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War of 1812 Soldiers


Several names on this list contributed by LeRoy Sundrin from the book "Trailways to Albany" by Helen M. Hanson


Blean, David, Kingsbury Cemetery

Blean, James, Kingsbury Cemetery

Booth, Sylvester, Co. D. 2nd California Cavalry, Kingsbury Cemetery

Booth, William, Major, Kingsbury Cemetery

Cushman, William H. / Erie IL 

Ege, Joseph A., Major, of Pennsylvania, was commander of a company of Pennsylvania Dragoons. He was wounded in the War of 1812. He later settled in Newton Township.
He was the father of Col. Peter Ege who fought in the Civil War.

Hull, James

Johnston, Alexander/ Erie IL

Jordon, C.J.

Knapp, Robert, was a commissioned officer.

Miller, John, Kingsbury Cemetery

Miller, Joseph, Kingsbury Cemetery

Miller, S. N., Kingsbury Cemetery

Mitchell, William, Kingsbury Cemetery

Morris, John / Erie IL

Morris, Obidot / Erie IL

Newton, Marshall / Erie IL

Olds, Cheney, Oak Ridge Cemetery

Rowland, Robert, Kingsbury Cemetery

Runyan, Levi

Russell, John, Oak Ridge Cemetery

Sailhammer, Joshua, Kingsbury Cemetery

Simpson, Robert, Kingsbury Cemetery

Smith, John / Erie IL

Sweet, Stephen, Pvt., Terry's C. N. Y. Volunteer Infantry, Garden Plain Cemetery



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