Minonk Jr. 20th Century Club


President: Ann Barr

Vice President: Emily Zivney

Secretary: Fran Whitcomb

Treasurer: Mrs. Russell Campbell

Assistant Secretary & Treasurer: Miss Carol Woltzen

Program Chairman: Mae Copp

Press Reporter: Vera Morton

Scrap Book Editors: Pat Hakes, Marilyn Hakes


Program: Mae Copp, Priscilla Ryan, Bernadette Oltman

Library: Monica Dornbush, Emily Zivney, Pat Reese

Telephone: Vera Morton, Beverly Rients, Fran Whitcomb

Ways and Means: Ritz Zywica, Mary Jane Staples, Pat Hakes


Donna Goff, Iris Ketchmark


Suzi McNamara

Department Chairman

  • Conservation & Gardens: Suzi McNamara
  • Education: Fran Whitcomb
  • Public Health & Welfare: Priscilla Ryan
  • American Citizenship & Legislation: Pat Hakes
  • Literature: Pat Reese
  • Music & Art: Mary Jane Staples
  • Mental Health: Vera Morton
  • Civil Defense & Safety: Emily Zivney
  • Park Ridge School: Iris Ketchmark
  • Illinois Clubwoman, Press & Publicity: Marilyn Hakes
  • Radio, Television & Motion Pictures: Beverly Rients
  • Indian Affairs & International Relations: Mae Copp
  • Veterans Service: Donna Goff
  • American Home: Bernadette Oltman
  • Youth Program: Marge Schmillen

Mrs. Ed Barr Heads Jr. 20th Century Club

Mrs. Edward Barr was elected president of the Minonk Jr. 20th Century Club at the club's regular meeting held on Monday night at the Filger Library in Minonk. Mrs. Ray Zivney was elected vice president; Mrs. Wilbur Whitcomb, secretary; Mrs. Russell Campbell, treasurer; Miss Carol Woltzen, assistant secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Carl Morton, press chairman; Mrs. Dean Hakes and Mrs. Harry Hakes, scrapbook editors; and Mrs. Joe Copp, program chairman. The new officers will be installed at the annual May dinner to e held at the Pines in STreator on Wednesday evening, May 21.

Mrs. Barr and Mrs. Copp were named delegates to the State convention of Illinois Women's Clubs, to be held at the Hotel Sherman in Chicago on May 6,7, and 8, each receiving $25.00 expense money, with Mrs. Ray Zivney as an alternate. It was also decided at the meeting to pay the president and one delegate $3.00 for each board meeting attended out of town.

Mrs. Iris Ketchmark and Mrs. Lora Mae Janssen were accepted into membership with Mrs. Max Poynter's resignation from the club being accepted. Miss Carol Woltzen and Mrs. Donna Goff were named as the yearly auditing committee, and Mrs. Pat Hakes, Mrs. Mary Jane Staples and Mrs. Rita Zwicka being named to the Ways and Means committee for the next season.

It was pointed out that a total of $387.31 is now on hand in the Park Project Fund, and it will be decided at the next meeting if anything is to be done to improve the lighting in the rest rooms with some of the funds on hand. Work on renovating the rest rooms is now in progress, and it is hoped that it will be complete by the time the city's recreation program is started this summer.

It was announced that the Club's Scrapbook, assembled by Mrs. Kenneth Rients, had received Honorable Mention is the district contest.

Members answered roll call with "My Dream Vacation", which included trips all over the world, including Paris, France, Tibet and Hawaii. Mrs. Emmy Davis was guest, and Alice Mae McCackey gave the program, which included the reading of several poems and a musical reading. Mrs. Elmo Davis was program chairman, and Mrs. John Ryan introduced the speaker.

The last meeting of the club year will be the May dinner on Wednesday evening, May 21, with the members meeting at the Chocolate Shop in Minonk by 6 p.m.

Lunch was served from an appropriately decorated table, having a centerpiece of ivy and forcythia with lighted yellow tapers, with Mrs. Carl Morton and Mrs. Max Poynter serving as hostesses.

