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albany 1908
Albany 1908

Lyndon Bridge
Rock River Bridge - Lyndon

town of erie
Erie Train Station

main street erie, il
Main Street, Erie

Erie 1906
Contributed by Bette Rick

Main Street, Erie

erie, il
Erie IL C.B & Q Tracks and Depot
Looking Northwest
Contributed by Bette Rick

rock river bridge
Rock River Bridge
Erie, IL 1906

north street
North Street, Erie IL, 1906
Contributed by Bette Rick

albany street
Erie IL
Albany Street - Looking Northwest 1906
Contributed by Bette Rick

Main Street year unknown
Fulton, IL

Base Street in Fulton
Base Street 1908
Fulton, IL

Unpaved street at Fulton Illinois
An elevated switchman's tower and railroad crossing guards are visible in the foreground, followed by the office for the " Fulton Journal " and down the road a tall brick building with " Northern Illinois College " on the tower. But, the best signage of all is three posters on the fence for " Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show ".

Postmarked 1913

fulton river
W. Harlock appears to be the name on the boat.
In the background building has the name "Brown" on it
Fulton, IL

fulton library
Fulton Library, 1911

Mystic Workers
Mystic Workers Home Office - Fulton IL

mitchell store
Mitchell & Sons Store - Fulton, IL

The Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Depot in Morrison saw the first train roll into the station in October 1855. Morrison, at that time, was a newly laid out community, sparsely populated. John Furlong piloted the train in.  The next day his small house was moved in on a flat car from what is now called Round Grove. According to Wayne Bastians' History of Whiteside there was no celebration of record for this momentous occassion.


Morrison city hall
City Hall and Fire Station, Morrison, IL

Post Office Morrison, IL

base st in morrison
Looking North on Base Street, Morrison, IL

morrison 1910
West Main Street, looking east, Morrison, IL

county buildings morrison
County Buildings, Morrison, IL

morrison county jail
Morrison IL County Jail

morrison main street
Morrison Main Street

morrison street
Main Street West, Morrison, IL

whiteside hotel
Whiteside Hotel
Morrison, IL

boyer springs
Boyer springs near Morrison, Ills.
Keith Richards tells us it is on Crosby Road between Norrish Road and Damen. The new bike trail to the state park has a new bridge that crosses Boyer Springs

Rock Creek - Stone Arch Bridge

4 June 1907 Morrison IL

Unionville Mill
Unionville Mill -- Morrison, IL

covered bridge
Covered Bridge Mt. Pleasant Twp., Morrison IL
Contributed by John Kelly

gennesse st
Genesee St, Morrison, IL

Morrison County Club
Morrison County Club

Prophetstown main street 
Main Street, Prophetstown

Citizens bank block
Citizens Bank Block, Prophetstown

Citizens Bank Block, Prophetstown
"This part of the street on the West side. I tried to get one of both sides. I seen Lena Sat. night & again Sun. First I have seen her for about 6 or 7 weeks. We heard Mr. Dale has passed away"

Post Office block
Post Office Block

prophetstown depot
Prophetstown Depot

Prophetstown Depot
Prophetstown Depot

Henry C. Adams Library, Prophetstown

coon creek prophetstown
Coon Creek Prophetstown

fire dept
Volunteer Fire Department, 1935

motot boat
Motor Boating on Rick River, Prophetstown, IL

Bridge over Rock river
Prophetstown Bridge over the Rock River - Prophetstown IL

Rock Falls
Second Street, Rock Falls

2nd street rock falls
2nd Street, Looking East, Rock Falls

First Freight up the Hennepin Canal Feeder through Whiteside county, IL

mikesell landing, rockfalls
Mikesell Landing, Rock Falls

Howland Creek
Howland Creek near Rock Falls, 1910

Aerial of Sterling and Rock Falls
Aerial of Sterling and Rock Falls

Government Office, Rock Falls

Sterling 3rd St
3rd Street, West from Locust, Sterling

Locust st, sterling
Locust Street, Sterling

3rd and Locust street, Sterling
3rd and Locust street, Sterling

3rd street Sterling
3rd St, Sterling

Lincoln Park Sterling
Lincoln Park, Sterling

Sterling Post office
Post Office, Sterling

City Hall Sterling
City Hall, Sterling

Sterling Library
Carnegie Library, Sterling

Sterling Public Hospital
Whiteside Public Hospital, Sterling

Galt Brookfield Hospital
Galt Brookfield Hospital, Sterling

1st Avenue Bridge
1st Avenue Bridge, Sterling

sterling depot
C B & Q Railroad, Sterling 1912

Chicago & Northwestern Depot

Wagon Bridge looking from Sterling toward Rock Falls 1st Ave.

Sterling central park
Central Park, Sterling

Coliseum, Sterling

Daily Gazette Building
Daily Gazette Building, Sterling

Avenue G Bridge - Sterling IL
Avenue G Bridge, Sterling IL
From Sue Nesland

Central Trust Savings
Central Trust Savings - Sterling
Postmarked August 1929, Contributed by Karen Fyock

West 3rd Avenue
West Third St. from Avenue K, in Sterling; pre 1920

Tampico Crowd

Tampico Depot
Tampico Depot, 1909

Inter-urban Between Tampico and Hoop Pole, Ill

E. Market St.  Tampico, IL

Tampico Munhall Tabernacle
Tampico Munhall Tabernacle

Residential street in Tampico
Residential Street in Tampico

harrison general store
W.H. Harrison General Store



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