The Old School

Purple and Gold
Yearbook of the El Paso Township High School, El Paso, Illinois
Issued by the Class of 1917, April, 1917
transcribed and contributed to Woodford County, Illinois Genealogy Trails by Dena W.

The Staff
Lawrence Berry...Editor-in-Chief.
Ava Campbell ...Assistant Editor.
Wade Wolk ...Business Manager.
Kathrine Welch ...Assistant Business Manager.
Frank Shuman ...Athletic Editor.
Arthur Barney ...Prophecy.
Dorothy Bruniga...Society Editor.
Herschel Boyd...Class History.
Esther McWilliams...Art Editor.
Helen Sturgeon...Editor.

Throughout the sixty years' history of public schools in El Paso, there are two things which stand out above all others. One is the arrangement whereby a community of fifteen hundred people is called upon to maintain two distinct school systems, and the other is the steadfast regard for education, which has during till that time, without reckoning the cost of labor, sought to give the young people of the community the best educational advantages practically possible.

The beginnings of our school system are found in the earliest days when El Paso sprang up around the junction of two new railroads. At first, classes were in private homes and the teachers were citizens who volunteered to teach the children without pay. Mrs. Jennie Young, who died here in 1914, was one of those pioneer teachers. In 1857 the first school house was built, being what is now the John Schlink residence. Henry Hewett was the first teacher. A year or two later, on petition of Maj. J. H. Wathen and others, the city was divided into two districts and the territory west of the Illinois Central was known as District 5. This was the beginning of El Paso's two-school system. Maj. Wathen presented the new district with lots on which the Jefferson Park building now stands and a two room school was erected. In 18(56 the building was enlarged and the course extended. Hattie Hodges was the first west side principal and Jennie Carlton (now Mrs. S. II. Worthington) was her assistant. In 1872 George W. Patton, now judge of the Woodford County Circuit Court, was principal of the school. In 1877 the building was enlarged to two stories and a high school course added.

The east side school occupied its original building until 1869 when the erection of the present handsome structure began.   The new building cost $25,000 and was one of the finest buildings in Illinois. The taxes were burdensome for a time but in 1880 a wise plan of retiring the bonds was worked out by Dr. Cole, a member of the school hoard. It is interesting to note that Dr. Cole was also the father of the city's water works.

In 1897 the west side school was replaced by a modern brick building costing $12,000. The school board dignified it with the title of Jefferson Park School whereupon the east side board named theirs the McKinley School, in honor of President McKinley. El Paso now has two fine school buildings and it was popularly supposed that the large investment would assure permanency of the two-school system.
In 1910 the boards of the two districts entered into a working agreement whereby the high schools were united. The new plan included the employment of a superintendent who had general supervision of the educational affairs of the entire pity. The course was enlarged and the faculty increased, all without extra expense to the tax payers. The high school, as it is now, includes a thorough business course, manual training and domestic science in addition to the branches previously taught, and the methods of instruction arc in accord with the most practical modern ideas. Carl B. Moore is the present superintendent and the high school faculty consists of nine members. The present enrollment in the high school is one hundred and twenty, forty of whom live outside the limits of the city of El Paso.

Of the hundreds of teachers who have served here during the past six decades there are sonic whose achievements are a necessary part of the history of the school. On the east side, John Morrison was the principal who organized the high school and through his efforts the school reached a high standard of excellence. Anna E. Hill, now for many years a teacher in the Robert Waller high school. Chicago, placed the west side school on the accredited list at the University of Illinois and devoted unusual ability to building up its various departments. The east side school was accredited about the same time and both schools have remained in good standing at the state university almost continuously since then. In 1897 and 1898, there came to El Paso two young men who will he remembered as among the ablest school men we have ever had. H. K. Waites took charge of the Jefferson Park School in 1898. just one year after J. L. Pricer came here as superintendent of the McKinley School. Mr. Pricer, now head of the Biology Department at the Normal University, at Normal, and Mr. Waites, who is at present superintendent of schools at Princeton, Illinois, each was in HI Paso seven years and during that time the schools came into their own.

The welfare of the schools has been so close to the thoughts of the people that they have never hesitated to serve on boards of education whenever called. The records of these hoards from the very beginning contain the names of men and women foremost in the life of the town. Among the citizens who have served longest as members of school boards arc David Evans. A. S. McKinney and P. B. Stilt. For a generation each of these men gave his time and thought to the educational interests of the city.

In 1915 a movement was started to organize a high school district in El Paso embracing some thirty thousand acres of farm land. The proposition carried, and a heard of education was elected. Objectors to the district tested the constitutionality of the law under which it was organized and the Act was declared unconstitutional. The fate of the district is now in the hands of the legislature where a hill is pending which seeks to validate the districts formed under the invalid law.

F. B. Stitt...President
Mrs. M. A. Adams...Secretary
R. L. Beshers, J. T. Cleary, W. A. Colburn, Peter Donner, George Shuman

Carl B. Moore
Eureka College, 1910

Edith Dunn
Illinois State Normal Univ., 1915

Mildred Coburn
Illinois State Normal Univ., 1907
University of Illinois, 1915
Latin & German

Paul M. Mulliken
Eureka Collge, 1915

Elizabeth Hart
Illinois State Nornal Univ., 1914
Domestic Art

Edgar Vanneman
Illinois State Normal Univ., 1916

Georgia Nettles
Columbia School of Music, 1914

Rayborn L. Zerby
Eureka College, 1916

L. Ada Kreider
Illinois State Normal Univ., 1913

Senior Class
Helen Sturgeon...President.
Wade Wolk...Vice President.
Lawrence Berry...Secretary and Treasurer.
Carl B. Moore...Class Adviser.

