"List of Resident lands in the County of Woodford and State of Illinois,
assessed by S. S. Parke for the year 1843."
Transcribed by Karen Fyke
Note from Karen Fyke
: "The ledger's pages are sewn into a booklet. The cover is made up of newspaper pages (from Chicago newspapers) that are glued together 3 thick to make a sturdy binding paper.  This book is located at the WC Historical Society. Anyone who wants to see the book can contact me by email and set up an appointment to see it."

Kansas Township
Pages 1-7

PattenteePresent OwnerDescriptionSec.TwpAcresVal/acreTot Val
Geo HenshawJ. D. Franklin?? SW1Kansas 20360
Geo. HenshawJehu HenshawE1/2 SW1Kansas 20360
Edw. Marsh       
Zach. Brown SW SE2Kansas 403120
Orman Robertson Se SE2Kansas 403.5140
J. W. BrownZach BrownNE SE 10Kansas 403120
Isaac AllenZach BrownSe Se10Kansas 404160
W. C. AllenZach BrownSW SE10Kansas 403120
O. Robertson E ½ E ½ SW11Kansas 405200
O RobertsonZach BrownW ½ SW11Kansas 405200
Zach BrownZach BrownSE NW11Kansas 403120
Sam’lBrownO. RobertsonNW SE11Kansas 403120
Geo. HinshawJ. D. FranklinW ½ E ½ SE11Kansas 403.5140
Geo. HinshawJehu HenshawE ½ SE11Kansas 403.5140
Abraham Carlock W ½ SW11Kansas 803240
E. Dixon   10Kansas    
John Grigg (?)  16Kansas    
A. Peeler  17Kansas    
G. O. CarlockWm. A. Linninge?S ½ W ½ SE17Kansas 10440
G. O. Carlock  17Kansas    
J. Benson  17Kansas SE ?  
Ebew. Rhodes  17Kansas    
Jehu Benson  17Kansas    
John Hay (?)  17Kansas    
Wm. Tiliason (?)  17Kansas    
B. F. Rowell  17Kansas    
S. PhillipsP. M. BrownM ½ SE18Kansas 803240
S. Kirkpatrick 3 ½ SE 18Kansas 803240
R. CarlockWinton CarlockW ½ SE NE18Kansas 203.570
R. Carlock 3 ½ SE NE18Kansas 20360
Jeremiah BrownJ. W. BrownPt SW ?18Kansas 20360
B. Taylor (?)James BrownPt ?18Kansas 34.723104.16
B. Snyder (?)R. C. BrownPt ?18Kansas 20360
R. CarlockM. W. BrownPt18Kansas 20360
? BrownC. GarberPt18Kansas 20360
T. A. McCord (?)Wm. McKeeSW NE 18Kansas 403160
James L. McCord E ½ NW18Kansas 58.423175.26
S. D. Taylor  18Kansas    
Thomas Brown  18Kansas    
R. Carlock Pt W ½ NW18Kansas 20360
Thomas Brownc. GarberPt W NE18Kansas 20360
Josiah BrownP. M. BrownSW pt19Kansas 1133.5395.5
J. BrownPhilip M. BrownNW pt19Kansas 110.944451.76
W. CarlockW. CarlockSW SE19Kansas 403.5140
S. Kirkpatrick W ½ NE19Kansas 8043.2
S. Kirkpatrick NW SE19Kansas 404160
R. Carlock Se NE 19Kansas 404160
J. AllenR. CarlockNE NE 19Kansas 403120
J. AllenR. CarlockSE SE19Kansas 404.5180
R. PhillipsMrs. PhillipsNE SE19Kansas 403120
A. Carlock NE NW19Kansas 403120
R. Carlock E ½ NE19Kansas 803240