Junior 20th Century Holds Annual May Dinner

Mrs. Edward Barr, new president of the Minonk Jr. 20 Century club, named her standing committee for the following year at the annual May dinner of that organization held last evening (Wednesday) at the Pines in Streator. The committees are as follows: Program, Mae Copp, chairman, Priscilla Ryan and Bernadette Oltman; Library, Jean Hock, chairman, Monica Dornbursh, and Lois Havener; Membership, Carol Woltzen, chaiman, Donna Goff, and Iris Ketchmark; Courtesy, Susise McNamara; and Telephone, Vera Morton, chairman, Beverly Rients, and Fran Whitcomb.

The club voted to use the remainder of the funds in the park rest room project fund for various items such as wastepaper baskets, mirrors, etc. for the rest rooms, the purchase to be left to the discretion of the committee.

The Ways and Means report was approved, which includes a Holiday Dance and Carnival, to be held during the Christmas holidays and a Spring Style Show. No community project was chosen, but the president asked the members to give the matter serious thought over the summer months.

All organizations which have contributed to the park fund will be remembered with a thank you note, and a note of appreciation to all of the others who aided in the drive for funds to improve the rest rooms of the park will be printed in the News-Dispatch.

The resignation of Margaret Gerdes and Betty Finlen were accepted, and Mrs. Robert Hock, and Mrs. Roert M. Wilcox transferred to the Minonk 20th Century Club.

The outgoing president, Mrs. Ray Oltman, presented gifts to Mrs. John Ryan, III, Mrs. Richard Hock, and Mrs. Edward Barr for having perfect attendance the past season.

Before presenting the gavel to the new president, Mrs. Oltman thanked all of the members for making her term as president a very pleasant and successful one. The club will reconvene on Monday, October 14.

Jr. Twentieth Century Club Held First Meeting - October 1958

The first meeting of the 1958-59 season of the Minonk Jr. 20th Century club was held at the home of Mrs. Ed Barr, Monday, Oct 13.

A most interesting and informative program was given by the state junior secretary, Mrs. Leo Gonigam of Ottwwa, who spoke on the newest junior state project, namely, helping the perceptually handicapped child. She explained the perceptually handicapped child is one who had a brain injury before, during or after birth, and who needs a short period of specialized training and schooling to lead a normal life. Mrs. Gonigan was introduced by the program chairman, Mrs. Joe Copp.

Mrs. Ed Barr, club president, opened the business meeting with the flag pledge and the Jr. Club pledge after which each member responded to roll call with a "Summer Highlight". The secretary's and treasurer's reports were read and approved. Several resignatons were also presented and accepted. Announcement was made that the Minonk Jr. club will be guests of the Gridley Jr. club on Monday, Nov. 17.

Mrs. Kenneth Rients was nominated as club treasurer, and Mrs. Don Reese as assistant secretary and treasurer. Plans were discussed for the annual Holiday Ball to be held the Saturday after Christmas, Dec. 27. Mrs. Ray Oltman, chairman of the ball, said Joe DeZutti and his orchestra, will again furnish the music. Mrs. Ray Zivney, head of the Ground Observer Corps in Minonk, reported on the plane watches held this summer in which the club members participated and on storm warning watch.

Refreshments were served by the hostesses for the evening, Mrs. Pat Reese and Mrs. Pat Hankes, from a table covered with a lace cloth, with a centerpiece of fall flowers and yellow tapers. The next meeting will be the Guest Tea for prospective members at the home of Mrs. Ray Zivney at 8 p.m.

Jr. 20th Century Has Guest Night: Plans Holiday Ball - October 27, 1958

Seventeen members and fourteen guest of the Minonk Jr. 20th Century club enjoyed Guest Night of the club at the lovely home of Mrs. Ray Zivney, Monday evening, Oct. 27 at 8 o'clock.

For the program, Miss Marilyn Miller, Streator area home consultant for Public Service Co., demonstrated differnet foods which can be prepared in an electric fry-pan, electric sauce pan and a rotisserie. After the interesting demonstration, the foods prepared by Miss Miller, were awarded to Suzanne Barth, Mrs. Ed Barr, Mrs. Bobbie Goff and Miss Sharon Sabol. Also on the program, Robert Schmitz, local representative for Public Service Co., showed a film on the importance of adequate wiring in the modern home.

