Woodford County, Illinois  Marriage Announcements

Also see: Woodford County Marriage Applicants 1841-1868

And: Marriages, 1841-1870

Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society
Vol. 14, April - July, 1921, No. 1-2
Vol. XIV, No. 1
Compiled by Mrs. George Spangler, Historian Peoria, Chapter Daughters of American Revolution.
1. Peter Hininger to Margaret Horn, June 8th, 1841, by Mathew Bracken.
2. Robert Jones to Eve Gross, June 6th, 1841, by Fr. H. Dechman.
3. John Becker to Madaline Rogey.
4. Christian Sherts to Catherine Engle, July 29th, 1841, by J. Naufizingen.
5. John T. Becker to Mary Jane Bernard, July 26th, 1841, by Phillip Q. Young.  M.
6. Isaac M. Allison to Ann Moffet.
7. Christian Sein to Elizabeth Landis, Sept. 5th, 1841, by J. Baughman.
8. Charles Bernard to Margaret Lewis, Sept. 5th, 1841, by P. Q. Young.
9. Felty Berkey to Madaline Bettstey, Sept. 12th, 1841,by J. Naufzinigen.
10. Thos. Evans to Elizabeth Lynch, Oct. 7th, 1841, by Thornton Walker.
11. Jeremiah Hodges to Sowards, Oct. 20th, 1841, by Thornton Parker.
12. John Knights to Elizabeth Kingston, Oct. 21st, 1841, by R. B. McCorkle.  M. G.
13. Samuel Minors to Amanda Capel, Nov. 4th, 1841, by Wm. Davenport.
14. Wm. S. King to Eliza M. Stevens, Nov. 9th, 1841, by S. Q. Cross.  M. G.
15. Peter Forney to Madaline Oyer, Nov. 20th, 1841, by  M. Mosman.
16. Thos. Brownfield to Elizabeth Grove, Nov. 18th, 1841, by R. B. McCorkle.
17. Geo. . Barney to Mary Ann Rathbone, Nov. 28th, 1841, by Benj. Williams.
18. Alman J. Robinson to Hannah Crocken, Jan. 2nd, 1842, by Thornton Parker.
19. James Vantine to Melissa Black, Jan. 2nd, 1842, by Benj. Williams.
20. James L. Horton to Sarah Jane Dorety, Jan. 6th, 1842, by S. Q. Cross.
21. Wm. H. Benton to Elaine Page, Jan. 13th, 1842, by R. B. McCorkle.
22. Lewis Sweeney to Mary Ann Weckins, Feb. 16th, 1842, by James Robinson.
23. Benj. Rediger to Barbara Oyer, Mar. 28th, 1842, by Andrew Baughman.
24. Henry M. Robinson to Nancy Allison, Mar. 30th, 1842, by R. H. Moffet.
25. John Tannton to Hannah Grove, Mar. 31st, 1842, by R. B. McCorkle.
26. Geo. Yeckley to Jacobina Yerkey, April 26th, 1842, by Thornton Parker.
27. Solomon Davidson to Lucy Ann Willis, May 4th, 1842, by Jas. Robinson.
28. John Bennon to Elizabeth Long, May 23rd, 1842, by James Robinson.
29. Geo. W. Hobson to Eliza J. Bracken, May 26th, 1842, by Nathan W. Curtis.
30. Saml. Rodecker to.., June 1st, 1842, by R. H. Moffet.
31. Sam C. White to Nancy McClain, July 14th, 1842, by Levi Moulton.
32. Winton Carlock to Lydia Gaddis, July 14th, 1842, by H.
33. Michael Bettstey to.., July 24th, 1842,by J. Naufzingen.
34. Thos. H. Jenning to Amy Ann Hobson, Aug. 28th, 1842, by W. C. Moore.
35. Andrew N. Page to Nancy A. Grove, Sept. 22nd, 1842, by R. B. McCorkle.
