcheson, Oswald
D. 19-Sep-1890, A. 5m 16d, P. B. & L.W. Hutcheson

Hybarger, Hall Irene E.
B. 5-May-1899, D. 14-Jan-1919, P. T.E. & J. Hybarger

Ingersoll, Ada M.
B. 1878, D. 1912, H. J.G. Ingersoll

Ingersoll, Harry
B. 1898, D. 1898, P. J.G. & A. M. Ingersoll

Ingersoll, Jesse G.
B. 1871

Ingersoll, Mariah J.
D. 10-Sep-1927, A. 2y 10m 3d

Inglis, J.

Inskeep, Dr. J.E.
B. 1851, D. 1925

Inskeep, Elizabeth C.
B. 1861

Irwin, Alphonso W.
B. 1868, D. 1906

Irwin, Elizabeth
B. 1854, D. 1926, H. Alphonso W. Irwin

Ivers, Anna May
D. 1919

Ivers, Infant Son
D. 1920

Ivers, Nettie C.
B. 1883, D. 1920

Ivers, Robert B.
B. 1911, D. 1912, P. K.P. & C.N. Ivers


Jackson, James W.
B. 1897, D. 1928

Jackson, Pery B.
B. 1874, D. 1901, P. Mr. & Mrs. A.W. Irwin

James, Edison
B. 1868, D. 1922

Jaquess, Catharine
B. 6-May-1827, D. 1-Feb-1908, H. I.N. Jaquess

Jaquess, Charlotte F.
B. 5-May-1851, D. 15-June-1851, P. I.N. & Jane S. Jaquess

Jaquess, Dora E.
D. 30-Mar-1890, A. 26y 2m 6d, H. Jas. H. Jaquess

Jaquess, James H.
D. 30-Apr-1898, A. 42y 5m 29d

Jaquess, Jane S.
B. 7-Feb-1818, D. 1-July-1863, H. I.N. Jaquess, P. I.N. & Jane S. Jaquess

Jaquess, John
B. 30-Mar-1840, D. 15-Apr-1840, P. I.N. & Jane S. Jaquess

Jaquess, Lattie
D. 9-Mar-1898, A. 14y 8m 10d, P. J.H. & D. Jaquess

Jaquess, Lela
B. 18-Sep-1885, D. 15-Mar-1888, P. J.H. & D.E. Jaquess

Jaquess, Mary A.E.
B. 19-Feb-1838, D. 28-Sep-1845, P. I.N. & Jane S. Jaquess

Jaquess, Mary
B. 22-Dec-1821, D. 22-Mar-1844, H. Col. J.F. Jaquess, P. I.N. & Jane S. Jaquess

Jaquess, I.N. (Rev)
B. 10-Feb-1811, D. 12-Nov-1892, A. 85y 9m 2d

Jaquess, Sarah E.
B. 30-Nov-1835, D. 27-July-1839, P. I.N. & Jane S. Jaquess

Jaquess, Sarah H.
B. 20-Oct-1843, D. 20-Oct-1845, P. I.N. & Jane S. Jaquess

Jenkins, C.

Johnson, Harold R.
B. 16-May-1909, D. 23-Apr-1912, P. H. & G. Johnson

Johnston, Kate Dorney
D. 12-Sep-1899, H. Asa W. Johnston

Jones, Freeman Oscar
D. 28-July-1886, A. 7m 16d, P. A. & B. Jones

Jones, Jewel Jr.
D. 23-Jan-1931,

Jones, Laura Dean
B. 1858, D. 1924

Jones, M.R.
B. 1851

Jones, Mary E.
D. 4-Nov-1887, A. 53y, H. Dr. Wm Jones

Jones, Nancy Ann
B. 20-May-1867, D. 21-June-1933

Jones, William B.
B. 1817, D. 1899

Jordan, William Clarence
D. 23-Dec-1930

Joy, Andrew
B. 24-Nov-1852, D. 6-Feb-1895, P. Rev. Ephraim & Ellen M. Joy

Joy, Ellen Margaret
B. In Ireland, D. 4-Aug-1885 In Carmi, A. 65y, Children: Sarah Janie, Melvele Hugh, Thomas, E.D. & Andrew Joy

Joy, Ephraim (Rev)
B. 6-Sep-1819, D. 8-May-1900

Kaericher, Elizabeth
B. 9-May-1868, D. 22-Mar-1916, H. L. Kaericher

Kaericher, Mary Louise
B. 30-Oct-1917, D. 28-Aug-1922, P. Lee M. & Mary Kaericher

