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Alworth Grove Cemetery

Having a difficult time finding any information about this cemetery other than that it is located in Winnebago Township -- any information anyone may have concerning this cemetery would be greatly appreciated

Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery

Located in city of Rockford, at 6202 "old" Charles Street, between Mulford and Perryville Roads.

Bethel Church Cemetery

Located in Harrison Township at intersection of Moate and Farm School Roads--about two miles north of Trask Bridge Road from Moate Road

Bitners Woods Cemetery

See Long Cemetery

Calvary Cemetery

Located in Winnebago Township, at 8616 West State, 2 miles east of Village of Winnebago, where West State Street and Bypass 20 separate.

Carman Cemetery

Located in Cherry Valley Township, at corner of old Charles Street and McFarland Road 

Cedar Bluff Cemetery

Est. February 18, 1847.  Formerly known as East Side Cemetery.  Located in City of Rockford at 1200 Rural Street--Located at the West end of Rural Street bordering Longwood & Hwy. 251.   

Cherry Valley Cemetery

Located on corner of Mill Road and Harrison Road/Bypass 20 just east of Rockford and north of intersection from Town of Cherry Valley  

Crane Cemetery

Located at 13418 West Campbell Rd, Durand--near intersection of West Campbell and Leech Roads 

Davis Cemetery

Located on south side of Business 20 (State Street) just east of Rockford, between Lyford and Shaw Roads--cemetery is intersected halfway by Winnebago-Boone County border.

Dodge Cemetery

Located in Cherry Valley Township on 7217 Perryville Road, just south of Blomberg Road intersection.  

Durand Cemetery

Located in Durand Township on Durand Road just west of Village of Durand, adjacent to St. Mary''s Cemetery and Trinity Lutheran Church

East Side Cemetery

See Cedar Bluff Cemetery

Fenlon Cemetery

Located in Laona Township on Center Rd. about 5 miles north of Durand and 1/2 mile south of Wisconsin border 

Floral Lawns Memorial Gardens

Est. 1953.  Located in Roscoe Township in Town of South Beloit, at 835 Dearborn Avenue, corner of Dearborn Avenue and Cheney Drive--at intersection of Cheney Drive and Hwy 251 (Dearborn Avenue is a frontage road of Hwy 251).

Forest View Abbey

No longer exists exists.  Est. 1913 and demolished in 1985.  Previously located at 2123 N. Main. 
MORE INFO:  Forest View Abbey History and Newspaper stories

Greenwood Cemetery
aka West Side Cemetery

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Est. 1845.  Located at 1011 Auburn St. in the city of Rockford.

Guilford Turner Cemetery

Located in city of Rockford on the corner of Alpine and E. State Street 

Guilford Union Cemetery

Located in city of Rockford, between N. Perryville and N. Trainer Roads

Halvorson Cemetery

See North Rock Run Cemetery

Hanford Cemetery
aka Selden Cemetery

Located in Laona Township on Baker Rd. 2 miles east of Durand. 

Harlem Cemetery

Est. 1845. Located in City of Loves Park at corner of Harlem and N. Alpine Roads

Harrison Cemetery

Located on Freeport Rd. (Hwy 75) just west of Mitchel Rd., about one mile south of the town of Shirland

Howard Cemetery

Located in Durand Township, on W. Campbell Road, between Best and N. Pecatonica Roads.

Hulse Cemetery

Located in Pecatonica Township on Trask Bridge Rd. just east of Pecatonica Rd. 

Kishwaukee Cemetery

Located in Rockford Township, on Kishwaukee Rd. about two miles southwest of Rockford Airport and one half mile north of Meridian Rd.

Laona Cemetery

Located in Laona Township on Yale Bridge Rd. between Eicks and Crowley Roads 

Long Cemetery

Est. 1849.  Located in City of Rockford at 5200 South Main Street, behind residence at that address.  Defunct cemetery possible under restoration.

Macktown Forest Preserve

Located at Macktown Living History Center, 2221 Freeport Road, Rockton

Marsh Cemetery

Located about 1/4 mile west of N. Alpine Road

Meridian Cemetery

Located in Harrison Township 

Middle Creek Cemetery

Located at corner of Montague and Kendall Roads, Seward Township

Mount Auburn Cemetery
aka Hebrew Cemetery


New Milford Cemetery

Located in Rockford Township, in Town of Milford about one mile south of Rockford and a quarter mile east on New Milford School Road

North Burritt Union Cemetery

Est. 1856.  Located in Burritt Township, at intersection of Wempleton and Cemetery Road.  Take Wempleton Road north from Trask Bridge Road about one mile.

