Henry B. Meek
Woodford County, Illinois
source: Past and Present of Woodford County, Illinois 1878, pg 542
Transcribed by Dena Whitesell

Tax-Payers of Woodford County: Cruger Township

Farmer; P. O. Box Eureka; the subject of this sketch is one of the oldest living settlers of Woodford Co.; was born in Pulaski Co., Ky., Aug. 11, 1804; is the son of Bazel and Ellen (Roberts) Meek; his father, Bazel Meek, was born in Virginia, March 7, 1763, and died Jan. 12, 1844; his mother, Ellen Roberts Meek, was born in North Carolina, Sept. 28, 1777, and died Nov. 10, 1847.  Henry B., at 12 years of age, with his parents, moved to Indiana, and settled in Jennings Co., where he was engaged in farming until 1830; in the Spring of this year, with his wife and son (Bazel), they started on horseback for Illinois, and arrived and settled on the farm that he now lives on; when Mr. Meek first came to this county, he was worth about $300 cash, and a few head of stock; his brother, Daniel Meek, arrived and settled in 1826; he made his home with his brother until he built him a log cabin; he then moved his family in, and commenced farming; was worth, at one time, 1,600 acres of fine land; he gave to each of his children a fine farm, and today he owns one of the best farms, of 700 acres, in Woodford Co.; all this made by hard labor and good management; when he first came here, prairie wolves were numerous and familiar neighbors; few foxes and many deer; Mr. Meek states that he has killed over 100 wolves, and a great many deer; at one time he had hanging in his cellar seven deer, and states taht he was not much of a hunter.  Married Miss Theny Perry, born in Blunt Co., Tenn., 1810, and is the daughter of Ransom and Catharine (Martin) Perry; with her parents moved to Jennings Co., Ind., in 1818; married Jan. 3, 1828; six children - Col. Bazel Meek, born in Jennings Co., Ind., Dec 6, 1828; Ransom, born March 7, 1831; Noil, born Sept. 1, 1833; Missouri, born April 7, 1836; Mary, born March 1, 1843; Joshua, born May 18, 1840, and died Sept. 10, 1841.

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