Guardian Records 1866-1873, Vol. A
Woodford County, Illinois
transcribed for Woodford County, Illinois Genealogy Trails by Dena W.
[note: old type handwriting is difficulty for me to read, so I make no guarantee on the spelling of names] 

Name Page
Adams, W. C. Feibrache heirs 48
Abenz, Waite 3
Aue mine Alexander Sudeman 64
Andrews, Chester Sarah F. Otnowles 76
Abens, Wait G. Ida J. Flohr 113
Armstrong, Garrett Martin Armstrong 123
Brown, Warren W. Guard 11
Busbom, Frank 1
Baker, Betty 23
Bushom, Christian 30
Bluimenschein, John 36
Bohlander, Conrad Schuler heirs 44
Brubaker, Aaron H. John Scafkas 77
Blodgett, Sarah H. Self heirs 78
Bowen, H. M. Jas. Davis heirs 79
Brubaker, Aaron H. Seifkers heirs 85
Burt, Joseph F. Shanklin heirs 103
Bowlby, Anna E. Borolby heirs 96
Beale, Wm. Chas. G. Blue 108
Barrett, Chas. M. D. Mathias heirs 110
Burt, Joseph F. Anna E. Burt's heirs 119
Cummins, Stephen Baily heirs 43
Cloud, Vivian Cloud heirs 49
Camp, Mary A. Jos. S. Caup heirs 83
Coyle, Martha A. Holman heirs 95
Cobin, Madison Anna M. Mop 116
Darst, John Burton heirs 4
Danforth Mary W. 14
Everst, H. W. C. S. harrison 47
Evans, Noah E. Crow heirs 52
Evans, Geo. E. Evans heirs 82
Emmerson, Nancy M. Mary A. McChesney Guard. 118
Fisher, Elias Guard 2
Ferbaushe, Angeline L. 12
Fromklon, J. D. 22
Feltes, Jacob 31
Fisher, E. A. Allen Stoddard 56
Fisher, Moleston Jas. S. Butts 73
Faucett, Timothy D. Sarah C. Farrcett 74
Ferrell, james P. Bowers heirs 75
French, Anna M. Thomas heirs 87
Fisher, E. A. Henry Harning 105
French, Anna M. Thomas heirs 87
Forney, Jesse Y. Smith heirs 94
Forney, Adolphus W. Ann E. Blue 106
French, Anna M. heirs Kay Saltmann Guard. 117
Gerbrick, Andrw Guard 10
Gassner, Lawrence Guard 26
Goodell, N. H. 60
Greenman, Elizabeth E. Myrtle Dora Jones 65
Gardner, James Sara Gardner ? 66, 112
Grabher, Magdalene Haas heirs 97, 99
Herrow, John C. Guard 4
Harvey, John C. Bond 8
Harfner, Allen 16
Harvey, John C. Felton 18
Haedicke, Adolphus 37
Haynes, Robert F. Haynes heirs 50
Harvey, John C. Sylvester Allison 63
Haas, Jacob Baker H. heirs 68
Howsman, Joseph Th. Loving heirs 81
Heinrichs, Gebke Hainrichs heirs 86
Hogelucht, Wilke C. Hainrichs heirs 88
Hake, F. W. Hutchinson heirs 115
Irwin, Susan S. Wm. K. Irwin 55
Jordan, J. E. Guard 29
Kiffer, John 38
Kinton, Elizabeth 39
Kennel, Peter Schertz heirs 80
Kerker, Conrad Peter Haas heirs 109
Koehler, Paul Louisa Schueler 100
Kindig, B. W. Kindig heirs 102
Koefaler, Philomena Koefaler heirs 104
Kehr, William Kehr Frederick Jr guard 120
Goser, Mary Guardian 6
Gudeman, Alexander 64
Gybarger, Sam. Wingf. Gybarger 90
Loser, Mary Guard 6
Miller, Jane B. Guard 9
Martin, James M. 15
Mohr, Christian 17
Marriott, Benjamin J. 19
Myers, Mary K. 20
Major, Celia B. 33
McJilton, J. T. 34
Moore, Joseph H. 42
McClay, Rebecca Campbell heirs 46
McCord, Rebecca J. McCora heirs 38
Monk, Jacob Helmers heirs 93
Moss, Anna Maria Mad. Corbin guard 116
McChesney, Mary A. Ny, M. Emmerson 117
Ogle, John 40
Polhumus, Emelino 21
Perry, James D. guard 27
Page, Jno. W. guard 35
Pifer, Bettie W. 59
Parker, Mary S. J. B. Powell heirs 69
Parks, Pudentia C. Geo. G. Norton 72
Reiff, Joseph 25
Robinson, Samuel D. 41
Ranney, Joel A. 67
Reiff, Joseph Kindig heirs 91
Scott, Mary M. guard 28
Sullivan, John 32
Speck, William Greenman heirs 51
Sherperd, John Margaret Bellmott 54
Shallenberger, Catharine H. Smiley heirs 61
Smith, R. D. J. M. Allison heirs 62
Speck, Ann E. D. L. Greenman et al. 71
Sarietta, Schram Schram heirs 89
Schertz, John Engel heirs 107
Sparks, James Spark heirs 92
Schertz, Cath. P. Schertz heirs 98
Saddler, Joseph H. Saddler heirs 114
Saltsman, Henry John O. Thom 117
Traver, Lawrence guard 5
Timothy, Michael guard 13
Tanner, John T. guard 24
Thom John O. minor Ky, Saltsman guard 117
Work, Samuel Ada M. Babbs 45
Ward, Wm. Hedges heirs 53
Wylie, Samuel Nancy A. Davison 57
Wilkerson, Wm. H. M. Dora Jones heir 101
Williams, Gervis Kaufling heirs 111

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