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Wabash County, IL

TRANSCRIPTION .. : Willadene Scaggs & Charleen Woods
DATAFILE INPUT . : Mount Carmel Library / Shannon Swain in Feb-2000
HISTORY WRITE-UP : Mt Carmel Republican-Register in 5-May-1936
Submitted to Genealogy Trails By Paul M. Kankula

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

Giving a history of the cemetery reserve fund in Mount Carmel, Sebastian Weigand, city clerk last night presented to the council at the first meeting of the new fiscal year interesting historical facts about local cemeteries.

He said that Sand Hill cemetery was the first cemetery in the city. In it there was no subdivision of lots and people were buried in rotation in the order of their death. On October 22, 1932, an ordinance was passed prohibiting any further burials within this cemetery except by permit of the city clerk and this was to be granted only where the deceased person had relatives buried there and there was room for burial beside those already buried.

?, ?
Daughter Of P. ?, D. 17-Apr-1864, A. 10y 5m 9d

?, Helen
D. 20-Sep-1884, A. 1y 7m 12d

Andrew, Wal?
B. 15-Dec-1824, D. 28-Apr-1872

Baker, August
D. 25-June-1882, A. 50y 3m 4d

Baker, Lizzie
D. 14-June-1887, A. 19y 1m 12d, P. A. & M. Baker

Baker, Magdelena
D. 6-Oct-1876, A. 40y 3m 12d, H. August Baker

Baumgard, ?
B. 27-Oct-1882, D. 27-Nov-1902

Baumgard, Mary L.
B. 27-Oct-1902, D. 27-Nov-1902, P. H. & L.G. Baumgard

Baumgart, Elizabeth M.
B. 25-Feb-1882, D. 25-Feb-1901, H. J.P. Baumgart

Bender, Frederich
B. 20-Sep-1855, D. 26-Aug-1880

Berberich, Albert H.
B. 16-May-1886, D. 3-Aug-1887, P. J. & M. Berberich

Berberich, Elizabeth
D. 6-Oct-1860, A. ?Y 9m 11d, P. J. & M. Berberich

Berberich, Mary
B. 6-Sep-1846, D. 24-Apr-1865, A. 18y 7m 18d, P. Michael & Mary Berberich

Berberich, Michael P.
B. 25-Feb-1800, D. 27-May-1889, A. 80y 2m 2d

Bertlesman, Fred J.W.
B. 10-Apr-1879, D. 17-June-1897

Bertlesman, Herbert A.
D. 9-Feb-1883, A. 7m 24d, P. J.G. & B. Bertlesman

Bertlesman, Margaret B.
D. 5-May-1878, A. 9m 24d, P. J.B. & B. Bertlesman

Beuligmann, Joseph
B. 7-Apr-1849, D. 19-Jan-1898

Curran, Annie R.
D. 6-Sep-1874, A. 2y 6m 14d, P. John & Julia Curran

Doel, ?
B. 23-Dec-1841, D. 17-Feb-1879

Doel, Andreas
D. 22-May-1879, A. 60y 11m 11d

Doel, Elizabeth
B. 1811, D. 1892

Dunkel, Anton A.
B. 1-Dec-1902, D. 11-Feb-1903, P. J. & M.L. Dinkel

Dunkel, Martin G.
D. 16-June-1897, A. 1m 16d, P. G.D. & E. Dunkel

Dunkel, Rosa E.
D. 26-Feb-1889, A. 10d, P. L.P. & M.D. Dunkel

Dunkel, William O.
B. 20-Aug-1884, D. 30-Oct-1884, P. L.P. & M.D. Dunkel

Eckert, Joseph

Eckert, Kunegunda

Eckert, Margaretha

Endres, Margaret
B. 20-Nov-1861, D. 30-Nov-1867



Fath, Carl E.
D. 6-Dec-1887, A. 26y

Fath, Eve
D. 20-Aug-1880, A. 66y, H. Lorenz Fath

Fearheiley, Andrus

Fearheiley, Anna B.
D. 17-Dec-1864, A. 9m 8d, P. A. & G. Fearheiley

Fearheiley, Catharine
D. 10-Dec-1886, H. Andras Fearheiley

Fearheiley, Gertrude
B. 8-Aug-1823, D. 12-Nov-1902, A. 79y 3m 4d, H. Michael Fearheiley