North Rock Run Lutheran Cemetery

Located on Yale Bridge Rd. just west off Best Road in Laona Township.  Possibly referred to as Norwegian Cemetery 

Oakland Cemetery

Also known as Farmingdale Cemetery, Turney Cemetery, Webster Cemetery--located on the northwest edge of the village of Durand along Durand Road.

Owen Center Cemetery

Located in Owen Township, about 2 miles west of Machesney Park on Latham Road, about 1/2 mile from intersection of Latham and Owen Center Roads

Pecatonica Cemetery
formerly known as Lysander Cemetery

Established 1932.  Located in Pecatonica at corner Sumner and N. Spielman Roads, just west of Village of Pecatonica--one of two cemeteries in same location-St. Mary Cemetery being the other

Phillips Cemetery

Located in Rockton Township, on Bates Road (off of Freeport Road between N. Meridian and Owen Center Rd

Pinnacle Hill Cemetery

Located at corner of Pleasant Valley  and Prairie Hill  Rds., just south of Manchester Rd., Roscoe Township

Poor Clares Cemetery

Located at the Poor Clares Monastery on Marhesano Drive in City of Rockford.  Interments to be added.

Powell Cemetery

located on Swenson Farm, on west side of Mulford just south of Kishwaukee Forest Preserve and Lao Buddhist Temple--created in 1850's during cholera outbreak 

Prospect Cemetery
aka South Burritt Cemetery


Rathbun Cemetery

Located in Owen Township. just on Latham Rd. west of Owen Center Rd. on private farm

Rock Run Cemetery

Also known as Churchill Cemetery, Lutheran Cemetery, South Rock Run Lutheran Cemetery--located in Durand Township 

Rockford Hebrew Cemetery

Established around 1915
1723 Grant Ave, Rockford, IL 61103

Rockton Township Cemetery

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Location in Rockton Township within Town of Rockton on Cemetery Road.

Roscoe Township Cemetery

Located in Roscoe Township within Town of Roscoe at 5550 Harrison Street

Rose Hill Cemetery

Located in Pecatonica Township on Corner of Best and Norris Roads, about 2 miles NW of Pecatonica

Saint Mary and Saint James Cemetery

Located in City of Rockford at 917 Auburn St.

Saint Mary's Cemetery Durand

Located in Durand Township on Durand Rd., just west of town of Durand and adjacent to Durand Cemetery

Saint Mary's Cemetery Pecatonica

Established 1912.  Located in Pecatonica at corner Sumner and N. Spielman Roads, just west of Village of Pecatonica--one of two cemeteries in same location-Pecatonica Cemetery being the other

St. Thomas Cemetery

Located in Seward Township, apx. one mile south of town of Seward on South Pecatonica Rd.

Scandinavian Cemetery

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Located in City of Rockford at 1700 Rural Street, bordered by N. Prospect and Guilford Roads.

Scotch Argyle Cemetery
aka Willowcreek Cemetery

Located within the borders of both Winnebago and Boone Counties.  In Winnebago County cemetery is located in Harlem Township just east of Belvidere Road on Picken Road--just north of 173.

Seaton Cemetery

Was located at the NW corner of Meridian Road and Shirland Road. The bodies were moved to Shirland Cemetery . (Info from Clarence Seaton of Shirland (related to Don Sonneson). On the 1858 map of Winnebago County the name of G Seaton appears for that property.  

Seldon Cemetery

See Hanford Cemetery 

Shirland Cemetery

Located at intersection of Boswell Road and Forest Preserve Road (Cty Hwy 9) in Shirland Township

Shirley Cemetery

Located on Sweeney Rd. just east of River Rd. in Cherry Valley Township 

South Burritt Cemetery
aka Prospect Cemetery

Est. 1836.  Located in Burritt Township, on Winnebago Road, adjacent to end of Smith Road, about one mile north of W. State (Hwy. 20) and two miles north of Town of Winnebago. 

Starkey Cemetery
aka Union Cemetery


Sunset Memorial Gardens

A - J  |  K - Z
Located in Harlem Township in City of Machesney Park at 8800 N. Alpine Road

Thompson Cemetery

Located on Ahrens Rd, just south of Telegraph Rd. in Pecatonica Township

Tripp Pioneer Cemetery

Located in Harlem Township on Paulson Road, about 1/2 mile south of Harlem Road.

Twelvemile Grove Cemetery

Located in Seward Township on South Pecatonica Road, just south of intersection of South Pecatonica Road and US 20 (West State Street)--about 4 miles west of Rockford and 2 miles north of Town of Seward.

Union Cemetery

Located in southeast Rockford (officially within Cherry Valley Township) at intersection of south Alpine Road and Harrison--kitty-corner from Alpine Mall

Willowbrook Cemetery

Located in Roscoe Township on Willowbrook Rd. about 1/4 mile north of McCurry Rd., (going west from 251)

Willwood Burial Park

Located in City of Rockford, 7000 West State Street, at intersection of Meridian Road and West State Street.