Left picture:
Mary Baringer
Arthur Barney
Dorothy Bruniga

Right picture:
Ava Campbell
Lawrence Berry
Ethel Horn

Left picture:
Gladys North
Frank Shuman
Marjorie Shreve

Right picture:
Isabelle Laylander
Herschel Boyd
Esther McWilliams

Left picture:
Helen Sturgeon
Dwight Roth
Alma Tool

Right picture:
Katherine Welch
Wade Wolk

History of Class of '17
Thirty-eight Freshmen enter El Paso High School on September 7. 1914. This is the first time this same group of boys and girls come together in one meeting. The assembly seems large to most of us and many of the things around the room are looked at with awe and wonder. We are very quiet and obey everything told us by the teachers (we are only Freshmen). We wonder how it is the others do whatever they want to and do not have any idea of discipline. The newness soon seems to wear off, however, and we are not as timid as before. In fact the Sophs say we are getting rather "smart" This "smartness" is soon taken out of us by their initiation. However, the effect of this is apparent only in the injury done to our feelings. We soon begin to wish for a party. To everyone's joy invitations are received to a surprise party. A good time is enjoyed by all who attend even though the Sophs try vainly to interfere with the festivities. After this parties are held frequently and always with the unwelcome aid of the Sophs. The remainder of the year goes on without any great happenings until the class picnic which is held at Bridge Park. "We are going to have a real picnic and go for both dinner and supper. We have a good dinner and expect a good supper, hut nothing is left to eat so we are forced to go home without any.

Time passes; again the class of '17 gather but this time as Sophomores. The class is smaller as several have dropped out or moved away. This is the year looked forward to during our first year because we know we will have the pleasure of making everything miserable for the Freshmen. Several parties and weiner masts held. At one of the roasts, we prove that not quite all of the Freshmen foolishness has disappeared-we forgot to take the wieners!

For the third time in our High School career the fall of the year arrives and we are now Juniors. The class of thirty-eight has dwindled to seventeen, but we are still as great a class as ever and are always increasing in wisdom. The foolishness shown by us while Freshmen and Sophomores has passed away and we are a trifle dignified as we are only one year from being Seniors. The year is started out with a good hard study and after everything is going well we decide to publish a High School calendar.  The success of this enterprise is due largely to the aid of Miss Alpha Myers, the class adviser. The money obtained from the sale of these calendars we use in buying a beautiful picture "Aurora." which is presented to the school.   Parties are held frequently and as the girls do not give the boys a party, the latter give them a leap year party. The climax of the yearly social events is the Junior-Senior banquet. It is given as a compliment to the Seniors and is a great success. At the commencement and Baccalaureate we display our artistic ability in arranging the beautiful decorations.

Our Senior year is come; how proud and dignified we are. We look down on the others with an air of condescension. The lower classmen envy us and the Juniors show their respect for us by entertaining us with a masquerade. Later we show our appreciation of this by giving them a theater party. The boys of the class are prominent in the football world, one being captain and halfback, another, fullback, and still another, end. Our high school life is drawing to a dose and we are beginning to prepare for the final exercises. Preparation is being made for the future. Some will attend college and others have plans not yet disclosed. The members of the Class of '17 hope always to be a credit both to the class and to the school.

Alpha E. Myers
Miss Alpha E. Myers was for three years the adviser of the Class of 1917 and we as Seniors wish to show in this way our admiration and respect for her. Last year the class published a calendar, the first one ever published by any class in B. T. H. S. and its great success was due largely to her unceasing efforts to make it such. It was through her suggestion that, with the proceeds from the sale of the calendar, the class purchased the beautiful picture "Aurora" and presented it to the school.

Miss Myers was also active in planning the Junior-Senior banquet of 1916. Her simple but artistic method of handling the affair made it one of the best ever given in the history of the school. Such efforts to aid the class in its activities endeared Miss Myers to all of us.

Junior Class
Ernest Patton...President.
Irene Roberts...Vice President
Richard Berry....Secretary and Treasurer.
Miss Edith Dunn...Class Adviser.

Top row: Elden Johnson, Paul Barnard, Richard Berry, Hugh Beshers, Parks Bohlander, Lyle Boner, George Evans, John Hart.
Bottom Row: Ralph Armstrong, Berdina Loehr, John Kyser, Edna Robinson, Perry Kingdon, Irene Roberts, Ernest Patton, Owen Schertz.

Class Roll.
John Kyser-"All great men are dead or dying and I don't feel well myself".
Perry Kingdon-"Stuck on himself, and has no rival"'.
Richard Berry-"Full of Pep''.
Paul Barnard-"Off agin, on agin, gone agin to Flanigan".
Parks Bohlander-"Eventually, why not now"?
Elden Johnson-"Full of the dickens"(?)
George Evans-"Said to be onery in all of his classes; to some who get caught, it's a wonder he passes".
John Hart-"A faint heart never won fair lady".
Ernest Patton-"The man behind the team".
Lyle Boner-"How can I make my pompadour more fetching"?
Berdena Loehr-"She breaks some lad's heart with every sweet smile".
Edna Robinson-"Sober, steadfast, and demure".
Ralph Armstrong-"Strong as his name".
Irene Roberts-"Oh, to dance all night and dress all day".
Hugh Beshers-"He is full of wit".
Owen Schertz-"Be thou a man both silent and sane, and yet hear your part in every good game.

Sophomore Class
Sophomore Class Officers
Cletus Cleary...President
Wayne Turner...Vice President
Louise Valentine...Secretary & Treasurer
Miss Mildred Coburn...Class Adviser

Top row: Virginia Burger, Cletus Valentine, Lela Kridner, Clarence Hershe, Marguerite Hanna, Gladys Warrick, Lillie Mae Burster, George Eft, Maude Lucas, Cecil Sharpe, Josephine Sturgeon.
Second row:  Zelda Burroughs, Wayne Turner, Alta Holt, Fredrick Aubrey, Marie Eft, Donald Boner, Ruth Shuman, Burton Hurd, Marion Wadsworth, Luther Miller, Frances Erskine.
Third row: George Stambach, Minnie Schieber, Alfred Stimpert, Esther Bohlander, Harlan Koerner, Goldie Dehority, Louise Valentine, Theodore Jenkins, Theodosia Hankey, Cletus Cleary, Ella Hall.