Fearheiley, Lesley J.
D. 25-Aug-1898, A. 10m 28d, P. M. & A.S. Fearheiley

Fearheiley, Lesley L.
D. 25-Aug-1896, A. 10m 28d, P. M. & A.S. Fearheiley

Fearheiley, Oscar M.
D. 10-Aug-1889, A. 1y 6m 10d, P. M. & A. Fearheiley

Fierheiley, Nicholase
D. 14-Dec-1891, A. 14y 8m 14d, P. J. & E. Fierheiley

Fierheilig, Mary
D. 17-Sep-1868, A. 10y 4m 21d, P. M. & E. Fierhilig

Frederich, Catharine L.
D. 29-Apr-1878, A. 5y 7m 9d, P.N. & M. Frederich

Frederich, Edward G.
D. 5-Apr-1877, A. 4m 19d, P. M. & M. Frederich

Frederich, Frances E.
D. 8-May-1866, A. 17y 8m 14d, P. G. & M.A. Frederich

Frederich, Francis M.
B. 17-Oct-1885, D. 18-June-1886, P. N. & M. Frederich

Frederich, George
B. 22-Oct-1812, D. 5-June-1881

Frederich, John G.S.
B. 20-Jan-1871, D. 4-Oct-1871, N. & M. Frederich

Frederich, Mary A.
B. 2-Nov-1808, D. 27-Jan-1882

Frederich, Mary M.
B. 12-Nov-1869, D. 31-Aug-1870, P. N. & M. Frederich

Frederich, Mary
P. O.P. & ? Frederich

Frederich, William N.
D. 28-Mar-1887, A. 3y 1m 7d, P. G.M. & E. Frederich

Fredrich, Charles F.
B. 21-Dec-1885, D. 1-Jan-1887, A. 2y 11m, P. N. & M. Fredrich