Kamp, Eugene
B. 1869, D. 1920

Kamp, Fred
B. 1901, D. 1922

Kamp, Laura F.
B. 1871, D. 1921

Kamp, Louis
B. 11-Sep-1828, D. 11-July-1903

Kamp, Sarah A.
B. 5-Sep-1844, D. 12-Aug-1899, H. Louis Kamp

Keeler, Benjamin Franklin
B. 1841, D. 1930

Keeler, Isabelle W.
B. 1847, D. 1912

Keen, Jordan
Company G 48th Ilinois Infantry

Keffey, Joseph
B. 15-May-1852, D. 30-Dec-1932, A. 80y 7m 15d

Keffey, Rosetta
D. 14-Mar-1925

Kellams, Gidean
D. 3-Jan-1887, A. 40y 5m 3d

Kellems, Infant
D. 26-Dec-1910

Kellems, Lorene
B. 30-Mar-1913, D. 17-May-1920

Keller, Albert
D. 4-Nov-1894, A. 2m 2d, P. J.H. & A.A. Keller

Keller, Alice
D. 15-Oct?-1925, A. 69y 8m 18d

Keller, Frankie I.
D. 5-Mar-1891, A. 3y 6m 5d, P. J.H. & A.A. Keller

Keller, Willie Risley
D. 3-Nov-1883, A. 2m, P. J.H. & A.A. Keller

Kelley, William
B. 1859, D. 10-July-1930, A. 70y 10m 22d

Kelly, J.R.
D. 5-Nov-1871

Kelly, Mary P.
B. 13-Apr-1876, D. 29-Mar-1908, H. J.R. Kelly

Kelly, Ray
B. 10-Mar-1895, D. 6-July-1895, P. J.R. & M.P. Kelly

Kelso, Effie Doughty
B. 1874, H. John S. Kelso

Kelso, Eliza J.
B. 2-May-1836, D. 15-July-1902

Kelso, John S.
B. 1871, D. 1928

Kelso, Samuel J.
B. 5-Feb-1836, D. 12-Dec-1901

Kemp, Lewis A.
B. 1857, D. 1927

Kemp, Mary A.
B. 1861

Kendall, Infant Son
D. 1-Mar-1906, P. S. & S. Kendall

Kendall, Simon M.
B. 17-Apr-1883, D. 2-Feb-1922

Keneipp, Alexander
D. 9-Mar-1852

Keneipp, G.M. (Capt)
B. 1838, D. 1889

Keneipp, Cyrus H.
B. 26-July-1841, D. 24-Aug-1917

Keneipp, Elizabeth Sharp
D. 15-Aug-1908, A. 83y 6m 3d, H. Silas Keneipp

Keneipp, Gertrude Ebert
B. 6-July-1863, D. 19-Dec-1902, H. Alexander Keneipp

Keneipp, Judith E.
B. 1891, D. 17-Aug-1892, A. 10m 28d

Keneipp, Maud

Keneipp, Robert Milton
D. 19-May-1932, A. 1y 11m 5d

Keneipp, Rosalind
B. 1844, D. 1917, H. G.M. Keneipp

Keneipp, Silas
B. 1893, D. 1894

Keneipp, Silas
B. 29-July-1811, D. 18-Apr-1883, A. 72y 9m 20d

Keneipp, Theodore

Keneipp, William
B. 1893, D. 1907, P. S. & M. Keneipp

Kern, Thomas E.
D. 8-Nov-1891, D. 29y 8m 19d

Keys, Clarence H.
B. 21-May-1911, D. 30-May-1911, P. C.E. & H. Keys

Kimbel, Hattie Willer
B. 1851, H. M.W. Kimbel

Kimbel, Martin W.
B. 1841, D. 1929

Kimbel, Mary R.
B. 17-May-1879, H. W.C. Kimbel

Kimbel, William C.
B. 10-Jan-1874, D. 18-Apr-1911

Kingsbury, Anna
D. 6-May-1883, A. 7m 7d, P. C.C. & C. Kingsbury

Kingsbury, Blanche
B. 18-Sep-1888, D. 12-Apr-1911, H. Everett Kingsbury

Kingsbury, Byran
D. 12-May-1881, P. C.C. & C. Kingsbury

Kingsbury, Clarence
B. 1877, D. 1907

Kingsbury, John D. (Dr)
B. 1855, D. 1897

Kingsbury, Elisabeth A.
D. 18-Feb-1885, A. 53y 18d, H. W.P. Kingsbury

Kingsbury, Everett
B. 11-Jan-1886

Kingsbury, Gladys
D. 11-July-1887, A. 19m 7d, P. C.C. & C. Kingsbury

Kingsbury, Hazle
B. 1-Apr-1899, D. 2-Apr-1899, P. T.N. & M.A. Kingsbury

Kingsbury, Ida
B. 1856, D. 1917, H. Clarence Kingsbury

Kingsbury, Infant Son
B. 1-Dec-1893, D. 1-Dec-1893, P. T.H. & M.A. Kingsbury

Kingsbury, Lenie
B. 5-Sep-1855, D. 13-May-1914

Kingsbury, Luela May
B. 1866, D. 1924

Kingsbury, Pauline
D. 11-Jan-1886, A. 1y ?M 14d, P. C.C. & C. Kingsbury

Kingsbury, Worster P.
D. 11-June-1903, A. 74y 7m 16d

Kling, Georgie Irene
D. 22-Apr-1894, A. 11m 22d, P. P. & I.D. Kling

Kling, Infant Son
B. 25-Oct-1897, D. 25-Oct-1897, P. P. & I.D. Kling

Knell, Fana M.
B. 30-Apr-1819, D. 13-Aug-1905, H. Jacob Knell

Knell, Jacob
B. 12-May-1812, D. 21-Mar-1885

Kramer, Infant Daughter
D. 1908, P. F. & E. Kramer

Kroh, Cathariana
B. 14-Sep-1832 In Harrisburg, Pa., D. 17-Jan-1905

Kroh, H.T. (Dr)
B. 3-Nov-1823 In Berkeley Co. Va., D. 25-Aug-1855, A. 61y 9m 22d

Kroh, Evangeline
B. 1898

Kroh, Flora
B. 1857, D. 1929

Kroh, Frank
B. 1859, D. 1917

Kroh, Ruth
B. 1903, D. 1911

Krug, Bernard B.
B. 1896, D. 1924

Krug, Gottlieb
D. 17-May-1888, A. 71y 1m 20d

Kuster, Herman K.
B. 23-June-1893, D. 21-Sep-1895, P. J.M. & N.J. Kuster

Kuster, James M.
B. 1-Oct-1858, D. 10-Mar-1910

Kuster, John W.
B. 1-Oct-1886, D. 4-June-1887, P. E.B. & S.E. Kuster

Kuster, Nancy J.
B. 7-Apr-1863, D. 21-Jan-1911, H. James M. Kuster

Lambert, Bernardine
B. 1915, D. 1918

Lancaster, Francis
B. 1844, D. 1916

Lancaster, May
B. 7-Aug-1888, D. 10-Oct-1889, P. F.S. & Mary B. Lancaster

Lancaster, Ruby
B. 1886, D. 1895

Lang, Harriet R.
B. 1852, D. 1916

Larue, H.R. (Dr)
B. 1855, D. 1930

Larue, Lokie

Latt, Hazel L.
B. 1897, D. 1913, P. C.H. & M.E. Lott

Lawry (?), John
B. 1850, D. 1929

Lawry (?), Nancy Jane
B. 1854, D. 1903

Leach, Anna M.
B. 1859, D. 1929

Leach, Herschel B.
D. 7-Dec-1903, A. 12y 8m 16d, P. H.J. & A.M. Leach

Leach, Horace J.
B. 1858, D. 1948

Lechner, William Fred
B. 19-Nov-1912, D. 17-Jan-1913, P. Wm. & L. Lechner

Lechner, William Preston
D. 9-Dec-1925, A. 56y 4m

Leeds, Lyman

Legier, Doris Jane
D. 24-July-1932

Leintz, John S.
D. 12-Aug-1893, A. 36y 6m 19d

Leipold, Emma E.
B. 1870, D. 1918

Lemans, Delbert
B. 9-Oct-1893, D. 28-Oct-1906, P. H.S. & E. Lemans

Lemans, Doretha M.
B. 19-Jan-1892, D. 18-Jan-1903, P. H.S. & E. Lemans

Lemans, Everet S.
B. 22-Oct-1899, D. 16-Mar-1901, P. H.S. & E. Lemans

Lemans, Lee Roy
B. 1-Jan-1896, D. 2-Jan-1905, P. H.S. & E. Lemans

Lescher, Ida R.
B. 18-Feb-1858, D. 12-Mar-1891

Lester, Mary L.
D. 25-Mar-1932, A. 46y 11m 12d

Lidaker, Arthur E.
B. 1875, D. 1927

Lidaker, Bernard E.
B. 14-May-1912, D. 28-Apr-1920

Lidaker, Nora J.
B. 8-May-1876, D. 13-Feb-1919

Liddle, David E.
B. 11-Feb-1878, D. 24-Feb-1903

Lindsay, Charles P.
D. 17-Mar-1929, A. 40y 7m 24d

Lindsay, Edward Allen
D. 2-July-1930, A. 27d

Lindsay, Jesse C.
B. 1848, D. 1930

Lindsay, Lydia E.
B. 1852, D. 1925

Lindsay, Norris May
D. May-1923, A. 27d

Lingo, Guy Randall
B. 21-Apr-1920, D. 19-Feb-1921, P. H.R. & L. Lingo

Litherland, Eliza
D. 6-June-1918, P. 67y 23d

Litherland, Francis C.
B. 6-Feb-1871, D. 5-Feb-1921

Litherland, George W.
D. 16-Mar-1897?, P. N. & S.F. Litherland

Lockwood, L.L.
B. 2-June-1885, D. 5-May-1912

Lockwood, Lauier
B. 1907, D. 1909

Long, Jesse
D. 2-Feb-1901, A. 53y

Long, John A.
D. 19-May-1885, A. 14y 9m 14d, P. J.W. & M. Long

Long, John W.
Company I. 1st Indiana Infantry

Long, Mary
D. 13-July-1925, A. 78y 6m 21d

Longnecker, William Henderson (Capt)
B. 13-Aug-1835 In Danylin? Co. Pa., D. 10-May-1883, In Memphis Tenn., P. S. & E.S.

Longnecker, B.P. (Dr)
B. 24-Oct-1833, D. 1-Sep-1884, A. 50y 10m 7d

Longnecker, Elizabeth
B. 18-Mar-1808, D. 19-July-1876, P. S. & E.S. Longnecker

Longnecker, Isaac
D. 13-Feb-1847, A. 9y 1d

Longnecker, Lizzie
D. 5-Aug-1847, A. 3y 11m 29d, P. S. & E.S. Longnecker

Longnecker, Mary
D. 22-Apr-1898, A. 7m 22d

Longnecker, Samuel
B. 15-Mar-1804 In Pa., D. 18-Feb-1855, P. S. & E.S. Longnecker

Longnecker, Suma
D. 29-Dec-1847, A. 4y 4m 16d, P. S. & E.S. Longnecker

Lott, Mary F.
D. 1900, P. C.H. & M.E. Lott

Lott, Richard
D. 1901, P. C.H. & M.E. Lott

Lovellette, Bernice
D. 25-Apr-1926, A. 5y 1m 4d

Lovellette, Clyde
B. 12-Mar-1882

Lovellette, Mary J.
B. 11-Nov-1891, D. 8-Dec-1918, H. C. Lovelette

Lovellette, Norman Lee
D. 19-June-1931, A. 5y 5m 14d

Lovell, Nancy E.
B. 17-Feb-1847, D. 5-Oct-1919, H. Sylvester Lovell

Lovell, Sylvester
B. 16-Dec-1845, D. 8-Jan-1909, Co. G. 66th Ind. Inf

Lovellette, Peter
B. 1849, D. 1918

Lovellette, Remie

Lowe, Ira
D. 10-Sep-1929, A. 37y 6m 17d

Lowe, Lillian L.
B. 1923, D. 1931

Ludwig, Samuel

Luigo (?), Hershall R.
B. 1896, D. 1932

Lutz, Christine Elmina
B. 21-Apr-1901, D. 15-June-1902, P. W.R. & Mary L. Lutz

Lutz, Infant Twin Sons
D. 9-Oct-1892, P. W.R. & M.L. Lutz

Lutz, Laura
B. 15-May-1864, D. 8-Sep-1885, A. 21y 3m 24d, P. N. & E. Lutz

Lynch, Bereta M.
B. 24-Apr-1881, H. William A. Lynch

Lynch, William A., B. 3-Apr-1874, D. 24-Aug-1915

Mace, Allen K., B. 18-Feb-1906, D. 2-June-1917, P. C.H. & M.J. Mace

Macguire, Mary, B. 1828, D. 1907

Macguire, William, B. 1828, D. 1916

Mahan, B.W.
B. 19-June-1842, D. 22-Jan-1884, A. 41y 7m 3d

Mahan, Eleanor L.
B. 2-Nov-1847, D. 13-Feb-1929

Mahan, James
B. 28-Jan-1863, D. 22-Mar-1897

Mahan, William S.
B. 29-Nov-1865, D. 17-Nov-1897

Majors, Verna A. Tilton
B. 17-Mar-1890, D. 27-Aug-1922, H. W.D. Majors

Malone, George Ernest
D. 22-Oct-1894, A. 4y 22d, P. J.R. & M.E. Malone

Malone, T.J.
B. 25-Jan-1870, D. 5-May-1904

Manion, Edward E.
D. 22-Mar-1930, A. 5m 28d

Manion, Mable Lana
B. 1896, D. 1922, H. Dewy Manion

Manley, Alfred P.
B. 3-May-1853, D. 2-Jan-1892

Manley, Paul Gibson (Dr)
B. 1855, D. 1928

Manley, Pauline
B. 1884, D. 1898

Mann, Ralph A.
B. 1899, D. 1930

Marriott, Annie
B. 21-Sep-1834, D. 15-Feb-1904, H. W.S. Marriott

Marriott, W.S.
B. 12-June-1829, D. 14-Jan-1914

Marsh, Infant Daughter
D. 8-Jan-1887, P. S.T. & R.J. Marsh

Marsh, Mary
B. 22-Dec-1879, D. 22-Mar-1881, P. S.T. & M.I. Marsh

Marsh, Mary
B. 28-Mar-1863, D. 30-Dec-1879, H. S.T. Marsh

Marsh, Rachel J.
B. 9-Feb-1859, D. 14-Apr-1906, H. S.T. Marsh

Martin, Agnes
B. 7-Dec-1873, D. 8-Jan-1912, H. C.V. Martin

Martin, Alfred
Co. G. 48th Ill Inf.

