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Woodford County Journal, July 5, 1917
Annie Forney of Peoria has been visiting in Eureka with friends.
Bert Hogbin has been confined to his bed by illness the past week.
Prof. Carl B. Moore and family of ElPaso were  Eureka visitors yesterday.
Miss    Fairish, a trained nurse of Peoria, is caring for Mrs. Millie VanFossen.
Miss Monta DeMotte of Chicago is the guest of her grandmother Mrs. R. E DeMotte.
M. Harmon will soon move his family to the residence vacated by Rev. H. F. Kern.
Mrs. Luther Houser has returned to Peoria, after a visit with M/M J. W. Houser.
M/M George Arends of Peoria spent the 4th here, being guests of Mrs. C. H. Barney.
The crying need of the hour is fewer women who play "bridge" and more who play Bridget.
Mrs. Lydia Chambers and daughters of Peoria have been guests at the home of James Fry.
H. O. Murphy, M. D. O.. of Abingdon visited his cousin, J. H. Johnson, and family over Sunday.
M/M Thackaberry of Sterling, spent a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Buck.
Mesdames M. L. Harper and S. M. Hakes and Frank Hall spent the 4th with relatives in Magnolia.
Mrs. Arthur Scott of Ralston. Wyoming, and Mrs. Welby Jury of Minonk spent Sunday with E. U. Ridge and family.
Aldo Reynolds and family of Peoria were guests at the home of Mrs. Reynold's parents, M/M W. Morgan.
M/M Irven Wilson and little daughter of Colfax are spending today in Eureka, with her father, Morris Whetzel, and other relatives.
J. H. Laws took his mother to Jacksonville, Monday, where she will take treatment for nervous prostration at the Norbury private sanitarium.
Prof, and Mrs. Roy L. Moore were in Springfield Friday to attend a conference of county superintendents of schools and the state superintended, F. G. Blair.
M/M Albert Cinnamon and Vena, Lorene and Sarah Cinnamon, all of Rutland, visited M/M Geo. Renz last Saturday and attended the Vinecor-Mavity wedding.
W. R. Ayers is suffering from serious injuries received when the vapor from a gasoline barrel exploded when he lit a match near it. He was badly cut about the head and received other injuries as well.
M/M J. H. Burke and Alfred Haecker of Eureka and Benj. Houder of Morton, drove to Bloomington the 4th and spent the day, coming back and taking in the band concert at Washington in the evening.
Glenn, son of M/M J. T. Miller, about 12 years old, was run down by a party of Peoria autoists on Main street in Eureka on Monday afternoon. The boy was riding a bicycle and luckily escaped injury, excepting a good scare, but his bicycle was a wreck. The man in the car bought him a new one, and Glenn is happy again.

The regular meeting of the city council was held on Monday and the members were all very glad to greet their clerk, A. V. S. Baird. this being the first meeting he has been able to attend since the March meeting.
P. A. Felter is building a new garage to house his new touring car.

Mrs. Margaret Blumenshine died suddenly at her home in ElPaso. Margaret Leibolt was born in Germany,January 30, 1834. When she was 4 years old the family came to America and settled bear Washington, IL. She resided there until her marriage to Philip Blumenshine Feb 23, 1852. In 1855 M/M Blumenshine moved to El-Paso. Mr. Blumenshine died in 1902.
Deceased is survived by nine children, twenty-seven grandchildren and seventeen great grandchildren. The surviving children are Fred, Mrs. Mary Slenker,and Miss Emma, all of ElPaso; Henry of Los Molinus, Calif; Mrs. Lizzie Johnson of Streator; Richard C. of Gridley; Mrs. Minnie Crusius of Muncie, Ind.; Mrs. Carrie Ruple of Brookfield, Mo.,
and Mrs. Jesse Fisher of McMilliville,Ore.