Class Roll
Theodosia Hankey-"Studious to please, yet not ashamed to fail".
Theodore Jenkins-"The most trying boy in school".
Louise Valentine-"My home is in Heaven; I'm here on a visit"!
Goldie Dehority-"As good as gold".
George Eft-"A pool shark".
Lillie Mae Burster-"Lillie Mae yet she may not".
Gladys Warrick-"Silence is more musical than song".
Marguerite Hannah-"Aunty fat".
Clarence Hershe- "Her ? She ?"
Lela Kridner-"Oh, Lela, how thou dost giggle".
CIetus Valentine-"The champion heavyweight".
Virginia Burger-"Sober but not serious".
George Stambach-"I won't go to Heaven if I can't go on my bicycle".
Josephine Sturgeon-"Mama's darling. Oh joy".
Cecil Sharpe-"From our suburb to the north, Panola".
Alfred Stimpert-"Another suburbanite".
Maud Lucas-"And still her tongue ran on".
Harlan Koerner-"A shining light ".
Esther Bohlander -"All the world loves a quiet girl".
Minnie Schieber-"Minnie Hah Hah".
Fredrick Aubrey-"A lady killer".
Alta Holt-"Too pretty to be wise".
Wayne Turner-" Helen is the apple of my eye".
Zelda Bourroughs-"She is like a hazel twig straight and slender"
Burton Hurd-"I'm sadest when I sing, sader those who bear me'
Donald Boner-"He rushes our crammer, Dot".
Marie Eft-"A domestic science girl".
Ella Hall-"Perpetual motion".
Frances Erskine   "From our suburb to the south, Kappa".
Luther Miller-"The poet".
Marion Wadsworth-"Modest and gentle is she".
Ruth Shuman - "The wind may rave, the rain may fall, but thous art happy thru it all".
Cletus Cleary - "Intent he seems and pondering future things of ponderous weight".

Freshman Class
Lyle Marvin...President
Donald Seaton...Vice President
Martha Beshers...Secretary and Treasurer
P. M. Mulliken...Class Adviser

First row: Clement Bingner, Dorothy Bonar, Louis Jones, Flo Barney, Lloyd Morris, Blanche Morris, Martha Beshers, James Porter, Emma Sengpiel, Everett McWilliams, Bernice Burger, Kenneth Boner, Ella McNemar, Winfred Robnson.
Second row: Henry Eft, Melva Skates, Lyle Marvin, Vivian Burroughs, Glenn Johnson, Ruth Holt, Charlie Barker, Ramona Williams Lawrence Crusius, Etta Cunningham, Irene Bailey, Orion Hartzell, Minnie Schwitters, Louise Laylander.
Third row: Eugene Mayne, Hattie Cotton, Allison Robeson, Elva Brickner, Donald Seaton, Mansfield King, Minnie McLaughlin, Durl McDonald, Cyrilda Valentine, Edwin Collins, William Harvey, Eugene Cleary, Elmer Robinson.

Class Roll
Hattie Cotton-"A chittering, chattering chatterbox".
Allison Robeson-"Funny as a tombstone".
Elva Brickner-"She flirts with the Junior boys".
Donald Seaton-"His beautiful hair is growing long".
Everett Mcwilliams-"The little dimpled darling".
Bernice Burger-"To know her is to love her".
Kenneth Boner-"Well, they say best fruit grows closest to the ground".
Ella McNemar-"I know a preacher's daughter-".
Winfred Robinson-"A lad of many words".
Emma Sengepiel-"There's a twinkle in her eye".
James Porter-" Work is a disease I never bad".
Blanch Morris-"She is as slender as a bean pole".
Louis Jones-"Girls! Bashful Boys are always the best".
Dorothy Bonar-"To think that one small head could carry all she knew".
Clement Bingner-"Oh. my darling Clement-ine".
Edwin Collins-"Hop, skip, and Flunk".
Cyrilda Valentine-"Cute, just like her brother Cletus".
Durl McDonald-"Sawed off".
Minnie McLaughlin-"A gentle modest maid".
Mansfield King-"Valuable goods come in small packages".
Lawrence Crusius-"He took a girl to a party once".
Ramona Williams-"Ever afraid to speak".
Charley Barker-"I love all my teachers".
Ruth Holt-"A rather shy and bashful spirit".
Glenn Johnson-"An auburn haired youth who lisps".
Eugene Cleary-"Work and I fell out".
Vivian Burroughs-"Oh to dream and read".
Lyle Marvin-"Why should one study and make one's self mad?"
Melva Scates-"A small package of wisdom".
Henery Eft-"If I can't sleep nights. I sleep in class".
Louise Laylander-"Not so bashful as she looks".
Minnie Schwitters -  "A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance".
Orion Hartzell-"Nobody knows it but once I was bashful".
Irene Baily-"You are so modest, so gentle".
Etta Cunningham-"Least said, soonest mended".
William Harvey-'There is a thought I cannot bear, the size of shoe that he doth wear .
Flo Barney-"Thy modesty, a candle to thy merit".
Martha Beshers -"And yet we gaze and do with wonder glow, that one small head can carry all you know".
Eugene Mayne-"Silent, studious and sentimental".
Lloyd Morris - "A sturdy contry lad".
Elmer Robertson - "Who can take nine lives simultaneously".

Winners of the Woodford County Literary Contest, 1916

Burton Hurd - Winner of Vocal Music

Dorothy Brungia - Winner of Declamation

Hugh Beshers - Winner of Essay

Virgil Gordon - Winner of Second Place in Oration


"The Japanese Girl" was given by the Girls' Glee Club at the Grand Opera House March 13. The Operette was well attended in spite of the rain and storm and about fifty dollars was added to the music fund. Miss Georgia Nettles directed the operette with Miss Coburn at the piano.

Our football season of 1916 was a great success. There were four men in school who had played the year before, and the rest of the team were new men who had never played before. This was a very great handicap to Coach Vanneman and much credit is due him for turning out a championship team.

