MI-HI-DAZE Senior Class of the Minonk Community High School, 1944
Minonk, Woodford county, Illinois
Transcribed and formated by Dena W.

Staff Page
Editor-in-chief...Joan Rowe
Assistant Editor-in-chief...Peter Mazzini
Feature Editors...Virgil Volk, Margaret Hewitt
Sinior Editors...Marna Cunningham, Mildred Ann Phillips
Sports Editors...Patricia McGough, James Meierhofer
Calendar of Events...Dorothy Falk
Art Editor...Francis Manley
Subscription...Bob Milasheski, Betty Anderson, Rowland Tucker, Dean Stalter
Advertising...Marjorie Vogel, Betty Anderson, Patricia McGough
Snapshot Editors... Carl Young, Edith Barth, Verna Miles
Joke Editor...Andy Paloumpis
Typists...Gladys Burrell, Dorothy Jury, Betty Jean Bursott, Marna Cunningham, Darlene Fischer, Madelyne Frawley, Shirley Jacek, Anna Mae Jankousky, Patricia McGough, June Newton, Margaret Ann Rients
Advisers...Miss La Vanway, Mr. Schneider

The material in this year's "Mi-Hi-Daze" has been shortened somewhat due to the war. Instead of the usual advertisements a Patron's Page lists all the Minonk business men who contributed to "Mi-Hi-Daze". We hope you enjoy reading the annual as much as we did in publishing it.


Minonk State Bank, Morrison's Chocolate Shop, Hayes Drug Store, Gardner's Hatchery, Princess Sweet Shop, Van Doren Jewelry Store, E.H. Meierhofer, Gay Day Dress Shop, Gamble Store M.J. Baker, Vissering Mercantile Store, Tri-County Insurance Agency, Wolfe's Pharmacy, Minonk Coal W.G. Sutton, Minonk Theatre, Parks Dairy, Young's Garage, Cicciarelli Hardware Store, Burster & Henning, McKinney Blacksmith Shop, Leiken's Garage, Dr. A.W. Kettelhut, Yocum Cleaners, Wilcox Funeral Home, B & M Beauty Shop, Dr. A.A. Johnson, Chicago Butcher's Market, Vogel's Store, Frank Grampp & Son, Tallyn Merorial Chapel, Goodwin Bros., Terminal Grain Company, Gregorich's Grocery, Quality Service Station, Harry D. Smith General Contractor, Sweeney Service Station, E.F. Riely Attorney, Minonk Locker, Minonk News Dispatch, O.W. Smith Studio Alamo Cafe, Walker Implement Company,G.H. Leffers Contractor, Minonk Tractor & Implement Company Minonk Variety, Sanitary Bakery.

 The Staff

Front row: Clara Trimpe, James Wise, Jane Jarman, Lester Lange.
Back row: Beulah Hudson, Harold Warner, Maxine Zimmerlin, James Schneider, Edna Lavanway, Betty Silzer.

Mr. J. E. Morgenstern, Mr. Rowland Tucker, Mr. Howard Jury, Mr. Tjark Harms, Mr. A. G. Fitzgerald.


Mr. James Schneider...Principal
Miss Elizabeth Silzer...Home Economics
Miss Maxine Zimmerlin...English
Mr. James Wise...Manual Arts
Mrs. Beulah Hudson...Math, PE
Miss Edna LaVanway...Typing, Shorthand
Mr. Harold Warner...Agriculture, General Science, Chemistry
Mr. L.D. Lange...Coach, Boys PE, Bookkeeping, Business Economics
Mr. Walter B. Duda...Band, Orchestra, Chorus
Miss Jane Jarman...English, Speech & Dramatics
Mrs. Clara Trimpe...Social Studies
Mr. Ralph Grampp...Manual Arts

