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Mount Carmel, Wabash County, IL

TRANSCRIPTION .. : Bernard Walter while working for Works Progress Administration in 1935+
DATAFILE INPUT . : Paul M. Kankula in Apr-2000
HISTORY WRITE-UP : Mount Carmel Republican-Register in 5-May-1936
Submitted to Genealogy Trails By Paul M. Kankula

Giving a history of the cemetery reserve fund in Mount Carmel, Sebastian Weigand, city clerk last night presented to the council at the first meeting of the new fiscal year interesting historical facts about local cemeteries.

He said that Sand Hill cemetery was the first cemetery in the city. In it there was no subdivision of lots and people were buried in rotation in the order of their death. On October 22, 1932, an ordinance was passed prohibiting any further burials within this cemetery except by permit of the city clerk and this was to be granted only where the deceased person had relatives buried there and there was room for burial beside those already buried.

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

?, ?
D. 26-Jul-????

?, ?
D. 29-Jun-1922, A. 1y 21d

?, Beloie E.M.
D. 13-May-????, A. 31y 4m

?, Conrad Willman
D. 20-Jun-1856, A. 36y 11m 11d

?, Dessie (Twin)
B. ??-Aug-????, D. 5-Oct-????

?, H.A.
D. 22-Mar-1922, A. 37y 1m 27d

?, Jessie (Twin)
B. ??-Aug-????, D. 5-Oct-????

?, John
D. 29-Apr-????, A. 4y

?, Leliah M.
A. 9m

?, Mary
B. 2-Jul-1789, D. 30-Apr-1813

D.1-Oct-1923, A. 10y 6m 11d

A., G.

Abbey, Daniel
B. 18-Jul-1805, D. 11-Nov-1858

Adams, Bessie I.
D. 30-Jun-1888, A. 1y 5m 17d, W.I. & M.J. Adams

Adams, Charles V.
D. 23-Dec-1912, D. 16-May-1918, P. M.H. & I.M. Adams

Adams, Elizabeth
D. 1916

Adams, Fred
D. 26-Feb-1928, A. 44y

Adams, Freda

Adams, George
D. 3-Aug-1882, A. 14y, P. M.H. & I.M. Adams

Adams, Infant Son
D. 30-May-1889, A. 19d, P. M.H. & I.M. Adams

Adams, Willie
D. 6-Sep-1891, A. 40y 4m 16d

Adkins, William Auburn
B. 27-May-1901, D. 11-Aug-1902, P. Noble & Minnie Adkins

Adkins, William Noble
B. 22-Jun-1880, D. 4-Mar-1919

Allison, Joseph
D. 2-Sep-1926, A. 54y 11m 19d

Altheide, August F.
D. 17-Aug-1928, A. 49y 9m 21d

Andres, Nettie Beard
D. 22-Sep-1926, A. 66y 3m 20d

Andrews, Jack Eugene
D. 7-Jun-1918, A. 4y 1d

Anthis, Effa Pearl
D. 5-Dec-1897, A. 1y 3m 19d, P. J. & J. Anthis

Anthis, Raymond
D. 20-Jul-1903, A. 9y 11m 23d, P. J. & J. Anthis

Armstrong, Anna Higgins
D. 14-Feb-1838, A. 31y, H. Abner Armstrong

Armstrong, Flora B.
D. 11-Dec-1895, A. 1y 6m 7d, P. G. & D. Armstrong

Armstrong, Grant
D. 18-Dec-1930, A. 66y 9m 20d

Armstrong, Linder A.
D. 24-Dec-1895, A. 2y 11m 13d, P. G. & D. Armstrong

Arnold, Cordelia

Arnold, Hannah L.
D. 9-Nov-1873, H. John Arnold

Arnold, Mona Rae
D. 12-Feb-1930, A. 2m

Bagwell, Hannah
B. 9-Mar-1814, D. 2-Mar-1838, A. 23y 11m, P. Rev. William & Frances Beauchamp,
H. P.H. Bagwell

Baird, Marry E.
D. 21-Jun-1888, A. 5m 10d, P. W.J. & S.M. Baird

Baker, Alice Ora
D. 23-Oct-1926, A. 71y 10m 8d

Baker, Eliza
B. 16-Jan-1776, D. 25-May-1834, H. Dr. Ezra Baker (Sr)

Baker, Irene
D. 17-Oct-1928, A. 1y 2m 26d

Baker, Isaac
B. 5-May-1847, D. 17-Nov-1916

Baker, Laura B.
B. 1-Jun-1862, D. 22-Jan-1916, H. Monroe Baker

Baker, Reuben (Dr)
B. 31-Dec-1789, D. 7-Sep-1820

Ballantine, Ann
B. 18-Oct-1777, D. ??-Jan-1831, H. Robert Ballantine

Ballantine, Harvey
B. 6-Aug-1805, D. 4-Mar-1847

Ballantine, Robert
B. 4-Mar-1822, D. 17-Nov-1838

Barnes, Cora May
D. 16-Jan-1931, A. 47y 2d

Barnes, Floy Gene
D. 2-Dec-1924, A. 8m 2d

Barnes, Owen
D. ??-Mar-????, A. 12y

Baryer, Daniel
D. 16-Aug-1846, A. 22y, P. Peter & Mary Baryer

Baryer, Elenor
D. 13-Dec-1846, H. Augustus Baryer

Baryer, Elizabeth
D. 20-Jun-1846, A. 18y, P. Peter & Mary Baryer

Beakler, Clarence
B. 13-Mar-1892, D. 21-Jan-1919

Beakler, Ethel S.
B. 1894, D. 1923, P. Peter & Rosella Beakler

Beakler, Mabel
B. 5-Jan-1903, D. 28-Jul-1904, P. P. & R. Beakler

Beakler, William F.
B. 22-Nov-1895, D. 30-Aug-1897, P. P. & R. Beakler

Beal, Harriet H.
D. 2-Aug-1840, A. 9y 4m 14d, P. Joshua & Judith Beal

Beal, Infant Daughter
P. J.H. & C.B. Beal

Beal, Joshua
D. 28-Dec-1854, A. 2y 8m 1d, P. William & Mary A. Beall

Beall, Alexander
D. 23-Aug-1835, A. 4m 1d, P. James H. & Mary Beall

Beall, Edith
D. 2-Oct-1852, A. 59y 7m, H. Joshua Beall

Beall, Eleanor Frances
D. 6-Dec-1837, A. 12y 11m 7d, P. Joshua & Judith Beall

Beall, Emma Rachel

Beall, Infant Son

Beall, James H.
D. 25-Feb-1863, A. 64y 14d

Beall, James H.
D. 6-Jul-1869, A. 24y 8m 11d

Beall, James R.
D. 13-May-1831, A. 7m 11d, P. James H. & Mary Beall

Beall, James R.
D. 30-Jun-1824, A. 1y 6m 2d, P. Joshua & Judith Beall

Beall, Joshua
B. 18-Sep-1794 In Montgomery County Md, D. 20-Aug-1835 In Mt Carmel Il

Beall, Mary
D. 22-Dec-1839, A. 34y 3m 3d, P. William & Frances P. Beauchamp, H. James H. Beall

Beall, Thomas A.
D. 1-Aug-1840, A. 7y 18d, P. Joshua & Judith Beall

Beard, Dorthia
B. 6-Apr-1900, D. 22-Aug-1910, P. P.E. & J. Beard

Beard, Roy E.
B. 29-Mar-1901, D. 27-Jan-1916, P. E.S. & M.L. Beard

Beauchamp, Frances
D. 20-Apr-1849, A. 75y 1m 27d, H. Rev. William Beauchamp

Beauchamp, William R.
D. 25-Apr-1862, A. 12y 8m 2d, P. Rev. William & Frances Beauchamp

Bedell, Claiborn N.
D. 17-May-1840, A. 23y 13d, F. Moses Bedell

Bedell, Claiborn
D. 17-May-1846, A. 23y 13d, P. Moses Sr & Elizabeth Bedell

Bedell, Elizabeth
B. 11-May-1800, D. 10/16-May-1855, A. 55y 5d, H. Moses Bedell

Bedell, Moses (Jr)
B. 2-Nov-1827, D. 30-Aug-1838, P. Moses & Elizabeth Bedell

Bedell, Moses (Sr)
D. 26-Feb-1842, A. 53y 12d

Bedell, Sarah
D. 2-Oct-1868, A. 27y 10m 10d, H. John Bedell

Bedell, Theodore C.
B. 23-Jul-1860, D. 1-Jun-1862, P. John & Sarah Bedell

Behm, Abram
D. 8-Oct-1855

Behm, Mary A.
B. 27-Jul-1808, D. 2-Apr-1871, H. R. Behm

Behm, Rudolph
B. 27-Jan-1798, D. 1-Feb-1846

Behm, Rudolph
B. 27-Jan-1798, D. 1-Nov-1846

Beidelman, Mary Ann
D. 19-Aug-1853, A. 35y 8m 4d, H. R.B. Beidelman

Beidllman, Mary Ann
D. 19-Aug-1853, A. 35y 8m 4d, Consort R.B. Beidllman

Belcher, Mary Gregory
D. 17-Mar-1929, A. 83y 8m 8d

Belcher, Sarah
D. 19-Feb-1928, A. 63y 4m 28d

Belcher, Theodore(?)

Bell, Ida
B. 8-Aug-1863, D. 20-Jun-1900

Beringer, ?

Biddle, Eliza
D. 19-Aug-1843, A. 1y 3m 23d, P. Moses & Susan Biddle

Biddle, Joseph Wasson
D. 17-Aug-1880, A. 19y 3m 17d, P. Moses & N.L. Biddle

Biddle, Louisa
D. 1-Jul-1862, A. 38y 8d, H. Moses Biddle

Biddle, Moses
D. 8-Aug-1883, A. 75y 11m 11d

Biddle, Susan
D. 17-Feb-1849, A. 28y 6d, H. Moses Biddle

Bikler, Sarah E.
D. 4-Aug-1890, A. 62y 6m 25d, H. Peter Bikler

Bing, Clara C. Schriber
B. 3-Sep-1887, D. 29-Apr-1909, A. 21y 8m 26d, H. J.E. Bing

Boedell, Michael
B. 25-Sep-1831, D. 26-Jul-1876

Bowden, Mary A.
D. 5-Dec-1918, A. 72y 6m 3d

Bowden, Mary
D. 5-Dec-1918, A. 72y 6m

Bowers, ?
(Father & Mother T.S.)