36. Wm. Rockwell to Susan F. Reeden, Sept. 29th, 1842, by Daniel Jones.
37. Jos. Albrigh to Barbara Gingrey, Oct. 15th, 1842, by Andrew Baughman.
38. Phillip M. Brown to Fanny Gaddis, Oct. 20th, 1842, by Homer Peeber.
39. Wm. S. Magarity to Sarah C. Travis, Nov. 3rd, 1842, by Wm. Davenport.
40. Richard Bracken to Mary Ann Gavin, Nov. 10th, 1842, by Nathan W. L. Curtis.
41. Robert Jones to Mary Beck, Nov. 13th, 1842, by Thornton Parker.
42. John J. Simmons to Clarisa Crawford, Dec. 15th, 1842, by Geo. Whitman.
43. John Miller to Elizabeth A. Quincy, Jan. 26th, 1843, by Wm. Davenport.
44. Wm. Bamby to Catherine Baker, Feb. 12th, 1843, by Isaac Roberson.
45. John Masa to Celia B. Dickinson, Mar. 16th, 1843, by Isaac Roberson.
46. Henry R. Savage to Margaret Miller, April 24th, 1843, by Geo. Ray.
47. Saml. Grant to Elizabeth Potters, April 13th, 1843, by Isaac Roberson.
48. Wanton Parker to Ann Patterson, May 11th, 1843, by S. I. Cross.
49. David Ames to Sophia Fields, June 15th, 1843, by Geo. Whitman.
50. Hiner Parker to Woolsey, June 20th, 1843, by Wm. Davenport.
51. Turner Cross to Ebalina Watkins, July 6th, 1843, by Jas. Roberson.
52. Henry Bouliar to Mary Savage, July 31st, 1843, by N. J. Stahl.
53. Daniel Forgive to Delila Murphy, July 20th, 1843, by Amos Watkins.
54. John I. Davenport to Lucy A. Bullock, Aug. 23rd, 1843, by H. O. Palmer.  M. G.
55. James Wright to Eve Margaret Grove, Aug. 24th, 1843, by N.W. I. Curtis.
56. Peter Stine to Ann Maxom, Aug. 24th, 1843, by Geo. Whitman.
57. John Sherts to Madaline Engle, Sept. 3rd, 1843, by John Naufzingen.
58. Garnet B. North to Jane Mundell, Aug. 31st, 1843, by Jas. Roberson.
59. Silas Gaddis to Saline Iben, Sept. 19th, 1843, by Jas. Roberson.
60. Wm. Turner to Sarah Ann Mundell, Sept. 21st, 1843, by Morgan Buckingham.
61. Wm. Hodge to Sarah Hopkins, Sept. 23rd, 1843, by Jefferson Horhan.
62. Joseph Shoats to Elizabeth Naufzingen, Oct. 3rd, 1843, by John Naufzingen.
63. Benjamin Grove to Hannah Rinehart, Oct. 5th, 1843, by N. W. I. Curtis.
64. Jacob Garritson to Catherine E. Genoways, Oct. 19th, 1843, by Z. Hall.
65. Peter Fifer to Mary Curtis, Oct. 19th, 1843, by Z. Hall.
66. Jacob Dowen to Mary Moory, Nov. 7th, 1843, by John Naufzingen.
67. Joseph Brown to Minerva Williams, Nov. 19th, 1843, by Amos Watkins.
68. Jas. Hodge to Sarah Vantine, Nov. 25th, 1843, by Thornton Parker.
69. Christopher Winkler to Elizabeth Snyder, Dec. 26th, 1843, by H. Bartles.
70. Robert Mauhzites to Eliza Coons, Jan. 1844, by Wells Anderson.
71. Peter Kennen to Catherine Baughman, Jan. 16th, 1844, by John Gentry.
72. John D. Clark to Louisa M. Clark, Feb. 18th, 1844, by Thos. Brown.
73. John D. Grant to Judith A. Nagan, Feb. 22nd, 1844, by S. P. Gorin.