  Senior Class History

We transferred to the field of M.C.H.S. as fifty-six new recruits. We took our basic training--being cocky instead of green as most freshman classes usually are. Those picked as acting sergeants were Francis Manley, Peter Mazzini, and Mickey Phillips. Our D.I's were Miss Knowles and Mr. Wade.
Newcomers that year were Anne Ketchmark and LaVerne Schure. The annual picnic at Starved Rock completed our basic training.
The following fall we entered the sophomore field of pre-flight training. Lois Kunder, Vernon Johnson, Alan Kueal, Louis O'Connell, Mitchell Palmore and Laverne Schure were transferred to other fields. Eugene Brosseau, however, was assigned to our unit.
Later Billy Veitinghoff, who had been our leader, was also transferred. Assisting Billy were Dorothy Jury and Marjorie Vogel. This year we served under Lieutenants Mr. Little and Mr. Netherton.
On one of our weekend passes we attended a supper followed by a scavenger hunt.
After this we were given a furlough, but before leaving we attended the annual school picnic at Starved Rock.
The seemingly short furlough ended, and we found ourselves in the last phase of our pre-flight training. John Durbin, Anne Ketchmark, Junior Robertson, Bill McCormick, Eugene Brousseau, Darlene Falk, Rosie Folkerts Tjark Rients, Martha Zalewski, and Martha and Mary Marshall left. We greeted Jackie Leigh and Harold Moritz.
We presented our Junior play, "Don't Take My Penny", October 30. Having retained our petulance, we considered it a great success.
A highlight of every junior year is the receiving of the class rings and pins.
Our first and only party of the year was held in the recreation room on December 9.
Contributing to our success this year were Mickey Phillips, Jim Meierhofer, and Joan Rowe.
We entered the last phase of our cadet training as Seniors. Miss Zimmerlin and Mr. Lange being our technical observers. Our command Pilots were Gene Ruestman, Carl Young and Margaret Hewitt.
Flunk Day was October 13. Everyone did as he or she pleased. Since institute was held the next two days, we had a nice long vacation.
A farewell party was given November 9 for Shirley Zivney and Carl Young, who decided to leave our make-believe Air Corps and join the United States Marines.
An interesting fact which we discovered while reminiscing about our four years of training was that Mr. Schneider is the only member of the faculty who has been with us from the beginning.
We noticed the absence of Junior Robertson, Alfred Meiner, Jackie Leigh, and Melvin Meyer as fellow comrades.
For our play, we chose "Spring Fever" which was presented April 19 before a large audience.
May 2 was banquet time again, and this year the Juniors entertained us royally at the Illinois Hotel in Bloomington, Illinois.
Under the direction of Miss Lavanway and editorship of Joan Roweewe published our annual, a summary of the year's activities, May 8.
On May 24 we received our wings in the form of diplomas-each of us now being able to pilot his own plane into the unknown future.
P.S. Madelyne Frawley, who training was almost complete, transferred and received her wings with us.

Gene Ruestman

Margaret Hewitt

Gladys Burrell

Bonner Baker

Carl Young

Betty E. Anderson

Edith Barth

Betty Bursott

Ralph Cufuade

Dorothy Falk

Madelyne Frawley

Ruth Greskoviak

Marna Cunnningham

Darlene Fischer

Rita Green

Shirley Jacek

Anne Jankousky

Edith Lampkins

Peter Mazzini

James Meierhofer

Dorothy Jury

Francis Manley

Patricia McGough

Jack Meils

Robert Milasheski

Harold Moritz

Andrew Paloumpis

Margaret Ann Rients

Verna Miles

June Newton

Mildred Ann Phillips

Joan Row

Alice Mae Schmidt

Rowland Tucker

Lila Wolk

John Zupansic

Dean Stalter

Marjorie Vogel

Virgil Volk

1st row: Flora Davis, Mary Manley, Frank Ketchmark, Phyllis Toler, John Durbin, Betty Nuske, Bob Green, James Cabal, Clara Danekas, Richard Shelby, Edwin Hartzler.
2nd row: Mr. Wise, Marian Cremer, May DeFries, James Loftus, Aline Gerdes, Clarence Janssen, Beverly Oncken, John Cunningham, Donald Willems, Myra Danforth, Jean Halagiera, Donald McCall, Mrs. Hudson.
back row: Glenn White, William Rooker, Dale McKeon, Dale Janssen, Delbert VonBehren, Wayne Finnell, Warren Ryan, James Dague, Howard Vissering, James Goliwas, Duanne Cunningham, Arthur Meyers, Ray Oncken, Edith Fischer, Eldon Harms, Glenn Mueller.

1st row: Robert Camelin, Edmona Ioerger, Leona Hartzler, Rite Knoll, Bonna Jo Mannings, Mildred Molinoski, Roger Tucker, Jeanne Kruse, Marion Stevenson, Lester Kleen.
2nd row: Herky Paloumpis, Miss Jrman, Mary Davis, Myra Timmerman, Joan Wire, Rose Marie Roberts, Carmen Bachman, Rachel Tesch, Amelia Budde, Eldon Oyen, Alice Jean Leffers.
back row: Ivanelle Gutherz, Donald Smith, Irma Stokowski, Betty claycomb, John Balbach, Dolores Anderson, Grace McCormick, Roland Schickedaz, Marilyn Leigh, Paul Meierhofer, U.J. Schneider.

