1946 Cometeer Yearbook
 El Paso High School
El Paso, Illinios
Woodford County, Illinois Genealogy Trails

Ethel Major, Editor
Byron Donze, Assistant Editor
Pauline Berg, Business Manager
M. Harris, Adviser
J. Secord, Adviser

seated: Miss Grandy, Mr. Henderson, Miss Cloney, Miss Miles, Miss McCue, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Douglas.
standing: Mr. Reckling, Mr. Traylor, Mr. Maurer, Mr. Secord, Mr. Claggett.

We, the Senior Class of 1946, dedicate the Cometeer to the Faculty of El Paso Township Hight School. We appreciate the untiring effort, cooperation, loyalty and support of the Faculty which includes Mr. Bowers who left us in the fall.

As principal of our school, we see Mr. Claggett every da in the office in the corridors and the other rooms of the building. His cheerful smile and pleasant word for everyone always accompany his busy, energetic, efficient manner. We're glad to have had Mr. Claggett as our principal thise last four years and we won't forget hi as our friend, principal and teacher.

The Board of Education

Mr. W M. Claggett, Mr. Harold Burroughs, Mr. William E. Burroughs, Dr. J. A. Owens, Mr. Louis wadsworth, Mr. Owen Schertz, Mr. John W. North, and Mr. K. A. LaRochelle.


 Meet the Faculty
You've Met these Teachers Before

Arthur Henderson
El Paso, Ill.
I.S.N.U., B.S.

Cocoa O. Taylor
El Paso, Ill.
Instrumental & vocal Music
Greenville College
University of Illinois
Chicag Musical College, B. M.

Havillah E. Reckling
El Paso, Ill.
Industrial Arts
Eastern Illinois State Teachers College, M.S., M.Ed.

John A. Secord
El Paso, Ill.
American History
Boys' P.E.
I.S.N.U., B.Ed.

Vincennes Bowers
St. Anne, Ill.
American History
Boys' P.E.
I.S.N.U., B.Ed.

Mrs. Mary Salmon Harris
Bloomington, Ill.
I.S.N.U., B.Ed.

Walter M. Claggett
El Paso, Ill.
World History, Civics
James Millikin University, A.B.
University of Ill., M.A.

Virginia Miles
Farmer City, Ill.
Home Economics, General Science
University of Ill., B.S. M.S.

Harold E. Maurer
El Paso, Ill.
General Science, Chemistry, Physics, Aeronautices, Algebra
Bluffton College, A.B.
University of Ill., M.S.

Frances Cloney
Decatur, Ill.
Biology, Girls PE
James Millikin University, A.B.

Mrs. Marian Tendick Douglas
Greenfield, Ill.
English, Dramatics
Bradley, A.B.

Pontiac, Ill.
Latin, Math
Illinois Wesleyan, A.B.
University of Ill., M.A.

Margaret A. McCue
Springfield, Ill.
Clarke College, A.B.

Student Council

M. Pinkham
K. Faulk
D. North
L. Morgan
B. Nohren
D. George
M. McDonell
J. Eastman
Miss Cloney
P. King
J. Gibbons


Upper-Ten Students of the
Senior Class of 1946

Ethel Major - 90.9
Lewis WEssel - 90.3
Barbara Cryer - 89.85
Pauline Berg - 89.1
Arlene Wilkey - 88.1
Marjorie McDonell - 86.67
Bill Davis - 86.43
Ruth Taylor - 86.43
Delora North - 86.35