Fuchs, Dora
D. 10-Feb-1901, A. 74y 10m 3d

Gaelzhauser, Joseph H.
B. 27-May-1864, D. 6-Mar-1892, A. 27y 9m 10d

Galbert, James William
D. 26-Feb-1884, P. M. & M.L. Galbert

Garbeart, ?
B. 23-Sep-1859, D. 29-Feb-1881, H. Miles Garbeart

Goelzhauser, Henry
B. 22-July-1836, D. 2-July-1901, A. 65y 6m 10d

Gohreiber, Johillip
B. 2-Mar-1865, D. 9-Sep-1890

Grave, Anton
B. 14-Oct-1877, D. 21-Apr-1878, P. G. & M. Grave

Grave, Fannie
B. 14-Feb-1873, D. 16-Sep-1875, P. C. & M. Grave

Grave, George Leo
B. 28-Jan-1892, D. 28-Sep-1892, P. C.F. & M. Grave

Grave, Nich F.
B. 22-Dec-1886, D. 12-Dec-1887, P. C.F. & M. Grave

Graves, Fannie
B. 14-Feb-1873, D. 16-Sep-1875, P. C. & M. Graves

Halbig, Frederich L.
D. 15-Aug-1894, A. 2y 9m 5d, P. L. & C.M. Halbig

Halbig, Katharine M.
D. 30-Aug-1893, A. 25y 2m 23d, H. Leopold Halbig

Henning, Charles
B. 1-Sep-1855, D. 18-Mar-1886

Herr, Simon
D. 4-Feb-1867, A. 40y 3m 19d

Hertling, May
B. 14-Nov-1850, D. 17-Feb-1888

Hockgeiger, Bernard W.
D. 7-Oct-1897, A. 7y 21d, P. J.G. & O.B. Hockgeiger

Hockgeiger, Martin P.
B. 12-Mar-1910, D. 1-Nov-1915, P. J.G. & O.R. Hockgeiger

Hockgeiger, Michael B.
D. 9-Feb-1887, A. 9y 6m 6d, P. G.J. & O.D. Hockgeiger

Hoffman, Anna M.
D. 4-Mar-1880, A. 16y 9m 2d, P. John & Hellen Hoffman

Hoffman, Frances
D. 25-Feb-1873, A. 69y, P. John & Hellen Hoffman

Hoffman, Frances
B. 28-Mar-1809, D. 12-May-1887, H. Jacob F. Hoffman

Hoffman, Francis M.
D. 2-May-1897, A. 9m 4d, P. H. & J. Hoffman

Hoffman, Fred
D. 26-Sep-1880, A. 7y 7m 21d, P. J. & H. Hoffman

Hoffman, George Adolph Leo
D. 7-Feb-1888, A. 19y 4m 21d

Hoffman, Hellen M.
B. 16-Aug-1832, D. 4-Dec-1874, H. John Hoffman

Hoffman, Henry A.
B. 1-Feb-1900, D. 20-Feb-1900, P. Henry & Ida Hoffman

Hoffman, Henry
B. 12-Aug-1860, D. 1-May-1878

Hoffman, Ida
D. 9-Dec-1900, H. Henry Hoffman

Hoffman, Ignatz
B. 6-Nov-1877, D. 5-Dec-1901, P. F.& F. Hoffman

Hoffman, Infant
B. 8-May-1898, D. 8-May-1898, P. Henry & Ida Hoffman

Hoffman, J. Frederich
B. 1-Jan-1800, D. 7-May-1877

Hoffman, John
D. 1-Jan-1878, A. 13y 13d, P. John & Hellen Hoffman

Hoffman, John
B. 14-May-1827, D. 8-Mar-1875

Hoffman, Magdalena E.
B. 6-Jan-1899, D. 28-Apr-1904, P. F. & M.A. Hoffman

Hucker, ?
B. 16-Jul-1887, D. 23-???-1887, P. F.C. & G. Huckner


Jansen, Helen
D. 17-June-1887, A. 9y 7m, P. W. & I.M. Jansen

Keepas, Barbara
D. 16-Aug-1867, A. 74y, H. Peter Keepas

Keepas, Caroline
B. 20-Mar-1869, D. 11-Jan-1884, A. 14y 9m 22d, P. P.P. & E. Keepas

