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Joseph M Allen, editor of the Salem Press, was born 04 October 1831.  He was one of nine children and the son of Thomas W and Annie Brinkley Allen.  At age 16 years, he went to live with B. F. Huston to learn the trades of Carpenter and Joiner.  Around 1849 he was in the mercantile business, his first store handling groceries in Salem.  He continued in this business until 1856.  He joined the firm of Cammpbell, Allen & Co, cotton and wool mills, and when the Rebellion broke out, they went exclusively to the manufacture of wool goods.  He married Sarah J. Huston on 22 Dec 1852 and they had four children: Thomas F, Charles A, Heber H. Allen.  He was a member of the Masonic Fraternity.  He was a member of the Presbyterian Church.  He was a Republican.  He died 25 May 1865.

Davis Alvis was born in 1788, the son of Jesse & Mary Mallory Alvis.  He was a Revolutionary soldier.  In about 1806 he moved to Shelby Co, KY where he later married Ellen McKinley in 1812.  He brought his family to what is now Washington County Indiana, in February 1816.  They settled near Pekin on the South Fork of Blue River.  Many years later, David Alvis returned to KY and brought back with him, his aged parents.  They were members of the regular Baptist church.

Beezon Baynes was born 21 April 1818 in Yorkshire England to James & Elizabeth Prestman Baynes, who came to the United States in 1822 and settled near PA.  He resided with his parents and in 1840 he married L. Humphreys of Delaware Co, PA, the daughter of W. and L. Hill Humphreys.  Beezon Baynes and family moved to Washington County Indiana and acquired 500 acres of land.  He was a Republican.  He and his wife were members of the Society of friends.  They are the parents of James, William H, Mary (Trueblood), Elizabeth P (Trueblood), John, Martha B, Thomas P, Lewis J, L.H., and Isaac P. Baynes.

James Brewer was the son of John & Elizabeth Brewer and was born 28 October 1822 in Washington County Indiana.  He married Elizabeth C. Wright, also born in Washington County Indiana on 14 January 1828, the daughter of Eli & Elizabeth Bower Wright.  He is the brother of William Brewer.  His children include: John M, William F, George W (died aged 1y), James E, Amanda E, Annie E, Martha F (died aged 14 y) and Minnie M. Brewer.    He was a Republican, a member of the Christian church, and owned 240 acres.

William Brewer was the son of John & Elizabeth Brewer and was born 26 December 1815 in Washington County Indiana..  His paternal grandfather Benjamin Brewer, was a Revolutionary War soldier who in 1807 moved to KY and from there, around 1809, moved to what is now Washington County Indiana, about where Salem is.  John Brewer was a soldier in the War of 1812.  He was a farmer by occupation.  He was a Republican and owned over 350 acres of land.  He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  He married Fanny Mobley, daughter of Walter G & Elizabeth Burton Mobley, in 1839.  Their children include: Francis O, Annie E, William A.Brewer.  He later married Lydia E. Glover of Orange County Indiana, and fathered two more children: Nannie M and Jessie Brewer.

Charles Brooks and his parents, John & Elizabeth Humphreys Brooks, were natives of Pennsylvania.  He was born 2 Dec 1806.  His father died in 1808.  He moved to Washington County Indiana around 1844.  He married Elizabeth Simpson on 10 October 1835.  He fathered five children: John, James, E.H. (Trueblood), Mary T, and Isaac Brooks.  He was a member of the Society of Friends.  He never drank, never used tobacco, and never experienced a sick day until after his sixtieth year.

William Bundy was the son of A. & P. Albertson Bundy, and the grandson of Abraham Bundy, who married Miss Small.  He was a cooper by trade, he operated a saw mill, threshing machine and agricultural pursuits.  He owned over 280 acres of land.  On 16 April, 1846, he married Sarah J. Couble, the daughter of Adam & Mary Hubbard Cauble.  They had fourteen children:  Francis E, John Q, Eliza J, Thomas J (died in infancy), Mary E, Walter M, Addison M, Phobe A, Abraham L (died aged 21y), William G, Fulton A, Andrew O, and twins Nora E and Everett W.

John H. Callaway, the son of Micajah Calloway the famous Indian Fighter and Frontiersan, and companion of Daniel Boone in Kentucky.  John H. Calloway was born in Bourbon Co, KY on 22 February 1806.  His mother was Frankie Hawkins Calloway.  When he was about 4 years old, he came with his father to what is now Washington County Indiana.  He owned over 500 acres of land.  He was a Democrat.

Noble Callaway was the son of Micajah & Frankie Hawkins Callaway, the brother of John H Callaway, and was born in Bourbon Co, KY on 15 March 1809.  When he was about a year old, he came with his parents to Washington County Indiana.  He owned over 260 acres of land.  He married Martha K. Nicholson, the daughter of Benjamin & Jemima Starr Nicholson.  Their children include: James, Joseph, Jemima, Thorton, Frankie, Lewis, H.G., Alice and Patrick Calloway.