Bowers, Fielding K.
D. 18-May-1846, A. 25y 10m

Boyer, Charles W.
B. 24-Jan-1906, D. 18-Feb-1915, P. G. & E. Boyer

Bradshaw, Mildred M.
B. 22-Nov-1859, D. 3-May-1876

Bradshaw, Zenas
B. 13-Jun-1831, D. 13-Feb-1865

Brassfield, Etta May
D. 26-Nov-1927, A. 42y 6m 6d

Bratton, Malisa E.
B. 10-Sep-1843, D. 15-Nov-1912

Bratton, Malisa F.
B. 10-Sep-1843, D. 18-Nov-1912

Brewer, Elizabeth
B. 7-Feb-1844, D. 20-Feb-1914

Brewer, Minnie H.
D. 10-Dec-1875, A. 1y, P. H.E. & S.M. Brewer

Brewer, Thomas E.
D. 20-Dec-1926, A. 73y 1d

Brines, Olive E.
D. 18-Jun-1907, A. 23y 9m 15d, P. D.K. & R. Seiler, H. H.E. Brines

Broedel, Catherine
B. 15-Apr-1829, D. 14-Apr-1883, A. 53y 11m 29d, H. Michael Broedel

Broedel, Christina
D. 12-Mar-1865, 56y 9m 2d, H. Leonard Broedel

Broedel, George
B. 15-Sep-1854, D. 13-Jul-1855, P. M. & K. Broedel

Broedel, John
B. 1-May-1852, D. 24-Mar-1867, P. Michael & Catherine Broedel

Broedel, Leonhard
D. 18-Mar-1873, A. 66y 4m 12d

Broedel, Lizzie
B. 2-Dec-1888, D. 17-Sep-1889, P. J. & A.E. Broedel

Broedel, Michael
B. 25-Sep-1831, D. 26-Jul-1876, A. 44y 10m 2d

Broedel, Michael
B. 30-Nov-1860, D. 18-Mar-1867, P. Michael & Catherine Broedel

Broedell, Catherine
B. 15-Apr-1829, D. 14-Apr-1883, H. Michael Broedell

Brown, Cecil
B. 1899, D. 1923

Brown, Edith
D. 8-Jun-1887, A. 1y 1m 6d, P. J.H. & A.M. Brown

Brown, Ethel F.
D. 15-Apr-1902, A. 11m 8d, P. J.H. & A.M. Brown

Brown, George F.
D. 22-Dec-1883, A. 11y 2m 22d, P. A. & T.A. Brown

Brown, Harold H.
B. 9-Aug-1891, D. 24-Jan-1897, P. A. & I.M. Brown

Brown, Jeanita Louise
D. 11-Jan-????, A. ?Y ?M 24d

Brown, Nobel Vern
D. 12-Sep-1899, A. 1y 7m 22d, P. J.H. & A.M. Brown

Brown, Robert Eugene
D. 6-Feb-????, A. 2m 5d

Brown, Vita Fern
B. 27-Jun-1893, D. 14-Apr-1894, P. A. & I.M. Brown

Bruce, Mary Angeline
D. 20-Jun-1926, A. 2y 10m 2d

Brundon, Robert Emmet
D. 23-Aug-1849

Bruner, Catherine
D. 24-Jan-1898, A. 1d, P. L.C. & E. Bruner

Bruner, Clara
B. 4-Dec-1888, D. 9-Jan-1898, Sons J.B. & M.B. Bruner

Bruner, Harry
B. 13-Jan-1905, D. 15-Jan-1905, P. J.B. & M.B. Bruner

Bunn, Ersel
B. 11-Jul-1899, D. 2-Jan-1902, P. J.M. & E.J. Bunn

Bunn, Leon R.
B. 28-May-1908, D. 17-Feb-1913, P. J.M. & E.J. Bunn

Burrell, Infant
D. 14-Jan-1912, P. J.B. Burrell(?)

Byrd, Isabelle
B. 28-Sep-1875, D. 7-Feb-1929, H. William Byrd

C., M.

Camp, Louisa J.
D. 6-Mar-1930, Y. 67y 5m 25d

Campbell, (Son)
D. 5-Jul-????, A. ?Y 6m 7d

Campbell, George (Infant)
D. 1-Jul-1924

Campbell, Infant
D. 14-Apr-1922, A. 1d

Campbell, Lester E.
D. 7-Apr-1928, A. 9m 15d

Campbell, Mary Louisa
D. 31-Oct-1931, A. 1y 11m 19d

Carroll, Francis Josephine
D. 10-Aug-1923, A. 2m 3d

Carroll, Martha
D. 31-May-1929, A. 41y 2m 12d

Carroll, William (Infant)

Carter, Thomas H.
B. 17-Jul-1865, D. 2-Mar-1912

Case, Mary
B. 25-Jun-1890, D. 15-Mar-1914, H. Glenn O. Case

Case, Verna V.
B. 21-Jan-1901, D. 6-Nov-1908, P. G.O. & Mary Case

Case, William Henry
D. 31-Oct-1926, A. 70y 4m 2d

Chappard, Rosetta
P. C. & A. Chappard

Charnes, Albert (Infant)
D. 31-Oct-1925, 19d

Choats, John
D. 18-Jun-????, A. 32y

Clark, Araminta
D. 10-Nov-1878, A. 53y 6m 12d, H. Chauncey Clark

Clark, Chauncey
D. 11-Oct-1860, A. 10y 11m 24d, P. Chauncey & Jane Clark

Clark, Chauncey
D. 18-Aug-1899, A. 87y 3m 17d

Clark, Chauncey
D. 1-Dec-1889, A. 87y 3m 17d

Clark, Jane
D. 30-Jan-1852, A. 34y 2m 6d, H. Chauncey Clark

Clark, Martha A.
D. 8-Mar-1859, A. 2y 3m 3d, P. Chauncey & Jane Clark

Clark, Theodore Sidney
D. 30-Jan-1851, A. 1y 11m 21d, P. Chauncey & Jane Clark

Cleveland, John M.
D. 14-Sep-1891, A. 11m 14d, P. W.D. & O.E. Cleveland

Cliffe, William
D. 17-Aug-1853, A. 11m 11d, P. William & M.F. Cliffe

Cocher, Alonzo
B. 1866, D. 1924

Coffee, Willie Ray
D. 6-Apr-1927, A. 24d

Coleman, Andy

Coleman, Eddie

Coleman, Frank

Coleman, Harry

Coleman, Rebeccah
D. 2-Feb-1867, A. 52y 5m 28d, H. L.S. Coleman

Collins, Clyde H.
B. 14-May-189?, D. 25-Feb-1896, P. James & Mary Collins

Collins, Dollie Arebelle
D. 24-Oct-1929, A. 1d

Collins, Herman Arthur
D. 4-Jan-1927, A. 1m 9d

Collins, James (Infant)

Collins, Mary Elizabert
D. 26-Jun-1930, A. 62y 11m 18d

Conniyt, David Harold
D. 22-Dec-1926, A. 2m 15d

Conrad, Russell L.
D. 1919, P. D.A. & G. Conrad

Constable, Robert Thomas
B. 2-May-1842, D. 20-Nov-1842, P. Charles & Martha Constable

Cooper, Caroline
D. 24-Aug-1826, A. 21y 11m 28d, H. Samuel C. Cooper

Couch, Lothia C.

Cox, Catharine
B. 1849, D. 1916, H. Reuben Cox

Cox, Charles H.
B. 1888, D. 1925

Cox, Letha Z.
D. 16-Apr-1927, A. 33y 2m 13d

Crane, Norma Lee
D. 23-Sep-1926, A. 1y 10m 23d

Creek, Elmer
B. 3-Apr-1909, D. 6-Feb-1904, P. W.R. & R.M. Creek

Critchfield, John I.
B. 1868, D. 1919

Crom, Effie
D. 3-May-1889, A. 23y 1m 3d, H. Amos Crom

Crontcher, J.W.
D. 12-Feb-1878, A. 39y

Crontcher, Sarah J.
B. 10-Mar-1847, D. 31-Oct-1874, H. J.W. Crontcher

Crosby, Norvin, L.J.
D. 3-Aug-1929, A. 6m 13d

Cross, Anna Mae
B. 1915, D. 1917

Crosser, Martin
D. 24-Feb-1926, A. 25y 8m 26d

Crosser, Ulyssus G.
D. 26-Jun-1926, A. 59y 3m 1d

Crouch, David L.
D. 27-Apr-1931, A. 73y

Crow, Effie
B. 1-Jun-1891, D. 18-Apr-1928

Crow, Howard F.
D. 8-Apr-1916, A. 4d, P. A.M. & L.M. Crow

Crow, Lola M.
B. 1894, D. 1894

Crow, Mabel
B. 1896, D. 1897

Cruxton, Orris L.
D. 30-Nov-1918, A. 15y 8m

Culbertson, Isaac
D. 2-Aug-1848, A. 33y 4m 2d

Dardeen, John Clinton
D. 22-Jan-1931, A. 9m 14d

David, Leroy
D. 26-Feb-1931, A. 70y 4m 21d

Davis(?), Chloe May
D. 20-Jul-????, A. 30y 11m

Davis, Alick
D. 7-Jul-1922, A. 21d

Davis, Arthur S.
B. 6-Dec-1880, 17-Dec-1918

Davis, Charles A.
D. 6-Mar-1896, A. 10y 15d, P. C.C. M.L. Davis

Davis, Estel May
B. 14-Feb-1916, D. 10-Apr-1920, P. William & Chloe Davis

Davis, Helen
B. 15-Mar-1909, D. 30-Mar-1909, P. J.W. & M.A. Davis

Davis, Infant
D. 15-Dec-1904

Davis, Isaac
D. 11-Dec-1899, A. 27y

Davis, Mary A.
D. 19-Apr-1915, A. 85y 5m

Davis, Tauday
D. 19-Oct-1895, A. 20y 6m 19d, P. William & Mary Davis

Davis, William H.
D. 6-Jun-1924, A. 65y 17d

Davis, William Henry
D. 9-Jul-1930

Davis, William Leslie
D. 10-Feb-1931, A. 9m 18d

Day, Mayleo
D. 4-Mar-1929, A. 1d

Deal, Robert E.
B. 2-Feb-1919, D. 5-Feb-1919, P. M. & E. Deal

Dean, William E.
B. 23-Feb-1879, D. 6-Sep-1898, A. 19y 6m 13d

Debold, Frances
B. 2-Dec-1876, D. 1-May-1907

Deckard, Clifford
B. 2-Oct-1904, D. 3-Jan-1905, P. C.E. & R.S. Deckard

Deckard, Iva M.
B. 29-May-1903, D. 9-May-1904, P. C.E. & R.S. Deckard

Deckard, Rosa E.
B. 23-Oct-1878, D. 3-Feb-1907, H. C.E. Deckard

Deischer, Infant
D. 19-Apr-1924, A. 10d

Deischer, Infant
D. 5-Sep-192?

