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World War 2 Soldiers


Prophetstown, IL Soldiers
Source: From the Prophetstown Echo July 21, 1943

Ackeberg, Lester, Lt. A-C

Ackeberg, Paul,  A-C

Ackeberg, Robert, army air corps

Anderson, John,  Pvt., Marines

Anderson Robert. Corp. Tank C.

Arnett, Louis M., 2nd Lt., Sig. C.

Ashpole, Franklin. T-4 Sergt.

Ballard, Lester, Army

Bannick, George

Bauer, Paul Ward, Tech Sgt.

Bayles, Robert. V. I. U. S. N. R.

Black, Floyd C.. Pvt. Army

Boone, Irvine, Navy

Brinkman, Herman, Sergeant

Brewer, Carl. Sr. Army Air Corp

Brooks, Earl, G. M.

Brooks, Marshall, C., S. 2-C, navy

Brooks, Robert. Corp., A-C

Brown, Asa J., Army

Brown, Delbert. Air Corps

Brown, Glenn. Army

Brumbly, Elmer. PFC, Army

Buck, Elmer, Parachutist

Burdsall, Gail. U. S. Navy

Cagle, Robert, F., M. P.

Caudle, Donald, Army

Caudle, Paul, Army

Chandler, Lester, Army

Cherry, Verlie, R., Pvt. 1st Class

Covell, Howard, P. F. C. Infantry

Collins, Clyde, Sergt.-Tech.

Clark, Kenneth, Navy

Curry, Keith, Navy A-C

Curry, Kenneth, S 2-C, Navy

Dean, Allen P.., Bombardier

Dever, Charles, Army

Dever, Morris, Army

DiMarco, Raymond. Pvt., Army

Dorathy, Robert, Corn., Army

Doty, Merle R.,    P. F. C. Army

Dronenberg, Donald, S. Sergt.

Dugosh, Paul, Army

Duncan, Raymond, Corp., Army

Duncan, Walter, 5ergt, Army

Dunn, Richard, Navy

Egert, Arvid, T. Sgt., Army

Egert, Harold, Army

Farndale, Richard, Army

Farrell, Harold Wayne, Army

Francis, Robert S-Sgt. Army

Frary, Deane, Ath. Inst., Navy

Frary, Donald, Navy A-C

Frew, Robert P. 1-C, Marines

Froeliger, Leo, Navy

Fullerton, Tracy, U. S. N. R.

Gentz, Pvt. John, Marine

Gerlach, Wayne, Army

Gibson, Edward, Lt.  Air Corps

Graham, Winfield, Cpl. Air Corp

Greene, Allan, Air Corps

Greenwood, George, F. Sergt.

Groharing, Louis, Jr., Navy

Gould, Kenneth, Naval Radar

Hammond, Harold C. Capt. Army

Heller, Clarence, Army

Heller, Robert L., Army

Hill, Ellis, Sërgt. Air Corps

Hill, Donald, Corporal

Hittle, Robert, Navy

Hodge, Charles E., Corp, Army

Hoeffler, Ronald, Army

Hoogerwerf, Robert Pvt. 1st C

Howard, Dean, Tech. Cpl., Army

Hunsberger, Adrian, Army

Hunt, Harold, Sgt. army air corps

Hurt, Lila, Lieut., Army N. C.

Kemmis, Dorothy, 2nd Lt. A.N.C.

Kempster, Oliver W.,Major A. In.

Kempster, Perry W., Capt. Air C.

Kiner, George, Jr., Av. Cadet

Lancaster, Elmer. Jr., Pfc. Marines

Lancaster, Wendell, Seaman 1-C

Lanphere, Robert, E., Tech, Sgr.

Lansford, D. Willis, Army

Lanphere, Dean, Lt., Air Corps

Lawrence, Rex, 2nd Lt. Med. C

Lawrence, Hubert, Av. Cadet

Lecourts. Paul, Navy

Maxfield, Robert Perry, Sergt

MaxfIeld,  Stanley, Army

McDougall,Clyde, Sgt.Tech.army

McKenna. John L., Sergt.

McNamara. 1st Lt. Robert, Ord..

Meyer, Dr. F. L., First Lt.

Miller,Chester, Pfc.Med.Div.A.C.

Moews, Howard, 2nd Lt., Army

Morath, Kenneth J., A-C Arms

Mosher, James P., Corp. Army

Mulcay, Grant, Seaman 1st Class  

Murphy, John Stanley, Med. C.

Nelson, Paul. Army, Missing

Newlon, Walter, Pvt. Army

Neulle, Edwin, Army

Neulle, Elmer, Army

Olson, Johnnie, Army

Oberle, Harley, Pvt. Army

Obendotf, Donald, Navy, Y3C

Packer, Owen, Pvt., Army

Packer, Howard, Corp. Army

Paddock, Orrin, A-C

Perrin, Ogden c., Signal Corps

Pettit, Dorn L., IVlaj. Sig. Corps

Pletsch, Edgar, Tech.Corp. Army

Raser, Arlyn, Metalsmith

Reglin, Floyd, P. 1-c, Coast Art.

Robinson, Chester; 1-C. Seaman

Robinson, A. L., 1st Lt. Air C.

Reiley, Bernard J., Arny

Reiley, Gerald E.. Army Eng.

Reiley, Keith, Tech. Sergt.

Reynolds, Gardner. Aimy

Rhoades, Theodore. Army

Robeson, Harold John, Navy

Robeson. Reginald, Army

Rollo, Forrest, Sgt. Postal Div.

Roman, Kenneth, Lt. A. Air Corps

Roman, Wayne, Seaman, 1-C.

Ross, Dana C., Private, Army

Sandrock, Orville., 1st Lt., Army

Sawyer, Ernest E., Corp. Army

Sawyer, Kenneth, Corporal

Sawyer, Roland, Corp., Army

Schaller, George, Jr., Eng. Corps

Sholes, Lyle, Cpl., Army

Sibley, Dale, Sergt. Teen..

Sibley, Guy R., Med. Bn., Army

Sippel, Kenneth, Tech. Sergt.

Sippel, Vernon

Smith, James, Navy

Smith, Willarch Army Air Corps

Specht, Paul, Coast Artillery

Spicer, Harlan, Air Corps

Spicer, Kenneth, E., Tech Corp.

Stewart,  John  M., Paratrooper

Stoudt, Lowell, C. M. 1-C, Navy

Suddarth, Sherman L., Army

Swanson, Sergt. Arnold P., Army

Swanson, Lester, Postal Clerk

Thede, Ralph, Warrant Officer

Thompson, Richard Arthur, Navy

Thompon, Kenneth, Army

Tucker, Glenn E., Army

Vandermyde, Dr. I., Captain

VanDeMark, Paul L., Pfc., A.A.F.

VonRycke, Anthony, A-C

Verhuist, Ernest, Navy

Waldbusser, Frederick Army

Warner, Robert K,, Corp. A-C

Warner, Stuart, A-C, Army

Wheat, Arden, P.F.C., Army

Wierenga, Ralph, Army

Wildman, Ray, Navy

Willett, Charles H., Navy

Winken, Dale L., Corp. Army

Weiderhold, Richard, V., Marines

Woodward, Donald, C.E.M., N. R.

Woodworth, Kenneth, Mo. MM. 2e

Woodworth, Robert, Av. Cadet

Zinser, Everett A., Army


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