MI-HI-DAZE Senior Class of the Minonk Community High School, 1946
Minonk, Woodford county, Illinois
Transcribed and formated by Dena W.

Gold Star Memorial Roll
Dedicated to those who gave their lives in the Service of our country. "They Shall Not Be Forgotten"
Joseph Fitzgerald
Melvin Green
Frank Jankowsky
Melvin Leidler
Lloyd McKeon
Jack Onnen
James Toler
Harold Grassman
Thos. Ketchmark
Edward Manley
Melvin Meyer
Jesse Underwood
Dale Thompson


A & P Tee Company, B & M Beauty Shop, Camelin Service Station, Cannon Hatchery & Feed Store, Chicago Butchers Market, E. E. Cicciarelli, A. G. Fitzgerald, Fortman's Billiard Parlor, Gamble Store, Gardner's Hatchery, Gay Day Dress Shop, Goodwin Brothers & Company, Frank Grampp & Sons, A. Harms, Hayes Drug Store, Heider's Variety Store, Hewitt's Firestone Store, Hubbard Clinic, Dr. Johnson, Kent Lumber & Coal Company, Dr. A. W. Kettlehut, Leiken Garage, T. M. Livingston, Minonk Auto Body Repair Shop, Mononk Builders Supply, Mononk Coal Company W. G. Sutton, Minonk Cold Storage, Minonk Dairy, Minonk Milling Company, Minonk News Dispatch, Minonk Produce, Minonk State Bank, Minonk Telephone Co., Minonk Theater, Minonk Tractor & Implement Co., McKinney Blacksmith, E. H. Meierhofer Clothing Store, Morrison's Chocolate Shop, Winfield S. Morrison M.D., Myra Beauty Shop Ellen Stokowski, Poynter's Appliances, Princess Sweet Shop, Quality Cash Market, Quality Service Station, E. F. Riely Attorney, Sanitary Bakery, E. H. Seggerman, Smith's studio, Tallyn Memorial Home, Terminal Grain, Tri-county Insurance, Turley Supply Co., VanDoren's Jewelry Store, Variety Store, Vissering Mercantile, Vogel's Grocery, Walker Implement Co., Wilcox Funeral Home, Wolfe's Pharmacy, Woodford Elevator Co., Woodford Hotel.

Top row: Mr. James Schneider, Harold Warner.
Middle row: Dorothy Sharp, Ralpy Grampp.
Bottom row: Board of Directors - Mr. Earl Morgenstern, Mr. Howard Jury, Mr. A. G. Fitzgerald, Mr. Rowland Tucker, Mr. Tjark Harms
Top row: Dorothy Uphoff, Paul W. Jones, Phyllis Mayer.
Middle row: Francis Evers, Marjorie Hill, Frank J. Koukl.
Botton row: Clara Trimpe, Elizabeth Miles, Beulah Hudson.


Mr. James Schneider - Eureka College, University of Illinois
Mr. Harold Warner - Western State Teachers College, University of Illinois
Mr. Ralph Grampp - University of Illinois
Miss Dorothy Sharp - Illinois State Normal University, University if Illinois. University of Colorado
Mrs. Clara Trimpe - Mac Murry College, University of Illinois, University of Illinois, Western State Teachers College, Illinois State Normal University, Chicago University
Mrs. Beulah Hudson - Western State Teachers College
Mrs. Elizabeth Silzer Miles - Bradley College
Mr. Francis Evers - Illinois State Normal University
Mr. Paul W. Jones - Illinois State Normal University, University of Minnesota
Mr. Frank A. Koukl - James Willikin University, Colorado State College
Mrs. Marjorie Hill - Illinois State Normal University
Mrs. Phyllis Mayer - Illinois College
Miss Dorothy Uphoff - Illinois State Normal University, University of Colorado