Opening the business meeting, Mrs. Ed Barr, president, welcomed the guests, after which each member responded to roll call, introducing their guest. It was voted to accept the resignation of Mrs. Elmo Davis and to accept an invitation from the Washburn club on Nov. 5. One of the State Junior projects is the Namequa Lodge, school for dependent girls at Rock Island. So to co-operate with the project, the members of the Minonk club will donate clean and attractive clothing to be sent to these girls at Christmas time.

Mrs. Wilbur Whitcomb reported on the sale of "Trick or Treat", candy, which the Minonk club is selling to build a Brain Institute, to treat all type of brain disorders. There will be a Ground Observer Corp alert watch, announced by Mrs. ray Zivney, next Sunday, Nov. 2 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the voting building near the Santa Fe depot.

Mrs. Ray Oltman, chairman of the Holiday Ball to be held on Dec. 27, in the high school gym, announced her committees as follows: Tickets: Fran Whitcomb, chairman, Susie McNamara, Monica Dornbush, Marilyn Hakes. Publicity, Beverly Rients and Louisa Mae Janssen. Decorating, Emily Zivney, chairman, Mary Jane Staples, Ann Barr, Donna Goff, Iris Ketchmark. Booths, Pat Hakes, chairman, Marge Schmillen, Priscilla Ryan. Posters, Rita Zywica, Vera Morton.

It was decided to have a Queen contest in connection with the ball with Donna Goff, chairman. More details on this will be announced later. In addition, Mrs. Harry Hakes was appointed chairman of the carnival at the ball. The president asked Mrs. Virgil Staples, Mrs. Glenn Janssen, along with herself, to meet with the individuals who are interested in securing some recreation facilities for Minonk and to find ways in which the club might help.

Refreshments were served from a beautifuly decorated table, covered with an aqua cloth, the centerpiece being a large bowl of yellow mums, flanked by light brown tapers. Mrs. Ed Barr, president of the club, poured. Hostesses were Mrs. Joseph Copp, Mrs. Ray Oltman, Mrs. John Ryan III, and Mrs. Ray Zivney.

The next meeting date is on Nov. 10 at 8:00 p.m. at the Filger library. The hostesses are to be Mrs. Don Ketchmark and Mrs. Bobie Goff.

The pictures above were resting in this scrapbook with no names attached. If you know who these ladies are, e-mail the county host and she will add them to this file.

Jr. 20th Century Gets Eleven New Members - November 1958

Minonk Jr. 20th Century club met Monday evening at the Filger library with Mrs. Ed Barr, president, presiding. Roll call was "A Safe Driving Hint". Eleven new members voted into the club, were welcomed by the president. They include: Irma Lee, Fran Schwartz, Irma Patterson, Marge Uphoff, Rosemary Sebeny, Alma McRell, Grace Barth, Donna Marshall, Penny Harms, Barbara Meyer and Mary Ann Fewell.

For the program, Mrs. Ray Zivney introduced Sgt. Jack Carlstrom of Joliet, who has served 18 years with the Illinois State Police. Sgt. Carlstrom told of a number of interesting experiences in patrol work. He said the main causes of traffic accidents are three in number: 1. Teenagers with the wrong attitude; 2. Alcoholic drivers, and 3. Routine drivers.

Mrs. Wilbur Whitcom reported a successful sale of "Trick or Treat" candy to aid the Brain Research Institute campaign. Mrs. Virgil Staples was appointed Chief Observer for the Civil Defense unit in Minonk.

Some members are planning to atttend the Gridley Jr. club meeting next Monday, Nov 17. Those who wish to go should contact Mrs. Barr.

Hostesses were Mrs. Bobbie Goff and Mrs. Don Ketchmark. The next meeting will be at the library on Nov. 24, the hostesses being Pat Hakes and Marge Schmillen.

Minonk Junior 20th Century Club Met Monday Evening

Members of the Minonk Jr. 20th Century club met on Monday evening, Nov 24, at the Filger library, at which time Mrs. Joe Copp, assisted by Mrs. Virgil Stagples, program chairman for the evening, showed and described a collection of paintings by American artists from the State Library at Springfield.

The business session was conducted by Mrs. Ed Barr, president. The secretary's report was read by Mrs. Don Reese, and the treasurer's report by Mrs. Kenneth Rients. Roll call was "My Favorite Song", responded to by twenty-five members. A donation was made to the TB association for Christmas seals. Mrs. Raymond Matter was welcomed into the club as a new members, and announcement was made that the Ground Observer Corps will be disbanded on Jan. 31.