Satisfied Seniors

1942 was a year to remember, especially for 59 boys and girls who were eagerly starting their freshman year at E.T.H.S. Their first election of the class officers produced Lloyd Raber, President; Barbara Cryer, Vice president: Joan Roth, Secretary-Treasurer; and Ruth Stotler, Student Council. Miss Salmon was chosen as our advisor. Most of the freshmen came back to struggle through their sophomore year. After counting heads on September 1, we had a total of 56. The officers were: Byron Donze, President; Fredonna Bishop, Vice-Presient; and Delora North, Secretary-Treasurer. Ruth Stotler was a holdover for Student-member. Miss Salmon was re-chosen as sponsor. The sophomore class was very active in buying war stamps every week. There were two parties, a hay ride and a sledding party.
And then we were juniors, upperclassmen at last! Now only the seniors could look down on us. That was our big year of work but a lot of fun. We worked hard earning money for Prom by sponsoring the refreshments at the games, selling punch at the Homecoming Dance and producing "Moonlight for Herbert", the successful junior play. We re-elected Byron Donze, President; Delora North was chosen Vice-President; Joan Roth, Secretary-Treasurer; Bill Nohren and Fredonna Bishop, Student Council Members. Again Miss Salmon did a fine job of sponsoring our class.
To bring to an end four grand and glorious years, 37 seniors stuck it out to the very end. To lead us successfully, the following officers were chosen: Delora North, President; Barbara Cryer, Vice-President; Joan Roth, Secretary-Treasurer; Marjorie McDonell and Bill Nohren, Student Council Members. Three cheers should go to our sponsor, Mrs. Harris (Miss Salmon) for her splendid leadership throughout the entire four years, and to our newcomer Mr. Secord for his assistance on the Cometeer. Our activities this year were: A dance in James Parkhouse's new barn and the publishing of the "Reporter", which with two paper staffs came out every two weeks. Delora North and Marjorie McDonell as editors of the two papers, really made the news fly. The publishing of the year book, the "Cometeer" kept Ethel Major, Editor-in-Chief,   Byron   Donze,   Assistant Editor, and their staff quite busy.   Another great accomplishment was the play "Strictly Formal",directed by Mrs. Douglas, (Miss Tendick).

Betty Jean Altum

Donald V. Bailey

Mary Pauline Berg

Evelyn Louise Bridges

Wm. E. Burroughs, Jr


Barbara Ann Cryer

Byron E. donze

Margaret L. Engel

Kenneth E. Hany

Virginia P. Hayse

Clifford L. Knoll

Ethel Lee Major

Edna Mae Malcom

Marjorie McDonell

Gerald McWilliams

Robert W. Nohren

Delora C. North

Janet R. Pinkham
William Poorbaugh

Shirley A. Quiram

Lloyd P. Raber

Joan Roth

Gene B. Schertz

Robert H. Schramm

Joyce Gay Shaffer

Vera B. Scott

Edna S. Steckman

Ruth Lorraine Stotler

Ruth Irene Taylor

Walton A. Volz

Rachel O. Wagner

Mildred Jean Webb

Kenneth H. Wessel

Leroy W. Wessel

Lewis LaVerne Wessel

Garnet Arlene Wilkey

Juniors Class

President...John Eastman
Vice-President...Gerry Benedict
Secretary-Treasurer...J. Wollenschlager
Student Countil...M. Pinkin, L. Morgan
Sponsor...Mrs. Douglas

First row: R. Weber, R. Berg, B. Remmert, L. Folkers, F. Jones, K. Burroughs, L. Morgan, J. Hany, C. Cox, W. Nyberg. 

Second row: Miss Cloney, Mrs. Douglas, D. Wadsworth, D. Epps, B. Jurgens, A. Walters, A. Hartwig, J. Eichelberger, G. Benedict, J. Eastman, J. Wollenschlager, D. Punke, D. Armstrong, L. Poorbaugh. 

Third row: Mr. Reckling, J. Everett, J. Lawyer, V. Steckman, m. Kingdon, E. Fenton, M. Bigger, D. Newkirk, J. Pierce, B. Lindsay, P. Letsinger, M. Pinkham, R. Garrels, V. Hall. 

Fourth row: A. Wohlfiel, B. Wessel, I. Woefle, B. Barnett, M. Pfleeger, G. Eft, J. Powell, A. Schertz, H. Pinkha, G. Heller, B. Fouts, G. Wilkey, L. Pfister, B. Vincent.

Those not in the picture: E. Longman, J. Wilson, J. Harvey, D. Letsinger, R. Dehority.

Sophmore Class

President - Dick George
Vice-President - George Jurgens
Secretary-Treasurer - Don Koch
Student Council - Ken Faulk
Reporter- Bob Dixon
Adviser - Miss McCue, Miss Miles, Mr. Traylor

1st: J. Engel, C. McDonald, D. Oltman, H. Hayse, P. Hynes, M. Pinkham, V. Haas, R. Hartman, L. Crawford, L. Fouts.