Annual Staff
Editor..."Herky" Paloumpis
Assistant Editor...Irma Jean Stokowski
Feature Editor...Alice Leffers
Senior Editor...Elayne Leiken
Sports Editor...Rita Knoll, Roger Tucker
Calendar of Events...Betty Claycomb
Art Editor...Albin Johnson
Subscriptions...Jeanne Kruse, Marilyn Leigh, Marion Stevenson, Rose Roberts
Snapshot Editor...Edmona Ioerger, John Balbach
Joke Editor...U. J. Schneider
Proof Readers...Delores Anderson, Eldon Oyen
Typists...Amelia Budde, Marilyn Leigh, Bonna Jo Manninga, Rachel Tesch
Advisers...Mr. Schneider, Miss Uphoff

  Senior Class

Carman Bachman

John Balbach

Betty Claycomb

Bob Camelin

Amelia Budde

Mary Davis

Ivanelle Gutherz

Adrain Harms

Leona Hartzler

Edmona Ioerger

Shirley Ioerger

Rita Knoll

Alice Jean Leffers

Marilyn Leigh

Elaine Leiken

Bonna Jo Manninga

Grace McCormick

Dale McKeon

Paul Meirhofer

Mildred Molinsoki

Eldon Oyen

Rose Marie Roberts

Roland Schickedanz

U. J. Schneider

Henry Paloumpis

Irma Stokowski

Dolores Anderson

Jeanne Kruse

Class History

We started into high school like all Freshman, very green and scared stiff, but we soon got over that. In September, we elected Duane Janssen as our President; U. J. Schneider as Vice-president; Jeanne Kruse as Secretary-Treasurer; and Miss Zimmerlin and Miss Van Winkle as our advisors. We held our first class party in October. At the beginning of the second semester, Ernest Froman entered our class.
The following fall we entered school as Sophomores. On September 16, we elected Rose Marie Roberts as President; Alice Jean Leffers as Vice-president; Jeanne Kruse, Secretary-Treasurer; Miss Jarman and Miss La Vanway as our advisors. We naturally got into the swing of things with a party on October 15. Marilyn Leigh joined our sophomore class at the beginning of the second semester. We also lost a member of our class this year. It was Arlene Gass. In April, a weiner roast and hayrack ride was held.
Our wonderful summer vacation being over, we started back to high school as "Jolly Juniors." On September 11, we had our annual election day. Roger Tucker was elected President; Edmona Ioerger, Vice-president; Jeanne Kruse, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. Hudson and Miss La Vanway were chosen as our advisors.
On November 8th and 9th, we gave our Junior class play, "Second Fiddle". Of course, we thought it was the best play that was ever given here.
In December of this year, a serious accident occurred in which three of our classmates were injured, but luckily they all recovered.
On May 10, we entertained the seniors at the Junior-Senior Banquet at Bloomington. Toby Davison furnished the wonderful music which was enjoyed by everyone.
Another summer has passed by and here we are "Sophisticated Seniors", and on the last mile of our long journey. A class meeting was held early in September. Dolores Anderson was elected President with John Balbach as her assistant. Mrs. Tripe and Coach Jones were chosen as our advisors.
On Flunk Day [October 17] we seniors and our class advisors made a trip to Brookfield Zoo on the school bus. We came home with pictures and sore feet.
A few weeks before Christmas the seniors had their pictures taken. This is a big event in the life of a senior; when all look forward to getting their picture taken so they can give it to their 'best girl' or 'best beau'.
The second semester Dale McKeon joined our class to finish his high school work after his service in the Merchant Marines.
The Senior Play was a little different this year, with nine girls taking part. The name of it was "This Little Hand". It was a big success and all who saw it will agree.
December 15 was the long-awaited night of the Christmas Ball. Edmona Ioerger was chosen to be our Queen and U. J. Schneider our King.
We decided to go out of town for a party, and we all agreed to have a skating party in Bloomington. We sure had lots of fun! Many of us became professional skaters.
On May 16, we seniors were the guests of the juniors at the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom, at the Illinois Hotel in Bloomington. We are glad to sit back and let them entertain us as we did for the seniors last year.
Then came the big week which we had all been looking forward to all the past months and years. Sunday night, May 26, was Baccalaureate; Class Night on May 27, when we seniors showed the rest of the school and our friends and relatives what talent we possess; and May 28, we were presented with our diplomas. And so our high school days ended.