Among the old pioneers that braved the perils of frontier life in Washington County Indiana, the pioneers who felled the forests and laid the foundations, was Adam Cauble.  He came from the far East to Washington Township, Washington County Indiana.  He was born in North Carolina on 14 March 1798 and married Mary "aka Polly" Hubbard.  They were the parents of 15 children: George W, James M, Sarah J, Alexander, Adam W, John, Charles, Eliza, Andrew, Barbara, Peter, Herman M, William R (died aged 10mos), Benjamin, Mary C (died aged 30y).  Andrew J, Alexander, Peter and Herman actively participated in the suppression of the Rebellion, the former suffering five months in Libby Prison.  George W. Cauble married 22 May 1851 to maria Barnett, the daughter of George & Jane Barnett.  One son, George W, was born of that union.  George W Sr is a Democrat and he as well as his wife belong to the Christian Church.  Alexander Cauble worked in carpentering.  In August 1862 he enlisted in Co. E, 5th IN Cavalry, and served thru any hard battles.  He was honorably discharged 18 June 1865.  He went back to farming and owned 118 acres.  He was a Republican and on 5 January 1854 he married Sussanna T. Morris, a daughter of Thomas Morris.  Their children  Addison G, Martha E, Margaret E, Mary E, Annie B, Alexander G, and Emery E Morris.

Adam W. Cauble was raised on the old home farm and remained a farmer.  He owned over 185 acres of land and married Sarah E. King.  Their children include: Elwood G, Walter J, Harvey W, Harriet A, Addis E, Benton M, Helen S, Claudius W, Ellis D, twins Jesse & Jason.  Charles Cauble is a member of the Christian Church and a farmer who owned 150 acres.  He married Nancy Gee, daughter of Isaiah & Mary A Collier Gee on 28 January 1858 and fathered nine children: Sophia E, Dora E, Malora J, Emma E, George F (died aged 2 y), Maria A, Cora A, Mary I, and L.E. Cauble.

William M Clarke was born 06 January 1825 in Salem Indiana.  he was one of 8 children born to Col. John E & Catharine Hardman Clark of PA.  William M Clarke received his education under John I Morrison.  At age 20 he entered the store of J.B. Berkey with whom he was associated for 21 years, and began a partnership of a firm called Berkey & Clarke & Co.  He married Susan Berkey, the daughter of J.B. Berkey, on 29 October 29, 1850.  He fathered six children: John B, Jonas E, Frederick M, C.Sherman, Nellie E (Ferguson), and William F who died in infancy.  William Clarke was a member of the I.O.O.F. and was a Republican.

William Cooper was born 09 May 1822 in Salem Indiana.  His father, John Cooper, came to this area from North Carolina around 1814.  William's parents were John & Mary Morris Cooper.  He was a wheelwright with his father on his father's farm.  Later he taught in schools.  He also learned carpentering.  For a long time he was in the mercantile business in Salem.  He was a Whig, but after 1855 he was a Republican.  In 1860 he was elected Justice of the Peace and served in that capacity until his death.  November 1845 he married Sarah J Clark, the daughter of John E & Catharine Clark.  He was the father of four children: Mary (Trueblood), John W, Lizzie A, and Charles C.   John W Cooper was a jeweler in Salem Indiana.  William and his wife were members of the Baptist church.

George Crim was born in Jackson Township of Washington County Indiana on 20 November 1827.  He was the son of Jesse & Lucinda Churchill Crim of KY.  He married Sallie Martin on 02 April 1855.  They are the parents of the following children Mary A, Lucinda C, Lizzie A, Edmund T, William W, and John L Crim.  He was a Republican.  He served as Township Trustee.  He was a member of the Christian Church.

John Cromer was born 27 August 1820 in Kentucky.  He was the son of George & Jane Walker Cromer of VA.  He established the Traveler's Rest Hotel in 1869.  He married Evaline Wilson on 10 November 1842 and was the father of four children, including: Joseph P, John B, and Annie L Cromer.  He entered the military on 22 September 1864, serving for the union until he mustered out on 11 May 1865.  He was a Republican, a member of the G.A.R. and has been a Justice of the Peace.

L.G. Davis of Harristown, was born in Washington County Indiana, in 1841.  He was the son of Henry and Lydia Tash Davis.  His paternal grandparents were natives of North Carolina and relocated in Washington Co IN in 1816.  L.G. Davis was raised on a farm.  He began teaching at the age of 18.  He was a Democrat and was elected Township Trustee in 1864.  He was elected County Recorder in 1870. He married Mary E. Paynter, daughter of George Paynter of Salem Indiana, on 13 June 1876.  He began operating a grist and saw mill, and dealing in lumber, in 1879.  He is a member of the Masonic fraternity.

David Dennis of Hitchcock, and Postmaster, Railroad & Express Agent, was born on 28 March 1845, the son of Archibald & Jane Louden Dennis.  They were natives of New York and North Carolina.  David's grew up on his father's far, and he enlisted in Co E, 5th Indiana Cavalry, on 1862 in the pursuit of restoring the Union.  He was honorably discharged and returned to Washington County, and then  returned to prepares himself for business, attending Commercial College in New Albany.   He began clerking at Hitchcock, for Warren Trueblood.  He partnered up to purchase the store, and two years later, bought it out entirely.  David Dennis was a Republican.

Joel Denney was born on 21 April 1825, the son of Samuel & Dorothy Denny.  His parents came to Washington Co Indiana when the State was still a Territory, and in 1813 entered land from the Government.   He married Elizabeth A Thompson on 02 February, 1858, she being the daughter of Cary and Mary Parr Thompson.   Joel & Elizabeth are the parents of seven children: Margaret R (died aged 21y), Emma J, Ruth A, Samuel H (died aged 10y), Loudella, Mary E, and Dorothy (died aged 4y).  Joel Denny was a Republican and was the owner of 470 acres of land.  He was a member of the Christian Church.