The team was very light and was made up of men from all four classes, but their speed and team work was the thing which could not be stopped by any team they played with.

One of the great surprises of the season was the defeat of Peoria Manual by a one-sided score of 19 to 0. On Thanksgiving Day the team defeated Eureka, 37 to 0. This was the other big surprise of the season. Many people expected the game to be a draw, but the team was "Out to Win," and it seemed as though nothing could stop them. It was the fastest and the cleanest game of the season and made El Paso High School the undisputed champions of Woodford County. All during the season the team had the hearty support of the students and people of the town especially Dr. Henderson and Drs. H. M. and Alfred Clarke, who spent a great deal of their time helping them.

Football Banquet.
Shortly after Thanksgiving Mr. Moore gave a banquet to the team. Other guests were R. L. Zerby, P. M. Mulliken, Horace Baker and Edward Selk. Coach Vanneman acted as toastmaster and those who responded were Mr. Moore, Captain Shuman, Beshers, Kyser, Wolk, and Evans. After the banquet. Ernest Patton was unanimously elected captain for next year. Coach Vanneman then presented 12 men with their letters and they went home, a happy bunch. The defeat of Peoria Manual was celebrated by a banquet at the Clifton Hotel given by Donald Seaton. Rev. Leach made an interesting speech and several of the members of the team made short speeches.

Basket Ball.
This year wo were forced to stay out of basketball because we could not find a hall to play in. In the past this was our favorite same but this year we were forced to do without it although we bad the best material for a fast team the school has had for some time.

Last year tennis was added to the list of events in the annual county meet. We won first in all four branches of this event, Hurd Adams winning Boys' Singles, George Evans and Perry Kingdon winning- Boys' Doubles, Marie Oster winning Girls' Singles and she and Esther Evans winning Girls' Doubles,

Last year we lost the county meet to Minonk by a very close score. This year we have plenty of good material for a fast track team. In the past we have had some very good athletes. Joe Baker holds County, Bradly, Lake Forest, and Stag records in the Shot and Discus.   His record in the shot is 49 ft. 6 in. and in the sicus is 125 feet.  Another man is Virgil Gordon, who holds county records in 50 yard dash, quarter mile dash, running broad jump and hurdles.
Wearers of The Letter
Shuman Evans Wolk, Kyser Seaton Beshers,Patton Cleary Barnard, Aubrey Roth Eft.
Football Captain, Shuman, Coach Vanneman.

