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Lawrence County is located in Eastern Kentucky on the border with West Virginia. It was formed in 1821 and named for Captain James Lawrence.  The county seat is Louisa.

Surrounding Counties are:
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Lawrence County Towns

Adams  Local landmarks include Aaron Branch, Beech Hollow, Carters Chapel, Harriet Branch, McCracken Hollow, and Right Fork Trap Branch. 

Ben Bow  Local landmarks include Blackberry Branch, Cabin Branch, Little Ethel Church, Tadpole Branch, and Wooten Branch. 

Blaine  Local landmarks include Burton Branch, Hood Creek, Muddy Branch, Payne Hollow, and Swetnam Cemetery.  

Blevins  Local landmarks include Boggs School, Briar Fork, Coalbank Branch, Jason Boggs Cemetery, Riggs Fork, and Rood Fork.   

Buchanon   Local landmarks include Bear Creek, Bloomer Branch, Christian Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Hatton Cemetery, Mill Fall Branch, Prichard Elementary School, Rush Creek, Smith Cemetery, and Smith Chapel.  

Busseyville   Local landmarks include Biggs Branch, Deer Lick Branch, Horse Picture Branch, and Whetstone Branch.

Chapman  Local landmarks include Contrary Branch, Griffin Creek, McClure Cemetery, Millseat Branch, Spring Branch, and Zock Branch.

Charley    Local landmarks include Ashhopper Branch, Freewill Baptist Church, Hays Branch, Little Blaine United Baptist Church, Long Branch, Marys United Baptist Church, Pack Branch, Ramey Branch, Scarberry Branch, and Stambaugh Branch. 

Cherokee Local landmarks include Abb Creek, Adams Fork, Bates Fork, Cherokee Creek, Jordan Fork, Lick Creek, May Branch, Parker Branch, Rockhouse Fork, Rockhouse School (historical), Young Cemetery, and Young School.    

Clifford  Local landmarks include Bates Cabin Hollow, Frazier Hollow, Ratcliffe Hollow, Rockcastle Creek, and Schoolhouse Branch.

Cordell  Local landmarks include Gartin Branch, Gravel Branch, Rockhouse Branch, Steele Branch, Stonecoal Branch, and Swan Branch.   

Davisville Local landmarks include Davis Branch, Hoods Fork United Baptist Church, Jim Sturgill Branch, Marvin Sparks Cemetery, Rockhouse Fork, Ross Branch, Sloane Branch, and Sparks Branch.

Ellen  Local landmarks include Ash Branch, Berry Branch, Carter Cemetery, Graham Hollow, Moore Cemetery, Pleas Creek, Rich Creek, and Springdale School.  

Evergreen   Local landmarks include Fern Hollow, Harriet Branch, Horse Picture Branch, Left Fork Little Blaine Creek, Miller Branch, Moore Branch, and Right Fork Little Blaine Creek.  Remember Evergreen School -       grades 1 - 8?

Fallsburg   Local landmarks include Bright Branch, Buck Branch, Cat Fork, Dyer Branch, Grubb Bend, Hutchinson Branch, Long Branch, and Savage Branch.  

Five Forks  Local landmarks include Backbone Branch, Big Branch, Cains Branch, Diamond Branch, Hargis Branch, Luke Watkins Hollow, Lycans Branch, Myrtle Chapel, and Smoky Valley Fork.   

Fullers   Local landmarks include Burke Branch, Fullers Branch, Hewlet Branch, Horseford Creek, Lambert Branch, Lane Branch, Waller Branch, and Wolf Pen Branch.

Gallup   Local landmarks include Contrary Branch, Griffin Creek, McClure Cemetery, Millseat Branch, and Spicewood Fork.

George's Creek     

Glenwood   Local landmarks include All Horn Branch, Elijah Creek, Glenwood Branch, Howell Cemetery, Russell Branch, Taylor Cemetery, and Webb Cemetery. 

Hannah  Local landmarks include Buffalo Branch, Cains Creek, Deans Branch, Left Fork Cains Creek, Lower Cains Creek School, Ran Boggs Cemetery, Right Fork Cains Creek, Sparks Cemetery, Steels Branch, Whitley Branch, and Williams Cemetery.    

Holt    Local landmarks include Burgess Branch, Clayton Branch, Elouise United Baptist Church, Fall Rock Branch, Fall Rock Branch, Honest Fork, Laurel Fork, Miller Cemetery, Preece Cemetery, Rice Branch, See Branch, See Cemetery, and Threemile Creek. 

Houckville  Local landmarks include Coalbank Branch, Griffin Branch, Perkins Branch, Sawmill Branch, and Sloan Branch. 

Irad   Local landmarks include Cover Adams Hollow, Diamond Hollow, Lower Twin Branch School (historical), Midway Church, Milard Bradley Hollow, Muddy Branch, Prince Cemetery, and San Branch.

Ledocio  Local landmarks include Alvie Short Hollow, McCracken Hollow, Meetinghouse Branch, Thompson Hollow, and Tom Moore Hollow. 