Estate of Adaline N. Smith, deceased The undersigned, having been appointed executor of the last will and testament of Adaline N. Smith, late of the county of Woodford and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that he will appear before the county court of Woodford county, at the court house in Eureka, at the September term, on the first Monday in September next, at which time all persons having claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having the same adjusted. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned! bated this 2nd day of July. 1917. William D. Deweese. Executor W. H. Foster. Attorney

A message was received in Eureka on Tuesday morning from Indianapolis, stating the death of C. E. Underwood-president of Eureka College, just preceding Pres. Pritchard. He had been poorly for some time. He had many friends among Journal readers who will be grieved to learn of his death. The funeral was held today.

Estate of W. M. Meek, deceased The undersigned, having been appointed administratrix of the estate of W. M. Meek, late of the county of Woodford and state of Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that she will appear before the county court of Woodford county, at the court house in Eureka, at the September term, on the first Monday in September next; at which time all persons having claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having the same adjusted. All persons indebted to said estate are required to make immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this 25th day of June. A. D. 1917. Julia Meek, Administratrix. Ed. E. Robeson, Atty. For Admx. ESTATE OF MARGARET E. O'BRIEN, deceased. Dated this 18th day of June. A. D. 1917. P. A. Felter, Administrator

Included in Deed Abstract for Lot 2 in NE1/4 of the SE1/4 of Section 24 in Township 27 N, Range 4W of the 3rd Principal Meridian, Woodford County, Illinois Joseph Belsley, Sr.; Estate 828, died Oct 23, 1879
Witnesses to the will are John Ege and Frank DuBois
Heirs: Wife: Barbara Belsley (named Executrix)
Son Peter Belsley (wife Catherina)
Son Christian Belsley (unmarried in 1882)
Son Joseph Belsley (wife Hannah)
Son John Belsley (unmarried in 1882)
Son David Belsley (Anna)
Son Solomon Belsley (unmarried in 1882)
Son Benjamin Belsley
Barbara Belsley ; Estate 839; died Feb. 6, 1880, intestate
Son Christian Belsley Administrator.
Benjamin Belsley: Died Feb. 21, 1926; Will filed May 1, 1928
Heirs: Brother David Belsley (wife Anna)
Brother Solomon Belsley (Executor)
Brother Peter Belsley (deceased) children:
Anna H. Belsley (PeoriaJL)
Michael E. Belsley (Peoria, IL)
Barbara M. Belsley (Peoria, IL)
Kathryn A. Belsley (Peoria, IL)
Benjamin R. Belsley (Paris. France in 1926)
David C. Belsley (Roanoke, IL)
Amos Belsley (Wellington, Kansas)
Mattie E. Reid (Newton, Kansas)
Brother John Belsley (deceased by 1928)
Vera F. Foster (Hutchinson. Kansas)
Brother Joseph Belsley (deceased by 1928)
Ray J. Belsley (Peoria)
Clay Belsley (deceased by 1928)
Margaret H. Belsley (Peoria)
Joseph P. Belsley (Peoria)
Frank K. Belsley (Peoria
Brother Solomon Belsley : died Sep 3, 1933 in Peoria, IL
Daughters of Solomon Belsley:
Francis I. Rians (Divorced from Frank B. Rians Aug 1, 1918)
Grandson Chester B. Rians
Daughter Mabel B. Seaburg (Divorced from Elmer Seaburg July 15, 1936)
Granddaughter Mary Louise Seaburg
Block 21, Lots 12/13 of Secor, Woodford County, IL
Henry Ludwig, Sr.; Died intestate May 1, 1924
Children: Marie Zeiger
Eva Warner
Edward C. Ludwig
Berta A. Reed
John Wesley Ludwig
Elizabeth Armstrong (deceased)
Altona Gish (deceased)
Grandchildren: Roma Spaugler (daughter of Elizabeth)
Rolland Gish (son of Altona)
Raymond Gish (son of Altona)
John Wesley Ludwig died March 5, 1950 Heir: Wife Adelina M.
Wesley Dale Ludwig (wife Thelma)
Loren Edward Ludwig (wife Hildred)
Evelyn Maurine (w/o Walter A. Letcher)
Hayung E. Frerichs - died July 12, 1959 in Carlock
Mary Kathryn VanScyoc
Lida Jeanette Frerichs McCoy
William Stout Frerichs

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