The St. Cecilia's Young Ladies Society, 1907

Bottom row:  Josephine Alig [m. Alphonse J. Nauman], Rosalie Kerker [m. David Winkler], Elizabeth Kneip [m. Albert F. Grebner], Mary Roth [m. Bernard Fuchs], Mollie Rohman [m. Bernard Kohl], Melinda Rohman [m. Bernard Dubois].

Second row:  Tillie Alig [m. Peter E. Eckstein], Anna Schwenk [m. Mr. Russell], Emma Studer [m. Ferdinand Eckstein], Jenny Kerker [m. Albert Waechter], Elizabeth Chilly [m. Frank Dubois], Laura Rohman [m. George Fandel], Lena Nauman [Frank Studer].

Top row:  Anna Schneider, Catherine Kneip [m. George A. Noe], Carrie Noe [m. John Meister], Josephine Schwenk [m. Mr. Huhnke], Margaret Alig [m. Lawrence Nauman], Vernoica Alig [m. William P. Meister], Elizabeth Alig [m. Michael G. Fandel]


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