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Trotter School

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1903 Trotter School
Special Thanks to Tom Beihl who cleaned up the original picture

Trotter School 1903

This is a picture of the Trotter school, 1903 sent to the Wayne City Star by Mrs. N. A. Williams, the teacher was Joe Talbert.

Top row left to right: Lillian Gordan, Dessie Mayberry, Clara Hunt, Rebecca Draper, Dellah Williams, Martha Garrison, Joe Talbert, Oly Draper, Clarence Williams, Clarence Draper and Harrison Tucker,

2nd Row: James Richardson, Mary Richardson, Maude Haile, Predis Draper, Guy Jones, Bert Thomason, Charlie Allen, Minnie Hunt, Fleeta Draper, Anna Thomason, Mary Rawls, Alpha Rawls.

3rd Row: Bryon Corlee, Vada Gordon, Andy Rawls, Earl Richardson, Percy Trotter, Walter Richardson, Carl Jones, Bert Draper, Vern Shelton, August Jacobson, Gertie Buchanana, Iris Williams, Stan Gordon, Jake Jones,

4th Row: Willie Boswell, Avery Thomason, Elva Buchanan, Stella Corlee, Ida Rawls, William Good, Fred Corlee, Amy Draper, Lacan Allen, Richardson Boy, Owen Williams, Trule Gordon, Frank Thomason, Homer Buchanan and Henry Trotter.

1909 Trotter School
Trotter School 1909 class

Printed in the Wayne City Star March 23, 1977

The photo above is the old Trotter School located just west of Wayne City. The picture was taken about the year 1909 and Miss Myra Dickey was the teacher. The student class members are from left to right,

1st row: Howard Hunt, Gladys Thompson, Corrella Taylor, Gladys McCullough, Florry Draper, Trell Hall, Nova Turner, Helena Hall, Jeniva Hall, Marshell Corlee, Kenneth Allen, Othie Corlee

2nd Row: Homer Land, Mamie Land, Buelah Hail, Truly Gordon, Dosia Corlee, Gladys Draper, Mary Allen, Mabel Turner, Willie Gammon, Johnsie Gammon, Hazel Taylor and Henry Myers.

3rd row: Pearl Allen, Edith Turner, Trute Gorden, Lela Allen, Victor Hall, Melba Hall, Owen Williams, Homer Buchanan, Myra Dickey-teacher, Cora Taylor and Marie Land.

1921 Trotter School
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1921 Trotter School
Printed in the Wayne City Star March 2, 1977


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