Keepas, George W.
B. 18-Dec-1864, D. 18-Jan-1897, A. 32y 6m 6d

Keepas, Gertrude
B. 1-May-1837, D. 8-Nov-1876, A. 39y 6m 8d, H. John Keepas

Keepas, P.P.
B. 17-June-1831, D. 6-Sep-1888

Keppel, Charles J.
B. 3-June-1890, D. 23-June-1890

Kepple, Lawrence
B. 26-Jan-1867, D. 10-Aug-1881

Kolb, Elizabeth
D. 2-Apr-1903, A. 88y 5m 23d, H. Seubert Kolb

Kolb, Hellen A.
D. 21-Aug-1880, A. 20y 2m 2d, H. John Kolb

Kolb, Michael
B. 20-Oct-1843, D. 25-Nov-1876

Kolb, Suebert
D. 20-Oct-1881, A. 76y

Krug, John
B. 29-Dec-1804, D. 12-Dec-1875

Krug, Margaret
B. 23-Oct-1810, D. 15-June-1861, H. J. Krug

Lambert, Charles O.
D. 18-Apr-1887, A. 2m 2d, P. J.H. & B.A. Lambert

Lambert, John N.
D. 28-Mar-1895, A. 2m, P. J.H. & E.A. Lambert

Lambert, Katie I.
D. 2-July-1873, A. 10m 2d, P. J.M. & D.A. Lambert


Martin, ?
B. 18-Apr-1884, D. 8-Sep-1885

Maurrer, Anna Mary
D. 7-Jan-1892, A. 63y 10m 14d, H. John Nicholas

Maurrer, George W.
D. 17-Feb-1881, A. 49y 17d

Mcmanonam, Barney
D. 12-Dec-1877, A. 66y 8m 12d

Merkel, Catharine
B. 9-Aug-1828, D. 28-Sep-1870, H. B. Merkel

Metz, John
B. 9-June-1809, D. 2-Nov-H1874

Metz, Katherine
B. 10-Aug-1814, D. 22-Feb-1896, A. 81y 6m 1d, H. John Metz

Metz, Margaret K.
B. 20-Nov-1853, D. 23-Dec-1887, A. 34y 1m 3d, H. Andrew Metz

Mooney, Henry
D. 22-Jan-1901, A. 64y 8m 3d

Nicholas, Anna Mary (Maurer)
D. 17-Jan-1892, A. 63y 10m 14d, H. John Nicholas



Peter, Anna M.
A. 2m 22d, P. L.F. & S.E. Peter

Peter, Apalania
B. 9-Feb-1862, D. 8-Sep-1862, P. S. & W. Peter

Peter, Barbara E.
D. 8-June-1876, A. 2m, P. M. & P. Peter

Peter, Barbara
D. 14-Apr-1878, A. 26y 5m 7d, H. Michael Peter

Peter, Catharine
B. 25-Nov-1865, D. 24-May-1867, P. S. & W. Peter

Peter, Dora O.
D. 14-Oct-1885, A. 3y 3m 10d, P. G.M. & M. Peter

Peter, Ella
D. 11-Dec-1885, A. 1y 2m 11d, P. L.F. & S.E. Peter

Peter, Margaret
D. 1-Apr-1884, A. 72y 1m 7d, H. Michael Peter

Peter, Rosa
B. 9-May-1859, D. 17-July-1876, A. 17y 2m 9d, P. G. & M. Peter

Peter, Sebastian
B. 26-July-1826, D. 15-Apr-1872

Pfeister, Alice M.
D. 18-Jan-1893, A. 4y 6d, P. C. & E. Pfeister

Pohl, Paul
D. 28-Mar-1898, A. 41y 3, 14d


Ralf, Hubert
D. 31-Dec-1891, A. 1m 5d, P. A.L. Ralf

Schmitt, Charles

Schmitt, Edward

Schmitt, George O.
B. 9-June-1873, D. 24-Dec-1898, A. 25y 4m 23d

Schmitt, Laura C.

Schmitt, Lois P.
B. 6-Oct-1898, D. 9-Oct-1901, P. S. & L. Schmitt

Schmitt, Louise
B. 6-Oct-1889, D. 9-Oct-1901, P. G.O. & L. Schmitt

Schmitt, Rudolph

Scholton, Johanna
B. 1866, D. 8-Feb-1890

Schreiber, Anna M.
D. 10-July-1887, A. 18y 5m 8d, P. John & Catherine Schreiber

Schreiber, Barbara K.
D. 29-Aug-1888, A. 6m 28d, P. P.J. & M.B. Schreiber

Schreiber, Catherine
D. 29-Nov-1881, A. 47y 6m, H. John Schreiber

Schreiber, Charles L.
D. 4-Nov-1878, A. 19y 6m 13d, P. J. & C. Schreiber

Schreiber, John F.
B. 15-June-1862, D. 17-Apr-1883

Schreiber, John
D. 25-May-1874, A. 52y

Schreiber, Julius A.
B. 3-Feb-1871, D. 8-Feb-1872, P. J. & C. Schreiber

Schreiber, Katy
B. 17-Aug-1889, D. 23-Jan-1890, A. 5m 6d, P. B.J. & M.B. Schreiber

Schreiber, Rosa H.
B. 9-Sep-1874, D. 4-Jul-1876, P. J. & C. Schreiber

Seiler, ? A.
D. 7-Mar-1882, A. 4y 7d, P. J.F. & M.S. Seiler

Seiler, George R.
B. 19-Jan-1877, D. 9-Feb-1877, P. S.H. & S.M. Seiler

Seiler, John F.
D. 1-Mar-1889, A. 6m 20d, P. I.F. & M.E. Seiler

Seiler, Katharine M.