Deischer, Mary Elizabeth
D. 5-Sep-182?, A. 1m 21d

Dewitt, Jesse Howard
A. 3m 17d

Dillard, Thomas F.
D. 14-Jan-1929, A. 56y

Dixon, John D.
B. 5-Oct-1861, D. 21-Dec-1912

Doan, Alfred
B. 14-Feb-1898, D. 21-Feb-1920

Doan, Charles Wesley
D. 11-Sep-1924, A. 10m 7d

Doan, Loal
D. 2-May-1926, A. 10y 6m 2d

Doan, Matilda May
D. 3-Mar-1930, A. 38y 10m 12d

Dollahan, John K.
D. 27-Jun-1839

Dooley, Glen Laneyne
D. 3-Mar-1930, A. 1m 9d

Dooley, William
D. 22-Dec-1926

Dowty, David
D. 11-Sep-1923, A. 66y 24d

Dudley, Flossie
D. 25-May-1927, A. 33y 4m

Duerr, Clara
B. 13-Oct-1860, D. 12-Nov-1910

Dunlap, Infant

Dyehouse, Infant
D. 1-May-1930

Dyson, Jacob
B. 1858

Dyson, Mary M.
B. 1856, D. 1919

Eckert, Anna
B. 18-Mar-1813, D. 24-Sep-1887, A. 74y 6m 6d, H. Johann Eckert

Eichem, Audust
D. 8-Jul-1874, A. 11y 9m 28d, P. J. & C.C. Eichem

Eldredge, William
B. 14-Oct-1769 In Groton Conn, D. 2-Nov-1852

Ellison, Simeon
D. 27-Sep-1927, A. 75y

Epperson, David L.
B. 18-Mar-1828, D. 7-Mar-1917

Epperson, David L.
B. 18-Mar-1828, D. 7-Mar-1917

Epperson, Susan J.
B. 8-Nov-1828, D. 7-Oct-1914, H. David Epperson

Epperson, Susua J.
B. 8-Nov-1928, D. 7-Oct-1918

Ewing, Clarence
B. 21-Sep-1884, D. 6-Sep-1898, A. 13y 11m 15d, P. Henry & Martha Ewing

Ewing, James Henry
Co. F 80th Ind. Vol. Inf., U.S. Marker

Ewing, Jesse
D. 9-Mar-1929, A. 62y 6m 11d

Fair, Mary E.
D. 8-May-1927, A. 70y 3m 12d

Fearheiley, James A.
B. 30-Sep-1907, D. 8-Jul-1908, P. Benjamin & B. Fearheiley

Ferguson, Elmer
B. 8-May-1866, D. 10-Dec-1922, A. 56y 7m 2d

Ficklin, Joseph K.
D. 11-Jan-1846, A. 52y 7m 3d

Ficklin, Mary Catherine
B. 15-May-1819, D. 19-May-1835, A. 25y 4d

Ficklin, William
B. 16-Sep-1766, D. 9-Jun-1835, A. 68y 8m 24d

Fifer, Emma A.
D. 4-Feb-1858, A. 31y 11m 21d, H. Joshua Fifer

Fisher, 18-Nov-1908
A. 1y 4m 9d, P. W.R. & A.T. Fisher

Fisher, Henry Perry
B. 28-Jun-1834, D. 22-Jul-1835, P. Samuel & Nancy Fisher

Fisher, Levada R.
B. 14-Apr-1892, D. 24-Feb-1920, H. Flogious Fisher

Fisher, Samuel (1st Lt)
Black Hawk War, U.S. Marker

Flick, Augusta
B. 17-Dec-1838, D. 8-Jan-1862, A. 23y 21d, H. John A. Flick

Ford, Jeremiah
D. ??-Nov-1846, A. 69y

Fortney, Margaret
D. 3-Nov-1926, A. 62y 6m 15d, H. W.W. Fortney

Fortney, Roscoe C.
D. 24-Feb-1926, A. 8m 12d

Fortney, W.W.
B. 2-Feb-1850, D. 24-Feb-1914

Foster, Ruel H.
B. 5-Jun-1906, D. 3-Nov-1906, P. J. & N.E. Foster

Franklin, Gilbert Allen
D. 26-Jan-1930, A. 11m 18d

French, Belle G.
D. 25-Jan-1871, A. 3m 23d, P. A.W. & E.B. French

French, Henry
60th Ind. Reg., U.S. Marker

French, Sophia E.
B. 1820, D. 1903

Frost, Anna
D. 24-Aug-1844, A. 51y 7m, H. M. Frost

Frost, John M.
D. 13-Feb-1860

Fuch, Henrich
D. 25-Sep-1840, A. 51y

Fuch, Odilga
D. 25-Sep-1848, A. 47y

Gabbart, Katie Thelma
D. 18-Apr-1925, A. 19y 9m 3d

Gabbart, Sarah M.
D. 12-Feb-????, A. 10m 22d

Gabbeart, Miles
D. 17-May-1897, A. 3y

Gabbert, Henry
B. 12-Dec-1880, D. 25-Mar-1910

Gambrell, Lillie May
D. 7-Feb-1911, A. 24y 9m 20d, H. Chas A. Gambrell

Gambrell, Richard D.
D. 10-Nov-1910, A. 2m 16d, P. C.A. & L.M. Gambrell

Gard, Infant Son
B. 5-May-1923, D. 6-May-1923, A. 1d

Garret, Charles
D. 9-Feb-1928, A. 14y 1m 25d

Garrett, Leona Blanch
D. 23-Oct-1924, A. 1m 9d

Garwood, Denton
D. 2-Apr-1895, A. 7y 8m 11d, P. William W. & Mary Garwood

Gibson, Charles L.
B. 11-Aug-1873, D. 15-Feb-1906, A. 33y 6m 4d

Gibson, James
Co. G 87th Ill. Inf., U.S. Marker

Glick, George Andrew
D. 7-Feb-1926, A. 80y 6m 9d

Glick, George H.
Co. H 130th Reg. Ill. Vol. Inf., U.S. Marker

Glick, Jacob
D. 19-Jun-1844, P. George & Rachel Glick

Glick, Margaret
B. 21-May-1763 In Lehigh County Pa, D. 20-Oct-1835, A. 71y 4m 29d, H. George Glick

Glick, Mary M.
P. George & Rachel Glick

Glick, Sadie Steltzer
B. 16-Nov-1847, D. 31-Aug-1929, A. 83y 9m 15d, H. T.D. Glick

Glick, Sarah
B. 25-Dec-1825, D. 24-Sep-1842, P. G.C. & R. Glick

Glick, Susannah
B. 11-Feb-1805, D. 11-Nov-1871, H. Thomas Glick

Glick, T.D.
B. 30-Jul-1845, D. 28-Nov-1896

Glick, Thomas
B. 4-Jul-1804, D. 13-Sep-1855

Glouser, Zachariah
D. 3-Jan-1910, A. 60y 4m 22d

Goek, Catherine
D. 20-Aug-1874, A. 21y 11m 5d, P. J. & M. Schrodt, H. H.F. Goek

Goek, Infant Son
D. 10-Aug-1874, A. 16d

Goeke, H.F.
B. 4-Jun-1848, D. 4-Jun-1877, A. 29y 10m

Goeke, H.F.
B. 4-Jun-1848, D. 4-Jun-1877, A. 29y 11m

Goeke, Paul
D. ??-Aug-1877, P. H.F. & M.E. Goeke

Goens, Theodore
D. 11-Jul-1924

Goodson, William Lowell
D. 28-Nov-1918, A. 7m 16d

Gordon, Elizabeth
D. 15-Mar-1871, A. 61y 2d

Gordon, Robert M.
D. 27-Sep-1841, 3a. 37y 11d

Graeper, Ada S.E.
B. 24-May-1906, D. 31-May-1906, P. William & M.G. Graeper

Graves, Hugh M.
D. 28-Jul-1917, A. 12y 4m, P. W.M. & L.M. Graves

Graves, Ray W.
D. 28-Jul-1917, D. 11-Oct-1928, P. W.M. & L.M. Graves

Greer, Eliza Ella
D. 15-Aug-1865, P. Lewis & Mariam Greer

Griess, Geraldine
A. 7m

Griess, Louis
D. 13-Jan-1884, A. 56y

Griess, Susua
B. 12-Sep-1838, D. 23-Mar-1919, H. Louis Griess

Grundon, Arthur Riland
D. 11-Aug-1846

Guard, Clara E.
B. 1857, D. 1928

Guthrie, Blanche
D. 13-Jan-1922, A. 6y 4m 20d

H., I.

