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Souvenir of Settlement and Progress of Will County, Ill.
Chicago: Historical Directory Publishing Co.
(Late T.M. Donnelly & Co.)

The following military of the county, together with the rosters of the G.A.R., and personal notices found throughout this work, contain the names of all soldiers who enlisted in this county as well as a great number of soldiers from other counties and States now residing here.  The Board of Supervisors appropriated $5000 April 30, 1861, to aid the families of volunteers and defray the expenses of enlistement.  September 17 a refund from the States to the county of $1,579 was reported by Supervisor Goodell.  At this meeting of the Supervisors there were sixty soldiers' families reported as requiring aid, to meet which demand  a sum of $3,775 was appropriated--the expenditure being based upon a weekly allowance of $1.25 per week for the wife or guardian, and fifty cents per week for each child under twelve years of age.  On July 29, 1862, the Board appropriated $60,000 for a war fund.  A bounty of $60 was offered to each volunteer.  At the September meeting of 1863, $710.  On December 16, 1863, the sum of $39,225 was appropriated for $100 bounties to be paid to all who would enlist before the draft.  To negotiate the loan of this amount and disburse it, Geo. Woodruff, B. F. Russell, H. Howk of Joliet, A. J. McIntyre of Wilmington, and Wm. Gooding of Lockport, were appointed a committee.  An appropriation of $2,750 was made May 14, 1864, to provide for a bounty of $27.50 to all who should enlist in the three months regiments then called for.  To meet the quota of call for 500,000 men, made July 1, 1864, the Supervisors on August 20, 1864, offered a bounty of $200.  To meet this the sum of $80,000 was appropriated, together with $2,000 additional for the relief of soldiers' families.  The September meeting of the Board adopted a $325 bounty to drafted men or their substitutes, together with granting a $100 bounty to soldiers who reenlisted under the calls of the winter of 1863-4/  To meet this liberal provision for the citizen soldiers, a further sum of $10,000 was appropriated.  The total of county appropriations was $235,908; the town of Lockport appropriated $7,284; Lockport Village Association appropriated $5,743; town of Florence, $10,075; town of Troy, $18,271; town of Wheatland, $9, 340;  town of Joliet, $40,000---total  of official appropriations, $326,621.  This was only a small proportion of the amount which the citizens of Will County paid out directly and indirectly for war purposes.  The true or actual expenditure never can be known--the value of between five and six hundred citizen soldiers' lives can never be precisely estimated.  The worth of women's work throughout the county was incalculable.

The old Artillery Company of Plainfield began reorganization on April 14; took out the old field piece, and awakened the echoes of Sumter in the West.  Captain Hawley's Lockport Battery, though never mustered in, placed the first gun in position for the defense of Cairo, April 22, 1861.  The Plainfield Battery entered the United States Service at Cairo, as company K, and part of Company I.  Tenth Illinois Infantry, in Brigadier-General Swift's Division.

Camp Goodell, on the old Fair Grounds, was established and tenanted by the Twentieth Illinois Infantry, May 11, 1861, with C. C. Marsh, Colonel and Wm. Erwin, Lieutenant-Colonel.  The uniforms for Hildebrant's Company were presented by the ladies of the county, and the regimental flag by R.C. Goodell, and one to company F by the ladies.  This command took part in the Stephen R. Douglas funeral ceremonies, held at Joliet, June 10, was mustered into service June 13, and left en route for the field June 19.  From this date forward to the eve of the peace, Joliett and indeed every village and township of Will county was alive with preparation for sending aid to the Union Armies in men, money and supplies.  

The draft was introduced into the county in September, 1864, notwithstanding the great effort made to dispense with it.  Ninety-four men are still required to fill the quota of the county.  Substitutes are offered as high as $1,500, nor is the quota supplied before the news of victory everywhere is given to the people.

In the following regimental reosters names are given alphabetically by companies, names of commissioned officers leading the roster of private soldieers.  The reader is referred to the chronological history of the United States, given at the end of Part I of this work, which gives dates of battles and other important facts connected with the War of 1861-5.