Louisa  Local landmarks include Burgess Branch, Fort Gay Middle School, Levisa Fork, Lick Creek, Mill Creek, See Chapel, The Point, and Tug Fork.   

Lowmansville  Local landmarks include Chestnut Grove Church, Georges Creek United Baptist Church, Hatfield Branch, Horse Picture Branch, Nelson Branch, and Youngs Branch.   

Martha  Local landmarks include Big Blaine Church, Jim Brown Branch, Left Fork Blaine Creek, Lostlick Branch, Rice Cemetery, Right Fork Blaine Creek, Sparks Cemetery, and Spring Branch.    

Mazie  Local landmarks include Hay Cemetery, Mazie Church, Mill Creek, Pigeonroost Branch, and Rock House Fork.    

Noris  Local landmarks include Amos Thompson Branch, Little Blaine United Baptist Church, Miller Hollow, Noris Church, Thompson Fork, and Tom Moore Hollow.

Orr  Local landmarks include Boggs Cemetery, Conway Hollow, Gourd Lick, Hensley Cemetery, and Hensley Hollow.

Overda  Local landmarks include Adams Cemetery, Bishop Knob, Clevinger Knob Lookout Tower, Crabtree Branch, Crabtree Cemetery, Dead Horse Hollow, Evans Fork, Ferrel Fork, Hinton Knob, Oak Hill School, and Pollys Chapel School. 

Patrick  Local landmarks include Burgess Branch, Childers Branch, Evans Fork, Left Fork Nats Creek, Lick Branch, Mount Zion United Baptist Church, Nats Creek, Richardson Chapel, Richardson Missionary Baptist Church, and Rush Fork.  

Peach Orchard   Local landmarks include Bear Branch, Laurel Lick Branch, Left Fork Nats Creek, Lick Branch, Mount Zion United Baptist Church, Peach Orchard Branch, Peach Orchard School (historical), Richardson Chapel, Rock Branch, Tunnel Branch, and Wolfpen Branch.  

Richardson  Local landmarks include Burgess Branch, Childers Branch, Left Fork Nats Creek, Lick Branch, Lick Branch, Mount Zion United Baptist Church, Nats Creek, Peach Orchard Branch, Richardson Chapel, and Richardson Missionary Baptist Church.   

Skaggs  Local landmarks include Cam Creek, Keaton Fork, Kelly Branch, Martha Fish Pond, Martha Pool Gas and Oil Field, Prince Branch, and Sugartree Branch.

Stringtown  Local landmarks include Bright Branch, Buck Branch, Cat Fork, Dyer Branch, Grubb Bend, Hutchinson Branch, Long Branch, and Savage Branch.    

Summit  Local landmarks include Cartmill Cemetery, Long Branch, Northrup Church, Stonecoal Hollow, and Storehouse Branch.  

Terryville  Local landmarks include Christian Union Enterprise Baptist Church, Cindas Creek, Cindas Creek Church, Coal Creek, Dick Branch, Ferguson Cemetery, Fyffe Branch, Hay Cemetery, Keaton Fork Church of Jesus Christ, Lewis Creek, Lewis Fork, Martha Pool Gas and Oil Field, Mason Branch, Mazie Church, Meadow Branch, Meetinghouse Branch, Mill Creek, Noisy Branch, Paint Creek Church, Prince Branch, and Sugartree Branch.  

Torchlight    Local landmarks include Drinking Branch, Gavitts Branch, Gobber Creek, Sulphur Spring Branch, and Torchlight Hollow.

Ulysses  Local landmarks include Beasley Branch, Chrestley School (historical), Crestley Branch, Floyd Branch, Lick Branch, and Stevens Branch.

Walbridge   Local landmarks include Cynthia Chapel, Fall Rock Branch, Fall Rock Branch, Field Branch, Honest Fork, Miller Cemetery, Rice Branch, See Cemetery, Straight Fork, amd Threemile Creek.

Webbville  Local landmarks include Bells Trace Creek, Booth Hollow, Caney Fork, Dark Hollow, Equal Fork, Fannin Branch, Green Branch, Lick Creek, Waddell Branch, and Webb Branch.  

Wilbur  Local landmarks include Gravel Branch, Left Fork Brushy Creek, Lick Branch, Peter Branch, Steele Branch, Stonecoal Branch, and Travis Branch.   

Yatesville  Local landmarks include Adkins Branch, Backbone Branch, Bradley Branch, Bradley Gap Freewill Baptist Church, Grubb Bend, Hargis Branch, Morgans Creek, Raven Rock Fork, Rice Branch, and Spankem Branch.  

Zelda  Local landmarks include Belcher Hollow, Bellomy Chapel, Big 'G' Heliport, Blaine Creek, Buchanan Chapel, Burk Branch, Hodge Memorial Church, Kinner Cemetery, Left Fork Roe Creek, Little Hurricane Creek, Matovich Cemetery, Mayo Chapel, Mill Branch, and Right Fork Roe Creek.

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