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Warren County Illinois
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The travels of James Martin Webb
Written by Dean A. Thomson

This story has been pieced together with the help of historical records such as the census etc. and handwritten family records.

James Martin Webb, one of two children of John Webb & Margaret (Peggy) Jones was born in 1810/11 at the frontier town of Brownville, Kentucky years before Brownville even had a post office.
One can only guess at what his experiences may have been from birth until the time he was married since nothing has been recorded that has survived the years but I'm sure we would have been fascinated with his stories of life on the frontier nearly two hundred years ago.
James Webb chose to marry Susan Saling, the daughter of Shadrack Ditto Saling & Elizabeth Jones in Edmonson county, Kentucky.
Their marriage license application follows:
The two other names on the application are John P. Saling, Susans brother and John Webb, James' father who made his mark (x) as he was illiterate.
Now if there be not anyone to obstruct said marriage then this obligation to be void else to remain in full force and virtue in law. James M. Webb
John P. Saling
For AMB(Francis) cancelled. sir pleas to let my son James M. Webb have marriage lisons and this shall be your receipt for the same given and my mark X this 17th October 1832.
John Webb
Mr. A A Baret sir pleas let James M. Webb have marriage lisons for my daughter.
The story of the preservation of the original marriage application is fascinating, as it was passed down through the generations being kept in a small satchel or bag and was constantly carried from place to place and finally a cousin of ours (Winnie Webb Whitaker) found out about it and had photocopies made about one hundred seventy years later!
The marriage of the happy couple took place 12 days later on a nice fall day October 29, 1832 in (Brownville?) Edmonson county, Ky. and was performed by Murrell Saling, brother of the bride
Sometime after their marriage, they moved on to Holly Springs, Kentucky where James built his first church and preached his first sermon.

Memories of daughter, Mary Adair Webb Lindsey:
(They raised 1 son and 3 daughters in what used to be called Hardin Co., Kentucky. It is called Larue Co., Ky now. The Baptist parsonage where they lived was on the route between Abraham Lincoln's orig. log cabin and the Center of the community. This was long before he became president.) (*This would probably be Knob Creek Farm near Hodgenville, Kentucky)
Their first ten children were born in Kentucky by February 1850 and afterwards due to the restlessness of the times they moved on to Berwick, Warren county, Illinois.
( it is possible that they could have traveled with members of the Ray family who also lived at Brownville, Ky. And also lived in the Berwick, Warren county Ill. area at the same time as the Webbs.)
They arrived in Illinois between February 1850 and the tenth of 24 Nov. 1850 when their son William Henry Harrison Webb was taken in death.
He is the first burial at Lenox Union cemetery.
James Shadrack Singleton Webb, the oldest son was also laid to rest in the same burial ground on March 10, 1851
Our family records state that James Webb founded the Union church & cemetery.
The last three children were born in the Warren county area. (Joshua and the twins).
Susannah Webb sold forty acres to Pleasant Ray on April 15, 1851.
(Pleasant Ray also died in 1869 in Warren county)
Perhaps James & Susannah wished to leave the area after the death of their son a month earlier and kind of forget about it and try life in a different area of the country.
James & Susannah & family evidently left Warren County, Illinois shortly thereafter because a land patent for forty acres was filed at Quincy, Illinois on July 1, 1852. (President Millard Fillmore has his name on the document) The Webb family was probably living in Warren County for little more than a year.
The next move was to Booneville, Missouri where James M. Webb of Warren county, Illinois again filed a land patent for forty acres on April 2, 1860 and President James Buchannan attached his signature to the deed
James & Susannah are found in the 1860 census of Sentinel Prairie, Missouri living with nine children and Margaret, his mother age 72
They must have moved on later to Kansas for daughter Mary Adair Webb told of these experiences from childhood. The Baptist parsonage that they lived in had 2 rooms with sand floors. They would wet the sand and pack it then brush it with handmade brooms. They would take pride in the finished smoothen pretty floor as most people had dirt floors. They later moved to Kansas to another Baptist Church parsonage where (James) continued preaching.
Could they have traveled through Nebraska & Iowa? That is hard to answer but they did once again return to Illinois route unknown, because Susannah Webb died on Sept. 22, 1865 and is at rest in the Lenox Union cemetery, having lived 53 years 5 months and 3 days.
James Webb had become a widower but after a proper period of mourning he remarried Mary P. Saltzman at his old home in Edmonson County, Kentucky on Oct. 20, 1867.
James died at Roseville, Warren county, Illinois in October 1869 and now listed as a farmer. Mary is a widow in 1870 census living with her stepdaughter Missouri and her husband. He had lived but two years with his second wife!
The location of his grave is unknown. I suppose it could be in Kentucky or Illinois.
James Martin Webb had traveled a lot for those times and I am sure had a lot to tell but his last journey had to be the most exciting of all for I am sure this preacher man is in Heaven today awaiting my arrival sometime in the future.

Grandfather of Bertha Frances Irene Webb Adams Caddy, Martha Carrie Susannah Elizabeth Webb Todd And Laura Grace Cleveland Webb Blair

Written by Dean A. Thomson
Great-Great Grandson of James Martin Webb

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