William Enochs was born 08 arch 1815 in Oldham County KY to Garrard & Sarah Johnson Enochs.    He married Mary M  Lytle, the daughter of Lewis & Ann Holmes Lytle, on 27 May 1841.  He served as Justice of the Peace for Jefferson Township and Township Trustee.  His children include William N, Sarah A, Thomas C, James L and Elizabeth A Enochs. 

George Fultz was a native of Virginia and born in 1825 to John and Sarah Fultz.  In 1826 he came to Salem Indiana with his parents.  His father worked at the mill rights trade for many years and operated the "DePauw mills" which he had built.  He followed steam-boating and distilling for a time and ran the first dray in Salem.  For about 13 years, he conducted the Salem Democrat.  He also operated a wagon and carriage factory and livery stable.   He served as Deputy County Sheriff for many years.  He married Mary Wright, daughter of Levi Wright, in 1858. George Fultz was a Democrat and a member of the I.O.O.F.

Jonah Green was born 24 October 1834 in Orange County Indiana.  He was the son of Thomas & Anna matthew Green.  He was a miller and took charge of his fathers mill after his death.  In 1880 he moved to Fredericksburg.  He first married Mary Hall who died a few years into their marriage, leaving one daughter Catharine A.  He later married Mary M Roberts and had six more children: Rosetta A, William T, Henry F, Emma E, and Bertie M. Green.  He servd in the Co B 66th IN Vol Inf after enlisting 08 August 1862.  He served in the Battle of Richond KY, the siege of Atlanta, the march to the sea with Sherman, thru the Carolinas and finally to Washington DC where he was discharged in 1865.  He was a Republican and a member of the F & A.M. and GAR fraternities.  He operated a saw and planing mill.

William J Hauger & William F McMurran compose the business firm "Hauger & McMurran".  William Hauger was born in Washington Co Indiana in 1843 the son of Jacob & Elizabeth Fultz Hauger.  He started in the wagonmaker's trade.  In 1862 he enlisted in the 5th IN Cavalry and served almost 3 years before receiving an honorable discharge.  He was a Republican and a member of the I.O.O. F as well as G.A.R..

H.D. Henderson was born on 06 September 1819 in Washington County Indiana.  His father John G. Henderson was from PA and a carpenter/cabinetmaker by trade. His mother, Hannah Dinwiddie, was a descendant of Governor Dinwiddie of Virginia.  His mother bore four children before her death in 1833.  His father married again to Martha Young and she bore him another four children before dying in 1877.   H.D. Henderson went to schools in Salem.  At 15 years, he worked for the Indianapolis Journal for one year, and then served 3 years as Assistant Engineer of Public Works.  In his spare time he studied medicine.  He graduated from Transylvania University in Lexington KY in 1842.  He then returned to Washington County Indiana and began practicing medicine until his retirement due to poor health, in 1860.  He was a member of the State Medical Society, the I.O.O.F. and the Encampment.  He has represented each at the grand lodge has served as member of the Town board, President of the School board.  He married Gabriella M Malott, daughter of Eli W and Melinda P Lumley Malot.  He is the father of six children: John M, Harvey M, Hannah M, James P, Daisy G, and George Henderson.  He was a Union man in the war.

James Hodges was one of the oldest born citizens of Washington  County Indiana at the time of his death.  He was born 23 August 1813.  His grandfather, John Hodges, was born in Lincoln, England on 20 March 1749 and helped the Colonies during their struggle for independence.  His grandfather later settled in North Carolina and married Margaret Lacey, who later came to Indiana.  His maternal grandfather, Arthur Parr, served in the Revolutionary War, married Mary Morgan and then also came to the Indiana Territory.  James M Hodges' father, Thomas Hodges, was born in North Carolina and married Elizabeth Parr before coming to what is now Washington County Indiana.  His father, Thomas, served as guard on the frontier during the war of 812, and was a member along with his mother, of the first Baptist Church.  James M. Hodges was raised as a farmer.  He married Nancy Worral, daughter of James & Margaret McDonald Worrall.  He later married Elizabeth Paynter, daughter of John & Catharine Etzler Paynter.  James M. Hodges served as County Commissioner for 3 years/

Jesse J Hungate was born 22 December 1817 in Mercer Co, KY.  His father, John Hungate, was a solder in the War of 1812.  His mother, Annie DePauw was a sister to General John De Pauw.  Together they moved to Washington County Indiana in 1819.  In 1852 he was appointed by Governor Wright to the Associate Judgeship of Washington County.  His first wife died in 1842.  His second wife, Fanny Coffin.  He was a member of Missionary Baptist Church.  Jesse J. Hungate came to salem in 1853 and was in the mercantile business for about 12 years.  He had over 600 acres of land.  He was a Republican.

William Jamison, Auditor of Washington County Indiana, is the son Joseph and Margaret Gilchrist Jamison. He married Margery Davis in 1860.  He was the father of five: Samuel J, John W, Jerry M. and  Winfield.  He later Married Mary E. Smith.  He resided in Monroe Township until his election as County Auditor in 1878.  He was a Democrat.  He was a member of the I.O.O.F., the Masonic fraternity, and the K of P fraternity.