Martin, Edward O.
B. 27-Mar-1891, D. 11-Feb-1924, P. L.E. & M.E. Martin

Martin, Esther A.
B. 31-Jan-1842, D. 14-May-1895, H. Alfred Martin

Martin, George N.
B. 1873, D. 1924

Martin, Infant Twins
D. 18-Mar-1923

Martin, Mary A.
B. 1878, H. George N. Martin

Marvey, J.E.

Marx, Charles H.
B. 1861, D. 1927

Marx, Georgia E.
B. 1869, D. 1931

Mauch, Arch
B. 1880, D. 1932

Mauch, Thelma Irene
B. 27-Jan-1914, D. 5-Nov-1918

Maxfield, Hazel Glen
6-Mar-1930, A. 9y 23d

Maxwell, Emile D.
B. 1875, D. 1879

Maxwell, Infant Son
B. 2-Oct-1893, D. 16-Dec=1893, P. J.C. & M.M. Maxwell

Maxwell, J. Carl
B. 31-Jan-1861, D. 2-Dec-1898

Maxwell, Lizzie B.
B. 11-Aug-1835, D. 31-July-1901

Maxwell, Milton K.
B. 1863, D. 1864

Maxwell, Minnie M.
B. 3-Mar-1871, D. 7-Feb-1927, H. J. Carl Maxwell

Maxwell, Sarah J.
B. 1858, D. 1917

Maxwell, William W.
B. 1865, D. 1866

Mcclintock, Anna
B. 1844, D. 1915

Mcclintock, Nanie
B. 1880, D. 1893

Mcclintock, Roy C.
B. 1884, D. 1907

Mcclintock, William T.
B. 1854, D. 1924

Mccluer, Charles
B. 1859, D. 1915

Mcclung, George A.
B. 1862, D. 1927

Mcclure, Eva
B. 9-Aug-1856, D. 3-Aug-1880

Mcclure, Lutie
B. 4-Sep-1858, D. 14-Nov-1884

Mccoslin, Guy
B. 1892

Mccoslin, Hazel F.
B. 1898, D. 1928, H. Guy Mccoslin

Mccoslin, Mary Laverne
B. 1824, D. 1931, P. G. & M. Mccoslin

Mcdole, ?

Mcdowell, S.C.
D. 28-Mar-1897, H. W.W. Mcdowell

Mcdowell, W.W.
D. 22-July-1900

Mcgregor, Louis
B. 28-July-1864, D. 1-May-1926

Mchenry, Benjamin S. (Pvt)
Ill Inf.

Mchenry, Sarah E.
B. 1856

Mckinley, Laura A.
B. 26-Nov-1847, D. 21-June-1919, H. W.R. Mckinley

Mckinley, William R.
B. 25-June-1848, D. 24-July-1923

Mcmahel, Frances J.
B. 1920, D. 1921

Mcmillen, Joel C.
B. 1844, D. 1921

Mcmillen, Margaret
B. 1860, D. 1926

Mcmillen, Mary E.
B. 1844, D. 1906, H. Joel C. Mcmillen

Meehan, Annie C.
B. 15-Nov-1884, D. 15-Aug-1908, H. W.L. Meehan

Mellinger, Alanzo A.
B. 28-Dec-1844, D. 5-Feb-1911

Mellinger, Emma
B. 3-Mar-1847, H. A. Mellinger

Metzgar, Edward J.
B. 1885, D. 1916

Metzgar, Elizabeth B.
B. 1854, D. 1924, H. M.S. Metzgar

Metzgar, Matthias S.
B. 1850, D. 1925

Middleton, Isaac
B. 1871, D. 1922

Miller, Alfred N.
B. 25-Feb-1887, D. 13-Feb-1912

Miller, Anna L.
B. 30-Sep-1861, H. Raymond S. Miller

Miller, Berthal J.
B. 1895, D. 1932

Miller, Bessie Barre
B. 1892, D. 1927

Miller, Blanche
B. 1904, D. 1905

Miller, Caroline
B. 1838, D. 1894

Miller, Clara L.
B. 1870

Miller, Edward
B. 1833, D. 1905

Miller, Eva D. Berninger D.
B. 5-July-1868, D. 20-Aug-1896, H. Will L. Miller

Miller, Frances Neff
B. 1919, D. 1920

Miller, Halsie E.
B. 1903, D. 1933

Miller, John

Miller, John
Company S 48th Illinois Inf.

Miller, Joseph P.
D. 19-Jan-1841, A. 32y

Miller, Noble F.
B. 20-Feb-1894, D. 10-Jan-1911, P. J.S. & D.A. Miller

Miller, Otho P.
D. 17-Dec-1888, A. 27y 10m 3d

Miller, P.S.
D. 13-Dec-1861, A. 30y

Miller, Paul,
D. 5-Mar-1877, A. 4m 27d, P. Edward & L.C. Miller

Miller, Ralph S.
B. 1869

Miller, Raymond S.
B. 25-Jan-1859, D. 8-Feb-1904

Miller, Robert
B. 1892, D. 1894

Miller, Verner
B. 15-Sep-1889, D. 6-Sep-1891, P. E. & E. Miller

Miller, Will L.
B. 28-Feb-1871, D. 21-Apr-1901, P. J.W. & L.A. Miller

Millhouse, Jesse Irl
D. 12-Nov-1930

Milton, Fern
B. 17-Feb-1890, D. 19-July-1890, A. 5m 2d, P. J.N. & Josie Milton

Milton, Josie
B. 4-May-1864, D. 2-Nov-1913

Moellenhauer, Gus A.
D. 1849

Moellenhauer, Miney M.
B. 1862, D. 1927, H. Gus A. Moellenhauer

Money, William H.
B. 1850, D. 1899

Moore, Naomia
B. 19-Oct-1889, D. 20-May-1917

Morgan, Elizabeth M.
B. 1846, D. 1918

Morgan, Francis A.
B. 1836, D. 1921

Morgan, Luther D.
B. 1854, D. 1927

Morgan, Sarah C.
B. 1846, H. Francis A. Morgan

Moter, Agnes S.
B. 1855, D. 1916

Moter, Maud Ellen
B. 1876, D. 1879

Moter, Philip
B. 1850, D. 1924

Mountgomery, Donald E.
D. 11-Oct-1933, A. 3y 3m 19d

Mounts, Ann
B. 16-Jan-1846, D. 7-July-1913, H. Isaac Mounts

Mounts, Isaac
B. 27-July-1840, D. 3-Apr-1915

Moyer, Anna Cornelia
B. 8-Feb-1819, D. 27-Aug-1895, A. 76y 6m 24d, H. Rev. M. Moyer

Moyer, Edward J.
B. 1842, D. 1903

Moyer, Emma S.
D. 18-Jan-1902, A. 38y 1m 18d, P. C.W. Moyer

Moyer, Frank C.
B. 1870, D. 1911

Moyer, Helen
B. 1895, D. 1914

Moyer, Henry
B. 28-June-1857, D. 17-Sep-1926

Moyer, James J.
B. 1858, D. 28-June-1928, A. 69y 11m 27d

Moyer, Mary F., 1853

Moyer, Mary Isabell
B. 20-Apr-1842, D. 13-July-1889, A. 47y 2m 23d, H. B.F. Moyer

Moyer, Portia
B. 18-June-1871, D. 27-Sep-1895

Moyer, Priscilla A.
B. 15-Mar-1865, D. 23-Dec-1912, H. Henry Moyer

Moyer, M. (Rev)
B. 26-Jan-1815, D. 8-Aug-1888, A. 73y 6m 12d

Mullen, William R.
B. 1888, D. 31-Jan-1920

Muncy Thomas R.
Company G. 48th Illinois Infantry

Mundy, Isabel
B. 9-Jan-1859, D. 21-Sep-19-4, H. M.H. Mundy

Mundy, M.H.
B. 8-Mar-1850, D. 16-Apr-1926

Murray, Margaret Ellen
B. 13-July-1848, D. 28-Aug-1915, H. S.P. Murray

Murray, Rilla
B. 1853, D. 1925

Murray, Samuel
D. 29-Mar-1875, A. 8y 8m 3d, P. S.P. & M.E. Murray

Murray, Seth P.
D. ?Feb-1874?, A. 2y? 11m 7d, P. S.P. & M.E. Murray

Murray, S.P. (Sgt)
B. 21-Jan-1842, D. 14-Oct-1926, Company G. 143rd Ind. Inf.