1st row: Mrs. Mayer, Adviser, Frances Hock, Alma Danekas, David Wolfe, Junior Lohr, John Baker, Ronald Eigsti, Cletus Volk, Carol Greenwood, Dorothy Janssen, Erma Jean Jannssen.
2nd row: Myra Timmerman, Betty Davison, Nancy McCully, Donna Beth Rich, Madeline Anderson, Patty Oltman, Billie Timmerman, Don Petri, Ruth Broers, Shirley Tyson, Betty Kelsey, Miss Uphoff, Adviser.
3rd row: Jack Livingston, Alan Hart, Tommy Ketchmark, James Ford, Bernard Robertson, Robert Volk, Austin Lindley Jean Nunn, Ermyle Harms, Alice Danekas, Doris Falk.

1st row: Don McCully, Lois Sullivan, Patricia Reiley, Jeanne Seggerman, Alice Johnson, Violet Kanive, Alice Timmerman, Marjorie Griffith, Glenn Barth.
2nd row: Mrs. Hill, Gwyn Gutherz, Evelyn Timmerman, Shirley Jochums, Medora Mueller, Betty Becker, Jean Nevenhoven, Lucy Glowacki, Betty Broers, Marjorie Goliwas, Betty Steinhilber, Mr. Evers.
3rd row: Glenn Harms, Harriet Oncken, Irma Schickedanz, Edith Meils, Jim Schneider, Duane Jannssen, Eddie Harms, Jim Cunningham, Gene Barth.
4th row: George Folkerts, Don Meirhofer, Bobby Curley, Mike Zupansic, Stanley Konwinski, Albin Johnson, Dick Stokowski, Merle McKeon, Don Uphoff.

1st row: Rita Jean Smith, Clifford Bachman, Doris Handley, Margaret Bryson, LaVada Schook, Debra Leiken, Joan Milashoski, Mary Petri, Norma Greskoviak, Betty Schmidt, Jan Cline, Eileen Krull.
2nd row: Mr. Grampp - advisor, Marilyn Hinkle, Marilyn Peters, Evelyn Barth, Carolyn Ioerger, Clara Rients, Jane Luedtke, Betty Gutherz, James Thompson, Donald Newton, Jean Cicciarelli.
3rd row: George Kapraun, Glen Janssen, William Toler, Eddie McMannis, Kenneth Rooker, Harold Titus, Marvin Harms, Bobby Spencer, Delmar Cunningham, Donald Cremer, Shirley Black.
4th row: Bobby McGough, Howard Froman, Edward Kapraun, Merlon Dornbush, Robert Rients, Jim Riely, Donald Bachman, William Anderson, Kenneth, McCormick, Jim Curley, Clifford Ioerger.