74. Wm. Hoshor to Emily........
75. Christian Kennell to Madaline Kemp, June 9th, 1844, by John Gentry.
76. Jacob ....June 30th, 1844, by Jefferson Horhan.
77. John Evans to Mary Parker, Aug. 8th, 1844, by Wm. Davenport.
78. Charles Moliter to Mary Phillip, Sept. 13th, 1844, by Thornton Parker.
79. Cyrus A. Genoway to Diana Burt, Sept. 19th, 1844, by Thornton Parker.
80. Wm. Hoshor to Emily Munn, Sept. 13th, 1844, by Thornton Parker.
81. James Brown to Malula Carlock, Sept. 22nd, 1844, by A. Watkins.
82. Benj. W. Kindig to Elizabeth Page, Sept. 26th, 1844, by R. B. McCorkle.
83. Garret Armstrong to Malinda Patrick, Sept. 25th, 1844, by S. P. Gorin.
84. Thornton Parker to Martha Applegate, Oct. 22nd, 1844, by S. Q. Cross.
85. Wm. Mott to Mary Ann Morris, Oct. 27th, 1844, by Jas. Robeson.
86. Jas. Cannon to Mary Pratt, Nov. 7th, 1844, by Harlow Barney.
87. Wm. C. Martin to Sarah Emily Davidson, Nov. 16th, 1844, by Jas. Robeson.
88. Peter Weaver to Elizabeth Siple, Nov. 20th, 1844, by Thornton Parker.
89. Samuel Q. Cross to Nancy A. Stephenson, Nov. 14th, 1844, by A. E. Phelps.
90. Ransom Rathbone to Elizabeth Beltz, Nov. 19th, 1844, by Thornton Parker.
91. Edwin G. A......to Charlotte Allison, Nov. 20th, 1844, by R. N. Moffet.
92. Wm. Caldwell, Jr., to Belinda Thomas.
93. James Crusenbury to Samantha Jane Brown, Dec. 19th, 1844, by Abner Peeber.
94. Conrad Bautz to Mary Jane Bettion, Jan. 11th, 1845, by Thornton Parker.
95. Jos. Rosenberg to Veronica Bombeck, Jan. 9th, 1845, by A. Montuori.
96. John Sumner to Mary Wenzel, Jan. 14th, 1845, by A. Montouri.
97. Alfred Williams to Elnora Deove, Jan. 11th, 1845, by Thornton Parker.
98. Alexander M. Laughlin to Harriet F. Kingsbury, Feb. 5th, 1845, by G. W. Elliott.
99. David Kindig to Elizabeth J. McCord, Feb. 15th, 1845, by R. B. McCorkle.
100. Harris Whittaker to Charlotte Ann Duycus, Feb. 27th, 1845, by Thornton Parker.
101. David Smith to Minerva Jane Gardner, Mar. 14th, 1845, by Jas. Robeson.
102. Isaac Bettion to Susan Bartels, Mar. 17th, 1845, by
103. Wm. Clevan to Elizabeth Cannon, Mar. 27th, 1845, by Harlow Barney.
104. Isaac Watkins to Mary Goings, April 6th, 1845, by Amos A. Brown.
105. David B. Gibbs to Ellen Louisa Neil, April 10th, 1845, by Geo. Ray.
106. R. H. Hardy to Eliza Powers, April 10th, 1845, by Geo. Ray.
107. Wilson Tucker to Sarah Elizabeth Berry, April 27th, 1845, by Wm. Davenport.
108. Frederick Egody to Susan Bartel, May 24th, 1845, by Jefferson Hoshor.
109. Presbury W. Hoxie to Lucinda R. Sherman, May 15th, 1845, by H. G. Weston.
110. Alfred Brozzelton to Delilah Crusinbury, June 8th, 1845, by Amos Watkins.
111. Lewis Ferree to Mary Ann Miller, June 9th, 1845, by S. Q. Cross.
112. Peter T. Weber to Elizabeth C. Kern, June 24th, 1845, by G. W. Elliott.