Mrs. C. F. Hildreth (Neil McLafferty)...Freeport, Ill.
Mrs. A. E. Fleming (Mae Gibson)...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. F. S. McLafferty (Mary Hoagland)...Omaha, Neb.
Angie Johnson ...Peoria, III.
W. I. Miller...Topeka, Kans.
Leslie Van Dorn ...Pontiac, Ill.
Laura Z. Burtis...Deceased
Mrs. John Stevenson (Mayme Miller)...San Diego, Gal.
Charles Ross...Chicago. Ill.
Frank B. Stitt...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. J. Farnsworth (Laura Sutton)...Fresno, Cal.
Mrs. J. F. Schoffield (Addie Basset)...Deceased
Mrs. Daniel Patchelor (Lillie James)...Effingham, Kans.
Mrs. R. A. Kirkpatrick (Anna McKinney)...EI Paso. Ill.
Mrs. Harry Kreider (Hattie Stembach)… San Juan, Texas.
Mrs. Edward Foster (Eva Van Dorn)…Pontiac, Ill.
Mrs. Will Myers (Emma Williamson)… Deceased
Edward Hoagland...Las Cruces, N. Mex.
Mrs. Frank Mum (Jessie Tompkins)...Wichita, Kans.
Mrs. W. W. Warrick (Lue Van Meter)...Laurel, Miss.
Mrs. Elder (Laura Cable)...Augusta, Kans.
Mrs. F. S. Smith (Annie Hendron)...Mt. Carrol, Ill.
Mrs. W. H. Gerberich (Minnie Potter)...Wolcott, Ind.
Mrs. Joseph Welte (Nancy Grafft)...David City, Neb.
Mrs. A. H. Wolk (Estella M. Potter)...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. J. S. Tucker (Carrie D. Williamson)...El Paso, Ill.
Robert Evans Jr...Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. F. B. Stitt (Flora Gardner)...Deceased
Sarah M. Cough...El Paso. Ill.
Mrs. J. W Stephenson (Anna Jenkins)...San Barnardino, Cal.
Mrs. John Taylor (Hattie Lewis)...Waukegan, Ill.
Mrs. Samuel Schofield (Anna Ostler)...Moscow, Ida.
Mrs. Chas. McWilliams (Minnie Robinson)...Pontiac, Ill.
Robert Sturgeon ...Fisher, Ill.
Mrs. E. A. Johnston (Estella Sutton)...Seattle. Wash.
Maud H. Hazen...Chicago, Ill.
Carrie L. Ingels...Waterbury, Conn.
Mrs. W. A. Hart (Mayme Jenkins)...La Junta, Cal.
Elida Moore...Mt. Vernon, Ill.
Mrs. Leonard Zinzer (Barbara Paul)...Lakefield, Minn.
Mrs. E. N. Kerr (M. Carrie Clute)...Rock Island, Ill.
Edgar H. Dunn...South Pasadena, Cal.
Mrs. Edward Guard (Lizzie Hendron)...Le Roy, Ill.
Mrs. L. K. Evans (Ella McOmber)...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. W. H. Seidel (Minnie Baughman)...Cedar Rapids, la.
Bert Brown…Peoria, Ill.
Clara Hamm...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Arthur Hickle (Nellie Housworth)...Kingston. Ohio.
Lillie Myers (Mrs. Pickle)...Boulder, Gal.
Mrs. Augustus Magenheimer (Mary Muller)...Peoria, Ill.
Howard C. Polhemus...McHenry, Miss.
Mrs. J.H. Kyser (Bessie Shuman)…El Paso, Ill.
Will W. Vanmeter...Orleans, La.
Chester P. Curtiss…El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. A. H. Waite (Carrie E. Dunn)...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Parke Barnard (Josephine Gough)...Flanagan, II!.
Mrs. J. F. Sturgeon (Hattie Helme)...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Chandler (Maggie Lee)…Peoria, Ill
Carrie L. McClellan...Chicago, III.
L. Gay Stitt ...Deceased
Mrs. Will Gibbs (Lizzie Tipler)...El Paso, Ill.
Arthur C. Cady...Chicago, III.
Mrs. I. E. Pitman (Susie Hamm)...El Paso, Ill.
Charles W. Hodgson…Park City, Utah
Charles P. Horner...Chicago, III.
Katherine Jenkins...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Will Merriman (Bertha Johnson)...Frederickstown, O.
Mrs. E. M. Hodgson (Addie McKinney)...Minonk, III.
Anna D. Myers...Deceased
Mrs. Will Burks (Della U. Pleasants)...Deceased
Carrie Robinson...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. E. A. Laughlin (Millie Schafer)...Deceased
Mrs. H. H. Winchell (Bessie Shreve)...Monte Vista, Col.
Mrs. Charles Anderson (Lizzie Starkey)...Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. C. J. Alyea (Nell J. VanMeter)...El Paso, Ill.
R. Edwin Worley...Deceased
Charles O. Patton...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. J. L. Robeson (Hattie R. Cavan)...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. W. J. Morrison (Estella Chapman)...Mt. Vernon, O.
Mrs. J. F. Schofield (Flora B. Down)...El Paso, Ill.
O. Perry Jones...Deceased
Mrs. B. J. Lemon (Mollie T. Kearney)...El Paso, Ill.
Frank Kring...Los Angeles, Cal.
Henry Losch...Chicago, Ill.
Walter A. Moore...Mt. Vernon, Ill.
Mrs. Geo. Spangler (Nettie Moore)...Opdyke, Ill.
Nell G. Patterson...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. John Pleasants (Alta A. Schofield...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Charles Gilbert (Ida G. Smith)...Wolcott, Ind.
Elsa E. Swartz...Missoula, Mont.
Mrs. Ephriam Wadsworth (Cora M. Worley)...Goldfield, Ia.
No graduates on account of the changes in the course of study.
The following graduated in 1891 but finished the two years' advanced work on the east side:
Mrs. W. J. Morrison (Estella Chapman)...Mt. Vernon, O.
Mrs. J. F. Schofield (Flora Down)...El Paso, Ill.
Katherine Jenkins...El Paso, Ill.
Nell G. Patterson...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. E. A. Laughlin (Mille Schafer)...Deceased
Elsa Swartz...Missoula, Mont.
Mrs. C. J. Alyea (Nell Van Meter)...El Paso, Ill.
Nell Smith...(completed west side three years' course)
The following completed the full four years' course on the east side:
Mrs. Geo. Bear (Mamie Evans)...Watseka, Ill.
Mrs. Bertrand, Houston (Hattie Seidel)...Peoria, Ill.
Ira Hamm...Onawa, Ia.
George Herr...Deceased
Blanche Gilbert...Montevideo, Minn.
Frank Hayward...Bloomington, Ill.
Mrs. R. W. Jones (Nell Worthington)...Deceased
Vernon Swartz...Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Will Boner (Fannie Kingdon)...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. C. P. Horner (Myrtle Pleasants)...Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. A. B. Hurd (Jessie Cannon)...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Herbert Bassett (Blanche Worley)...Macomb, Ill.
Clyde F. Horner...Tiskilwa, Ill.
Russell Dawson...Cicero, Ill.
Mamie Cable...Joliet, Ill.
Mrs. F. R. Blakely (Mamie Cable...Red Oak, Ia.
Luella Down...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Adolph Nofsinger (Laura Schofield)...Seattle, Wash.
Mrs. Arthur Gee (Ida Cavan)...Moberley, Mo.
Mrs. Alden Witham (Minnie Hazen)...Stanford, Ill.
Frank Somers...Fort Dodge, Ia.
Byron Stitt...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Bert Sheen (Augusta Haas)...Deceased
Mrs. B. W. Strickland (Berte Horner)...Denver, Col.
Mrs. J. E. Schlink (Tella Patton)...El Paso, Ill.
Lydia Losch...El Paso, Ill.
Walter Schafer...Deceased
Major Worthington...Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Hayes Yambert (Alice Down)...El Paso, Ill.
Spencer Stitt...Los Angeles, Cal.