2nd row: Miss Miles, V. Steffen, P. Krug, G. Hinthorn, P. Sutton, D. Wilkey, R. Blackwell, D. Koch, D. George, B. Jurgens, B. Dixon, M. Diers, Miss McCue.

3rd row: R. Rippel, M. Sparkes, M. Eichelberger, M. Turnipseed, M. Harris, B. Todd, N. Blackmore, E. Lock, M. McDonald, D. Sutton, H. Peters, C. Cryer, R. Garrels, J. Wingstern, P. Wessel.

4th row: M. Beachey, V. Wilkey, R. Lyons, D. Punke, B. Punke, D. Jones, M. Franke, Mr. Traylor, S. Strouse, D. Toole, O. Hocker, G. Burroughs, D. Coyle.

Freshman Class

President - J. Gibbons
Vice-President - B. Fultz
Secretary-Treasurer - B. Hicks
Student Council - P. King
Sponsor - Mr. Henderson

1st: F. Haas, V. Martin, O. Wilson, J. Kirkton, B. Harroun, A. Seggerman, D. Rinkenberger, R. Aldrich.

2nd row: Mr. Henderson, R. Kingdon, P. King, B. Hicks, J. Gibbons, Mr. Claggett, B. Fultz, S. Smith, V. Scott, A. Newkirk, M. Gauger, Miss Grandy.

3rd row: J. Turner, D. Hinthorne, M. Sutton, M. Cox, D. Kemp, G. Crawford, E. Stortz, B. Bailey, V. Quiram, E. McClure, M. Kearfott.

4th  row: R. Boston, M. George, C. Steffen, J. Stitt, B. Bennett, G. North, D. Geiselman, R. Pinkham, E. Hall, R. Duncan, M. Robinson.


1st row: F. Fouts, W. Nyberg, J. Kirkton, J. Gibbons, O. Hocker, L. Fouts.

2nd row: L. Wessell, LeRoy Wessel, J. McWilliams, B. Davis, B. Oltman, L. Morgan, K. Wessel, B. Poorbaugh.    

3rd  row: J. Wilson, K. Burroughs, B. Bennett, G. Schertz, B. Nohren, B. Donze, G. Wilkey, D. George, Mr. Secord.

4th row: V. Haas, J. Harvey, C. Cox, E. Hall, B. Dixon, D. Hoch, D. Toole, A. Schertz, R. Hartman.


1st row - L. Raber, B. Hohren, B. Poorbaugh, K. Wessel, B. Burroughs.

2nd row - Mr. Secord, K. Burroughs, L. Morgan, L. Wessel, D. Letsinger, B. Donze, J. Wilson.

3rd row - D. Coyle, G. Hall, B. Dixon, D. Toole, B. Bennett, G. North, G. Burroughs, R. Dehority.

"E" Club

1st row:J. Harvey, B. Nohren, K. Wessel, B. Poorbaugh, B. Burroughs, B. Donze, J. McWilliams.
2nd row: F. Fouts, G. Wilkey, D. Toole, L. Raber, K. Burroughs, Mr. Secord.
3rd row: B. Bennett, Lewis Wessel, B. Davis, J. Wilson, L. Morgan, LeRoy Wessel.


Margaret Pinkham, Marilyn George, Jean Cryer, and Delora North.

Annual Staff - 1st row: B. Altum, B. Schram, B. Donze, J. Roth, J. McWilliams, B. Cryer, B. Nohren.
2nd row: J. Shaffer, D. North, R. Stotler.
3rd row: E. Major, E. Malcom, R. Taylor, M. Webb, K. Hany, B. Davis, B. Volz, P. Berg, V. Hayse, L. Raber, Mrs. Harris.

E.T.H.S. Report Staff

Seated: V. Hayse, R. Taylor, E. Malcom, S. Quiram.
Standing: W. Volz, J. Shaffer, M. McDonell, C. Knoll, P. Berg, A. Wilkey, K. Wessel, V. Scott, Miss McCue.

E.T.H.S. Report Staff

1st row: D. North, J. Roth, R. Stotler.
2nd row: B. Altum, M. Webb, Miss McCue.
3rd row: B. Donze, K. Hany, B. Schramm, L. Wessel, E. Major, D. Bailey.

