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Through the politeness of Sargt. Fitzgerrell we receive the following list of killed and wounded, in the battle of the 15th inst.  George Pickering, Jacob Powell, Nathanial Putnam and Wm. R. Thompson were killed in action.  George W. Powell, Marcus R. St. John and John H. Gallant died the 17th inst., of wounds received. [Prairie Pioneer, February 27, 1862]

List of the killed of Co. D 40th Reg., S. Hooper, Captain:  Capt. Samuel Hooper, Adam Files, Wm. Newby, E. H. Willett, J. M. Watkins, H. W. Farmer, Geo. Gray. John Reneer, G. H. Baird.
List of killed of Co. E, D. N. Ulm, Captain:  C. W. Windlan, W. W. Eckman, Wm. Ward, J. C. Poterfield, John Spitler, B. F. Shior, F. M. Miller, James Mays, F. Stanley.
Killed of Co. G., _____ Scott, Captain:  C. C. Hoskins, Jr., D. W. Proudfoot, Wm. S. Harlan, G. W. Harlan, Jas. C. Lee, Thos. J. Johnson. V. F. Johnson, J. M. Smith.
Killed of Co. I, 48th Reg., A. T. Galbraith, Captain:  Lieut. E. Holmes, Robt. Hurley, T. B. Lee. [Prairie Pioneer,  April 17, 1862]

List of deceased Illinois Soldiers who have died in Hospital at St. Louis, from Feb. 27, to March 4, 1863:
 Feb. 27, William Bond, Co. E, 55 Ills.
 Feb. 28, Thos. Oliver, Co. H, 6 Con.
 Feb. 28, Chas. Belt, Corp., Co. C, 97 Ills.
 Feb. 28, Samuel Jacobs, Co. D, 62 Ills.
 Feb. 28, A. J. Dunlap, Co. E, 77 Ills.
 Mar. 1, T. W. Donnelly, Co. H, 116, Ills.
 Mar. 1, Jas. T. Squires, Co. A, 97 Ills.
 Mar. 2, Jas. M. King, Co. K, 77 Ills.
 Mar. 2, John Plasters, Co. A, 62 Ills.
 Mar. 3, Owen M. Grand, Co. Unknown
 Mar. 3, W. R. McIntosk, Co. B, 1 Ills, Ar'tly.
 Mar. 4, Thos. Wood, Co. K, 131 Ills.
 Mar. 4, H. Shinnemon, Co. I, 116 Ills.
[Prairie Pioneer, March 12, 1863]

Only Veteran in an Illinois County Coming
The only veteran remaining in Wayne County, Illinois, is planning to return for the 75th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg next week.
Frank Hockling, Sr., the veteran, is living in Fairfield, Illinois, the town in which Senator William E. Borah was born. His son, Frank, Jr., will accompany the aged veteran east.
[Gettysburg Times (Gettysburg, PA) 22 June 1938, pg. 2 - Tr. by K.T.]

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