Francis Houtz...Albion, Neb.
Lizzie McCord...Denver, Col.
Mrs. J. E. Hall (Grace Hitch)...Deceased
Mrs. John Cass (Alice Hazen)...Hinckley, Ill.
Mrs. H. C. Cook (Jeanette McKinney)...Bartelsville, Okla.
Mrs. Herman Johnson (Grace Evans)...Sloan, Ia.
Nettie Dawson...El Paso, Ill.
Maud Stitt...Deceased
Mrs. George Neff (Maud Schofield)...Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. J. A. O'Neil (Josie Fruin)...Chatsworth, Ill.
Mrs. Linneus Pierce (Della Chapman)...Centerburg, Ohio
Lewis Worley...Bloomington, Ill.
Ralph Swartz...Missoula, Mont.
Wesley Bingner...St. Louis, Mo.
Ray Shuman...Sunnyside, Wash.
Mrs. Daniel Grady (Stacia Whelan)...Chicago, Ill.
Willie Fickissen...San Antonio, Tex.
Mrs. Palmer Coon (Mabel Dorsey)...Spokane, Wash.
Mrs. J. W. Thorpe (Nettie Bailey)...Redlands, Cal.
Mrs. P. L. Haas (Anna Doyle)...El Paso, Ill.
Edna Fall...Hazelton, Ia.
Walter Leonard...Brookston, Ind.
Mrs. George Rangin (Sadie Ferrell)...Normal, Ill.
Mrs. Duke Perne (Daisy Shuman)...Tacoma, Wash.
Mrs. Ed. Ray (Edna Ray)...Elm Creek, Neb.
Roy Sanborn...Akron, Ohio
Mrs. E. A. Rothrock (Bertha Thorpe)...Blairsburg, Ia.
Mrs. Frank Chapman (Nellie Tarman)...Fredonia, Kans.
Will Burroughs...Chillicothe, Ill.
Blanche Burkholder...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Eli Pike Gale (Frances Fursman...Marshalltown, Ia.
Lester Thorpe...Dubois, Wyo.
Mrs. Judson Pickard (Bertha Herr)...Mason City, Ia.
John McGuire...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Theodore Backstrom (Helen Richards)...New Orleans, La.
Frank Schafer...Deceased
Mrs. John Crusius (Matilda Berge)...Deceased
Howard P. North...Deceased
Mrs. T. L. Smythe (Fannie Holderman)...Hammond, La.
Hortense Ferrell...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. W. V. Burroughs (Lola Gross)...Chillicothe, Ill.
Jessie Worley...Ottawa, Kans.
Mrs. Mont North (Ruth Taylor)...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. I. D. Ackerman (Lutie Gilbert)... Bloomington, Ill.
Mrs. Arthur North (Jennie Drury)...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Horace Baker (Glenna Boner)...El Paso, Ill.
George Hayward...Bloomington, Ill.
George Kingdon...Eagle Rock, Cal.
Walter Mohr...Joliet, Ill.
Thomas Doyle...Chicago, Ill.
Lee Howard...Rangoon, Burmah
John Howard...Midnapore, India
Bert Harris...Cairo, Ill.
Mrs. J. W. Murfield (Lottie Messer)...Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. H. W. Jacobs (Gertrude McKinney)...Junction City, Kan.
Mrs. Chas. Hedges (Laura Schneider)...Glenn, Cal.
Mrs. Charles Sutton (Anna Engel)...Ft. Dodge, Ia.
Dorothy Glessing...Hudson, Ill.
Ethelyn Stone...Carrollton, Mo.
Mrs. John Widman (Emma Render)...Baker, Kan.
Mrs. B. W. Fitzgerald (Thresa Hines)...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Wm. Wellman (Isa Evans)...Lawrence, Kan.
Mrs. Lester Thorpe (Oma Burroughs)...Dubois, Wyo.
Myrtle Gross...Deceased
George T. Leonard...Houston, Tex.
Francis Fruin...Gilman, Ill.
Mrs. Harry Brewer (Sadie Hamilton)...Hunter, N.D.
Mrs. Spencer Leonard (Rosenthal Cotton)...Peoria, Ill.
Mrs. Arthur Claypoole (Mary McGivern)...Vale, Ore.
Mollie Carroll...El Paso, Ill.
Margaret McGivern...Ontario, Ore.
Mrs. A. Pelco (Emma Schneider)...Glenn, Cal.
Claud Schofield...Oklahoma City, Okla.
Horace Baker...El Paso, Ill.
Milo Taylor...Bloomington, Ill.
Mrs. Ralph Chesbro (Katharine Kyser)...Saunemin, Ill.
Myrtle Dorsey...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. George Hayward (Bessie Campbell)...Chicago, Ill.
Fern Evans...Lawrence, Kan.
Mrs. George Graf (Rose Doyle)...Harvard, Ill.
Frank Bingner...Marquette, Mich.
Leslie Cullom...Peoria, Ill.
Harry Miller...Peoria, Ill.
Robert Hitch...Portland, Ore.
Mrs. Lawrence Piper  (Dollie Render)...Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Albert Hoke (Ella Herr)...Bloomington, Ill.
Mrs. Guy Garrabrandt (Lucy Boyd)...Elba, Col.
Anna McGivern...Ontario, Ore.
Mrs. Claude Schofield (Gladys Kyser)...Oklahoma City, Okla.
Mrs. H. G. Coss (Ethel Tegtmyer)...Detroit, Mich.
Jessie Thorpe...El Paso, Ill.
Hazel Tucker...Normal, Ill.
Mrs. John Kirkpatrick (Eleanora Gross)...Medford, Ore.
Roy Spangler...Bloomington, Ill.
Mrs. Elrick Williams (Florence Somers)...Lawrence, Kan.
Barbara Glessing...El Paso, Ill.
Mary Taylor...Chicago, Ill.
Amy Whitmer...Derby, Kan.
Grace Thorpe...Rockwell City, Ia.
Lela Bullock...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Ralph North (Ella Bailey)...El Paso, Ill.
Grover McHugh...Seattle, Wash.
Mrs. George Leonard (Justina Schroeder)...Houston, Tex.
Johnny Evans...Lawrence, Kan.
Mrs. F. C. Nichols (Lois Dorwood)...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Herman Lampe (Carrie Gull)...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. T. Walter Thompson (Mamie Thorpe)...Atkinson, Ill.
Harry Stafford...New Carlisle, Ohio
Ethel Fishburn...Los Angeles, Cal.
Emma Geiger...El Paso, Ill.
James North...Deceased
Laura Kurtz...El Paso, Ill.
Anna Turner...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. John McKinney (Isis Campbell)...El Paso, Ill.
Orville Talbott...Chicago, Ill.
Carrie Cannon...Colo, Ia.
Mrs. Edwin Moyemont (Minnie Swatsley)...Armington, Minn.
Mrs. L. F. Shepard (Mildred Oster)...Normal, Ill.
Lawrence F. Shepard...Normal, Ill.
Ethel G. Jones...Madison, Wis.
Percy Andrews...El Paso, Ill.
Edwin Gilbert...Wilkinsburg, Pa.
Leo Cleary...Grand Rapids, Mich.
Chester Horner...Denver, Col.
A. Harry Herr...Okmulgee, Okla.
Mrs. John Venters (Nina Fishburn)...Seattle, W ash.
Mrs. John Carper (Edith Bullock)...Buda, Ill.
Fred Glessing...Deceased
Lilly Stiegelmeier...Normal, Ill.
Mrs. Percy Andrews (Faerie Boner)...El Paso, Ill.
Clara J. Haas...El Paso, Ill.
Lloyd Guard...Radcliffe, Ia.
Mary C. Fruin...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Peter Hauck (Bertha Dawson)...Panola, Ill.
Richard Schofield...Sebastopol, Cal.
Edith Taylor...Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Arthur Longman (Myrtle Guard)...Minonk, Ill.
J. Hartley Kerry...Minneapolis, Minn.
Clement Jenkins...El Paso, Ill.
Theodore Schroeder...Deceased
Elsi Fuller...Chelsea, Mich.
Mrs. S. N. Rust (Mildred Blumenshine)...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. F. C. Dorsey (Augusta Remmers)...Scranton, Pa.
Fred C. Dorsey...Scranton, Pa.
Mrs. Will Copeland (Ada E. Augustin)...Pontiac, Ill.
Ethel Burger...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. V. L. Nicol (Grace Hiserodt)...Chenoa, Ill.
Fred P. Kuhn...Dayton, Ohio
Barton Oster...Chicago, Ill.
Florence Baker...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. George Niergarth (Ethel Hiserodt)...East St. Louis, Ill.