"Ever Since Eve"

Junior Play
Standing: Franklin Jones, Dale Letsinger, Bill Fouts, Jack Harvey, Margaret Pinkham, Leland Morgan, Betty Jurgens, Eleanor Fenton, Allen Schertz, Lucile Pfister.
Seated: Jack Wilson, Joe Hany, Kaywin Burroughs, Gerry Benedict, John Eastman.
Margaret Pinkham, Leland Morgan, Bill Fouts, Betty Jurgens, Jack Harvey, Jack Wilson, Dale Letsinger, Franklin Jones, Joe Hany.

"Strictly Formal"

Senior Play
1st row: D. North, B. Cryer.
2nd row: A. Wilkey, E. Malcom, V. Hayse, J. Shaffer, P. Berg, J. Roth.
3rd row: M. McDonell, B. Altum, B. Schramm, R. Stotler, K. Wessel, B. Poorbaugh, L. Wessel, B. Nohren, Mrs. Douglas, B. Donze.
Barbara Cryer, Delora North, Edna Mae Malcom, Bill Nohren, Virginia Hayse, Lewis Wessel, Bob Schramm, Joan Roth, Betty Altum, Arlene Wilkey, Bill Poorbaugh, Byron Donze, Joyce Shaffer, Pauline Berg, Ruth Stotler, Ken Wessel.

"Little Women"

1st row: D. North, Lewis Wessel, P. Berg, B. Donze.
2nd row: B. Cryer, G. Benedict, B. Schramm, P. King, Mrs. Douglas, L. Pfister.

"La Mascara"

1st row: L. Folkers, M. Kingdon, E. Bridges, M. McDonell, L. Wessel, J. Eastman, B. Donze, D. George, B. Bennett, B. Nohren, B. Poorbaugh.
2nd row: O. Hocker, E. Malcom, L. Poorbaugh, R. Stotler, J. Roth, M. Pinkha, G. Benedict, B. Cryer, Mrs. Douglas, D. Punke, D. Newkirk, J. Wollenschlager, J. Cryer, G. Crawford, L. Crawford.
3rd row: J. Everett, K. Burroughs, D. Wadsworth, B. Jurgens, S. Quiram, V. Scott, A. Walters, B. Todd, M. Diers, D. North, D. Epps, B. Lindsey, M. Bigger, M. Pfleeger, E. Fenton, J. Pierce, P. Letsinger, L. Pfister.
4th row: M. Sparkes, P. Krug, J. Shaffer, W. Volz, B. Schramm, K. Hany, B. Altum, K. Wessel, P. Berg, R. Garrels, R. Wagner, P. King, L. Morgan, B. Fouts, B. Vincent.

Girls Chorus

1st row: D. Epps, A. Wilkey, M. McDonell, E. Major, H. Peters, J. Pierce, P. Berg, J. Cryer, P. Krug, M. Kingdon, D. Wadsworth, L. Poorbaugh.

2nd row: M. Turnipseed, J. Roth, D. North, V. Scott, S. Quiram, R. Stotler, B. Cryer, M. Sparkes, m. Bigger, J. Shaffer, J. Wollenschlager, B. Vincent, R. Kingdon.

3rd row: P. Letsinger, Mr. Traylor, M. Diers, M. Webb, R. Taylor, E. Malcom, M. Harris, V. Quiram, E. Fenton, G. Crawford, M. Pinkham, V. Wilkey, D. Newkirk, G. Benedict, M. Pfleeger.

4th row: D. Armstrong, J. Everett, J. Eichelberger, B. Wessel, I. Woefle, A. Jurgen, B. Lindsay, J. Sutton, M. George.

Boys Chorus

1st row: C. Cox, W. Nyberg, B. Vincent, L. Wessel, K. Wessel.

2nd row: F. Jones, Mr. Traylor, D. Koch, S. Strouse, B. Donze, O. Wilson.

3rd row: T. Enright, J. Hany, B. Fouts, D. Letsinger, C. Knoll, G. Wilkey.

