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My mother has found a photo of Ray school dated 1892.  We know there are at least 4 Dingledines of age to attend the school and believe we have identified my great grandmother, Flora Dingledine age 12.  There would also be a number of Blumenshines in the school.  Does anyone else have a copy of this photo and or any information about the school?  My mother, grandfather, and his father, as well as his mother in law, all attended Ray so I have plenty of interest in any history available.  Some of the identifying features of this photo include a couple of boys looking at books.   One boy is holding a slate which says "RATS" on it.   There are a couple of fathers in the background and a lady in the door of the school.  We did not see her until we blew up the photo.  Ray School is between Eureka and Washington near Cruger.  The Blumenshine homesteads upon which my family grew up were on the county line.  The families involved are the John William and Philip John Blumenshine, John Henry and Mary Anna (Blumenshine) Dingledine.

About the late 1940's or early 50's Ray School closed and consolidated with Eureka.  My mother says she was a part of a news reel about the consolidation.  The feature film would have been the Queen's Coronation,  putting the news reel about 1952 or 1953.

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