Junior Class History
We entered high school in 1943 as forty green freshmen. The first day was probably our worst: getting lost in such a big building, and amid other things, trying to figure out what class we had next. Under the leadership of our capable staff of officers, Kenneth Rients, Nancy McCully, and Tommy Ketchmark, we emerged to receive the grand rating of sophomores. As freshmen we had a class party each semester. Joe Zapansic and Nancy McCully were elected as class King and Queen of the Christmas Ball. We chose Mr. Warner and Miss Silzer as our advisers.
Our sophomore class officers were Betty Davison, David Wolfe, and Nancy McCully. Mr. Duda and Miss Zimmerlin were our advisers. We had two parties, one being a scavenger hunt. John Baker and Nancy McCully were chosen our King and Queen. By this time many of our members were in band, FFA, GAA, and Home Economics Club.
We elected Austin Lindley, Betty Davison, and Shirley Tyson to lead us through this year. Mrs. Mayer and Miss Uphoff became our advisers when Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Swartzman resigned. Ronald Eigsti and Madeline Anderson were our King and Queen for the junior year.
The Junior Play, "Where's Laurie", was presented in the gym on December 4. We had a good crowd and under the patient coaching of Miss Sharp, a good play. Nancy McCully, Madeline Anderson, and Ruth Broers had leading parts. Others who participated were: Tommy Ketchmark, Alan Hart, Austin Lindley, John Baker, Alma Danakas, Frances Hock, Billie and Myra Timmerman, Ralph Goff, Shirley Tyson, Patty Oltman, and Betty Davison
Our magazine subscription sales did well. Our super-salesman, Jack Livingston, sold over $100 worth of subscriptions. Boxes of candy and cash prizes were awarded to Jack Livingston, John Konwinski, Patty Oltman, Austin Lindley, and Betty Davison. Bernard Robertson and Shirley Tyson served as team captains.
Concluding a successful year, we entertained the members of the senior class with a Junior Senior Banquet and Dance; which was held at the Illinois Hotel in Bloomington. Toby Davison's Orchestra furnished the music for dancing.
Sophomore Class History
September, 1944 saw us as a group of green, yet proud freshmen, who ran around in everyone's way trying to remember our locker combinations and where to go next. We survived the year admirable under the leadership of our president, Albin Johnson, our vice president, Lois Sullivan, and our secretary-treasurer, James Schneider. Miss Silzer and Mr. Grampp were our advisers. We enjoyed one class party that year.
This year we have one less in our class because we lost four students and gained three. Lillian Kerry, Elmer Nuske, and Darlene Ruestman decided to leave us at the beginning of the year and Lila Marshall during the first semester. We gained Jeanne Seggerman and Jean Nevenhoven at the beginning of the year and Duane Janssen at the second semester. We chose the follwing officers and advisers to lead us through the 1945-46 school year: Glenn Harms, presindent, Dick Stokowski, vice president; Pat Riely, secretary-treasurer; and Miss Silzer and Mr. Evers, advisers. Miss Silzer was replaced by Mrs. Hill at the second semester.
During the first semester of the sophomore year we had two class meetings; the first to elect officers, and the second to determine our class dues and arrange for a party. At the party which was held in late October, we played games in the recreation room and enjoyed a weiner roast in Coach Jones' backyard. Thanks to Mr. Evers and several of the boys, the wood was prepared and a hugh fire was built. We are looking forward to another this semester, probably a skating party.
Members of our class are very active in sports, band, chorus, FFA, FHA, GAA, and the Latin Club.
Freshman Class History
We started school with 45 members. The first week of school we organized our class. For our President, we elected Marvin Harms, Kenneth McCormick as Vice-president, and Jane Luedtke as Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. Grampp and Mr. Koukl were chosen as advisers.
Our first party was held in November. This was a Weiner Roast with a hayride later in the evening.
In December we elected a King and Queen for the Christmas Ball. William Anderson and Betty Schmidt were our candidates.
A few weeks after the start of the second semester, we lost one of our fellow classmates, when Mary Durre moved to Flanagan. We were sorry to see her leave.
Marilyn Jean Henkel was out of school several weeks in February and we were very glad to see her come back.
Eleven of our class played in the band, and quite a few were active in the Chorus.
We also had a representative in the State Music Contest at Peoria. Bobby McGough played a clarinet solo and receved an "A" rating. He also played a piano solo and received a "B" rating.

Edmona Ioerger, Irma Schieckedanz, Jean Seggerman, Lois Sullivan, Rita Knoll.

1st row: Jim Riely, Mgr., Ronald Eigsti, Dale McKeon, Donald Smith, Herky Paloumpis, Mike Zupansic, Ed Harms, Mgr.
2nd row: William Anderson, Dick Stokowski, U. J. Schneider, Junior Lohr, Donald Uphoff, Don McCully, Coach Jones.
Basketball--Second Team
1st row: David Wolfe, Bob Curley, Albin Johnson, Roland Schickedanz, Bob Spencer.
2nd row: Ed Harms, Mgr., Marvin Harms, Merle McKeon, Harold Titus, Kenneth Rooker, Jim Riely, Mgr. Coach Jones.

1st row: Jim Curley, Mgr., Bob Curley, David Wolfe, Marvin Harms, Ed Harms.
2nd row: Don Uphoff, Stanley Konwinski, Mike Zupansic, Wm. Anderson, Ronald Eigsti.
3rd row: Roland Schickedanz, Albin Johnson, Don Smith, "Herky" Paloumpis, Don McCully, Coach Jones.

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