Neeley, E.E.A.
B. 1879, D. 1928

Neeley, S.E.
B. 1855, D. 1918

Neeley, William
B. 1856, D. 1914

Nelson, Greenberry

Nelson, Greenberry
Company F 59th Indiana Inf.

Nelson, Ida May
D. 26-Dec-1881?, A. 7y 5m 7d, P. W.A. & A. Nelson

Nelson, Willie T.
D. 13-Jan-1881, A. 10y 9m 8d, P. W.A. & A. Nelson

Newberry, Sarah
D. 1-Oct-1900, A. 52y 1m 23d, H. John Newberry

Norrich, Francis Eugene
D. 22-May-1928

Odom, Jane Perry
D. 12-May-1929, A. 71y 1m 9d

Odom, Maud, 29-Nov-?, A. 32y 7m 14d

Oldendorf, Howard V.
D. 18-July-1905

Oldendorf, Mary S.
B. 10-Dec-1851, D. 18-Nov-1900

Oldendorf, Peter A.
B. 6-Dec-1841, D. 4-May-1905

Oldendorf, Willie F.
D. 4-Jan-1876, A. 8m, P. P.A. & M.S. Oldendorf

Oldham, George A.
B. 8-Apr-1866 Or 68, D. 24-Sep-1902

O'neal, C.F.
B. 27-Feb-1881, D. 6-Jan-1910

Orth, Florentine
B. 31-Oct-1844, D. 2-Oct-1889, H. William P. Orth

Painter, Allen

Painter, Florence M.
D. 16-May-1926?, A. 33y 2m 15d

Painter, George
D. 9-Nov-1929, A. 49y 2m 20d

Painter, Myrtle
B. 1903, D. 1925

Painter, Sanford Arthur
D. 10-Oct-1918

Palmer, Nora Isabelle
D. 4-Mar-1926, A. 42y 5m 20d

Palmer, William E.
D. 27-Oct-1932, A. 56y 8m 11d

Parker, Harvey L. Jr.
B. 1919, D. 1925

Parkinson, Asa
B. 3-Jan-1852, D. 24-Jan-1909

Parkinson, Edward
D. 27-Dec-1868, A. 45y 5m

Parkinson, Emma
D. 14-Mar-1857, H. Asa Parkinson

Parkinson, Emma
D. 29-July-1926

Parkinson, Francis B.
B. 1864, D. 1920

Parkinson, Fredrick
D. 2-May-1875, A. 7d

Parkinson, James Jr.
D. 11 Or 18-Oct-?, A. 1d

Parkinson, James R.
B. 1845, D. 1923

Parkinson, Mary B.
B. 1843, D. 1920

Parkinson, Noble
D. 13-Apr-1880, A. 11m 30d, P. A.T. & E.F. Parkinson

Parkinson, Sarah
D. 18-Jan-1892, A. 66y 4m 22d

Peters, Franklin
B. 2-Mar-1868, D. 15-June-1869

Peters, Aileen W.
B. 1903, D. 1923

Peters, Charles
B. 1840, D. 1919

Peters, Effie
B. 21-June-1873, D. 8-Nov-1909, H. J.B. Peters

Peters, Eunice
B. 1844, D. 1927, H. Charles Peters

Peters, Florence
B. 24-Mar-1879, D. 1-May-1880, P. W.A. & M.F. Peters

Peters, Howard
B. 14-Nov-1901, D. 5-Feb-1903, P. J.B. & E. Peters

Peters, Infant Daughter
B. 13-Jan-1874

Peters, John L.
B. 13-Aug-1874, D. 11-Sep-1894, A. 20y 28d, P. C. & E. Peters

Peters, Laura May
B. 18-July-1870, D. 14-July-1881, P. W.A. & M.F. Peters

Peters, Lenora M.
B. 19-Feb-1876, D. 15-Oct-1894, A. 18y 1m 27d, P. C. & E. Peters

Peters, Lorena A.
B. 23-June-1872, D. 27-Oct-1874

Peters, W.A.
B. 6-Mar-1842, D. 10-Oct-1890, P. W.A. & M.F. Peters

Pflueger, William
B. 1881, D. 1930

Phar, Robert
D. 2-Sep-1903, P. John & Edith Phar

Phillips, Rosa
B. 31-Jan-1864, D. 19-Dec-1919, H. W.E. Phillips

Phillips, W.E.
B. 18-Dec-1854, D. 11-Sep-1904

Pieper, Rosa
B. 19-Sep-1870, D. 4-Dec-1919

Pierson, William

Pierson, William
Company A 5th Ohio Cav.

Poole, G.E.
B. 1857, D. 1911

Poole, Texanna
B. 1859, H. G.E. Poole

Powell, Flora
D. 6-Nov-1897, A. 12y 3m, P. M.M. & Dora Powell

Powers, Sanford L.
B. 29-Aug-1865, D. 26-June-1911

Prather, Nancy J.
B. 1886, H. Thomas Prather

Prather, Thomas
B. 1880, D. 1923

Preston, Greydon
B. 1909, D. 1930

Price, Della F.
B. 25-Sep-1869, D. 7-June-1895, A. 25y 3m 13d, H. George Price

Price, Lawrence G.
D. 3-Dec-1905, A. 2y 8m 24d, P. G.H. & N.B. Price

Pritchett, Charles W.

Pritchett, Charles W.
Company C 11th Indiana Inf.

Pryor, Laura J.
B. 12-Mar-1857, D. 30-Apr-1912, A. 55y 1m 20d

Rabelle, August
B. 1848, D. 1923

Ramsey, Clarence R.
B. 1888, D. 1907

Ramsey, Frances A.
B. 1854, D. 1927

Ramsey, James M.
B. 1865

Ramsey, Lizzie
B. 1860, D. 1896, H. J.E. Ramsey

Raney, ?
D. 19-Sep-1923, A. 7d, Dau. Of Mr. & Mrs. C.R. Raney

Rapson, Anna Belle
B. 1-Aug-1870, D. 3-Sep-1913, H. T.W. Rapson

Rapson, Carrie L.
B. 23-Sep-1889, D. 31-Oct-1889, P. T.P. & M.E. Rapson

Rapson, Jessie
B. 1900, D. 1924

Rapson, Mary E.
B. 1853, D. 1899, H. T.P. Rapson

Rapson, Thomas P.
B. 1851, D. 1929

Rapson, Thomas W.
B. 1872, D. 1923

Rapson, William
B. 1903, D. 1928

Ratcliff, Gerald Flowers
B. 1897, D. 1900

Ravenstein, Cynthia C.
B. 1843, D. 1914, H. J. Ravenstein

Ravenstein, J.
B. 1835, D. 1914

Redman, George J.
D. 21-Oct-1892, A. 5y 7d, P. G.C. & M.E. Redman

Reed, Ava
D. 25-July-1827, A. 46y 6m 29d

Reed, Hugh M.
B. 10-June-1847, D. 22-Apr-1897

Reed, Infant

Reed, Lillie Catharine
D. 27-Mar-1929, A. 32y 4m 7d

Reed, Maggie

Reed, Paul

Reed, W.S.
B. 23-Sep-1865, D. 5-July-1891

Reel, David
B. 1-Mar-1830, D. 21-Mar-1899, A. 69y 20d

Reel, Joseph
B. 5-Sep-1851, D. 22-Jan-1878, A. 28y 4m 17d

Reel, Justen Gard
B. 1860, D. 1930

Reel, Margaret
B. 10-Mar-1832, D. 27-Apr-1926, H. D.S. Reel

Reel, Mary C.
D. 29-July-1913, A. 80y 5m 5d

Reel, Mary E.
B. 1858, D. 1923

Reel, Oliver
D. 28-Aug-1929, A. 86y 7m 29d

Reel, Philip
B. 10-Dec-1816, D. 10-Feb-1884, A. 67y 2m

Reeves, G. Arnold
B. 12-Nov-1905, D. 12-July-191?, P. S.A. & C. Reeves

Reinhard, Mary E.
D. 12-Sep-1851, H. Simon B. Reinhard

Reinhard, Simon B.
B. 18-Sep-1833, D. 14-Sep-1916, Company H. 130th Ill. Inf

Reinsmith, Amandus
B. 22-July-1835, D. 31-July-1906

Reinsmith, Amelia
B. 21-Mar-1839, D. 15-Feb-1879, H. J.L. Reinsmith

Reinsmith, J.L.
B. 27-Feb-1833, D. 22-Dec-1883

Reinsmith, Mary A.
B. 16-Sep-1843, D. 31-July-1922, H. Amandus Reinsmith

Reisinger, Catharine
D. 2-Dec-1926, A. 86y 20d

Renismith, Frank
B. 1848, D. 1923

Reyman, Charles L.
B. 1886, D. 1924

Reyman, Philip S.
D. 1-Mar-1928, A. 70y 4m 7d

Reynolds, May
B. 6-May-1884, H. William C. Reynolds

Reynolds, William C.
B. 24-Oct-1876, D. 10-Feb-1905

Rice, Jane
B. 10-Mar-1835, D. 8-May-1911, H. W.M. Rice

Rice, William M.
B. 13-Sep-1834, D. 13-May-1916, Company I 80th I? Inf.

