Baughman Family Cemetery
surveyed & photographed by Jane Foster, June 2011
Photo's available upon request

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AbbottCharlesS.h/o Laura AbbottApr 211877Aug 231948P
AbbottDonaldL.h/o Elizabeth Ann AbbottJun 211918Jul 182001P
AbbottElizabethAnn d/o Charles & Laura Abbott, w/o Donald AbbottNov 081916Mar 251975P
AbbottLauraElizabthRuvenachtw/o Charles AbbottOct 111881Dec 291971P
BaughmanLenad/o John & C Baughman aged 6y 1m 8d18691875P
BellerBarbaraRoeschleyw/o Peter Beller - aged 79y 4m 10dMar 121887P
BellerPeterh/o Barbara Roeschley - aged 83y 7m 0dJan 081882P
BesettMedoraPhillipsw/o Oscar BesettOct 051861Apr 121932P
BesettNewtonFranciss/o Oscar & Medora Besett - aged 1y 8m 4d1897May 061898P
BesettOscarC.h/o Medora Phillips BesettNov 091860May 231944P
CannonAltad/o Marion & Susan Peck Cannon18901891P
CannonEunice buried next to Lester Cannon18991918P
CannonLesterIL PVT 331 Field Arty 86 Div; s/o Marion & Susan Peck CannonMar 271894Aug 091932P
CannonMarionh/o Susan Peck CannonOct 151856Nov 291907P
CannonSusanPeckw/o Marion CannonMar 011865Jun 021925P
CannonViolad/o Marion & Susan Peck Cannon18961896P
ChildressElishaPharohFuneral Marker OnlyOct 041854May 131919N
DanielAliceChildressJun 301883May 191919N
DonnerElizabethd/o Christian & Catharine Rogey DonnerMay 071864Mar 041865P
DonnerElizabethd/o Frederick & Barbara Gingrich Donner, aged - 2d1862Feb 221862P
DonnerHenrys/o Frederick & Barbara Gingrich Donner, aged 2m 25dunkJan 231862P
EngelBerthad/o Christian & Magdalena Donner Engel, aged - 8y 4m 20d1872Sep 091880P
EngelCatharinemother of John Engel - aged 74y1790Dec 081864P
EngelCecilE.h/o Lorene Engel18961971P
EngelChristianE.h/o Magdalena Donner EngelAug 111830Dec 061907P
EngelEdwardJ.h//o Lula Phillips EngelDec 051863Apr 011945P
EngelFrankJ.s/o Christian & Magdalena Donner Engel, aged - 30y 9m 22d1861Oct 301891P
EngelIdad/o Christian & Magdalena Donner Engel; aged - 16y 8m 23d1872Jan 121889P
EngelJohnborn in Lorraine, France; h/o Barbara Detweiler Engel (buried in Hickory Point, Cemetery, Metamora, ILMay 221801Mar 141888P
EngelLoreneH.w/o Cecil Engel18971980P
EngelLulaPhillipsw/o Edward J. EngelApr 211868Oct 271918P
EngelMagdalenaDonnerw/o Christian Engel & d/o Peter & Barbara; Nafsinger Donner (both born in Germany)Jan 011831Nov 231920P
EngelMinnied/o Christian & Magdalena Donner Engel, aged - 19y 0m 30d1874Apr 171893P
EngelPercyLesters/o Edward d& Lula EngelDec 201899Jun 081904P
ForsythJamesh/o Jane Forsyth18331909P
ForsythJaneWatsonw/o James Forsyth18311876P
GreenJohnO.h/o Mary ForsythOct 121860Nov 011920P
GreenMaryM.Forsythw/o John Green & d/o James & Jane ForsythJan 061863Jan 221942P
GroveAbrahamR.aged 28y 7m 6dMar 051872P
GroveJamess/o JB & MA GroveunkJun 291869N
GrundyElminaC.w/o John GrundySep 211851unkP
GrundyGeorgieG.   s/o John & Elmina GrundyAug 201889May 251890P
GrundyJohnW.h/o Elmina Grundy; probable s/o Thomas & Mary GrundyOct 221848Mar 161899P
GrundyMaryA.w/o Thomas GrundyDec 261824Jan 281907P
GrundyThomash/o Mary GrundyOct 031822Nov 191890P
HallAnn Hartleyw/o Henry Hall18231868P
HallCarolined/o Henry & Ann Hartley Hall18441858N
HallEllenAnnd/o Henry & Mary Chadwick Hall -age 4y 1dJan 221885Feb 251885P
HallEttaw/o Riley Hall18701910P
HallHenryInfants/o Riley & Etta HallunkunkP
HallHenryh/o (1) Ann Hartley (2) Jane Healy & (3) Mary A. ChadwickJun 111824Jan 021896P
HallJaneHealyw/o Henry Hall - aged 56y 0m 4dAug 251825Aug 291881P
HallMaryA.Chadwickw/o Henry Hall18361896P
HallRileyH.h/o Etta Hall & s/o Henry & Ann Hartley Hall18601939P
HoltEmmaRaitew/o Harvey Holt - died in childbirthunkNov 051918N
HoltInfantw/o Harvey & Emma Raite HoltNov 051918Nov 051918N
HoutsJohn aged 76y1800May 101876P
IoergerEmmaK.Strombergerw/o Harold H. Ioerger19202000P
IoergerHaroldH.CPL US Army WW II; h/o Emma K. Stromberger Ioerger, s/o Henry & Lorene Miller IoergerJun 061922Dec 131988P
IoergerPerrys/o Jacob & Louise IoergerApr 171898Jan 051902N
JanssenDeanE.Jan 281925Jun 082002P
KelseyElizabethBettyPrallw/o Dr. Ezra E. KelseyNov 151913May 232009P
KelseyElsieElizabethRuvenachtw/o Walter KelseyJun 251888Feb 231965P
KelseyEzraE.Dr.h/o Elizabeth Prall KelseyFeb 171916Dec 211993P
KelseyFlorenceI.StimpertNov 141914Dec 102000P
KelseyStanleyE.Oct 131907Sep 271998P
KelseyWalterMayoh/o Elsie Ruvenacht Kelsey Sep 091881Oct 171946P
KrugLydiaC.Rothw/o John Krug - aged 32y 1m 20d, d/o Peter & Jacobina Naffziger Roth18571890P
LearyJohn unkJan 211870N
LockwoodCharlesC.s/o Watson & Elizabeth Lockwood1855Aug 031856P
LockwoodEdwards/o Watson  Elizabeth LockwoodFeb 131873Aug 251873P
LockwoodElizabethw/o Watson LockwoodSep 051829 unkP
Lockwood????c/o Watson & Elizabeth LockwoodunkunkP
LockwoodHallyd/o Watson & Elizabeth LockwoodunkunkP
LockwoodLauraB.d/o Watson & Elizabeth LockwoodDec 011868Dec 021868N
LockwoodWatsonh/o Elizabeth LockwoodApr 301827Aug 101897P
LockwoodWilliamH.s/o Watson & Elizabeth Lockwood, aged - 1y 2m 11d1862Oct 051863P
MorillMarthaJaneMay 091856Nov 201874P
MorrisEtheld/o JT & ME MorrisJuly1887Dec  1888P
MorrisWalters/o JT & ME MorrisJune1872Dec  1879P

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