Mrs. Chas. Bailey (Mary Miller)...El Paso, Ill.
Melvin J. Mohr...Secor, Ill.
Adeline Jenkins...Decatur, Ill.
Mrs. Claude North (Cora Jones)...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Robert Hopkins (Erma Stock)...Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Carl Fellhaner (Louetta Morgan)...Harris, Mo.
Edith Jenkins...Decatur, Ill.
Mrs. W. E. Russell (Blanche Gross)...Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Gayle Schofield (Jeanette North)...El Paso, Ill.
Edith Armstrong...McAlester, Okla.
Mark Fruin...El Paso, Ill.
Leo Render...Galesburg, Ill.
Daniel Fitzgerald...Chicago, Ill.
Charles Jones...Madison, Wis.
Edward Fitzgerald...Amboy, Ill.
Mrs. John Phillpi (Vera Talbott)...Lake Villa, Ill.
Mrs. F. H. Doeden (Nellie Render...Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Mrs. George Fell (Mayme Hurley)...Gridley, Ill.
Gertrude Kearney...El Paso, Ill.
Linnie Lambert...Moberley, Mo.
Merritt Armstrong...El Paso, Ill.
Van Bosworth...El Paso, Ill.
Arnold Michels...El Paso, Ill.
Will Enright...Deceased
Mrs. George Wadsworth (Ollie Armstrong)...Wilder, Ind.
Mildred Davis...El Paso, Ill.
Clara Claussen...Secor, Ill.
Ruth Kyser...Peoria, Ill.
Florence Kyser...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Henry Ioerger (Lorene Miller...Minonk, Ill.
Edith Shuman...North Yakima, Wash.
Sadie Valentine...Deceased
Raymond Williams...Deceased
Emma Krause...Secor, Ill.
Mrs. Kimmemon (Zelma Yambert)...Seton, Ill.
Joseph Render...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Joseph Silldorf (Faye Blumenshine)...Benson, Ill.
Lydia Schroeder...El Paso, Ill.
Rolland Haas...El Paso, Ill.
Ursula Hayden...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Elmer Steen (Hope French)...Wenona, Ill.
Fred Dye...Long Beach, Cal.
Mrs. Leo Render (Claudine Fishburn)...Wenona, Ill.
Barbara Haas...El Paso, Ill.
Albert Jones...Madison, Wis.
Mrs. C. F. Sager (Nellie Swartz)...Speer, Ill.
Leslie Boner...Peru, Ill.
Margaret Mathis...Estherville, Ia.
Mrs. Q. Bullock (Ida Brooks)...El Paso, Ill.
Frances Stambach...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Bond (Laura Schmidt)...E. Peoria, Ill.
Max Smith...El Paso, Ill.
Francis Kearney...Chicago, Ill.
Clay Donner...Laporte, Ind.
Elizabeth Fruin...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. James O. Connell (Blanche Pearson)...El Paso, Ill.
Ruby Reid...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Fred Dye (Miriam Schofield)...Long Beach, Cal.
Mrs. Earl Skinner (Martha Culbertson)...Brooklyn, N. Y.
Mrs. Emory Stephens (Elsa Bingner)...Hudson, Ill.
Mrs. E. J. Bonner (Emma  Remmers)...Pasadena, Cal.
Alma Schroeder...El Paso, Ill.
Reba Williams...El Paso, Ill
Mrs. Ralph Burster (Blanche Schweizer)...El Paso, Ill.
Florence North...El Paso, Ill.
Ralph Burster...El Paso, Ill.
Ralph Crowe...El Paso, Ill.
Merle S. North...El Paso, Ill.
Alice Render...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. C. A. Geiger (Gladys Patton)...Lexington, Ill.
Jennie Shuman...North Yakima, Wash.
Clement Geiger...Lexington, Ill.
Mrs. Leland Potter (Barbara Toussieng)...Buffalo, N. Y.
Ruth Hoagland...Peoria, Ill.
Estella Welch...El Paso, Ill.
Porter Ferrell...El Paso, Ill.
Donald Stitt...Santa Paula, Cal.
Rachael Shuman...North Yakima, Wash.
Olive Engel...Jacksonville, Ill.
Mrs. W. Keifer (Eunice Newton)...Peoria, Ill.
Viola Kensing...Galesburg, Ill.
Mrs. Max Smith (Litta Mohler)...El Paso, Ill.
Grover Jenkins...Decatur, Ill.
Paul Beshers...El Paso, Ill.
Mac Evans...El Paso, Ill.
Leslie Evans...Chicago, Ill.
Helen Shuman...El Paso, Ill.
Earl Heinrich...El Paso, Ill.
Louise Hoagland...Peoria, Ill.
Agnes Stambach...El Paso, Ill.
Josie Hitch...El Paso, Ill.
Charles Klopp...Streator, Ill.
Will Schofield...Moscow, Ida.
Angie Haas...El Paso, Ill.
Cecelia Render...El Paso, Ill.
Amy Ward...Panola, Ill.
Mrs. Robert Moody Louie Pitman...Chillicothe, Ill.
Will Leary...El Paso, Ill.
Neal Davis...Peoria, Ill.
Ruby Faulk...El Paso, Ill.
Josephine Geiger...Bloomington, Ill.
Orville Haas, University Of Illinois...El Paso, Ill.
Caroline Jenkens...El Paso, Ill.
Leanna Klopp...Streator, Ill.
Harold Kring...El Paso, Ill.
Josephine Michels...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Clark Armstrong (Irene Nethercott)...Panola, Ill.
Mae North, Eureka College, '18...El Paso, Ill.
Alpah Patton...El Paso, Ill.
Faye Potter...Peoria, Ill.
Dale Robinson...El Paso, Ill.
Ferne Sadler...El Paso, Ill.
Mildred Shreve...El Paso, Ill.
Grace Snyder...El Paso, Ill.
Floyd Strickland...Lowell, Ind.
Florence Welch...Chicago, Ill.
Agnes Tulley...El Paso, Ill.
Alice Doody...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Verne Bowers (Ruth Armstrong)...El Paso, Ill.
Vera Belsley, Wesleyan...El Paso, Ill.
George Campbell...Spartanburgh, S. Carolina
Edna Crusius...Lexington, Ill.
Vera Crusius...Lexington, Ill.
Belle Debolt...El Paso, Ill.
Herman Leonard...C.S. Osteopathy, Chicago, Ill.
Jesse North...El Paso, Ill.
John Sadler...El Paso, Ill.
Ruth Shepard...Normal, Ill.
Edna Shuman...El Paso, Ill.
Lois Waite...El Paso, Ill.
Marjorie Waite...El Paso, Ill.
Minnie Pierce...El Paso, Ill.
Adline Wolk...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Schafer (Myrtle Fevers)...Hudson, Ill.
Gertrude Worley...El Paso, Ill.
Mrs. Earnest Walston (Mary McKermar)...Hudson, Ill.
Joseph Baker - Ann Arbor...El Paso, Ill.
Nellie Burroughs...El Paso, Ill.
Albert Cryor - Knox...El Paso, Ill.
Malcolm Cryor...Seattle, Wash.
Edna Hall - Wesleyan...El Paso, Ill.
Irene Kennell...El Paso, Ill.
Clyde Stotler...El Paso, Ill.
Sylvester Welch...El Paso, Ill.
Fayette Anthenat...El Paso, Ill
Hurd Adams - University Of Illinois...El Paso, Ill.
Park Barnard...Flanagan, Ill.
Robert Barracks...Decatur, Ill.
Boniface Cleary - University Of Illinois...El Paso, Ill.
Marcella Cleary...El Paso, Ill.
Marguerite Cleary - St. Mary's College...El Paso, Ill.
Carl A. Dodson...El Paso, Ill.
Fred Eft...El Paso, Ill.
Celeste Elting...El Paso, Ill.
Delmar Elting...El Paso, Ill.
Esther Evans - Knox...El Paso, Ill.
Virgil Gordon - Northwestern University...El Paso, Ill.
Ethel Haggard...Panola, Ill.
Florence Ioerger...El Paso, Ill.
Zella Jones...El Paso, Ill.
Dorothey McWilliams - Normal University...El Paso, Ill.
Paul North - University Of Illinois...El Paso, Ill.
Marie Oster - Normal University...El Paso, Ill.
Lewis Sturgeon...Panola, Ill.
Florence Sutton...El Paso, Ill.
Lucile Turner...Peoria, Ill.
Harold Yambert...El Paso, Ill.
Dewey Webber...Flagstaff, Arizona
Cassandra Worley - University Of Illinois...El Paso, Ill.


