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Morrison Family
Contributed by Lucile Sinclair 

David and Caroline Morrisonsinclair
 David and Caroline Morrison

Alanon or Ally as they called him, was the son of David and Caroline Morrison.
He was born 29 November 1857, died 11 June 1882 in Scott Co IA. He married Ida Blythe in Scott County, Iowa.

Ally was a farmer and was buried at Allens Grove Cemetary. His tombstone calls him Alanon P. Morrison

Ally and Ida had one son, Bart who died young

alanon sinclair

Ada R. Morrison, daughter of David & Caroline (Pratt) Morrison was born in Dixon, Lee County IL March 22, 1859.
She died May 1, 1961 and is buried in Canyon Hill Cemetery in Cadlwell Idaho at the age of 102 years.

Ada married Charles A. Switzer, son of Anthony A. & Martha Bersheba (Rexroad) Switzer, February 22,1882 in Whiteside Co., Ill.

The children of Charles and Ada are Carrie and Emmett Bart Switzer.

Carrie Switzer was born 19 May 1883 in Whiteside County IL, died 24 November 1966 in Caldwell ID.
Carrie was married to William F. Mathis 15 August 1905 in Albany, Whiteside Co. IL.
William, the son of Albert & Hannah (Fehlman) was born in Henry County IL, died in 1974 in Idaho.
Their chldren Glenn Emmett & Ferne Mathis were born, respectively 1907 & 1914 in Henry Co IL.


Jennie Pratt (Morrison) Byers

Daughter of David and Caroline (Pratt) Morrison

She was born 16 December 1864 and died 17 Aug 1929.

Jennie married John Albert Byers 1 Feb. 1887, the son of Jacob Stauffer & Elizabeth Catherine (Salhammer) Byers.

John was born 14 May 1862 and died 1 August 1952.
Both Jennie and John are buried at Bethel Cemetery in Milledgeville, Carroll County IL.
They had a daughter, Mabel, born 27 October 1887.
Mabel married a Morden, they had 3 children Lucilla Mae, Clyde W. and John E. Morden


Thomas Linn Thompson was the last of five children born to John Scroggs & Sarah (Peebles) Thompson. There is a question about the spelling of Peebles and I understand it was pronouced as "peeples" The writing on back of the picture was written by my Grandmother Louie Morrison Thompson and she wrote it as "Peebles", This may help in confusion of names, I wasn't sure myself until I saw this, John Scroggs Thompson and Sarah are buried at Kingsbury Cemetary, Newton Twp Whitesides Co, Ill, so is John Scroggs Thompson's father ,Alexander Thompson B 7 Sept 1758 in Newville, Cumberland, Ill and he married Sarah Scroggs 11 March 1800.
They were the first family to build a 2 story house in Whiteside Co. According to notes my mother wrote, Alexander is the only Revolutionary War Vet buried in Whiteside Co. The Thompsons were strict Presbyterian Church members.
Thomas Linn Thompson (pictured here) was born 1 August 1858 in Whiteside Co, Il Died October 13,1940 Soldier, Jackson Co. KS
He was a farmer. Married Louie Jannette Morrison 3 /12/1884 in Whiteside Co, daughter of David and Caroline Pratt Morrison.
She was born 5 April 1863 in Albany, Whiteside Co. She died December 1919 at Soldier, Jackson Co., KS. Had cancer.
Thomas and Louie had 4 children. She was buried at Olive Hill Cemetary, Jackson Co, KS.




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