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Contributed by Sue Nesland
Some info found from W. MOORE files located in the Sterling library

gettle family
Gettle Family
Taken before 1930, the year of Charles Gettle's death

Top Row: Bessie, Lou, Jean, Aunt Martha, Aunt Minnie, Anna Frances Pfulb
Bottom: Uncle Will McNeil, Dad-Christian Pfulb, Wilson Brockway and Charles Gettle
(Lou is Louise Pfulb Gettle - Sue's grandmother)
(Aunt Martha is Martha B. Clemons)
(Aunt Minnie is Mary Aletha Clemons)
(Charles is Charles Gettle - Sue's grandfather)

1922 Gettle Family

L-R: Paul , Evelyn, Allen J. , Earl, Charles, Grandpa, Minnie (Dir), Sue & Lola on the bike

    Top Row - Isabel McNeil, Lou Gettle, Ed Clemons, Charles Gettle

    Front - James McNeil, Gwen McNeil, Maude Clemons, Marjorie McNeil, Minnie McNeil, Anna Pfulb

The Bridge Club

Top: Ada Snavely, Alice Buyers, Mary Rees, Lou (Pfulb) Gettle
Bottom: Mame Dillon, Della Hoover, Anna Snavely, Clara Deeming


ROCK FALLS — The Rock Falls Methodist church will honor 27 golden anniversary members at the Sunday morning service. Those to be honored have been members of the church 50 years or longer. Mrs. Clare Hawyard, chairman of the commission on membership and evangelism, will present the select group to the pastor to receive special recognition. The ladies of the church are planning a dinner in their honor immediately following the morning service. Those to receive special recognition will be Mrs. Jennie Miner, Emma Early, Mrs. Gus Hansen. Mrs. Louise Gettle, Mr. and Mrs. William Pippert. Mrs. Fannie Kesley, Mrs. Mae Ford, Mrs. A. E. Deem, Mrs Elizabeth Walton, Hazel Emmons, Mrs. R. E. Brown, August Hoover, Mrs. Nellie Stone, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Humphrey, Mrs. Lillian Grisze, Claude Stoner, Mrs. Vena McAllister, Mrs. Mary Freeman, Mrs. Alto Johnston, Mrs. Earl Williams, Mrs. Bertha Blair, Mrs. Agnes Schutt, Mrs. Albert Sisson, Mrs. Dan Sisson, and to Hazel Eldrenkamp. [Sunday, December 2, 1956, Morning Star (Rockford, IL) Page 8]

Louise Martha Pfulb
Louise Martha Pfulb - Graduation 1900

Christian Pfulb and Louisa (Clemons) Pfulb

C.J. Pfulb and Ann (Pfulb) Lauts

Martha "Mattie" Clemons and Fred Payne

gettle family
(left) Martha B. (Clemons) Payne, family dog, Louise M. (Pfulb) Gettle

Home 600 Third Ave. Rock Falls - Photo taken 1935


The Pfulb Family
Gr-Grandfather Chris Pfulb and Louisa Johanna Clemons;
Charles Gettle and Louise Pfulb
Herman Bernard Struckman Family 1890
Back - George Herman, Charles William, Peter Henry and Anna Katherine
Front - Grace Elizabeth, Bernard Casper, Ernest Albert, Kathyrn Grace (Pfulb) holding Ralph Edward Peter Henry Struckman 1876-1937 is buried at Riverside Cem. His brother Paul Andrew 2 Jul 1891-12 Jan 1959 and his wife (Hattie (Johnson) are both buried at Oak Knoll.

Christian John Pfulb was born on Jan 1, 1823 in Plochingen, Essingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Anna Mary Schwinler was born in Hechingen, Wurttemburg, Germany on Sep. 15, 1822. Christian J. Pfulb was a palace guard of the Kaiser; Anna Mary "Maria" was a Lady-in-Waiting in the court before eloping with Christian in 1842.

Two daughters were born in Germany, Kathryn "Kate" Grace and Mary. They emigrated to the U.S. in 1852, landing in New York; settling in the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania. Elisa and Christian J. were born in Pennsylvania. The family moved to Illinois in 1856 where they purchased a farm in the Twp of Montmorency, Whiteside County. John C. Pfulb became a naturalized citizen Oct 17, 1860. Mr. Pfulb died in 1869. Mrs. Pfulb and son Charles moved to Rock Falls, after John C. passed. Mrs. Pfulb passed on Jan 26, 1905. Grandma Pfulb was a member of the Sacred Heart Church of Sterling. They are buried in Riverside Cemetery, Sterling.

Kathryn Grace 1849-1923, married Bernard Struckman;
Mary 1850-1923, married Edward Jarvis Cushing;
Elisa 1853-1873;
Christian "Chris" J. 1855-1938, married Louisa Johanna Clemons;
Anna 1856-?;
William Frederick 1857-1947, married Addie May Stone;
George H. 1859-1939, married Ellen Elizabeth Dir;
Benjamin Franklin 1861-1909, married Leonora Viola Dir;
Emma 1862-1942, married John Heckman;
Charles 1865-1934, married Lillian Brown.
The men were mostly farmers and carpenters except for William. He was a Master musician, teaching and composing music. He was well known in the community.

Pfulb Residence

Home of Christian & Louisa Pfulb
408 2nd Avenue
Rock Falls IL

pfulb residence

Residence of Charles Gettle & Louise Pfulb
600 3rd Avenue Rock Falls


Louise Pfulb Gettle holding Sue Anna Gettle with Grandpa
C.J. Pfulb about 1917



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