Wiley Jones was born 26 September 1820 in Washington County.  Cadwalader Jones was his father and a noted pioneer in the history of Washington County, who married Clara Johnson.  Wiley Jones was a Republican and the owner of 150 acres of fine land.    He married Sarah Callaway on 31 March 1842, the daughter of Micajah and Frankie Hawkins Callaway.  He fathered the following children:  Hardin, Harriet, Chloe, Reason and John H. Jones.

Gayer Knight was born 02 July 1813 in Guilford Co, N.C., and was the son of Andrew and Ruth (Starbuck) Knight.  Andrew Knight was born in Virginia and moved when he was young, with his parents, to North Carolina.  In 1816 he and his family and moved to Washington Co, Indiana.  He settled eight miles west of Salem, where he died in 1857.  Gayer Knight was raised on his parents farm and faced many hardships and privations pertaining to pioneer life.  When 19 years old, he engaged his services as a fireman in the wool and cotton spinning-mills in Salem.  He retained his position 28 months and then took on the machinist's trade with Thomas & Elias Tassey.  He saved his earnings and in 1852 he purchased a half-interest in his then current business, for $2000.00.  Twelve years later he purchased the other half and from then on, carried on quite an extended trade.   Mr Knight was a Republican.  For 30+ years he and his wife were members of the Presbyterian Church.  In 1832 he married Mary Crawford, daughter of George and Nancy Crawford, in North Carolina.  Four children were born to them: Eliza, Amanda A., George and William H. Crawford.   They adopted one child, Oliver Smith Knight.

John C. Lawler was a native of Cincinnati Ohio.  He was born there on 13 Jan 1843, the son of John C. and Susan Cahil Lawler.  At the age of 12, his father died.  In 1855, his mother and family came to Washington County Indiana.  They engaged in Farming and Tanning.  It was in Washington County Indiana, where Mrs. Lawler died.  He had good schooling, but did not attend school after his father's death.  He enlisted as a private in Company G, 13th Indiana Volunteer Infantry on 03 June 1861, and served through the battles of Rich Mountain, Greenbrier, Alleghany, Cold Harbor and various other battles around Suffolk, Virginia.  He was honorably discharged on 01 July 1864 at the end of his term of service.  Winter of 1864-1865 found him employed on the railway department near Nashville, and in 1866 he returned to the tanning business in Monroe Township, Washington County.  He continued to farm until April 1871.  He moved to Salem and began his legal practices.  In April 1867, he was elected Trustee of Monroe Township, and in October of 1868, he was elected Representative to the Lower House of the State Legislature.  He resigned his seat due to the difficulty of the session over the Fifthteenth Amendment.  He was later re-elected at the special election.  He married Miss Eliza A Robertson on Christmas day 1866.  They are the parents of six children:  Jessie, Hallie, Minnie, Edna, John A., and Ella Lawler.  John C. Lawler was a Democrat, an Odd Fellow, and Susan Cahil Lawler was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

William Lindley was born in North Carolina on 28 March 1797.  He was the son of Samuel and Mary Braxtan Lindley, who were natives of the Old North State.  The Samuel & Mary Lindley family emigrated to what is now Washington County Indiana in 1811.  William Lindley was raised a farmer and remained a farmer throughout his life.  On September 27, 1821 he married Nancy, the daughter of Joseph and Mary Moore.  Nancy was born on 21 March 1804 and died 01 June 1852.  They had no children.  His second wife was Martha H. Hollowell, daughter of Nathan & Mary Trueblood Hollowell, on 11 January 1853 and they were the parents of the following children  Mary H (Louden), Nancy M. Lindley (died aged 9yrs), Elnora T. Lindley, William B. Lindley, and Charles N. Lindley.  Nathan & Mary Trueblood Hollowell were one of the early pioneers of this county.  William LIndley was a man of religious convictions.  His life was a record of good deeds and his friendship was extended to all.  He died on 30 April 1876.  He was loved by all who knew him and a member of the Society of Friends.

Dawson Lyon is of English ancestry and was born in Madison Indiana on 03 February 1816, the son of Jonathan & Elizabeth (Davis) Lyon of Pennsylvania.  They married in Pennsylvania and moved to Madison Indiana around 1811.  In 1815, Jonathan came to Salem Indiana, and bought a number of town lots.  In 1816 he moved his family to Salem and he took on the mercantile business.  In 1824 he was elected County Clerk.  He had previously represented Washington County in the Legislature.  He was one of the successful businessmen of his day.  He died in 1855.  His wife preceded him in death in 1832.  Dawson Lyon came to Washington County with his parents when he was 2 months old and has always been a resident.  At 16 years, he began clerking and at 20 years, took on the mercantile business in Salem Indiana.  He ran a prosperous business until 1878.  Dawson Lyon was connected to the First national Bank of Salem.  In his later years, Dawson Lyon retired from active life with a considerable fortune.  13 April 1843, he married Martha Newby, the daughter of Micah & Mary D. Coilfin Newby.  The Newbys' were natives of North Carolina, having come to Washington County in 1815.   Martha Newby Lyon was born in Washington County Indiana on 19 July 1823.  They were the parents of the following children:  Henry, Ella (Baynes), Lizzie (Henderson).  Henry Lyon was a merchant in Decatur IL and served in the 5th Indiana Cavalry.  Lizzie Lyon Henderson was a druggist in Salem Indiana.  Dawson Lyon was a Republican.