Civil War Companies that were represented by one or more persons from Will County, IL.


7th Regiment --- (Three years).   Was mustered in at Cairo.  Its organization dates from July 25, 1861.  

10th Regiment ---McAllister's Battery (originally organized in 1855), was mustered into this regiment as Company K and part of Company I at Springfield, april 19, 1861, and subsequently into the United States service at Cairo.  It was mustered out July 25, 1861, when many of its members entered other commands.  

12th Regiment --- (Three months Regiment).  Was organized April 23, 1861, and mustered out in July following.  --------------(Three years)  Was organized July 25, 1861.  

13th Regiment --- (Three years)  Organized May 25, 1861, and mustered in at Dixon, Illinois.

14th  & 15th  Regiment --- 14th (Three years)  Organized May 25, 1861. -----------------14th & 15th Illinois Infantry Consolidated.  --------------15th,  Original, organized May 25 and mustered in at Freeport, claimed H. S. Cottle of Wilmington Captain of company C, mustered out at consolidation July, 1864.

19th Regiment --- Organized in 1861.

20th Regiment --- (Three years)  Was organized by Wm. Erwin under Col. C. Marsh, June 13, 1861, and mustered in at Joliet.

21st Regiment ---  Was organized by John A. Logan, at Camp Butler, September 8, 1861.

22nd Regiment ---  (Three years)

23rd Regiment ---  Also consolidated.

24th Regiment --- (Hacker) Was organized at Chicago, July 8, 1861.  

28th Regiment ---  Was organized at Camp Butler, August 3, 1861.

33rd Regiment ---  Was organized August 15, 1861, at Camp Butler by Charles E. Hovey; and contained thirteen soldiers from Will county.

34th Regiment ---  

36th Regiment ---  

37th Regiment --- Organized at Chicago, September 18, 1861 and contained three members from Will county.

39th Regiment ---  "Yate's Phalanz" was organized in December, 1861, with Will county volunteers whose enlistments date from August, September, and October, 1861.  
Co. A;  Co. C; Co. D; Co. E ---- Florence Rifles was organized during the fall of 1861; Co. F; Co. G; Co. H; Co. K.

42nd Regiment ---  Was organized at Chicago, september 17, 1861, with an aggregate strength of 1,824.

43rd Regiment ---  Ornganized at Camp Butler, December 16, 1861 and contained five representatives of Will county.

44th Regiment ---  Organized September 13, 1861, at Chicago, and claimed four Will county soldiers.

45th Regiment ---  Organized at Galena, IL on december 26, 1861 and had a Will county representation of two.  

46th Regiment ---  Organized Dec. 28, 1861 at Camp Butler, under Col. John A. Davis.

51st Regiment ---  Organized in the winter of 1861--62 and had six Will county soldiers.  

52nd Regiment ---  Organized November 19, 1861 and had four Will county representatives.

53rd Regiment ---  Organized in March of 1862 and contained thirty-two Will county soldiers.

55th Regiment ---  Organized October 31, 1861

57th Regiment --- Organized December 24, 1861 

58th Regiment ---  Organized December 24, 1861 ------58th (Consolidated)

59th Regiment ---  Organized in August, 1861 and had two Will county representatives in Co. K.

60th Regiment ---  Organized February 17, 1862 and contained two Will county soldiers.

61st Regiment ---  Organized March 7, 1862 and mustered in at Carrollton. ------------- Organized under Colonel Patrick E. Burke, in April, 1862, contained soldiers from Will county, who joined the command in Feb. 1864

62nd Regiment ---  Organized April 10, 1862

64th Regiment ---  Organized Dec. 31, 1861 at Camp Butler with an aggregate force of 1,624 men, by Lieut. Col. D. D. Williams, may be called a Will Co. regiment.     Companies  A,  C,  D,  E,  F,  G (Logan's Company),  I 

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