Ha?, Eunice M.
D. 21-Jan-1848, A. 19y

Habberton, Rachel D.
D. 14-Feb-1879, A. 80y 5m 29d, H. M.J. Habberton

Hachre, Infant
D. ??-Jan-1927, A. 1d

Hall, ?
D. 14-Aug-1921, A. 14m

Hall, Ceicel M.
D. 21-Sep-1909, A. 13y 6m 8d, P. H.W. & S.J. Hall

Hall, Effie
B. 29-Jul-1890, D. 10-May-1897, P. C.E. & E.D. Hall

Hall, F.

Hall, George W.
D. 15-Aug-1865, A. 50y 9m 7d

Hall, James Paris
D. 18-Nov-1927, A. 25d

Hall, Otho
B. 16-Sep-1894, D. 15-Apr-1899, P. C.E. & E.D. Hall

Hall, T.
D. 13-Jan-1923, A. 13y

Haney, C.W. (Rev)
B. 27-Oct-1870, D. 2-Oct-1918

Hanley, George
D. 23-Feb-1929, A. 66y 4m 19d

Hargrave, Jennie
B. 25-Oct-1869, D. 20-Nov-1911, H. John J. Hargrave

Hargrave, Richard
Co. K 152nd Inf. Ind., U.S. Marker

Hargrave, Rosa
B. 1876, D. 1902

Harris, James
24th Ind Vol. Inf., U.S. Marker

Hart, Infant Son
B. 14-Jan-1892, D. 16-Jan, 1892, P. R. & J. Hart

Hart, James E.
B. 23-Jan-1910, D. 15-Jan-1919, P. R.R. & Etta Hart

Hart, Katherine M.
B. 29-Mar-1896, D. 13-Apr-1907, P. Robert & Etta Hart

Hart, Madeline
D. 20-Dec-1927, A. 7y 4m 8d

Hart, Rollie Richard
B. 24-Sep-1900, D. 15-Dec-1916, P. Robert & Etta Hart

Hartley, William H.
D. 17-May-1929, A. 75y 12d

Harvey, Beauchamp
D. 23-Feb-1859, A. 70y 2m 18d

Harvey, David S.
B. 17-Apr-1828, D. 19-Apr-1910

Harvey, Esther S.
D. 7-Mar-1873, A. 76y 8m 18d

Harvey, Lydia A.
B. 12-Jan-1829, D. 20-Dec-1910, H. David Harvey

Hayes, Frederick
D. 24-Nov-1858, A. 33y

Hayes, William Austin
D. 24-Oct-1924

Hayton, Wesley
D. 4-Apr-1928, A. 74y 2m 2d

Hedge, James
D. 13-Nov-1926, A. 79y 8m 6d

Hendricks, Blanche
D. 20-Sep-????, A. 1y 4m 10d

Hicks, Joe
D. 8-Mar-1931, A. 67y 8m 4d

Higgins, Flora
D. 31-Aug-1878, A. 17y 1m 17d, H. B.F. Higgins

Higgins, Freddie
D. 1-Apr-1894, A. 3y 9m 26d, P. W. & A. Higgins

Higgins, Lena P.
D. 31-Jul-1889, A. 10m 20d, P. William & M.A. Higgins

Hinde, Sarah D.
D. 14-Dec-1847, A. 56y 3m 14d, H. Thomas S. Hinde

Hinde, Thomas S.
D. 9-Feb-1846, A. 60y 9m 21d

Hinde, Thomas
D. 9-Feb-1846, A. 60y 9m 21d

Hoffman, Ida
D. 4-Feb-1900, A. 21y 5m 20d

Hoh, Albert
D. 27-Apr-1894, A. 3y 5m 10d, P. J.H. & M. Hoh

Holcomb, Edna Marina
D. 24-Apr-1929, A. 2y 1m 15d

Holder, Joseph (Corp)
85th Ind. Reg., U.S. Marker

Holland, Mary Ann
D. 24-Nov-1929, A. 42y 3m 2d

Holt, H.S.
75th Ind Vol. Inf., U.S. Marker

Hood, James
D. 28-Nov-1865, A. 83y 2m

Hood, Mary Griess
B. 1-Apr-1898, D. 10-Jun-1924, H. A.E. Hood

Hoskinson, Frances
B. 1794, D. 1855

Hoskinson, Isaac
B. 1793, D. 1828

Houchins, Infant
D. 8-Jan-1930

Houchins, Lizzie
D. 3-Jan-1918, A. 17y 2m, P. William & L.A. Houchins

Houchins, William J.
B. 1903, D. 1922, P. W.M. & L.A. Houchins

Howard, David P.
B. 24-Apr-1824, D. 1-Jul-1849, P. D. & S. Howard

Hudson, Eliza
B. 28-Aug-1820, D. 27-Aug-1853, A. 33y, H. R.H. Hudson

Hudson, Hannah
D. 25-Nov-1863, A. 70y, H. William Hudson

Hudson, R.H.
B. 4-Apr-1812, D. 17-Dec-1876, A. 64y 8m 13d

Hudson, Sibeleah
B. 3-Apr-1812, D. 9-Sep-1837, A. 25y 5m 6d, H. R.H. Hudson

Hudson, William
D. 16-Nov-1860, A. 69y

Hughes, Jesse H.
D. 23-Sep-1856, A. 50y

Hughes, Jesse
D. 23-Sep-1850, A. 50y

Humes, Elma
B. 9-Feb-1902, D. 30-Jun-1904, P. T. & T. Humes

Hunt, ?
D. 28-???-1922,

Hunt, Maggie
D. 12-May-1929, A. 69y 2m 15d

Hutton, Infant
D. 15-Feb-1930

Hutton, Robert E. Lee
D. 18-Jan-1932, A. 1m 16d

Ingersol, John W.
B. 20-Mar-1833, D. 31-Aug-1831(?)

Ingram, Arietta E.
D. 4-Jul-1914, A. 1m 14d, P. S.C. Ingram

Isaac, Lucinda Jane
D. 10-Mar-1927, A. 63y 3m 9d

Ivie, Curtis
D. 1-Mar-1852, A. Approx 72y, In War Of 1812

Izetta, Lela
B. 5-Nov-1904, D. 30-Oct-1919, P. George & Izetta Banks

Jackson, Thomas
D. 23-Dec-1911, A. 28y 3m 11d

Jamison, Earl (Jr)
D. 20-Jan-1931

Johnson, Ethel M.
D. 15-Aug-1890, A. 8m 15d, P. G.E. & M.E. Johnson

Johnson, Infant
D. 22-Mar-192?

Jones, Freddie
B. 8-Feb-1897, D. 10-Aug-1904, P. J.N. & B. Jones

Jones, Joseph
D. 13-Oct-1861, A. 67y 9m 5d

Jones, Martha Ann
D. 12-Jun-1926, A. 80y 11m 17d

Jones, Sarah F.
B. 25-Oct-1877, D. 4-Nov-1897, A. 20y 10d, H. John H. Jones

Jones, Thomas J.
D. 5-Jul-1925, A. 79y 5m 21d

Kays, Cordie E.
B. 10-Aug-1916, D. 11-Nov-1919, P. Eliss & S.J. Kays

Kays, Ruell
B. 13-Nov-1910, D. 5-Aug-1911, P. S.A. & L. Kays

Kemp, Dorothy Mae
D. 16-Sep-1926, A. 2y 2m 6d

Keneipp, Benjamin F.
A. 1y 1m 22d

Keneipp, C.C.
D. 18-Feb-01873, A. 63y 8m 14d

Keneipp, Charlotte
B. 25-Sep-????, D. 21-Dec-1871, H. C.C. Keneipp

Keneipp, Eva Elizabeth
D. 1-Nov-1855, A. 21y 8m 23d, H. Benjamin B. Keneipp

Keneipp, Jane H.S.
B. 18-Mar-1807, D. 26-Jul-1852, H. C.C. Keneipp

Kerstein, (Child)