James G. May was born in Lincoln Co, KY on 21 April 1805.  He is the eldest of 9 children.  He was born to Jacob & Eleanor McDonald May.  In 1700, a crowd of college students from Germany, made what was considered treasonable statements against crowned heads and potentates of Germany.  They threatened to deprive them of the kingly power.   James' great grandfather, George May, together with his brother John and 13 others, escaped arrest.  In Sailor disguises, they took passage for America, arriving in Philadelphia in 1701.  John May's descendants settled in North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia.  They later migrated to Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.  George May was the father of seven sons and two daughters.  Jacob, grandfather of James G May, was the oldest.  George died in Philadelphia.  Jacob settled in the Baltimore Maryland area.  Jacob, James G May's father, was born in Maryland.  Jacob May settled in Kentucky in 1783 with his parents, at 10 years of age.  Jacob May came to Indiana in 1825 and died in Martinsburg, Washington County IN, in 1852.  William McDonald, grandfather of James G. May, was born in Philadelphia.  William McDonald's parents were natives of Scotland.  He served in the Revolutionary War.  He married Miss Bell in North Carolina, a distant relative of John Bell who was a candidate for President in 1860.  At 6 years of age, he could read the Bible, unaided.  From the time he was 4 years old, he was always a student.  When 14 years of age, he entered Morrison's Academy and there acquired an extensive knowledge of the sciences.  He began teaching at 16 years while also working on the farm and pursuing courses at Center College in Danville.  After 10 years, he mastered his course without attending one day at college.   In 1823 he taught his first term of subscription school.  in November 1824, he came to Indiana and taught school in Brown Township, Washington County IN.  In 1825 he began reading law.   The most of his life he taught school.  He taught in Washington County IN, Decatur County IN, Harrison County (Seminary) IN, and in New Albany (Superintendent & Instructor). 05 March 1829, he married Nancy Armstrong, the daughter of Benoni & Elizabeth McCoskey Armstrong.  They were the parents of seven children: William W., Sarah E., Maria L., Mary C. W., Ben A., Gertrude, and James D. May.   In 1838  James G May was admitted to practice law at Rushville Indiana.  For 5 years he was located in Salem Indiana, successfully engaged in law.  From December 1832 until November 1834, he was editor of the Western Annotator, in Salem Indiana.  He was a Jacksonian in politics until 1833.  His views then changed pertaining to banking, and in 1834 he wrote his first article recommending William Henry Harrison for President.  In 1856 he became a Republican and remained that until his death.  During the bitter struggle between the North and the South, he was a supporter of the Union, of Lincoln's administration.  He was often threatened for his outspoken stand in favor of the Union.  Professor James G. May and his wife were members of the Presbyterian Church. from Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery.  He was commissioned by Gov Morton, Assistant Surgeon of the 23rd IN Reg in April 1863.  And in March 1865 was promoted surgeon, serving til the close of the war.  In November 1880 he moved to Hardinsburg.  He married mary J.F. Holmes on 04 July 1861.  They were the parents of one son, Thaddeus H.  McPheeters.  He later married Mary E McIntosh Ramsey after the death of his first wife and one son was born to them, James A McPheters.    He was a Republican, a member of the I.O.O.F. and F. & A.M. fraternities and the Presbyterian Church.  He owned 400 acres of land.

Samuel McIntosh was born 31 December 1810, the son of James & Winifred Potter McIntosh.   He married on 04 June 1829 to Susanna Radcliff and the father of fourteen children who include: David, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Winafred, Mary and Sarah McIntosh.  He was a Republican and a member of the Baptist Church.

John McPheeters was born near Fredericksburg on 26 January 1837 to Alexander & Louisa M Snyder McPheeters.  He was a physician under the direction of John S. studied his fathers profession and in 1860 graduated

Leading Clothiers of Salem Indiana, Moch & ay purchased the general clothing establishment of Levi Drom.  On 15 February 1884, they established their business.  They established a branch store on the north side of the square and operated two rooms with a full line of men, youths and boy's clothing, hats, cups and gent's furnishing goods, trunks valises, and etc.  All of this was valued at about $14,000.  Sam Moch and Charles May, both from the area of Cincinnati, were from youth, connected with large clothing establishments.  They learned every aspect of the business from manufactures instead of jobbers.  They are able to sell as low as any other dealer.  As businessmen of Salem Indiana, they had an honest, courteous and obliging manner that enabled them to build up an extensive business which continued to increase.  Their clothing house was considered the best in town.

Originally from Clark County Indiana, W.A. McClanahan was born 11 March 1835, the second of seven children.   His parents were Samuel and Annis Ashabranner McClanahan who were of Virginia, Scotland, North Carolina & German descent.  W.A. McClanahan received the practical education.  He worked at a teaming in Salem for a year, and in the next year, he worked in Coffin's tannery.  He later rented and worked on a farm for two years.  W.A. McClannahan was married 03 August 1856, to Martha Bowling, the daughter of John and Dorcas Bowling.  They are the parents of seven children.  They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church and he was a member of the I.O.O.F.  He was a Democrat and an esteemed citizen of Salem.

