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Businesses Advertising in the Washburn Memorial Day Program - 30 May 1885
contributed by Karen Fyke

Washburn Memorial Day (May 30, 1885) advertisement.  Below you will see the Civil War soldiers listed, then the businesses that advertised in that advertisement


Ireland, Frank N.
Passage tickets, real estate, loans, notary public, farm insurance, live stock insurance, conveyancing, titles examined and taxes paid.

Stephens, P. S.
Blacksmith and Wagon Maker. Is fully prepared to do any and all kinds of blacksmithing, wagon and carriage work. A good turning lathe for repairing machinery of all kinds. We guarantee satisfaction. Prices as low as any.

Stire & Gell, Lacon, IL
Merchant Tailors and Clothiers. An immense stock of cloths on hand, which will be made up into suits of the latest styles at lowest prices. Call and see.

The Lacon Home Journal
Is the place to go to for printing of any description. Low prices and good work. The oldest established paper in Central Ill.

Taylor & McWhinney, Meat Market
At the old stand, keep constantly on hand the best fresh meat, hams, mess pork, dried beef and fish. Our wagon makes semi-weekly trips in the vicinity of Washburn.

Washburn Carriage and Wagon Factory
The Mendota and Standard Wagons. All kinds repairing done in first-class manner, and all work warranted. John P. Lutz, Washburn, Illinois. Co. B, 11th Ill Infantry

Sangbush, August
Suggestive and pleasing modes for foot-wear. In accord with the fashionable ideas of the day.

Immel, John
Blacksmith and Wagon Maker. Special attention given to repairing. Nice lot of buggies on hand of all kinds. Also farm implements. Agent for the Empire Binder and Mower. Washburn, Ill.

Patrick & Haase Groceries
Our spring stock of shoes, etc. is now complete, and we offer the same at the very lowest prices. A very nice lot of fine suits at lower prices than ever sold here before. We also offer a lot of about 300 pairs of Ladies,’ misses’ and child’s cloth shoes at from 15 to 75 cents a pair, to close. We carry a full line of staple and fancy groceries, Bloomington Mill Co.’s best flour, have just received a car of Michigan fine Salt, and guarantee our prices as low for everything as these whe [sic]buy in “several car load lots. Please call and see us.

Fuiks, Jacob
Dealer in dry goods, millinery, clothing, hats, caps, boots, shoes, carpets, ladies and gents’ furnishing goods, jewelry, watches, silverware, etc. The largest stock of carpets and millinery goods in town. Just arrived, a $5,000.00 stock of Bankrupt goods which will be sold for 50 cents on the dollar for cash only. The stock consists of clothing, dry goods, boots, shoes, hats and caps, ladies and gents furnishing goods which must be sold in the next 30 days.

Gill, G. P.
Attorney at Law. Business intrusted [sic] to my care will receive prompt attention.

Aicher, Ben, proprietor of The Central House
Rates reasonable. Also, Eagle Creek Coal Yard and Scales near the depot.

Sangbush, Henry
Manufacturer of all kinds of wagon and buggy harness, dusters, fly nets, saddles, whips, etc. Repairing promptly done. North of Post Office, Washburn, Illinois.

Fulton, M. S.
Dealer in drugs, paints, oils, etc. Also have on hand a fine assortment of wall paper. Call and examine goods. Washburn, Illinois.

Pelz, Herman J.
Dealer in drugs, paints and oils. Patent medicines, druggist’s sundries, etc. A fine line of wall paper and decorations. At all prices from 5c. per roll to $1.25, to which I would particularly call the attention of the public. At this time of the season, if you want your rooms finely papered or decorated, call and see our stock and prices. Being desirous of going out of the grocery trade, I beg to inform the public that I will sell my stock of staple and fancy groceries, glassware, queensware, stoneware and all other goods in this line at cost from this date. And would like to ask those owing me to call and settle their accounts. Very respectfully, H. J. Pelz, Washburn, Ill.

Goff, G.
Your picture. Photographs, tintypes, copying and enlarging old pictures, viewing etc. First class work and reasonable. Washburn, Ill.

Baumgart, E.
Dealer in confectionery! Fruits and fancy groceries, ice cream, lemonade, soda water. I have a full line of cigars and tobaccos, to which I invite special attention. Fresh bread and cakes always on hand. Call and examine my stock of Confectionery, and you will find it the choicest in town.

Mason, A. B., proprietor
Low prices take the cake. Don’t fail to call at the Washburn Novelty Store! For genuine bargains in a thousand and one different articles. From a piano to a toothpick. Low prices are original with the “Novelty.”

Boys, C
Dealer in lumber, sash, doors and blinds. Opposite the Depot, Washburn, Illinois

Stenger & Sharp
dealers in hardware, stoves, tinware, farming implements, etc. When in town do not fail to call and see our gasoline stoves, lawn mowers, buggies and carriages, etc. Washburn, Illinois

Black, J. M. & Co.
Headquarters for groceries of all kinds, also furniture in endless varieties, all at the very lowest prices. Come and see us. We’re bound to please.

Barnes, C. N.
Attorney at law, Washburn, Illinois

Hayden, C. L., Proprietor of the Washburn House
The Washburn House has been refurnished and refitted, and being directly opposite the depot, will be found comfortable and convenient for the traveling public. Rooms light and airy. Table first-class.

Ehringer, F & Bro.
Washburn and Lacon. Dealers in plain and fancy furniture, picture frames, organs, etc. Also practical undertakers. Repairing and refinishing done. Charges reasonable.

Hodge & Harper’s Meat Market
Choice steaks and all kinds of fresh and salted meats. East side of Main Street, second door north of Amslers, where a child is treated same as it’s [sic] parents. Good weight and fair prices is our motto. Wahsburn, Illinois.

Carrithers & Tweddale
The best bread is made from the celebrated flour made at Springfield, Peoria or Pontiac, for which we have the exclusive sale. Give us a trial, and we will save you from 10 to 20 per cent. We buy flour at car-load prices, and will guarantee you a better flour at $5.20 per barrel than you can buy elsewhere at $5.50. We only ask a trial of you, knowing that we shall be able to sell you your flour thereafter.

Butler & Pelz
The undersigned will hereafter keep the market supplied with all standard farm machinery, which they will sell at lowest living profits. Among our stock are the following: The Plano Twin Binder, Champion Corn Planter, Rockford Corn Planter and Check Rower, Moline Wagons, Cahoon Seeders, Barnes’ Wheelbarrows, Hoosier Seeder and Drill, Long & Allstatter’s Cultivators and Sulky Rakes, Boss Revolving Churns, Tiger Hand Corn Shellers, garden gates, well and cistern pumps, binder twine, etc. We solicit your trade, and know we can do good.

Amsler, Samuel
Millinery! Millinery! The finest line and best trimmer in town. Also an elegant line of fans and parasols just received. Dress goods in silks, Ottomans, Cashmeres, buntings, nun’s veilings, and other kinds of fabrics. Also a beautiful line of white goods. Respectfully, Samuel Amsler.

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