Mixed Chorus

1st row: M. George, G. Benedict, E. Malcom, R. Taylor, M. Bigger, M. Pinkham, P. Letsinger, J. Sutton.
2nd row: C. Knoll, D. North, P. Krug, M. Pfleeger, L. Poorbaugh, M. Diers, G. Crawford, B. Cryer, T. Enright, B. Fouts, O. Wilson.
3rd row: J. Roth, J. Everetts, E. Fenton, S. Quiram, J. Cryer, R. Stotler, B. Vincent, M. Sparkes, F. Jones, Mr. Traylor.
4th row: D. Koch, B. Donze, C. Cox, S. Strouse, K. Wessel, L. Wessel, D. Letsinger, W. Nyberg, G. Wilkey, J. Hany.


1st row: M. Diers, D. Epps, R. Bodger, B. Hicks, D. Wilkey, R. Taylor, J. Cryer, J. Barrett, P. Letsinger, B. Volz, K. Wessell, J. Shaffer, L. Pfister, M. Pfleeger.
2nd row: J. Everett, B. Schramm, O. Wilson, M. Strouse, M. Turnipseed, P. Berg, L. Folkers, D. Bailey, L. Wessel, S. Strouse, J. Kirkton, Mr. Traylor, A. Fenton, P. Vincent, E. Gottle, M. Kurth, T. Coyle, L. Baity.


Future Homemakers of America

1st row: P. King, E. Malcom, Vera Scott, S. Quiram, R. Taylor, J. Pinkham, V. Scott.
2nd row: Miss Miles, F. Hinthorne, D. Wilkey, H. Peters, F. Kingdon, A. Wilkey, M. McDonell, J. Sutton.
3rd row: E. McClure, R. Kingdon, C. Steffen, V. Quiram, V. Steffen, A. Newkirk, P. Krug, B. Altum, M. Harris, R. Blackwell

Future Farmers of America

1st row: C. Knoll, W. Nyberg, G. Schertz, B. Dixon, B. Oltman, Mr. Henderson.
2nd row: G. North, D. Koch, R. Berg, J. Powell, G. Hall, V. Haas, B. Remmert.
3rd row: R. Hartman, D. Punke, D. Jones, R. Punke, B. Jurgens, R. Duncan, F. Haas.

Junior Red Cross

1st row: M. Sparks, R. Taylor, M. Webb, B. Todd, D. Sutton, R. Rippel, M. Beachey.
2nd row: Miss Grandy, M. bigger, E. Fenton, M. George, P. Letsinger, M. Sutton, M. Kearfott,
V. Wilkey.
3rd row: S. Quiram, V. Scott, R. Wagner, M. Diers, E. Stortz, B. Hicks, J. Cryer.


Seated: Lucile Pfister, Lois Poorbaugh, Marjorie McDonell, Gerry Benedict.
Standing: Mrs. Harris [Miss Salmon], Arlene Wilkey, Marjorie Kingdon, Pauline Berg,
Beverly Vincent.

Patrons of 1946 Cometeer

Richard P. Brines
Roland Dale Keehma
Bill Enright
Junior Keehma
Bill Kilpatrick
Robert Nelson
Gwen McHugh
James Jerome Haas
Mrs. Ursula Stitt
John Gauger, Jr.
Marie Burton
Virgil Sleezer
Robert Bodger
Bob Wadsworth
Mrs. Lyle R. Armstrong
Merv. Kemp
Mr and Mrs. Ralph Burster
Jim Whitmer
Herman Lampe
H. E. Stockhausen
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Dressler
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Springer
Mr. and Mrs. John Jones
"Pappy" Shrigley
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Dressler
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Maine
Edna L. Dressler
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shumann
Frank Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kearney
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wilkey
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Knoll
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Stotler

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Sutton
Floyd Jones
Cummings and Emmerson
W. C. Waterson
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kingdon
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Burroughs
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Render
Mr. Claude North
Mrs. Claude North
Iva Dawson
Joe Crawford
Mrs. Elmer Holt
Mr. and Mrs. James Webb
Mrs. C. E. Cryer
Mr. and Mrs. Luther George
Dwight Roth
Mrs. Alpha Cleary
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Holt
Mrs. W. B. Carver
Mrs. Martha Malcom
Mr. and Mrs. John McDonell
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Taylor
John Taylor
Loren Ludwig
Mrs. Zelpha Morgan
Father J. A. Dollard
Alberta Nohren
Mrs. Beulah Keehma
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bayless
Mrs. Roy Bell
Clifford Knoll
Mrs. R. L. Beshers

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