Kerstein, Eva
D. 16-Nov-1868, A. 48y 3m 5d, H. Jacob Kerstein

Kerstein, Jacob
D. 26-Mar-1879, A. 63y 11m 19d

Kerstein, Mary E.
D. 13-Jun-1892, A. 41y 28d, H. Jacob Kerstein

Key, Gabrella
B. 18-Oct-1840, D. 15-Sep-1841, P. J. & S.A. Key

Key, Thomas H.
B. 7-Nov-1830, D. 10-Oct-1843

Keyes, Ella
D. 2-Feb-1894, A. 53y 11m 1d, H. Amos Keyes

Keysser, Elizabeth
D. 27-May-1856, A. 47y, H. John H. Keysser

Kimball, John
D. 6-Nov-1865, A. 31y 6m 5d

Kinball, John
D. 6-Nov-1865, A. 31y 6m

King, James Joshua
B. 9-Aug-1918, D. 25-Feb-1918, P. Arthur & Jennie King

King, Rollie Herold
D. 17-Feb-1931, A. 4m 3d

Kingsbury, Hannah
D. 28-Nov-1843 In Greenville Il, H. Ira Kingsbury

Kingsbury, Orren Bingham
D. 20-Sep-1846, P. H. & R. Kingsbury

Kingsbury, Rhoda
D. 14-Apr-1846, A. 42y

Kling, Josephine
D. 1-Jun-1928, A. 1m 3d

Knell, Anna
D. 2-Jan-1876, A. 5m 5d, P. G. & L. Knell

Knell, Christian
B. 15-Apr-1837, D. 30-Nov-1882

Knell, Margaretha
D. 6-Nov-1884, A. 79y 5m

Knell, Mary E.
D. 2-Nov-1873, A. 14m(?) 8d, P. G. & L. Knell

Knowles, Norman
B. 7-Mar-1856, D. 4-Mar-1884

Kopp, Mary
B. In Germany, D. 12-Jan-1848, A. 23y 7m, H. George Kopp

Koser, Emeline
D. 30-Dec-1839, A. 2y 10m 18d, P. William & Sarah Koser

Koser, Harriet
D. 8-Aug-1841, A. 3y 21d, P. William & Sarah Koser

Koser, Jane
D. 16-Feb-1839, A. 3y 7m 8d, P. William & Sarah Koser

Kramer, Anna M.
B. 3-Dec-1877, D. 6-Dec-1877, P. H. & A.M. Kramer

Kramer, Anna Mary
B. 27-Nov-1827, D. 22-Feb-1873, H. Henry Kramer

Kramer, Eva
D. 3-Mar-1891, A. 80y 11m 8d

Kramer, Fidelia
B. 26-Sep-1851, D. 30-Nov-1905, H. L.W. Kramer

Kramer, Henry K.
B. 27-May-1855, D. 30-Jul-1867, P. H. & A.M. Kramer

Kramer, Henry
B. 25-Sep-1820, D. 27-Feb-1880

Kramer, Henry
D. 14-Aug-1888, A. 80y 6m 29d

Kramer, Mary C.
B. 24-Sep-1878, D. 3-May-1879, P. H. & A.M. Kramer

Kreider, Infant Son
D. 13-Nov-186?, P. J.H. & M. Kreider

Kreider, John H.
B. 2-Nov-1844, D. 25-May-1902

Kreider, Mary E.
D. 9-Jun-1881, A. 40y 9m 17d, H. J.H. Kreider

Krug, Caroline
D. 30-May-1919, A. 65y 1m 16d, H. J. Frank Krug

Krug, Frank A.
B. 11-Jun-1880

Krug, Frank J.
D. 14-Jan-1900, A. 51y 3m 1d

Krug, George
D. 15-Apr-1929, A. 48y 28d

Krug, Helen M.
B. 1903, D. 1904, P. William & Ida Krug

Krug, Infant
D. 5-Dec-1925

Krug, James O.
D. 20-May-1875, A. 24y 110m 28d

Krug, James
B. 20-Jan-1888, D. 26-Jan-1888, P. J.F. & C. Krug

Krug, Mary
D. 17-Jan-1897, P. J.F. & C. Krug

Krug, Matilda B.
B. 24-Apr-1892, D. 22-Jun-1917, H. Frank Krug

L., E.

Lambert, Edith R.
D. 19-Mar-1926, A. 1y 5m 10d

Lambert, Florence M.
D. 17-Nov-1908, A. 27y 1m 25d, H. W.L. Lambert

Lambert, Nancy A.
B. 26-Feb-1900, A. 39y 3m 10d, H. W.L. Lambert

Lambert, William L.
D. 23-Nov-1925, A. 65y 27d

Lampkin, Enlola Ester
D. 25-Dec-1927, A. 3y 9m 21d

Landsdown, Dolly
B. 1923, D. 1923, P. A.R. & E.E. Lansdown

Lankford, Sarah
D. 22-Nov-1927, A. 63y

Larimer, William F.
D. 27-Apr-1929, A. 68y 3m 14d

Lass, Mattie
B. 14-Oct-1866, D. 25-May-1895, H. August Lass

Latham, Sewall K.
B. 14-Sep-1896, D. 13-Jun-1915, A. 18y 9m

Leipold, Ada
P. M. & A.M. Leipold

Leipold, John Henry
B. 1-Mar-1866, P. M. & A.M. Leipold

Leipold, Melchor
B. 9-Mar-1837, D. 23-Jul-1890

Less, Clara E.
D. 21-Mar-1881, A. 23y 11m 27d, H. August Less

Less, John
D. 8-Mar-1896, A. 32y 8m 2d

Linch, J.D.
B. 1-Nov-1838, D. 16-Mar-1900

Linch, J.D.
B. 1-Nov-1838, D. 16-Mar-1900

Linson, Anna
D. 16-Nov-1929, A. 39y 6m 3d

Litherland, Sarah E.
D. 14-Jul-1907, A. 31y 4m 2d, H. F.C. Litherland

Lorell, Molley
B. 19-Feb-1878, D. 22-Aug-1930, P. S. & N.E. Lorell

Lovel, James G.
B. 5-Sep-1880, D. 3-Jul-1882, P. S. & N.E. Lovell

Lovel, Olive
B. 2-Nov-1884, D. 8-Apr-1901, P. S. & J.E. Lovell

Lovell, Francis J.
B. 5-May-1872, D. 7-Mar-1898

Lovell, George W.
B. 5-May-1870, D. 22-Dec-1900, P. S. & N.E. Lovell

Lovell, Minnie
B. 11-Nov-1882, D. 11-May-1883, P. S. & N.E. Lovell

Lowe, Fred

Lucas, G.W.
Co. H 130th Ill. Inf., U.S. Marker

Lucas, Robert
D. 25-Dec-1849, A. 56y 3m 23d

Lutz, Elizabeth
B. 2-Feb-1818, D. 26-Nov-1848, A. 30y 9m 1d

Lutz, Frederick
B. 29-Oct-1843, D. 1-Oct-1864

Lutz, Henry
B. 4-Jun-1822 In Berks County Pa, D. 23-Jul-1899

Lutz, Margaret
B. 30-Sep-1832, D. 14-Nov-1855

Lynch, Alice
D. 1-Jul-1929, A. 72y 5m 4d

Lynch, Mary
A. 35y, H. Joseph Lynch

Lynch, Rebecca
D. 24-Feb-1930, A. 51y 1m 29d

Manley, Ann Mariah
D. 13-Apr-1863, A. 37y, H. F.P. Manley

Manley, F.P.
D. 11-Dec-1862, A. 42y

Marsh, Sarah
D. 24-Mar-1895, A. 45y

Martin, Esther V.
B. 8-Nov-1916, D. 25-Sep-1917, P. M. & S.F. Martin

Martin, Fabina M.
B. 18-Sep-1875, D. 18-Mar-1898

Martin, George A.
B. 22-Jun-1884, D. 6-Sep-1889

Martin, Harry C.
A. 34y

Martin, Hazel M.
B. 23-May-1905, D. 30-Aug-1906, P. A.A. & M.C. Martin

Martin, J.L.
92nd Ohio Vol. Inf., U.S. Marker

Martin, James L.
92nd Inf., U.S. Marker

Martin, Sereno
B. 17-Apr-1907, D. 19-Apr-1907, P. A.A. & C.M. Martin

Maser, Frederick J.
B. 22-Apr-1804, D. 25-Apr-1849, A. 45y 3d

Maser, Rachel
B. 6-Feb-1804, D. 10-Nov-1851, A. 47y 9m 4d

Mason, Owen
D. 6-Oct-1903, A. 19y 1m 4d

Masterson, Marie

Mcbride, John
B. 9-Jun-1880, D. 6-Aug-1895, A. 18y 9m 27d

Mccabe, Ona E.
D. 1-Nov-1895, A. 2y 5m 12d, P. J.P. & M. Mccabe

Mcclellan, Mary M.
D. 9-Jun-1911, P. B.M. & C.M. Mcclellan

Mccollup, William W.
D. 24-Aug-1930, A. 84y 8m 22d

Mccraven, Gladys Marie
B. 13-Aug-1910, D. 7-Jul-1911, P. T.J. & J.N. Mccraven

Mcdowell, Elizabeth
D. 31-Aug-1837, A. 9m 10d, P. James & E.P. Mcdowell

Mcdowell, Infant Daughter
D. 10-Oct-1868

Mcdowell, James
D. 11-Mar-1868, A. 64y

Mcdowell, James
D. 30-Mar-1846, A. 12y 3m 26d, P. James & E.P. Mcdowell

Mcdowell, John
D. 22-Jul-1841, A. 9m 14d, P. James & E.P. Mcdowell

Mcdowell, Joseph
B. 22-Oct-1807, D. 12-Jul-1850

Mcdowell, Julia Ann
B. 29-Jun-1811, D. 28-Apr-1852, H. Joseph G. Mcdowell

Mcdowell, Lenore (Infant)

Mcdowell, Maria P.
D. 24-Mar-1866, A. 18y

Mcgrany, Henry
D. 16-Jan-1929, A. 94y 10m 11d

Mcintosh, John
D. 28-Jan-1829, A. 75y 10m 22d

Mcintosh, Sarah
D. 5-Aug-1831, A. 73y 24d

Mckeever, Chester M.
B. 3-Apr-1908, D. 27-Feb-1911, P. W.M. & E. Mckeever

Mcmickel, Cynthia J.
B. 1850, D. 1928

Mcmickel, Lee H.
B. 1850, D. 1928

Mcmickle, Ida E.
D. 29-Dec-1893, A. 8y 11m 4d, P. L.H. & C.J. Mcmickle

Mcmillen, Ross
B. 14-Aug-1860, D. 4-Feb-1908

Mcquaid, Jewell
B. 1901, D. 1917

Mcraven, Eva Lucille
D. 22-Apr-1911, A. 5m 7d

Mcreynolds, Ethel V.
B. 1883, D. 1923

Mcvaigh, A.J.
B. 1836, D. 1921

Mcworthy, Flora
D. 24-Mar-1900, A. 1y 1m 10d, P. William & S. Mcworthy

Meehan, Leroy L.
D. 1904, P. W.J. & W.G. Meehan

Miles, Guy Nelson
D. 28-Sep-1920, A. 6m 28d

Miles, Warren D.
D. 7-Oct-1925, A. 4m 24d

Miller, Charles B.
D. 31-Mar-1888, A. 14y 1m 5d, P. W.H. & M.C. Miller

Miller, Mary C.
D. 19-Jan-1930, A. 32y 8m 9d

Millholland, Thomas H.
D. 7-Oct-1918, A. 19y

Mills, Charles
B. 1919, D. 1921

Mills, Urnal
B. 1910, D. 1925

Minnis, Allie A.
D. 8-Mar-1901, 28y 6m

Miskell, Dalois Alene
D. 26-Dec-1928, A. 1y 4m 4d

Montgomery, Infant

Moore, Ethel
D. 17-Jan-1929, A. 29y 6d

Moore, Jennie
D. 20-Feb-1888, A. 20y 7m 14d, H. W.A. Moore

Morgan, Burl G.
B. 20-Jul-1901, D. 9-Jan-1902, C.T. & N. Morgan

Morgan, John
D. 26-Nov-1930, A. 56y 8m 28d

Morgan, Paul F.
D. 16-Nov-1926, A. 1m 3d

Moses, Sarah Ellen
D. 31-Mar-1913, F. Moses H. Biddle

Moter, Emily
B. 1859

Moter, George
46th Reg. Ill. Vol. Inf., U.S. Marker

Moter, S.S.
B. 1855, D. 192?