1st row: Betty Kelsey, Thomas Ketchmark, Nancy McCully, Alan Hart, Frances Hock, David Wolfe, Billie Timmerman, John Baker, Austin Lindley, Frederick Oyen.
2nd row: Ermyle Harms, Doris Falk, Alma Danekas, Betty Davison, Junior Lohr, Robert Volk, Bill Milasheski, Donald Petri, Bill Kelly, Ronald Eigsti.
3rd row: Dorothy Meyer, Irma Jean Janssen, Alice Danekas, Donna Beth Rich, Madelyne Anderson, Shirley Tyson, Dorothy Janssen, Patricia Oltman, Kenneth Rients, James Ford.
Back row: Miss Silzer, John Petri, Joe Zupansic, Dale Letsinger, Ralph Golf, John Konwinski, Julian Petri, Bernard Robertson, Mr. Warner, Nora Davis, Ruth Broers, Cletus Volk.
Junior Class History
We are no longer underclassmen, but Juniors, and quite proud of it, too. Our first class meeting was held in September. We elected Howard Vissering, President; Bob Green, Vice-president; and John Cunningham, Secretary-Treasurer. This is Bob's second year as Vice-president. Mr. Wise and Mrs. Hudson were chosen as sponsors, however Mr. Wise was inducted into the Army at the end of the first semester and Mrs. Hudson carried on alone-and very nicely, too.
Some of our classmates left us this year. John Durbin, Blanche Welch, Frank Sullivan, and Bill Coyle. Gordon Danforth enlisted in the Navy, and "Red" White moved to Wenona to continue school. During the first semester James Goliwas left school because of serious illness, but he returned later in the second semester.
We, as all Juniors were looking forward to the Junior-Senior Banquet. With this in mind we held a turkey raffle, concessions at the basketball games, and the great Junior Play. This was a great financial success as was the magazine sale held early in the fall.
After much debating, we purchased our class rings, receiving them in December.
The Junior-Senior Banquet was held May 2, 1944 at the Illinois Hotel, Bloomington, Illinois with Jack McKown's orchestra furnishing music for dancing. The general committee appointed was Dale McKeon, Dale Janssen, Clarence Jannssen, Glenn Mueller, Myra Danforth, Jean Halagiera, Marian Cremer, and Betty Nuske. Dale McKeon acted as Toastmaster. The entertainment consisted of short speeches and musical selections. Amid a Hawiian theme a delicious meal was served. Everyone had a wonderful time.
Sophmore Class
The first year being over and the newness of it all worn off, the entire sophomore class returned all set to conquer their subjects. Monday, September 16, the following officers and advisors were elected: President Rose Marie Roberts; Vice-president Alice Jean Leffers; Secretary-Treasure Jeanne Kruse; Advisors Miss Jarman and Miss LaVanway.
A party was held October 5. Those who attended participated in the scavenger hunt, followed by refreshments and mixers in dancing.
Marilyn Leigh, a transfer from Clinton High, joined the class at the beginning of the second semester.
In April a weiner roast and hayrack party was held.
Freshman Class
The Freshman class of 1943-44 consists of 40 pupils, 18 girls and 22 boys. About a fourth of the class are from the country.
At the beginning of the year a meeting was held for the election of officers and class advisors. The following officers were elected: President Kenneth Rients; Vice-president Nancy McCully; and Secretary-Treasurer Thomas Ketchmark. The class advisors are Miss Silzer and Mr. Warner.
The purpose of the second meeting was to make plans for a Halloween party. It was also decided at this meeting to assess each member a dollar a year for dues.
On October 21, a class party was held, which consisted of a scavenger hunt, followed by instructions in dancing. Refreshments were served. The amount taken in as profit at the first party was one dollar and twenty cents.
On November 24, the freshmen took a Gates Reading Survey Test. Several of the girls belong to the Home Ec. Club, with six boys belonging to the F.F.A. Some of the subjects taken by the class are mechanical drawing, algebra, English, Home Ec., General Science, Civics, and Agriculture.
A second party was held on March 16. Games, dancing, and refreshments filled the evening.
The class managed very nicely this year with the usual run of winter happenings-such as broken arms, chicken pox, and scarlet fever. Two members of the class, Bill Milasheski and Nora Davis dropped out the second semester.
The "Green Freshmen" are all set to check in next fall as "Sophisticated Sophomores."



May DeFries, Phyllis Toler, Rita Green.
Rita Knoll took over for the games with Washburn because Phyllis Toler was taken ill at the game with chicken pox, Mae DeFries was ill and Rita Green was away.
These three groups of girls have also been doing some peppy yelling at the games: Rita Knoll and Edmona Ioerger; Flora Davis, Beverly Oncken, Edith Fischer and Mary Davis; Frances Hock, Betty Davison, and Alma Danekas.

Margaret Hewitt, Rita Green, Pat McGough, Mildred Ann Phillips



1st row: David Wolfe, Thomas Ketchmark, Betty Davison, Phyllis Toler, Joan Wire, Bob Camelin, Marilyn Leigh, Jeanne Kruse, Clara Danekas.
2nd row: John Baker, Betty Bursott, Myra Danforth, Andrew Paloumpis, Dean Stalter, John Konwinski, Alice Jean Leffers, Roland Schickedanz, Austin Lindley.
3rd row: Eldon Oyen, Ronald Eigsti, Donald Petri, Warren Ryan, Herky Paloumpis, Francis Manley, John Balbach, Mr. Duda, Director.

1st row: Nancy McCully, Mildred Ann Phillips, Bob Camelin, Andrew Paloumpis, Eldon Oyen.
2nd row: Pete Mazzini, Herky Paloumpis, Dean Stalter, Francis Manley, Mr. Duda


1st row: Delbert VonBehren, Peter Mazzini, Jim Meierhofer, Ralph Cufaude, John Zupansic

2nd row: Manager, David Wolfe, Richard Shelby, John Cunningham, Dale McKeon, Donald Smith, Dale Janssen, Coach Lange.

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