R. Carlock NW NE19Kansas 403120
M. CarlockR. C. BrownSW NE 19Kansas 403120
J. Grigg  19Kansas    
M. & T. McCord NE19Kanas1604.5720
A. A. Stout       
John Murphy       
J. R. Smallwood       
J. Wilkerson       
Rachel Vandiver  20    
Rebecca Vandiver       
Jacob Carver       
C. Harp  21    
Jas Harp       
Young BilbrayWm. H. ShipmanNW25 1604.5720
M. C. MooreAbraham HawnSE SW  404160
M. C. Moore“SW SW  404160
“Wm. H ShipmanNE SW  404160
““NW SW  404160
P. Smallwood  26    
Jas. McCaffetyJ. Kendlespeyer (?)E ½ SE  804320
s. y. Barnardo NE  1604.5720
Lewis Jackson  28    
Mary Wood  28 804320
E. PatrickJosiah MooreW ½ NW  804320
A & E(?) PatrickEliz. PatrickE ½ NE 29 804320
A & E PatrickAllen PatrickE ½ NW Kansas 804320
A. Patrick W ½ NE ‘804320
M. B. GoodpastureJacob KendlespeyerNE35‘1604640
Conrad Mohre (?) E ½ NW ‘804320
G. D. Smallwood  36‘   
S. D. Henthorne  3127 2EPanola   
“   Panola   
J. Moore (?)F. J. BernardN ½ SE125 1Kansas803240
Josiah Moore“SE SW ‘403120
B. J. Radford ?E ½ SE ‘25375
“H. B. MeekptE ½ SE ‘353105
“   ‘   
C. S. Parke (?) NE NE  ‘403120
R. T. Goodwin   ‘   
“   ‘   
Jacob ButcherL. P. GorinW 1/2N°2 NE““’41.423124.26
G. P. Wood“W NE  ‘453135
“   ‘   
R. T. Goodwin  2‘   
Thos Fish   ‘   
Wm. Niergarth SW NW3‘405200
S. WalterH. GrovesNE NW ‘48.263144.78
““SW NE  ‘403120
S. TrimbleHenry BuilderE ½ NE N23‘48.153144.45
T. BullockS.P. GorinN1/2 SW NW4‘20360
“   ‘   
R. Ayers   ‘   
W. Niergarth NE NE  ‘50.513151.53
“ E1/2 SE ‘803240
J. N. finleyWm. NiergarthptSe NE ‘1.2533.75
j. N. FinleyB. P. KellyPt SE NE Kansas 38.753116.25
p. 7   ‘   
Geo. Gibson NE SW ‘403120
Chris Rouppe NE SW ‘403120
John Maris Jr E1/2 NW5‘91.213273.63
J. Maris Sr. W1/2 NE ‘91.193273.57
Jos Belsley E1/2 NE ‘91.193273.57
Jas WellsJas WellsNE SW ‘403120
Jno Wells NW SE ‘403120
J. BirdD. AllisonN1/2 NW6‘100.965504.8
W. A. Bird“S1/2 NW ‘805400
Jas. MarisJos. MarisW1/2 NE ‘92.214368.84
““SE SW ‘39.283117.84
““SW SE ‘403120
Thos KincaidJesse (?) MarisNW SE ‘404160
D Allison NE SW ‘39.283117.84
G. Allison“NW SW ‘39.283117.84
S. AllisonH. M. RobinsonSW SW ‘39.284157.12
J. (?) AllisonJ. M. AllisonW1/2 SW7‘79.063.5276.77
Mosey Seymour   ‘   
“   ‘   
Chas M Lara (?)   ‘   
Jas Wells NE NE  ‘405200
Thos KincaidT. KincaidSW SW 8‘403120
J. Maris“NW SE8‘404160
M H. BullockP. SummersSE SE ‘403120
Jno Wells SE NW‘‘’403120
John Su???   ‘   
Tho Kincaid SW SSE‘‘203.570
“James WellsS1/2 SWSE ‘20360
C. Roppe W1/2 NW ‘804320
John Harbert   ‘   

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