113. John Q. Perry to Martha Elizabeth Todd, June 19th, 1845, by Wm. Davenport.
114. Horace Clarke to Mary Elizabeth Kingsbury, July 31st, 1845, by G. W. Elliott
115. Jos. Parker to Susan Moulton, July 31st, 1845, by Thornton Parker.
116. Zephaniah E. Atterbury to Eliza Jane Moore, Sept. 4th, 1845, by Jas. Robeson.
117. Richard Hammett to Nancy Cannon, Oct. 5th, 1845, by Harlow Barney.
118. Samuel S. Burt to Angelina Rice, Oct 23rd, 1845, by Thornton Parker.
119. David Graff to Barbar Jane Grove, Oct. 25th, 1845, by Chas. Babcock.
120. Peter Engle to Barbara Naffsinger, Oct. 26th, 1845, by John Noffsinger.
121. Robert Owen to Mary Clingman, Dec. 9th, 1845, by Wm. E. Buckingham.
122. John Mason to Sarah Knidelspyer, Dec. 18th, 1845, by John P. Eckles.
123. Reuben Moulton to Susanah Ricketts, Dec. 27th, 1845, by S. Q. Cross.
124. Jas. Moore to Lavina Brown, Jan. 25th, 1846, by Abner Peeber.
125. Phillip Jenkins to Malinda Sweet, Feb. 1st, 1846, by H. G. Weston.
126. Samuel Nichola to Sarah Hodge, Feb. 9th, 1846, by Thornton Parker.
127. Geo. Hadlock to Sarah Ayers, Feb. 8th, 1846, by Harlow Barney.
128. Richard Hammett to Sarah Parker, Feb. 26th, 1846, by S. Q. Cross.
129. Wm. P. Lucas to Margaret W. Park, Mar. 12th, 1846, by H. D. Palmer.
130. Wm. Wright to Sylvana Potter, Mar. 11th, 1846, by Harlow Barney.
131. Alexander Woodcock to Martha Delong, Mar. 15th, 1846, by Thornton Parker.
132. James Worley to Martha Ann Mulin, Apr. 11th, 1846, by Harlow Barney.
133. Amijah Doolittle to Sarah Johnson, Apr. 8th, 1846, by George Ray.
134. Lewis Miller to Lydia Woodcock, May 20th, 1846, by Jefferson Hoshor.
135. Edmond S. Harris to Amy Abagail Taylor, May 19th, 1846, by W. E. Buckingham.
136. Peter Schertz to Magdalina Garber, June 8th, 1846, by John Naffsinger.
137. Geo. Remley to Helen Rice, June 4th, 1846, by W. E. Buckingham.
138. Samuel T. Snavely to Hilpa Dixon, June 23rd, 1846, by Jas. Robenson.
139. Irad M. Havens to Nancy Murphy, June 25th, 1846, by Robert Baker.
140. Jessie D. Havens to Martha M. Curtis, June 25th, 1846, by Chas. Babcock.
141. John Karker to Eve Parr, July 23rd, 1846.
142. Lewis Hughes to Elizabeth J. Robinson, Sept. 1st, 1846, by Amos Watkin.
143. Christian Esch to Nancy Garber, Aug. 30th, 1846, by Andrew Baughman.
144. John Wells to Caroline R. Allison, Sept. 15th, 1846, by G. Moore.
145. Marshall E. Davidson to Virginia C. Gorin, Sept. 9th, 1846, by Jas. Robeson.
146. Joseph C. Eccles to Susanah F. Davidson, Sept. 10th, 1846, by S. P. Gorin.
147. Newton York to Mary Laton, Sept. 10th, 1846, by W. C. Moore.
148. Geo. W. Doneho to Melisa Burt, Sept. 17th, 1846, by Chas. Babcock.
149. Robert W. Summers to Elasta W. Moore, Sept. 30th, 1846, by Q. R. Lowra-.