Richetts, William
B. 1878, D. 1903

Ridgway, Albert B.
D. 18-Dec-1875, A. 2y 6m 6d, P. W.C. & J.C. Ridgway

Ridgway, Anna C.
D. 13-Feb-1888, A. 29y 8m 11d, H. W.C. Ridgway

Ridgway, William C. (Dr)
10-July-1895, A. 53y 7m 16d

Ridgway, Effie V.
D. 17-Oct-1931, A. 64y 6m 7d

Ridgway, Infant Daughter
P. W.C. & A.C. Or E. Ridgway, 7?-Oct-18??

Ridgway, Infant Sson
P. W.C. & E. Ridgway

Ridgway, Josephine C.
D. 30-Mar-1883, A. 29y 2m, H. W.C. Ridgway

Ridgway, Mary M.
D. 24-Oct-1883, A. 7y 3m 26d, P. W.C. & J.C. Ridgway

Ridgway, William Burr
B. 12-Nov-1817, D. 12-Apr-1895, A. 77y 5m

Ridgway, Willie Ivens
D. 17-July-1872, A. 5m 3d, P. D.H. & H.J. Ridgway

Rigg, Alice A.
D. 4-May-1895, A. 39y 5m 5d, H. Wm. B. Rigg

Rigg, Edna M.
D. 1-Dec-1892, A. 8y 11m 20d, P. G.H. & A.M. Rigg

Rigg, George E.
B. 5-Sep-1856, D. 15-Feb-1929, A. 71y 5m 10d

Rigg, John M.
B. 10-June-1881, D. 4-Feb-1896, P. W.B. & Alice Rigg

Rigg, Laura C.
D. 14-July-882, A. 10m 10d, P. G.E. & M.C. Rigg

Rigg, Lee
B. 1926, D. 1927

Rigg, Mary C. Harper
B. 9-Jan-1860, D. 20-Aug-1887, A. 27y 7m 7d, H. George E. Rigg

Rigg, Mary F.
B. 25-Oct-1866, D. 21-Nov-1924, H. George E. Rigg

Rigg, Mary M.
B. 13-Dec-1830, D. 20-Apr-1911, H. Robert J. Rigg

Rigg, Robert J.
B. 25-Feb-1827, D. 11-July-1903

Rigg, Sarah Ellen
D. 12-Feb-1933, A. 61y 9m 2d

Risley, Clifton E.

Risley, Eugene C.
B. 1888, D. 1910

Risley, Will I.
B. 1862, D. 1915

Risley, William Edwin
D. 5-Oct-1931, A. 1y 3m

Ritchey, Bertie
D. 10-Apr-1911, A. 41y

Ritchey, Lucinda
D. 4-July-1932, A. 61y 5m 15d

Robbins, Clifford
B. 26-Sep-19??, D. 17-July-1913, P. E. & I.P. Robbins

Robbins, Ida Pearl
D. 15-July-1894, A. 24y 18d, H. Eddie Robbins

Roberson, Emma Lan Alice
D. 6-Apr-1931, A. 65y 13d

Roberts, Jersey Ann(?)
B. 1834, D. 1923

Roberts, Milton
D. 29-Aug-1929

Robinson, J.R.
B. 1850, D. 1901

Robinson, S.E.
B. 1859, D. 1904

Rodgers, Aaron
B. 20-Jan-1845, D. 27-Oct-1907

Rodgers, Edgar
B. 7-Feb-1878, D. 14-Aug-1896

Rodgers, Jessa W.
D. 23-Aug-1878, A. 2y 11m 13d

Rodgers, Margaret
B. 12-Nov-1847, D. 5-Oct-1916

Rodgers, Marion T.
B. 26-Mar-1873, D. 26-Aug-1917

Rodgers, Walter
B. 18-Apr-1880, D. 17-Dec-1880

Rowdybush, Frances Mahan
B. 22-Jan-1877, D. 7-June-1918, H. Dr. R.F. Rowdybush

Roy, Carrie

Roy, Jane A.
B. 2-July-1828, D. 12-Jan-1914, H. Robert J. Roy

Roy, Robert J.
B. 23-Nov-1829, D. 20-Dec-1913

Rush, Mary A.
B. 1858, D. 1911

Rush, Mary A.
B. 1858, D. 1911

Rush, Samuel G.
B. 1853, D. 1910

Rush, Samuel G.
B. 1853, D. 1910

Russell, Edith M.
B. 3-May-1885, D. 25-Dec-1913

Russell, Edwin S.
B. 14-Apr-1828, D. 10-Apr-1910

Russell, Virginia
D. 12-July-1880, A. 45y 10m 8d, H. E.S. Russell

Rutter, Chris R.
B. 2-Apr-1885, D. 31-Mar-1916

Rutter, Grace L.
B. 30-Sep-1906, D. 16-Feb-1907, P. R. & M.R. Rutter

Rutz, Elmina
B. 28-Apr-1833, D. 22-Nov-1890, H. N. Rutz

Rutz, Nicholas
B. 2-Feb-1816, D. 27-Sep-1903

Sabbeart, Hazel M.
B. 6-Aug-1896, D. 18-May-1922

Sabbeart, Lydia E.
B. 4-Apr-1851

Sager, Eugene
B. 19-Dec-1916, D. 13-Aug-1922, P. E.O. & D.B. Sager

Saloman, Roxanna Laura
B. 9-Sep-1899, D. 31-Dec-1918

Salsbury, Ada Pearl
D. 5-Mar-1887, A. 1y 2m 6d, P. James & Rachel Salsbury

Salsbury, Guy
D. 23-Aug-1892, A. 4y 2m 5d, P. James & Rachel Salsbury

Samoniel, Harry Ross
D. 9-Mar-1887, A. 1y 9m 26d, P. W. & E.E. Samoniel

Samoniel, Louis
Company G, 48th Illinois Infantry

Samoniel, Mary E.
D. 7-Dec-1881, A. 23y 6m 28d, H. Wm Samoniel

Samuel, Freeman
B. 6-Oct-1809, D. 20-Aug-1892

Samuel, Sarah
B. 27-Sep-1808, D. 22-Nov-1892, H. Freeman, Samuel

Sanders, Dosie
D. 2-Apr-1892, A. 17d, P. J.L. & S.M. Sanders

Sanders, Laura J.
D. 30-May-1889, A. 29y 9m 18d, H. Marion Sanders

Sandford, Abraham
Company G 48th Illinois Infantry

Sandford, Hazel I.
B. 27-Sep-1897, D. 4-Dec-1915, P. W.J. & J. Sandford

Sandford, Lee
B. 1900, D. 1926

Sandford, Percy H.
D. 10-Sep-1933, A. 38y 7m 1d

Sandford, William C.
D. 29-Nov-1910, A. 3y 9m 28d, P. W.J. & J. Sandford

Sanford, Mildred
B. 26-July-1925, D. 1-Aug-1926, P. P. H. & Hazel Sandford

Sargent, Celia
B. 1-Apr-1829, D. 1-Mar-1922, H. James Sargent

Sargent, James
B. 12-Oct-1830, D. 21-Mar-1912

Satterfield, Mary Froman
B. 13-Mar-1871, D. 9-Jan-1897

Saulman, Elizabeth
D. 27-Feb-1931, A. 54y 5m 10d

Saulman, Phyllis D.
B. 1927, D. 1931

Scherer, Barbara Priscella
B. 1847, D. 1924

Scherer, Mary
B. 1854, D. 1929

Scherer, Peter
B. 1842, D. 1924

Schrodt, Alvin H.
D. 6-Nov-1890, A. 1y 11m 28d, P. J.H. & M. Schrodt

Schrodt, Amanda
B. 18-Dec-1835, D. 22-Feb-1896, A. 60y 2m 4d, H. Peter Schrodt

Schrodt, B.F.
B. 29-Nov-1868, D. 17-July-1909

Schrodt, Bertha M.
B. 18-Feb-1888, D. 24-Nov-1904

Schrodt, Catharine
B. 17-July-1839, D. 2-June-1910

Schrodt, Conrad
B. July-1832, D. 14-Feb-1907

Schrodt, Edna C.
D. 14-Aug-1899, A. 2y 7m 14d, P. J.H. & M. Schrodt

Schrodt, George W.
B. 21-May-1863, D. 2-Nov-1892

Schrodt, John C.
B. 31-Oct-1884, D. 6-Oct-1887

Schrodt, John H.
B. 25-Apr-1861, D. 20-Dec-1917

Schrodt, Lizzie E.
B. 28-Feb-1866, D. 1-Feb-1915, H. B.F. Schrodt

Schrodt, Marshall
D. 26-July-1888, A. 2y 2m 22d, P. J.H. & M. Schrodt

Schrodt, Mary C.
B. 9-Apr-1858, D. 6-Feb-1912, H. G.W. Schrodt

Schrodt, Mary
B. 8-Jan-1864, D. 16-June-1919, H. J.H. Schrodt

Schrodt, Peter
B. 2-Jan-1837, D. 19-May-1913

Schwab, Elizabeth
B. 16-Nov-1835, D. 4-Aug-1891

Seaton, Howard N.
D. 18-Dec-19??