The members, after some discussion, made a pledge to the Park Recreation fund, to be used when and if the project goes through. Also, the members were asked to bring the clothing for the girls, ages 12 to 16, at Nameaqua Lodge in Rock Island, to the Jan. 10 meeting.

Mrs. Ray Oltman, Holiday Ball chairman, reported on her committee's plans for the dance to be held Saturday, Dec. 27 at the high school gym. Joe DeZutti and his orchestra are to furnish the music for dancing.

There will also be a small carnival and queen contest in connection with the dance. Mrs. James Meyer and Mrs. Robert Sebeny were appointed by the president to be on the decorating committee for the ball, and all members on the decorating committee will meet at the home of Mrs. Ray Zivney on Monday evening, Dec. 1, to discuss plans. Mrs. Joe Schmillen was made chairman of concessions with Mrs. Carl McRell, Mrs. Don Fewell and Mrs. Wesley Patterson assisting her.

Hostesses for this meeting were Mrs. Harry Hakes and Mrs. Joe Schmillen, who served tasty refreshments. The next meeting will be the annual Christmas party on Dec. 8, at 8 p.m. at the home of the president, Mrs. Ed Barr. Hostesses will be Mrs. Ed Barr, Mrs. Virgil Staples, Mrs. James Zwica and Mrs. Glenn Janssen. There will be a 50¢ gift exchange at this party.

Junior Club Entertained in Barr Home - December 1958

The Junior Club met Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Edward Barr for its christmas meeting and party. The assistant hostesses were Mesdames Glen Janssen, Virgil Staples, and James Zywica. The home was beautifully decorated in Christmas accessories and Mrs. Carl McRell won the centerpiece.

Mrs. Glen Janssen introduced her sister-in-law, Mrs. Dorothy Wilson of Magnolia who gave a talk on Christmas decorations and read of the customs and meaning of Christmas in other lands. She is the president of the Garden Club of Hennepin.

A gift exchange was held. Christmas favors decorated the lunch trays which was in keeping with the holiday season.

The second annual holiday ball sponsored by the Minonk Jr. 20th Century club will be held Saturday night, Dec. 27, at the Minonk Dana Rutland high school gym. Joe DeZutti and his orchestra from Webster Park, will furnish the music for the "Winter Wonderland Ball" which will be held from 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.

Mrs. Ray Oltman is general chairman of the dance, with Mrs. Ray Zivney in charge of the decorating committee and Mrs. James Schmillen head of the "winter carnival" to be held in conjuction with the dance. Mrs. Wilbur Whitcomb is ticket chairman and Mrs. James Zwica making the posters and Mrs. Kenneth Rients handling the publicity. Mrs. Edward Barr is president of the club and is assisting with the general plans for the dance.

Proceeds from the dance will be used to pay the pledge of the Junior club for the purchase of the new athelitc field in Minonk.

The decorations, following the "Winter Wonderland" theme of the dance, promise to be more outstanding than last year's decorations which drew the admiration of all attending. Members of the club will decorate the gym on Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. and all members are urged to help.

The Minonk Boy Scouts will have charge of the check room and the refreshment stand, and all money derived from them will go to the Boy Scouts of Minonk.

The dance was a big success last year, with those attending urging the club members to sponsor a dance during the holidays each year as it provides entertainment for students home from college for the long holiday vacation as well as the high school groups and adults also "looking for a place to go and have fun".

Tickets for the dance can be purchased from Mrs. Fran Whitcomb or any club member. A telephone call to any member will bring a ticket delivered to you door.

Remember the date: Saturday, Dec. 27; time: 9:30 to 12:30, Music by Joe deZutti and his orchestra. Come one! Come all!

Jr. Club's Holiday Ball Is Successful: Profits Go For Field - January 1959

The holdiay ball, Winter Wonderland, sponsored by Minonk Jr. 20th Century club on the night of Saturday, Dec. 27, at the gym, proved to be a success in every way.

Through sale of dance tickets and concessions operated at the ball, the club raised enough money to fulfill its pledge of funds for the new community athletic field.