150. Thos. I. Clark to Louisa E. Stephenson, Oct. 1st, 1846, by Q. R. Lowra-.
151. Jos. Shirts to Ann Zehr, Nov. 8th, 1846, by John Naffsinger.
152. John Gary Barney to Ann Eliza Hadlock, Nov. 8th, 1846, by Harlow Barney.
153. Francis J. Barnard to Mary Mohr, Nov. 12th, 1846, by Amos Watkins.
154. John Snyder to Susan Caldwell, Dec. 15th, 1846, by Jefferson Hoshor.
155. John Boyden to Jane Gunn, Dec. 26th, 1846, by S. Q. Cross.
156. Jacob Younger to Mary Hertz, Jan. 14th, 1847, by Amos. A. Brown.
157. John Small to Nancy Ramsey, Jan. 13th, 1847, by Stephen R. Beggs.
158. John Ropp to Nancy Forney, Feb. 21st, 1847, by Christian Ropp.
159. John O. McCord to Rebecca Jane McFadden, Feb. 25th, 1847, by A. Watkins.
160. John D. Carson to Emily Moulton, Mar. 4th, 1847, by W. E. Buckingham.
161. Valentine Burkey to Madaline Naffsinger, Mar. 14th, 1847, by John Naffsinger.
162. Valentine Strapp to Barbara Gingery, Mar. 28th, 1847, by Christian Ropp.
163. William T. Woosley to Cenith A. Dewees, April 8th, 1847, by Jas. Robeson.
164. Clinton L. Genoways to Minnie Mundell, April 1st, 1847, by S. Q. Cross.
165. Wm. A. Jennings to Mary Ann Robinson, April 15th, 1847, by W. Davenport.
166. John Peter Miller to Gusteen Claudin, Mav 21st, 1847, by S. Q. Cross.
167. Miletus West to Arabella Fauber, May 31st, 1847, by Patton Mitchel.
168. Phillip Robinson to Barbara Eckstein, June 27th, 1847, by A. Doyle.
169. Allen Hart to Lucy Ann Davidson, July 11th, 1847, by Isaac Messer.
170. Absalom Hoshor to May Jane Sowards, July 18th, 1847, by Harlow Barney.
171. Dempsey Hawkins to Mary Jane Owens, Aug. 3rd, 1847, by Jefferson Hoshor.
172. Nathan O. Keeler to Mary Jane Arnold, Aug. 12th, by Jas. Robeson.
173. Jefferson Hewett to Hannah Elinor Maxon, July 29th, 1847, by N. W. I. Curtis.
174. Samuel Mullin to Sophia Ames, Aug. 22nd, 1847, by Abner Mundell.
175. Jas. Shanklin to Sophia Catherine Crager, Aug. 25th, 1847, by Geo. Ray.
176. Michael Griner to Louisa Shock, Sept. 2nd, 1847, by M. Ruppilius.
177. Jas. M. Lee to Melissa Calfina Gunn, Sept. 6th, 1847, by Benj. Younger.
178. Samuel W. Schleigh to Ellen O. Neil, Sept. 9th, 1847, by Wm. C. Pointer.
179. Geo. Phipp to Elizah King, Sept. 15th, 1847, by A. Mundell.
180. Abraham Richey to Elizah Ann Evans, Sept. 25th, 1847, by S. Q. Cross.
181. Like T. Gardner to Sarah Moore, Oct. 10th, 1847, by McCord.
182. Christian Gingery to Elizabeth Shirtz, Oct. 24th, by Andrew Baughman.
183. Eugene Claudin to Mary Ann Parsons, Oct. 16th, 1847, by S. Q. Cross.
184. Wm. Major to Mary E. Dickenson, Oct. 21st, 1847, by Wm. Davenport.
185. David Bailey to Nancy P. Jones, Nov. 12th, 1847, by C. N. Boblitt.
186. Isaac Brown to Narcissus Moore, Jan. 2nd, 1848, by Abner Peeber.

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