Seaton, James Thomas
D. 6-Sep-1925, A. 74y 4m 11d

Seaton, John

Seaton, Mary Catharine
D. 22-Dec-1927, A. 87y 10m 26d

Seaton, Mary
D. 12-July-1922, A. 40y 1m 24d

Seaton, Rhoda H.
D. 13-Feb-1924, A. 68y ?M 6d

Seaton, Walter W.
D. 27-Oct-1930, A. 59y 5m 26d

Seibert, Charles
B. 1834, D. 1909

Seibert, Cora G.
B. 1868, D. 1924

Seibert, Daniel F.
B. 1866, D. 1920

Seibert, Daniel
B. 1865, D. 1915

Seibert, Elizabeth
B. 1836, D. 1902

Seibert, Fred
B. 1892, D. 2-July-1944

Seibert, Gertrude
B. 1889, D. 1909

Seibert, Harold S.
B. 1896, D. 1919

Seibert, Hester Ann
D. 11-June-1925, A. 69y 4m 4d, H. John Seibert

Seibert, John
D. 27-May-1929, A. 68y 3m 7d

Seibert, Lenora A.
B. 1895, D. 1923, H. Fred Seibert

Seibert, Lewis E.
D. 11-July-1923, A. 54y 4m 5d

Seibert, Mary Frances
B. 1923, D. 1928

Seibert, Raymond D.
D. 2-Sep-1931, A. 1y 10m 8d

Seibert, William S.
B. 1897, D. 1917

Seiler, Catherine
D. 18-Nov-1932, A. 73?Y 9m 5d

Seiler, Ethel
D. 27-Mar-1891, A. 2y 6m 6d, P. F.C. & L.V. Seiler

Seiler, F.C.
B. 1848, D. 1913

Seiler, Fannie M.
D. 31-Oct-1896, A. 37y 1m 11d, H. John G. Seiler

Seiler, Fredrick
B. 8-Aug-1819, D. 23-Apr-1907

Seiler, George
D. 20-Jan-1932, A. 77y 10m 17d

Seiler, Jacob E.
B. 1862, D. 1902

Seiler, Jacob O Or D.
B. 1890, D. 1913

Seiler, Jacob
B. 16-Dec-1817, D. 12-Nov-1900

Seiler, John G.
B. 26-Sep-1854, D. 26-May-1902

Seiler, John
B. 3-Apr-1827, D. 12-July-1909, A. 87y 3m 9d

Seiler, Leah
B. 30-Aug-1889, D. 15-Oct-1890, P. S.S. & L.G. Seiler

Seiler, Lizzie G.
B. 5-June-1866, D. 3-Jan-1915, H. S.S. Seiler

Seiler, Mary
B. 26-June-1830, D. 16-Oct-1903, A. 73y 4m 20d, H. John Seiler

Seiler, Matilda
B. 7-Aug-1829, D. 25-Mar-1902

Seiler, S.T.
B. 17-Apr-1856, D. 8-June-1922

Seiler, Sebastian S.
D. 6-Sep-1932, A. 70y 2m 14d

Seiler, Susan
B. 6-Dec-1825, D. 29-Aug-1912

Seitz, Edward S.
B. 9-Aug-1933, A. 59y 1m 3d

Seitz, George W.
B. 8-Jan-1846, D. 17-Oct-1913

Seitz, H. Fred
B. 1880, D. 1901

Seitz, Harry L.
B. 11-Mar-1893, D. 8-Sep-1895

Seitz, Infant Daughter
D. 1916, P. J.H. & S.E. Seitz

Seitz, Infant Daughter
D. 25-Sep-1920, P. E.S. & S.A. Seitz

Seitz, Katie M.
B. 1868, D. 1871

Seitz, Mary C.
B. 1-July-1933, A. 84y 1m 6d

Seitz, Maud P.
B. 27-July-1878, D. 2-Sep-1902

Seitz, Sarah E.
B. 1848, D. 1872

Seitz, Walter H.
B. 1877, D. 1902

Seneipp, Jane
B. 17-Oct-1817, D. 19-Nov-1874, A. 57y 1m 2d, H. Silas Keneipp

Seybold, ?
D. 1-Mar-1928, A. 1d

Seybold, Glen C.
B. 1902, D. 1929

Seybold, Infant
D. 12-May-1932

Seybold, Infant
D. 31-Oct-1930

Shaggs, Amos
B. 10-Dec-1889, D. 17-Oct-1918

Shanks, William E.
B. 2-May-1882, D. 20-June-1929

Sharp, Frances A.
B. 19-Feb-1854, D. 12-Jan-1928, H. G.W. Sharp

Sharp, George W.
B. 27-Aug-1855, D. 29-Sep-1923

Sharp, Henry H.
B. 1867, D. 1926

Sharp, Mary
B. 1853, H. S.W. Sharp

Sharp, Sharon F.
B. 3-Apr-1911, D. 29-June-1911, P. F. & S. Sharp

Sharp, Stinson H.
B. 1855, D. 1914

Sharum, Henry A.
B. 11-Jan-1856, D. 10-Sep-1924

Shawley, Neigha
D. 5-Sep-1895, A. 68y 6m 10d

Shellenberger, Arthur F.
B. 23-July-1887, D. 28-July-1906

Shellenberger, Roy D.
B. 5-Sep-1889, D. 5-Jan-1890

Shelton, Mattie
B. 26-Nov-1897, D. 28-Mar-1918, A. 23y 4m 2d, H. Harold H. Shelton

Shephard, Elisha C.
D. 30-Oct-1930, A. 77y 5m 20d

Shepherd, Frances Ruth
D. 12-Apr-1913, A. 4y 7m 16d, P. O.A. & V.A. Shepherd

Shepherd, G.
D. B. 1860, D. 1925

Sherlock, Ruth
D. 9-June-1933, A. 74y 2m 23d

Sherry, Howard Louis
B. 15-May-1905, A. 9d, P. H.C. & C.K. Sherry

Shilling, Annie M.
B. 1847, D. 1930

Shilling, George
B. 1845, D. 1931

Shurtleff, Adelia S.
B. 1856, D. 1923

Shurtleff, Henry W.
B. 1855, D. 1912

Sickles, Minnie D.
D. 23-Sep-1892, A. 47y 1m 23d, H. J.E. Sickles

Sites, Clara L.
B. 21-Oct-1847, D. 15-Mar-1883, A. 35y 4m 25d, H. John Sites

Sites, John
B. 1838, D. 1917

Smith, Adam Frank
D. 7-May-192?, A. 63y 1m 1d

Smith, Clara B.
D. 5-Oct-1912, A. 41y 5m 11d, H. J.F. Smith

Smith, E.H.
B. 1907, D. 1925

Smith, Edwin F.
D. 7-Aug-1900, A. 26y 6m 20d, P. Dr. J.E. & N. Smith

Smith, Elizabeth
B. 1864

Smith, Harold Mauley
D. 4-July-1930, A. 5m 6d

Smith, Infant
B. 28-Dec-1885

Smith, Infant
B. 28-Dec-1885

Smith, J.E. (Dr)
B. 11-Dec-1838, D. 19-Apr-1912

Smith, Jacob
D. 9-May-1884, A. 5d, P. J.F. & R. Smith

Smith, John F.
B. 1854, D. 1929

Smith, M. Lillian
B. 16-Sep-1895, D. 7-Feb-1898

Smith, M. Lillian
B. 16-Sep-1895, D. 7-Feb-1898

Smith, Maggie L.
D. 17-Aug-1901, A. 1y 11m 13d, P. W.H. & C.E. Smith

Smith, Morris
B. 1880, D. 1911

Smith, Nancy
B. 27-Feb-1846, D. 29-Sep-1927

Smith, Prally
P. J.F. & R. Smith

Smith, Theodore E.
B. 1894, D. 1918

Smith, William A.
B. 1848, D. 1923

Smith, William Bernard
D. 24-Aug-1902, A. 4y 11m 9d, P. W.H. & C.E. Smith

Smith, William Henry
B. 1869, D. 1929

Smothers, Samuel B.
B. 1885, D. 1921

Snyder, Charles (Lt)

