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Abel, Hugh E.WWIIb. Jul 19, 1926 d. Jan 23, 2008 Obituary
Abel, Wilbur M.WWIIb. May 28, 1926 d. Jun 17, 1993 Obituary
Ackerman, MelvinKorean War
Adami, Gary L.Vietnam
Adami, Harold J.Vietnam
Adami, Russell L.WWIIb. Jan 2, 1923 d. Apr 9, 1990
Adams, Carl P.Korean War
Adams, HurdWWIObituary; burial Spring Bay Cemetery; b. May 30, 1924 d. Jan. 16, 1998
Adams, Norbert J.Korean War
Adams, Raymond G.Vietnam
Adams, Wendelinus, C.Korean Warb. 1929 d. 1978; buried at St. Mary's Cemetery, Metamora
Adams, William L.Vietnam
Adams, Robert J.Korean War
Ahrens, LarryVietnam
Alexander, Roy L.Vietnam
Alig, Donald J.Vietnam
Alig, John M.Korean War
Alig, John M.Vietnam
Alig, Joseph C.WWI
Alig, Kenneth J.WWII
Alig, Mary E.Vietnam
Alig, Theodore M. Jr.Korean War
Allen Melvin D.Korean War
Allen, Gerald D.WWII
Allen, Gerald R.Vietnam
Allen, James R.Vietnam
Allen, Lloyd L.WWIIb. Jun. 22, 1925 d. Jan. 1, 2008; Obituary; Burial Spring Bay Cemetery
Allen, Steven W.Vietnam
Anderson, Winfred C.WWII
Anliker, Walter R.WWII
Arends, William Jr.WWII
Armstrong, Russell L.Korean War
Armstrong, Donald R.Korean War
Armstrong, Frederick O.WWII
Ashburn, Alfred T.Vietnam
Ashburn, Eddie L.Vietnam
Ashcraft, Chelce C.Vietnam
Atchison, Kenneth H.WWII
Attig, RudolphWWI
Attig, RalphWWI
Bachman, Allan D.WWII
Bachman, BenjaminWWI
Bachman, Bob A.Vietnam
Bachman, Carl P.Vietnam
Bachman, Douglas W.Vietnam
Bachman, Melvin L.WWII
Bachman, Morris F.WWII
Bachman, Rodney B.Vietnam
Bachman, Roger L.Vietnam
Bachman, Roger W.WWII
Bachman, Roland J.Vietnam
Bachman, Verne R.Vietnam
Bachman, Wesley J.Vietnam
Bachman, WilliamWWI
Backer, Albert R.Korean War
Baker, DeanVietnam
Baker, Melvin E.WWII
Baker, Michael J.Vietnam
Baldwin, David W.Vietnam
Baldwin, JackWWI
Barber, Donald E.Korean War
Barber, Gloria J.Vietnam
Barber, Michael J.Vietnam
Barber, Robert L.Vietnam
Barnes, Jordan W.Vietnam
Barrett, Bruce L.WWII
Bartlow, Vernon L.Vietnam
Bastian, Walter J.WWII
Bayless, Oscar L.WWI
Beckman, Earl P.WWII
Beerman, Bert W.WWII
Belcher, William H.WWII
Bell, Rodney A.Korean War
Bell, Rodney A.Vietnam
Belsley, BenjaminWWI
Belsley, Steven D.Vietnam
Belsly, Joseph L.WWII
Beltramea, Joseph E.Korean War
Bengard, Eugene D.WWII
Bennett, Perry A.WWII
Berger, Richard E.WWII
Bernius, Henry L.Korean War
Bernius, Jerry A.Korean War
Bernius, Kenneth M.Korean War
Bernius, Marshall W.Korean War
Bernius, Robert L.Korean War
Bernius, Vaurman W. Jr.WWII
Berry, Ernest R.WWII
Berry, LawrenceWWI
Berry, LyleWWI
Bess, HenryWWII
Bessler, Paul D.Vietnam
Betebenner, Charles E. IIIVietnam
Bienemann, Stanley C.WWII
Birkner, Antone *WWIDied of Disease
Bishel, Melvin R.WWII
Bishel, Robert W.Korean War
Bishop, Roy D.Vietnam
Bittner, Edward F.WWIb. Sep 11, 1895 d. Jun 8, 1973
Bittner, TheodoreWWI
Blankenship, DavidVietnam
Blickenstaff, Jon M.Vietnam
Blount, Howard D.WWII
Blount, Kenneth L.Korean War
Blount, Robert L.WWII
Blumenshine, Kenneth C.WWII
Bockler, Harold E.WWII
Bockler, Robert M.Vietnam
Bockler, Roger H.Vietnam
Bockler, RonaldVietnam
Bockler, Roy A.WWII
Bockler, RudolphWWI
Bockler, Willard W.WWII
Bohlander, AndrewWWI
Bohlander, Orval J.WWII
Bolin, John G.Korean War
Bolle, Robert E.WWII
Bolle, Robert E.Korean War
Boon, Harold F.Korean War
Boss, JohnWWI
Bower, Robert V.WWII
Braun, Clarence E.WWII
Brautigam, DavidWWI
Brautigam, George M.WWI
Bray, Douglas A.Vietnam
Breitbarth, Eugene T.WWII
Breitbarth, Henry G.WWII
Briggs, David W.Vietnam
Briggs, Ernest C.WWII
Briggs, John E.Vietnam
Briggs, William R.WWII
Brodt, Robert D.Korean War
Broers, DerylKorean War
Broers, Milford D.Korean War
Brotz, Daniel R.Vietnam
Brotz, Michael F.Vietnam
Brunner, Edward R.Vietnam
Brunner, George F.WWII
Brunner, Lawrence E.WWII
Buchanan, Gerald W.WWII
Buchanan, Kenneth C.WWII
Buchanan, Robert S.Korean War
Buchannan, RoyWWI
Buller, Theodore R.WWII
Bumeter, Edward C.WWI

b. Mar 6, 1892 d. Dec 8, 1928; Burial Oakwood Cemetery, Metamora;
Tombstone application

Bumeter, Edward J.WWII
Bundy, Gerald E.Vietnam
Bundy, Michael H.Vietnam
Burbidge, Clarence A.WWII
Burdon, John C.WWII
Burdon, StephenWWII
Burns, Dennis E.Vietnam
Byram, Larry J.Vietnam

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