There were approximately 185 couples present. General chairman was Mrs. Bernadette Oltman, carnival chairman was Mrs. Marge Schmillen, and decorations chairman was Mrs. Emily Zivney. Club president is Mrs. Ann Barr.

This was the second year in which the junior club has sponsored a holiday ball for the benefit of some important local project. A year ago, in December, 1957, they raised funds to fix up the rest rooms at the city park, a project that was completed last June. The proceeds from this year's dance were pledged in advance to the athletic field fund.

The regular meeting of the Jr. 20th Century club will be Monday, Jan. 12 at 8 p.m. at the Filger library. The program will be on Citizenship, program chairman, Mrs. Priscilla Ryan. Roll call will be the name your birth place. Hostesses will be Mrs. Fran Whitcomb and Mrs. Beverly Rients. Members are to bring to this meeting, good clean and wearable clothing for the Namequa Lodge in Rock Island county.

Rev. Bracewell Gives Talk To Junior Group - January 12, 1959

A most interesting talk was given by Rev. Ross Bracewell, pastor of the Minonk Methodist Church at the Jr. Twentieth Century Club Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Wilbur Whitcomb. He told of his experiences as chaplain while he was in the Navy in World Wars I and II.

The meeting was in charge of Mrs. Edward Barr. Members answered with "My Birthplace". Reports were given by Mrs. Kenneth Rients on the holiday ball and the president thanked all who assisted in making it a success. The pledge to the athletic field purchase will be completed from the proceeds of the ball.

Mrs. Joseph McNamara and Mrs. Don Reese will act as chairmen for the spring style show and committees will be appointed later.

Mrs. James Meyer was selected as scrapbook editor to replace Mrs. Harry Hakes who resigned.

Used clothing was brough to be sent to the Nanequa Lodge in Rock Island county and other clothing will be accepted at the Jan. 26 meeting.

Mrs. Kenneith Rients was assisteant hostess and refreshments were served at a tea table at which time Mrs. Edward Barr and Mrs. Joseph Copp poured.

Junior Women Given Review By Mrs. Beyer

Mrs. Herman Beyer, guest speaker at the meeting of the Jr. club at the Legion hall gave the book review, "Green Grows the Ivy" by Ivy Baker Priest which held the attention of the members.

Mrs. Ann Barr presided at the business meeting. The librarian, Miss Gertrude Tucker, the members of the Library board and their wives and husbands were guests along with Miss Sharon Burton of St. Louis, Mo.

Mrs. Virgil Staples, Mrs. Wesley Patterson and Mrs. Edward Barr will meet with the library board at their February meeting in discussing the redecorating of the library. Mrs. Marvin Woltzen and Mrs. Larry Gerdes were welcomed to club membership.

The style show sponsored by the club will be at the high school gym Mar. 13 at 8:30 p.m., using the theme "Jewels of Spring". Mrs. Ann Barr, publicity; Mrs. Greta Zywica, posters; Mesdames Laurrie Janssen, Fran Schwartz, Marilyn Hakes, Barbara Matter, Priscille Ryan, decorating; Mrs. Marge Schmillen, Emily Zivney, Marianne Fewell, Alma McRell, Donna Marshall, ram committee; Mrs. Mary Staples, Mrs. Irma Lee, program committee; Mrs. Beanadette Oltman, Mrs. Vera Morton, prizes; Cinderalla Beauty Shop, hair dresser; Mrs. Rosemary Sebeny, narrator.

Refreshments were served by Mrs. McNamara and Mrs. James Lee.

The next meeting will be a potluck supper at the home of Mrs. Wesley Patterson Feb. 9 at 6:30 p.m. with Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. James Meyer as hostesses.

February 9, 1959

Mrs. James Meyer and Mrs. Wesley Patterson were hostesses for the potluck supper at 6:30 for the members of the Jr. 20th Century club held on Monday evening, Feb. 9 at the home of Mrs. Patterson. Individual tables were cleverly decorated using the Valentine theme and this then was also used on the serving table having a gondola filled with roses and valentines as a centerpiece.

After the potluck, the business meeting was held with the president, Mrs. Ed Barr, presiding. Roll call was "Name Your Favorite Ward". For the club's annual guest night, the members will invite the Flanagan Jr. club, Metamora Jr. club, and the Minonk Sr. 20th Century club, on March 23. Mrs. Robert Iliff, county president, has been invited to this meeting.