Snyder, Mae
B. 3-Feb-1914, D. 22-Dec-1917

Snyder, Robert M.
D. 26-Mar-1885, A. 10d, P. C. & M.E. Snyder

Sperry, Alice Tilton
B. 1881, D. 1906, H. George A. Sperry

Sperry, George A.
B. 1876

Sperry, Mina M.
B. 1881, D. 1922, H. George A Sperry

Standford, Albert
B. 1881, D. 1923

Standford, Anna E.
B. 1860, D. 1924, H. Nathan Standford

Standford, Pearl
B. 1888, H. A. Standford

Standring, Charlotte C.
B. 1875, H. R.C. Standring

Standring, Emma Abel
B. 28-Aug-1872, D. 20-Dec-1892

Standring, Huldah Miller
B. 28-Nov-1844, D. 8-May-1913, H. William E. Standring

Standring, Louis Allen
B. 31-July-1868, D. 12-Apr-1872

Standring, Mary M.
B. 18-Oct-1871, D. 18-Oct-1871

Standring, R.C.
B. 1870, D. 1922

Standring, William E.
B. 15-Nov-1842, D. 6-Nov-1884

Starkey, Daniel M.
B. 1888, D. 1903

Starkey, Helen M.
B. 1896, D. 1901

Starkey, James C.
B. 1859

Starkey, Jessie M.
B. 1864, D. 1932

Starkey, Jessie May
D. 1899

Steckler, Agnes Martha
D. 4-Sep-1930, A. 73y 9m 12d

Steckler, John
D. 31-Oct-1931, A. 88y 10m

Steckler, Ruth Lambert
B. 1911, D. 1930

Steeley, James M.
B. 1835, D. 1899

Steeley, James M.
B. 1835, D. 1899

Steeley, Mary J.
B. 1841, D. 1895, H. James M Steeley

Steeley, Mary J.
B. 1841, D. 1895, H. James M. Steeley

Stein, Arthur C.
D. 9-Sep-1899, A. 2y 7m 12d, P. J.J. & R.C. Stein

Stein, Jacob J.
B. 1862, D. 1931

Stein, Maurice R.
B. 1894, D. 1922

Stein, Omer Jacob
D. 15-Oct-1910, A. 1m 6d, P. E.C. & H.L. Stein

Stein, Rosetta C.
B. 1864, D. 1949

Steiner, Nannie
B. 18-May-1847, H. W.R. Steiner

Steiner, W.R.
B. 16-Feb-1849, D. 20-Apr-1901

Stelzer, Jacob
B. 10-Jan-1847, D. 21-Jan-1910

Stelzer, Margaret
B. 17-Mar-1845, D. 12-Apr-1901

Stokes, Alice J.
B. 8-July-1861, D. 4-June-1920, H. Carson E. Stokes

Stokes, Carson E.
B. 14-Apr-1860, D. 27-Nov-1909

Stokes, Earl
D. 13-Jan-1920, P. C.E. & U.M. Stokes

Stokes, Harman

Stoltz, Geneneive
D. 9-Mar-1922, A. 55y 2m 26d

Stoltz, Nellie F.
B. 1884, D. 1919

Stoltz, William G.
B. 1867, D. 927

Storckman, Charlotte J.
B. 1876, D. 1915, H. W.E. Storckman

Storckman, Frances
B. 20-Dec-1914, D. 7-Apr-1915

Storckman, W.E.
D. 1871

Story, Allen A.
B. 1889

Story, Florence M.
B. 1890, D. 1929, H. Allen A. Story

Stroh, Elvira
B. 14-Feb-1833, D. 2-Nov-1898

Stroh, George W.
D. 7-Mar-1894, A. 27y 9m 9d

Stroh, Joshua B.
B. 1-Mar-1831, D. 20-Dec-1909

Strohmeier, Katharine
D. 24-July-1933, A. 61y 5m 20d

Struman, Henry Russ
B. 1884, D. 1884

Sturman, Betty Lucinda
D. 1917

Sturman, Mary Ella
B. 1860

Sturman, Sarah A.
B. 1825, D. 1901

Sturman, William Mac
B. 1883, D. 1883

Sturman, William Marion
B. 1854, D. 1928

Sturman, William
B. 1825, D. 1865, His Remains Lie In The Armstrong Cemetery

Sutton, Eva E.
D. 11-Nov-1894, A. 9y 3m 4d, P. W.M. & M.E. Sutton

Tansey, Edward

Tansey, Lula
Edward's Sister

Taylor, Rossie
D. 12-Sep-1891, A. 1y 3m 21d, P. W.F. & G.G. Taylor

Taylor, William F.
B. 1864, D. 1894

Thoele, Herman
B. 1863, D. 1914

Thrall, Mollie M.
D. 27-July-1875, A. 9m 21d, P. E.F. & A. Thrall

Thurman, Elizabeth
B. 1848, D. 1917

Thurman, Thomas L.
B. 1889, D. 1918

Thurman, Thomas M.
B. 1852, D. 1924

Tieman, James L.
D. 16-Feb-1900, A. 33y 5m 15d

Tilton, A.E.
B. 6-Mar-1885, D. 9-Sep-1912

Tilton, Charles R.
D. 4-May-1885, A. 2y 8m ?D, P. K.L. & E.J. Tilton

Tilton, Clarence E.
D. 27-Feb-1887, A. 4d, P. I.C. & M.L. Tilton

Tilton, Dollie A.
D. 9-Mar-1904, A. 38y 4m 19d, H. Risley L. Tilton

Tilton, Eliza J.
D. 25-Oct-1888, A. 34y 7d, H. R.L. Tilton

Tilton, Everett L.
D. 6-Mar-1910, D. 11-Aug-1910, P. R.L. & C.E. Tilton

Tilton, Harry W.
B. 1871, D. 1899

Tilton, Herman R.
B. 5-June-1907, D. 1-Sep-1907, P. R.L. & C.B. Tilton

Tilton, Isaac C.
D. 17-Nov-1922, A. 78y 9m 17d

Tilton, James F.
D. 18-May-1889, A. 10y 9m 12d, P. R.L. & E.J. Tilton

Tilton, John H.
B. 6-Apr-1859, D. 21-Feb-1926

Tilton, Lydia M.
B. 14-Feb-1906, D. 14-June-1907, P. R.L. & C.B. Tilton

Tilton, Lydia M.
B. 1840, D. 1925

Tilton, Mabel
B. 1869, D. 1869

Tilton, Mark L.
B. 1841, D. 1913

Tilton, Martha A.
B. 8-Apr-1859, D. 2-Mar-1912

Tilton, Mary L.
D. 21-Mar-1891, A. 43y 5m 6d, H. I.C. Tilton

Tilton, Minnie J.
D. 28-Mar-1873, A. 1y 1m 19d, P. I.C. & M.L. Tilton

Tilton, William E.
D. 7-June-1905, A. 17y 3m 20d

Tilton, Willie H.
D. 24-Sep-1891, A. 4y 8d, P. J.H. & M.A. Tilton

Tipton, David Della
B. 31-Oct-1894

Tipton, Wiley
B. 5-Oct-1890, D. 29-June-1919, P. W.L. & J. Tipton

Titus, Daniel E.
B. 16-June-1823, D. 2-Mar-1901

Titus, Judith
B. 10-Oct-1832, D. 19-Mar-1911, H. Daniel E. Titus

Tolleson, Alice
B. 24-Mar-1860, D. 21-Nov-1895, H. M.T. Tolleson

Tolleson, Edna
B. 5-Oct-1887, D. 6-Sep-1913, A. 15y 11m 1d, P. R.H. & E.R. Tolleson

Tolleson, John M.

Tolleson, Lena L.
B. 3-Nov-1872, D. 9-Feb-1905, H. G.A. Tolleson

Tolleson, Lillian B.
D. 27-Nov-1901, A. 3m 13d, P. G.A. & L.L. Tolleson

Toombs, Emil F.
D. 13-Sep-1899, A. 8y 1m 26d

Toombs, Newton J.
D. 18-Sep-1922, A. 66y 16d

Toombs, Norma Jean
D. 29-Aug-1925, A. 1m 4d

Trimble, F.A.
B. 12-May-1859, D. 8-Apr-1897

Trimble, Fay
B. 18-Aug-1896, D. 6-May-1897, P. T.A. & L.J. Trimble

Trunks, John
D. 9-Nov-1929, A. 78y 2m 12d

Tucker, Pauline E.
B. 8-Sep-1917, D. 15-Oct-1918, P. L.E. & V.G. Tucker

Tumbleson, John
B. 13-Mar-1833, D. 17-Mar-1907

Tumbleson, Rebecca J.
B. 21-May-1836, D. 4-Dec-1910, H. J. Tumbleson

Turner, Edwin T.
B. 1862, D. 1851 Or 8

Turner, Gilbert C.
B. 1813, D. 1894

Turner, Hattie
B. 1867, D. 1867

Turner, Isaac A.
B. 1843, D. 1889

Turner, John T.
B. 1842, D. 1863

Turner, Mabel Calverley
B. 3-July-1879, D. 31-Dec-1916, P. W.H. & A.M. Calverley, H. C.A. Turner

Turner, Mary A.
B. 1822, D. 1899

Turner, Mary V.
B. 1846, D. 1871

Turner, Scoby W.
B. 1847, D. 1893

Turner, Willie

Umberhanen, Amelia
B. 1835, D. 1901

Umberhanen, Frances A.
B. 1902, D. 1923

Umberhanen, George
B. 1827, D. 1893

Umfleet, Rebecca A.
D. 20-May-1887, A. 34y 10m ?D, H. F.M. Umfleet

Utter, James A.
B. 1904, D. 1905

Utter, James H.
B. 1872, D. 1928

Vall, Barbara
B. 1846, D. 1924

Vall, Joanne
B. 4-Apr-1925, D. 5-Apr-1925, P. E.R. & A. Vall

Vall, John
B. 1833, D. 1924

Van Syckle, Daniel
B. 1844, D. 1918

Van Syckle, M.A.

