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The HOWLETT Family

John Howlett
was born 18 April 1825 in Messingham, Lincolnshire, England.
His death occurred 20 January 1907 in Tampico IL, with the burial taking place in the Tampico Memorial Cemetery, Tampico, IL.

Oliver Howlett
son of John & Ruhama (Ayers) Howlett, was born 20 May 1860.
His second marriage in 1885 to Phoebe Thompson resulted in the birth of 10 more children: Elmer, Vergle, Kate, Minnie, Harvey, Zeta, Gladys, Howard, Artie and Clarence.

Phoebe Thompson, daughter of William & Elizabeth (Hollinshead) Thompson, was born 14 March 1864, died 9 June 1957 in Canada.

Betty Newell
married Oliver Howlett on 22 February 1881 in New Bedford IL.
She was the daughter of James & Betsy (Johnson) Newell, born 19 September 1862.
Betty died from complication of childbirth 23 January 1885 in Tampico after the birth of Floyd.
Their other child was Maude Mae Howlett, who was born 10 October 1882.
She married Joseph Bernard Reiley.

Floyd Howlett at the top left and next to him is his sister Maude Mae Howlett, children of Oliver and Betty (Newell) Howlett. The rest of the children are no doubt their 1/2 brothers and sisters - children of Oliver and his second wife Phoebe (Thompson) Howlett.

Floyd Howlett in his older years.
He was born 24 October 1884 in Bureau County, died 9 January 1970 in Princeton.
He was married to Selma H. Heurlin 29 January 1906.
It is said he was a "Jack of all Trades" but did well as a salesman.


Minnie Nellie Howlett
was the daughter of Oliver & Phoebe (Thompson) Howlett.
This is the wedding photo of Clyde and Minnie - but we aren't sure just when they married.

Minnie was born in Thomas, Bureau Co IL on the 2nd of July 1893.  The only child born to Minnie & Clyde was Lavona born around 1915, but she died when she four years old.

Minnie died at the age of 53 in the Round Grove Convalescent Home where she had been living a few months.

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