World War II Veterans of the Benson Community
Transcription & photos scanned by Dena Whitesell from a book located at the Benson Public Library.  There is no date in the book.  This book was a project of Mildred Brubaker and sponsored by St. Paul's Mission Society.  This book may not be a complete listing of those WWII Veterans of Benson...Several of the veterans below, married Benson residents, therefore are listed as Benson Veterans.

Herbert Aeschliman

Glen Ludeman

 Willard Reiner

Ernest Backer

Ralph Manley

Max Rupert

Herbert Backer

Roger Mann

Bernard Sastman

Melvin Boeschen

Carl Matter

Rob. Shroeder

Arlin W. Braunschweig

Boniface Mayer

Glen Schuler

Mildred Brubaker

Donald Meinhold

Vernon Schulthes

Milburn Eckhoff

Harold Meinhold

Bernard G. Seygerman

Theo. Ficken

Harry Meismer

James Shields

Mary Jean Flohr

Irwin Meismer

Robert Shields

Theo. Flohr

Ben Miller

Raymond Shoon

Vernell Folkers

Milton Momm

Anthony Siebenaler

James Ford

Donald Monk

Irvin Slane

Harold Franklin de Freese

Ernest Monk

Ernest Smilie

Ernest Garrels

Jacob Monk

James Smilie

Albert Gerdes

Franklin Monk

Ira Stine

Martin Gerdes

Martin Moritz

Milford Stine

Dewayne Haase

Mary Elizabeth Nauman

Chester Tallyn

Lloyd Haase

Ernest Moritz

James Thompson

Bobbie Harms

Wilbur Moritz

Rodney Thompson

Geo. Harms

Raymond Nauman

Ernest Tjaden

Herman Harms

Elbert Norman

Lester Tjaden

Heye Harms

Harold Norman

Everett Uphoff

Russel Harms

Robert A Norman

Kenneth Uphoff

Vernon Harms

Wayne Norman

Carl Vogel

Hilton Heineke

Wilbert Norman

Gilbert Vogel

Lyle P. Heineke

Wayne Patterson

Howard Vogel

B. H. Huschen

Clayton Perino

Frederick Vogel

Lester Hupprich

Raymond Peters

James Vogel

Carl I. Janssen

Delmar Peterson

Leory A. Wallis

Richard Kapraun

Raymond Peterson

Leroy Warnke

Darrell Kirby

Ernest Phillips

Wesley Warnke

Harold Koch

Eldon Quiran

Emerson Weber

Menno J. Koch

Howard Quiram

Melvin Weber

Robert Koch

Maurice Quiram

Elmer Wehrli

Winfield Koch

Granville John Oltman

Harold Wehrli

Donald Koehler

Jim Oltman

Joseph Wolfe

Robert Koehler

Robert Oltman

Richard Wolfe

Harold Kolb

Virgil Oltman

Myrle Yount

The following veterans were not listed in the above mentioned book BUT did come from the Benson area.  If you know of a World War II veteran from Benson, please let me know, and I'll add him/her to the list:

Robert Wyss



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