Moyer, Harry
D. 28-Mar-1924

Moyer, Sarah
B. 19-Jun-1855, D. 15-Sep-1915, H. William H. Moyer

Moyer, William H.
D. 26-Mar-1930, A. 76y 7m 14d

Myers, Francis
B. 15-Mar-1875, D. 1-Feb-1888, P. Martin & Sarah E. Myers

Myers, Frank
B. 13-Aug-1872, D. 1-Feb-1888, P. Martin & Sarah E. Myers

Myers, Martin
B. 6-Feb-1847, D. 22-Dec-1906

Myers, Martin
B. 6-Feb-1847, D. 22-Dec-1906

Myers, Viola L.
D. 2-Oct-1912, A. 1y 8m, P. William & N.B. Myers

Nash, John
D. 19-Mar-1849

Nettleton, Infant Son
B. 1921, D. 1921, P. L.D. & H.A. Nettleton

Newkirk, Infant
D. 12-Jun-1927

Norris, F.M.
B. 10-Feb-1841, D. 1841, C. B. 60th Ind. Vol. Inf., N. No Sign Of Grave Being Located
Near His Wife - It's Believed He Is Buried Elsewhere

Norris, Juliet Ann
D. 16-Mar-1906, A. 55y 6m 2d, H. F.M. Norris

Northcott, Emma L.
D. 22-May-1852, A. 1y 2m 20d, P. J.H. & C. Northcott

Ogden, Charles
B. 14-Apr-1814, D. 27-Feb-1840, A. 25y 10m 13d

Otto, Charlie
B. 21-Mar-1887, D. 23-Feb-1888, P. W. & K. Otto

Otto, Maggie
B. 10-Nov-1873, D. 15-Aug-1891, A. 17y 9m 8d, P. W. & K. Otto

Otto, William
D. 28-Jan-1922, A. 4d

Pacine, Gertrude
B. 10-Nov-1897, D. 10-Mar-1924

Padgett, William T.
B. 1880, D. 1921

Parish, Eva Marie
D. 22-Apr-193?, A. 1y 9m 9d

Parkinson, A.R.
D. 23-Jan-1880, A. 23y 5m 15d

Parkinson, Abraham
P. William & Eliza Parkinson

Parkinson, Charles W.
B. 29-Jun-1861, D. 16-May-1909, P. William & Eliza Parkinson

Parkinson, Eliza A.
B. 6-Mar-1826, D. 27-Nov-1895, H. William Parkinson

Parkinson, Eliza A.
D. 15-Nov-1854, A. 11y 6m 8d, P. T. & J. Parkinson

Parkinson, Eliza E.
P. William & Eliza Parkinson

Parkinson, Esther H.
D. 19-Feb-1863, A. 4y 2m 13d

Parkinson, Esther
P. William & Eliza Parkinson

Parkinson, Frances
D. 22-Mar-1877, A. 52y 7m 14d, H. Robert Parkinson

Parkinson, George E.
D. 2-Oct-1846, P. T. & J. Parkinson

Parkinson, Isaac T.
D. 4-Sep-1851, A. 1y 5m 2d, P. T. & J. Parkinson

Parkinson, Isaac
D. 21-Sep-1854, A. 1y 11m 24d

Parkinson, Jane
D. 26-Apr-1889, A. 65y 8m 26d

Parkinson, John H.
D. ??-Jun-????

Parkinson, Mary H.
P. William & Eliza Parkinson

Parkinson, Robert
D. 8-Apr-1878, A. 61y 6m

Parkinson, Thomas
D. 27-Jun-1852, A. 39y

Parkinson, William
B. 21-Aug-1825, D. 6-Apr-1862, Co. I 40th Ill. Inf.

Parkinson, William
D. 3-Jul-1852, A. 8y 9m 19d

Parr, Anna Margaret
D. ??-Nov-1921, A. 6y 11m 17d

Pate, Charles E.
D. 14-Feb-1922, A. 8y 8m 14d

Pearson, Ellen Virginia
D. 11-Dec-1928, A. 4y 8m 7d

Pendle, Maggie
D. 9-Mar-1922, A. 56y

Perry, Infant

Perry, Infant
D. 2-Jun-1927

Peters, Charles H.
B. 16-Sep-1861, D. 25-Aug-1862

Peterson, Elizabeth Ott
B. 22-Jan-1858, D. 1-Dec-1916, H. John Peterson

Peterson, John F.
B. 8-Aug-1857

Peterson, Maud B.
D. 9-May-1907, A. 7m 28d, P. M. & A.M. Peterson

Phelps, Donald
D. 20-Jan-1931

Phelps, George E.
D. 21-Nov-1918, A. 12y 11m 25d

Phelps, James Edgar
D. 10-Nov-1927, A. 1m 7d

Phelps, Jean
D. 20-Jan-1931

Phillips, Mary
D. 24-Mar-1891, A. 69y 9m

Phillips, Theophilus
D. 19-Feb-1863, A. 74y 2m 19d

Phillips, Theophilus
D. 19-Feb-1863, A. 74y 2m 19d

Pickering, Malon M.
D. 28-Mar-1858, P. L.H. & R. Pickering

Pierson, James Edgar
D. 13-Sep-1929, A. 1y 25d

Pierson, Lorena Pearl
D. 10-Jan-1927, A. 2m 16d

Putman, Delbert
B. 18-Jan-1904, D. 6-Feb-1906, P. J.S. & M. Putman

Putman, John
B. 13-Oct-1831, D. 30-Aug-1898

Rainbolt, William R.
D. 13-Nov-1928, A. 1y 9m 3d

Rall, Junior Reed
D. 29-Oct-1926, A. 1m 20d

Rath, Catherine
B. 10-Oct-1832, D. 2-Jul-1921

Rath, Michael
D. 11-Dec-1896, A. 72y 6m 1d

Ray, Daniel M.
B. 7-Nov-1836, D. 16-Jun-1852, A. 15y 7m 9d, P. T.J. & E. Ray

Ray, Emelia D.
B. 28-Sep-1898, D. 25-Jun-1852, H. T.J. Ray

Ray, James M.
B. 1-Dec-1847, D. 22-Jul-1848, P. T.J. & E. Ray

Ray, John W.
B. 10-Feb-1843, D. 28-Jun-1852, P. T.J. & E. Ray

Ray, Louisa J.
B. 20-Sep-1818, D. 15-Oct-1900, H. Wilson Ray

Ray, Margaret E.
B. 12-Feb-1851, D. 6-Aug-1851, P. T.J. & E. Ray

Ray, Mary L.
B. 25-Jan-1856, D. 22-Apr-1856, A. 2m 29d, P. Thomas & Mary Ray

Reassor, Wilma Jean
D. 5-Nov-1928

Reck, James
Co. E 63rd Ill. Vol. Inf., U.S. Marker

Reck, Sarah
D. 27-Mar-1887, A. 64y 9m 7d, H. James Reck

Redman, ?

Redman, Charles E.
D. 19-Sep-1869, A. 1y 4m 26d, P. William & J.M. Redman

Redman, Charles
D. 13-Jul-1889, A. 65y 10m 9d

Redman, Jane M.
B. 10-Jan-1839, D. 30-Mar-1914, H. William Redman

Redman, Lucy
D. 5-Jul-1916, A. 87y 4m 4d, H. Charles Redman

Redman, Mary Ellen
D. 8-Mar-1856, H. Charles Redman

Redman, Theodore
D. 14-Aug-1864, A. 4y 6m 22d, P. William & J.M. Redman

Redman, W. Grant
D. ??-???186?, F. Charles Redman

Redman, William L.
B. 17-Oct-1833, D. 2-Sep-1913

Reed, Amos (Infant)
D. 9-Sep-1926

Reed, Jacob
B. 1865, D. 1909

Reed, Lawrence Edward
D. 8-Jul-1921, A. 2y 8m 21d

Reed, Wallace J.
D. 25-Dec-1922, P. A.G. & M.E. Reed

Reel, Willis
D. 2-Apr-1934, A. 42y 5m 17d

Reiber, Charles
D. 9-May-1923, A. 13y 8m 21d

Reisinger, Martin
25th Reg. Ill. Inf., U.S. Marker

Remer, Norman S.
D. 18-Jun-1927, A. 4y 9m 7d

Ridens, Henry J.
B. 10-Mar-1880, 12-Dec-1909

Rigg, Edward D.
Ill. Vol. Inf., U.S. Marker

Rigg, Infant Daughter
D. 10-Nov-1887, A. 11d, P. F.A. & L.C. Rigg

Rigg, Laura L.
D. 10-Jan-1887, A. 7y 3m 24d, P. S. & M.A. Rigg

Rigg, Mary
D. 20-Jan-1929, A. 48y 6m 17d

Risley, Daniel D.
D. 19-Sep-1840, A. 30y 1m 10d

Risley, Eliza
D. 8-Sep-1844, A. 34y 4m 22d, H. D. Risley

Risley, Isaac
D. 18-Apr-1839, A. 49y 11m

Risley, James H.
D. 1-Jun-1866, A. 28y 9m 7d, P. D. & E. Risley

Risley, Jeremiah
U.S. Marker

Risley, Mary
D. 12-Jan-1866, A. 21y 3m, H. Isaac Risley

Rodaer, Reese Harry
B. 27-Jul-1915, D. 26-Feb-1918, F. H.R. Rodaer

Roenberger, Billy Jean
D. 2-Mar-1929, A. 14d

Rogers, Belle
D. 21-Jun-1823, A. 65y 8m 8d

Rogers, Elizabeth
D. 3-Apr-1927, A. 84y 11m 2d

Roney, Horace B.
B. 12-Jul-1836, D. 21-Sep-1850

Rose, Infant Daughter
D. 25-Oct-1919, P. R.G. & N.L. Rose

Rose, Neva Fern
D. 11-Apr-1923, A. 1y 1m 29d

Rose, Paul Ray
D. 14-Sep-1926, A. 3m 5d, Co. M 10th Ind. Cav.