Seiler, Lula G.
D. 20-Nov-1892, A. 13y 9m 2d, P. J.P. & M. Seiler

Seiler, Sabina M.
D. 16-Mar-1895, A. 43y 9m 10d, H. L.H. Seiler

Sermerkeim, Frances
H. Frederick Hoffman

Sermerkeim, Mary Anna
B. 9-Apr-1799, D. 9-Dec-1876, A. 77y 8m, H. N. Sermerkeim

Seubert, Elizabeth
D. 2-Apr-1903, A. 88y 5m 23d

Shuert, James F.
B. 11-Nov-1880, D. 14-June-1903, P. F.E. & Kate Shuert

Shuert, Paul Herbert
B. 28-June-1886, D. 2-July-1893

Skagg, Catherine
A. 11y 10m

D. 23-Aug-1888, A. 1y 10m, P. M.R. & ? ?

Tennis, Helen
D. 15-Nov-1873, A. 7y 2m 27d, P. M. & A. Tennis

Tennis, Nicholas F.
D. 20-Apr-1872, A. 12y 10m 7d, M. & A. Tennis

Trapp, John A.
B. 15-Jan-1886, D. 2-Feb-1889, P. J. & K. Trapp

Wahler, Andrew

Wahler, Barbara

Wal?, Andrew
B. 15-Dec-1824, D. 28-Apr-1872

Walter, Christian
Company A. 136th Indiana Infantry

Weigand, Clara
D. 27-???-1877, A. 4y 24d, P. J.D. & W.R. Weigand

Weigand, Clara
B. 8-Sep-1824, D. 24-Nov-1873, A. 49y 2m 16d, H. John Weigand

Weigand, Dora H.
D. 10-June-1880, A. 1y 10m 6d, P. J.D. & B. Weigand

Weisenberger, Eva
D. 17-Mar-1860, A. 25y 7m, H. Christian Weisenberger

Wirth, Anna Mary
B. 13-Jan-1839, D. 22-Sep-1858

Wirth, Catherine
D. 13-May-1876, A. 56y 2m 3d, H. Echard Wirth

Wirth, Francis G.
B. 14-Oct-1879, D. 14-Oct-1893, P. H.A. & L.J. Wirth

Wirth, Ida H.
B. 23-Apr-1877, D. 26-Sep-1878, P. J.A. & J. Wirth

Wirth, James E.
D. 12-Sep-1882, A. 12d, P. G.L. & H.T. Wirth

Wirth, John
B. 24-Aug-1804, D. 4-Apr-1875

Wirth, Julius
B. 27-Oct-1868, D. 18-Dec-1885, A. 17y 1m 22d, P. J.G. & A.M. Wirth

Wirth, Leo M.
D. 3-Dec-1880, A. 2m 3d, P. J. & M.V. Wirth

Wirth, Louisa A.
D. 17-Apr-1878, A. 5y 10m 8d, P. P.P. & M. Wirth

Wirth, Louisa J.
D. 27-Dec-1898, H. John A. Wirth

Wirth, Lucia
B. 8-Mar-1874, D. 1-Oct-1892, 18y 6m 23d, P. A. & M. Wirth

Wirth, Margaret A.
D. 17-Nov-1877, A. 28y 3m, H. Peter P. Wirth

Wirth, Martin H.
B. 11-Feb-1888, D. 23-Nov-1888, P. A. & M. Wirth

Wirth, Mary E.
B. 28-Sep-1875, D. 27-Feb-1879, P. J.A. & J. Wirth

Wirth, Michael Julius
B. 27-Oct-1868, D. 18-Dec-1885, A. 17y 1m 22d, P. J.G. & A.M. Wirth

Woltz, Louisa
D. 24-Dec-1881, A. 26y 3m 14d, H. George Woltz

Zeller, Mary Louisa
D. 20-Apr-1863, A. 5y 2m 20d, P. Alias & Tasina Zeller


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