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Photos of the El Paso Memorial and much of the data, were contributed by Amy Robbins-Tjaden and transcribed by Dena W.  Additonal information provided by contributors (as noted). If you have information you'd like to contribute to this Memorial, please email the county host.
* indicates 'Killed in Action'
The Memorial was erected in 1947 by the Kiwanis Club of El Paso under the leadership of Dr. C. E. Cryer. The names of 589 veterans of World Wars I and II were listed on a bronze plaque. In 1972 an addition was dedicated to also honor veterans of the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.

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Abbott, B. [Bruce D]PVT US Army WWII1911 - 1980
Abbott, D. L. [Donald L]WWII
Ackerman, W. B.
Adams, H. C. [Hurd. C.]WWI 
Adams, R. H.
Adams, R. M.
Agnew, V.
Ahrends, W. G. [William G]Pvt. 349 Inf WWIJune 5, 1932
Ald, C.
Ald, W.
Aldrich, A. * [Albert]News article
Aldrich, R. [Raymond J.]WWII
Aldrich, R. E.
Aldrich, Rich
Alford, H. D.
Alt, E.
Altum, C. S.
Altum, J. W.
Altum, L. B.
Altum, M. L.
Altum, O. R.
Altum, W. [William]See 1945 Cometeer
Amslen, H.
Andrews, C. [Charlton]SSGT US Army WWIIJul. 4, 1915 - Nov. 12, 2002
Andrews, T. L.
Andrews, W. H.
Armstrong, H. G.
Armstrong, C. E.
Armstrong, D.
Armstrong, H. E. [Howard E.]PFC US Army WWIIJul. 1, 1919 - Jun. 30, 1985
Armstrong, H. J.
Armstrong, J.
Armstrong, J. B.
Armstrong, K. E. [Kenneth]Korean ConflictObituary
Armstrong, L. G. [could be Lyle E. 'Gene']2nd Lt US Army Air Force WWIIApr. 14, 1922 - Jan. 12, 2007; Obituary
Armstrong, M. D.
Armstrong, M. Jr.
Armstrong, M. S.
Armstrong, R. C.
Armstrong, R. E.
Arnold, A.
Arnold, S.
Ashley, C.
Attig, P. R.
Augspurger, D.
Bachman, P.
Bagby D. E.
Bailey, D.
Baity, L.
Baker, F. B.
Baker, J.
Baldwin, J. T.
Ball, J.
Ball, R. L.
Ball, R. W.
Banard P.
Banta, G.
Baraclay C. E.
Barfoot, E. A.
Barham, V. A.
Barker, D. M.
Barker, G. A.
Barker, H. R.
Barker, J. K.
Barnes, J. W.
Barney, C. E.
Barney, E.
Barnitsky, R.
Barron, K.
Barron, W. F.
Barth, A. M.
Bauman, L. F.
Baylers, E. E.
Beale, H. N.
Bean, C. A.
Bean, K. E.
Bean, L. A. [Lyle A]WWII
Bell, G. D.
Bell, G. L.
Bell, R. W.
Benedict, J. J.
Benedict, M.
Benedict, V.
Bennett, K. L.
Bennett, R. V.
Bennett, R. V.
Bennett, Rich
Benson, P. 
Benson, P. Y.
Benson, R.
Berg, J.
Berg, J. E.
Berg, R.
Bernhardy, M.
Berry, J. J. * [John J]WWIIObituary
Berry, L. J.
Beshers, H. M.
Beshers, P. C.
Betts, F.
Betz, W.
Biggem, H. E.
Bill, B. Jr.
Bill, D. L. Jr.
Bill, G. B.
Bill, R. E.
Bingner, R. E.
Black, R. A.
Blackmore, C.
Blackmore, Clar.
Blackmore, H.
Blackmore, J. L.
Blackmore, L. E.
Blair, R. F. [Raymond Franklin]WWIIObituary
Blumenshine, C. A. * [Chester A.]WWIObituary
Bohrer, J. R.
Bohrer, R. E.
Bomlander, B.
Boner, L. K.
Bosworth, F. W.
Bower, R. V.
Bowman, M.
Bowman, W. F.
Boyd, H. F.
Boyd, L. J.
Bradle, R. B.
Breach, D. R.
Breach, J. H.
Breach, J. H. Jr.
Bridges, H. C.
Brigham, E. E.
Brines, G. S. *
Brines, R.
Brown, C.
Brown, J. T.
Brown, L. E.
Brown, L. G.
Brown, W.
Brown, W. J.
Brunson, H.
Brush, R.
Bryan, J. S. Jr.
Bryan, J. Sr.
Buck, R. *
Bunham, G. W.
Burger, G. W.
Burroughs, D. E.
Burroughs, G. L.
Burroughs, K. R. [Kenneth]See 1945 Cometter
Burroughs, N. E.
Burroughs, W. Jr.
Burroughs, W. W.
Burtis, J. K.
Busker, B. O.
Byrd, J. 
Byrd, Jas.

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