Mrs. Joe McNamara, general chairman of the style show, "Sping Splendor", which the club is sponsoring on Friday, March 13, at 8:30 p.m. at the high school gym, reported on the progress being made and named Mrs. W. Whitcomb to replace Mrs. John Ryan on the decorating committee. After much discussion, it was voted to sell tickets to this year's style show in place of a donation at the door, the tickets entitling the purchaser to admittance, a chance on a complete spring ensemble and door prizes.

Mrs. Joe Copp introduced Mrs. Ina Vercler, Woodford county clerk, who gave a detailed description of the duties of the county clerk's office, and gave each member a copy of the Woodford county yearbook, which is compiled by her office.

Before the next meeting on Feb. 23, the members will attend the movie, "Bell, Book and Candle" at the Minonk theatre. Those planning to attend are asked to be at the theatre at 7 p.m. After the show, the business meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Joe Copp.

Jr. 20th Century Met At Copp Home; Saw Movie

On Monday evening, Feb. 23, 30 members of the Minonk Jr. 20th Century club attended the movie, "Bell, Book and "Candle" at the Minonk theatre, after which they went to the home of Mrs. Joe Copp for their business meeting. Two guests were present, Mrs. Donna Oncken and Mrs. Ruth Nix.

During the business meeting, presided over by Mrs. Ed Barr, president, a donation was made to the Heart Fund. Roll call was answered by "A Courtship Memory". An invitation was received from the Sr. 20th Century club of Minonk to be their guests on March 16, the invitation being accepted. A committee was appointed for the Jr. club's annual Guest Night on March 23, namely: Mrs. Monica Dornbush, Mrs. Marge Uphoff, Mrs. Mary Ann Fewell, Mrs. Vera Morton and Mrs. Mary Gerdes. The Flanagan Jr. club, the Metamora Jr. club and the Sr. 20th Century club of Minonk, will be guests of the juniors that evening. Keith Clark, a ballad singer from Ottawa, will be on the program.

Mrs. Joe McNamara, chairman fo the style show, "Spring Splendor", which the club is sponsoring on March 13, at the high school gym, reported the committees and herself were completing their plans and announced when the models are to go for fittings. The three stores participating in this style show are Unique Shop, Kurrle's and Granerts. Tickets for the style show were given out and it was decided to admit children under high school age, accompanied by an adult, free of charge. For anyone over high school age the donation is 50¢.

Mrs. Virgil Staples was a representative of the Jr. club at the February meeting of the library board, and she reported that the board is asking those clubs who use the library as a meeting place to help pay the cost of re-decorating. The members voted to pay $50 as their share toward this project.

The next meeting of the club will be on March 9, at 8:00 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Ray Zivney. The assistant hostesses will be Mrs. Donna Marshall and Mrs. Grace Barth.

Mrs. Joe Copp, Mrs. John Ryan and Mrs. Ray Oltman served cookies and coffee after the meeting.

Spring Fashions to Be Featured at Jr. Club Style Show, Mar. 13

The many facets of fashion will be combined into a spectacular style production called "Spring Splendor", scheduled to be presented by the Minonk Jr. 20th century club at the Minonk Dana Rutland high school gym on Friday, March 13, at 8:30 p.m.

This affair is an annual one, the proceeds of which will be used this year toward redecorating the basement rooms of the Filger library and as is usually the case, the parade of spring and resort attire will be shown in an atmosphere complimenting the title of the show "Spring Splendor".

Club members and other models will model the newest products of Dame Fashion's ingenuity as they walk through the large gym which is to be given the atmosphere of spring by means of decorations done in pink, white and green

Mrs. Joseph McNamara and Mrs. Don Reese are co-chairman of this important event and they are being assisted by the following committees: Decorating, Mrs. Glenn Janssen, Mrs. Wilbur Whitcomb, Mrs. Dean Hakes, Mrs. Barbara Matter, Mrs. Max Schwarze; ramp, Mrs. James Schmillen, Mrs. Ray Zivney, Mrs. Carl McRell, Mrs. Don Fewell, Mrs. Glen Marshall; programs, Mrs. Virgil Staples and Mrs. James Lee; raffle, door prizes and tickets, Mrs. Ray Oltman and Mrs. Carl Morton; posters, Mrs. James Zyuwicka, and pubicity, Mrs. Edward Barr.

