Lone Hill Cemetery,
Woodford County, Illinois

Cemetery is located off of Coon Creek Road, approx. 1 mile east of Route 26.  The cemetery sits on TOP of a hill, with access only through PRIVATE property.

Surveyed and photographed by Dena Whitesell and Marilyn Buie.  Additional data provided by Marilyn.
Page updated Nov. 6, 2009





Baechler, Charles

d. January 1, 1873

age 10wk, s/o A. & M. Baechlor

Baechler, Simeon

d. Nov 11, 1872

age 2yr 3m 11d, s/o A. & M. Baechlor

Baer, Charles


Aged 39yr 9m

Baer, Eliza Jane

d. Apr 22, 1881

age 34yr 7m 24d, d/o of J. & S. Baer

Baer, Grant

d. 1864

age 11m, s/o J. & S. Baer


Baer, Joseph

d. May 7, 1869

age 43yr 2m

Barney, Anna

d. 1856

age 1yr, d/o J. G. & A. E. Barney


Barney, Elenor

d. Mar 29, 1852

4 yr 7 m 9d,  d/o J. C. & A. E. Barney


Barney, Phebe J.

d. Jun 25, 1854

age 5m 10d, d/o J. C. & A. E. Barney

Bernard, Larence

d. Apr 6, 1881

age 35yr

DeGuibert, Albert

d. Aug 31, 1863

aged 1yr 9m, s/o Louis A. & Lizzie DeGuibert, "Our Little Albert"

DeGuibert, Anna R. (Roselli Boulier)

d. Feb 3,1871

age 60yr, w/o Louis A. DeGuibert, additional marker, born in France

DeGuibert, Bud

d. Jul 8, 1863

s/o Louis A. & Lizzie DeGuibert, known as"Broken Bud", real name was Eugene,
b. Jul 8, 1865

DeGuibert, Louis A.

Jan 2, 1782-Aug 30, 1866

additional marker, born in France, he & Anna had one son.

DeGuibert, Louis Ellwood McGuire

Jan 20, 1899-Feb 11, 1899

son of Guy & Edna deGuibert, Obit, aka Louis William Ellwood McGuire

DeGuibert, Elizabeth Hoshor


w/o Louis A. DeGuibert, "Lizzie",  Born Jan. 9, 1843 in Woodford Co.  Died March 19, 1922, obit

DeGuibert, Louis A.


h/o Elizabeth Hoshor, bio
 Born Nov. 10, 1838 in Woodford Co.  Died Nov. 7, 1913 in Woodford Co.  He and Lizzie had 9 children  8 Sons, 1 Daughter, obit

DeGuibert, Sidney J.

d. Jan 24, 1921

age 48yr 3m,  Aurevoir Reposes en Paix” engraved on tombstone.  Born Sept. 27, 1872;  s/o Louis and Lizzie.  Was married to Dora Olive Foster at death; Had 3 daughters; obit,
additional obit

DeGuibert, Talbott S.

d. Feb 18, 1892

age 25yr 1m 21d;  Born Dec. 28, 1866,  Married to Joanna Miller at death.  Had 2 sons

Hadlock, Almenia

d. Oct. 14, 1889

age 80yr 21d, w/o Benjamin Hadlock

Hadlock, Benjamin

d. 1875

age 72yr 2m 20d

Hadlock, Elizabeth

d. Aug 24, 1854

age 74yr 6m 3d, w/o David Hadlock

Hadlock, Phebe A.

d. Sept 25, 1854

age 1yr 7m 1d, d/o W. & H. Hadlock

Higgins, Elizabeth

d. Aug 30, 1855

age 20yr 9m 3d, d/o C. & D. Higgins

Metty, Leander

d. August 25, 1865

age 23yr 2m, s/o Joseph & Oudile Metty
Born Aug. 1842, Died Oct. 26, 1865

Sowards, John

d. Jan 27, 1871

age 35yr 5m 18d, s/o Daniel & Sarah Ann Sowards

Sowards, Sarah Ann (Mullins/Mullen)

d. May 7, 1891

age 81yr, "Our Mother";  Daughter of John Mullen and Kezieh Abrams Sarah was born in OH abt. Aug. 9, 1806-1810; Sarah was married to William Sowards/Seward


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