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Wabash County, IL

Transcription .. : Geraldine Satterthwaite
Datafile Input . : Paul M. Kankula In Sep-1999
Submitted to Genealogy Trails By Paul M. Kankula

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

Brown, Infant
B. 19-Dec-1898, D. 19-Dec-1898, D. Of H.E. & M.D. Brown

Brown, Mattie Marie
B. 11-Feb-1902, D. 11-Sep-1904, P. H.E. & M.D. Brown

Brust, Amelia E.
D. 17-Dec-1881, A. 23y 4m 4d, H. John A. Brust

Buchanan, Charles E.
B. 25-Feb-1856, D. 20-May-1923

Buchanan, Eliza G.
D. 17-Dec-1890, A. 52y 2m 14d, H. Victor Buchanan

Buchanan, Harry
B. 14-Oct-1887, D. 27-Jan-1894, P. Charles & Lizzie Buchanan

Buchanan, Helen M.
D. 24-May-1913

Buchanan, Hiram
D. 27-May-1863, A. 32y 11m 16d

Buchanan, Isaac
B. 15-Nov-1837, D. 11-Apr-1873

Buchanan, Lizzie
B. 20-Nov-1865, D. 8-Jan-1915

Buchanan, Victor
B. 1832, D. 1918

Buchanan, William H.
D. 2-Sep-1853, A. 1y 8m

Coomer, George A.
B. 28-Feb-1846, D. 5-Apr-1919

Coomer, Mary M.
B. 5-May-1847, D. 14-Apr-1930, A. 82y, H. George A. Coomer

Faith, Emma
D. 4-Mar-1895, A. 34y 6m, H. George Faith

Faith, Sarah E.
D. 18-Oct-1922, A 77y 1m 1d

Fox, Lydia
B. 16-Jun-1805, D. 11-Mar-1864, A. 58y 8m 25d

Gilkinson, Harriet M.
P. A.W. & C. Gilkinson

Groff, Carry
D. 5-Mar-1895, A. 35y 9d

Groff, John
D. 21-Feb-1891, A. 42y 10m 18d

Heckey, George M.
B. 19-Mar-1875, D. 22-Aug-1874, P. W.L. & E. Heckey

Heckey, Richard
B. 20-Jul-1834, D. 10-Sep-1835, P. J. & M. Heckey

Joachim, Mary J.
D. 9-Apr-1873, A. 20y 2m 15d, H. Gett Joachim

Lane, Danforth
D. 2-Mar-1857, A. 45y 4m 17d, W. Martha Lane

Lane, Frances G.
D. 16-Nov-1857, A. 3y 9m 23d, D. Of Danforth & Martha Lane

Putman, Elizabeth
B. 4-Mar-1831, D. 1-Jun-1889, A. 58y 2m 27d

Putman, Hannah J.
D. 14-Feb-1882, A. 23y 11m 16d, H. L.H. Putman

Putman Infant
D. 12-Apr-1882, D. Of L.H. & H.J. Putman

Putman, Lester H.
B. 27-Aug-1857, D. 19-Feb-1883, A. 25y 8m 23d

Putman, Robert
B. 8-Aug-1825, 19-Dec-1887, A. 62y 4m 11d

Putman, Rosa
D. 14-Apr-1872, A. 9y 1d, P. R. & E. Buchanan

Tanquery, Ada R.
D. 1-Jan-1859, A. 11m 1d, P. J.W. & E. Tanquery

Tanquery, Blanch G.
B. 23-May-1895, D. 26-Jan-1919, H. Richard Tanquery

Tanquery, Elizabeth
D. 18-Jan-1883, A. 55y 5m 27d, H. J.W. Tanquery

Tanquery, George
B. 25-Oct-1893, D. 12-Nov-1895, P. William & Minda Tanquery

Tanquery, Infant
B. 24-Jun-1890, D. 21-Jul-1890, D. Of J.H. & M.J. Tanquery

Tanquery, James W.
B. 18-May-1824, D. 3-Mar-1888, A. 63y 9m 15d

Tanquery, Laura Belle
B. 7-Jan-1920-25(?), A. 44y 6m 10d

Tanquery, Mary
D. 3-Aug-1835, A. 55y 7m 11d, H. William Tanquery

Tanquery, W.M. Dr.
B. 8-Apr-1867, D. 3-Jan-1894

Tanquery, Willaim
D. 14-Sep-1846, A. 26y 2m 2d, P. Reuben & Elizabeth Tanquery

Tanquery, William
D. 25-Mar-1855, A. 78y 11m 12d

Tanquery, William A.
B. 29-Mar-1850, D. 13-Jun-1915

Wallar, Mary E.
D. 5-Jan-1926, A. 3d

Wilson, Rebecca
D. 13-Apr-1877, A. 68y 7m 11d, H. Leaven Wilson

Wilson, William L.
B. 10-Oct-1861, D. 26-May-1881, P. Leaven & Rebecca Wilson


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