Johnson Cemetery, Woodford County, Illinois

  Partridge Township, Section 28, Woodford County, Illinois.

Surveyed & photographed by Dena Whitesell & Marilyn Buie, March 2009 for Woodford County Genealogy Trails.

Johnson, Homer
d. Sep 24, 1869
s/o J. C. & H. J.

Johnson, Mary Bell
d. Aug 30, 1864
d/o J. C. & H. J., aged 1yr 24d

Johnson, Joseph K.

d. Aug 9, 1859
Aged 59y 7m

Johnson, William C.
d. May 25, 1848
Aged 20y 10m 25d

Long, Clarissa E.
d. Jul 16, 1855
Aged 4y 4m 6d

Snyder, Infant

b. & d. May 12, 1877

Snyder, Isaac N.

Jan 16, 1882
Aged 11m 19d

Snyder, Peter

Jan 27, 1827-Oct 6, 1906

Tunis, Charlotte A.

d. Sep 9, 1864
d/o Wm. & B. E., Aged 2y 18d

Tunis, Martha J.

d. Jul 31, 1863
d/o of Wm. & B. E., Aged 5y 18d

Tunis, Thomas

d. Mar 3, 1864
Civil War Vet

Walker, Charley L.

d. Jun 22, 1876
Aged 11y 1m 11d

Walker, Hety

d. Jun 13, 1865
Aged 29y 3d

The cemetery is located in the middle of a cornfield on the corner of Route 26 & Northfork Road.  There is a junk yard also on this corner.  There are several markers buried.  We were unable to dig them up to identify  them.  Two of them were located witin the vacinity of Joesph K. Johnsons marker.

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