Winnebago Cemetery

Located in Winnebago Township, on Westfield Road about one mile south of Village of Winnebago 

Poor Farm Cemetery

Established 1884.  Located in City of Rockford at 4401 N. Main Street, behind the present River Bluff Nursing Home.  Used as a burial site for the Winnebago County alms house, the location of which is currently the River Bluff Nursing Home.  Cemetery markers have only numbers, not names.  

    Four sites have been used in West Rockford for the purpose of a cemetery, besides that used by the Roman Catholics.
    The first burial in the village of Rockford was that of Henry Harmon, who was drowned at the ferry in Rock river April 7, 1837, on block thirty-five of J.W. Leavitt’s plat of the original town of West Rockford. The Commercial Hotel, South Church street, is on the southeast corner of this block. The second interment was of the body of Sarah Kent, a daughter of Germanicus Kent, upon the same block, in 1837. These were followed by the burials of Addison Phillips, who accidentally shot himself in March, 1819, and John Haskell, a brother of Dr. George Haskell, also in that year. Mrs. James Mitchell and some others were buried upon block thirty-five, which was the only place of interment on the west side of the river until about 1840. The proprietors of that portion of the town west of the section line dividing sections twenty-two and twenty three then gave to the citizens of West Rockford a plat of ground for cemetery purposes, corresponding to block fifty-three in Morgan and Horseman’s addition to the city of Rockford, on the south side of State Street. This block now included the land owned by the late Dr. C.H. Richings. Mrs. Montague, wife of Richard Montague, was the first person buried in this ground. She died February 17, 1842.

    From that time this plat of ground continued to the place of burial until 1844. The original proprietors of the town, by an agreement with the citizens, exchanged this place of burial for a site corresponding to what would have been blocks thirty-seven and forty-eight of the original plat, on the north bank of Kent’s creek. This tract corresponds with the switch yards, round-house and stock yards of the Chicago & Northwestern railroad. In the year 1844 the citizens after several meetings, organized an association and in February, 1845, they obtained a charter incorporating the Rockford Cemetery Association. Under this charter they elected their trustees and other officers, and kept up the organization in accordance with all the provisions of the act. The first trustees named in this charter were John W. Taylor, Ephraim Wyman, Cyrus F. Miller, Richard Montague and Benjamin Kilburn.

    From 1844 to 1852 this site remained the place of burial for the Rockford Cemetery Association. During this time the number of graves had increased to about one hundred and seventy-five. The bodies that had been buried on block thirty-five remained there until 1852.

    The extension of the Galena & Chicago Union railroad to West Rockford again made it necessary for the association to remove its cemetery as the grounds had been selected by the railroad company as the site of its depot. A portion of this tract was condemned by the company for this purpose. The association thereupon made arrangements with the railroad company for the sale of the entire property, except seventy feet fronting on Cedar street. The company paid the association one thousand and nine hundred dollars. The frontage of seventy feet on Cedar street was sub-divided into twelve lots, and sold to different persons for three thousand eight hundred and twelve dollars and twelve cents.

    At the special session of the legislature in June 1852, the association obtained a new act of incorporation. The sum realized from the sale of its former property left a good margin after the later purchase. Quite extensive improvements were made with a portion of this reserve. This cemetery is a beautiful spot in summer, well kept, and contains many splendid monuments.

    In February, 1880, the association purchased seventeen acres of D.C. Littlefield. The cemetery now covers fifty acres, the purchase price of which was only $2,900. There have been more than five thousand interments. The association has an invested fund, the interest of which is expended in beautifying this city of the dead.

    The Roman Catholic cemetery is also located on the West side.

    At an early date Daniel S. Haight appropriated an acre of ground for a cemetery on the East side. It was situated on the east side of Longworth street, about ten rods north of State. The ground was open prairie. There was no shade from the summer sun, and the wintry winds intensified its desolation.

    An act approved February 18. 1847, provided for the incorporation of the Cedar Bluff Cemetery Association. E.H. Potter, Willard Wheeler, Bela Show, Selden M. Church, Hollis H. Holmes and Lucius Clark and their successors were made a body politic and corporate for the purpose. The association was not fully organized, however, until November 28, 1851. Twelve acres in section twenty-three were purchased from Bela Shaw for four hundred dollars, subject to the dower of Rebecca Shaw. The tract was surveyed by Duncan Ferguson, April 3, 1853. It remained the only burying ground on the East side until the organization of the Scandinavian Cemetery Association, which is near Cedar Bluff.

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