Admission will be charged with each ticket entitling the purchaser to a chance on a spring ensemble, and many other door prizes. Children accompanied by an adult will be admitted free. Tickets for the style show may be obtained from any Junior club member, or by contacting the chairmen.

Fashions for the show will be shown through the courtesy of R. Granert & Sons, The Unique Shop, and Kurrle's Department Store, all of Minonk.

Officers of the Jr. club include Mrs. Edward Barr, president; Mrs. Ray Ziney, vice president; Mrs. Wilbur Whitcomb, secretary; Mrs. Kenneth Rients, treasurer, and Mrs. Don Reese, assistant secretary and treasurer.

Jr. 20th Century Club Met on Monday - March 9, 1959

The Minonk Junior Twentieth Century club met Monday evening, March 9, at 8 o'clock at the home of Mrs.Emily Zivney. Mrs. Ann Barr, president of the club presided at the meeting. The reports of the secretary, Mrs. Marjorie Reese, and the treasurer, Mrs. Beverly Rients were read. Roll call was answered by naming the Type of Furnitur I Prefer.

During the business session the members agreed to help pay for the curtain rods for the new draperies at the Filger Library. Donations were made to several Junior state projects, one of them being a scholarship for a teacher of exceptional children. Some of the members volunteered to help clean the library furniture. The president, Mrs. Ed Barr, reported on the 17th district board meeting she attended that afternoon in Bloomington, and made the announcement of the 17th district junior spring convention to be held this year at Piper City on April 4.

Mrs. Susie McNamara and Mrs. Marjorie Reese, co-chairman of the style show, to be given on March 13 at 8:30 o'clock, reported on the final plans for the show, "Spring Splendor" and announced rehearsal for Thursday evening, March 12 at 7:30 o'clock for the younger models and at 8:30 o'clock for the adult models at the high school gym.

Mrs. Armeita Dahl gave an interesting program, taking the member on an imaginary tour of Ireland, pointing out the different spots of interest. Mrs. Vance Morrow, who will apply the make up on the style show models, demonstrated to the members the correct procedure to follow when applying make up.

Guests were Mrs. Harriet Rippel, Mrs. Alma Wilcox, Mrs. Pauline Turchi and Mrs. Emmy Wavis. The hostesses for the evening were Mrs. Donna Marshall and Mrs. Grace Barth.

The next meeting will be March 23 and will be Guest Night, and the Flanagan, Metamora and the Minonk Senior Twentieth Century clubs have been invited to attend. Mrs. Monica Dornbush will be the chairman of the hostess committee for this meeting.

Style Show Scheduled for This Evening - March 13, 1959

Taking part in the style show "Spring Spendor" being sponsored this evening in the high school at 8:30 o'clock by the Minonk Junior 20 Century club are as follows:

Children: Kevin Ketchmark, Greg and Mark Staples, Scott Uphoff, John Whitcomb, Johnnie Hattan, Billy Barr, Howard Harms, Don Harms, Jeff Zivney, Steven Barr, Joseph and Tony Zywica, Richard Goff, Janet Liner.

Cindy Patterson, Paula Murray, Laura Uphoff, Susie Schwartz, Jean Janssen, Cindy and Debby Hakes, Kim Meyer, Carla and Martha McRell, Barbara Goff, Sonjz Hattan, Kathy Ann Fewell.

Glenda Marshall, Jerilyn, Jana, Lynn Ann Oltman, Susan, Joette, Connie, Judy McNamara, Jane Zivney, Cindy and Sue Reese, Mary Kay and Joni Copp, Jane Ann Morton, Marsha Havener.

Teen-Agers and Women: Pauline Turchi, Emily Zivney, Ann Barr, Alma Wilcox, Marianne Fewell, Donna Marshall, Donna Goff, Barbara Meyer, Marilyn Hakes, Laura Janssen, Monica Dornbush, Harriet Rippel.

Irma Patterson, Grace Barth, Alma McRell, Mary Gerdes, Emmy Davis, Alyce Woltzen, Fran Whitcomb, Marge Uphoff, Penny Harms, Fran Schwartz, Irma Lee, Iris Ketchmark.