Berry Bros. Groceries
Jeweler, H. F. Saltsman
El Paso Dry Cleaning Wks., W. T.Andrews, Prop.
J. J. DeMotte, Furniture Store
Boyd & Pinkham - Dealers in Automobiles and Worthy Auto Accessories
J. S. Collins - Fine Tailoring
Gebhardt's Big Variety Store
Elmer Shreve - Groceries and Queensware
The Ed. V. Price & The J. L. Taylor, Tailorings
A. C. Foltz - Barber Shop
Home Piano Company - W. F. Loewenstein
Doud Motor Company
P. H. Andrews - Shoes & Hosiery
John B. Michels - Drug Store
Auburn & Maxwell Cars
Eve Brothers - Plumbing & Heating
F. G. Berta - Jewelry
Burster & Henning Co. - Tailor made clothes
V. F. Bower Garage
C. G. Schroeder - Attorney
Dr. J. M. Fishburn - Dentist

First National Bank of El Paso
A.S. McKinney, President
Robt. Hitch, Vice President
F. B. Stitt, Cashier
L. K. Evans, assistant Cashier
A. H. Waite, M. a. Adams, J. A. Gilmore

has equipped its office with every known device for accuracy and economy of time to handle its enormous volume of business.
Its force of clerks, cashiers, bookkeepers, policy writers, stenographers and graphotype operators are all high-class and proficient.
Miss DeBolt, first cashier, handled through her department more than one hundred thousand dollars in the month of December in checks m denominations of from 80c to $15.00 without a single error. This is a sample of the wonderful system that the Secretary, Mr. F. C. Nichols has installed. The other departments of the Association are just as proficient.
Hundreds of claims are handled weekly by the claim department presided over by Mr. Marvin, Mr. Nutt, Mr. Rich, Mr. Sparks and Miss Kuehling. The Associations wrote more than 22,000 policies in 1916 and this year they expect to write 50,000.
"The Belt" now employs seventeen people, eight of whom were formerly pupils of the El Paso High Schools and it is the policy of the Association to employ so far as possible. El Paso people.
The management extends an invitation to the public school teachers and pupils to inspect their offices and will be only too glad to show you through the different departments.

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