Van Winkle, Alvina M.
B. 1921, D. 1929

Van Winkle, Charles Jr.
B. 1926, D. 1930

Veihman, Frank S.
B. 17-July-1869

Veihman, Hattie A.
B. 27-Nov-1870, D. 13-Jan-1923, H. Frank S. Veihman

Veihman, John H.
B. 12-Mar-1838, D. 5-Aug-1917, A. 79y 3m 13d

Veihman, Mary A.
B. 1-Jan-1841, D. 26-Apr-1925

Veihman, Melvin
B. 21-Oct-1903, D. 29-Jan-1904, A. 3m 8d, P. F.S. & Hattie Veihman

Veihman, Rosa E.
D. 30-May-1900, A. 31y 5m 11d, H. F.S. Veihman

Veith, Charles E.
Company A. 119th Illinois Infantry

Veith, Mary R.
B. 4-June-1848, D. 25-Jan-1908, A. 59y 6m 21d

Veith, Nola E.
D. 1-Aug-1866, A. 4m 15d, P. C.E. & M.B. Veith

Velcein, August
B. 1857, D. 1922

Velcein, Elizabeth
B. 1857

Villars, Ruth Ellen
D. 20-Apr-1933

Voight, Ida May
B. 1880, D. 1926

Voriesm, Minevera
D. 16-Sep-1914, A. 77y 10m 15d, H. Noah Vories

Walborn, Reuben
B. 1854, D. 1887

Wallace Verne A.
B. 1-June-1920, D. 9-Jan-1921

Wallace, Emma H.
B. 1851, D. 1927, H. F.A. Wallace

Ward, Frank
B. 1-Dec-1856, D. 27?-Feb-1903

Watkins, J.V.
B. 1868, D. 1920

Watterson, Peter B.
B. 10-Jan-1850, D. 7-Feb-1900

Weaver, James S.
D. 5-Jan-1927, A. 92y 9m 24d

Webber, Jesse Vern
D. 11-Oct-1895, A. 2y? 1m 3d, P. C.A. & R.E. Webber

Wechs, John L.
B. 16-Mar-1814, D. 15-Nov-1890, Born In Germany

Weir, Arrenah
B. 1865, H. M. Weir

Weir, Monterville
B. 1863, D. 1924

Westfall, Hiram F.
D. 20-Feb-1922, A. 65y 10m 6d

Westfall, Miltie T.
D. 9-Nov-1875, A. 5m 18d, P. M.S. & J.S. Westfall

Westfall, Robert C.
D. 28-July-1893, A. 1y 4m 16d, P. H.F. & I.L. Westfall

Wetzel, Louis H.
B. 1905, D. 1906

Wetzel, Marguerite E.
B. 1908, D. 1923

Whitbeck, John E.
B. 1873, D. 1930

White, Anna B.
B. 1892, D. 1921, H. C.J. White

White, Belben
Company B. 10th Indiana Cav.

White, Ida I. Powers
B. 29-Aug-1865, D. 19-July-1913, H. W.W. White

Whittinghall, David W.
D. 13-Dec-1930, A. 76y 9m 1d

Wilcox, Ada Z.
B. 1837, D. 1895

Wilcox, Arretta D.
B. 1860, D. 1896

Wilcox, James
B. 1838, D. 1895

Wilcox, Othwin L.
B. 1867, D. 1889

Wilcox, Theodore L.
B. 1878, D. 1918

Wilhelm, Conrad
B. 9-July-1819, D. 20-June-1856

Wilhelm, Gertrude
B. 11-Feb-1821, D. 2-Oct-1890, H. Conrad Wilhelm

Williams, Gertrude
D. 5-Aug-1927, A. 47y 10m 21d

Williams, Rosalia A.
D. 13-Oct-1902, A. 35y 11m 2d

Williamson, Ida Bell
B. 10-Feb-1854, D. 5-Nov-1903, H. John Williamson

Willis, Susan
B. 12-Oct-1860, D. 14-Nov-1921

Willman, Bev

Willman, Catharine
B. 1849, D. 1912

Willman, Charles
B. 1867, D. 1889

Willman, John M.
B. 1836, D. 1915

Willman, Julia
D. 13-Feb-1926, A. 83y 3m 3d

Wilson, Harry James
B. 1918, D. 1919

Windes, Robert M.
D. 14-Oct-1924, A. 1y 3m 16d

Winkler, Kenneth L.
B. 1921, D. 1922

Wirth, Clara M.
B. 11-Jan-1875, D. 23-Oct-1904, P. P.P. & M.A. Wirth

Wirth, Elizabeth
B. 22-Feb-1856, D. 7-Feb-1906, H. P.P. Wirth

Wirth, Eugene
B. 1908, D. 1909

Wirth, Frank X.
B. 1856, D. 1923

Wirth, Henritta
B. 1853, D. 1929

Wirth, John H.
D. 1-May-1904, A. 62y 10m 11d

Wirth, Leana
B. 24-Feb-1894, D. 1-July-1895, P. C.A. & A.R. Wirth

Wirth, Mabel E.
D. 16-Apr-1900, A. 1y 2m 27d, P. J.H. & H.A. Wirth

Wirth, Mamie B.
D. 26-June-1880, A. 19y 6m 25d, P. P.P. & M.A. Wirth

Wirth, Mary Helen
B. 12-Mar-1903, A. ?Y 6m 12d, P. Frank & Mary Wirth

Wirth, Mary M.
B. 1854, H. Frank X. Wirth

Wirth, Paul C.
D. 12-Aug-1900, A. 17y 9m 2d, P. P.P. & Z.A. Wirth

Wirth, Peter Paul
B. 2-June-1844, D. 4-Feb-1912

Wirth, Samuel G.
B. 19-Jan-1857, D. 17-Feb-1907

Wirth, Sarah E.
B. 25-Dec-1848, D. 6-Aug-1921

Wirth, Simon P.
B. 1880, D. 1918

Wirth, Zesteral A.
26-Mar-1895, A. 43y 6m 23d, H. P.P. Wirth

Wood, Alexander
B. 19-July-1822, D. 28-Mar-1900

Wood, Asa A.
B. 27-Mar-1874, D. 29-Sep-1909

Wood, C.M. Clark
B. 28-Feb-1901, D. 27-Oct-1917, P. S.& M. Wood

Wood, Edna May
B. 29-Feb-1900, D. 5-Mar-1900, P. A. & S.E. Wood

Wood, Edwin R.
B. 2-Oct-1869, D. 27-Oct-1904

Wood, Emily J.
B. 19-Oct-1853, D. 18-Jan-1911

Wood, Infant Son
D. 9-Sep-1896, A. 5d, P. S.S. & M.A. Wood

Wood, L.L.
B. 1851, D. 1916

Wood, Lucinda
B. 8-Dec-1827, D. 14-Jan-1904, H. Alexander Wood

Wood, Merle
B. 1904, D. 1920

Wood, Minnie
P. J.C. & N.F. Wood

Wood, Rolla E.
B. 1890, D. 1919

Wood, S.S.
B. 1867, D. 1905

Wood, Sarah E.
B. 18-Sep-1876, D. 21-Nov-1913, H. Asa A. Wood

Wood, Vivian N.
B. 1891, H. R.E. Wood

Woods, Elma Adaline
B. 1889, D. 1926

Woods, James H.
B. 24-Dec-1835, D. 19-Sep-1909

Woods, Maranda
B. 2-July-1842, D, 28-Feb-1909

Wright, Gilbert
B. 1-Feb-1907, D. 18-Nov-1929

Wright, Robert Evans

Wright, William
D. 2-Mar-1929, A. 68y 11m 15d

Wyman, Sallie D.
D. 14-Aug-1884, A. 19y 1m 27d

Young, America
D. 13-Mar-1912, A. 70y, H. Stephen Young

Young, Robert
D. 9-Sep-1889, A. 4y 9m, P. ?.I. & Ida Young

Young, Stephen
B. 10-Dec-1833, D. 15-Aug-1903

Zimmerman, Agnes M.
B. 1872, D. 1922

Zimmerman, Emma J.
B. 1847, D. 1926

Zimmerman, Fred H.
B. 1864, D. 1924

Zimmerman, Herbert S.
B. 1877, D. 1888

Zimmerman, Jacob
B. 1831, D. 1912

Zimmerman, Victor H.
D. 23-July-1930, A. 1y 5m 1d, P. V.H. & B.M. Zimmerman


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