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Aka Stillwell Family
Wabash County, IL

Datafile Input . : Mount Carmel Library / Shannon Swain In Sep-1999
Submitted to Genealogy Trails By Paul M. Kankula

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

This area was probably one of the first French settlements. A ferry was operated between this area and the Indian side of the river. A revolutionary soldier, Howard Putnam, is thought to be buried here and thought to be connected to the ferry operation in some way. Ross Putnam of Elderado, feels Howard is buried at the Old Palmyra cemetery.

Heneberger, Frec.
D. 22-Feb-1903, A. 50y

Kaiser, Henry
B. 10-Apr-1834, D. 2-Nov-1912

Ralston, Hannah
D. 24-Feb-1900, A. 63y 8m 11d

Schmeidt, Jacob
B. 1809, Gilsa Kinhessen, D. 13-Sept-1871

Sharp, Mina
B. 10-July-1893, D. 15-Aug-1893, A. 0y 1m 5d, P. N. & D. Sharp

Stillwell, Anna C.
B. 27-Nov-1863, D. 5-Oct-1864

Stillwell, Antonia H.
B. 4-Mar-1873, D. 1-Aug-1874

Stillwell, Elizabeth
B. 10-Mar-1801, D. 6-Apr-1888, A. 87y

Stillwell, Hannah
D. 15-July-1833, A. 0y 9m 9d, P. H. & E. Stillwell

Stillwell, Infant
D. 16-Jan-1892, P. S.S. & D.H.S. Stillwell

Stillwell, Rebecca
D. 19-Oct-1836, A. 11y 2m 13d, P. S. & S. Stillwell

Stillwell, Richard
D. 7-June-1863, A. 53y 8m 18d

Stillwell, Samuel
D. ?-May-1862, A. 71y

Stillwell, Samuel
D. 19-May-1864, A. 71y 1m 27d

Stillwell, Samuel H.
28-Dec-1863, P. S.J. & S. Stillwell

Stillwell, Samuel J.
B. 1834, D. 1895

Stillwell, Sophia S.
B. 1826, D. 1916, H. S.Stillwell

Stillwell, William R.
D. 6-Apr-1865, A. 10y 1m 13d, P. B. & M. Stillwell


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