Robert Mitchell was born in Kentucky on 21 August 1803.  When he was 17 years of age, he came with his parents to Washington County Indiana.  His parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Harmon Mitchell.  He was a farmer and a member of the Christian Church.  On 14 August 1828 he married Elizabeth Hole, the daughter of David & Mary Beadle Hole.  He came to Washington County in 1820 and was a Revolutionary War soldier.  He is the father of the following children:  Daniel, Thomas, Mary C, Sarah, Stephen H, Minerva (died aged 5y), Melissa (died aged 2y, one wk after Minerva), and Robert H. Mitchell.  Robert Mitchell died on 02 April 1880.

C.W. Mobley was born in Clarke Co, KY on 25 February 1821.  His parents were Walter G & Elizabeth Burton Mobley.  He and his family moved to Washington Co. Indiana.  C.W. Mobley took on his fathers farm and attended schools.  He later learned the carpenter trade and peddled clocks and tinware until 1855.  In 1855 he entered the firm of Platt, Martin & Gordon of Salem Indiana, as a clerk.  After four years of service, he bought out the firm.  In 1863 he succeeded his former employer, D.B. Platt, in the manufacturing of wagons and carriages.  In 1865 he established a foundry and machine shop.  In 1861 he married Mary Telle of PA.  They were the parents of two children:  Fannie and Charles W. Mobley.  He was a Republican.

Benjamin Nicholson was born in Washington County Indiana on 10 November 1824 and was the son of Benjamin Nicholson Sr.  Benjamin Nicholson Sr was one of the prominent pioneers of this county, having come here in 1812 and forting at Young's fort until the Indian troubles were over.  Benjamin Nicholson Sr purchased land in what is now known as Section 33.  He cleared and farmed this land until his death.  Benjamin F. Nicholson has always been a farmer and acquired over 200 acres of good land.  He was 2nd Sgt of his company in the Mexican war, and participated in the Battle of Buena Vista.  He was a Democrat and held positions in the offices of Township Trustee, County Appraiser, County Commissioner & County Sheriff.  He married Mary Johnson in 1848.  She was the daughter of Archibald and Mary Rose Johnson.  They were the parents of seven children:  John W, David D, Sally A (Hitchcock), Archibald J, Emaline (Grimes), Martha E (Standish), and Maria (Cauble).

Christian Paynter was born in Washington County Indiana on 19 February 1824.  He was the 5th child of John and Catharine Etzler Paynter.  His family came to Indiana in 1822 and settled on a farm 3 miles south of Sale.  His father, John, was a Lieutenant in the War of 1812.  His parents were members of the Lutheran Church. Dr Christian Paynter taught school for a short time.  He was a member of the Co D, 2nd IN Regiment.  He served thru Buena Vista and at the end of his enlistment, he returned to Washington Co and began practicing medicine with Dr. A.M. Jones at Corydon.  In 1853, he graduated from the Louisville Medical University.  He was a member of the Washington County and State Medical Societies, the Masonic Fraternity and Methodist Episcopal Church.  On 05 February 1856 he married Sarah J. Smith of Hardin Co KY, the daughter of John H. & Hannah Paynter Smith.  Their children include: William H., Mary L., and Horace M. Paynter.

Jacob Ratts was born in Washington County Indiana on 01 October 1827.  He was the son of Rinehart & Susannah Yarborough Ratts.  Henry & Barbara Wingler Ratts, his grandparents, came to this country in 1823.  They were members of a Lutheran Church.  Rinehart Ratts was a farmer.   Jacob married Mary A. Johnson, the daughter of Ransom & Barbara Wright Johnson, in 1848.  He is the father of Jacob L, Nancy J, Sarah E & Susan A Ratts.    Jacob Ratts was a merchant in Salem, a Republican, an Elder in the Christian Church and a member of the G.A.R.  He was a soldier who served in Co. E, 5th IN Cavalry.

John Reyman was born on 10 May 1801 in Virginia, the 3rd born to Joseph & Elizabeth Hershal Reyman of PA.  His parents moved to Washington County Indiana in 1811 and settled on a farm north of Salem.   He was a representative in the Legislature from He was married 3 times.  He married Hannah Lindley of NC in 1829. They were the parents of Martha J, Jacob, Thomas, Amanda, William L, & Ilif.  She died in 1842.  He married Rebecca Lindley, Hannah's sister, in 1842.  Only one child survived, Joseph Reyman.  His last wife was Huldah Stanley.  He was a Whig and also a Republican.

Henry Robertson was born 6 February 1831 to William & Unis Driskell Robertson.  His parents settled in Brown Township, Washington County Indiana, in 1812.  He married Lydia A Cornwell on 26 December 1851.  He is the father of 9 children, including William T, Theodore, Henry F, Eldora, Adolph, Laura E, and Mary A Robertson.   He later married Martha A Corbin.  He was a Democrat.

