Rediger and Baker Cemetery, Woodford County, Illinois

  Partridge Township, Section 2, Woodford County, Illinois.  Cemetery is located on private property DEEP in the woods.
GPS: N40 54.707  W 089 11.608, Elevation 727'
Source:  Information taken from loose papers found at the Eureka Public Library. 
The cemetery was surveyed and photos taken by Dena Whitesell and Marilyn Buie and Dan Pollard, 2009.
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Sofia Ames
d. February 15, 1855
age 21 or 27 yrs 1m 17d, d/o Rhoda and Gilbert Fields; w/o David Ames, had three children (submitted by Marilyn)

Salina Clark
d. September 29, 1881
24yr 3m 27d

John Lee Couttubier
d. December 29, 1859
age 52yr

Dora Crank
February 23, 1881
age 30yr 2m 11d,
w/o William Crank Jr.

Elisha Crank
d. August 14, 1853
age 22yr 5m 3d

Elizabeth Crank
d. September 25, 1851
age 60yr 3m 20d,
w/o W. W. Crank

Elizabeth Crank
d. December 12, 1865
age 38yr 7m 1d, w/o William

Emeline Crank
d. October 2, 1862
age 9yr 2m 25d, child of William & Elizabeth Crank

Erastus Crank
d. November 15, 1862
age 2yr 10m 4d,
child of William & Elizabeth Crank

Infant Crank
no dates
child of William & Elizabeth Crank

W. W. Crank
d. 1853

William Jr. Crank
Jan 30, 1851-Apr 2, 1886
h/o Dora
additional view

Angelina Field
d. May 12, 1848
Aged 18yrs 7ms
d/o G & R. Field

Phylander Field
d. May 4, 1856
age 31yr 8m 6d

Rhoda Field
d. June 10 1855
age 64. w/o Gilbert Fields (buried in Fields cemetery)

Catherine Hahn
d. October 26, 1902
Aged 80 yrs

Louisa B. Hanna
d. January 7, 1863
age 28yr 6m 5d,
w/o David W. Hanna

Alice Jones
d. December 27, 1858
age 1yr 11m 1d, 
child of A. & M. A. Jones

Infant Jones
no date
d/o A. & M. A. Jones

 Infant Daughter Jones
d. December 17, 1858
age 3m 17d,
child of A. & M. A. Jones

Jacob Reeder Jones
1838 - 1923

Mary Jones
June 6, 1811 - February 22, 1876
"His Wife"

Isaiah Jones
November 21, 1810 - December 20, 1885

Mary A. Jones
d. August 4, 1881
age 45yr 6m 12d
w/o Absolom Jones

Albert R. Pritchett
Aug 16, 1879-Sep 4, 1890
Aged 11yr 19d
s/o T.  & D. Pritchett

Emma Bell Pritchett
Dec 17, 1873-Dec 22, 1873


Ester A. Pritchett
Daughter of T. & B. Pritchett
d. Aug 28, 1870
Aged ?

Lodiuska Pritchet
d. October 24, 1865
Wife of Edward Pritchet
age 25yr 5m 8d

Safie J. Putnam
d. September 17, 1864
age 17yr 1m 23d

Ann Rediger

Joseph Rediger

 Lewis Rediger

Frances Joseph Savage
Feb 24, 1843 - Jan 3, 1894

William H. Savage
d. March 16, 1870
1yr 11m 5d, s/o F. J. & M. A. Savage

Mary J. Savage
d. March 25, 1870
4yr 6m 9d, d/o F. J. & M. A. Savage

Elizabeth A. Savage
d. April 1, 1870
3yr 2m 15d, d/o F. J. & M. A. Savage

Gemina Savage
d. Sep 27, 1871

 Charley Savage
d. March 12, 1878
2yr 8m 20d

Monument erected by
T. J. Kirk, Lacon, Illinois

Southworth, A. M. Lieut.
Co. D 24th NY Cav

Elliot Sowards
d. November 25, 1849
age 11yr 6m 2d, s/o William & S. Sowards


J. Perry Sowards
d. November 22, 1875
age 15yr 7m 6d

Marion Sowards
d. February 9, 1852
age 17yr 3m 1d,
s/o William & S. Sowards

William Sowards
d. February 3, 1853
age 45yr 10m

Johnney Walker
d. February 1, 1865
s/o John W. & R. J. Walker

Footstones found in the area of the above mentioned graves

A. F.

C. S.

C. W. J.

E. A. P.

I. & A. M. J.

L. P.

W. S.

D. C.

W. C.

Baker Cemetery
Located in same location as the above cemetery but is fenced in and set off to the side.  I've listed it here as a separate cemetery because of this.

Chauncey Baker
d. March 3, 1883
Aged 73yr 9ms 17ds

Julia Ann Baker
Wife of C. Baker
d. July 12, 1888
Aged 76yr 10mo 24ds

Juliet Baker
Aug 2, 1841 - Jan 9, 1916

Mary Baker
1843 - 1919

Amanda Baker
1848 - 1921

Merritt Baker
d. July 13, 1882
age 36yr 5m 17d

Perry Baker
November 8, 1852 - November 18, 1905



W. W. Baker

Contributed by Marilyn Wood:

Sophia Field Ames:  Born 1827, Died 19 Feb 1855, Married David Ames 15 Jun 1843  All in Woodford, Ill.
Mother:  Rhoda Sewards or Sowards:  Born 1803 in Va, Died 10 Jun 1855 Woodford, Ill, Married Gilbert Field 18 Oct 1818 Fayette County Ohio.

Father:  Gilbert Crysler Field:  Born 1784, Died 14 Feb 1840 Woodford, Ill.

Brother:  Philander Field:  Born 28  Sep 1824 in Ohio, Died 4 May 1856 Woodford, Ill.

Brother:  John Hiram:  Born 2 Mar 1831 Woodford, Ill, Died 24 Jun 1892 Centralia, Washington  Married Eliza Jane Sims 25 Feb 1864 Woodford, Ill.

Sister:  Angeline Field:  Died 12 Aug 1848 in Woodford, Ill.  Infant

There are also two other sisters Sarah Field born about 1833 (unable to find her married name) and Mallissia Calfina Field born 15 Aug 1836 Woodford Ill, and died 27 Dec 1882 Bolivar, Mo (unabale to find who she married.  Spouse was a Civil War Hero and she was a widow) .

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