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DEETS Family Data
[Information and Pictures Submitted by Craig Deets]

John and Caroline (Plank) Deets

Deets family

john and Caroline Deets

John Deets was born Sept 4, 1841; died Jun 11, 1913 in Whiteside county IL.
His wife was Caroline Plank. The little girl is probably their first child, Margaret "Maggie" Ann Deets born Jan 13, 1863 and died Apr 12,1917 in Coleta, IL.
The photo with Henry H Deets was probably taken shortly before his death. Henry was born May 16,1866 and died June 8, 1882. He is buried in Riverside cemetery in Sterling, IL. John and Caroline are buried there as well as many other family members. The Deets family moved to Whiteside county from Lancaster county with many other Mennonite families in the 1860's.  


Written by M. Kings Deets - September 6, 2008
 John Lewis & Bessie (Stanley) Deets

john lewis deets

1. Milton Irvin Deets 23 Mar 1909 - 13 Sep 1983 m Katherine King
Children: Milton King Deets / Marcia Lee (Deets) Korb

2. Hazel Ester Deets 29 Jan 1911 - 9 Dec 2006 m Christ Haberer
Children: Willard C. Haberer

3. Chester Arthur Deets 30 Jan 1913 - 1 Dec 1997 m Marion McDearmon
Children: Lawrence Deets, Beth Deets, Arlyn Deets

4. Mason John Deets 23 Jan 1915 - m Nellie Grives
Children: Beverly Deets (Peterson), James, John and William

5. Dorothy A. Deets 6 Dec 1916 - 15 Dec 1988 m Lawrence McDearmon
Children; Donna, Judy, James, Joseph, Dean, Doris, Donald, Jeffrey, Jane Lawrence b 11 Sep 1913 d 2 Mar 2000

6. Nellie Mae Deets 15 Nov 1918 m Myrl Stewart

7. Lloyd Frank Deets 6 May 1921 - 14 Aug 2007 m Jackie Schappin

8. Bessie Wilma Deets 11 Jul 1923 - Dec 1982 m Percy Snitchler / m B.J. Perkins
Children: Melvin, Bessie Lee, Dan

9. Mildred Luella Deets 11 Dec 1925 - 8 Mar 1977

10. Marian Isabell Deets 31 Oct 1928 m Charles Mangan
Children: Walter, Bradford and Timothy

11. Charles Louis Deets 2 Aug 1932 m Alice Love / m Judy
Children: Kim, Curt Sherrie, Connie and Eric

deets family

Charles Tilden Deets (left), James M. Deets (standing) & William Wilson Deets (right)
These are the three surviving (adult) children along with Melinda (Lizzie) Deets of Lewis Deets & Margaret (Wetzel) Deets.
Lewis & Margaret had twelve children only four of which survived

deets family
Charles & Iona Deets with children Walter, Ethel and Ester
Other children not in the photo were Lloyd William and Adam


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