S.D. Sayles was born on 26 December 1828 in Brown Township, Washington County, Indiana.  He was the son of Eliab & Persis Jenks Sayles.  His parents came to Washington Co, IN in 1826.  He learned the edge-tool maker trade of his father.  At 21 he took his father's place in the forge, where he remained until 1856.  He then came to Salem and purchased the Forsey factory, and until the war, he manufactured edge tools and farm machinery.  He was the first man from Washington Co Indiana to volunteer for his country's cause.  He helped recruit Co G, 13th IN Vol Inf, and he served his company as Captain.  He was mustered out, because of disability, on 22 Feb 1863.  Shortly after he went to the front line as Lieutenant-Colonel of the 107th Reg, and was in command until he finally was discharged in 1864.  Colonel Syles participated in the battles of Greenbrier, Malvern Hills, second Winchester (twice wounded), Big Black River, Blue Springs and various other battles.  After the war he was in Missouri for a year and then returned to Salem.  He took on the lumber business.  He was a Republican, a member of the G.A.R. and in 1850 he married Eleanor Green and fathered five children.

Robert Shanks was born on 21 March 1828 in Washington County Indiana.  He was the son of William & Hannah Cravens Shanks.  He was a descendant of one of the earliest settlers of Washington Co IN.  He was an ordained minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  He was in the State Legislature.  He married Elizabeth Fulmer, the daughter of Henry & Sarah Brewer Fulmer, on 24 October 1851.   They are the parents of James L, Sarah E, William H and Martha E (Etzler).  He was a Democrat, a Trustee of Pierce Township and a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Lewis Smith was born on 25 March 1832 in Washington County Indiana.  He married Nancy J. Worrall, the daughter of Isaac & Sally Caress Worrall, on 06 October 1853.  They are the parents of Franklin P (Superintendant of Schools in Bedford), Spencer W (Physician in Leesville), Laura B and Lewis N. Smith Jr.  He owned 275 acres of land, was a Democrat, served as County Commissioner for 6 years, and was a member of the Masonic Fraternity.  His parents were Richard and Hannah Etzler Smith.  He served in the war of 1812 and came to Washington County Indiana in 1823.  He was a member of the Baptist church.

Franklin Standish was born in 1853.  In 1873 he married O. E. Wright, the daughter of Josiah & Melissa Crabb Wright.  They are the parents of Miles and Dawson Wright.  They are members of the Christian Church and he was a Republican.  His grandparents, Silas & Mary Barnes Standish, came from New York to Clark Co, IN in 1819 and moved to Washington County in 1828.  His parents were William & Margaret J. Buchanan Standish.  His brother, Miles Standish, was a soldier who died of starvation in Andersonville Prison. 

Henry Streaker was a native of Holland and was born on 18 October 1828, the son of Benjamin & Eliza Payne Streaker.  He immigrated to America in 1838, at 10 years.  He first lived in Cincinnati Ohio.  He was a shoemaker.  He came to Salem Indiana in 1852 and opened his shop.  He was a member of the I.O.O.F and a Masonic member.    He married Sarah J Lee, the daughter of Michael & Mary Goodridge Lee, on 06 November 1854.  He is the father of Mary, Lizzie, Annie, Sarah, Lee H, and Lena Streaker.

James Taylor was born on 06 December 1842 in Washington County Indiana, the youngest son of Samuel & Mary Turpin Taylor.  He was a clerk and book keeper in the wool mills for one year.  He was appointed Deputy Treasurer in 1867.  He taught school in Campbellsburg and Memphis Indiana.  He was appointed Deputy County Clerk in March of 1874.  He was a Democrat.  He married Mary E McCoskey on 05 May 1864 and was the father of Lulu, Lillie B, Nellie D and Helen M Taylor. 

D.L. Thompson was one of the first teachers in Washington County Indiana.  He graduated from Central Normal School in Lodoga Indiana.  He taught in the first school in District #1 from 1875-1876 and taught a total of nine terms.  He was born on 16 February 1852, the son of David R & Mary A Huffman Thompso.  He married Martha A Meyers in 1881 and was a Republican.

John Trueblood was born on 11 September 1815, the son of James & Patsy Trueblood.   He operated a market wagon and later was Postmaster and Railway agent.  For three years he was in the grocery trade in New Albany and kept the Commercial Hotel.  He was married four times.  He married Sarah Green in 1839.  He married Nancy Thompson in 1851.  His 3rd wife was Elizabeth Thompson and he married Elizabeth Allager in 1862.  His children include:  Benjamin F, Luella E, Sarah E, Minnie E, Bertha M, Josephine E, and four who preceded him in death.

Joseph Trueblood was born 08 September 8, 1817, the son of Nathan & Patience Newby Trueblood of NC.    On 1 February 1863 he married Semira B Lindley, the daughter of Samuel & Mary Braxtan Lindley of NC.    He was a Republican, a member of the Friends Church, and the father of Lucius B, Edmund A, Mary L (Hinshaw) and Elizabeth Trueblood.

Samuel Trueblood was born in Washington County  Indiana on 19 December 1821, the son of Caleb and Mary Pyle Trueblood.   His grandparents were John & Ruth Pyle.  Samuel Truebloods grandfather, Caleb Trueblood Sr, was the son of Amos Trueblood who emigrated from England to American in 1700.  Samuel Trueblood was a minister of the Society of Friends.  He married Priscilla Wilson, the daughter of Henry & Deborah Coffin Wilson of NC, on 17 May 1924.  They are the parents of Emily, Melinda, Lius M, Henry W, Deborah A (died aged 19y), Lamira, Alida, and Mary Ada Trueblood.