Rose, R.T.
B. 30-Mar-1863, D. 14-Sep-1917, A. 53y 5m 15d

Rose, Reuben (Infant)
D. 1-Mar-1930

Rose, Ruby Leona
B. 29-Jan-1913, D. 2-Feb-1914, P. Sam & Margaret Rose

Rose, Winnie M.
B. 13-Feb-1915, D. 9-Mar-1915, A. 24d, P. Sam & Margaret Rose

Rosenbarger, Myrtle A.
B. 1877, D. 1931

Rosenbarger, Perry D.
B. 1879

Rosignal, Philip
D. 8-Feb-18??

Roth, Mary M.
B. 4-Nov-1817, D. 10-May-1895

Rounding, Ann
B. 2-Jul-1801, D. 22-Oct-1874

Rounding, Francis O.
B. 23-Jul-1843, D. 29-Sep-1848, P. Thomas & Ann Rounding

Ruley, Lysander
D. 3-Oct-1930, A. 85y 8m 9d

Runyon, Mary
D. 23-Feb-1838, A. 22y 9m 21d, H. Layton Runyon

Russell, Abraham
D. 20-Sep-1869, A. 71y 22d

Russell, Eliza A.
D. 5-Aug-1879, A. 67y 9m 24d, 2nd Wife Of Abraham Russell

Russell, Hannah
D. 30-Mar-1843, A. 29y

Russell, Isaac
B. 7-May-1840, D. 22-Aug-1858, P. Abraham & Hannah Russell

Sage, Vernal
D. 25-Jan-1912, A. 2y 6m 27d, P. G.W. & L.M. Sage

Sager, Frank

Sager, Luvada

Sager, Oscar L.
B. 12-Nov-1913, D. 31-Mar-1914, P. W.M. & N. Sager

Sanders, Alva Valley
D. 24-Feb-1928, A. 1d

Sanders, Clarence F.
D. 10-Feb-1929, A. 1y 1m 4d

Sanders, Desmond R.
B. 16-Mar-1889, D. 15-Dec-1908, P. J.R. & C.J. Sanders

Sanders, George W.
D. 13-Oct-1920, A. 81y 9m 19d, Co. M 10th Reg. Ind. Cav., U.S. Marker

Sanders, James R.
D. 4-Jul-1892, A. 32y, Killed In Big 4

Sanders, Lela May
D. 13-Feb-1924, A. 4y 5m 11d

Sanders, Susan M.
D. 13-Feb-1908, A. 50y, H. George Sanders

Sanders, Susan
D. 13-Feb-1903, A. 50y, H. George W. Sanders

Sandford, H.M.
B. 20-Jan-1849, D. 11-Jan-1888

Sapp, Jessie L.
D. 6-Aug-1874, A. 3m 16d, P. M.S. & M.E. Sapp

Sapp, Mary E.
D. 25-Jun-1874, A. 28y 3m 19d, H. M.S. Sapp

Saunders, Infant
D. 26-Jul-1929

Sayge, George W.
D. 20-Apr-1924, A. 69y 9m 26d

Scgerer, Maria M.
D. 27-Feb-1848, A. 20y 25d, P. R. & R. Scherer

Schafer, Adam
B. 27-Apr-1788, D. 10-May-1848, A. 60y 13d

Schafer, Agatha
D. 17-Sep-1868, A. 74y 5m 15d

Schafer, Elizabeth
D. 17-Sep-1848, A. 17y 9m 26d, H. J.P. Schafer

Scherer, Daniel
B. 12-Sep-1790, D. 5-Apr-1852

Scherer, Jno F. (Dr)
B. 23-Jul-1820, D. 8-Mar-1859

Scherer, Mary (Thrall)
D. 25-Jan-1855, A. 22y 1m 3d, H. J.F. Scherer

Schlanker, David F.
B. 22-May-1854, D. 8-Nov-1854, P. P. & P. Schlanker

Schlanker, Maria L.
B. 9-Jan-1852, D. 23-Feb-1852, P. P. & P. Schlanker

Schlanker, Sarah Ann
B. 7-Jan-1852, D. 5-Feb-1852, P. P. & P. Schlanker

Schreiber, (Child)
B. ??-Mar-1866, D. 23-Dec-1866

Schreiber, August
B. 15-Nov-1883, D. 17-Aug-1884, P. H. & C. Schreiber

Schreiber, Caroline K.
D. 11-Nov-1907, A. 58y 3m 25d, H. H. Schreiber

Schreiber, Franklin
B. 25-May-1884, D. 11-Jan-1885, P. H. & C. Schreiber

Schreiber, George
D. 12-Nov-1904, A. 19y 11m 21d, P. J. & C. Schreiber

Schreiber, Henry
D. 18-Apr-1900, A. 4y 2m 8d

Schreiber, John Fredy
B. 30-Sep-1882, D. 2-Jul-1883, P. H. & C. Schreiber

Schreiber, Louisa
B. 3-Nov-1889, D. 4-Jun-1891, P. H. & C. Schreiber

Schrodt, Anna M.
D. 15-Dec-1875, A. 68y 7m 23d, H. Johan Schrodt

Schrodt, Clara A.
D. 18-Aug-1874, A. 7m 6d, P. Johan & Mary Schrodt

Schrodt, Hazel Olive
B. 29-Jul-1902, D. 4-Jun-1904, P. F.C. & F.E. Schrodt

Schrodt, Johan L.
B. 18-Nov-1853, D. 8-Mar-1856, M. Maria Schrodt

Schrodt, Johan
D. 1-Jan-1866, A. 66y 2m 15d

Schrodt, John
B. 4-May-1830, D. 23-Dec-1897, A. 67y 7m 19d

Schrodt, Katherine
B. 11-Jan-1830, 26-Dec-1906, A. 76y 11m 15d

Schrodt, Michael Daniel
D. 6-Sep-1895, A. 19y 6m 25d, P. John & Mary Schrodt

Schrodt, Thomas F.
B. 30-Aug-1871, D. 23-Jul-1872, P. J. & M. Schrodt

Schrodt, Wilhelm H.
B. 15-Aug-1859, D. 18-Jan-1860, M. Maria Schrodt

Schuster, Oscar G.
B. 1896, D. 1914

Seals, Ivanah
D. 9-Oct-1926, A. 23y

Seaton, Albert
D. 1-Jul-1928, A. 73y 3m 6d

Seiler, Amelia Ellen
B. 28-Nov-1888, P. Jacob & A.M. Seiler

Seiler, Anna Elizabeth
B. 3-Feb-1772 In Germany, D. 17-Dec-1866

Seiler, Edward W.
D. 30-Mar-1898, A. 38y 3m 15d

Seiler, Elizabeth
D. 18-Sep-1869, A. 17y 2m 14d

Seiler, Frederick
B. 15-Sep-1788 In Germany, D. 28-Oct-1861

Seiler, Henry
D. 6-Feb-1876, A. 60y 11m 27d

Seiler, Jacob T.
D. 27-Nov-1868, A. 2y, P. D.K. & R. Seiler

Seiler, Louis
D. 19-Sep-1849, D. 26-Jan-1902

Seiler, Mary
D. 11-Oct-1890, P. D.K. & R. Seiler

Seitz, Betty
D. 30-Jun-1927, A. 6y 6m 28d

Shafer, Lalus Zerura
D. 6-May-1908, A. 2y 22d, P. L. & M.A. Shafer

Shafer, Lena A.
H. M. Shafer

Sherman, William
D. 1-Aug-1918, A. 4d

Shields, Alice
D. 5-Nov-1914, A. 63y 2m 5d

Shutts, William Irvin
D. 9-Sep-1924, A. 15d

Sigler, Hiram J.
B. 6-Mar-1868, D. 23-Jul-1913

Skiles, Mary Elizabeth Adams
D. 22-May-1930, A. 69y 5m 25d

Smith, Amy
B. 9-Sep-1846, D. 11-Dec-1926

Smith, David
B. 30-Apr-1841, D. 12-Jan-1916

Smith, Isaac N.
D. 12-Sep-1831, D. 21-Jul-1833, P. Edward & Rebecca Smith

Snyder, Isaac
B. 1847, D. 1910

Soloman, Rolla (Infant)
D. 24-Feb-1927

Solomon, Joan
B. 11-Feb-1806 In Ky, D. 1-Apr-1885, A. 70y 10m 20d

Sompson, Infant Daughter
B. 20-Jan-1903, D. 9-Feb-1903

Spencer, James E.
Co. A 81st Ind. Vol. Inf., U.S. Marker

Spore, Nellie
D. 12-Sep-1910, A. 23y 8m 8d, M. Mary Spore

Sproull, Margaret(?)
D. 10-Aug-1832, A. 56y, H. James Sproull

Sterl, Elizabeth
D. 1-Dec-1876, A. 16y 9m 12d, P. G. & C. Sterl

Sterl, George
D. 19-Feb-1867, A. 38y 9m 6d

Sterl, Rosina
D. 19-Nov-1872, A. 10y 4m 5d, P. G. & C. Sterl

Stevenson, Baby
D. 1891

Stevenson, Baby
D. 23-Apr-1894

Stevenson, Martha E.
B. 15-Sep-1855, D. 10-Apr-1895, H. Virgil C. Stevenson

Stevenson, Martha
B. 15-Sep-1856, D. 10-Apr-1895, H. Virgil C. Stevenson

Stewart, Eleanor Laws
B. 7-Aug-1792, D. 2-Dec-1876

Stewart, Eliza C.
D. 16-Dec-1835, A. 28y 2m 17d, H. Isaac I. Stewart

Stewart, Eliza Jane
D. 14-Jul-1830, A. 10m 26d

Stewart, Jane
D. ??-???-1824, H. Scoby Stewart

Stewart, Ruth Maria
D. 23-Sep-1831, A. 8m 28d

Stewart, Scoby
D. 6-Dec-1851, A. 76y 15d

Stokley, Susan C.
D. 20-Aug-1907, A. 69y 3m 20d, H. M. Stokley

Stoltz, Xenia
B. 1890, D. 1931

Stone, Abraham
13th Missouri Vol. Inf., U.S. Marker

Stone, Abraham
Co. F 13th Inf., U.S. Marker

Stone, Owen R.
B. 18-Aug-1888, D. 13-Aug-1904, P. A. & S.J. Stone

Stone, Owen R.
B. 18-Aug-1888, D. 13-Aug-1904, P. Abraham & S.J. Stone

Stunson, James Albert
D. 23-Apr-1912, A. 10y 6m 18d, P. E.J. Stunson

Sullivan, Fannie
D. 2-May-1895, A. 63y 20d, H. Dennis Sullivan

Sutton, John O.
D. 21-Mar-1924, A. 64y 8m

Sutton, Luther Raymond
D. 4-Nov-1928, A. 5m 9d

Sutton, Rewa
D. 19-Dec-1929, A. 5m 10d

Tackett, Addie May
B. 22-Nov-1877, D. 27-Jan-1908, H. Boodett Elmer Tackett

Tarpley, Henry
D. 8-Aug-1925, A. 82y 3m 24d

Taylor, Anna M.
D. 5-Jun-1887, A. 46y 3m 1d, H. S.S. Taylor

Taylor, Stanley
A. 3m 21d

Taylor, William (Rev)
B. 19-May-1819 In Chemong County N.Y., D. 18-Jan-1863 In Mt Carmel

