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Abraham & Sarah (Crampton) Pope Family



Abraham Pope and his wife Sarah (Crampton) Pope
Contributed by Bill Lappenbush

Arriving In Lyndon 1853

Alexander and Sarah (Pope) Mumert

pope reunion 1910
POPE Reunion, 1910
Contributed by Bill Lappenbush

Many of the descendants of Abraham and Sarah Pope including family who had left the area years earlier, such as Emma Sadler and Fanny Turgoose from Victoria, B.C., Canada and Alex and Sarah Mumert from Kansas, attended this reunion.


1.Bessie Scotchbrook (S) , 2.Mrs. Ed (Hazel Davis) Black , 3.Williard Pope 4.Mrs. Williard (Sadie) Scotchbrook , 5.Lizzie Scotchbrook (S) , 6.Williard Scotchbrook 7.Frank Pope , 8.Mrs. Minnie (Smith) Rounds , 9.Ralph Pratt 10.Jennie Scotchbrook , 11.Mrs. Jeanette (Scotchbrook) Carlson , 12.Mrs. Cecil (Scotchbrook) Millar 13.Lloyd Eddy , 14.Mrs. Lloyd (Minnie Pratt) Eddy , 15.George McKenzie 16.Mrs. Geo. (Ivy Pratt) McKenzie , 17.Thomas Pope , 18.Mrs. Williard (Coe) Pope 19.Mrs. Lee (Sadie Pope) Davis , 20.Asa Stewart , 21.Mary Glassburn (guest) 22.Leona Givens (guest) , 23.Lee Davis , 24.Aaron Pope 25.Alex B. Mumert , 26.William Smith , 27.Mrs. Fred (Carrie Smith) Brown 28.Fred Brown , 29,H. White Sr. , 30.Mrs. Frank (Sadie Scotchbrook) Davis 31.Frank Davis , 32.William H. Harrison , 33.Sadie Harrison 34.Fannie Turgoose (S) , 35.Mrs. Henry (Cora Pope) White , 36.Mrs Tom (Frances) Pope 37.Mrs. Sarah (Pope) Mumert , 38.Mrs. Emma (Turgoose, Pope) Sadler , 39.Louisa (Pope) Smith 40.Mrs. (Mary Ann) Pope , 41.Mrs. Ella (Smith) Farrell , 42.Mrs. L. (Mabel Wheelock) Carlson 43.Mrs. Chas. (Nellie Pope) Wheelock , 44.Mrs. Frank (Minnie) Pope , 45.Raymond Pope 46.Kenneth Davis , 47.Ernest White , 48.Mrs. C. (Bernice McKenzie) Johnson 49.Ella (Smith) Swanson , 50.Harlow Smith , 51.Mrs. C. (Blanche Wheelock) Darnell 52.Beryl Davis , 53.Mrs. Ruby (White) Neale , 54.Henry White 55.Roy White, 56.Edna McKenzie , 57.Lottie Scotchbrook


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