William Trueblood was born 22 November 1822, the son of Abel & Mary Simons Trueblood of NC.  His parents came to Washington County Indiana in 1816.  They were Quakers.  He was a Republican.  He married Sarah Parker, the daughter of William & Elizabeth Peele Parker, on 13 March 1851.

Thomas Tucker was born 25 August 1828 in Washington County Indiana, the son of James & Sarah Houston Tucker.  He attended Washington County Seminary in Salem, and later Hanover College, graduating in 1855.  He was in charge of the Livonia Seminary for 6 months.  He studied medicine with Dr. Fishback and attended medical lectures at the Cincinnati Medican College where he received his MD in 1860.  Four years he practiced in New Philadelphia and later moved to Salem.  He married S. Burke in 1857.  She died 2 years into the marriage.  His second wife, Mary Burcham, he married in 1862 and he was the father of James B, William W, Mary L, Sarah E, Martha I, and Elizabeth Tucker.

S.B. Voyles was born 13 July 1843. He was the son of William & Barbara Wilson Voyles.  He was the grandson of Roland & Elizabeth Lingle Voyles of NC, who came to Washington County in 1812.  His great grandfather William Voyles was from Wales and came to America in 1740 with the French Huguenots.  He was a private in Co G. 18th Reg Indiana Vol Inf, after volunteering for the Union on 16 August 1861.  He participated in the battles of Pea Ridge, Cotton Plant, Thompson's Hills, Raymond, Champion Hills, Big Black River, the siege and capture of Vicksburg, and the siege of Jackson.  He was sent to New Orleans and ordered to Matagorda Island, Texas, to capture Fort Esperanza.  He remained on detached duty until he mustered out in August of 1864.  He studied law in Franklin Co Missouri with Judge J.W. Owens.  In 1868 he began practicing law.  He was a democrat.  He was Prosecutor for the 3rd Judicial Circuit.  He was a delegate to the National Democratic Convention in St. Louis.  He served as a member of the Indiana State Democratic Central Committee.  He was elected to the State Senate in 1880.  His children include Willard, Clara, Tommy and Katie.  He married Maud Huston on 13 November 1873. 

Wilbur Lee Walk was born on 06 November 1871 in Harrison County Indiana.  He was the son of Joseph Lane & Mary Ellen Foote Walk.  He married  Melinda Maude Rawlings, the daughter of Edward A & Lucinda Jane Poe Rawlings, on 01 June 1897 in  Indiana.  They are the parents of Seymour Bryan Walk and Minnie Lee Walk.  Minnie Lee Walk married Casper Noble Goodman on 06 December 1916 in Washington County Indiana and they are the parents of Noble Garret Goodman.  Seymour Bryan Walk married Mabel Enid Arnold on 06 March 1926 in Washington County Indiana.  Click here to see photo of this family.
Wilbur Walk was one of 8 children to his parents, his siblings: Della May Walk (who married Arthur Clarence Totten- see photo ), Julia A Walk (who married Charles D Stevens), Stella Florence Walk (who married Byrd Sappenfield), George Willard Walk (who married Hattie Vance Batman), James Lewis Walk (who married Anna Babcock), Laura Myrtle Walk (who married William Wesley Ambler), and Zora Ethel Walk (who married Denny Moyer).
Wilbur Walk died 18 September 1922 in Hardinsburg, Washington County Indiana, of Typhoid Fever.  He is buried in Union Chapel Cemetery, Crawford County, Indiana.

John Williams was born on 01 October 1834 in Washington County Indiana, the son of William R & Hannah Williams, the grandson of Willam Williams.  He was a school teacher and served as a Principal of the Orange County Seminary at Paoli.  He was elected Surveyor of Washington County in 1864.  In 1870 he was elected to the Auditorship.  He was a Democrat, a mason, and a member of the Christian church.  He married Katie Hughes, daughter of sanders & Fanny Brown Hughes.  His children include Mary, Annie, Charles and Maud Williams.

James Wilson was born 26 April 1818 in Green County Ohio.  His father was John Wilson.    He graduated from Louisville Medical College.  In 1845 he married Sarah Lockwood.  In 1848 he moved to Salem and was elected County Clerk as well as County Auditor.  He died on 28 November 1878.   He was a Democrat.  He was the father of eight children.

A Prominent citizen and native of Hardinsburg, was born October 12, 1855, being the youngest of three children of Charles R. and Sarah E. (Hardin) Ellis, who were natives respectively of Kentucky and Indiana.  The former died January 24, 1860 and the later in 1861.  Their marriage took place January 17, 1950.  William A., a brother of Sarah M., a sister of Samuel G. Ellis, died respectively June 17, 1876 and September 13, 1853.  After the death of his parents, the subject of our sketch, went to live with Aaron L. Hardin.  He received an excellent education, and February 19, 1879, his marriage to Sallie V. Cook was solemnized and one child has been born to this union- William E.  The present occupation of Mr. Ellis is farming, now owning over 500 acres of well improved land.  He is a member of the Masonic Fraternity and a staunch Democrat, taking a live interest in the political affairs of his native locality.  He is the only living representative of his father's family, and he and his family are among the best known citizens of the county.
[History of Lawrence, Orange, and Washington Counties, Indiana, Goodspeed Brothers and Co. Chicago, 1884]