St. Mary's School

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Centennial 1864 - 1964 Saint Mary's Metamora, page 23.

Group photo taken in 1896 is oldest know picture of St. Mary's school children. In background is wooden school which stood where sisters' convent now is located. Shown are [left to right, bottom row]: Emil Giehl, James Fitzgerald, George Volz, Edward Somers, Ferdinand Nauman, Joseph Grieser, Frank Nauman, Joseph Brauning, Otto Mignot, Ferdinand Miller, Joseph Holzinger, Michael Theena.
Second row [left to right]: Lawrence Nauman, Maggie Knoblauch, Eva Knoblauch, Cozy Berkman, Eda Bolle, Lillian Theena, Carrie Knoblauch, Carrie Theena, Mollie Holzinger, Stella Frantz, Otto Wiltz, Nickie Knoblauch, Leo Noirot, Henry Holzinger.
Third row [left to right]: Minnie Mignot, Lizzie Eckstein, Florence Holzinger, Theresa Giehl, Josie Knoblauch, Josie Holzinger, Josie Bloutz, Eva Getz, Cecelia Theena.
Top row [left to right]: Sister Philip, organist and teacher; Ella Theena, Minnie Brauning, Eva Frantz, Katie Knoblauch, Josie Holzinger, Katie Gangloff, Mollie Schultze, Lydia Staudemeyer, Mollie Giehl, Otto Giehl, Ann Klug, Louisa Holzinger, Rosie Holzinger, Sister Ludivicka, teacher.
[contributed by Marjorie Grebner Welsch]


St. Mary's Grade School, 1890 - 1923

St. Mary's Upper Grades, 1897 - 1898
[Diamond Jubilee 1864 - 1939]

Bottom row, left to right: Lambert Wiltz, John Meismer, Lee Wiltz, Joseph Waldschmidt, Jerome Full.

Second row: Mary Baub, Polly Giehl, Annie Meismer, Katie Knoblauch, Lawrence Miller, Joe Marchand.

Third row: Katie Reising, Julia Irving, Emma Giehl, Katie Fischer, Cora Volz, Emma Frantz, Henry Gangloff, Telle Bolle, Joe Sommers.

Upper row: Matilda Staudemyer, Maggie Schneider, Mollie Bolle, Isabel Grieser, Rena Wiltz, Sr. M. Theresa, Emily Theena, Ed Full, Raymond Schneider.

[Diamond Jubilee 1864 - 1939]
St. Mary's Lower Grades, 1897 - 1898

Bottom row, left to right: Carrie Breining, Annie Heininger, Josie Schneider, Annie Scholl, Bertie Wiltz, Robert Schneider, Lawrence Burk.

Second row: Annie Waldschmidt, Bertha Knoblauch, Florence Schneider, Lovina Wiltz, Mary Oppe, Viola Ioerger, Sophia Knoblauch, George Theena, Frank Obery.

Third row: Henrietta Ioegger, Edward Theena, Nick Oppe, Oliver Ioerger, Ernie Giehl, Edward Schneider, Robert Full.

Upper row: Lizzie Burk, Gertie Scholl, Marie Waldschmidt, Ida Schneider, Matilda Ehrnthaller.
[contributed by Marjorie Grebner Welsch]

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