MI-HI-DAZE Senior Class of the Minonk Community High School, 1945
Minonk, Woodford county, Illinois
Transcribed and formated by Dena W.

All year we've been writing letters to the boys who left to win the war. Now we've decided to open some of the letters to the public [that's you] because they make a better yearbook than we could write.
Editorial Board...May DeFries, Beverly Oncken
Business Managers...Mary Jane Livingston, Mary Manley
Photo Editor...Marian Cremer
Advisors...Edna LaVanway, James Schneider
Staff...Jean Halagiera, Myra Danforth, Warren Rayn, Howard Vissering, Edith Fischer, Flora Davis, Aline Gerdes, Clara Danekas, Betty Nuske, Phyllis Toler..


Minonk State Bank, Princess sweet Shop, Van Doren Jewlery, Vissering Mercantile Company, Sweeney Service Station, E. H. Neierhofer, Smith Studio, Minonk Produce Gilbert McKeon, Morrison's Chocolate Shop, Tri-County Insurance Agency, Young's Chevrolet Company, Chicago Butchers, Frank Grampp and Sons, Lieken Garage, Wolfe's Pharmacy, Dr. Hubbard, Minonk Tractor & Implement, Quality Service Station, Dr. Johnson, Walker Implement, Sterrit's Firestone Store, E. Cicciarelli Hardware, Heider's Variety Store, Gamble Store, Yocum Cleaner, Gardner's Hatchery, Minonk Dairy Products Company, Terminal Grain Company, Gay Day Dress Shop, W. G. Sutton Coal Mine, McKinney Blacksmith, Hayes Drug Store, Camelin Standard Service, Sanitary Bakery, Goodwin Brothers, George DeFries Illinois Oil, B. & M. Beauty Shop, Tallyn Memorial Chapel, Fortman Billiard Parlor, Vogel's Grocery, Cannon Chicken & Feed Store, T. M. Livingston, Minonk Cold Storage, Anita Lee Beauty Shoppe, E. F. Riely Attorney, Minonk Variety Store Alice Vissering Prop., Minonk News Dispatch, Alamo Cafe, Minonk Theatre.

  Senior Class

Wayne Finnell

Mary Jane Livingston

Duane Cunningham

Flora Davis

Dale Janssen

Marian Cremer

John Cunningham

Clara Danekas

Myra Danforth

Edith Fischer

Robert Green

Jean Halagiera

May DeFries

Aline Gerdes

James Goliwas

Eldon Harms

Clarence Janssen

Mary Manley

Arthur Meyer

Betty Muske

James Loftus

Donald McCall

Glenn Mueller

Beverly Oncken

Warren Ryan

Richard Shelby

Howard Vissering

Donald Willems

William Rooker

Phyllis Toler

Delbert Von Behren

Frank Ketchmark
left for the Navy [no picture]

1st row: Rachel Tesch, Mary Davis, Amelia Budde, Bonna Jo Manninga, Rita Knoll, Marion Stevenson, Jeanne Kruse, Mildred Molinoski, Edmona Ioerger, Lester Kleen.
2nd row: Joan Wire, Rose Marie Roberts, Leona Hartzler, Shirly Ioerger, Grace McCormick, Ivanelle Gutherz, Irma Jean Stokowski, Alice Jean Leffers, Dolores Anderson, Carman Bachman, Roland Schickedanz.
3rd row: Miss LaVanway, Roger Tucker, Paul Meierhofer, Ernest Frohman, Betty Claycomb, Donald Smith, Adraian Harms, John Balback, Herky Paloumpis, U. J. Schneider, Eldwon Oyen, Mrs. Hudson, Bob Camelin.

1st row: Donna Beth Rich, Ronald Eigsti, Betty Davison, Thomas Ketchmark, Frances Hock, John Baker, Dorothy Meyer, Freddie Oyen, Madeline Anderson.
2nd row: Nancy McCully, Ruth Broers, Jean Nunn, Alma Danekas, Alan Hart, Austin Lindley, Erma Jean Janssen, Alice Ann Danekas, Dorothy Janssen.
3rd row: Billie Timmerman, John Konwinski, Ermyle Harms, Patty Oltman, Carol Greenwood, Betty Lea Kelsey, Doris Falk, Miss Zimmerlin.
4th row: Mr. Dude, Robert Volk, Kenneth Rients, Donald Petri, James Ford, Jack Livingston, Bernard Robertson, Junior Lohr, Bill Kelly, Cletis Volk, David Wolfe, Shirley Tyson, Ralph Goff.

1st row: Elmer Nuske, Melvin Forney, James Cunningham, Lois Sullivan, Patricia Riely, Edith Meils, Shirley Jochums, Darlene Ruestman, Michael Zupansic, Glenn Barth.
2nd row: Myron Durre, Donald Uphoff, Marjorie Goliwas, Harriet Oncken, Irma Schickedanz, Lillian Kerry, Medora Mueller, Evelyn Timmerman, Eileen Mortz, Gwyn Guthertz, Edward Harms.
3rd row: Miss Silzer, Stanley Konwinski, Glenn Harms, Violet Kanive, Betty Broers, Betty Becker, Alice Timmerman, Lucille Glowacki, Lila Marshall, Marjorie Griffeth, Albin Johnson, Mr. Grampp.
4th row: Richard Stokowski, Merle McKeon, Donald McCully, James Schneider, Don Meierhofer, George Folkers, Betty Steinhilber, Gene Barth, Bob Curley, Alice Johnson.

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