Terry, Kazy
D. 28-Jul-1924

Terry, Malissa A.
D. 18-Jul-1927, A. 73y 2m 4d

Terry, Samuel A.
D. 30-Jun-1927, A. 35y 3m 1d

Thompson, Laura
B. 6-Sep-1891, D. 28-Dec-1906, P. J.B. & J. Thompson

Thompson, Ralph L.
D. 6-Jan-1891, A. 4m 28d, P. S.L. & E. Thompson

Thrall, Aaron (Dr)
B. 20-Oct-1807, D. 25-Dec-1847

Thrall, Aaron O.
B. 24-Jul-1815, D. 1-May-1862

Thrall, George W.
D. 13-Nov-1869, A. 28y 11m

Thrall, Harvey
D. 16-Aug-19??, A. 3m 27d

Thrall, Harvey
D. 5-Jan-1929, A. 48y 9m 24d

Thrassell, Raymond
B. 1917, D. 1919, P. T. & E. Thrassell

Thurman, Mahala
B. 5-May-1858, D. 18-Feb-1891, H. T.M. Thurman

Tilton, Edith (Fisher)
B. 26-Feb-1828, D. 7-Mar-1909

Tilton, Isaac
D. 21-Aug-1839, A. 11y 10m, P. John & S. Tilton

Tilton, John
D. 14-Jun-1860, A. 70y

Tilton, Lester E.
B. 22-Jun-1907, D. 16-Aug-1907, P. T.S. & S.E. Tilton

Tilton, Samuel L.
D. 30-Nov-1864, A. 11y 8m 23d, P. S.S. & E. Tilton

Tilton, Sarah Frances
B. 4-Jul-1850, P. Scoby & Edith Tilton

Tilton, Sarah
D. 5-May-1852, A. 52y, H. John Tilton

Tilton, Scoby S.
B. 25-Nov-1825, W. Edith Tilton

Tis?, Jess (Infant)

Tisdale, Marjorie
D. 2-Mar-1923, A. 1y 8m 20d

Toombs, Infant
D. 2-Aug-1928

Toombs, Orral
D. 19-Mar-1904, A. 14d, P. T.L. & M.E. Toombs

Toombs, Pearlie L.
B. 28-Aug-1904, D. 9-Oct-1908, P. S.R. & M.F. Toombs

Treece, Enos
B. 1-Mar-1832 In Wayne County Ohio, D. 21-Feb-1921

Trimble, Mary Priscilla
B. 30-Sep-1831, D. 5-May-1905, H. William Trimble

Trimble, William
B. 8-Oct-1832, D. 8-Feb-1870

Troutman, John
D. 25-Oct-1897, A. 69y 8m 15d

Troutman, Martha J.
D. 9-Nov-1906, A. 76y 20d, H. John Troutman

Trunks, Elvina
D. 22-Dec-1851

Trunks, Gmzy
D. 26-May-1863, A. 48y 1m 25d, H. Madison Trunks

Tucker, William
D. 30-Aug-1928, A. 79y 8m 5d

Turner, Georgia Ellen
D. 20-May-1928, A. 1d

Turner, Marion L.
D. 15-Aug-1891 By Drowning, A. 19y 6m 16d

Umbehauen, Rudolph W.
B. 25-Nov-1858, D. 6-Oct-1861, P. George & Amelia

Upton, Minnie
D. 4-Dec-1914, A. 27y 7m 19d

Vogel, Henry
D. 19-Jan-1931, A. 87y 4m 19d

Walburn, Iva Lorene
D. 6-Oct-1925, A. 5m 24d

Walburn, Jean F.
D. 6-Apr-1925, A. 1d

Walker, George
D. 18-Mar-1924, A. 81y 4m 19d

Walker, Parthenia H.
D. 11-Sep-1855, A. 1y 6d, P. E. & A. Walker

Walkins, ?
A. 73y

Walston, Elizabeth
B. 6-Oct-1874, D. 3-Nov-1918, H. C.H. Walston

Washington, Leah
D. 17-Jun-1884, A. 39y 7m 15d, H. T. Washington

Watt, John Franklin
D. 23-Jan-1931, A. 20y 11m 1d

Watterman, James W.
D. 10-Jul-1927, A. 52y

Watterson, Roscoe
D. 27-Dec-1918, A. 2y

Weinback, Catherine
D, 20-Sep-1846, A. 54y, H. John Weinback

Weinback, John
D. 15-Nov-1846, A. 65

Weinback, Margaret F.
D. 5-Nov-1856, A. 22y 2m 19d

Wells, Frank
D. 16-Sep-1881, A. 23y

Westfield, Floyd F.
D. 18-Sep-1930, A. 1y 3m 8d

Wiley, A. Stewart
B. 18-Mar-1827, D. 2-Oct-1846

Wiley, Abigail
B. 17-Sep-1827, D. 29-Oct-1845

Wiley, Elizabeth
B. 8-Jan-1795, D. 15-Aug-1839, H. James Wiley

Wiley, Enoch
B. 25-Jul-1823, D. 2-Mar-1844

Wilhelm, Barbara
D. 12-Aug-1844, A. 60y

Wilkinson, Isabell
B. 8-Aug-1863, D. 20-Jun-1900, H. Silas Wilkinson

Wilkinson, Silas N.
B. 27-Aug-1829

Wilkson, Silas N.
B. 27-Aug-1839

Williams, Iva Myrtle
B. 30-Nov-1900, D. 21-Feb-1901, P. W.C. & O.I. Williams

Williams, Lizzie C.
D. 21-Mar-1894, A. 1y 1m 21d, P. E.S. & H.E. Williams

Williams, Mary O.
D. 27-Mar-1878, A. 18y 7m 27d, P. S. & M. Williams

Williams, R.
D. 21-Feb-????, A. 65y

Willman, Caroline
D. 18-Aug-1854, A. 20y 2m 23d, H. George Willman

Willman, John
D. 31-Jan-1850, A. 40y 11m 17d

Willman, Margaret (Seiler)
B. 1810, D. 1895

Willman, Noan
B. 30-Dec-1821, D. 3-Aug-1878

Willson, John W.
B. 17-May-1821, D. 24-Aug-1827, A. 5y 3m 7d, P. J.L. & Sarah

Willson, Joseph
B. 12-Nov-1795, D. 24-Feb-1841, A. 45y 3m 12d, W. Sarah Willson

Willson, Sarah
D. 8-May-1857, A. 59y 3m 24d, H. J.L. Willson

Wilson, Floy Marie
B. 3-Nov-1900, D. 27-Feb-1901, P. J.W. & M. Wilson

Wilson, Laura Hariett
D. 19-May-1835, A. 14m 6d, P. William & Mary A. Wilson

Wilson, Mary A.
D. 6-Jan-1900, A. 74y 4m 27d

Wirth, John C.
D. 12-May-1863, 45y 3m 20d

Wirth, Mary Elizabeth
D. 3-Dec-1848, A. 1y 2m 18d

Wirth, Matilda
D. 16-Jun-1863, A. 47y 6m 9d, H. J.C. Wirth

Wirth, Thomas A.
D. 2-Oct-1876, A. 33y 2m 24d, Co. H. 130th Ill Inf. Vol.

Wood, Frances W.
B. 12-Oct-1811, D. 19-Mar-1838, P. Rev. William & Frances Beauchamp, H. Re(?) Wood

Wood, Pardine
D. 11-Apr-1918, A. 57y 7m 26d

Woods, Avey M.
B. 6-Nov-1889, D. 18-Nov-1901, A. 13y 12d, P. J.M. & S. Woods

Woods, John W.
B. 31-Jan-1823, D. 19-Jul-1907

Woods, Otis
B. 8-May-1885, D. 1-Jan-1904

Woods, Polly M.
D. 8-Apr-1930, A. 65y 3m 22d

Woods, Susan
B. 20-Apr-1846, D. 18-Feb-1901, A. 55y 7m 28d, H. J.W. Woods

Wright, Clara
D. 2-Jan-1918, A. 7y 17d

Youngman, Beulah
D. 14-Aug-????

Youngman, Carl
B. 15-Mar-1917, D. 23-Jan-1919

Youngman, Marguerite
B. 11-Jan-1916, D. 18-Nov-1919

Youngman, Vinson
B. 15-Dec-1861, D. 11-Jan-1907

Zehr, Charley T.
B. 13-Apr-1890, D. 4-Aug-1894, P. G.F. & S.J. Zehr

Zehr, Frank E.
B. 24-Jan-1877, D. 29-Nov-1900

Zimmerman, Belinda

Zimmerman, Charles B.
B. 25-May-1861, D. 10-Oct-1865, P. J. & Belinda Zimmerman


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