Betty Timmermann, Martha Wilcox, Susan Hussemann, Vicki Schneider, Ruth Ann Barr, Pamela Kantz, Judy Gangister, Judy Jacek, Sandy Hock, Gloria O'Brien, Jerrilyn Marshall.

Edith Timmerman, Patty Plue, Sharon Scoggan, Sharon Schramm, Ronald Duree, Ronald Smith, Kenny Drummet, Larry Dunham, Bill Bane, Butch Klendowrth, Ray Kapraun.

Jr. 20th Style Show Big Success; Many Prize Winners Listed

The Jr. 20th Century club style show "Sping Splendor", held last Friday evening at the high school gym was a successful affair. The co-chairman this year were Mrs. Bud McNamara and Mrs. Don Reese. Mrs. Rosemary Sebeny was the narrator and Virgil Vivian of Rutland, furnished the music during the style show. The Cinderella Beauty Shop styled many of the models hair and Mrs. Vance Morrow assisted in the make-up of the models. The participating stores were Kurrle's, Unique Shop and Granerts.

Mrs. Ed Barr, president, and Mrs. Ray Zivney, vice president, gave out the door prizes. The winner of the spring outfit was Phyllis Schiffbauer of Tonica. Other prize winners were:

A & P Store, Mrs. Raymond Vissering, Dana: Leslie's Shoe Store, Mrs. Garnet Gerdes; Doraldene Beauty Shop, Mrs. Alice Smith; Vissering's, Mrs. Irma Jean Timmernan' Unique Shop, Mrs. Juanita Jacek; Unique Shop, Gloria O'Brien; Tink's, Mrs. Mildred Cremer; Minonk Theatre, Mrs. Mae Copp; Kurrle's, Mrs. John Renken; Kurrle's, Mrs. Julia Timmerman; Bud's Royal Blue, Linda Redenius; Chicago butchers, Mrs. Ed Folkerts, Flanagan; Granert's, Mrs. A. O. Vollmer, Flanagan; Granert's, Mrs. Esther Robertson; Granert's, Mrs. Jewel Witte; Granert's, Mrs. Velda Dunham, Dana; Minonk Sales Co., Mrs. Eddith Klendowrth, Dana; Morrow Drugs, Mrs. Marg Palmore; Princess, Mrs. John Renken.

Jr. 20th Century Meets In Redecorated Library - March 23, 1959

Minonk Jr. 20th Century Club met Monday evening in the newly redecorated basement meeting room in the Filger Library with Mrs. Ed Barr, president, presiding. Mrs. Wilbur Whitcomb gave the secretary's report, and Mrs. Kenneth Rients gave the treasurer's report. Roll call was answered by each member with "Number of hours devoted to clubwork during the present club year".

Guests included Mrs. Robert Iliff, of Washburn, county president, also Mrs. James Riely, Mrs. Ted Bohlander, and Mrs. Richard Cremer of Minonk, and guests from the senior club and from the Metamora and Flanagan clubs.

For entertainment, Keith Clark, Ottawa English teacher, and recreation director, sany ballads which he has written on the history of La Salle county. The ballads covered a wide sweep of history, including Indians, pioneers, and soldiers.

Mrs. Joseph McNamara, and Mrs. Don Reese, co-chairmen of the style show, gave their report on this successful project and thanked members for their co-operation.

Refreshments were served from a table covered with a green cloth, tall pink tapers, and an Easter lamb cake cnterpiece. Hostesses were Mrs. Merlin Dornbush, chairman, and Mrs. Carl Morton, Mrs. Larry Gerdes, Mrs. Don Fewell and Mrs. Bob Uphoff. Mrs. Robert Iliff and Mrs. Nelson Smith, a guest from Metamora, poured. The next meeting will be April 13, when roll call will be on Current Events and hostesses will be Mrs. Carl McRell, Mrs. Barbara Matter, and Mrs. Adrian Harms.

Mrs. Barr reminded the members of the 17th district Junior Club Spring Convention, to be held at Piper City, April 14. Several Minonk members are planning to attend. She also told members that the club is invited to send a representative to a county meeting to discuss taxes and legislation for raising money to support the public schools.

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